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Little big step: Little Big Steps – the ‘No more zero days’ app

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Little Big Steps – the ‘No more zero days’ app

Little Big Steps – the ‘No more zero days’ app

No more zero days

Little Big Steps is an app to help you achieve your goals by becoming more consistent. It helps you be more consistent by asking you to mark yourself out of 10 each day for effort – for any goal.

Your goal may be to get fit, eat better or start a businesss. Your aim in life may be to stop procrastinating or stop drinking.

A lot of people have big goals but are inconsistent. They need help with becoming consistent and making effort easier; by gradually increasing it at a sustainable pace.

Inconsistency vs Consistency

If you stop waiting for perfection and start rewarding yourself for consistent, imperfect steps, you can quickly see how those little steps add up to achieving your goals in life.

If your goal is to learn more, one chapter a day of a book is dozens of books a year. If your goal in life is to get fit, 10 minutes of exercise a day is 61 hours of exercise a year.

Stop waiting for an imaginary perfect day and start counting the imperfect, consistent steps towards your goals.

Do you have too many zero days?

Would your last month of effort look like this?

Did you get a burst of enthusiasm, have a few good days then slip back into bad habits? Consistency would have been better than enthusiasm.

Did you aim too high then tell yourself you’ll start tomorrow instead? Consistency would have been better than aiming too high.

Did you keep telling yourself “I’ll start on Monday”? Consistency would have been better than waiting.

Was this one of many inconsistent months?

Aim for one step a day – no more zero days!

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of progress.

It’s not perfect but it’s consistent. We’d like to have no zero days but we know they happen.

When we do have a zero day, we pick ourselves back up and start the next day. We don’t wait for Monday and create another row of reds.

The way zero days quickly add up is noticeable. It’s harder to ignore time passing by and life goals going unachieved when it’s laid out infront of you.

Even if we only take 1 step a day, it’s noticeable how quickly we can achieve our goals even if we walk rather than run towards them. It’s better than standing still.

Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not who someone else is today.

Be consistent by focussing on your idea of success, not someone else’s

To be consistent you need to ensure some effort occurs each day. To do this, you only have to answer the question “How did I do today?” each day. No more zero days!

To make this as quick and easy as possible..

  • No login screen. The app opens straight to your home screen.
  • You open the app and can immediately score your goals out of 10 for today.
  • You open the app and can immediately see how well you’re doing today and whether you could try harder.
  • The steps charts show how well your goals are going this week. Have you taken a big or little step each day? It all counts.

The home screen focuses on today. As should you.

Separate consistency and effort.

Effort will be easier to increase once a consistent habit is formed.


To improve consistency you can challenge yourself with ‘no zero day streaks’.

How long can you go without having a zero day for a specific goal?

How long can you go without having a zero day for any goal?


To improve effort you will be given a target score for your goals each day, as well as for your overall effort.

The app knows if you typically try less on a Friday and will give achievable targets for that day.

It’s fine if you don’t hit the targets. They adjust if you’re not ready.

Let the app handle the calculations and aim to fill those green progress circles!

No more zero months!

Visualise your long-term progress

The stats feature lets you see your goals ranked by effort and consistency. Are you doing really well at learning but less at exercising?

The answer may be expected. It lets you check your historic effort matches your life priorities.

You can see which goals you put the most effort into as well as which you’re most consistent with, letting you think about what exactly needs improving to achieve each life goal.

You can also view progress by day of the week. Do you consistently make less effort on weekends? Do you need to change this to achieve your life goals?

Do you find effort mostly happens on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, then declines on the weekend and stops on Monday?

Seeing your effort laid out by days of the week helps you consider what else in your schedule may be impacting your progress.

To start tracking your non zero days and beyond, take the first step in the right direction:

Step one:

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A small step of one person

Space technology

This image is one of the most famous photographs of the 20th century. It was made on the Moon exactly 50 years ago, on July 21, 1969. It depicts astronaut Edwin Aldrin (Edwin Aldrin). If you look closely, you can see the reflection of Neil Armstrong in Aldrin’s helmet, the first person in history to set foot on the surface of our planet’s satellite.

Edwin Aldrin on the moon. You can see the reflection of Neil Armstrong in his helmet. Source: NASA

The Apollo 11 Lunar Module landed in the southwestern part of the Sea of ​​Tranquility on July 20, 1969. After checking all systems and completing the pre-launch simulation procedure, the Control Center allowed the crew to proceed to the surface.

Neil Armstrong walked on the moon at 2:56:15 UT on July 21, 1969. At that moment, he uttered his historic phrase:

“That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.”

The Apollo 11 crew walk was broadcast live in most countries of the world. According to rough estimates, it was followed by 530 million people – about 20% of the total population of the Earth at that time.

19 minutes after Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin also left the LM. In total, the astronauts’ exit to the surface lasted 2 hours and 31 minutes. During this time, they installed an American flag, a memorial plaque, a set of commemorative medals dedicated to the fallen space explorers (including Gagarin and Komarov), as well as a set of scientific equipment consisting of a seismometer and a corner reflector at the landing site. The astronauts also collected 21.5 kg of lunar rock samples.

A panorama of the Apollo 11 landing site. The lunar module, the shadow of Neil Armstrong and the Little West crater can be seen in the frame. Source: NASA

The maximum crew distance from the lunar module was 59 m. At the end of the surface landing, Armstrong took a walk to the edge of the 30-meter crater “Little West” (Little West). Such a modest distance was due to the engineers’ fears that the spacesuit cooling systems might not withstand high temperatures (the Sun had risen quite high by that time and significantly heated the surface rocks). Therefore, NASA wanted to be able to abort the exit at any time and return the crew to the lunar module.

Footprint left by Edwin Aldrin on the Moon. Source: NASA Edwin Aldrin salutes the American flag. Source: NASA Edwin Aldrin installs a science suite. Source: NASA Earth above the Apollo 11 Lunar Module. Source: NASA Neil Armstrong in the lunar module cockpit. Source: NASA Edwin Aldrin installs a science suite. Source: NASA Plaque aboard the Apollo 11 Lunar Module Source: NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Module Source: NASA

At 21 hours and 36 minutes after landing, the Apollo 11 Lunar Module took off and docked with the command module carrying the astronaut Michael Collins. Armstrong and Aldrin joined him in the descent vehicle. On July 22, after undocking the takeoff stage, the spacecraft began its return course to Earth. The capsule with the crew successfully splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on July 24, 1969 years old.

It is worth noting that the small flags of 135 UN member countries were also on board the lunar module. They were returned to Earth and, after the completion of the mission, were handed over to representatives of the respective countries. The Soviet flag that landed on the moon is now on display at the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow.

Apollo History

Neil Armstrong quote: It’s one small step for a man, but a giant leap for…

— Neil Armstrong

Add note

That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.

Words said when Armstrong first stepped onto the Moon (20 July 1969) One Small Step, transcript of Apollo 11 Moon landing In the actual sound recordings he apparently fails to say “a” before “man” and says: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” This was generally considered by many to simply be an error of omission on his part. Armstrong long insisted he did say “a man” but that it was inaudible. Prior to new evidence supporting his claim, he stated a preference for the “a” to appear in parentheses when the quote is written. The debate continues on the matter, as “Armstrong’s ‘poetic’ slip on Moon” at BBC News (3 June 2009) reports that more recent analysis by linguist John Olsson and author Chris Riley with higher quality recordings indicates that he did not say “a” .
Variant: That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.

Last updated September 30, 2022


men, man, step, jump, humanity, horse racing

Neil Armstrong


American NASA astronaut; test pilot; first person… 1930 – 2012

Similar citations

“The mastery of fire was a harbinger of the future: it was the first step towards the creation of the atomic bomb, and not such a small step.

— Harari, Yuval Noah Israeli military historian-medievalist, professor of history Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1976

Source: Sapiens. A Brief History of Mankind

“If all people thought the same way, no one would play the races.”

— Mark Twain American writer, journalist and public figure 1835 – 1910

„I need to finish building my station. This will be a step that will move humanity forward for a whole century.”

— Nikola Tesla Serbian physicist, engineer, inventor 1856 – 1943

“Our world is immersed in a vast ocean of energy, we are flying in endless space at an unfathomable speed. Everything around rotates, moves – everything is energy. We have a huge task ahead of us – to find ways to extract this energy. Then, extracting it from this inexhaustible source, humanity will move forward with gigantic strides.”

— Nikola Tesla Serbian physicist, engineer, inventor 1856 – 1943

“You were afraid of a thousand things… But all these were just masks, just appearances. In fact, only one thing scared you – to decide to fall, to take a step into the unknown, a small step through all existing precautions. ”

– Hermann Hesse Swiss writer and artist 1877 – 1962

“My role is a protest of a small person against the concept of” small people.”

— Lev Durov Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, theater director 1931 – 2015

“I know it can be scary, but every day, even the smallest decisions you make change your path in life and prepare you for the person you will become in the future. Take small steps towards the person you want to be. And even if sometimes you go off this path, it does not mean that you cannot return to it. ”

– Tyler Oakley 1989

“Nature does not make a leap.”

– Carl Linnaeus zoologist) 1707 – 1778

“All life is a leap.”

– Benjamin Disraeli English statesman of the Conservative Party of Great Britain, 40th and 42nd Prime Minister of Great Britain 1804 – 1881

“Man is the future of mankind.

– Andrey Vladimirovich Lavrukhin

“People who are ahead of their time are distinguished by a gigantic scope of thought.”

— Juliana Wilson

“There are no small events. There are small people.“

— Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva Russian poet, prose writer, translator 1892 – 1941

“So he will split at this jump! Radish! At the very first nix!“

— Savely Viktorovich Kramarov Soviet and American theater and film actor 1934 – 1995

Catchphrases of his characters, Oblique from “Gentlemen of Fortune”

“One of the greatest misfortunes that can happen to a person — winning races as a teenager.”

— Danny McGurthy

“Man is a rational being, but that is not the case with humanity.”

– Raymond Aron French philosopher, sociologist, political scientist and publicist 1905 – 1983

“Every person is humanity, his world history.”

– Jules Michelet French historian and publicist 1798 – 1874

only because a person is, first of all, ourselves.

Day care in irvine ca: THE Top 10 Daycares in Irvine, CA | Affordable Prices

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Childcare in Irvine, CA | Daycare Near Me

Childcare in Irvine, CA | Daycare Near Me | Kiddie AcademyFind the best daycare and preschool in Irvine for you at Kiddie Academy of Irvine | Kiddie Academy

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Every day your child’s imagination grows and their curiosity gathers momentum—Kiddie Academy of Irvine empowers and celebrates all of it.

Our Life Essentials® learning approach and curriculum encourages children to explore and progress in their own way, and at their own pace. At Kiddie Academy of Irvine, your child will grow socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually. Our highly trained teachers are there every step of the way to guide, nurture and cultivate your child’s development.

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Guided by our well-rounded philosophy and curriculum, our highly trained teachers help develop what’s unique in every child—nurturing imagination, fostering creativity and preparing them for school and for life.

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Nothing matters more than your child’s health, safety and security. That’s why every Kiddie Academy follows our strict health and disinfection guidelines called Health Essentials, has a restricted-entry system and a thoroughly vetted staff trained in first aid, CPR and emergency drills.

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“Love the program & directors, teachers & staff. I also like how everyone has some form of childhood education background. Most importantly, our son absolutely enjoys attending! ”

Byeol Y., Yorba Linda

“Staff is very friendly. Kids are well taken care of and loved. This is a great institution that cares about the kids and the parents. Not many daycares are like that. ”

Karolina W. , Hamilton-Yardville

“We’ve been very happy with Kiddie Academy. I have to say that that the teachers really stand out. We also have noticed little turnover which is really nice to see as a parent. The director and assistant director have been wonderful with their communication. Overall it’s been a very positive experience particularly during a challenging… ”

Deborah F., Tigard

“Strong foundation for success, friendly staff, organizational skills, my child is communicating more often, the routine of the daily activities, Good nutrition, opportunities for outdoor activities/play which my child enjoys more. Above and Beyond. ”

Natasha O. , Far North Dallas

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Children can be queued for enrollment at no charge by completing the application and touring our school. We do our best to enroll your child in a timely manner.

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