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A mission statement for a daycare center: 25 Daycare & Childcare Mission Statement Examples (2022)

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25 Daycare & Childcare Mission Statement Examples (2022)

I looked into 25 daycare and childcare mission statement examples and fed them through a word cloud to find out the most popular mission statement words. They were:

  • Quality
  • Families
  • Learning
  • Environment
  • Safe
  • Educational
  • Community
  • Foundations
  • Needs
  • Development

Here it is as a word cloud:

These words can provide a good stimulus for thinking about some phrases you might want to be central to your mission statement.

These keywords reflect some of the central concepts in childcare and early childhood education today, including:

  • A focus on quality.
  • A focus on safety.
  • A focus on learning and child development.
  • A focus on play-based learning.

On top of this, I would also emphasize some important things I think could be central to a childcare mission statement, such as:

  • A holistic approach (the ‘whole child’ approach).
  • Child-centered care.
  • Early literacy and numeracy.

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25 Childcare Mission Statement Examples

1. A Child Centered Approach
Our mission is to provide the highest quality care and education of children that is child-centered, holistic and values all children as individuals.

2. A Personalized Approach
As a leading childcare center in the nation, we provide personalized childcare focused on safety and nurturing the unique identities and personalities of all children.

3. An Elite Center
The Center’s mission is to lead from the front in innovation in early childhood education to prepare children for success at school and beyond.

4. An Innovative Center
Our mission is to provide 21st Century childcare and developmentally appropriate education that prepares children for a future in which technology, cooperation and leadership will be central to children’s lives.

5. A Montessori Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide child-centered childcare focused on fostering children’s creativity in a developmentally appropriate and resource rich play-based environment.

6. A Steiner Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide childcare that embraces children’s natural desires to play and explore in natural and inclusive environments protected from the hurried life beyond our gates.

7. A Focus on Education
Our mission is to support all our children by creating caring and inclusive social play environments that can naturally promote child development in all areas of learning, including literacy and numeracy.

8. A Nurturing Environment
Our mission is to provide a caring, warm and safe environment for children to enjoy developmentally appropriate play experiences.

9. A Focus on Development
Our mission is to be a holistic child-focused early learning center that helps children to develop socially, physically, emotionally and cognitively under the care and guidance of highly trained professionals and within a child-friendly environment.

10. A Christian Ethos
With a faith-based approach to child development, we aim to nurture children’s God-given talents in a caring and stimulating space.

11. A Focus on Family
We provide childcare that is flexible to the needs of busy working families and is catered to the child’s needs as decided by parents who know their child best.

13. A Focus on Community
We provide a welcoming and child friendly environment that involves all members of the community and invites community members into our safe space to expose children to the rich diversity of our city.

14. After School Care
We provide childcare that allows busy parents to feel comfortable that their children are safe and making productive use of their time before and after school. We focus on helping children with their homework while giving children time to be children in open and unstructured play spaces.

15. Serving a Diverse Community
Our mission is to serve a proudly diverse group of families and their children. We provide an inclusive and safe environment for children’s development and work daily to introduce them to the beautiful cultures that make up our community.

16. A Play Based Learning Approach
We create play based learning environments that allow children to learn through discovery and experimentation. Our highly trained staff oversee children’s play to encourage enquiry and secure children’s safety at all times.

17. School Readiness
We help children to develop the skills required to succeed in school. Through engagement with local schools we make transition to school seamless which sets them up for success.

18. Life Skills Development
We provide an environment where children can develop life skills that will set them up for a life of success. We encourage imitative play in resource-rich environments so children develop the social skills for the next few years in their lives.

19. A Simple Childcare Mission Statement
We provide a safe and nurturing environment while parents are at work.

20. Love of Learning
We care for children in an environment where learning is fun so that love of learning is the foundation for a child’s life.

21. Research Based
We create a childcare environment based on the most up-to-date research-based strategies for childcare, child development and early childhood education.

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Some Real-Life Examples:

22. Hutch Kids Childcare Center
“The Hutch Kids Child Care Program focuses on the individuality and uniqueness of each child. We provide an environment that allows each child to develop at his/her own pace and activities are planned that encourage self-confidence, spontaneity, curiosity, and self- discipline, as well as assisting in the development of the child’s social and emotional health.”

23. Interlake Child Care & Learning Center
“Interlake provides a warm and caring environment that celebrates diversity and allows children maximum freedom of choice while ensuring their physical and psychological safety.

24. Hilltop Children’s Center
“Hilltop is transforming early childhood education through play, collaboration, and reflection: in our classrooms with children, partnerships with families, and professional development with educators.”

25. Daydreams Childcare

“Daydreams Childcare Center strives to strengthen each child’s own identity, while instilling a respect for others.”

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How to Write a Childcare Mission Statement

A mission statement is one of three statements you should have:

  • The mission statement (we do…) – sets out what your purpose is.
  • The vision statement (we aim to…) – sets out where you’re going.
  • The values statement (we believe…) – sets out what you believe in.

For the mission statement, Holly Bruno recommends that it meets the following standards:

  • It’s inspiring.
  • It empowers staff to find their own purpose.
  • It’s relevant in good times and bad.
  • It sets a high quality standard for staff.
  • It reflects your core values.
  • It informs everyday decisions.
  • It remain timeless.

It’s worth looking at your draft mission statement and see if it will live up to all 7 of Bruno’s recommended standards.

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A mission statement is unique to each and every childcare and early learning center. At the core, you need to think about what is unique about what you offer and how you can distil that into a few sentences. Explain what you do and how you do it in a way that will satisfy your clients and prepare the children you look after for a life beyond the walls of your center.

Writing a Child Care Mission Statement

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Writing a child care mission statement is an important part of your business. It’s what lets prospective parents know what your child care center is all about. And it helps them decide if your daycare is the right fit for their children. 

So, you want to make sure your mission statement reflects your business correctly. But, where do you start?

In this instructional guide, you’ll learn what this statement is, why you need it, what to include in your child care mission statement, and some helpful examples to see a statement in action.

What is a child care mission statement?

A mission statement is a tool to express the purpose of your company. It tells the customer what your goals, vision, and mission are for your company. It’s one of many child care marketing tips that help your operation.

In this case, the mission statement will revolve around your child care business. Why you started it, what you want to do, and why a customer should choose your child care service instead of someone else’s. 

Why do you need a mission statement?

A mission statement isn’t just “one of those things” you need to run a company. It’s a way to give your whole brand direction and keep you on track as you grow and expand.

Your daily operation should revolve around a single mission. With a mission statement, you have a clear way to achieve that.

It also helps you communicate with your clients. Your mission statement tells them exactly what they can expect from your company. It makes it easier to promote your daycare business.

Finally, a mission statement makes sure the whole team is on the same page. As you bring on new employees, a mission statement gives them a concrete and succinct goal. When everyone’s playing on the same team, the organization will be run better.

Infographic from:

What to include in a mission statement

Strategists agree that there are three major things you need to include in your mission statement:

  • Your target audience
  • The product or service you provide
  • What makes you special

By creating a mission statement around these three ideas, you’ll get the best results. Even if the answer seems obvious to you, you still need to include it.

For example, your target audience is clearly people with kids. But what kind of people? The service you provide is clearly child care, but what specific kind of child care? Answering these questions will help you with other child care marketing ideas as well.

As you break down these ideas, you start to understand why these parts are so critical. Want to see these ideas in action? Take a look at the next section.

What *not* to include in your mission statement

As you read different examples, you might not notice the things that they’re omitting. Remember, a mission statement is there to show your focus and your goals.


A mission statement shouldn’t be used as a hard sales pitch. You should never include pricing or talk about special deals that will interest people. If you run a budget daycare, you can use general terms like “affordable”, but refrain from listing specific prices.

Your address

It’s great to give your address to someone you’ve already converted into a customer who is looking to close the deal. Adding your address into your mission statement, however, just doesn’t make sense.

You can mention your town, city, or county, but you should avoid including your specific location. Your goals shouldn’t revolve around where your center is located—if you picked up your operation and dropped it a thousand miles away, you should still be able to operate.

Staff members’ names

This is another example of being too specific in your mission statement. The names of people on your staff are better suited for your website, not your mission statement.

Child care mission statement examples

The best way to learn what to put in yours is to see what other companies are doing. Below are 4 child care mission statement examples from other companies. You’ll get a chance to read the statement then get a breakdown of why it does or doesn’t work.

Great Expectations Child Care Center mission statement

“our mission is to provide child care that meets the needs of each child and family in a safe, educational environment. We pride our center’s focus on the individual needs of each child, while providing quality, reliable and safe child care.”

Statement breakdown

This is a wonderful mission statement. You can go through and clearly see all three parts of their mission statement. Their audience is families who value safety and education. Their service is individualized child care. They’re special because they focus on the individual and provide high-quality, reliable, and safe child care.

If your mission statement resembled this one, you’d be off to a great start.

New Mexico Tech Children’s Center mission statement

“Our mission is to complement the service and education objectives of the university by: Providing education, care, and nurturing for the children of students, staff, faculty, and community members. Utilizing culturally and developmentally appropriate practices. Serving as a role model of child care excellence for the community at large.”

Statement breakdown

Though this statement is on the longer side, they do a good job of incorporating a lot of information. You can paint a nice picture of the type of service you will receive when you choose them.

They have a lot of language that talks about the community around them. People who value a sense of community will be drawn to this service.

Tutor Time Child Care/Learning Center mission statement

“We are dedicated to fostering educational development, building self-esteem, and sparking imagination in a safe and loving environment. 

As a leader in early child education and family solutions, we are committed to developing innovative educational solutions. And we fulfill our mission with honesty, trust, a passion for excellence, and the same love of learning we instill in our students. ” 

Statement breakdown

Though this is another long mission statement, it gives you a more fully-rounded idea of the services they provide than a shorter, snappier mission statement could. It emphasizes the importance this daycare places in child education and development. 

They use language that stresses the value placed in the child’s educational development: the “passion for excellence” and “love of learning.” A potential client reading this mission statement will learn both the nature of this daycare’s services and the philosophy that makes them unique. 

Glendale Community College Children’s Center mission statement

“Our mission is to constantly strive for excellence as a teacher training facility and demonstration school that exhibits to our stakeholders our commitment to customer satisfaction. This aspiration will require that we value the relationships with all our stakeholders: the discipline and profession of Early Childhood Education; the greater Glendale community, Glendale Community College, the Child Development Department, students, staff, families, and children. These relationships, both personally and professionally, must be built on respect and honesty, characterized by patience, tolerance, and trust.” 

Statement breakdown

This final example is the longest mission statement yet, but what it does really well is demonstrate the value this children’s center places on its community. After reading this statement, you have no doubt who this daycare is here to serve and how they aim to do it. 

A bad mission statement example

“To be the best solution in the area and provide a superior service”

Statement breakdown

It’s worthwhile to see a fabricated poor example of a mission statement. Can you find any of the three components in this statement? No—you don’t even know what they do.

This was purposefully created to show what a bad mission statement looks like. It’s great to be the best solution and give superior service, but what industry are they in? What service are they providing? 

This is proof that short statements with buzzwords don’t often hit the mark.

Next steps

Picking a child care mission statement is a big step for your company. As you continue to grow your business, don’t forget to follow the ideals described in your mission statement.

If you want to learn more, you can check out The Download, a free guide that walks you through online marketing for your child care company. 

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How to Write an Excellent Daycare Mission Statement [Examples Included]

Writing a perfectly competent mission statement for a daycare center, or any other organization or company, can be as easy as answering these three questions:

Who are you?

Who do you serve?

How do you serve them?

To add flavor and provide clarity, I will break things down and include a bunch of examples for you to draw inspiration from.

Let’s answer this important question first, though!

Why does your daycare center need a mission statement?

Like any other organization or company, your daycare center can hugely benefit from having a clearly written mission statement.

Mission statements have the power to:

  • Give employees direction
  • Guide your decision making
  • Help the public understand your institution better
  • Facilitate change and improvement

Make an effort to create a memorable mission statement that will inspire your staff and provide reassurance to parents and the community as a whole.

Do this once and reap the benefits forever.

Important things to address in your daycare center mission statement

Your competency as a daycare center

Companies and organizations in many industries and walks of life create blindly consumer-centric mission statements and don’t mention themselves at all.

And that’s great.

However, for a daycare center, it’s completely justified to briefly address your institution in the mission statement.

Here are a few things you could address:

  • Safety
  • Atmosphere
  • Staff credentials
  • Important values
  • Quality of service


“professional and dedicated team”

“loving, safe, and nurturing environmental childcare services”

“providing quality, reliable and safe child care”

Your promises and obligations to the children

Arguably, the most important part of a daycare mission statement is conveying what your institution does for the children in your care.

Not only is this important for parents to know and understand, but it can help inform your decision-making when it comes to things like the curriculum and even attracting and hiring the most competent educators.

Here are a few things you could address:

  • Meeting the needs of children
  • Educational goals
  • Projects and activities
  • Areas of child development


“focus on their social, cognitive, physical, and emotional growth”

“meets the needs of each child”

“promoting social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development”

Your promises and obligations to the parents and the community

While not absolutely necessary, it’s OK to include parents and/or the community in a daycare mission statement.

Daycare centers are a necessity in today’s world and are vital parts of their communities.

Here are a few things you could address:

  • Affordability
  • Inclusivity
  • Mention your community
  • Give guarantees to parents


“for all families in the community”

“all economic levels are served”

“give parents complete peace of mind”

What are some of the characteristics of a good mission statement?

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Clarity of language
  • Keep it brief
  • Be realistic
  • Be specific
  • Be positive
  • Create expectations
  • Make it inspirational
  • Make it memorable

You’re not going to hit each of these points separately.

Your daycare mission statement would be far too long and all over the place if you attempt to do that.

Rather, aim for your unique mission statement as a whole to seamlessly marry as many of these points together as possible.

Put it simply, the more points you hit in as little words as possible, the better your mission statement is going to be.

Great daycare mission statement examples


The purpose of Sundowners is to provide and promote licensed, non-profit, high quality, affordable, and accessible early learning and child care programs to meet the needs of children and families in Windsor-Essex County.

Roxbury Day Care Center

It is the mission of the Roxbury Day Care Center to provide quality child care for all families in the community in a warm, nurturing, loving and educational environment. The child care needs of all economic levels are served, enabling families to obtain employment or to further their education.

Great Expectations Child Care Center

At Great Expectations Child Care Center, our mission is to provide child care that meets the needs of each child and family in a safe, educational environment. We pride our Center’s focus on the individual needs of each child, while providing quality, reliable and safe child care.

Small Steps – Big Strides

The mission of Small Steps – Big Strides is to provide a safe, stimulating, and caring environment for children ages six weeks to 11 years. Our focus is to provide an encouraging educational experience, promoting social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Committed to the families we serve, we strive to give parents complete peace of mind, while being seen as a shining example of what a quality childcare center should be.


Our professional and dedicated team nurtures and educates infants, toddlers, preschool, and school-age children in a wide-range of child care programs. Our children develop positive social skills and values and learn about their world through age-appropriate play, projects, and activities. We provide a stable, secure learning environment that fosters a solid foundation for lifelong success.

The Preschool Centre

Our Mission is to provide high quality education and childcare in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment that builds a foundation for life-long learning.

Barnesville Child Day Care Center

Our mission is to provide a warm, nurturing environment that encourages children to develop their capabilities and interests at their own pace and to their individual needs.

Dreams Daycare Center

Dreams Daycare Center strives to positively influence the lives of all young children alike by partnering with parents in order to provide meaningful early learning experiences.

Infant Toddler Family Day Care

Infant Toddler Family Day Care (ITFDC) is a network of professional child care educators with a commitment to the principle that learning begins at birth.  We support the emotional, social and intellectual development of infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children in safe, nurturing high-quality child care environments.

Little Lane Preschool and Daycare

To provide loving, safe, and nurturing environmental childcare services for infants 6 weeks and older. To provide high quality, developmentally appropriate curriculum-based childcare for children up to 5 years of age with a focus on their social, cognitive, physical, and emotional growth.


Create a great mission statement for your daycare center and unite the staff, parents, and the children under one unifying declaration.

If you need more help or inspiration, check out my article on the 5 Best Free Mission Statement Generators in 2020.

Keep in mind that these tools are not perfect and their results should be heavily refined.

How To Write a Mission Statement for a Daycare

Mission statements are not a formality or something you write to add to your website or hand in for a press release. They are also not something you do when starting out and then never revisit. Instead, mission statements are crucial pieces of your corporate identity that will help you navigate the entrepreneurial world and that can shift over time.


More so, from a managerial and financial point of view, mission statements also play a fundamental role in ensuring your daycare center’s success by enabling you to establish short-term goals and help you make sound decisions regarding your business.


Sadly, there is no recipe or ‘secret formula’ that can help you craft the perfect mission statement for your daycare. There are, however, several factors to consider if you want to write a compelling statement, including:

  • Brand’s Purpose
  • Goals & Objectives 
  • Target Audience
  • Direct and Indirect Competitors
  • Brand’s Essence 


Below we will explain how these elements tie in and what other things you need to consider when drafting your daycare center’s mission statement.


As you now know, a mission statement is a fundamental brand component and should not be taken lightly. Therefore, it is natural to feel overwhelmed or confused by the mere thought of having to write a mission statement for your brand new daycare.


Thus, to ease the process, we have paired each of the key factors mentioned above (i.e., Brand’s Purpose, Goals & Objectives, Target Audience, Direct and Indirect Competitors, Values) with a question:


  1. What is your reason for being or ‘raison d’etre‘? — what motivated you to open a daycare in the first place = Brand’s Purpose
  2. What do you want to accomplish? Or what problem are you solving with your center? = Goals & Objectives
  3. Who is your ideal customer or ‘Buyer Persona’? = Target Audience
  4. What sets your daycare center apart from all the others? — define what makes you special = Direct and Indirect Competitors
  5. What is the one thing you want people to feel or know when they come across your center for the first time? = Brand’s Essence


Once you have answered all these questions, you will have a clearer picture of what your mission statement needs; meaning what it should include and what can be left out. Nevertheless, this does not mean you will literally answer each of these questions and call it your mission statement. Instead, think about these questions as the talking points of a debate. They are the critical arguments that you need to keep in mind and weave in the conversation.


Now that you know what you are going to say consider how you are going to say it. Here’s when you begin to write! But, before you do, below are a few tricks to make sure your daycare’s mission statement is both compelling and practical:

  • Keep it short; 1-3 sentences
  • Use suitable language
  • Always start with an action verb
  • Be descriptive; think of the adjectives that best fit your brand’s personality and essence.
  • Be honest
  • Write in the present tense


Many things can go wrong when writing your daycare’s mission statement — even more so if you have never done it before. Hence, below we will share four of the most prominent mistakes daycare owners make when writing their statements, so you don’t do the same:


  • Don’t write a mission statement for the sake of writing a mission statement…

First things first! If you are writing your daycare’s mission statement to cross it off a to-do list, then you are bound to fail. A good and compelling mission statement will not take you 10 minutes to write — it needs to be carefully analyzed and crafted to feel sincere and authentic.


Remember, its sole purpose is to set you apart from your competitors and to help you connect with your target audience. And so, if your statement is poorly written or too vague, then chances are, it won’t get your message across in the way it was intended.


  • Do not rush your mission statement!

We have said it before, and we’ll stress it again: do not rush your mission statement! It is as important as your center’s name, logo, or motto.


Hence, it would be best if you took your time to think about what you want to convey and thoughtfully put it into words. Also, do not forget to edit and revise it as many times as you need.

Finally, we suggest you run it by a couple of friends, family, or staff members before making it official.


  • Avoid long and wordy paragraphs

One of the most prevalent mistakes when writing a company’s mission statement is thinking you need to cover a lot of ground and be as descriptive and explicit as possible. But, in reality, your daycare’s mission statement should only include 2 to 3 key sentences.

Thus, try to stay away from lengthy, wordy statements. Avoid including statistics, facts, or other information that you could easily find somewhere else, and make sure you highlight your essence, goals, and objectives.


  • Focus only on the near future

When you write your daycare’s mission statement, do not think long-term. It might appear strange, but a mission statement should focus only on your short-term goals and the objectives that will help you reach them.

What the future holds and what you want your center to become in 10-15 years is something you can include within your vision statement.


Plus, while a mission statement should be something true to your brand’s core values, do not forget that brands and companies evolve, shift, and change over time.


If you are still unsure on how to start writing your daycare’s mission statement or are looking for a bit of inspiration, take a look at these six mission statements from well-known global brands, companies, and institutions:


  1. Coca-Cola

“To refresh the world in mind, body, and spirit, to inspire moments of optimism and happiness through our brands and actions, and to create value and make a difference.


  1. Starbucks 

“To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”


  1. Whole Foods

“Our purpose is to nourish people and the planet. We’re a purpose-driven company that aims to set the standards of excellence for food retailers.”


  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

“To advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century.”



“UNICEF promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child, in everything we do.”


  1. United States Postal Service (USPS)

“To provide the nation with reliable, affordable, universal mail service.


As you can see, all of these statements are concise and to the point, focus on the brand’s intention, purpose, or reason for being, are descriptive and sincere.


Learn how to choose a name for your daycare business!

Now that we have covered the do’s and don’ts of mission statements, it is important to note why your daycare center needs one. Hence, below we highlight several benefits of having a well-written and compelling mission statement:

  • It allows you to think about the why and what. Why you decided to open a daycare center, and what makes your center special.
  • It enables you to establish short-term goals — aligning your center’s wants and needs.
  • It will help you make sound decisions that can be beneficial to the center’s revenue stream.
  • It is an effective way to differentiate your daycare from the competition.
  • It allows you to hire the correct kind of team members by attracting people who are in sync with your center’s values and intentions.
  • It helps build a connection with your target audience.
  • It encourages better internal and external brand communications.


Mission statement, vision statement, and values are three concepts that are sometimes used interchangeably. But, the truth is, these three concepts (although closely related) serve very different purposes.


As we mentioned before, a mission statement describes a brand or company’s reason for being — defining its purpose and essence. It focuses on short-term goals and supports your vision.


A vision statement defines what you aspire to be; it looks into the future and suggests long-term goals.


Lastly, your brand’s value statement lists your core principles and will establish your company’s culture, and will guide your team’s decision-making process.


  1. How long is a mission statement?

Although there is no standard length for mission statements, the most effective statements are typically concise. Thus, try to keep your company’s mission statement one to three sentences long and don’t go over 150 words.


  1. How can I attract new parents to my daycare?

There are many ways to market your daycare center to attract new parents. Below are five ideas to get you started:

  1. Build a solid digital presence by creating a professional-looking website and inviting profiles on social media platforms.
  2. Advertise on well-known parenting websites, forums, or groups.
  3. List your center in local directories.
  4. Encourage word-of-mouth by offering referral discounts or benefits.
  5. Host an open-house event.


Please note: This blog post is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult a legal expert to address your specific needs.

To learn more on how to start your own daycare checkout my startup course and documents here.

Creating a mission statement in child day care centers

Table of contents

1. Introduction

2. A mission statement
2.1 What is necessary to create a mission statement
2.2 Functions of a mission statement
2.3 Reasons for a mission statement development

3. Methods for creating a mission statement
3.1 The water lily model
3.1.1 The use of the water lily model
3.2 The value profile of Steven Reiss
3.2.1 The use of the value profile

4. Process of creating a mission statement
4.1 Structuring of the mission statement
4.2 Implementation

5. Conclusion
5.1 “Does it make sense if the mission statement is already specified by the carrier?”
5.2 “What speaks for or against an external consultant in the creation of a mission statement?”

6. Bibliography

1. Introduction

This term paper contains the most important information on a mission statement in day-care centers and a personal statement on the two questions “Is it useful if the mission statement is already specified by the carrier?” and “What speaks for or against an external consultant in the creation of a mission statement?”.

At the beginning, a figure is presented in which the different forms of daycare work are described and the term mission statement is classified.

This is followed by the explanation of the term mission statement in relation to daycare centers and the presentation of the framework conditions for creating and the use of such a.

This is followed by the presentation of two methods for creating a mission statement, with which it is possible to develop and visualize the values of a team. These are exemplary the water lily model and the value profile according to Steven Reiss.

This is followed by the process of creating a mission statement. Here, general information on implementation, structuring aids for formulation and methodological suggestions on how to implement the mission statement are given.

The last chapter deals with the question “Does it make sense if the mission statement is already specified by the carrier?” and the question “What speaks for or against an external consultant in the creation of a mission statement?” Both questions are considered independently of each other and a separate conclusion has been drawn for each question.

2. A mission statement

The understanding of a mission statement in the context of this work is based on the model of Viva Fialka (see Fialka 2009, cover page).

This shows schematically a house which consists of a base, a room, a roof and a fireplace.

The basis is the mission statement of a daycare center. It sums up the self-image of the kindergarten and shows principles, values and common goals of the employees.

The mission statement should be seen as an understanding of the mission and as the basis of the pedagogical work of a team. Thus, the mission statement represents the core of the daycare culture.

The room and the roof of the house represent the concept of a kindergarten. It provides the frame and offers the space that is not rigid but flexible and changeable. Different factors such as the carrier.B, the finances, the social room, the opening hours, the rooms, the personnel key and the group structures form the framework. Educational offers and goals, on the other hand, shape the space.

The fireplace represents the profile of the kindergarten and shows the educational focus.

The air that surrounds the house is the quality management. This checks and ensures the quality of a daycare center and thus the implementation of the mission statement, the concept and the profile.

The mission statement and offer profile form the basis and focus of a concept on which parents decide to have a daycare center. Therefore, a mission statement is essential.

A mission statement should comprise about 1-2 pages and can be used as a template for the conception (cf. Fialka 2009, p.1).

2.1 What is necessary to create a mission statement

In order to create a mission statement in a kindergarten, all pedagogical specialists should be involved.

Thus, you need the employees who contribute with their thoughts, ideas and expertise, discuss and find compromises.

It requires a line that drives the process forward and provides space, time and material and, if necessary, an external moderator. The needs of the presenter are explicitly addressed again in the conclusion (cf. Fialka 2009, p. 5).

2.2 Functions of a mission statement

A mission statement has several functions. For the employees, it has an informative character and shows the basic values and goals of a team. For the managers, it has a supporting function by agreeing on binding management principles and makes it possible to derive detailed specifications for the employees, which arose from an overarching common self-image and are not arbitrary. For the external reference groups, a mission statement has an information function about the values and norms of an organization and formulates wishes and expectations for cooperation.

2.3 Reasons for a mission statement development

Reasons for a mission statement development can be e.B. the following (cf. Fialka 2008, p. 4):

– Line or carrier change
– Change of legal form (e.g. from a municipal department of day-care centers becomes the own operation with additional or new orientations)
– Merger of institutions
– many conflicts in the team that are due to different values
– Development of quality standards and their indicators

[. ..]

Our Vision — London Bridge Child Care

Our belief about children

We believe in the competencies of all children. We view every child as being full of potential and believe that all children have a natural desire to learn and make meaning of their world. We believe that children have the right to live fully in their own childhood – not to be rushed through it.

Our History

London Bridge Child Care Services began in 1993, born over a conversation about what high-quality child care could look like. The organization started by amalgamating several existing child care centres in London, and has grown into a network that includes 14 Early Childhood Learning Centres, and also Extended Day programs (Before and After School care).

Behind the Scenes

Administratively, London Bridge is unique from many other child care centres. The ultimate responsibility for the organization rests with our Board of Directors, which is comprised primarily of current and former parents. We believe in transparency, social responsibility and the safe and secure provision of quality child care services.

Our Head Office (located at 550 Fanshawe Park Rd in London, the lower level of the Stoneybrook Early Childhood Learning Centre) works as a support team for our Centres, structured around the following:

  • Co-Executive Directors, Charlene Grainger and Angela Woodburn

  • Program Team, led by our Director of Education, Anne Marie Coughlin

  • Human Resources

  • Operations / Facilities

  • Finance/Administration

Our Centre Teams

At London Bridge a whole team of people supports your child, and your family. This unique structure welcomes your family into a learning community that extends beyond an individual classroom.

All members of our Centre Teams come together regularly to network, learn together, and be mentored by our extraordinary pedagogical leaders.

We are fortunate to share the innovative work and brilliant minds that we nurture inside our centres. This work gets displayed throughout our classrooms and common areas in our centres, and we also reach out beyond our walls in a variety of ways.


  • Read “Moving Towards a Shared Vision“, the cover story featured in the child care magazine, “Exchange”. In it we talk about the long process of creating lasting organizational change at London Bridge.

  • We shared stories in the London-based magazine “Mom and Caregiver” from 2012 – 2015. All these publications, that have been studied at the college-level, have been archived here.

  • Our Director of Education, Anne Marie Coughlin, has contributed to the Ministry of Education’s Early Years division, discussing the qualities needed to be a “pedagogical leader” in the Early Years. View these articles and videos.


  • Our Artist-in-Residence invited people aged one to 100 years old to consider five carefully selected pieces of public art. A nine-month long exploration culminated in an art exhibit that highlighted the continuity of thinking that accompanies us throughout our lives, with the intention of strengthening the fabric of our community by weaving the voices of children into it. The exhibit ran at the London Children’s Museum in June 2015. View all the exhibit panels, and a brief article.

  • Together, with ReForest London and Museum London, preschool children explored the question, “What would a world look like with few trees and with many trees?” They expressed themselves with bright bold acrylic paint and words to make us all think. Take a look at this video, and be inspired by our youngest citizens.

  • “Kids Helping Kids” is an annual walkathon hosted by all our centres, and raises money for ChildCan and the Ronald McDonald House. It was born almost thirty years ago, a result of two experiences. The first was a London Bridge family receiving a childhood cancer diagnosis; the second was Educators brainstorming with children on ways to help support this family. Read about it here.

  • We recognize and honour that children are contributing members of communities that make a difference. Every day we work to make sure that our youngest citizens have opportunities to build relationships, contribute their voice and realize their potential.

    In doing so, we collaborate and engage with members of our diverse communities. Children get to know all the people who make up Early Childhood Learning Centres. We say hello to postal workers. We walk to parks. We get into kitchens and work with Cooks. We gather together in circles, in both large and small groups. We get to know nature & plant community gardens.

We nurture curious minds and kind hearts – one hello, one smile, one question – at a time.

All the work we do is rooted in these core values. They help us align what we do inside our centres and behind the scenes, and guide our decision making.

Life Long Learning
We believe that we all share a responsibility to support and nurture the children’s and our own natural desire to be lifelong learners. We put ourselves and our learning on the same level as the child’s, and commit ourselves to our own professional and personal growth. As we learn alongside the children and their families, we embrace the opportunity to learn and grow that each day, each activity and each situation presents for us.

Relationships are the foundation on which the organization operates. We believe the quality of the care we provide is measured by the quality of the relationships we have with the children, families, employees, suppliers, funders, legislators and our environments. We are committed to ensuring these relationships are respectful; warm and caring; honest and open; and fair and equitable.

The Pursuit of Excellence
In our efforts to continuously improve, we are dynamic. We have the courage to lead; the willingness to take appropriate risk; and the strength to be creative. We are accepting of change that strengthens and improves us.

Fiscal and Corporate Accountability
We are committed to financial prudence and stability – to making decisions that take into account and are based on the short, medium and long term goals and objectives of the corporation. We conduct ourselves and our business in a manner that is legal, moral and ethical.

We are committed to conversations that are openly cooperative and collaborative. We welcome all perspectives; we value and respect all points of view. We give and receive information and feedback in a timely manner. We expect the same from others.

Sense of Well Being
There is joy and hopefulness in the work we do and the relationships we have with others. We care about the whole health of our people and understand that optimal well being includes not only the balance of work and family life but also ensuring that mental, physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual health are maintained.

At London Bridge, we welcome feedback, including feedback on our program and services for individuals with disabilities: VIEW our accessibility plan.

300 company missions! Examples of the Mission of organizations by fields of activity

The mission is the meaning of the company’s existence, its benefit to society! This is what the organization actually exists for. This means that the Mission is the foundation for the development of any organization. There is no foundation, the whole structure is not stable.

When developing your Mission, it is logical to look at how others do it. View examples of missions of various organizations. We have collected perhaps the largest selection of Organization Missions in one place. 300 missions of domestic and foreign companies of different sizes and industries. And structured them by areas of activity. This is a continuous sample, without filtering by quality, meaning, or other criteria.

Order the development of the Mission!

Please note. The copied Mission does not work!!! Don’t copy! This will not help rally and inspire the team. Mission – always individual!

Mission Examples of B2C, B2B trade and e-commerce enterprises
  • Azbuka Vkusa Mission: To create the best grocery supermarket chain in the world, which provides an opportunity: To society – to improve the quality of people’s lives, setting the standards of the culture of trade and social responsibility of business ; Customers – to enjoy every purchase; Partners – to build long-term, reliable and open relationships; For the staff – to constantly develop, participating with a team of like-minded people in the life of the company and receiving a worthy assessment of personal contribution; Shareholders – to have material and psychological dividends from owning the best retail company in the world.
  • Dixy’s Mission: Satisfy the daily needs of the majority of Russian citizens with the best value for money – Simple, Near, Neighborly.
  • Mission Lenta: We work to make people in Russia live better and richer, saving their money every day.
  • Mission Protek: Our goal is to take care of the beauty and health of people. We value the economic, social and ethical values ​​of society, honestly fulfill our obligations to people, partners, investors and the state, thereby setting business standards.
  • Mission of ROSPRINT: To be a link between publishers and readers.
  • Mission Svyaznoy: We work with people and for people. We create an exciting world of mobile communications and new offers that are understandable and accessible to everyone. We provide simplicity, convenience and an attractive choice.
  • Sportmaster mission: We make sports accessible! To develop a successful and efficient business by offering our Clients the optimal range of quality products for sports and outdoor activities with the optimal level of service. Contribute to the improvement of the population in the countries of our presence, promoting the values ​​of a healthy lifestyle, sports and active recreation, improving the quality of life of our customers.
  • Mission of TERVOLINA: Quality, comfortable shoes and excellent service for every customer!
  • AUCHAN mission: To offer more and more customers a wider range of quality products at low prices.
  • Mission of Leroy Merlin East: To make repair and improvement of your home affordable for everyone.
  • Alibaba Mission: Remove all barriers between buyer and seller.
  • Amazon’s mission: To be “the most customer-friendly company on earth.”
  • Castorama’s mission: To help customers make their homes better and more comfortable, to transform the laborious and costly process of repair and improvement into an interesting hobby accessible to everyone.
  • Ebay Mission: To provide a global marketplace where anyone can buy or sell almost anything.
  • Mission Enter: We give time for the present. Honestly. With love. As for yourself.
  • IKEA Mission: Revised: To make a difference in the daily lives of many people – not only customers, but also IKEA employees and suppliers. Old edition: Change for the better the everyday life of ordinary people.
  • MARY KAY’s Mission: To beautify the lives of women all over the world! We will achieve this by offering our clients quality products, opening new horizons for Independent Beauty Consultants and providing them with unlimited career opportunities. We will do everything so that women who come into contact with Mary Kay can realize themselves. We will proudly carry out our mission, based on the positive philosophy of our Company.
  • Mission of METRO Cash&Carry: METRO Cash & Carry offers wholesale cash & carry for various businesses and professionals. METRO Cash & Carry offers quality products and business solutions at the lowest possible prices. METRO Cash & Carry is a partner for professionals.
  • Walmart’s mission: We save people money so they can live a better life.
  • Zappos Mission: To provide the best customer service possible.
  • Mission of AQUAART GROUP: We create new value in the lives of people all over the world. We believe that only at home we can get that supply of positive emotions that fill our lives with meaning. Therefore, we have chosen home improvement as our field of activity.
  • Best Buy Mission: We solve the unmet needs of our customers with the ingenuity of our employees.
  • Casper’s mission: A wonderful dream is simple.
  • Nordstrom Mission: Since 1901, we have been committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and improving it every day.
  • The mission of Stada: All the Best is to unite the efforts of our specialists and partners every day for the sake of people’s health!
  • Target’s mission: To be the shopping destination of choice with innovative solutions, exceptional offerings, and exceeding customer expectations.
  • Mission of The Home Depot: To provide every customer with a high level of service, a wide range and competitive prices.
  • Mission of AQUA LOGO ENGINEERING: Bring beauty to people by creating aquariums.
  • Greenwood Mission: In 2011, the leaders of Russia and China set goals to increase trade between our countries to $150 billion by 2015 and to $200 billion by 2020. On the way to achieve this goal, Greenwood is a platform for cultural, political and commercial interaction between the two countries.
  • Mission Complex equipment of hotels and restaurants Tech & Style (St. Petersburg): Based on deep knowledge of the market, new technologies and properties of fabrics, our own modern production base in Russia, we help our partners achieve business success, designers, architects – to embody creative ideas , buyers – to create comfort and sophistication in a hotel or home. We are reviving the traditions of the domestic textile industry, relying on the best international standards and experience.
  • Mission of the VkusVill supermarket chain: We, the VkusVill company, offer people natural healthy products, an honest attitude, and also give positive emotions. We enjoy working and also help our partners develop with us.
Examples Missions of mobile operators
  • Beeline mission: We help people to enjoy communication, to feel free in time and space.
  • MegaFon’s mission: MegaFon will unite Russia by breaking down barriers and developing communications to become the obvious choice for everyone. MegaFon proceeds from a special attitude to the company’s social mission, which is to create conditions for people to communicate, without taking into account borders and distances.
  • MTS mission: We are working to make MTS the best operator for our customers. We want every person who comes to the MTS salon, calls our call center, uses the company’s services, to like being an MTS client. Thanks to reliable communication, MTS provides customers with the opportunity to build and improve their lives, to constantly develop. All MTS resources are aimed at making the life of MTS customers richer, more interesting and filled with new opportunities thanks to the company’s services.
  • SKYLINK’s mission: We expand the possibilities of mobile communications by turning the mobile phone into a multifunctional device that combines high-quality voice transmission and high-speed data transmission. We aim to become the leading operator in the field of unique telecommunications technologies. We turn scientific and engineering achievements into comfort and ease of communication. You can get free access to the necessary information at any time at your request. We offer you a wide range of services and solutions that give you confidence and make your life comfortable. We develop together with you. We try to stay ahead of your requirements and requests, constantly improving services and quality of service. In addition, we have taken care to offer you the most environmentally friendly technologies. We want our company’s behavior to inspire trust, respect and sympathy of society, business partners and individual customers. Our company employs a creative, friendly and responsible team that values ​​professionalism and integrity.
  • Tele2 Mission: Our goal is to challenge, act quickly and offer a wide range of Internet-based services at an affordable price.
  • Yota’s Mission: To be the leading developer and provider of innovative mobile services that will change the way people think and experience in the field of communication, entertainment and information consumption even one iota.

Examples Missions of telecommunications and IT companies
  • Yandex mission: Help people solve problems and achieve their goals in life.
  • Diasoft’s mission: To make an intellectual contribution to the development of clients’ business.
  • The mission of DataKrat Corporation: Taking a leading position in the promotion of automatic identification technologies, to help enterprises in various sectors of the economy of Russia and the CIS to organize, develop and protect their business through the use of these technologies.
  • Kaspersky Lab Mission: Passion for innovation allows us to create effective, convenient and affordable protection against cyber threats. We pride ourselves on providing the world’s best solutions that keep us and each of our 400 million technology users and 270,000 corporate customers one step ahead of potential threats.
  • Mission of Sapran Group: To improve the lives of people – our employees, business partners, clients, founders, by providing the best service and meeting the needs of partners and clients in consulting services.
  • Sirius Mission: Anticipate and stay ahead! We combine and realize the possibilities of high technologies, scientific developments and professional specialists. Creating new and improving already proven solutions, developing an engineering and design culture, we are leading Russian society along the path of innovative technologies.
  • Airbnb’s Mission: To open the doors of Airbnb to the next generation of interns and recent graduates, ready for a life-changing adventure.
  • Cisco Mission Statement: Cisco software, hardware, and services are used to build reliable networks that provide easy access to information anywhere, anytime.
  • Dropbox Mission: We build trusted, easy-to-use products. When people store their files in Dropbox, they can be sure that they are safe.
  • Facebook’s mission is to empower people to connect and make the world more open and connected.”
  • Google’s mission: To organize the world’s information and make it accessible and useful everywhere.
  • Intel’s mission: To create and improve computing technologies to connect and improve the lives of every person on earth.
  • Pinterest’s mission: To help you do what you love.
  • Skype’s mission: To become a platform for people to communicate in real time.
  • Softline’s mission: Softline does not just sell software and make a profit – we invest profits in business development in our country. Softline is a company in which it will be prestigious to work for the next generations.
  • Twitter’s mission: To enable everyone to share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.
  • Yahoo’s Mission: Connect people to their passions, communities, and knowledge of the world.
  • Youtube Mission: Provide fast and easy video access and frequent video sharing.
  • Asteros Mission: As part of the global innovation community, we improve the efficiency and safety of our customers by using innovation as a way of doing business and creating conditions for the development and professional growth of our employees.
  • Mission of B2B-Center: B2B-Center sees its mission in the formation of a single civilized e-commerce market in Russia based on the principles of fair competition and the use of innovative technologies. The transition of enterprises to the electronic method of carrying out trade and procurement activities will lead to a qualitative increase in products and services and an increase in the competitiveness of market participants.
  • Behance’s Mission: Empowering the creative world to bring ideas to life.
  • Mission of Digital Design: We make the world smarter.
  • EPAM Systems mission: Already today to create solutions that will meet the requirements of the global BI market in a few years.
  • Headspace Mission: Headspace has one mission: to improve the health and happiness of the entire world.
  • HubSpot Mission: Open the World. We want to transform how organizations engage, engage and delight their customers.
  • IBS mission: We are a national leader. We contribute to the development of the business of our clients and the Russian economy, increasing the competitiveness of our country in the international market. We define the standards and vector for the development of the high-tech industry and are at the forefront of positive transformations, changing the world for the better. About ambition. We are confident in our own abilities and are ready to overcome any obstacles to solve the most difficult tasks. This confidence is based on our capabilities and real achievements, which allows us to take on serious obligations, be responsible for the result and always remain winners.
  • Mission of Optima: We are an efficient international company that promotes advanced high-tech technologies to society and is an innovator in offering new services and services.
  • R-Style’s mission: By creating and using innovative technologies, products and solutions, we help participants in the credit and financial market to increase the competitiveness of their business and win new customers.
  • TerraLink Mission: We see ourselves as partners with our clients in improving the efficiency, safety and organization of their business. We meet customer expectations with creative technological solutions, working together in a modern and dynamic industry – with professionalism, flexibility and passion.
  • Mission of Avicomp Services: We strive for excellence, providing a confident future for us and our customers!
  • I-Teco mission: Implementation of projects from the stage of setting tasks to implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of existing IT infrastructures, providing the basis for the successful development of our customers’ business by raising the level of reliability, manageability and security of the entire information infrastructure to a qualitatively higher level – this is the vision and main tasks of I-Teco. We value the trust of the companies that operate the solutions we have implemented, and we do everything possible to improve the efficiency of these systems and protect the investments made in them. Together with our partners, we are building a strategy for the development of IT systems implemented in companies, adjusting the direction of development of the range of our services and proposed solutions.
  • IT Co. mission: We create information systems that increase the efficiency of our customers’ business through the use of advanced technologies, professionalism and experience of our specialists.
  • Mission of Compulink Group: We see our mission in creating a solid foundation for the development and prosperity of our clients by introducing the latest high-tech and efficient solutions. We are convinced that information technologies should meet the goals and objectives of the key business. Orientation to the interests of the customer. A deep study of aspects of the client’s activities always allows us to find exclusive and most effective solutions.
  • Mission of the HOST Group of Companies: The HOST Group of Companies helps its clients to ensure the continuity of their business, high availability of information systems and services by building and maintaining a fault- and disaster-tolerant IT infrastructure. By supplying proven solutions, we implement the customer’s business requirements, reduce operational risks, as well as the cost of ownership of complex information systems.
  • Mission of INEK Group: By developing and improving information and analytical software, expanding the range and improving the quality of its services, to promote the development and prosperity of domestic enterprises in all industries.
  • Mission of Intercomputer Global Services: Support of our partners in their efforts to continuously improve and gain competitive advantages through the implementation and development of automation systems based on 1C products. information technologies.
  • Mission Quorum: Providing a full range of information technology solutions for the financial markets.
  • Lanit’s mission: To be the best partners, to be the best partners – this is our goal, and all the best that the global IT industry creates becomes the property of our customers.
  • M2M telematics mission: M2M telematics Group of Companies introduces innovative satellite navigation technologies in order to modernize and increase the competitiveness of the Russian economy, including the improvement of the transport complex of the Russian Federation. We are constantly striving to ensure that high-tech navigation solutions become part of our lives and make it more comfortable and safer.
  • Mission of RAPID: Providing individuals and legal entities with a qualitatively new level of cashless payments based on modern electronic technologies. We consider the development of a high-tech payment service as one of the conditions for achieving a new quality of life, more productive and comfortable use of personal time by a person in the face of an increasing amount of information and an increasing supply of goods and services.
  • Mission of Sitronics: To build an effective innovative economy, improve the quality of life of society by creating and promoting modern technological solutions.
  • Mission of SKB Kontur: We are working to save specialists from paperwork. Our programs are able to automate a variety of processes. Everything that can be automated should be automated – this is the motto we have been working for the last twenty years.
  • Mission Stins Coman: We see our calling as being a leading systems integration services provider, unrivaled in creating long-term value for our clients, primarily through professionalism and ensuring the stability of our business.
  • The mission of Alakris Digital Agency (Moscow): To help companies in the post-Soviet space increase their profits by entering export markets using the latest information technologies.
  • Mission TeleSvyaz: The mission of the company is determined by the ultimate goal of any of our clients – to create a tool for effective management of their business. And together with the client we go to this goal!
  • Mission of Technoserv: We provide first-class solutions in the field of information and communication technologies, being a flexible, strong and reliable company based on professional knowledge, team and relationships with our customers.
  • Mission of Fort Dialog: Assistance in increasing the competitiveness and efficiency of our clients in the field of production and management through the introduction of information systems and technologies.
  • Forus mission: Technologies open up new opportunities, and we open the world of IT technologies for you! This is our mission. It is our life. Creation of an information basis for the effective development of all spheres of human activity, using advanced achievements in the field of information technology.
  • Mission Center Master: Anticipate the client’s requirements by offering the most effective turnkey solutions already when the insurer has just formulated its business goal.
  • Mission Developer of information systems for the healthcare system VITACOR (Kazan): Apply advanced information technologies to preserve people’s health.
Examples Mission of high-tech companies, electronics
  • Rostelecom mission: More opportunities for everyone. Rostelecom creates more opportunities for people, both through its services and through the implementation of projects and initiatives that touch on topics important to society. Telecommunications can change and improve people’s lives, and this is exactly what Rostelecom strives for in relations with everyone who comes into contact with the activities of our company.
  • Apple’s mission: Apple makes Mac computers the world’s best personal computers, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple continues the digital music revolution with its iPod and iTunes. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store and is shaping the future of mobile media and computing with the iPad. (Mission of Apple Computer, Inc. at the beginning of its activity was formulated as follows: We offer computers of the highest quality for people all over the world).
  • Canon’s mission is to help people realize their full potential in Power of Image. The European brand slogan You Can (“You can”) was launched in 2002 and aims to inspire customers to realize the potential of the image.
  • Ericsson’s mission: To understand the capabilities and needs of users and provide them with communications solutions that are better than those of the competition.
  • General Electric’s mission: We exist to solve the problems of everyone on earth, be it a company or an individual.
  • IBM Mission: We strive to be leaders in the invention, development and manufacture of the most advanced information technologies in the industry, including computer systems, software, storage systems and microelectronics. We turn these technologies into value for our clients with professional solutions, service and consulting services around the world.
  • Kodak Mission: We help the world create memories and make money.
  • Lenovo Mission: For those who do! At Lenovo, our vision is that Lenovo will create personal devices that inspire more people, inspired by our own culture, and through which we build a business that is respected around the world. This Vision guides us on our mission to become one of the world’s greatest technology companies. We will accomplish this through: Personal Computers, Convergence and Culture.
  • Microsoft Mission: Microsoft’s mission is to help people and businesses around the world reach their full potential. To achieve this goal, talented, energetic, bright and creative people are required, with the following virtues: conscientiousness and honesty, enthusiasm, openness and respect, willingness to solve complex problems, self-criticism and responsibility.
  • Motorola’s mission: We help people realize their professional potential at the most crucial moments.
  • POLAROID’s mission: Our goal is to improve and develop the instant photography and digital market to meet the growing need of people to capture the faces of family and friends, places dear to their hearts and funny moments of life in photographs.
  • Samsung’s mission: We use the company’s human and technological resources to create products and services of superior quality, thereby contributing to the improvement of the global state of society.
  • Sony’s mission statement: We are a group of young people who are empowered with enough energy for an endless creative pursuit.
  • XEROX Mission: Share knowledge through documents.
  • Mission of Radian: Providing customers with effective engineering and technical security equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, including: fire and burglar alarms, access control systems, video surveillance, as well as lighting and air conditioning systems.
Examples Missions of companies in the energy sector
  • Gazprom’s mission: Maximally efficient and balanced gas supply to Russian consumers, execution of long-term gas export contracts with a high degree of reliability.
  • Lukoil’s mission: We were created to turn the energy of natural resources for the benefit of people.
  • Mission of RAO UES of Russia: RAO UES of Russia seeks to increase the market value of its shares and shares of companies that will be formed in the process of restructuring, by successfully implementing the industry reform and increasing the efficiency and transparency of the company’s current activities.
  • Rosneft’s mission: Innovative, environmentally friendly and cost-effective satisfaction of society’s need for energy resources. Thanks to a unique resource base, a high technological level and a team of dedicated professionals, the Company ensures sustainable business growth and increased shareholder returns. Our activities contribute to social stability, prosperity and progress of the regions.
  • Sakhalin Energy Mission: Sakhalin Energy aims to be the world’s leading energy producer. We build our activities on the basis of efficient, reliable and safe production, responsible attitude to social and environmental issues.” Vision: “To be the leading source of energy for the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Mission Taif Group of Companies (Kazan): The development and prosperity of TAIF and its subsidiaries contributes – directly or indirectly – to the improvement of the state of the economy, the social sphere of Tatarstan and, ultimately, the well-being of its inhabitants. To be in the forefront of enterprises that ensure the progress of Tatarstan and Russia is the mission of TAIF.
  • Mission of British Petroleum: Promoting human progress through the manifestation of the following qualities: honesty, openness of transactions.
Examples Mission of construction and development enterprises
  • Eurostroy mission: Creation and improvement of a management system capable of providing quality and affordable construction services for customers of various levels.
  • Mission Monolith: We build houses that are comfortable to live in and a company that is comfortable to work in.
  • Mission Positive: We help solve administrative, scientific and humanitarian problems, creating comfort and taking care of working conditions.
  • SAPSAN mission: We are radically changing the idea of ​​life outside the city, offering a unique combination of the comfort of urban infrastructure and closeness to nature.
  • Mission PIK GROUP: We create advanced technological services and products that allow us to find innovative solutions in all areas of real estate. Our mission is to change everyday life by creating more comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly living conditions.
Examples of the Mission of Consumer Goods Manufacturers (FMCG)
  • Baltika Mission: We create a quality product that gives people the joy of communication, makes their life brighter and more interesting.
  • Belaya Dolina’s mission: We contribute to the prosperity of Russia by creating a cost-effective enterprise and take care of people’s health by producing high-quality food products.
  • Daria’s mission: To free up consumers’ time for a fulfilling life by producing high-quality, easy-to-prepare products.
  • Luxlite mission: Leadership in the Russian lighter market for a long-term partnership.
  • Adidas mission: To be the world’s leading sports brand. We achieve leadership through our vision – our passion for sport makes the world a better place. All our work is inspired by the passion for sport that drives us to improve ourselves and the world around us.
  • Coca-Cola Mission: Refresh the world, body, mind and spirit; Awaken optimism through our drinks and our deeds; Bring meaning to everything we do.
  • Danone’s mission: To provide as many people as possible with healthy food.
  • Gillette Mission: Every day, more than 800 million people around the world trust their faces and skin with innovative Gillette razors and shaving products. We are committed to providing people with the very best personal care products, including deodorants and body washes. All designed to meet people’s unique needs, helping them look great, feel good and perform at their best every day.
  • Levi-Strauss Mission: We will bring to market the most beautiful and popular casual wear in the world. We will dress the whole world.
  • Nestlé’s mission: We believe that research and development will help make food better, thereby improving people’s lives.
  • Nike Mission: Bringing inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.
  • Pepsi’s Mission: To be the world’s premier food and drink company. In everything we do, we are guided by three principles – honesty, consistency and fairness.
  • Unilever’s mission is to energize life. We meet people’s daily needs for food and hygiene. Our brands help you feel great, look great and enjoy life more.
  • Valio’s mission: To feel good.
  • Wrigley’s Mission: Creating simple pleasures to brighten up every day. Our mission: Wrigley is a company without borders. Because that’s how we see the world. Whether it’s chewing gum that keeps your mouth healthy, fresh and clean, or a handful of our candy puts a smile on your face, we strive to bring goodness to people through our products, and never lose it. Our creativity drives us forward, to new places, with new products, for new occasions, in new ways for the world to enjoy Wrigley. Whenever you want to spice up your day a little and add some freshness to it, we are always at your fingertips, but the choice is always yours.
  • ZEWA’s mission: We strive to make life easier and better for our consumers with high quality essentials.
Examples Missions of Vehicle Sales and Service Companies
  • Mission of Autodel: Creating a comfortable environment for consumers in the automotive market.
  • Mission of Technotorg: Introduction of new technologies to meet the technical and technological needs of the agro-industrial complex, a stable contribution to the state economy, creation of new jobs, development of production capacities.
  • Mission of AIS: We offer our Clients a high level of service and the most complete range of services in the automotive market. The ideology of the company’s work is reflected in its slogan – “With attention to you, with love for cars!”
Examples of missions of restaurants, cafes, other catering enterprises
  • Teremok mission: 1. We create a national catering network; 2. We must be loved by customers by offering national dishes of a new generation: pancakes, cereals, stews and kvass, with the best taste in Russia; 3. Our products should be available to the majority of the Russian population; 4. We will always be glad to see people of all ages with us; 5. We must give people joy, pleasure.
  • Domino’s Pizza mission: Fast delivery of hot pizza no more than 30 minutes after the order is accepted.
  • KFC mission: Bring joy to life.
  • McDonald’s Mission: To be our customers’ favorite place to eat or drink. And the formula for achieving this goal is one long-standing McDonald’s formula: KKCh and D, which means Quality, Service Culture, Cleanliness and Availability.
  • Starbucks Mission: To create a comfortable business environment and treat each other with respect and dignity. See diversity as one of the most important components of business. Apply the highest requirements to the quality of raw materials, roasting and coffee preparation processes. Deliver customer satisfaction with every cup of coffee. Make a positive impact on society and the environment. Always remember that profitability is the key to our future success.
  • Chipotle Mission: Providing better nutrition for everyone.
  • Trader Joe’s Mission: To give our customers the best food and drink they can find anywhere and give them the information they need to make informed buying decisions.
  • Mission Status Restaurant (St. Petersburg): The mission of the STATUS restaurant is an individual approach to each client. We work for you! We work to ensure that your stay with us is comfortable and memorable for a long time. Visiting us, you took with you more positive emotions, excellent mood and a charge of positive. To provide the best service that meets the highest requirements.
Examples Missions of transport and logistics companies
  • The mission of RZD (Russian Railways) is to meet the market demand for transportation, increase efficiency, improve service quality and deep integration into the Euro-Asian transport system. RZD brand mission: We are the most important part of the global system for the movement of people, goods and technologies. We work for clients, we contribute to the unification of peoples, we integrate Russia into a single economic space. Our solutions are based on a unique infrastructure, the skills of a team of high-level professionals and innovative technologies.
  • Mission of Freight One: To provide the best quality of transport and logistics services on the market. Be a leader. To make railway transportation of goods affordable and attractive for the client.
  • Mission Car rental Avenue (Novosibirsk): The motto of our company is “Be car-MOBILE!” captures the essence of car rental. We help everyone stay mobile and solve their problems.
  • Mission of Avis rent-a-car: Our business is car rental. Our mission is absolute customer satisfaction.
  • DHL Mission: Connecting people, improving lives.
  • Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD) Mission: We are professional, friendly and always put the customer first. Our range meets the wishes of our customers, offering exactly what they need. We know our business. We combine international thinking with deep knowledge of local markets. This is our strength and allows us to provide the best quality and service around the world. This means that we can make a decisive contribution to the professional success and competitiveness of our customers.
  • Federal express mission: Federal express – brings together powerful companies such as FedEx, RPS, Viking Freight, FDX Global Logistics and Robert Express, offering mail delivery services at the regional, national and international levels: fast, reliable, on-time delivery of mail , forwarding services, air delivery of shipments and cargo with tight deadlines, courier delivery, including the same day, dispatch of cargo when trucks are loaded less than the minimum load in the US West (LTL), integrated solutions in information and logistics. By bringing these diverse services together within a single company, FDX provides partner companies with a competitive advantage by offering proven solutions based on the latest advances in technology.
  • Mission of TNT Express: Every day we cover huge distances to connect customers and many companies in different parts of the world, delivering millions of documents, parcels and cargo with special attention and care: because we understand how important each parcel is for you and your customers . Whatever you send, we treat each package professionally. From the moment our courier picks up the package to the moment it is delivered to your customer by the local TNT office, we connect you and your customer. This is possible thanks to our integrated door-to-door delivery network. You can even follow the delivery progress using our online tracking feature. And if your industry requires specific transport conditions, we offer customized solutions. Rely on us for guaranteed on-time delivery so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Uber’s Mission: Bring transportation everywhere and for everyone.
  • United States Postal Service Mission: To provide a reliable, efficient, affordable one-stop delivery service that connects people and helps businesses grow. Every person residing in the United States and its territories has access to postal goods and services and pays the same price for first class postage stamps, regardless of location.
  • UPS’s mission is simple: to make it easier for you to achieve your business goals by working closely together to solve logistics problems.
  • Aramex Mission: We are committed to continuously expanding our operations throughout the region, while at the same time taking advantage of business growth opportunities in emerging markets overseas. This approach is the foundation of our sustainable business development and commitment to facilitating global trade in an ever-changing world.
  • Canada Post Mission: Canada Post will be the world leader in providing innovative physical and electronic logistics solutions, creating value for our customers, employees and all Canadians.
  • Wells Fargo Mission: We put our customers first. We strive to attract, develop, motivate and retain the best team members. We are committed to the highest standards of integrity, transparency and principled performance. We value and encourage diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the business and at all levels. We are all called to be leaders. We want everyone to lead themselves, lead the team and the business – in serving customers, communities, team members and shareholders.
Examples Missions of consulting companies
  • Mission Strategic Decision: We strengthen the Motherland by helping to develop business!
  • McKinsey & Company’s mission: Our mission is to help our clients make individual, lasting and meaningful improvements in their operations and build a great firm by attracting, inspiring and retaining the most exceptional people.
  • The mission of The Boston Consulting Group is based on the following simple principles. We analyze, we learn and then we act. We bring together people who can challenge conventions and bring about the very transformations that are needed. We help clients develop the right competencies and achieve long-term benefits. And we shape the future. Together.
  • Mission Guarantor: Providing comprehensive professional legal support with the help of modern information technologies.
  • Bain & Company’s mission: To add value to the client company’s business, make it successful, and it has some consequences.
  • Betterment’s mission: We have one mission: to empower you to make the most of your money so you can live a better life.
Examples Missions of law firms
  • Mission Law Firm Legal Consultant-NSK (Novosibirsk): Legal protection of the interests of our clients in the field of criminal, administrative, civil law and its branches. We are ready to protect your interests both in pre-trial procedure, through negotiations, by sending claims, complaints, statements, and in court.
  • Mission Legal Services Agency Lawyer Novosibirsk (Novosibirsk): Solving the current problem through the law.
  • Mission Belyaev & Badin Law Company (Yekaterinburg): Belyaev & Badin Law Company sees its mission in the formation of legal literacy and purity of transactions in society today, to ensure a stable and safe tomorrow. We are aimed at mutually beneficial cooperation and a trusting relationship with our customers and partners.
  • Mission YURLIGA Law Firm (Yekaterinburg): Providing high-quality legal services to citizens and corporate clients in Russia and abroad and resolving issues in the field of land, real estate, investments and comprehensive legal business security based on the constant professional and personal self-improvement of our specialists and timely response to changes in legislation.
  • Mission Filatov & Partners Law Firm (Yekaterinburg): Providing clients with quality legal services and representing their interests in state bodies and courts.
Examples Missions of auditing companies
  • Mission Auditing Group Capital (Ekaterinburg): Providing comprehensive services in the field of accounting, taxes, law, contributing to the development of the economy of the enterprise, and the country as a whole.
  • Mission Auditing company Paritet-Expert (Ekaterinburg): Achieving growth of confidence in the financial statements of enterprises and organizations through: – expressing an opinion on the reliability of financial (accounting) statements in all material respects; – improvement of risk management systems; – training of management personnel in order to strengthen the internal control of the organization.
  • Mission Auditing firm Audit Expert (Kazan): Ensuring security, transparency and proper organization of our clients’ business. In any disputable situation, competent specialists of an audit firm determine the true state of affairs and help to find the right solution in the field of accounting and tax accounting and reporting.
  • Mission Finros Auditing Company (Kazan): To provide professional audit services throughout Russia, building long-term relationships aimed at development.

Examples of the Mission of advertising companies

  • Mission BrandPro Advertising Studio (St. Petersburg): Tell about the product, stimulate the target audience to order, and most importantly, do it at minimal cost for the manufacturer and lead to the success of the Client.
  • Mission Outdoor Advertising Designmaster (Novosibirsk): Formation of a modern information urban environment.
  • Mission Advertising agency Sibir (Novosibirsk): Striving for quality, efficiency and reliability at the best prices.
  • Mission Tsar Advertising Agency (Novosibirsk): We conclude only fair deals, with benefits for all participants in the business process, taking into account the interests of everyone’s profit.
  • Mission Advertising agency OVM-Media (Yekaterinburg): Find and pave your business the shortest path to stable sales growth and prosperity.
  • Mission Advertising and production company Nikom Reklama (Yekaterinburg): We work to create beautiful things professionally, presenting an individual approach and the highest level of service. We are focused on becoming a long-term reliable Partner, with whom it is efficient and convenient to work.
  • Mission Advertising agency Vivat (Kazan): Finding the best solutions to promote the business of our customers.
Examples Missions of service companies
  • Mission Lotos Urgent Dry Cleaning Network (St. Petersburg): LOTOS is the city’s oldest specialized dry cleaning and laundry company. For decades, the company has been providing customers with a full range of the highest quality clothing cleaning services. The high standards declared by the company are supported by an individual approach to working with each order, as well as strict final control. Our main advantage is our employees, true professionals with great experience and work experience.
  • The mission of The Walt Disney Company is to make people happy.
  • Disneyland Mission: We work to make adults and children spend more time together.
  • New York Public Library’s Mission: To inspire lifelong learning, spread knowledge, and strengthen our communities.
  • Mission of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Chain: Relentless care and comfort for every guest.
  • Lyft’s mission: Reconnect people and communities with transportation.
  • Squarespace Mission: Squarespace makes beautiful products to help people with creative ideas succeed.
  • Albatros-tour mission: To become one of the leaders in terms of customer service quality, to provide quality rest for every tourist, to meet his expectations.
  • The mission of the Medical Safety Medical Center (St. Petersburg): NOT to conduct medical examinations, but to promote a high quality of life, health and well-being, providing individual quality medical care to each patient. We will become the leader in providing quality medical services in the country.
  • Mission Laundry Cleanliness formula (Moscow): To make cleanliness accessible to organizations of any profile and scale.
  • Mission Equipment rental for outdoor activities All Seasons (Yekaterinburg): Popularization of outdoor activities and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Mission Assent Full Cycle Printing House (St. Petersburg): We help our clients plan and develop their business by producing printing products of predictably high quality just in time.
  • Mission Dance Empire Dance School (St. Petersburg): Full dance development of the student within the walls of the school. We strive to diversify the program, to introduce all the necessary dance styles for the maximum growth of the student.
  • The mission of the Birdy Dance School (St. Petersburg): Make dancing and acrobatics accessible to everyone!
  • Mission Color Industry Printing House (St. Petersburg): To be a reliable part of our Customer, providing him with high-quality and high-tech products just in time. Working with us as with our own printing house, the customer receives full transparency of relations, the most convenient service for him and competitive products.
  • Mission of Flower Delivery Service BuketN – Buket Novosibirsk (Novosibirsk): To make the purchase of flowers simple and pleasant, in order to give smiles and joy to the recipient and customer with the freshest flowers.
  • Mission Travel company Exotica-Tour (Kazan): To make your holiday individual, of high quality and so that you always want to come back to us.
Examples Beauty Salon Mission
  • Mission Naturel Beauty Salon (Moscow): Creating a natural, elegant look that maximizes the individuality of each client.
  • Mission Beauty Salon Furor (Moscow): Applying proven achievements in the world of beauty and cosmetology – to identify, improve and maintain the image of each client. It is important to identify and highlight both inner beauty and attractive external features. We strive to do this in such a way that the feelings and own splendor of the customer would be presented to everyone around.
  • Mission Beauty salon Vernissage (Yekaterinburg): Discovery of your beauty!
Mission examples of dental clinics
  • Mission Dentistry Clinic of your dentist (Moscow): We bring health and beauty of smiles to the world through the provision of high-quality and affordable dental services for the prevention and treatment of teeth in our city.
  • Mission Dentistry West Dental Clinic (Moscow): We build long-term relationships by exceeding the expectations of our patients, creating value for dentistry through education and improving the quality of life.
  • Mission of Dr. Lange Dentistry Clinic (St. Petersburg): A beacon in the world of dentistry – to be leaders in providing highly qualified medical care, using the best traditions of dentistry and the most modern technologies, to increase the duration and improve the quality of life of our patients.
  • Mission Sibdent Dentistry (Novosibirsk): Sibdent Clinic is a clinic for people who value decency, honesty, professionalism, and who also know how to count money. We make European-level dentistry accessible to the general population.
  • Mission Stomatology Dental-Service (Novosibirsk): From the first day of our existence, we have been implementing the most important humanitarian mission: we are changing old ineffective approaches in the treatment of dental diseases to the most modern and progressive ones.
Examples Missions of schools and organizations in the field of child development
  • Mission Aqua-Class Early Swimming Studio (Moscow): 1) Create a development space for children, thanks to which they become healthy, happy and successful; 2) To instill in children a love for acquiring skills that will really be useful to them in the future, in a special developing healing environment – water; 3) Develop conscious parenthood: help parents consciously raise children who will believe in themselves and change the world for the better with pleasure; 4) To be an opportunity for the team, a resource for creating and transforming oneself, the team, society, and thus replenish personal happiness.
  • Mission Happy Child Development Center (Moscow): Creation of a space – a community of people united by the idea of ​​developing and maintaining a healthy personality of a child as the basis of a healthy happy society.
  • Mission Malyshi Private Kindergarten and Early Development Center (Moscow): To make your child’s childhood happy and productive, because this is the key to the whole future life of every person. Each lesson in our kindergarten helps to reveal the potential of the child, teaches something new and gives confidence in his own strength, because he will definitely succeed! Comprehensive development – memory, attention, intelligence, moral and personal qualities, aesthetic perception – this is our credo!
  • The mission of the Private School New School (Moscow) is to enable children from different social strata, in the process of continuous growth, education and upbringing, to show and develop their cognitive, creative and human abilities and in the future to find the best ways to achieve happiness and full self-realization in modern society, and thereby contribute to its development.
Examples Missions of companies in the steel industry

  • Mission of the United Metallurgical Company: Manufacture of metallurgical products and products for the fuel and energy complex that best meet the needs of customers due to the optimal ratio of price and consumer properties.
  • RUSAL’s mission: To become the most efficient aluminum company in the world, which we and our children can be proud of. Through the success of RUSAL – to the prosperity of each of us and society.
  • The mission of the Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works: To be leaders in creation.
  • Mission of Metalloinvest: Providing the buyer with high quality metal and providing the highest level of service.
  • Mission Steel company: We unite the interests of consumers and producers of steel products by creating steel service centers and strengthening partnerships. We create metal comfort, fulfill ourselves, earn and develop.
Examples of missions of companies in the automotive industry
  • AvtoVAZ mission: We create high-quality cars for our customers at affordable prices, bringing stable profits to our shareholders, improving the well-being of our employees and increasing the value of our business for the benefit of the Fatherland.
  • GAZ mission: To produce commercial vehicles that guarantee the customer the benefits of purchasing thanks to uncompromising quality and reliable impeccable service, backed by the highest competence of personnel, partner suppliers, innovations in production and products.
  • KAMAZ mission: KAMAZ, built by the whole country, is the basis of transport security and the heritage of Russia. Anticipating needs, we deliver automotive technology and signature service to help customers achieve inspiring goals. KAMAZ is a socially responsible partner, acting for the sake of the long-term interests of shareholders and the well-being of employees.
  • Mission of URAL: Satisfying the needs of society in vehicles with a gross weight of 12 to 44 tons and creating conditions for maintaining the performance of vehicles during operation.
  • BMW mission: The BMW Group is the world’s leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility.
  • Ford Mission Statement: We are a global family and proud of our heritage of providing personal freedom of movement for people around the world. Our mission is to meet the needs of customers by manufacturing quality trucks and cars, offering modern products, minimizing the time to market for new models, increasing labor productivity at all enterprises of the company and optimizing production processes, improving contacts with employees of the organization, with suppliers, dealers, and also with trade unions.
  • Harley-Davidson Mission: We make people’s dreams come true with our experience building the best bikes ever!
  • Rolls-Royce’s mission: To provide mobility in comfort, style and speed anywhere: on land, in water or in the air. Delight customers by providing excellent sales and after-sales service.
  • Tesla’s mission: Our goal when we created Tesla ten years ago was the same as it is today: to accelerate sustainable transportation as soon as possible by bringing great electric vehicles to the mass market.
  • Toyota’s Mission: To make our customers feel the pleasure of high quality Toyota vehicles. We are responsible for every vehicle we sell. We create an environment in which Toyota professionals use their years of experience and knowledge of advanced Toyota technologies to meet the needs of our discerning customers. The Company’s mission is to maximize customer satisfaction by providing reliable and safe TOYOTA products and providing a network of high-quality service and qualified service.
  • Mission of KAMI: To make a real contribution to the economic development of Russia and its development. Bring the leading enterprises / productions of Russia to a qualitatively new level, due to their re-equipment and acquisition of the most modern industrial equipment. Implement new advanced technologies. Establish a chain of interaction between equipment manufacturers, universities that train industry specialists and managers, and those enterprises that are interested in attracting such personnel.
Examples of the Mission of industrial enterprises, manufacturers of various industries
  • Mission of Uralvagonzavod (manufacturer of the ARMATA tank): Strengthening the defense capability and development of the transport infrastructure of the Russian Federation by creating high-tech innovative products for military, special and civilian purposes.
  • Felix’s Mission: To create an optimal workspace using the latest technology in the production of office furniture.
  • Otis Elevator’s Mission: To provide customers with more reliable mobility than our competitors.
  • Tetra Pak Mission: We strive to make food safe and affordable everywhere. Our purpose is the main engine and key to the success of our organization. It shapes our role and tasks in the outside world. The common corporate concept unites us.
  • Warby Parker’s Mission: Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty goal: to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, and to lead the way for socially conscious enterprises.
  • Asics mission: To be the number one for sports enthusiasts. To achieve this, we promise to produce the best product based on our technological advances and push the limits of the body.
  • Mission of CVS: To help people improve their health.
  • Umbro’s mission: To excite and inspire. Let everyone fall in love with the wonderful world of football.
  • Alutech’s mission: To produce and offer people an affordable and high-quality product that makes their world more comfortable and the world around them more beautiful.
  • Mission Artplast Trade and Production Company (Moscow): We contribute to the growth of the success of our partners, the effective raising of their business to a new quality level, ensuring stable and mutually beneficial cooperation, combined with the highest level of service.
  • Mission Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant (Novosibirsk): Creation of high-tech optical, optoelectronic, medical devices and general-purpose products that contribute to the security and defense of the Russian Federation, the fulfillment of tasks by various professional communities by satisfying their requests to the maximum.
  • Mission of Kazanorgsintez Company (Kazan): Our goal is to be the best in the Russian chemical products market, to meet high international standards in relations with business partners, investors, employees, society, and the environment. We achieve the goals set by shareholders through the professionalism of our employees and the introduction of new technologies.
  • Mission Kazan Plant Elektropribor (Kazan): The main mission of Kazan Plant Elektropribor JSC is the manufacture of special aviation products, industrial and household products, pressure sensors.
  • Mission Ekaterinburg Meat Processing Plant (Yekaterinburg): Maintaining eternal family values ​​- warm and close relationships in the family. The products of the Yekaterinburg Meat Processing Plant gather the whole family at one table, which creates a strong emotional connection between its members. And this is the key to a friendly, strong and growing family. Therefore, the Ekaterinburg Meat Processing Plant sets itself the task of becoming the cause of the development of good family traditions.
  • Mission Tailoring uniforms ALFIN uni (Kazan): To create fashionable, stylish and comfortable uniforms. To customers: enjoy wearing our uniforms. Partners: to build long-term, reliable and open relationships. To the staff: to constantly develop, working in a team of like-minded people in the life of the company and receiving a worthy assessment of personal contribution.
  • Mission of ChTPZ-KTS: Comprehensive satisfaction of the needs of builders and operators of main and technological pipelines in fittings, pipeline fittings, technological equipment and other components.
Examples of missions of state institutions, non-profit organizations, mass media the world.
  • Mission of the BBC: Through the BBC, people will speak to people in the language of the world.
  • Mission of the Russian University of Cooperation: Providing high-quality education that meets international standards; the formation of a highly moral personality with modern professional and other competencies in demand; real scientific achievements on the basis of the Russian University of Cooperation, meeting the needs of society, the state and the individual; mobile and dynamic learning that flexibly responds to global changes and ensures the rapid development of the economy of Russia and the countries of the world, contributing to the development of career management skills for young people.
  • Mission of the State Hermitage Volunteer Service: Raising a sense of responsibility for the preservation of cultural heritage.
  • CIA mission: We are the eyes and ears of the nation, and sometimes its invisible hand. We achieve the mission in the following way: Gathering only the necessary intelligence; Providing up-to-date, objective and comprehensive analysis on time; Perform protective actions against the President of the United States to prevent threats or to further US political goals.
  • American Red Cross mission: To improve people’s lives, care for people, help them avoid and cope with critical situations.
  • Mission of Best Friends Animal Society: A better world through kindness to animals.
  • Mission N.E. Bauman Composites of Russia: We develop and implement new materials and advanced technologies, uniting business, science and education!
  • Mission Charitable Foundation Happy Children (Krasnoyarsk): Clever help to orphans through the efforts of caring adults!
  • Examples Missions of banks, financial organizations
    • Mission of Alfa-Bank: Alfa-Bank performs all types of banking operations, helping you to better navigate the world of finance, manage money efficiently and provide convenient banking services.
    • Mission Bank Otkritie: We help our clients, employees, contractors and even competitors realize their financial potential.
    • Mission of Rosselkhozbank: Providing affordable, high-quality and effective satisfaction of the needs of agricultural producers and the rural population of the Russian Federation in banking products and services, all-round assistance in the formation and functioning of a modern national credit and financial system of the agro-industrial sector of Russia, support for the development of the agro-industrial complex and rural areas of the Russian Federation .
    • Mission of Sberbank: We give people confidence and reliability, we make their lives better by helping them realize their aspirations and dreams.
    • Mission of Tinkoff Credit Systems: Providing the most modern financial services to the population of Russia. The main product of the Bank is credit cards – the world’s most popular financial instrument.
    • American Express Mission Statement: We provide outstanding products and unparalleled service that together deliver great value to our customers.
    • Citibank’s mission: To be a trusted partner for our clients, providing them with due responsibility and financial services that promote sustainable development and economic progress. For the benefit of clients, our company invests in sound assets, provides them with loans, arranges payments and provides access to capital markets. With over 200 years of experience, we help our clients meet their toughest challenges and make the best use of opportunities. We are Citi, a global bank, connecting millions of people in hundreds of countries and cities.
    • PayPal Mission: We believe it’s time to rethink money, democratize financial services, as managing and moving money is the right of all citizens, not just the powerful. We believe that everyone has the right to participate in the global economy. We have an obligation to empower people to exercise this right and improve their financial health.
    • Mission of The Bank of New York: We strive to be recognized as the global leader and partner of choice in helping our clients succeed in a world of rapidly evolving financial markets.
    • Mission of Visa: Visa does not provide credit cards, but allows customers to exchange values ​​and assets for shares without leaving their homes, buying almost anything, anywhere.
    • Western Union’s mission: To be the world’s leader in cross-border money movement while continuing to meet consumer and business needs as they evolve.
    • VTB mission: We help people realize their plans by creating the best financial solutions. We are a team of professionals working for our clients and the whole country.
    • Mission of VEB.RF: National Development Institute that promotes the implementation of the state socio-economic policy, increasing the competitiveness of the national economy and its modernization creating better conditions for life on the planet for future generations. We strive to maintain a balance between providing stable returns for shareholders, a decent standard of living for employees, high quality services for clients and a positive impact on society as a whole.
    • MKB’s mission: To become a responsible partner helping clients realize their potential, focus on business expansion in key market segments and increase operational efficiency.
    • Raiffeisen’s mission: We will help clients reduce business uncertainty by offering cutting-edge digital products and services, many of which help achieve greater financial sustainability.
    • Mission Rosbank: Plans to become a reliable partner for customers for many years to come, providing the best service and the best financial solutions.
    • Mission of the Bank of Russia: Ensuring the quality of its services, adherence to professional banking traditions, concern for the welfare of customers and shareholders, participation in the development of the national economy, responsibility to society.
    • UniCredit Bank’s mission: We are committed to doing the right thing for all of our shareholders, customers, employees, communities and the environment so that the Group continues to be a pan-European winner.
    • RRDB mission: High professional level of employees and managers of all levels. It is these factors that formed the basis for long-term cooperation between RRDB and the largest Russian companies. For many private and corporate clients, the RRDB brand has become a symbol of financial stability and stability, a reliable partner who clearly understands the needs of its clients and offers an individual approach to their service.
    • Mission of Trust Bank: The bank’s activities are aimed at the effective management of assets in order to improve them, increase their market value and sell them at the maximum price. The sale of these assets will allow the state to compensate for the costs of reorganizing the largest banks.
    • Mission Bank Dom.RF: The Bank offers its customers a wide range of traditional banking products. We plan to develop the retail business and provide modern services and convenient banking services to individuals, as well as services and services for small businesses.
    • CitiBank’s mission: To be a trusted partner for our clients, providing them with due responsibility and financial services that contribute to sustainable development and economic progress. On behalf of our clients, our company invests in sound assets, provides loans, arranges payments and provides access to capital markets.
    • Mission of Novikombank: Continuous improvement and development of comprehensive investment banking services, personal approach and high efficiency in solving problems of partners and clients.
    • Ak Bars Mission: Sustainable Development – The Bank is aware of its social responsibility to society and pays great attention to the integration of sustainable development principles into all key business processes and areas of activity, guided by advanced international standards, principles, norms and trends in the field of ESG banking.
    • Uralsib’s Mission: Focusing on long-term sustainable development, Uralsib Bank recognizes the importance of following ESG principles.
    • Mission of Post Bank: To make basic financial services available to residents of different parts of our country, to be providers of modern banking services for remote Russian cities and villages. Contribute to the digitalization of regions and increase the level of cashless payments.
    • Mission of Gazprombank: Sustainable development. Conducting activities in accordance with the best corporate governance practices and taking into account its beneficial impact on the environment and society.
    • Mission Bank Saint Petersburg: Flexible and easy internal processes – cooperation at all levels, cross-functional teams, highly qualified and motivated employees.
    • Mission of SMP Bank: We are a company focused on the development of the national economy and a reliable partner for our clients. We help people and businesses realize their plans and dreams, contributing to their well-being.
    • Mission of BM-Bank: Work with distressed and non-core assets as part of the financial recovery program.
    • Mission of the Moscow Regional Bank: Focused on the development of the national economy, and a reliable partner for our clients. We help people and businesses realize their plans and dreams, contributing to their well-being.
    • RNKB Mission: We are actively moving towards environmental and social business management, creating products and services with care for the environment and future generations. The regions of presence have become regions of responsibility for us.
    • Home Credit Bank’s mission: Our technology saves you time, while value-added products make shopping smarter and more affordable. We want to make shopping easier because we believe every purchase is an opportunity! About what these opportunities are – read in the stories of our clients.
    • Mission of the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development: Empowerment of people. If a person has a reliable companion in financial matters, this makes his life more pleasant, comfortable and easier. The bank is such a partner.
    • Mission of MTS Bank: We are for the quality of customer experience – the availability of all bank products to customers in “two clicks”.
    • Mission of Russian Standard: Demonstration of new business standards in accordance with the Bank’s ideology: Creation – We create values, not redistribute them. Trust – we work honestly, and we are trusted. Perfection – everything we create is reliable and beautiful. Experience – we are building the future, remembering the lessons of the past. Patriotism – we work for the good of Russia.
    • Mission Bank Zenith: Based on the principles of convenience, simplicity and moderate technology, the bank will maintain the continuity of tasks for the development of the retail business and the segment of small and medium-sized businesses.
    • Mission of Absolut Bank: Highly professional staff, best technologies, customer focus.
    • Mission of Roseximbank: We believe that there are no borders for Russian goods and services. We improve the well-being of society by opening the possibilities of global markets for every Russian company.
    • Mission of TransKapitalBank: Security, convenience for the client, innovation of products and services, long-term relationships.
    • Mission of Expobank: People are the Bank’s strategic priority.
    • Sun Bank’s Mission: To promote the economic development and well-being of the communities it serves by providing banking services to citizens and businesses in a manner and to the extent that is consistent with high professional and ethical standards of providing fair and appropriate returns to the company’s shareholders and fair treatment of its employees.
    Airline Mission Examples
    • Atlant-Soyuz Mission: We ensure customer satisfaction in air transportation services, development of the company and its values ​​with the aim of capitalization growth, investment security for shareholders and success of each airline employee.
    • Mission of Commander Avia: To contribute to the success of the company’s clients by providing a high-quality air transportation service on business class aircraft and ensuring maximum benefits with an individual approach to each client.
    • Aeroflot’s mission: We work to ensure that our customers can quickly and comfortably cover long distances, which means they can be mobile, meet more often, work successfully and see the world in all its diversity. We give our customers the opportunity to choose thanks to an extensive network of routes and various airlines of the Group: from low-cost airlines to premium airlines.
    • S7 Mission: To inspire people in their pursuit of happiness.
    • Mission of Utair: The mission of the helicopter operations business in Russia and abroad is to perform aviation operations of optimal quality and complexity at the request of customers at any time of the year and day, anywhere in the world using modern and reliable helicopter technology. The mission of the passenger transportation business is to provide passengers with transportation services on aircraft of various types, at reasonable prices and on convenient routes, while ensuring a high level of safety, comfort and service. The missions of these areas are united by the desire of the Airline to provide customers with the highest quality services and ensure the growth of shareholders’ income.
    • British Airways mission: To be the best and most successful company in the air travel industry.
    • Delta Airlines Mission: We as Delta employees, customers and community partners work together to create a force for positive local and global change to improve the quality of life and environment in which we and our customers live and work.
    • SAS Mission: The best airline for the businessman.
    • Mission of Southwest Airlines: Commitment to excellence in customer service delivered with warmth, friendliness, individual pride and Company Spirit.
    • Virgin Atlantic Airways Mission: Our mission is simple, but it is at the heart of everything we do here at Virgin Atlantic Airways – to embrace the human spirit and let it fly.

    MISSION – the most important goal of the company. The reason for the existence of any organization. foundation for successful development. Use mission examples from successful companies, but create your own! There are no absolutely identical people, as well as identical Missions!

    Develop company mission

    Useful links:

    Examples of the values ​​of companies

    Order a mission of the company

    download examples of missions (at the end of the page)

    online course KPI

    Systematization of business

    Mission Mission – this is the process of the mission in business development

    Why the Mission of the company

    Quotes about the Mission of the company

    How to motivate top managers

    Non-material motivation – well forgotten old!

    Welcome! / Kindergarten No. 20 Lipetsk

    Dear guests, colleagues and parents, we are
    glad to welcome you to the official website of our kindergarten!

    During the work of our preschool institution, an excellent team of teachers has formed, which gives children their love, attention, making their stay in kindergarten interesting and informative. We have created excellent conditions for the comprehensive development of children, health promotion, psychological comfort, and development of creative abilities.

    Traveling through our website, you can get to know our teachers, learn about the educational programs we work on, what competitions we participated in and what awards we received.

    When creating the site, we sought to collect in one place all the brightest moments from the life of our kindergarten, to create a cozy platform for communication with children and parents.

    We will be glad to see you here as often as possible!

    Best regards,
    Head of preschool educational institution
    M.A. Nekrasov.

    “The best website of the preschool education institution” in the 2017-2018 academic year

    his individual abilities, preparing the child for further socialization in society.



    On enrollment of children in the DOW for the 2022-2023 academic year you can find out by calling:

    49-53-63, 49-53-67, 49-50-35

    9 Dear parents!

    Due to the large number of requests for submission of family income certificates to receive compensation for parental care fees in preschool educational institutions, the Department of Education clarifies that parents only provide salary certificates for the last three months, information about alimony. All other payments: from the guardianship and guardianship authorities, social protection, the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the Social Insurance Fund and the Employment Center, the Department of Education requests independently, using various interdepartmental regional information systems. It is necessary to apply to the accounting department of a preschool educational institution, where, in addition to income statements, the recipient of the payment will need to submit an application, fill out a questionnaire, and provide bank account details for crediting compensation. DOW accounting phone: 49-50-35

    Dear parents!

    In accordance with Article 27 of the Law of the Lipetsk Region dated March 27, 2009 No. 259-OZ “On social, incentive payments and social support measures in the field of family and demographic policy, as well as persons who have special merits to the Russian Federation and the Lipetsk Region” in order to receive the above compensation payment, applicants have the right to apply to the educational organization annually from January 1 to October 1 or within 10 working days from the day the child is enrolled in the educational organization in case of enrollment after September 1.

    Dear parents, by clicking on the link http://mdou20. ru/index.php?id=499 you can get important information about compensation payments for looking after and caring for children.

    Social contract

    Social contract


    In order to prevent the spread of cases of diseases caused by the new coronavirus in the Lipetsk region, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the information on the prevention of coronavirus infection by going to the address on the website of the Federal Center for Hygienic Education of the Population

    Attention! Flu! Coronavirus!


    for parents of children who arrived from the territories of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic, on the issues of providing children to receive preschool education

    Head of the Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Lipetsk

    police lieutenant colonel O. S. Volodin

    Dear parents!

    On the eve of the beginning of the new school year, I would like to remind you of a very important thing – the safety of children on the roads. Opening the boundless world of knowledge to the child, accompanying him to school, we want to be sure that this road will be comfortable and safe for him. And here a lot will depend on each of us!

    By personally scrupulously following the Rules of the Road, you show your child a very important example for his future. Before going to school, it would be very useful to remind children about the rules of law-abiding behavior on the carriageway, at a pedestrian crossing, in the passenger compartment of a bus. In the transport environment, they must be extremely attentive and careful. To make these skills a rule for every student without exception, repeat them more often before leaving the house.

    In addition, do not forget that each of you, approaching an educational organization, must slow down, and at a pedestrian crossing, be sure to let small pedestrians pass.

    When placing a child in the car, develop the habit – immediately place a small passenger in a special child seat, fasten him with seat belts. Make sure that your child’s clothing or accessories have reflective elements attached. This will greatly help to protect it on the roads at night.

    It seems, at first glance, simple and uncomplicated rules, but they are largely capable of securing the little man dearest to every father and mother.

    Your caring about road safety is the best guarantee of the well-being and safety of your children! Remember that only a student who knows and observes the basics of transport culture is able to make the right decision in any emergency, thereby ensuring his safety, saving life and health.


    Event dedicated to the Day of the teacher and all preschool workers

    On September 28, 2022, an event was held dedicated to the Day of the Educator and all preschool workers.
    At the beginning of the event, all employees honored the memory of those killed during the terrorist attack in Izhevsk with a minute of silence…
    Head Maria Alexandrovna Nekrasova sincerely congratulated the workers on their professional holiday – the Day of the Educator and all preschool workers!
    Working in kindergarten is a calling.
    Educator is a responsible, hard and priceless work. It is at preschool age that the foundations of character are laid in children, personality is formed, talents are revealed. The development of our children depends on the professionalism and wisdom of teachers. Every day they give preschool children attention, care and warmth. With their help, they get to know the world, learn to communicate and live in society.
    We wish all preschool workers further professional success, good health, gratitude from pupils and their parents!!!

    Knowledge Day!

    On 09/01/202, an amazing and wonderful holiday, the Day of Knowledge in kindergarten, was held, perhaps not as solemn and exciting as at school, but no less important for this. A new streak begins in their lives: classes, conversations, holidays that help to better understand the world around them, to learn something, to know themselves, to determine their interests.
    On this day, teachers arranged a real holiday for the kindergarten students. Fairy-tale characters came to congratulate kindergarten students on Knowledge Day! Children, together with the guests of the holiday, participated in competitions, competition games, solved riddles, sang songs, joked and laughed a lot.
    This is how fun, interesting and festive the new school year began in our kindergarten. We congratulate everyone – parents, children, teachers on this holiday! This day marks the beginning of the new school year. Let it be exciting, interesting and bring new knowledge, discoveries and new friends!

    Teachers’ Installation Council

    On August 29, 2022, the Institutional Pedagogical Council was held in our kindergarten on the topic: “From individual achievements to common success: how to provide a development environment for the teacher.
    Head Maria Alexandrovna Nekrasova congratulated the teachers on the start of the new 2022-2023 academic year. I wished you creative growth, health, a fruitful year that will bring everyone only positive emotions, success and good mood!

    A start was given to new undertakings and the results of the work already done by the teaching staff were summed up.
    For work in the new academic year, the following were approved: PEP, AOOP, educational programs, work programs for kindergarten teachers and additional general developmental programs.
    The Pedagogical Council was held in a businesslike and relaxed atmosphere.

    Mental arithmetic open class

    On August 23, 2022, open classes in mental arithmetic were held in our kindergarten.
    Mental arithmetic is now gaining great popularity. Thanks to new teaching methods, children quickly absorb new information, develop their creative potential, learn to solve complex mathematical problems in their minds, without using a calculator.
    All the parents present were satisfied with the open classes.

    Child injury prevention using personal mobility aids

    The use of personal mobility aids is growing in popularity. As their popularity grows, so does the number of accidents.
    Dear parents, do not forget about your safety and the safety of your children when using personal mobility aids!

    We bring to your attention videos on the use of personal mobility aids:

    all news

    Kindergarten in Stanytsia Luhanska in Donbass came under shelling: what is known

    Photo credit, Facebook CFO

    On Thursday morning, a kindergarten and a railway platform in Stanytsia Luhanska came under artillery fire in a part of the Luhansk region controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, not far from the demarcation line.

    Against the backdrop of continued expectations of a Russian military invasion of Ukraine, the shelling of a civilian target was perceived in the West as a potential pretext for Moscow’s intervention.

    • Blinken told the UN how Russia continues to look for a pretext to attack Ukraine
    • Crisis around Ukraine: the United States announced the buildup of Russian troops near the border
    • “Nothing rumbles – it means everything is fine.” How Kharkov spent “Invasion Day”

    The shelling of the kindergarten “Kazka” in the village of Stanytsia Luhanska was one of the first to be reported by the humanitarian mission “Proliska”.

    In a Facebook post posted at about 11 am Moscow time, the mission staff wrote that one shell hit the southern wall of the Kazka kindergarten, where there were children. Three people were injured and received shell shock, the headquarters of the Joint Forces Operation reported.

    The electricity was cut off due to shelling. Staff and children were evacuated from the garden.

    The village of Luhanska is located north of Lugansk and very close to the line of demarcation between the positions of the Ukrainian armed forces and formations of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic supported by Russia.

    On Thursday, about two thousand people passed through the checkpoint of the same name despite shelling in both directions. Although the media noted the escalation of hostilities, the checkpoint itself was not shelled.

    Later it turned out that the Kondrashovskaya-Novaya railway station located not far from the kindergarten also came under fire. This was announced by the head of the board of “Ukrzaliznytsia” Alexander Kamyshin. He wrote on the telegram channel that the shelling was carried out “from the side of the occupied territory.”

    Later, a lyceum building in Vrubovka, south of Luhansk, was also damaged by an artillery shell.

    Both sides of the conflict reported on the aggravation of the situation on the demarcation line on Thursday morning.

    The headquarters of the Joint Forces Operation in Donbass (JFO) stated that as of 16:00 local time, “39 violations of the ceasefire regime were recorded by the Russian occupation forces. ” The headquarters of the JFO provides a list of shelled settlements.

    Representatives of the LNR already in the morning accused the armed forces of Ukraine of shelling the force. “The Armed Forces of Ukraine are making attempts to unleash active hostilities. The Ukrainian side continues to violate its obligations to observe the ceasefire. Since the beginning of the current day, the Ukrainian military has violated the ceasefire four times,” their statement says.

    Where the shell came from

    According to the Ukrainian military, 32 shells from a 122 mm heavy artillery gun were fired at Stanytsia Luhanska. One shell hit the southern wall of the kindergarten.

    The author of the photo, Telegram SBU

    As Albert Zinchenko, head of Stanytsia Luhanska, told the BBC, the projectile hit the music room, where classes were not held at that time – there were no children there.

    However, three people were injured. “This is a security guard, a laundry worker and an assistant teacher. Everyone is in the hospital, shell-shocked, deaf and stressful,” Zinchenko said.

    According to the Bellingcat analytical group (recognized in Russia by the media acting as a foreign agent), after analyzing the shape of the crater left by the shells in the photo, we can conclude that Stanytsia Luhanska was fired from the south.

    In addition, the shell that hit the kindergarten hit the southern wall of the building, says Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins. Also, according to his information, to the north of the building there are visible craters from overflying shells.

    At the same time, the LPR claims that the projectile came from the east.

    “Our experts studied the photographic materials in detail and carried out their thorough analysis. The location of the kindergarten building, the angle at which the wall was hit, made it possible to calculate the exact trajectory of the projectile. As can be seen in the presented diagram, the shooting could only be from the east,” – Ivan Filiponenko, a representative of the separatist authorities, told journalists.

    What they say in Kyiv and Moscow

    Photo author, Facebook CSO

    Photo caption,

    The garden building was severely damaged

    Skip Podcast and continue reading.


    What was that?

    We quickly, simply and clearly explain what happened, why it’s important and what’s next.


    The End of History Podcast

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that Kyiv will do everything to convey to the world that the shelling was carried out from the territory controlled by the LPR and DPR.

    “The key now is to record for the whole world that these shells came from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, which are controlled by Russia,” he said at a joint press conference with British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss on Thursday.

    “Since 2014, we have already seen everything: provocations, baseless accusations, distortion of reality, the purpose of which was to lay responsibility for the escalation on Ukraine, to find excuses for Russia and give it additional reasons for the escalation,” Kuleba added. “We turned to everyone international partners with a call to immediately condemn the serious violation of the Minsk agreements by Russia.

    The Kremlin said after the news in Stanytsia Luganskaya that “the situation is very, very dangerous.”

    “No one, not a single Western representative, talks about the huge strike potential of the Ukrainian armed forces on the demarcation line. And together with provocative actions that have only intensified over the past day or several days, this is a very, very dangerous situation,” the press said. -Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov (TASS quote).

    image copyrightReuters

    Image caption,

    The Ukrainian authorities said that three people were injured when a shell hit a kindergarten

    What the West says

    Polish Foreign Minister and OSCE Chairman-in-Office Zbigniew Rau, commenting on the shelling, called on the sides to immediately de-escalate.

    “Any use of force, especially against the civilian population and critical infrastructure, is unacceptable. We reiterate our strong support for all diplomatic efforts to defuse ongoing tensions and restore peace, security and stability in eastern Ukraine,” Rau said.

    The US and Britain, expecting a “false flag operation” from Russia in the coming days (that is, a provocation to create a pretext for an invasion), on Thursday repeated their fears.

    “We have reason to believe that they are conducting a false flag operation to justify the deployment of troops. All our data indicates that they are ready to invade Ukraine, attack it,” US President Joe Biden told reporters on Thursday.

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday linked the shelling of a kindergarten with such provocations. “We know this was a false flag operation, designed to discredit the Ukrainians and create a pretext, an artificial provocation of Russian actions,” Johnson said. “We are very afraid that we will see more of these things in the coming days.”

    What’s happening now

    On Friday, the parties to the conflict reported significantly fewer attacks than the previous morning.

    Pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine accused government forces of firing artillery and mortars in three incidents, Reuters said.

    Since the beginning of the day, two mortar attacks by the Ukrainian military have been reported in the LPR.

    They claim that the settlements of Prishib and Zholobok were shelled from the Ukrainian side with 120 mm mortars. In total, 25 mines were allegedly fired across the territory of the LPR.

    The settlement of Petrivske in the DPR was subjected to an artillery strike, the DPR representation in the joint center for monitoring and coordinating the ceasefire regime reports: “At 05:30, 12 shells of 122 mm caliber were fired at Petrivske.

    Since the beginning of the current day, six shellings have been recorded, four of which were using weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements, there are no losses among the military personnel of the joint forces, according to the morning report on the page of the JFO headquarters.

    During the previous day, representatives of the OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine recorded over 500 explosions on the line of contact, said the head of the mission, Yashar Halit Chevik. In the Luhansk region, the mission recorded 402 ceasefire violations, including 188 explosions of unknown origin, in Donetsk – 18 e about the shelling of a kindergarten in Stanytsia Luhanska, amended to reflect that the shell craters are to the north of the building.

    for the first time in history, the DART spacecraft will crash into asteroid dimorph to change its orbit on September 27, 2022 – September 26, 2022

    Play Plus

  • 9

    26, 2022, 23: September 26: 23: September 26: 23 42

    On the night of September 27, Internet users can witness a unique live event. The unmanned spacecraft of the DART mission will crash into an asteroid, and scientists will understand whether humanity can change the trajectory of the celestial body if it is necessary to protect the Earth from it.

    The collision site in space, according to the journal Nature, is 11 million kilometers from our planet. The asteroid is named Dimorph, its diameter is about 160 meters. Scientists explain: it is as if a golf cart crashed into the pyramid of Cheops. Well, cinephiles remember the 1998 film “Armageddon” with Bruce Willis in the title role.

    You can watch the broadcast on the Nasa YouTube channel, the collision is expected at 02:14 Moscow time (according to CNN), but the preliminary broadcast goes on all evening.

    Photo: NASA/YouTube broadcast screenshot


    The camera, which will send images behind the Earth at a rate of one frame per second, is installed on the DART spacecraft. It will target Dimorph and another larger asteroid, Didymus. The device will approach the target and shoot until it hits the surface.

    Another point of view is the Italian probe LICIACube, which will fly slightly behind DART and pass Dimorph three minutes after impact. If the landscape does not cover the dust, then scientists will see what is left of the drone after the impact. In Rome, if successful, they promise to show the most beautiful pictures within a day after the event. In addition, other telescopes will observe the event from afar.

    Scientists do not yet know if DART will leave a crater on the asteroid – practice shows that stones can surprise. For example, when NASA’s OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft, after a two-year study of another asteroid, Bennu, tried to take soil samples a few years ago, it turned out to be pebbles that began to fall out of the spacecraft back.

    Whether DART managed to change the trajectory of Dimorph, scientists will understand on October 1-2, or even earlier, depends on how quickly the dust dissipates. But to take a closer look will come out only in 2027, when the same asteroid will visit Hera, the mission of the European Space Agency.

    Dimorph and Didymus do not threaten the Earth by themselves, and will not become dangerous after the test.

    The current mission is estimated at $330 million.

    Photo: NASA/YouTube broadcast screenshot

    More news in our official telegram channel Fontanka SPB online . Subscribe to be the first to know about important things.


    • Just a drop. Japan’s Hayabusa 2 probe finds amazing component on cosmic asteroid

      September 23, 2022, 01:04

    • Roskosmos showed a model of the domestic orbital station

      August 15, 2022, 15:03

    • Head of Roscosmos Borisov: Russia will withdraw from the ISS project after 2024
    • “It’s four times the height of the Eiffel Tower.” A large asteroid is approaching the Earth

      February 12, 2022, 22:15

    • Roskosmos announced an asteroid that could dangerously approach the Earth in 2095

      January 08, 2022, 22:22





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      20 and September 21 – Turandot and Cinderella of the Rostov Musical Theater

      from 20 to 20 to 20 to 20 to On September 22, the Days of Culture of the Rostov Region will be held in St. Petersburg. In honor of the 85th anniversary, which this year is celebrated by the Rostov region, the leading cultural institutions of the Don will present their work at one of the largest venues in the Northern capital. The Rostov Musical Theater will show its two bright premieres at the Mariinsky Theatre. Opera “Turandot” by G. Puccini Rostovites will show on September 20 on the stage of Marinsky-2. The Rostov production involves video projection and LED screens, neon, mobile two-level scenery, futuristic…

      The Honored Orchestra of Russia will perform two great symphonies of the 20th century

      On February 7 and 13 in the Great Hall of the St. Two great symphonies of the 20th century will be performed – Gustav Mahler’s Ninth and Dmitri Shostakovich’s Fifth. The concert of the Honored Ensemble on February 7 is part of the cycle “Philharmonic – 100. History in the Mirror of Decades”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, which it celebrates in 2021. The cycle brings together programs of famous conductors performed at different times in the Great Hall. February 7 will sound …

      An exhibition of archival photographs “Five centuries of the history of Parnassus” will be held in St. Petersburg “. More than five hundred years of history will be placed on twelve information stands on Fyodor Abramov Street. The exhibition will be held from March 15 to April 30 (0+). Residential complex “North Valley” of the company “Glavstroy of St. Petersburg” is located in one of the most historically “ancient” places in St. Petersburg. The first mention of Pargolov was made in the census salary book of the Vodskaya Pyatina…

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      Zaporozhye, Kherson and LDNR joined the Russian Federation, and Ukraine asked to join NATO

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      Can my name be put on the agenda right on the street? What will happen to me if I don’t take it?

      203 053


      New map of the Russian Federation

      142 637


      Military enlistment office of St. Petersburg: only categories A and B are subject to mobilization, 8 thousand citizens

      130 906 9000 9000

      registered the trial in St. Petersburg mobilized. military commissariat

      84 770


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      “We will build well and on time

      YugStroyImperial, the largest developer in the Krasnodar Territory, which ranks first in the Kuban in terms of consumer qualities of residential complexes and in terms of housing commissioning, is opening up new horizons and moving into a group of companies. We explain why and why.

      – We have taken the liberty of going beyond our native region and developing as a developer at the federal level. Today the team is ready for it. That’s why we decided to change the name. After all, now we are not the “South”, because we have gone beyond the borders of the Southern Federal District; not “Build”, because the direction of our activity is now not only construction; we are no longer “Imperial”, because we remove the crown and become as close to people as possible, – said one of the top managers of the company.

      About the change of name

      Now “YugStroyImperial” will operate on the market under the brand of TOCHNO Group of Companies.

      – We wanted at some point to come to an equal dialogue with our clients, with our partners, with our tenants, equity holders.

      Often in our field such phrases appear: but will you definitely complete it? And exactly everything will be like in the picture? And right on time?

      Thus, we decided to make a kind of brand statement, a brand promise, a brand answer to all these doubts and objections: “Exactly”! One simple Russian word that imposes very big obligations on us, and first of all, we make this promise to ourselves. Now we need to move in full accordance with the planned plans, and we have grandiose ones, and nothing that has been said can not be confirmed by deeds, - Evgenia Todorova, marketing director of the PRECISION Group of Companies, explained to reporters.

      In addition to real estate developers, the new association boasts its own window and metalwork production, a transport company, a network of fitness clubs and catering, as well as partner companies for the production of concrete and roofing materials.

      – We have been preparing for this step for almost two years, we have been thinking for a long time about a new name that would most clearly reflect the essence of the transformations we conceived and our main mission, which could be concluded in a short but very accurate slogan: “We boldly create what we are proud of “, – said Nikolai Amosov.

      Playgrounds for children with cerebral palsy and construction of social infrastructure

      In the achievements of the newly minted group of companies, there is indeed something to be proud of for himself and for the residents of microdistricts and residential complexes of the TOCHNO Group of Companies.

      To date, the total area of ​​projects implemented and maintained by companies that are members of the Group of Companies, already amounts to more than 1 million square meters of housing and commercial real estate. In addition to these finished projects, another one and a half million “squares” are being built.

      And ahead in the plans is work on the sites of Moscow, Kazan, and other cities of Russia. Moreover, as top managers of the Group of Companies EXACTLY emphasize, the emphasis is not only on the number of commissioned objects, but also on their consumer qualities, compliance with all modern requirements. Therefore, along with apartment buildings, increased attention is paid to socially significant tasks that are designed to provide well-being and comfort for residents. These are, first of all, polyclinics, kindergartens, schools, recreational facilities and sports and recreation facilities.

      Also, in a number of projects, the company is working on the creation of playgrounds for children with disabilities, for example, for children diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

      – Our results are measured only in square meters of buildings, and also in hectares of landscaped green areas, – they emphasize EXACTLY in the Civil Code. – We transfer them from advertising booklets to reality even better than we originally planned. That is our principle.

      One of the best projects is the Native Spaces microdistrict

      An illustrative example is the Native Spaces microdistrict in the Krasnodar village of Znamenskoye. Developers call it just that, without embarrassment and without exaggerating their merits – “self-sufficient microdistrict”.

      As of today, this is the largest project being implemented by TOCHNO Group, which is one of the three largest residential complexes in Russia. Here, 29 residential buildings with a height of 9 to 24 floors are being erected at once, a park with an area of ​​9 hectares has been laid out, a kindergarten for 250 children has been put into operation. Two more gardens are under construction. Also, a school for one and a half thousand students, a temple, a clinic and even a sports and recreation complex will soon appear here.

      This group of companies is EXACTLY not going to stop, planning to acquire its own real estate service in the future.

      EXACTLY – about sports

      – We have a large-scale program to support various sports. We have been partners of the Boxing Federation for a long time, we develop sports grounds and build them in various locations of the city. In this football season, they became a partner of the Krasnodar football club. During the games of the whole season it will be possible to see the GK brand EXACTLY in the stadium. We sincerely cheer and support our fellow athletes,” the top managers explained.

      As representatives of the group of companies note, rebranding is not only a change of name or the merger of several companies into a team with a common goal. This is, first of all, the formation of a different attitude towards the client, whose interests are most important, as well as the continuous improvement of the service.

      Advertising. Partner project

      Information provided by OOO GK TOCHNO, OGRN 1202300050303

      Builder LLC “GK EXACTLY”.

  • Day care northern virginia: Best Day Cares and Preschools in Northern Virginia of 2020

    Опубликовано: July 30, 2022 в 11:12 am


    Категории: Miscellaneous

    Daycares in Fairfax VA – CareLuLu

    About Daycares in Fairfax VA

    Fairfax is the seat of Fairfax County, and is located 17 miles West of Washington, DC. It is well known for outstanding cultural amenities, strong support for educational opportunities, and was recognized by Forbes as one of “The Top 25 Places to Live Well” in the United States. There are 189 regulated child care facilities in Fairfax (including State licensed daycare centers, licensed home daycares, and child care homes with a Fairfax County permit). The average cost of center-based child care in Fairfax $325 per week for infants and $230 per week for 4-year old preschoolers. Tuition rates are lower in home-based daycares and preschools with full-time weekly tuition of $250 per week on average for infants and $225 per week for 4-year-olds. To find out the average cost of daycare in your zip code, click here to use our daycare cost calculator.
    The city of Fairfax offers a great combination of a charming small-town feel, with all the amenities of a bigger city: various parks and recreation programs, world-class business opportunities, and one of the countries’ best public-school systems. The town embraces its rich history and cultural diversity with several annual festivals and community events. Such events include Spotlight of the Arts, the Chocolate Lovers Festival and the Fall Festival which invite thousands of visitors and hundreds of craft merchants.
    Regulated early care and education programs are either licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia or permitted by Fairfax County. Child care providers are required by law to register unless exempted explicitly for religious reasons or if they only provide occasional babysitting to friends and family members. Home daycares typically offer more flexible hours of operation and are generally less costly than child care centers. There are many more family child care programs in Fairfax than center-based daycares or preschools. There are 97 facilities with a Fairfax County Permit to provide care for up to 4 children in the caregiver’s home and 53 state-licensed Family Day Homes which care for 5 to 12 children. There is thus a total of 150 home daycares in Fairfax. In comparison, there are only 39 child care centers. Those are facilities ran in a place other than the owner’s residence and licensed to a specified maximum number of children based on the size of the facility.
    The quality of early learning programs is crucial in the development of young children in preparation for academic success and towards reaching their fullest potential. The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) issues state licenses and guarantees the monitoring of child care facilities according to legal requirements and stringent standards. Those are meant to ensure that children are exposed to developmentally appropriate activities, and a healthy, safe, and secure environment. To get a child care license, facilities must be safe, with ample space for children and must undergo a fire inspection from authorized agencies. All staff and adults over 14 years old with regular access to the child care facility undergo a comprehensive state and federal background checks. Caregivers also complete first aid and CPR training and must get signed physical and health certificates by a certified health practitioner.
    Parents have different needs and preferences when choosing a child care facility. In Fairfax, families living in poverty represent almost 8% of the population. Fourteen child care facilities participate in a government subsidy program and accept child care vouchers to pay for tuition fees. More than 20 child care facilities in Fairfax offer before and after school care to serve families with school-aged children. Five daycares provide a Summer Camp program where children engage in fun activities and enrichment programs during the summer holidays. For families looking for an all-inclusive program, 19 daycares can accommodate children with special needs. Those facilities usually have staff with specialized training in universal precaution procedures, disabilities precaution, intervention strategies, and medication administration. Parents may also be interested in one of the 10 faith-based daycares or the 4 bilingual programs. Children with food allergies will be best cared for in one of the 25 peanut-free daycares in Fairfax.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many daycares are there in Fairfax?

    There are 216 daycares in Fairfax, based on CareLuLu data. This includes 153 home-based programs and 63 centers.

    How much does daycare cost in Fairfax?

    The cost of daycare in Fairfax is $1,092 per month. This is the average price for full-time, based on CareLuLu data, including homes and centers.

    How many daycares accept infants in Fairfax?

    Based on CareLuLu data, 143 daycares care for infants (as well as toddlers). This includes 128 home-based programs and 15 centers.

    How many daycares offer part-time care or drop-in care in Fairfax?

    Based on CareLuLu data, 99 daycares offer part-time care or drop-in care in Fairfax.

    How many daycares teach a foreign language in Fairfax (Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.)?

    Based on CareLuLu data, 123 daycares speak at least one foreign language. Most common languages include Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi.

    Top 20 Best Private Daycares & Preschools in Virginia (2022-23)





    BASIS Independent McLean

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    8000 Jones Branch Drive
    Mc Lean, VA 22102
    (703) 854-1253

    Grades: NS-12

    | n/a students

    Browne Academy

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    5917 Telegraph Rd
    Alexandria, VA 22310
    (571) 451-1006

    Grades: NS-8

    | 210 students

    Cape Henry Collegiate

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    1320 Mill Dam Rd
    Virginia Beach, VA 23454
    (757) 481-2446

    Grades: PK-12

    | 1,038 students

    Congressional School

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    3229 Sleepy Hollow Rd
    Falls Church, VA 22042
    (703) 533-9711

    Grades: NS-8

    | 464 students

    Edlin School

    Special Program Emphasis

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    10742 Sunset Hills Road
    Reston, VA 20190
    (703) 438-3990

    Grades: PK-8

    | 166 students

    Fairfax Christian School


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    22870 Pacific Boulevard
    Sterling, VA 20166
    (703) 759-5100

    Grades: PK-12

    | 330 students

    Grace Episcopal School


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    3601 Russell Road
    Alexandria, VA 22305
    (703) 549-5067

    Grades: NS-5

    | 109 students

    Guardian Christian Academy

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    6851 Courthouse Rd
    Chesterfield, VA 23832
    (804) 715-3210

    Grades: PK-12

    | 377 students

    The Nysmith School

    Special Program Emphasis

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    13625 EDS Drive
    Herndon, VA 20171
    (703) 713-3332

    Grades: PK-8

    | 665 students

    Providence Christian Academy


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    4258 Burrough Drive Suite 300
    Warrenton, VA 20187
    (540) 349-4989

    Grades: PK-12

    | 109 students

    Richmond Waldorf School

    Special Program Emphasis

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    1301 Robin Hood Road
    Richmond, VA 23227
    (804) 377-8024

    Grades: PK-8

    | 211 students

    Roanoke Catholic School

    Special Program Emphasis (Catholic)

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    621 N. Jefferson St
    Roanoke, VA 24016
    (540) 982-3532

    Grades: PK-12

    | 460 students

    Saint Ann Catholic School


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    980 N Frederick Street
    Arlington, VA 22205
    (703) 525-7599

    Grades: PK-8

    | 281 students

    St. Anthony of Padua School


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    3301 Glen Carlyn Rd
    Falls Church, VA 22041
    (703) 820-7450

    Grades: NS-8

    | 215 students

    St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School


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    1000 Saint Stephens Road
    Alexandria, VA 22304
    (703) 212-2705

    Grades: NS-12

    | 1,241 students

    Virginia Academy


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    19790 Ashburn Rd
    Ashburn, VA 20147
    (571) 209-5500

    Grades: PK-12

    | 679 students

    Virginia Beach Friends School


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    1537 Laskin Road
    Virginia Beach, VA 23451
    (757) 428-7534

    Grades: NS-8

    | 175 students

    Way Of Faith Christian Academy

    (Assembly of God)

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    8800 Arlington Blvd
    Fairfax, VA 22031
    (703) 573-7221

    Grades: PK-3

    | 19 students

    Westminster School

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    3819 Gallows Road
    Annandale, VA 22003
    (703) 256-3620

    Grades: NS-8

    | 241 students

    Cornerstone Life Academy

    Alternative School (Baptist)

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    56 McWhirt Loop
    Fredericksburg, VA 22406
    (540) 374-1876

    Grades: PK-5

    | 71 students

    Full Circle Schools

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    1787 Lockett Road
    Rice, VA 23966
    (434) 607-1578

    Grades: PK-8

    | 19 students

    The Good Shepherd Preschool

    Daycare / Preschool (Christian)

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    1503 Kind St.
    Fredericksburg, VA 22401
    (540) 371-7662

    Grades: PK

    | n/a students

    Hampton Roads International Montessori School

    Montessori School

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    11790 Jefferson Ave, Ste. 200
    Newport News, VA 23606
    (757) 873-8950

    Grades: NS-6

    | 127 students

    Oak Hill Christian School


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    13525 Dulles Technology Drive
    Herndon, VA 20171
    (703) 796-6887

    Grades: PK-12

    | n/a students

    St. Ambrose School


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    3827 Woodburn Road
    Annandale, VA 22003
    (703) 698-7171

    Grades: NS-8

    | 216 students

    Academy of Academic Excellence

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    12345 Gayton Rd.
    Henrico, VA 23238
    (804) 740-6500

    Grades: PK-5

    | 76 students

    Al Fatih Academy


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    12300 Pinecrest Rd
    Reston, VA 20191
    (703) 437-9382

    Grades: PK-8

    | 247 students

    Alexandria Country Day School

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    2400 Russell Rd
    Alexandria, VA 22301
    (703) 548-4804

    Grades: NS-8

    | 224 students

    All Saints Catholic School


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    9294 Stonewall Road
    Manassas, VA 20110
    (703) 393-1490

    Grades: PK-8

    | 452 students

    Appomattox Christian Academy


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    1916 Redfields Rd
    Appomattox, VA 24522
    (434) 352-7373

    Grades: PK-12

    | 128 students

    Atlantic Shores Christian School


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    1217 N. Centerville Tnpk. and 1861 Kempsville Road, VaBch
    Chesapeake, VA 23320
    (757) 479-9598

    Grades: PK-12

    | 788 students

    Basilica School of Saint Mary


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    400 Green Street
    Alexandria, VA 22314
    (703) 549-1646

    Grades: PK-8

    | 714 students

    Bean Tree Learning

    Daycare / Preschool

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    43629 Greenway Corporate Drive
    Ashburn, VA 20147
    (571) 223-3110

    Grades: NS-K

    | 300 students

    Blessed Sacrament Huguenot Catholic School


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    2501 Academy Road
    Powhatan, VA 23139
    (804) 598-4211

    Grades: PK-12

    | 311 students

    Blessed Sacrament School & Early Childhood Center


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    1417 W Braddock Rd
    Alexandria, VA 22302
    (703) 998-4170

    Grades: PK-8

    | 302 students

    Show 100 more private schools in Virginia (out of 706 total schools)

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    Infant Toddler Family Day Care of Northern Virginia (ITFDC) | Fairfax, VA

    Program areas at ITFDC

    U.s. department of agriculture (usda) child and adult care food program is a contract that serves first as a conduit, whereby home day care providers are reimbursed for providing meals to children under their care based on rates established by the usda. The second part of the contract is an administrative fee that is to cover the administrative costs of the program. The maximum fee amount is set prior to contract award and currently is based on number of homes served.

    Childcare resource and referrals (ccr&r) provides families with information on how to select and monitor child care. They help to connect parents, providers, community leaders and policy makers on the same agenda. Ccr&r helps families find and evaluate child care and provide information on finding assistance for payment of child care services. The program offers technical assistance, training and support while collaborating with others to address issues concerning local early childhood education.

    Family day care providers program (fdcp) consists of the Family day care providers trust, a joint venture of home day care providers, which is a separate legal entity with its co-agents. The day care providers offer care and early childhood development to children starting at six weeks of age and older. Infant Toddler conducts training, certification, marketing, child placement services, billing collection and other administrative services to the joint venture for a percentage of the gross fees billed to customers by the joint venture less agreed upon expenses. The training and support conducted by Infant Toddler ensures high standards for the safety and development of children under the care of the Family day care providers program.

    Who funds Infant Toddler Family Day Care of Northern Virginia (ITFDC)

    Grants from foundations and other nonprofits

    Grantmaker Grantmaker tax period Description Amount
    Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation 2021-04 Community Service $35,000
    The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia (CFNOVA) 2020-06 Covid-19 Response for Northern Virginia $10,000

    Federal funding details

    Federal agency CFDA code Program name Amount
    Department of Agriculture 10. 558 CHILD AND ADULT CARE FOOD PROGRAM $619,003
    Department of Health and Human Services 93.575 CHILD CARE DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT $148,561
    Department of Health and Human Services 93.Unknown FAMILY CHILD CARE PROVIDER TRAINING AND WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT $75,313

    Personnel at ITFDC

    Name Title Compensation Date of data
    Wynne Busman Executive Director $0 2021-04-21
    Lisa Farinholt-O’Brien, Workforce Development Director 2021-01-04
    Malia Anderson Child Care Specialist Coordinator and Events Director 2021-01-04
    Christina Huntington Bookkeeper 2021-01-04
    Christel Gopin, CPA Chairperson $0 2020-12-29
    . ..and 5 more key personnel

    Financials for ITFDC

    • Revenues
    • Expenses
    • Assets
    • Liabilities
    Revenues FYE 09/2020 FYE 09/2019 % Change
    Total grants, contributions, etc. $201,428 $8,155 2370%
    Program services $1,692,718 $1,953,490 -13.3%
    Investment income and dividends $18,212 $19,381 -6%
    Tax-exempt bond proceeds $0 $0
    Royalty revenue $0 $0
    Net rental income $0 $0
    Net gain from sale of non-inventory assets $0 $0
    Net income from fundraising events $0 $0
    Net income from gaming activities $0 $0
    Net income from sales of inventory $0 $0
    Miscellaneous revenues $30,090 $57,870 -48%
    Total revenues $1,942,448 $2,038,896 -4. 7%

    Form 990s for ITFDC

    Fiscal year ending Date received by IRS Form PDF link
    2020-09 2021-04-21 990 View PDF
    2019-09 2020-09-14 990 View PDF
    2017-09 2018-04-11 990 View PDF
    2016-09 2017-05-30 990 View PDF
    2015-09 2016-06-27 990 View PDF
    …and 6 more Form 990s

    Organizations like ITFDC

    Organization Type Location Revenue
    Community Coordinated Child Care (4-C) 501(c)(3) Madison, WI $3,743,709
    Washington Park Citizens Association 501(c)(3) Providence, RI $1,015,124
    Action for Children (AFC) 501(c)(3) Columbus, OH $4,820,878
    Programs for Parents (PfP) 501(c)(3) Newark, NJ $7,951,871
    Texas Association for the Education of Young Children 501(c)(3) Austin, TX $1,794,006
    Association for the Education of Young Children – Southeast Alaska 501(c)(3) Juneau, AK $1,637,801
    The Memorial Day Nursery of Paterson 501(c)(3) Paterson, NJ $5,422,539
    Child Care Council of Nassau 501(c)(3) Garden City, NY $1,903,171
    Rhode Island Assn for the Education of Young Children 501(c)(3) Warwick, RI $1,316,221
    Child Care Resources of Rockland 501(c)(3) Spring Valley, NY $3,538,248

    Data update history

    July 2, 2022

    Received grants

    Identified 1 new grant, including a grant for $35,000 from Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation

    August 22, 2021

    Posted financials

    Added Form 990 for fiscal year 2019

    June 28, 2021

    Posted financials

    Added Form 990 for fiscal year 2020

    June 25, 2021

    Updated personnel

    Identified 4 new personnel

    June 12, 2021

    Received grants

    Identified 1 new grant, including a grant for $10,000 from The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia (CFNOVA)

    Nonprofit Types

    Human service organizationsYouth service charitiesCharities


    Human servicesChildren


    Political advocacyState / local levelReceives government fundingTax deductible donations

    General information

    11166 Fairfax Blvd
    Fairfax, VA 22030
    Metro area
    Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV
    Fairfax city, VA
    Website URL
    infanttoddler. com/ 
    (703) 352-3449
    Facebook page

    IRS details

    Fiscal year end
    Taxreturn type
    Form 990
    Year formed
    Eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions (Pub 78)


    NTEE code, primary
    P33: Child Day Care
    NAICS code, primary
    624410: Child Day Care Services
    Parent/child status

    Blog articles

    • Impact of COVID-19 on Nonprofits
    • Private Foundation Excise Taxes on Undistributed Income
    • Foundation Grants to Individuals
    • COVID-19 Grants to Nonprofits
    • Gifts from Private Foundations to Donor Advised Funds

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    Primrose School of Chantilly Home

    Primrose School of Chantilly Home | Daycare and Preschool in Chantilly, VA

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    3460 Historic Sully Way

    (703) 437-1600

    M-F 7:30AM – 6:00PM

    See Inside Our SchoolVISIT US ON FACEBOOK


    3460 Historic Sully Way

    M-F 7:30AM – 6:00PM

    (703) 437-1600

    Schedule a tour

    See Inside Our School >



    3460 Historic Sully Way

    M-F 7:30AM – 6:00PM

    (703) 437-1600

    We’d love for your family to meet ours.

    Schedule a tour

    (703) 437-1600


    3460 Historic Sully Way

    (703) 437-1600

    M-F 7:30AM – 6:00PM


    See Inside Our SchoolVISIT US ON FACEBOOK

    Schedule a tour


    Welcome to
    Primrose Schools®

    Our teachers and caregivers are trained, ready and excited to help spark lightbulb moments for your child. We invite you to visit and see our Balanced Learning approach in action

    Age Groups Served

    • Infant
    • Toddler
    • Early Preschool
    • Preschool
    • Pre-Kindergarten
    • Kindergarten
    • After School
    • Summer Adventure Club

    Franchise Owner

    <p>Hello, I am Kathy Sheanh and I feel privileged to be the owner of the Primrose School of Chantilly. Before joining Primrose I had worked in the aerospace industry for over 15 years as an engineer. </p><p>In 2013, my husband and I moved to Northern Virginia due to our jobs. We chose to make our home in Fairfax County to ensure our children could benefit from its excellent public school system. As parents of four children we understand first-hand the importance of ensuring children get the best start in life. We chose Primrose not only because of its exceptional Balanced Learning curriculum that focuses on character development, but also because of the passion we saw in every Primrose parent and staff member with whom we spoke. We feel there is no greater privilege or responsibility than being trusted to care for your child. We pledge to provide every child in our school with a safe, loving and fun environment in which they will flourish and learn the skills that will help prepare them for success in their lives ahead. We look forward to meeting you!</p>

    Franchise Owner

    Kathy Sheanh

    Hello, I am Kathy Sheanh and I feel privileged to be the owner of the Primrose School of Chantilly. Before joining Primrose I had work…


    Hello, I am Kathy Sheanh and I feel privileged to be the owner of the Primrose School of Chantilly. Before joining Primrose I had worked in the aerospace industry for over 15 years as an engineer.

    In 2013, my husband and I moved to Northern Virginia due to our jobs. We chose to make our home in Fairfax County to ensure our children could benefit from its excellent public school system. As parents of four children we understand first-hand the importance of ensuring children get the best start in life. We chose Primrose not only because of its exceptional Balanced Learning curriculum that focuses on character development, but also because of the passion we saw in every Primrose parent and staff member with whom we spoke. We feel there is no greater privilege or responsibility than being trusted to care for your child. We pledge to provide every child in our school with a safe, loving and fun environment in which they will flourish and learn the skills that will help prepare them for success in their lives ahead. We look forward to meeting you!

    See What’s Happening in Our School

    • Looking for child care in Chantilly?

      We are conveniently located on Historic Sully Way, minutes down the street from Sully Place Shopping Center and Oak Hill Elementary School. Unlike an ordinary daycare in Chantilly, we provide your child with a robust early education and child care experience.

    • We are currently enrolling for these programs (ages 6 weeks to 12 years):

      Infant, Toddler, Early preschool, Preschool, Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, After school, Summer adventure club

    • We bus to the following elementary schools:

      Lees Corner Elementary School, Floris Elementary School and Oak Hill Elementary School

    • Even our Air is Clean!

      We remain committed to providing a clean and safe environment where children can thrive. Our school has recently installed Global Plasma Solutions air purification devices within our HVAC system to help protect students and staff against a variety of pathogens including pollutants, dust, allergens, mold, bacteria and viruses. This is just one of the measures we have put into place to help keep our families and staff healthy and safe!

    • How We Foster a Sense of Belongingness

      Children who feel valued and included are better equipped to show kindness and compassion to others, including those who are different from themselves.

    • Limited Preschool Space

      We currently have very limited space in our Preschool Program. Please call 703.437.1600 and schedule a tour to learn more!

    • Welcome to Og’s Book Corner

      Each month we feature a classroom book that helps children feel a sense of belongingness. This month we sat down with Markette Sheppard to discuss her book “What Is Light?” and the message she wants to send to children.

    • Best Preschool 2020

      Thank you Northern Virginia Magazine for once again recognizing the Primrose School of Chantilly as a BEST PRESCHOOL of 2020!

    • An Introduction to ASQ®

      To better meet the individual needs of every child, we’re proud to implement Ages & Stages Questionnaires® (ASQ®-3 and ASQ®:SE-2) in Primrose schools across the country.

    • Grounded in research, fueled by fun

      Our new exclusive Harmony & Heart® program integrates our proprietary music and books in a variety of thoughtful ways each day. Through learning about music, while simultaneously being exposed to concepts in math, language, and character development, your child will grow as a musician, a student, and a person.

    • Infant Care

      At the Primrose School of Chantilly your little one will get more than an infant daycare experience. Our teachers help your child develop and grow, building one skill upon another- which is why we are the leader in early education and care!

    • Health & Safety First

      Each Primrose school is held to high standards of safety and cleanliness while maintaining a caring and nurturing environment where children can thrive.

    • What Are “QI Skills,” and Why Does My Child Need Them?

      There’s no question that parents want their preschoolers to grasp the basics of colors, numbers and letters to foster a lifetime of learning.

    • Hugs were invented to let them know you love them without having to say anything!

      Not just a simple hug, we experience oxytocin (aka the cuddle hormone) which gives us those warm and fuzzies and builds the bonds of devotion and trust. Hugging truly connects us with each other physically and biologically!

    • How We Teach Math at Primrose

      It might seem odd to think about your preschooler exploring data analysis and algebra.

    • Primrose Way Infant

      Fact: A baby loves peek-a-boo when he begins to understand an object exists, even when not in view.

    • Why Balanced Learning® Works

      It’s a fact: children learn better when they are engaged. That’s why purposeful play and nurturing guidance from teachers are key components of Balanced Learning. See how this time-tested approach with a strong emphasis on life skills and character development can help your child develop and excel.

    We’d love for your family to meet ours.

    Schedule a tour

    Best Dog Daycares In Northern Virginia – Our Top 7

    by Nick White

    Best Dog Daycares in Northern Virginia – Top 7

    A dog is just another family member, and just like you would treat any other member of your family, you want to ensure their best care. But sometimes it’s just not possible, especially when you have to be away for a long time. If you don’t have anyone who can stay with your dog for the time you’ll be away, dog daycare can save your day. A dog daycare also makes sense when you have a demanding job or other commitments that make it impossible to dedicate time for your pup. Dogs are social

    creatures who need play and socialization. A dog daycare lets you drop off your dog when you cannot watch them. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top dog daycares in Northern Virginia for when you need help with your pup.

    A Dog’s Day Out

    A Dog’s Day Out is among the top facilities providing daycare services. The facility offers cage-free daycare services so your dog can play freely with other dogs without the restriction of a cage. Your dog socializes and interacts with other dogs in spacious small, medium and large daycare spaces. Dogs are separated by size and placed in climate-controlled areas. What makes A Dog’s Day Out stand out is the provision of daycare passes that don’t expire. The only thing they ask for is that you drop off your dog by noon.


    Rover makes it to the list of the best dog daycares in Northern Virginia because of their unique service. Their network includes pet sitters who are readily available to care for your dog when you can’t care for them as you would like. Rovers works by connecting dog owners with sitters through an app or online, but it doesn’t end there. Once you choose a sitter, you can meet with them before making a booking to determine if they are the best to take care of your furry friend. Rover provides services to all dogs, including special needs dogs and high-energy puppies.

    Affectionate Pet Care

    Affectionate Pet Care is a dog care facility located in Fairfax, VA. They provide cage-free pet boarding with services that range from daycare, training, dog walking, pet transport, and grooming. They also offer special daycare services for workdays and vacation breaks. Affectionate Pet Care provides individualized care where dogs are separated by size and temperament. Their dedicated staff encourages good behavior in your dog with positive reinforcement.


    Dogtopia is a top dog facility and one of the best dog daycares in Northern Virginia. Why? Dogtopia understands that your dog is social, so they integrate lots of play into a dog’s routine. At Dogtopia, your dog will enjoy up to 10 hours of playtime in climate-controlled rooms and groups of their size. Rather than just dropping off your dog and picking them up later on, you can keep tabs on your pup through a webcam throughout the day.

    Capitol Canine Club

    Capitol Canine Club has provided dog daycare services for over four decades. They ensure that your dog keeps moving and socializing but with downtime. All dogs are taken for walks outside before and after playing. During walks, a trainer takes time to instill basic training and manners in your dog. At midday, the dogs are allowed a much-needed nap time to recuperate for a fun-filled afternoon.

    Dog Tales Daycare

    Dog Tales Daycare stands out among the best dog daycares in Northern Virginia. Their services include daycare, overnight boarding, training, and dog birthday parties. They also provide extra services like more walks, massages, special treats, and grooming. You can also keep tabs on your dog through a live dog webcam throughout the day.

    Fur Get Me Not

    Fur Get Me Not has a massive 4,000-square-foot playroom so your dog can run, slide, jump and play as much as they want. Located in Arlington, Fur Get Me Not was founded in 2000. The dogs are divided into playgroups depending on personality and size. All dogs also play in safe, positively reinforcing spaces depending on their size, age, and physical needs.

    Determining If a Dog Daycare Is Right for Your Dog

    Exercise, engagement, and mental stimulation are why you might opt for a dog daycare. However, not all dogs thrive in daycare facilities. For instance, dogs that have issues interacting with other dogs are not the best candidates for dog daycares. At most daycare facilities, dogs get separated by size, age, and personality. If your dog already exhibits aggression towards other dogs or people, you need to go back to training.

    One of the best dog training companies in Northern Virginia is Off Leash K9 Training. We have top-notch training facilities and experienced trainers who will provide one-on-one training to your dog. A good program for dogs with aggression or reactivity issues is an 8-week aggressive dog training that involves basic obedience training and other additional lessons so that your dog gets used to different scenarios, including daycare scenarios.

    We also have an advanced obedience training program that equips your pup with basic obedience skills while teaching them manners. The last thing you want is a dog who can’t play well with others when you drop them off at one of these dog daycares in Northern Virginia. Contact us today for a free consultation for basic and aggressive dog training.



    6 Best Fairfax Dog Daycares

    We did the research for you!

    Learn more 〉

    • Licensing
    • User Reviews
    • Mystery Shopping Calls

    Dog Daycares FAQs 〉

    Dog Daycares FAQs

    Learn more 〉

    Fairfax, VA

    Visit Website

    Rover offers doggy daycare services for pet owners throughout the local area. Its network includes thousands of pet sitters that are available to care for dogs while their owners work or travel. The service connects sitters with clients online or through its app. Customers can meet with sitters prior to booking, and services are available for a range of dogs, including high-energy puppies and dogs with special needs.

    Visit Website

    Fairfax, VA 22031

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    Affectionate Pet Care is a cage-free pet boarding facility based in Fairfax, Virginia. Services include daycare, dog walking, training, grooming, pet transport, as well as special daycare options for work days and vacation schedules. They also offer clients dog photography services from their ‘Pawtographer’. Affectionate Pet Care uses state-of-the-art equipment that provides customer’s pets with a safe and soft engineered environment to play in. Affectionate Pet Care prides themselves on their individualized care for every customer’s pet. Founder and operator Amy Mercadante has over two decades of professional dog daycare experience and is an AKC approved Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

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    Chantilly, VA 20151

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    Dog Tales Daycare is a dog daycare center serving customers throughout Northern Virginia. Services include overnight boarding, daycare, dog training, dog birthday parties, and much more. Additionally, Dog Tales Daycare offer customer’s extra services for their dogs during their stays such as massages, extra walks, special treats, and more. Additionally, they offer grooming options such as bathing and nail trimming. They also offer live dog webcam via the Dog Tales Daycare website for customers to view their dogs remotely. Dog Tales Daycare prides themselves on catering to each dog’s needs and preferences. They are members of the International Boarding and Pet Services Association.

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    Chantilly, VA 20151

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    NOVA Pets is an integrative pet care facility including a wide range of pet care options, serving customers throughout the Chantilly, Virginia area. Services include dog day care, pet boarding options, as well as grooming for all breeds. Additionally, NOVA Pets offers veterinary services for personalized diagnostic, medical, and preventative care; they also offer a free exam for first-time clients coupon via their website. They hold accreditation with the American Animal Hospital Association ensuring a high standard of excellence in their facilities and technology used. NOVA Pets has over two decades of experience and pride themselves on extensive training all of their vets, groomers, and caregivers.

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    Sterling, VA 20165

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    The Animals’ House, founded in 2001, provides customers throughout Northern Virginia with dog day care services. Services include full-service dog daycare and boarding including specialized options such as midday walks and more; The Animal’s House offers their services to dogs of all sizes and abilities. Additionally, The Animals’ House offers dog obedience training options, agility classes, dog boot camp training, and more. The Animals’ House pride themselves on their comprehensive, quality, and convenient dog daycare and boarding options. The Animals’ House holds certifications with the Council for Professional Dog Trainers, Canine Good Citizen, and others. Founder Kathy Benner has over a decade and half of professional experience and has a certificate in Exotic Animal Training and Management.

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    Woodbridge, VA 22192

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    The Dog Eaze Inn is a professional pet care service offering daycare and other pet services to customers throughout Northern Virginia and the DC metro area. Services include dog daycare and lodging services such as grooming and spa treatments, overnight stays, and more. Additionally, The Dog Eaze Inn provides several activity packages for individualized experiences. The Dog Eaze Inn prides themselves on caring for customer’s pet’s and maintaining their utmost happiness and well-being during their stay. The Dog Eaze Inn is the 2009 winner of the Small Business of the Year Award. Owners Kim and Kelly Campbell have many years of professional dog care experience and ensure their staff is well-trained.

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    Q: Do you need a license to run a doggie daycare?

    A: Licensing requirements for dog daycare centers vary, depending on the jurisdiction. No federal licensing requirement exists. So, many state, county, and local governments establish laws, regulations, and ordinances for businesses that board animals. Check with your local government administration office and your state board of agriculture to learn about any licensing or permitting requirements in your area.

    Q: Does Disney have dog daycare?

    A: Walt Disney World’s Best Friends Pet Care provides doggy daycare to guests while they enjoy the park. It features 17,000 square feet of indoor space and 10,000 square feet of outdoor play areas and dog runs. There’s also a 25,000 square-foot dog park. The daycare employs 75 pet care providers.

    Q: Does doggy daycare help with separation anxiety?

    A: Separation anxiety is typically caused by undependable schedules, the introduction of new people, the loss of a family member, or a move. Separation anxiety can be awful for your four-legged companion. Fortunately, doggy daycare is an effective countermeasure. It gives your dog a dependable routine with lots of mental stimulation and physical exercise, lessening the effects of separation anxiety.

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    MacCallum More Museum and Gardens, Chase City UPDATED 2020 Top Tips Before You Go (

    ) See All Things to Do

    MacCallum More Museum and Gardens

    : 00


    10:00 – 17:00


    10:00 – 17:00


    10:00 – 17:00


    10:00 – 17:00 – 17:00


    10:00 – 17:00


    10:00 – 13:00

    Write Review

    What do travelers say

    Author: Beth B

    “Beauty and Tranquolyy”

    . 2016

    My family has been traveling McCallum More Gardens for many years. It’s the perfect, peaceful location, with cleaning in a residential area (just a few blocks from the main street). We wanted to go there for many seasons every year, to enjoy the view of flowering trees and bushes. There are benches everywhere where you can sit and relax. We also enjoyed the revolving art shows and other galleries (they have a Fantastic arrow collection) in the museum, and Jazz in the Park. This is a local gem, a hidden gem. On the site descibes gardens: “Colorful garden paths, winding historical treasures, chips in the pleasant atmosphere of mccallum more museum and gardens. Our gardens are various five specialized gardens, including Rose Garden, Grass and Wildflower Garden, Rose Garden, Garden of joy from the future Kindergarten. Below are descriptions and photographs of each.”

    Posted by FrankEarlofHibernia


    Apr. 2015

    I genuinely enjoy spending time in the various Seasons at McCallum More Museum and Gardens at Fish Watching City. The gardens are tranquil acres that were part of the center of the quaint southern Virginia town. We love to walk the gardens and sit, I assure you, here on one of the many benches. The museum has different exhibitions throughout the year and we wanted to take a more artistic focus on the events. If you are looking for a day trip from the Raleigh-Durham area, MMMG does beautiful main centerpiece of the trip.

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    The best nearby


    8 at the radius 5 km

    Muddy’s Wing House Bar and Grill

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    Subway 9000 Km 9000 Km 9000 Km 9000 Km 9000 Km 9000 Subway 9000 Km 9000 Subway

    0.4 km


    0.4 km$ • American

    Tastee Freez

    0. 7 km

    Chan’s Garden

    0.8 km

    Lois’ Kitchen

    1.8 km $

    The Highland Market

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    sights 9000 3 within 10 km

    Bondurant Brothers Distillery

    0.5 kmDistilleries

    Snow Sports Museum Of West Virginia

    0.3 kmSpeciality museums • History museums

    American Way Country Wines

    Winery and vineyards

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    12 reviews


    Very good


    Raleolin2 04000 04000 04000 9000

    Unusual Garden

    Solo travel

    Stopped by here because of the reviews. Chase City is really off the beaten path for sure and you have to go out of your way to come here.

    The Garden gate was open but there was nobody around when I visited. So no guides or information to go by. While they call this a garden there was virtually nothing in bloom. Rather it is a garden of sculptures and metal work done of it really nice but also some that have certainly seen better days.

    So If you want to see an unusual place it is worth a trip but nothing extraordinary and not worth taking a special trip of several hours for. For reference the garden is about 21 miles from South Hill Virginia and 22 miles from I-85 over very rural roads.

    Published September 6, 2022

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    Husum, WA21 Publication

    Great outdoor place for families to enjoy

    Family Fun

    During COVID-19 we were looking for places to go outdoors that would give us a break from the house. This garden has many paths that lead to all sorts of interesting discoveries. Even in winter there is something to see and it is a nice place to stretch your legs. Statues, benches, water features and so many gorgeous plants! They are working on a children’s garden and a butterfly exhibit. The bathroom is in the gift shop and is often closed so remember that before you visit with kids. Lovely picnic spot too!

    Published April 26, 2021

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    Chase City, Virginia9 publications

    Spring visit

    This place is amazing! Laid out in formal garden style. beautiful statue. Bird sanctuary, great place for birdwatching. Paved paths, fountains. Great place for a photo op. They also reserve the garden for weddings. There is no charge to visit. Donations are accepted. Currently the giftshop and museum are closed due to Covid-19but the garden is open for walking..

    Published June 25, 2020

    This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

    Madilynne Tanner

    Blacksburg, VA109 contributions

    Beautiful place to visit!

    I absolutely love visiting MacCallum More Gardens!!! I took my senior cap and gown pictures here and the area is perfect for a photo shoot of any kind! The gardens are beautiful, and I love this hidden gem in Chase City!! Mecklenburg County is lucky to have this space. It’s wonderful for any events, from bridal showers to business receptions. I am so glad we have this wonderful asset in Mecklenburg County!

    Published August 1, 2018

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    Roanoke, Virginia67 publications

    Charming Garden

    Traveling alone

    I visited the garden on a beautiful autumn day – it was very special with the leaves falling and stunning fall colors. The volunteer in the gift shop was so friendly and helpful. I do feel concern, however, for some of the beautiful statuary and other stone features, as they are showing a lot of wear and tear. But this is a very tranquil setting, with plenty of benches where you can sit, relax, and feel the peace.

    Published November 3, 2017

    This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

    Beth B

    Farmville, VA33 Publications

    Beauty and tranquility

    Family Vacation

    My family has been visiting the MacCallum More Gardens for many years. It is a lovely, tranquil spot tucked away in the residential district (just a few blocks from Main Street). We try to get there during multiple seasons each year, to enjoy the variety of flowering trees and shrubs. There are benches throughout where one can sit to rest. We have also enjoyed the revolving art displays and other exhibits (they have an amazing arrowhead collection) in the museum, and “Jazz in the Gardens.” It is a local treasure and a hidden gem.

    The website descibes the gardens: “Colorful paths winding by historic treasures garden contribute to the enjoyable atmosphere of MacCallum More Museum and Gardens. Our gardens feature five specialty gardens including the Rose Garden, Herb & Wildflower Garden, Pink Garden, Joy Garden, and the Future Childrens Garden. Below are descriptions and photos of each.”

    Published August 29, 2016

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    North Carolina202 Publications


    For Two

    900 Garden02 I truly love to spend time in Chalum More seasons The gardens are peaceful acres embedded in the middle of the quaint Southern Virginia town. We love to stroll the gardens and sit restfully on one of the many benches.

    The museum has various exhibits throughout the year and we tend to catch the more art focused events.

    If you are looking for a day trip from the Raleigh-Durham area, MMMG makes a lovely trip centerpiece.

    Published October 13, 2015

    This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

    Robert B

    Norfolk, VA5,165 contributions It was both soothing in its gardens and quirky in its stone art features. captured from around the world. The native Anerican points we’re pleasing. The gardens and stone were amazing and enticing even on this rainy day.
    werevnnediaely interesting and appealing For a tiny local museum it is excellent

    Published September 25, 2015

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    Bracey, VA1 publication

    Quiet & peaceful

    Lots of shade. birds. Have gone in past years for CMH memorials where I released monarch butterflies.

    Published August 5, 2014

    This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

    Doug S

    Blacksburg, Virginia We love garden visitings and, seeing the two “5 star” reviews listed here, decided to take us on the 3 hour drive (6 hour round trip) to Chase City and visit these. If we lived within half an hour of these gardens, I might consider them to be a neat place to go for a picnic. If we had stumbled upon them like Cheryl H, we would have been pleasantly surprised. However, they are definitely not worth a special trip such as ours. First, there were no flowers whatsoever in bloom outside of a few potted plants here and there. The rose garden was composed of about 9plants that had zero buds on them. The entire property was basically trees and ground covering such as ivy. The main attraction is the statuary. Granted, many of the peaces were pretty interesting, but many of them were also in disrepair. Few fountains were actually working, a number of lights had bare wires sticking out of the top of the posts, and one angel statue was actually held together with black duct tape! We spent about an hour walking through the grounds and covered all of it, even with stopping to look at each note on the provided map. We had planned on eating a picnic lunch there, but the mosquitoes kept attacking me and so we retreated to our car and made our getaway. My wife and I are very easy going and easily entertained and we did get some pretty neat pictures, so we didn’t leave upset. I imagine, however, that someone else who makes the long trip there with high expectations could be easily frustrated with what they find. I give it a “one star” simply to balance the other two five stars. If I lived local and didn’t need to travel, I might be tempted to rate it 2 or 3. I guess I should add that we did not go into the museum- our expectations were so low for it after having traversed the property that we didn’t want to shell out the money for it.

    Published July 28, 2014

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    MacCallum More Museum and Gardens FAQ

    John Nash 13/6/1928

    My beginning as a legal entity took place on June 13, 1928, in Bluefield, Western
    Virginia, at the Bluefield Sanitarium, which no longer exists. Of course I can’t
    consciously recall something from the first two or three years of my life. (also, I suspect, psychologically, the most
    early memories have become “memories of memories”, and are comparable to folk
    fairy tales passed down from storytellers to listeners from generation to generation). But there are available
    facts when direct memory fails in many circumstances.

    John’s father was an electrical engineer

    My father, after whom I was named, was an electrical engineer and came to Bluefield to work
    into a public utility company, which then, as now, was Appalachian Electric Power
    company. He was a veteran of the First World War, served in France as a lieutenant in the supply service and,
    therefore, never was on the front lines of the war. He was originally from Texas and received a degree
    Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas Agricultural and Mechanical.

    My mother, nee Margaret Virginia Martin, but known to everyone as Virginia, was born in Bluefield.
    She attended West Virginia University and was a school teacher until her marriage, teaching
    English and sometimes Latin. But my mother’s subsequent life changed significantly due to partial
    hearing loss as a result of scarlet fever when she was still a university student.

    Her parents had already arrived as a couple in Bluefield from their homes in western North
    Caroline. Her father, Dr. James Everett Martin, was educated as a physician at the University of Maryland.
    in Baltimore and came to Bluefield, which at that time was growing and developing rapidly to
    start practicing. But in the last years of his life, Dr. Martin became a real estate investor and left
    medical practice. I never saw my grandfather because he died before I was born, but I
    there are good memories of my grandmother and how she played the piano in the old house,
    which was located almost in the center of Bluefield.

    My sister, Marta, was born two and a half years after me, on November 16, 1930.

    Already in kindergarten, Nash read Compton’s Pictured Encyclopedia

    I attended Bluefield Comprehensive Schools, but before going to elementary school, I attended
    Kindergarten. My parents provided me with Compton’s Pictured Encyclopedia, so I learned a lot.
    from reading this book as a child. There were others in our house and the house of grandparents
    books that had educational value.

    Bluefield, a small town in a relatively remote area in the Appalachians, was not a community
    scientists or high technology. It was the center of businessmen, lawyers, etc., which is due to the fact that the city
    located on the railroad next to the rich coal deposits of West Virginia and western
    parts of Virginia. So from an intellectual point of view, there was a kind of difficulty
    learn something from the world’s knowledge, not the knowledge of city dwellers.

    When I was a student in high school, I read E.T. Bell’s classic book “Men
    Mathematics” and I remember success in proving Fermat’s classical theorem on integers,
    multiplied by itself p times, where p is a prime number.

    At that time, I was also doing experiments in electricity and chemistry. At first, when at school
    asked an essay about a career, I prepared an essay about a career as an electrical engineer, like my father. Later I entered
    at Carnegie Tech. in Pittsburgh as a student with basic knowledge of a chemical engineer.

    Making a career in America as a mathematician is not so impossible

    Regarding the circumstances of my education at Carnegie (now Carnegie Mellon U.), I was lucky
    study on a full scholarship from the George Westinghouse Foundation. But after one semester in the direction
    chemical engineering, I reacted negatively to the mandatory attendance of courses, such as a course in assembly
    drawings and switched to chemistry. But again, after continuing my studies in chemistry, I ran into difficulties
    in quantitative analysis, where it didn’t matter how well you could think and understand
    or study the facts, but the ability to hold a pipette and do titration in the laboratory was welcome.
    Also, the Department of Mathematics encouraged me to switch to mathematics as the main direction and explained,
    that it is not so impossible to make a career in America as a mathematician. So I again
    moved and officially became a student of mathematics. And in the end I learned so much and so
    progressed in mathematics, that at the end of the university, in addition to a bachelor’s degree, I
    given a master’s degree.

    I should mention that during the last years in the schools in Bluefield my parents arranged for
    me for additional mathematics classes at Bluefield College, which then became a two-year
    institute administered by the Southern Baptist Convention. I have not received the official status of “advanced
    standing” (the status of a student who transferred from one college to another without losing a year;
    enrolled in one of the senior courses with credit for subjects; taken at another university) at Carnegie
    due to my additional studies, but I had the knowledge and abilities and I did not have to
    learns a lot in the first mathematics courses.

    After studying, I remember that I was offered scholarships for graduate school and Harvard
    and in Princeton. But the Princeton scholarship was somewhat more generous, given that I actually
    did not win the Putnam Competition (The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition – an annual
    mathematics competition for college students wishing to enter higher education institutions in the United States and Canada)
    and Princeton was more interested in me. Professor A. W. Tucker wrote me an encouraging letter about the move
    and from a family point of view, Princeton was more attractive as it was much closer to Bluefield.
    Thus Princeton was chosen for my graduate school.

    But while I was still at Carnegie, I took an elective course in International
    economics” and as a result of the impact of economic ideas and problems, I came to the idea,
    which led to the article “The Bidding Problem”, which was later published in Econometrical.
    And this same idea, in turn, when I was a graduate student at Princeton, led to my
    research interest in game theory, which was created thanks to the work of von Neumann and Morgenstern.

    As a graduate student, I studied mathematics quite extensively and I was lucky, except for the development of ideas that led to “Non-cooperative
    games”, also make a good discovery related to topological manifolds and real
    algebraic varieties. So I was actually prepared for the possibility that the theory work
    games will not be considered an acceptable dissertation in the Faculty of Mathematics, and then
    I will be able to achieve a PhD with the help of other results.

    Nash’s ideas in some sense deviated from the “line” of the book of von Neumann and Morgenstern

    But in reality, ideas in game theory that have in some sense deviated from the “line”
    (as happens with “political party lines”) the books of von Neumann and Morgenstern were
    accepted as a dissertation for the title of Doctor of Science and it was later, at that time
    how I was a teacher at M.I.T. when I wrote “Real Algebraic Varieties”
    and sent for publication.

    I arrived at M.I.T. in the summer of 1951 as a teacher and researcher in mathematics
    ( I was a teacher at Princeton for one year, after
    receiving my degree in 1950. Accept a high-paying teaching position at M.I.T. required
    more for personal and social reasons than academic ones.

    At the Faculty of Mathematics M.I.T. I was from 1951 until I retired in the spring
    1959 years old. During the 1957-1958 school year, I received an Alfred P. Sloan Grant and decided to
    year as a (temporary) fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton.

    During this period, I was able to solve a classic unsolved differential problem.
    geometry, which was also of some interest in connection with geometric questions,
    arising in OTO. It was a problem in proving the isometric embeddability of abstract Riemannian
    manifolds into flat (“Euclidean”) spaces. But this task, despite the fact
    that it is a classic has not been much discussed as a prominent issue. She was more like
    as a hypothesis about 4 colors.

    As soon as this happened – as soon as I heard in a conversation in M.I.T. that
    the question of embeddability is still open – I began to study it. The first throw led to a curious
    result that embeddability can be realized in surprisingly low-dimensional outer spaces and one can
    assume that the embedding will have only limited smoothness. Later, with the help of “heavy analysis”,
    the problem was solved in the embedding domain with a more accurate degree of smoothness.

    For some time, due to ignorance, Nash was solving a problem in which Ennio de Giorgi had already succeeded.

    While I was on my “Sloan Sabbath” at the Institute for Advanced Study
    at Princeton, I studied another problem concerning partial differential equations,
    which has not been solved outside of the two-dimensional case. At that time, despite
    to the fact that I was making progress in solving this problem, I encountered bad luck, in that
    sense that, not being sufficiently informed about what other people are doing in this area, I worked
    in parallel with Ennio de Giorgi from Pisa, Italy. And Giorgi was the first to reach the summit
    (in the figurative sense of the described problem), at least in the rather interesting case of “elliptic

    It seems likely that if neither Giorgi nor Nash could successfully attack this problem
    (about Hölder continuity estimates), then that lone climber who reached the top would be
    awarded the Fields Medal (which, traditionally, was awarded only to scientists over 40).

    Now I have to move during the change of my thinking from scientific-rational to delusional,
    characteristic of persons with a mental diagnosis of “schizophrenia” or “paranoid schizophrenia”.
    But I will not try to describe this long period of time, but rather I will try to avoid
    embarrassment by simply leaving out details of a truly personal nature.

    While I was on sabbatical for the 1956-1957 academic year, I got married. Alicia graduated from physics
    department of M.I.T. where we met and she had a job in the New York area in 1956-1957.
    She was born in El Salvador but moved to the US as a child, and she and her parents are already
    long been US citizens, her father was an M.D. and worked in a hospital run by
    federal government in Maryland.

    Mental disorders began to appear at the beginning of 1959 years old, during Alicia’s pregnancy

    Mental disorders began to appear in early 1959, during Alicia’s pregnancy. Consequently
    I retired from M.I.T. and after spending 50 days under “supervision” at McLean
    Hospital, went to Europe and tried to get refugee status.

    Later, I spent 5 to 8 months in New Jersey hospitals, always on involuntary
    basis and always trying to break free through legal arguments.

    It so happened that after a long enough hospitalization, I finally abandoned my delusional hypotheses
    and returned to understanding himself as a person of more generally accepted circumstances and returned to mathematical
    research. In these interruptions of this forced rationality, I have succeeded in some
    promising mathematical research. Thus came the studies for “Le Probleme de Cauchy
    pour les E’quations Differentielles d’un Fluide Generale”; idea that Professor Hironaka
    called “The Nash blowing-up transformation”; as well as “Arc Structure of Singularities”
    and “Analyticity of Solutions of Implicit Function Problems with Analytic Data”.

    But after returning to my dream-like delusional hypotheses, in the late 60s I became
    a person with delusional thinking, but with a relatively calm behavior that allows
    avoid hospitalization and direct attention of psychiatrists.

    Thus some time passed. Later, I began to intellectually reject some of the delusional lines
    thinking that was characteristic of my illness. It began, most recognizably, with the rejection of political
    oriented thinking, which was essentially a hopeless loss of intellectual effort.

    Apparently, at the present time, I again think rationally, as is characteristic of scientists. Yet this
    not quite like joy, as if one were returning from physical illness to normal health.
    One aspect of this is that the rationality of thought puts limits on the concept of man and his
    connection with space. For example, a non-Zoroastrian would think of Zarathustra as simply crazy,
    who led millions of naive followers to the cult of fire worship. But without your “madness”
    Zarathustra would have been just another of the millions and billions of human beings who
    lived their lives and were forever forgotten.

    Statistically, it is almost unbelievable that any mathematician or scientist at the age of 66
    could, by continuing his scientific activity, add much to his or her previous achievements. But I’m everything
    still making an effort, and it can be assumed that with a break of 25 years of partially delusional thinking
    is a kind of vacation and my situation may be atypical. Thus I have hope
    achieve some valuable results from their current research or from new ideas that will come in the future.

    © The Nobel
    Foundation 1994

    Snowstorm Jonas from West Virginia to North Carolina

    Judging by the headlines in the Russian media, our more Americans are worried about the dire consequences of a winter storm on the US East Coast. Although, maybe this is because I watch less American news – they are not so funny.
    We were caught in the snow on our way home from our ski vacation. The mountains are located two states north of S. Carolina – in West Virginia. A small state, interesting for its nature and mountains. From all over the area people go there to ride in the winter, in the summer they also ride bicycles and all sorts of camping sites. State names are deliberately designed to be misleading. If North Carolina is in the east and has a quite southern climate, then West Virginia is in the southeast of the country, and it feels quite in the north. On the way there, I take a bag of clothes, and during the six hours of the journey, we gradually warm up. Well, I, basically, warm up, the weather somehow doesn’t give a damn to the peasants.
    That way was a normal American winter. We drove and once again were surprised by the stories of friends about dangerous winter highways.

    I am not allowed to drive on long trips. My husband loves more when I sit next to him and help him with advice. Perhaps it also played a role that I broke the wheel twice in the same place. So all the way pyrilas on the sides.
    Here, someone is carrying a house

    The truck from the movie “Final Destination”. In my practice, firewood has never flown out yet, but if you go for a trash can, some small bug is constantly hammering into the forehead of the car, and once even a sheet of iron flew in. But since I watched “Final Destination”, I was ready and managed to dodge.

    At the entrance to the state, because of the mountains and the presence of an observatory somewhere on them, there are long stretches without cellular service. They argued how unpleasant it must be to be stuck in such an uninhabited place without communication, especially in the cold. Well, it’s all fairy tales.

    Nothing much to say about the vacation itself, we rode, swam in the hot pool. I discovered a new pleasure – wallowing in the snow and then jumping into the water screaming. I probably wouldn’t climb into the hole, but in the hot pool with bubbles, it’s even nothing!
    The key moment was the day of classes with the coach for Maksimka. It was very expensive, we took only one day, consisting of three lessons with breaks for rest and snacks. But the result exceeded expectations. That year, when we ourselves tried to introduce him to skiing, and this year, before classes, it didn’t work out at all. And then, I don’t know what the coach did, but twenty minutes after the start of the lesson, when we came up to check on how things were going, the child was already skating. After studying two lessons, he refused to go on a break (with hot chocolate!) And we already unsubscribed from the third lesson, because he was bored waiting for the group. We rode on by ourselves. Perhaps it played a role that he was already familiar with skiing. It also seems to me that it is important that a person be ready. Someone drives from a year and a half, for Maxim this moment came at four.

    My first day on skis wasn’t nearly as successful.

    In short, we had a great time and went home right at the beginning of the snowfall. In hindsight, in the process of digging the road with a snowboard, I thought it was necessary to postpone the departure for a day, the weather could not be better for skiing. Or, at least, going down to the flat ground, change your pants in a motel. But at that moment, we started off briskly, counting on the way home to still have time to throw equipment into the rental. I, like a true southerner, went in slippers, put my winter boots in a suitcase, still shoot at home.

    Even in the mountains, I would not say that it looked more extreme than a normal Russian winter. It was uncomfortable from the lack of winter tires on the mountain serpentine, covered with a thick layer of snow. We also drove a small car, because on the shit-switch the day before departure, the janitor was broken off in the process of thorough washing.
    Residents of West Virginia pleased with their preparedness for the change of seasons. They have normal winter clothes. Many have small lawn mower-type machines with a bucket in front, with which they clear the entrances to the house. Almost immediately, as it became scary to drive, large snow blowers began to work along the entire road. One of us and rescued when we turned the wrong way. Up the mountain in a rapidly growing snowdrift it would be impossible to leave.
    Then a couple of times we were attached after the snow blowers, here it is, in a cloud of snow

    And this is the highway

    You can drive past the cameras – try to take a picture of the number

    Instead of six or eight hours, the road took eleven. At the entrance to S. Carolina, the snow turned into freezing rain. Apart from highway exits, which sometimes could only be identified by signs, the road was already nothing, even the markings were visible in places. Cars began to come across, traveling at a speed of 20 and with an emergency gang, apparently, those who had just been forced to go somewhere by need. Abandoned cars were found on the roadsides several times. We drove through several accidents, mostly just flying into a ditch.
    It was dark in Cary. After the highway, it’s generally normal, we still traveled around in search of something to eat, but unsuccessfully – the cafes closed early. Interruptions in food and breaks in communications did not affect us, although there were those in our district who sat for a day without electricity.
    Oh, fresh newspaper

    I never got over the Soviet habit of stocking up on food. Even taking into account the fact that they unloaded the refrigerator before the holidays, the stocks per company are just not interesting (The next day I took the camera to the store to photograph the empty shelves, but it turned out that everything is not so scary, although we live in a state that is not very prepared for the cold When it snows, it’s just that no one leaves unless absolutely necessary.They missed the right kind of bananas and their favorite orange juice.
    The country is preparing for the next holiday with might and main

    Now there are unusually many pedestrians with bags and backpacks on the streets. Those who are afraid to travel by car go to the nearest shops on foot. I didn’t think that I would see this here)) Someone crawls out for a walk because there is nothing to do, in half the cases such pedestrians speak Russian. The most thoughtful roam with container lids (such as sleds) in search of a good slide.
    Snow Day has been canceled due to sudden snowfall. I wrote about it that year – this is when they pour a hill and a bunch of artificial snow for children to trample on. Due to weather conditions, no one leaves the house and Snow Day had to be cancelled. Here is such a squiggle.
    I don’t know how they do it, but the next day after the snowfall the roads are perfect.

    However, schools are closed on Monday and YouTube offers emergency survival videos. And the storm had already gone further north, somewhere towards New York.
    I am tormented by the thought, well, how is it that if cold and snow are a natural disaster for you, why are you building cardboard houses with air conditioners that buzz when they work. I didn’t think I’d miss our ugly silent batteries. Why don’t you lay the plumbing with insulation? In the cold, it is recommended to leave a dripping tap so that the pipe does not freeze, and water is expensive. My pipe dream is a Russian stove. But here, of course, you will not find such a thing. But in every second house, the fireplace is beautiful, gluttonous for firewood and heats up only while it burns. Where is the advertising of discounts for winter tires, but at least for rent? Not profitable, apparently. Instead, they pretend that there is no winter. To the last, they run from the car to the door in shorts and flip flops on their bare legs. And when it is no longer possible to ignore nature, they simply don’t go out – I’m in the house! By the way, most of the houses that I enviously considered brick, as it turned out, have only one brick wall – the facade. For beauty.
    Of course, winter in Russia is a surprise every year. But not so moronic. One can logically understand why public utilities prefer to keep the budget for preparing for winter. Why do snow blowers wind up the mileage by chasing dogs around the yard. And these people do not saw anything, and they respect the work. The mysterious American soul.

    A little more about this winter:

    Mama did it again

    Very reluctant to go to work. So making a cabinet out of boxes got on the list of urgent cases.

    What I like about cardboard furniture is that it is not a pity to break it, throw it away when moving and is easy to recycle. And of course, the cost. There are always a lot of boxes, because Americans have a very developed mail order business. Yes, and mail works as it should work, e-my!
    Here, I could not resist, filmed a video.

    This is our joint project with Kolya “House on the bed”. An awesome theme is pvc tubes, you can make almost everything from them: from a panel on a wall from circles to a garage.

    Something has settled in our roller blind on the porch

    Such a winter.

    Reston, Virginia – Reston, Virginia

    Reston is a census-designated place in Fairfax County, Virginia. Founded in 1964, Reston was influenced by the Garden City movement, which emphasized planned, off-grid communities mixed with green space, residential neighborhoods, and commercial development. The intention of Reston’s founder, Robert E. Simon, was to build a city that would revolutionize post-World War II land use and residential/corporate development concepts in suburban America. In 2018, Reston was voted the Best Place to Live in Virginia by 9 magazine0514 Money for its expanses of parks, lakes, golf courses, and bridle paths, and many shopping and dining opportunities in downtown Reston.

    In 2019, the US Census Bureau estimated Reston’s population at 61,147.


    • 1. History

      • 1.1 Concept and guidelines
      • 1. 2 Early years (1964–1967)
      • 1.3 Reston Bay (1967–1978)
      • 1.4 Reston Land Corporation Mobile Oil (1978–1996)
      • 1.5 Reston in the new millennium (1996–present)
    • 2 Planning and zoning

      • 2.1 Planned Residential Community (PRC)
      • 2.2 Reston City Center (RTCD)
      • 2.3 Transit Station Area (TSA)
    • 3 Praises and illumination
    • 4 Entertainment and cultural events

      • 4.1 Parks and recreation
      • 4.2 Performing arts, galleries and museums
      • 4.3 Annual calendar of events
    • 5 Economy
    • 6 Transport
    • 7 Geography
    • 8 Climate
    • 9 Education

      • 9.1 Primary and secondary schools
      • 9.2 Colleges and universities
      • 9.3 Public libraries
    • 10 Demographics
    • 11 Control
    • 12 Local media
    • 13 Notable events

      • 13.1 Fear of Ebola
    • 14 Famous residents of
    • 15 See also
    • 16 Links
    • 17 External links


    In the early days of colonial America, the land on which Reston sits was part of the Northern Neck property, a huge grant from King Charles II to Lord Thomas Fairfax that stretched from the Potomac River to the Rappahannock River. The property remained with the Fairfax family until they sold it in 1852.

    Carl A. Wiele and William Dunn purchased 6,449 acres in northern Fairfax County along the Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) railroad line in 1886, later dividing the land between them, while Wiele retained the area north of the railroad line. Wiele planned to establish a city on the site, including a hotel, parks, and a community center, but built only a few houses before his death in 1901.

    Vile’s heirs eventually sold the land, which changed hands several times before being bought by the A. Smith Bowman family, who built a bourbon distillery on the site. K 19In 1947, the Bowmans purchased the former Dunn Road south of the railroad for a total of over 7,000 acres. In 1961, Robert E. Simon used funds from his family’s recent sale of Carnegie Hall to purchase most of the land, except for the 60 acres (240,000 m 2 ) on which the Bowman distillery continued to operate until 1987.

    Concept and guidelines

    An abandoned whiskey distillery, long run by the Bowman family.

    Midtown Reston Condominiums, residential building in downtown Reston

    Simon officially founded Reston on April 10, 1964 (his 50th birthday) and named the community by his initials. [7] He laid out seven “guidelines” that would emphasize the quality of life and serve as a basis for its future development. Its goal was for Restonians to live, work and play in their own community, with common grounds and scenic beauty shared equally regardless of income level, thereby creating a stronger sense of community connection. Simon’s original motto for the community was “Work, Play, Live” (or more commonly immortalized on Reston products, “Live, Work, Play”).

    Simon’s Seven Principles:

    1. The city should provide a variety of recreational opportunities, including a wide range of cultural and recreational facilities, as well as an environment for solitude;
    2. Residents will be able to stay in the community throughout their lives, with a wide range of housing options to suit different needs and incomes;
    3. The focus of all planning will be on the importance and dignity of the human being and will have priority for large scale concepts;
    4. Reston residents will be able to live and work in the same community;
    5. Commercial, cultural and recreational facilities will be available to residents immediately, not years later;
    6. Beauty, both structural and natural, is a necessity and should be encouraged; as well as
    7. Reston should be a financial success.

    Simon envisioned Reston as a model for cluster housing development, also known as conservation development, that prioritizes the preservation of open space, landscapes, and wildlife habitats. Indeed, Reston was the first private community in the US in the 20th century to explicitly include conservation in its plans (Greenbelt, Maryland was a publicly supported community).

    Early years (1964–1967)

    Simon hired the architectural firm Whittlesey, Conklin & Rossant to design his new community. Reston’s plans were designed by architect James Rossant, who studied under Walter Gropius at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and his partner, William J. Conklin. From the outset, Rossant and Conklin’s planning conceptualized the new community as a unified, cohesive and balanced whole, including landscapes, recreational, cultural and commercial facilities, and housing for a city of 75,000 people. For Lake Anne Plaza, the first village center of Reston, the architects combined a small retail area with single-family houses, townhouses and apartments next to an artificial lake with a large jet fountain. Nearby were the Cubist style townhouses in the Hickory Cluster, designed in the International Style by renowned modernist architect Charles M. Goodman. Lake Ann also includes an elementary school, a gas station, and two churches, as well as an art gallery and several restaurants. The first section of the senior residence, the Lake Ann Fellowship House, was completed a few years later.

    Reston welcomed its first residents at the end of 1964. During the first year of the community’s existence, major media outlets such as Newsweek , Time , Life , and New York Times featured the new city in an article praising the city. it is like “one of the most vibrant communities” in the United States. Nikki Hornsby played a paid hour at a street guitar concert for this new Reston community.

    Reston Bay (1967–1978)

    From the very beginning of Reston’s conception and development, Robert Simon faced financial difficulties as sales in the new community declined. To continue his project, he accepted a $15 million loan from Gulf Oil, which enabled him to pay off his creditors. Despite this, sales were sluggish, as Simon’s unwillingness to compromise on his high standards of building construction and materials meant that a townhouse in Reston could cost as much as a single-family home elsewhere in Fairfax County.

    By 1967, Gulf Oil ousted Simon and established Gulf Reston, Inc. to run the community. Gulf retained many of Simon’s staff and continued to largely adhere to the spirit of Reston’s original master plan, as envisioned by Simon. During the 1970s, Gulf built the Reston International Center near the intersection of Sunrise Valley and Reston Parkway and added low- and middle-income housing to the community housing development, including the Cedar Ridge, Laurel Glade, and Fox Mill housing estates. Gulf also built employee housing for the USGS headquarters located on Sunrise Valley Drive.

    In particular, Gulf Reston is committed to protecting Reston’s open spaces and walkable landscapes throughout its tenure. The Corporation also transferred ownership of many of Reston’s recreational properties, including land, parks, lakes, and other structures, to the Reston Homeowners’ Association, thereby keeping them from being overdeveloped.

    Reston Land Corporation Mobile Oil (1978–1996)

    Within 10 years of buying Simon, Gulf decided to exit the real estate business and focus solely on energy instead. He sold developed parts of Reston, including three completed village centers (Lake Ann, Tall Oaks and Hunters Woods), Reston International Center and Isaac Newton Square, to an investment firm. At 19In 1978, the company completed the sale of the remaining 3,700 undeveloped acres of Reston to Mobil Oil, which pledged to continue to respect the ideals of Robert Simon. Mobil formed Reston Land Corporation as a subsidiary to manage its holdings and began to develop the remaining residential areas in the villages that would become South Lakes and North Point. Reston Land introduced a wider selection of housing options, including more townhouses and small “starter” homes, and completed the Northern County State Center, which houses the Reston County Police Station and Fairfax County government offices, as well as a regional library and homeless shelter . .

    Reston Land also laid the groundwork for the 460-acre downtown Reston that was part of Simon’s original master plan for Reston. The first four blocks of this multi-stage mixed-use development opened in 1996 and included a hotel, several restaurants, a cinema, and office buildings.

    Reston in the new millennium (1996-present)

    By 1996, Mobil decided to follow Gulf Oil’s lead and exit the land management business. It sold its entire Mobil Land Development subsidiary, including its Reston holdings, to Westbrook Partners, LLC for $324 million. As Reston Town Center continued to develop, Boston Properties became a leading player. The company became the sole owner of major multi-use lots in downtown Reston after completing the purchase of the Fountain Square office and retail complex in 2012.

    Planning and zoning

    Lake Anne Plaza in Reston

    Reston is divided into three distinct planning areas: the original Planned Residential Community (PRC) area, which manages most of the residential areas in the community; The Reston City Center (RTC) area, which includes all high-rise, high-density downtown areas; and a transit station (TSA) on either side of the Dulles toll road.

    Planned Residential Community (PRC)

    Since the establishment of Reston, the planning and zoning of the PRC has focused on the inclusion and integration of common areas, parks, large forest areas with scenic trails (streams), wildflower meadows, golf courses, public swimming pools, bridle paths, bicycle paths. walkway, four lakes, tennis courts and extensive walking paths. Reston was built in woodlands of oak, maple, sycamore, and Virginia pine, and is still densely wooded. Extensive canopy guidance protects tree cover throughout the PRC, and homeowners are prohibited from felling trees larger than 4 inches in diameter without written permission from the Reston Design Review Board. The total zoning density throughout the PRC is currently limited to 13 people per acre. This figure, however, does not include Fairfax County residents, workforce and available units (WDU/ADU), nor the “bonus” units that developers are allowed to add to their projects as compensation for including ADUs in their offerings.

    Downtown Reston Buildings

    USGS Headquarters

    Reston’s five village centers are part of the PRC. Simon envisioned a total of seven village centers, but only five were developed. The village centers and town center are an important part of Reston. Each village center, all of which (except North Point) predates downtown Reston, was required to be within walking distance of most homes and include residents’ daily needs of retail and community services. Moderately denser developments, such as apartments and clusters of townhouses, and some single-family homes, surround each center. The critically acclaimed Lake Ann was the first to be built, followed (in chronological order) by Hunters Woods, Tull Oaks, South Lakes, and North Point. By 2015, however, Tall Oaks had ceased to exist as the center of the village and was purchased by local development firm Tall Oaks Development Company with the intention of re-zoning the 7. 6-acre site and turning it into a residential building.

    Reston City Center (RTCD)

    During Mobil’s tenure, the corporation worked with Fairfax County to create a new downtown area to manage the planning and design of existing and new development in the core downtown area and remove it from the control of the Reston Association Design Review Board. Review and comment on all RTCD development proposals is limited to members of the RTC District Association, which is overseen by a Board of Directors consisting of 9members, 7 of which represent owners of commercial real estate.

    Transit Station Area (TSA)

    The main portion of the Transit Station Area (TSA), consisting of the 12-lane Dulles Tollway, the Metro heavy rail line, and office parks on both sides, runs through a half-mile-wide area, four from the north-south links. A fifth crossover on Soapstone Drive has been proposed by Fairfax County Transportation Planners, although funding has yet to be determined. TSA zoning and development planning is regulated by Fairfax County; as with the RTC county, direct oversight by the Reston association is not included, while entry and notice to PRC residents is limited. TSA’s zoning guidelines call for the area to be designed as an urban center with 30 million square feet of new and existing office buildings and 44,000 residential units.

    Praise and coverage

    Reston’s growth and development is followed by newspaper articles, national journals, and scholarly journals on architecture and land use. In 1967, U.S. First Lady Lady Bird Johnson visited Reston to take a walking tour of its paths as part of her interest in beautification projects. Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin visited Reston elementary schools named after them. At January 2006 Washington Post wrote about a trip to Reston, and the Beyond DC website has a Reston page with nearly 150 photos.

    Reston and Robert Simon have been recognized by the American Institute of Certified Planners for their significant contribution to urban planning. The AICP also recognized Reston as a national planning landmark, commending Simon’s vision of ensuring that fields and trees were scattered throughout the residential and commercial portions of the community, and recognized it as “one of the best examples of 20th-century America’s conceptual new city.” planning.”

    In 2017, the Lake Ann Village Center Historic District was named to the National Register of Historic Places by the US Park Service, which is the official list of historic places worthy of preservation and protection.

    Reston is one of the few communities in the US that has been recognized as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat community.

    Reston usually follows the principles of “new urbanism”. The uptown area was built with an extensive system of paths, and Fairfax County has built many sidewalks in recent decades. Downtown and original neighborhoods also include mixed-use development, with more mixed-use development planned near Washington metro stations.

    However, Reston differs from New Urbanism in several important ways. Many buildings in the PRC area are oriented away from main streets, and several major arteries lack a full network of sidewalks due to Fairfax County’s control over Reston’s transportation planning: until recently, Fairfax County’s zoning code required developers to build sidewalks only in certain limited areas . cases. The original inward orientation of the village centers was a deliberate design element of Reston’s early planners, who wanted to avoid the commercial strip that dominates many suburban developments.

    Entertainment and Cultural Activities

    The Fairfax County Special Tax District was created to fund various recreational, educational and cultural activities in Reston. The Reston Community Center (RCC) is the main element, its main building is located south of Reston at Hunters Woods Square and includes a theatre, heated indoor pool and hot tub, ballroom, meeting rooms and classrooms. A smaller RCC branch is located at Lake Anne Plaza.

    Parks and Recreation

    Building on Robert Simon’s focus on preserving green spaces and providing recreational opportunities, Reston offers more than 55 miles of walking and walking paths for residents, currently about 250 acres of forests and open spaces. Reston is known for its canopy trees, which currently cover about half of Reston’s total area. It is one of 8 communities in America that is a member of the worldwide organization of biophilic cities, which promotes the importance of protecting and developing nature in urban areas.

    Reston’s focus on nature is the Vernon J. Walker Education Center. On 72 acres (290,000 m 2 ) of hardwood forests, the Nature Center has a picnic gazebo, fire pit, and other facilities that support its outreach programs. Its LEED Gold-certified nature home offers exhibits, naturalist services, and a variety of programs for children; it can also be rented for public or private meetings.

    Two golf courses are located in Reston. The 166-acre Reston National Golf Course in south Reston is certified by Audubon International as a Cooperative Cooperative Preserve in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Hidden Creek Country Club was acquired in 2017 by real estate development company Wheelock Communities.

    (W&OD) The Washington and Old Dominion trail, which runs through Reston, is a 45-kilometer (72 km) track built exclusively for walking and cycling along the former W&OD train line.

    Toro Lake at Sunset

    Reston has four artificial lakes: Anne Lake, Audubon Lake, Newport Lake and Toro Lake. Also in the Reston area is the 476-acre (1.9 km 2 ) Lake Fairfax Park, operated by Fairfax County and which includes boat rentals, a large outdoor pool complex called “Water Mine”, overnight campground facilities, and a picnic area.

    The 30-acre (120,000 m2) Roera Zoofary is located on the northeast edge of the village. It focuses on animal family interaction with bus rides and feeding stations. Animals include lambs, camels, zebras, antelopes, bison, cheetahs, emus, camels, goats, reptiles, horses, buffalo and waterfowl. On March 8, 2021, Zofari Roera was hit by a fire in the barn area, killing Waffles the giraffe and his unnamed companion giraffe.

    Reston has a range of pools, including a year-round indoor pool at the Reston Community Center. Ice skating is available year-round at the private indoor SkateQuest skating rink, and during the winter at the outdoor skating rink at the Reston Center Pavilion.

    Performing arts, galleries and museums

    Reston has several performing arts groups. The Reston Community Players (originally known as the Reston Players) have been active since 1966 and perform on the center stage of the Reston Community Center at Hunters Woods Plaza. The Reston Chorale was founded in the late 1960s as a mixed choir that included both professional and amateur singers. The Reston Community Orchestra, founded in 1988, also offers regular performances throughout the year, typically at the Reston Community Center. During the summer, free public concerts are offered both in downtown Reston and at the Lake Anne Plaza Hotel.

    The Greater Reston Center for the Arts (GRACE), founded by local artists, is located in downtown Reston and sponsors the annual Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival. The Reston Private Art Gallery at Ann Plaza Lake has both regular art exhibitions and art studio space.

    Reston’s only museum, the Reston Historical Foundation and Museum, is also located in Lake Ann Plaza. It has maps, photographs and books that detail Reston from 1960s.

    Western Washington Film Festival is a fall event in downtown Reston. Founded by Mark Maxey and Brad Russell, the festival offers a judging panel of feature films, short films and documentaries.

    Annual Calendar of Events

    • Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival (Downtown Reston) (May)
    • Taste of Reston Food Festival (Downtown Reston) (June)
    • Reston Triathlon (September)
    • Reston Multicultural Festival (Lake Anne Plaza) (late September)
    • Taste of Autumn (Downtown Reston) (October)
    • Reston Holiday Parade (Downtown Reston) (Nov)


    According to the US Census Bureau, “professional, scientific, and technical services” is by far the largest economic activity in Reston, with 757 different businesses employing 21,575 people in 2007. In second place is the information sector, where 9,876 employees work in 150 companies. Rest. Reston is part of the Dulles Technology Corridor and is home to Caliburn International, Carahsoft, Comscore, Leidos, Maximus, Rolls-Royce North America, Science Applications International Corporation, NII, NVR, Noblis, Verisign, and Learning Tree International. In addition, the United States Geological Survey, the National Wildlife Federation, the American College of Radiology, and CNRI are based in Reston. The North American division of Federal Services and the Gate Group also have offices in Reston. In 2019General Dynamics moved to Reston.

    Of the top 20 venture capital firms in DC, five are in Reston. The amount of capital under management of Reston’s firms, $6.9 billion, represents 53% of these top 20 regional venture capital firms.

    Reston also serves as the headquarters of the German North American Command, which controls over 1,500 military personnel deployed in the United States at any given time.


    The Dulles Toll and Access Roads and the Washington Metro Silver Line in Reston

    Reston is on the Dulles Toll Road, 9 miles (14 km) from Tyson and the Capital Beltway to the east and 5 miles (8 km) from the International Washington Dulles Airport to the west. Four roads traverse the township from north to south: Fairfax County Boulevard on the west side, Reston Boulevard through downtown, Vile Avenue through the northeast uptown area, and Hunter Mill Road on the eastern border.

    The Metro’s Silver Line, which runs along The Dalles Toll Road, opened its first Reston station, Wiehle-Reston East, on July 26, 2014 Two additional stations, Reston City Center and Herndon, are scheduled to open in 2021 and will serve the western half Reston as part of an expansion towards Dulles International Airport.

    The Reston Domestic Bus System (RIBS) provides five regularly scheduled routes connecting Reston village centers using Reston city center as a hub. The Fairfax County Connector and Metrobus service connects Reston residents to metro stations as well as points throughout Fairfax County.


    Reston CDP boundaries as of 2003, from US Census Bureau

    Reston is in northern Fairfax County at 38°57’16″N 77°20’47″W / 38.95444°S .w 77.34639°W / 38.95444; -77.34639 . Neighboring communities are Great Falls to the north, Wolf Trap to the east, Franklin Farm, Floris and McNair to the southwest, the City of Herndon to the west, and Drainsville to the northwest.

    According to the US Census Bureau, the Reston CDP has a total area of ​​15.7 square miles (40.6 km 2 ), of which 15.3 square miles (39.7 km 2 ) is land and 0.35 square miles (0.9 km 2 ), or 2.10%, is water.


    The climate in this area is characterized by hot, humid summers and generally mild to cool winters. According to the Köppen climate classification system, Reston has a humid subtropical climate, abbreviated as Cfa on climate maps.

    Climate data for Reston, Virginia
    Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep October Nov December Year
    Record high °F (°C) 75
    Medium High °F (°C) 41.4
    (5. 2)
    Medium Low °F (°C) 22.8
    Record low °F (°C) -18
    Average rainfall in inches (mm) 2. 8
    Average snowfall in inches (cm) 7.1
    trace 0.8
    Average number of days with precipitation 10 9 10 10 12 11 11 9 9 8 9 10 117
    Average snow days 4 3 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 11
    Source: Weatherbase


    Elementary and Secondary Schools

    As part of Fairfax County, Reston is served by Fairfax County Public Schools and a number of private schools. Reston has one high school, South Lakes High School, which serves most of Reston. Adjacent to South Lakes High School is Reston’s only high school, Langston Hughes High School. Students living in far north Reston attend Herndon High School.

    Public Primary Schools :

    • Buzz Aldrin Elementary School
    • Neil Armstrong Elementary School
    • A. Scott Crossfield Elementary School
    • Kizil Elementary School
    • Forest Edge Elementary School
    • Fox Mill Elementary School
    • Hunters Woods Elementary School of Arts and Sciences
    • Lake Ann Elementary School
    • Sunrise Valley Elementary School
    • Terraset 9 Primary School0313

    Private schools :

    • Montessori Orphanage Reston School
    • Montessori Community School
    • Reston Montessori School
    • Academy of Christian Education (Primary)
    • Edlin (elementary and high school)
    • United Christian Parish Preschool
    • Lake Anne Nursery and Kindergarten (LANK)
    • Academy of Ideas for Mathematics and Science (4–12)
    • Reston Children’s Center (RCC)

    Colleges and Universities

    Reston has several higher education resources, including the NVCC (Northern Virginia Community College) satellite campus, the University of Phoenix-Northern Virginia campus, and Marymount University-Reston Center.

    Public Libraries

    Fairfax County Public Library operates the Reston Regional Library. Also located in Reston is the United States Geological Survey Library, a federal research library that is open to the public and has over 3 million items ranging from books and journals to maps and photographs and field notebooks.


    Historical population
    Census Pop. % ±
    1970 5722
    1980 36 407 536.3%
    1990 48 556 33.4%
    2000 56 407 16.2%
    2010 58 404 3.5%
    2019 (estimate) 61 147 4. 7%
    2019 5 year estimate

    Since the 2000 Census there were 56,407 people, 23,320 households, and 14,481 families residing in the CDP, with a population density of 3,288.6 people per square mile (1,269.9 / km 2 ). There were 24210 housing units with an average density of 1411.5/sq. Miles (545.0/km 2). The racial makeup of Reston was 73.62% White, 9.12% African American, 0.25% Native American, 9.62% Asian, 0.04% Pacific Islander, 4.12% from other races, and 3.23 % of two or more races. Hispanics or Latinos of any race were 10.10% of the population.

    There were 23,320 families of which 29.6% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 50.2% were married couples living together, 8.9% of women’s families lived without husbands, and 37.9% did not have a family. 29.3% of all households were made up of individuals and 5.2% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size is 2. 40, and the average family size is 2.99.

    The average age of Reston residents is 36 years old.

    The median household income was $80,018 and the median household income was $94,061 (these figures rose to $93,417 and $130,221, respectively, in 2007). The per capita income was $42,747. About 3.2% of families and 4.5% of the population were below the poverty line, including 6.1% of those under age 18 and 7.0% of those age 65 or over.

    Reston has a high proportion of college-educated adults, with 66.7% graduating from at least some college.


    Panoramic view of Reston

    Reston is an unincorporated area in Fairfax County; its schools, roads, and law enforcement services are provided by Fairfax County.

    The parks, recreation and common areas and extensive trail system are overseen by the Reston Association under the terms of the Reston Law, the community’s primary governing document. Standard valuation is charged per apartment or plot (for townhouses and houses). The treaty also allows reduced assessed contributions for those who are “eligible for real estate tax reductions under the Fairfax County Ordinance; (ii) their apartments are subsidized by the federal or state government; or (iii) their apartments are intended and used primarily for the elderly. care or care living quarters that are occupied by low or moderate income residents.”

    Reston’s individual clusters or boroughs have their own borough associations, which also collect fees for maintenance, snow removal, garbage removal, and other services. Each cluster has its own elected board of directors, which is accountable to the residents of that cluster.

    Most of Reston is in Virginia’s 11th congressional district and is currently represented in Congress by Rep. Jerry Connolly (D). Part of Reston is in Virginia’s 10th district and is represented by Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D). It is represented by Ken Plum (D) in the Virginia House of Delegates and by Janet Howell (D) in the State Senate.

    Although Reston was unincorporated from the start, several attempts were made to achieve city status, most notably to gain more control over zoning and development decisions, which are now the preserve of Fairfax County elected officials and staff. Robert Simon originally considered incorporation into the city, but was blocked by Fairfax County. Simon stated to an interviewer that Fairfax officials told him they would deny Reston access to the Fairfax water and sewer network if he tried to join his new community. At 19In 80, a group of Reston residents were successful in holding a referendum to incorporate Reston into the city, but the referendum failed in 1980 by a 2–1 margin. A similar 2005 initiative publicly endorsed by Robert Simon also failed.

    Local Media

    Reston is served primarily by the Washington DC media market. The community is within reach of two national newspapers, Washington Post and Washington Times , as well as two local publications, Fairfax Times and Reston Connection . All four also offer a digital subscription. A third local newspaper, The Observer, which covered Reston and nearby Herndon, closed in 2010 and turned over coverage of local digital news sites to AOL Patch, which launched the Reston site in August 2010. The website Reston Now provides daily local news coverage. . In addition, numerous television and radio stations in the Washington metropolitan area cover local events.

    Notable events

    Fear of Ebola

    Main article: Reston virus

    Filovirus, the first presumed Ebola virus (EBOV), was detected in the crab-eating macaque ( Macaca fascicularis ) in the Covance Quarantine Unit of the Primate in 1998 received considerable media attention, including the publication of The Hot Zone . Filovirus was found to be distinct from EBOV and not pathogenic in humans. It was named after the community and is now known as the Reston virus (RESTV). Macaques found or suspected to be infected with RESTV were euthanized and the facility neutered. The facility was located in an office park near Sunset Hills Road and Vile Avenue. In the end, it was demolished, and a kindergarten was built in its place.

    Notable residents

    Main article: List of people from Reston, Virginia

    Notable people who were born and/or lived in Reston include professional basketball player Grant Hill, track and field athlete and Olympic athlete Alan Webb, Olympian speed skating Maam Bini, crime writer Donna Andrews, musician Roy Buchanan, chess grandmaster Lubomir Kavalek and young people. pop singer and influencer Jacob Sartorius.

    See also

    • Northern Virginia
    • Fairfax County
    • Lake Anne
    • Reston Station
    • Vila East Station – Reston
    • Portofino

    used literature

    external links

    • Reston Association – official website of the association
    • Reston Museum – The official site of the Reston Historical Foundation and its Reston Museum.
    • Reston Scheduled Public Archives – Online images and articles from George Mason University Special Collections and Archives.
    • Wolf von Eckardt, Row House Revival is going to the city – not to mention the country ; Washington Post; July 24, 1966

    Yellow Pages | Russian Washington Baltimore

    Cars – sale

    Russian-speaking car dealers in the Washington and Baltimore area

    Cars – repair

    Russian-speaking car repair shops in the Greater Washington and Baltimore area.

    Driving schools

    Driving test preparation

    Agencies for the care of the sick and elderly

    Russian-speaking nursing and aged care agencies in the Washington and Baltimore area


    Russian speaking attorneys in Washington, Baltimore, Maryland and Northern Virginia

    Acupuncture, natural medicine

    Russian-speaking specialists in the field of acupuncture, natural medicine

    Accounting services, taxes

    Accountants and tax preparers in the Washington and Baltimore area.


    Russian speaking physicians in Maryland, Northern Virginia, DC and Baltimore

    Dentists (stomatologists)

    Russian speaking dentists (stomatologists) in the Washington and Baltimore area


    Russian-speaking children’s centers in the Greater Washington and Baltimore area

    Apartments and houses for rent

    Renting apartments, houses and rooms in Washington, Baltimore and the surrounding area, as well as additional services for residents

    Cosmetologists and beauty salons

    Cosmetologists and beauty salons in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, and Baltimore

    Shops – Russian

    Russian and European delicatessen and grocery stores in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Baltimore and Washington


    Books, textbooks in Russian in the area of ​​Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia

    Furniture stores, carpet stores, etc.

    Russian-speaking furniture stores in the Baltimore and Washington area

    Medical supply stores

    Medical supplies and equipment stores in the Maryland area, Northern Virginia

    Mortgages, mortgage lending

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    Translations, notary services

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    Travel, excursions

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    Restaurants – Russian

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    Russian speaking insurance agents in the Washington and Baltimore area

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    Miscellaneous services

    Housekeeping, clock repair, laundry, and other domestic services.

    Financial consultants

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    Photography, video, design in the Baltimore, Washington, Maryland, Northern Virginia area

    Schools, training centers

    Schools, educational centers of interest to the Russian-speaking community in the area of ​​Maryland, Northern Virginia, Baltimore and Washington

    Holidays in Virginia in 2022

    Virginia has always attracted tourists. Throughout the history of existence, numerous Indian settlements have lived on the territory of the state. Since 1788, Virginia (Virginia) has been officially considered a US state. Many travelers dream of getting to Virginia. In this article, we will talk about where it is better to spend a vacation in Virginia in 2022, about the sights of the area and about approximate prices.

    During the American Civil War, Virginia was on the side of the “southerners” – the Confederates. In this state, the most important, epoch-making battles of that war took place. After the surrender of the Confederation, the area again became part of the United States.

    In the 20th century, democratization was rather slow in this state: for example, only in the 60s African Americans came to power in the state. In our century, of the well-known sad events in the state, perhaps an earthquake occurred, but it did not bring terrible consequences. Currently, the state is developed: good infrastructure, economy, education. Tourists enjoy visiting this area distinguished in history.

    Brief Geographical Information and Climate

    Virginia is located in the eastern part of the state. The capital of the state is Richmond, among the major cities are Portsmouth, Norfolk and other settlements. From the east, the state is washed by the waters of the Atlantic. It has borders with many other states in America. Part of the area is covered with swamps, from the west rise the foothills of the Appalachians – ridges and plateaus. Virginia is more than half covered in forests.

    Climatically, the state can be attributed to two types of climate: temperate and subtropical. Virginia is humid and hot during the summer, with fairly mild winters. The coastal zone often suffers from hurricanes, and there are even tornadoes in the state, so it’s best to always “keep in touch” with the forecasts of the relevant services.

    Virginia on the map

    Security in Virginia

    Late last year there were a number of major riots in the state. However, when it comes to the safety of tourists, the United States of America is generally on the alert. It is worth following the following rules:

    • do not get involved in street conflicts and stay away from the protesting masses;
    • watch the weather: as mentioned, you should be aware of the possibility of unpleasant weather in advance;
    • in large tourist areas, be careful with equipment, valuables and not carry all available financial resources with you.

    Visa for Russians

    A United States tourist visa is required to travel anywhere in the state. Americans are quite scrupulous when considering a package of documents, it is worth attaching everything correctly so that the impression of you is only positive, you should behave correctly during an interview.

    Applying for a visa through travel companies and agencies can make the task easier, but in any case, never lie, decide on your plans in the state, accommodation, plan your budget – then most likely you will easily get a visa as a respectable tourist.

    Travel planning to Virginia: transportation and accommodation

    How to get to Virginia and travel around the state

    It all depends, of course, on which part of the state you want to go on vacation. Most tourists plan to travel through Richmond. If you fly from the Russian capital, you will have to spend about a day on the road, making several transfers. An air ticket to Richmond during the velvet season with early booking and purchase will cost about $ 600.

    If you plan to travel around the state, the easiest way is to rent a car. The cost will be about $ 40 per day, while you will not depend on public transport schedules. However, a lot of good, clean, comfortable buses run around the state – between all significant cities.

    Where to stay

    In the United States of America, there is always a lot to offer tourists. In large cities of the state, in particular, there are a lot of various hotels, hotels, guest houses, hostels, apartments. For example, if you book accommodation in Richmond in advance, then a double room will cost from $ 35 per day – this will be the simplest option. A popular very high-quality “three-ruble note” can be found for $ 100 per day.

    Many tourists will definitely want to go to Virginia Beach, because in this city a beach holiday is possible. Here you can also find budget options, for about $ 55 per day for two. But there are a lot of medium-sized options, as well as many high-class hotels: after all, beach lovers, as a rule, want everything to be inclusive. As for such hotels, many tourists are recommended to stay at the Comfort Inn at the Beach. This is an excellent hotel complex located next to the Science Research Center and the Neptune statue. At your service there will be free access to the Internet, sports grounds, good nutrition and a high level of service. The cost of a room for one night is about 100-150 dollars, it all depends on the level of service.

    All About Vacations in Virginia


    Richmond is a city of historical significance as it was the capital of the Confederacy. It is rich in historical monuments, culturally significant places, architecturally interesting buildings. There is a lot of what is left from the time of the very Civil War.

    Virginia State Capitol is a must-see in the city. This building was erected in a monumental style. The capitol was used as a courthouse, a municipal building, and at one time was even a home for local residents. Now the Virginia State Capitol is used for filming, because it resembles the White House.

    The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts will appeal to all art lovers, because it presents art related to different historical periods and traditions of different peoples: ancient, African, American, Asian, art nouveau and art deco (early 20th century) , modern Art. The museum has a magnificent collection of Faberge eggs. Other interesting museums are the Museum of Science, the Museum of the Confederation, the Valentine Historical Center – take your pick.

    St. Paul’s Church and Town Hall built in the 19th century are also worth a look. And if you get tired of buildings and museums, then Richmond will offer you plenty of parks. For example, Chimborazo Park contains a beautiful botanical garden inside, where during the season you can admire tulips, cyclamens, many varieties of roses. Brown Island Park constantly hosts concerts, live music evenings in the open air. Children will love Maymont Park or the Children’s Museum.

    Virginia Beach

    Virginia Beach is first and foremost a beach resort, and of a high standard. They go there for a whole vacation, and stop by for a couple of days. In this city, it is possible to organize a family vacation (because there are clean beaches, green areas, hotels focused on families with children), and youth (because there is also an excellent nightlife).

    The city is distinguished by the fact that there is almost always a festival going on there. Judge for yourself:

    • beer fair;
    • Neptune Festival;
    • Caribbean Music Festival;
    • airshow.

    Perhaps the main entertainment in the city is concentrated on the beach: catering establishments, shops, entertainment areas. You can play golf, go fishing, buy a spa package. Of the museums, one can note, for example, the Aviation Museum, the Historical Museum. The city has an amusement park and a water park, which will be very popular with families with children and youth companies.

    Alexandria (Alexandria)

    This city is famous for its involvement in historical events. It also has many sights dating back to the period of the American Civil War.

    The most interesting place is the Old Town. It appeared in the middle of the 17th century. Numerous old buildings in the form of mansions, art galleries, antique shops. Many places are marked by the fact that they were born, lived or loved to visit any political or military figure in the United States.

    Museums include the Carlisle House built in the 18th century (by the way, there is also a picturesque park), the Archaeological and Regional Museums.

    Other Places of Interest Virginia

    The Historical Triangle (Jamestown, Williamsburg, Yorktown) is the area best known for the history of the American Civil War.

    Luray Cave is one of the most visited by tourists. A unique place, is the most mysterious local attraction. Here you can see not only the beauty of nature, but also the first traces of human habitation, optical illusions and mysterious grottoes. The story goes that the cave was discovered back in the 17th century, by chance, then a small group of people saw a powerful jet of water on their way. Curious travelers decided to check what was behind the water, after which they discovered a cave.

    Until today, there are fragments of human bones in the cave, which indicates that people used to live here. Now the walls in the cave are illuminated with artificial lanterns, which allows you to admire its monumentality and beauty. Next to the cave is a wishing well, its bottom is completely strewn with coins. Thanks to the crystal clear water, many tourists believe that the depth of the lake is small, however, this is all an illusion. The actual depth is about two meters. Each tour purchased in Virginia includes an excursion to Luray Cave.

    When in Virginia, be sure to visit the Natural Bridge. This is an incredible place, it deserves special attention. Nature tried and created a geological formation 67 meters high. The natural bridge, 27 meters long, resembles an arch, but the human hand has nothing to do with this structure. Tourists from all over the world come to see this beauty. To get to the attractions, you have to buy a ticket for $18.

    Shenandoah National Park is a place of inhuman beauty. It is located in the Appalachians, on the crest of a mountain range. There is a highway running through the park, and there are hiking trails. Now it is equipped for tourists: campsites and hotels, horse and bicycle rentals, catering points. What is special about this park: Firstly, these are waterfalls and caves. Secondly, flora and fauna: chestnuts, a tulip tree, maples grow here; live deer, lynx, opossums.

    Virginia Attractions

    What to do in the state? Well, most of the attractions are already listed. It must be said that Virginia is ideal for those who love eco-tourism: there are a lot of forests in the state, mountain air fills the lungs, plantings delight with an abundance of cute squirrels and pleasant field plants. Some prefer not to watch, but to do something – thanks to the same “green” feature, there are many fishermen and hunters in the state.

    Vocab for 5th graders: Academic vocabulary words for 5th graders

    Опубликовано: July 29, 2022 в 11:12 am


    Категории: Miscellaneous

    5th Grade Vocabulary Words and Definitions

    It’s important to focus on spelling skills. Whether you’re homeschooling or supplementing education, 5th grade vocabulary word lists are great for boosting their vocabulary skills. Use these spelling lists for science, math, and social studies learning.

    5th grade vocabulary word erosion


    Science Vocabulary Words for 5th Grade

    Vocabulary words are important to language arts, but they also come in handy in science. Understanding the different terms like characteristics and heredity is important to gaining mastery of the concepts.

    • air pressure (n.) – the pressure exerted by the air onto a surface
    • boiling (adj.) – heated to or past the boiling point
    • characteristic (n.) – distinguishing features
    • chromosome (n.) – DNA strand coded with genes
    • continental drift (n. ) – the gradual movement of large landmasses (continents) over time
    • earthquake (n.) – sudden, violent shaking of the ground
    • effort (n.) – physical or mental exertion
    • erosion (n.) – the process where elements like water and wind breakdown rock and earth
    • fossil (n.) – remains of a prehistoric organism in rock
    • glaciers (n.) – large thick ice masses that move slowly
    • heredity (n.) – the passing on of genetic traits
    • investigation (n.) – formal systematic research, inspection, or examination
    • melting (adj.) – liquefying or dissolving
    • prehistoric (adj.) – before written records
    • repulsion (n.) – force where objects move away from one another
    • resistance (n.) – opposition
    • subjectivity (n.) – state of being influenced by personal opinions or tastes
    • sublimation (n. ) – chemical process in which a solid turns into a gas
    • topography (n.) – the physical appearance of features on the surface of the earth
    • water cycle (n.) – the cycle of water on earth that includes evaporation and transpiration

    Math Vocabulary Words for 5th Graders

    Math is starting to take on a life of its own in 5th grade. Gone are the easy concepts of multiplication and division. Now, students are learning the beginning concepts of algebra and geometry. Knowing the 5th grade vocabulary words in math can supplement their equation learning.

    • acute (adj.) – less than 90 degrees
    • associative (adj.) – characterized by an independent grouping of elements
    • capacity (n.) – the maximum amount something can contain
    • data (n.) – facts; statistics; figures
    • decagon (n.) – shape with 10 sides and angles
    • equivalent (adj. ) – having equal value or meaning
    • estimation (n.) – the act of making a well thought out guess
    • geometry (n.) – branch of math concerned with points, lines, surfaces, shapes, and dimensions
    • interpreting (v.) – present participle of interpret; explaining meaning or clarifying
    • irregular (adj.) – arranged oddly; not even
    • median (adj.) – denoting the value at the midpoint
    • numerator (n.) – the number above the dividing line in division
    • perpendicular (adj.) – at right angles; lines, surfaces or planes at or meeting at 90 degrees
    • probability (n.) – likelihood something will occur
    • rhombus (n.) – geometric shape with four sides with 2 opposite obtuse and 2 opposite acute angles
    • simplifying (v.) – making an equation or problem as simple as possible
    • vertex (n. ) – the top; highest point; peak
    • vertical (adj.) – something that rises up from a vertical plane; points from bottom to top
    • weight (n.) – measure of how heavy something is


    Social Studies Vocabulary for 5th Grade

    Looking to help your students explore the world? The first thing they need to do is understand social studies vocabulary. Dive into social studies with these fun vocabulary words for 5th grade.

    • Arab (n.) – a person of Semitic descent or inhabiting the Middle East
    • Chinese (n.) – a native of China or Chinese descent
    • climate (n.) – weather conditions in an area
    • coast (n.) – edge of land near sea or ocean
    • continent (n.) – major 7 landmasses surrounded by oceans
    • desert (v.) – to leave the cause, people, or organization
    • equator (n. ) – imaginary geographical line equal distance between the poles
    • expanded (adj.) – has increased in size or gotten bigger
    • gulf (n.) – sea inlet surrounded mostly by land; estuary; inlet
    • isthmus (n.) – a narrow strip of land with the ocean on both sides
    • level – (adj.) – having a flat surface; being at the same height
    • migrant (n.) – an individual that moves from one place to another
    • naturalization (n.) – what an individual goes through to become a citizen of a new country
    • plain (n.) – large area of flat land with few trees
    • plateau (n.) – high, flat ground
    • prejudice (n.) – adverse judgment without factual basis
    • region (n.) – area or division of a country
    • responsibility (n.) – duty or obligation to deal with something
    • separate (adj. ) – viewed as unconnected, distinct, or unit apart
    • trade (n.) – the action of buying and selling

    Building 5th Grade Vocabulary

    When it comes to 5th grade vocabulary, there are a lot of different areas that are important for a well-rounded education. Once you have the vocabulary down, you might expand your 5th graders learning through fun memory games and adjective games.

    Staff Writer

    • elementary school
    • 5th grade

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      Fourth grade is an opportune time to build a student’s vocabulary. But increasing vocabulary doesn’t have to just be a language arts lesson. Keep reading for possible words to add to a fourth grade math, science, social studies, and language arts vocabulary list.

    • 6th Grade Vocabulary Word Lists

      Sixth grade vocabulary words are often broken down by topic and cover math, science, social studies or history, and literature. Explore these 6th grade vocabulary words and definitions to expand your language in different subjects.

    ‎5th Grade Vocabulary Prep on the App Store


    The most advanced vocabulary learning tool in the App Store!

    5th Grade Vocabulary Prep was designed to improve vocabulary skills in the classroom and at home:
    • Click to listen to a pronunciation of each word, its meaning, and a sample sentence
    • Study hundreds of vocabulary words at your own pace with guided step-by-step learning
    • Specifically appropriate content chosen at the 5th grade level
    • Students can read through words and definitions as many times as they need for review
    • Word and definition quizzes are used to reinforce learning, ensuring that students understand each word in a section before they continue
    • When they’re ready, students can take the test to move on to the next level (they’ll need to get at least 90% correct to advance)

    “This is a great way to learn about 5th grade spelling and vocabulary it can help you get better grades in school and be a better speller”

    “Amazing app – This app is very helpful to my daughter’s vocabulary”

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    Teachers: sets of vocabulary words from this app can be assigned as activities in Apple’s Schoolwork app

    > No In-App Purchase required, all content is included!

    Aligned with CCSS – Common Core State Standards for 5th Grade:
    • Acquire grade-appropriate conversational, general academic, and domain-specific words
    • Determine the meaning of words and phrases in a text relevant to a grade 5 topic or subject area
    • Use sentence-level context as a clue to the meaning of a word or phrase
    • Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension
    • Read on-level text with purpose and understanding

    Audio feature:
    • Students can click each word, its meaning, and a sample sentence to listen to the audio as often as needed
    • Students will be able to listen to each of the available answers in tests and quizzes before selecting their choice
    • Students are congratulated on a job well done, or will hear the example sentence repeated as a reminder if they answer incorrectly

    Additional features:
    • Enter as many student names as you need
    • Just like a set of flash cards, any word a student gets wrong on one of the practice quizzes is returned to the “back of the deck” and will be asked again to make sure the student can answer every word in that section correctly
    • Email a student’s specific test results or a recap of their full progress
    • Password protected administrator section allows you to review student scores and track student improvement

    Word list includes:
    & hundreds more!

    *With practice you can achieve your best scores!*

    We love to hear from you!
    Please send any feedback or questions to support@peekaboo. mobi

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    Performance improvements for the latest devices. Leave us a review, and let us know how you feel about our apps! Thanks so much for all your support!

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    Thank you

    It’s good to help me with words and the meaning of words thank you guys so much

    Love it

    I’m learning English as second language. I learn pretty fast and easy to remember by playing this over and over. It would be nice to have a list of words you don’t know and have them in quiz. Hope that will be in the next update. After I master this, I will get 6th grade level and so on. Thanks!!

    Notable App

    This is an outstanding app for fourth and fifth graders and I definitely recommend this app. It has seriously improved my vocabulary. I sit in my humble abode practicing and I learn so much! I will never eliminate this app from my iPad. If I did I would be vexed. I really like this app!!!!!!!! You should buy it if you are reading this.

    The developer, Peekaboo Studios LLC, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

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    The developer does not collect any data from this app.

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    Ohio 5th Grade Academic Vocabulary – Social Studies – Student Book

    Grades: 5-5

    Ages: 10-11

    Series: Gallopade Curriculum, State Experience


    ISBN: 978-0-635-10296-6


    Product Code: 10296X

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    • Description

    The Ohio Academic Vocabulary Student Practice Workbook for Fifth Grade includes 60 grade-specific words from Ohio’s Academic Content Standards. This book provides a double benefit: all the vocabulary was hand-selected and is aligned with Ohio’s SOCIAL STUDIES ACS content for each specific grade AND the lessons are an effective strategy for boosting vocabulary to meet Ohio’s ENGLISH ACS!

    This standards-based vocabulary resource will improve students’ ability to:
    • Read grade-appropriate texts with fluency and understanding
    • Determine the meaning of words and phrases
    • Comprehend and analyze complex texts
    • Answer text-dependent questions with close analytical reading

    The Ohio Academic Vocabulary Student Practice Workbook will boost test scores by helping students develop the vocabulary they need for success. The Academic Ohio Vocabulary Student Practice Workbook for Fifth Grade includes 60 grade-specific words from the Ohio’s Academic Content Standards. There are 15 weeks of quizzes, a dictionary of 60 vocabulary words and their definitions, plus a page to add Bonus Words. The Student Practice Workbook includes quizzes that correspond with the Teacher’s Edition.

    The Ohio Vocabulary Student Practice Workbook:

    1. uses a focused approach to build students’ comprehension of the social studies standards by developing their understanding of integral vocabulary.
    2. has a consistent format that is easy for teachers and effective for students.
    3. includes reinforcing activities that engage students and strengthen vocabulary retention.
    4. helps students learn how to apply their new words.
    5. includes assessments for each vocabulary word.

    The Ohio Vocabulary Student Practice Workbook:
    Motivates students • Builds essential Skills • Enhances critical-thinking • Valuable test-prep tools.

    The vocabulary words for Fifth Grade are:
    absolute location • adapt • anthropologist • architecture • artifact • capital goods • cartographer • citizen • civic • civilization • climate • colonization • consequence consumer • cultural group • democracy • dictatorship • diffusion • discrimination • division of labor • economics • ecosystem • entrepreneur • environmental • equator • export • geospatial globe • government • grid • hemisphere • human resources • import • incentive • indigenous • interdependent • intolerance • invest • latitude • longitude • migration • monarchy • natural resources • opportunity cost • political • polytheism population • population density • prime meridian • producer • productive capacity • productive resources • region • resources • satellite image • specialization • subsistence • sustainability • technology • urbanization


    • Ohio 5th Grade Academic Vocabulary – Social Studies – Student Book

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    • Ohio 4th Grade Academic Vocabulary – Social Studies – Student Book

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    • Ohio 5th Grade Academic Vocabulary – Social Studies

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    • Ohio 4th Grade Academic Vocabulary – Social Studies

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    • Ohio kindergarten Academic Vocabulary – Social Studies

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    • Ohio 3rd Grade Academic Vocabulary – Social Studies – Student Book

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    • Ohio 6th Grade Academic Vocabulary – Social Studies – Student Book

      Price: $2.99


    Free 5th Grade Math Vocabulary Posters

    When learning new math skills, it is important for students to develop a strong understanding of the math vocabulary. This blog post will share free 5th grade math vocabulary posters that can be used in your classroom. These posters will help students learn and remember key terms related to fifth grade math skills.

    📚Want reading posters? Click here to grab free reading vocabulary posters.

    📓 Want grammar vocabulary posters? Click here to grab free grammar posters.

    Why Teach Math Vocabulary?

    There are several reasons why math vocabulary instruction is important for students. Here are a few:

    1. A strong understanding of math vocabulary is essential for students to be able to understand the concepts being taught. If students do not know the meaning of important terms, they may struggle with understanding and progressing with the skills.

    2. Math vocabulary can help students discuss and write about math. The more students are exposed to and use math vocabulary, the better they will become at using it themselves.

    3. Math vocabulary instruction can help students show what they know on standardized math assessments and tests.

    The following are some ideas for how you can incorporate math vocabulary instruction into your classroom:

    1. Use math vocabulary posters to help explicitly teach vocabulary and review it — like the ones shared below.

    2. Play math vocabulary games.

    3. Include math vocabulary in your daily routines and activities.

    4. Have students create their own math vocabulary books.

    5. Give students opportunities to use math vocabulary in writing and in math discussions.

    About the Math Vocabulary Posters

    This set of math vocabulary posters includes 108 posters to cover all of your math vocabulary terms for the entire year.

    The vocabulary is separated into the following categories.

    1. Operations and Algebraic Thinking (12 words)
    2. Numbers and Operations: Base Ten (19 words)
    3. Fractions (16 words)
    4. Measurement and Data (18 words)
    5. Geometry (43 words)
    Printable Math Posters

    Each math vocabulary word is on a one-page poster containing the word, definition and example. The printable posters are black and white, so they can easily be printed. Add color by printing them on colored paper.

    Digital Math Posters

    The free set also includes digital posters designed in Google Slides. You post or assign the vocabulary words through Google classroom or projected on your board for class lessons.

    In the digital set, the words are divided into 5 menus by category. Each word on the menu is linked to the matching poster and each poster has a “back to menu” button so you and your students can easily navigate through the posters.

    Need help assigning Google Slides resources through Google Classroom? Click here for a step-by-step guide.

    Ways to Use the Math Vocabulary Posters

    Display the vocabulary posters (on a vocabulary wall, your white board, or a bulletin board) and refer to them when introducing new math skills and concepts.

    Use in Anchor Charts – Use the math vocabulary posters to create anchor charts. One idea is to tape the poster to the chart and then add examples of the term under or around the poster. You could even have students add the examples.

    Use in a Reference Dictionary – Place copies of the math vocabulary posters in a binder for students to use as a reference tool while working on independent or during math centers.

    Create a Math Reference Rings– Print multiple posters to a single page to create reference rings for students to reference as needed. Want resources for math reference rings? Click here to grab more free math tools.

    Use in Students’ Math Notebooks – Print multiple posters to a single page and scale them to about 75-80% for students to glue into their notebooks as they are learning about a math skill or concept.

    Math Scavenger Hunt – Tape specific posters around the room and have students move “around the room” to find vocabulary words. As they find words, they can create examples of the word or create problems that use the word.

    Use as a Digital Reference Tool – Assign the digital posters on Google Classroom so students can each have their own copy to use as a math reference whenever they need it.

    Get the FREE Math Vocabulary Posters!

    To get these free math vocabulary posters, simply put your email in the box below and they will be sent straight to your inbox. You will receive via email a PDF containing the printable version. Digital access links are on page 8 of the PDF.

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    Wonders Vocabulary 5th Grade – G.T.A.P. MEADOWTHORPE

    ​Wonders 5th Grade


    This page is currently under construction.  All pieces may not be in place for every unit.

    Vocabulary will be pretested at the beginning of each week of instruction.  Student work during the week will depend on their score on the pretest.  Results will be posted in the classroom so that students know what activities they need to complete.  Students who score distinguished will not be required to take the vocabulary quiz at the end of the week of instruction. I highly suggest that students study the words before the pre-test.  This is a great way to cut down on the amount of work that students    

    Quizlet activities are included with each lesson below.   Additional activities can be found on the Quizlet website or by clicking on the “choose a study mode” drop down in the lower right corner of the Quizlet activity.    Students also have access to practice games on their Wonders account through Google Drive.  

    Word Box Format 

    Unit 1

    Unit 1 Week 1
    Words and Definitions  ​​
    loan is money borrowed.
    Profit is the amount of money left after all business costs have been paid.
    When you prosper , you do well and become successful.
    Risk is the chance of loss or harm.
    Savings is money set aside for the future.
    When something is scarce , it is difficult to get or find.
    Wages are payments received for work done.
    If you can afford something, you have enough money to pay for it.
    Questions To Ask Yourself

    1. Name something that you would like to be able to afford.
    2. When have you made a loan to someone?
    3. When have you made a profit?
    4. What other things help people to prosper?
    5. In what other jobs do people take a risk?
    6. What would you like to do with some savings?
    7. What is another word for scarce?
    8. What is a synonym for wages?  



    Download File

    Unit 1 Week 2
    Words and Definitions 
    If you are anxious , you feel nervous and worried about what may happen.
    When people assemble , they come together.
    Decipher means “to figure out something that is difficult to understand. “
    If he distracted you, he drew your attention away from what you were doing.
    When you navigate , you find your way over or through an area.
    Options are choices or alternatives.
    When you retrace your steps, you go back over them.
    When you accomplish a task, you complete it successfully
     ​​Questions To Ask Yourself

    1. What would you like to accomplish today?
    2. Describe a situation that made you feel anxious.
    3. Where else might a large group assemble?
    4. When is handwriting hard to decipher?
    5. What things have distracted your attention from studying?
    6. In what other ways do people navigate?
    7. What is a synonym for options?
    8. What is another word or phrase for retrace?  


    unit_1_week_2__vocabulary_data_sheet. docx.pdf

    Download File

    Unit 1 Week 3
    Words and Definitions 
    If you say something with emphasis , you use special force or stress when saying a particular word or syllable. 
    An encounter is an unexpected meeting. 
    A son, father, and grandfather are three generations who all have a common family ancestor. 
    Yesterday he indicated, or showed a sign, that he was willing to help us paint the fence. 
    naturalist is a person who specializes in the study of things in nature, especially animals and plants. 
    If a rock ledge is sheer , it is steep.
    The magic show was spectacular because it was very unusual and impressive. 
    Debris is the scattered remains of something.
     ​​Questions To Ask Yourself​

    1. What is a synonym for debris?
    2. How can you show emphasis when you talk? 
    3. What is a synonym for encounter?
    4. Haw many generations of a family might be at a holiday meal?
    5. What is a synonym for indicated?
    6. What is something you might ask a naturalist?
    7. What else might you describe as sheer?
    8. What else might you describe as spectacular?  


    unit_1_week_3__vocabulary_data_sheet. docx.pdf

    Download File

    Unit 1 Week 4
    Words and Definitions 
    When you are captivated , you are influenced by charm, art, or skill.
    If you claimed the prize, you declared it as your own.
    Devices are things that are made or invented for a particular purpose.
    If you respond enthusiastically , you act in a way that shows great interest or excitement.
    When she envisioned the school year, she imagined good things would happen in her future.
    If you are passionate about baseball, you have or show a strong feeling about it.
    Patents are papers that give a person or company the right to make, use, or sell new inventions for a certain number of years. 
    breakthrough is an important advance.
     ​​Questions To Ask Yourself​

    1. What kind of breakthrough would you like to see? 
    2. What is something that has captivated you?
    3. What is something you claimed that was yours? 
    4. What devices do you use?
    5. What events make you react enthusiastically?
    6. Tell about something you have envisioned.
    7. Describe a person who is passionate about something.
    8. What inventions do you think have patents? 



    Download File

    Unit 1 Week 5
    Words and Definitions 
    ​W hen you advance , you move forward or make progress.
    An analysis is a careful examination or study of something.
    When you cite something, you mention it as proof or evidence.
    counterpoint is an opposing, or disagreeing, point of view.
    Data are facts, figures, and other kinds of information.
    Drawbacks are problems or disadvantages.
    Reasoning having the ability to think in a logical way.
    If you access information, you get it from a source, such as the Internet.
     ​​Questions To Ask Yourself​​
    1. Where do people access money?
    2. What can you do in order to advance in school?
    3. How is analysis different from investigation?
    4. Name a source that people might cite in a research paper.
    5. Describe a time you expressed a counterpoint .
    6. Describe a profession that uses data .
    7. What drawbacks might there be to owning a pet?
    8. Which is more important, reasoning or instinct? Why?​


    Download File

    Unit 2

    Unit 2 Week 1
    Words and Definitions 

    • Committees are groups of people chosen to do certain work. 
    • convention is a formal meeting for a special purpose.
    • Debate means “to argue or discuss.”
    • proposal is a plan or suggestion.
    • Representatives are people chosen to speak or act for others. 
    • situation is a condition or state of affairs.
    • union is formed by joining two or more together. 
    • To resolve something is to settle, explain, or solve it.

     ​​Questions To Ask Yourself​
    1. Why do people form committees ?
    2. What conventions have you read or heard about?
    3. What is a topic you might debate ?
    4. What information might you include in a proposal ?
    5. What role do representatives play?
    6. How do you resolve problems with your friends?
    7. Describe a funny situation that happened to you.
    8. What advantages might people in a union have?​

    unit_2_week_1__vocabulary_data_sheet. docx.pdf

    Download File

    Unit 2 Week 2
    Words and Definitions 

    • Circumstances are conditions or events that exist with other things and may have an effect on them.
    • His consideration , or careful thought, is needed before making a final decision.
    • Sometimes a friend consults with you to ask for advice.
    • Destiny is what happens, especially when it seems to be determined in advance.
    • expectations: the belief that certain things will happen.
    • presence: the area around or near a person.
    • reveal:  to show or display something hidden.
    • If you are unsure about where to look for information, you are not certain where you should look.

     ​​Questions To Ask Yourself​
    1.  Under what circumstances might you have a party?
    2. What is a decision that requires careful consideration ?
    3. Name someone that a person with a question consults .
    4. What would you like to be your destiny ?
    5. What expectations do you have for your favorite team?
    6. How do you act in the presence of someone you don’t know?
    7. Name ways people reveal their feelings to others.
    8. What is something you are unsure about?​


    Download File

    Unit 2 Week 3
    Words and Definitions 

    • Behaviors are ways that animals or human beings act.
    • disappearance happens when something or someone can no longer be seen or found.
    • If your school receives a flurry of phone calls, it receives many phone calls at once.
    • Many birds migrate in the winter to escape the cold air.
    • When you make an observation , you notice or carefully look at something.
    • theory is an idea or opinion that has not been proven to be true.
    • When he transformed the rusty, old car, he changed how it looked.
    • An energetic person is active and full of life.

     ​​Questions To Ask Yourself​
    1. What behaviors are expected at school?
    2. How would you react to the disappearance of your lunch?
    3. Are you more energetic in the morning or at night?
    4.  What would a flurry of activity look like?
    5. Show me what it means to migrate .
    6. What can observation teach you about people?
    7. What do you think about the theory of time travel?
    8. Describe something that transformed .​


    Download File

    Unit 2 Week 4
    Words and Definitions 

    • If you detected the smell of smoke, you discovered it or noticed it.
    • If something is emerging , it is coming into view and can be seen.
    • Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness.  
    • Guidance is leadership or direction.
    • An outcome is a result or consequence.
    • Previous means “before or earlier.” 
    • pursuit is a chase.
    • When you are assuring , you are making someone feel certain or sure about something.

     ​​Questions To Ask Yourself​
    1. Is assuring someone encouraging or discouraging?
    2. If you detected a problem at school, what would you do?
    3. What things start emerging in the spring?
    4. For what do you feel gratitude ?
    5. Describe a time when you gave someone guidance.
    6. Tell about a time that your actions had a positive outcome.
    7.  What did you do during the previous weekend?
    8. If you are in pursuit , what would that look like? Show me.​


    Download File

    Unit 2 Week 5
    Words and Definitions

    • ​If you are ambitious , you have a strong desire to succeed at something. 
    • If you memorized something, you learned it by heart. 
    • Satisfaction is feeling pleased when you accomplish something. 
    • Free verse poems do not have rhyme.
    • narrative poem is a poem that tells a story. 
    • Repetition is the repeating of words, phrases, or lines in a poem.  
    • A poem with rhyme has lines that end with the same sound. 
    • If you shuddered , you shook or trembled from fear or cold.

     ​​Questions To Ask Yourself​
    1. Which is ambitious —doing ten chores in a day, or doing one?
    2. What is something you have memorized ? Recite it.
    3. What action might give a baseball player satisfaction ?
    4. Who is likely to have shuddered —the person who watched a scary movie or the one who heard a funny joke?​


    Download File

    Unit 3

    Unit 3 Week 1
    Words and Definitions 

    • blurted:  If he blurted the answer, he said it suddenly.
    • complimenting:  When you say something nice about someone, you are complimenting that person.
    • congratulate:  Congratulate means “to give praise or good wishes for something that has happened.”
    • contradicted:  The baker’s story contradicted, or disagreed with, the butcher’s story.
    • critical:  A person who is critical will find fault or have an opinion that something is wrong.
    • cultural:  When you research your family’s cultural past, you learn about your family customs, beliefs, and traditions. 
    • misunderstanding:  When friends have a misunderstanding, they fail to understand one another.
    • Appreciation: When you understand the value of something, you have an appreciation for it.

     ​​Questions To Ask Yourself​
    1.  What do you feel appreciation for?
    2. What have you blurted out?
    3. What is a good reason for complimenting someone?
    4. Show how you congratulate a friend.
    5. Tell about a time when someone contradicted you.
    6. What might you say to a person who is often critical ?
    7. What special cultural traditions do you enjoy?
    8. How can people avoid a misunderstanding ?

    Unit 3 Week 2
    Words and Definitions 

    • civilization: civilization is a society in which agriculture, trade, art, science, and government are highly developed.  
    • complex:  Something complex is difficult to understand or do. 
    • devise:  If you devise a strategy, you think about it and plan it carefully.
    • fashioned:  A pot that has been fashioned has been shaped or molded.
    • resourceful:  A person who is resourceful is skilled in dealing with new or difficult situations.
    • shortage:  shortage is a lack of supply.
    • tormentors :  Tormentors are people or things that cause pain. 
    • Cultivate: To cultivate is to improve, develop, or make something better.

     ​​Questions To Ask Yourself​
    1. How would you describe our civilization ?
    2. Tell how you solved a complex problem.
    3. Describe how you could cultivate one of your skills.
    4. What plan would you like to devise?
    5. What are some objects in this room fashioned from?
    6. What are some ways you can be resourceful?
    7. What happens when there is a shortage of something?
    8. Why is it important to speak out against tormentors ?​

    Unit 3 Week 3
    Words and Definitions 

    • erode  :  Erode means “to wear or wash away very slowly.”
    • formation :  A formation is something that is made or formed.
    • moisture:  Moisture is a slight wetness caused by water or another liquid.
    • particles:  Particles are very small bits or pieces.
    • repetition:  Repetition is saying or doing something over and over.
    • structure:  A structure is an arrangement of parts that fit together.
    • visible:  When something is visible, it can be seen. 
    • Contact: Contact is a touching or meeting of things.​

     ​​Questions To Ask Yourself​
    1. What is one thing you should not make contact with?
    2. How does land look if it starts to erode ?
    3. What is a formation you have seen in a cloud?
    4. How does moisture affect a sponge?
    5. What happens if you breathe in dust particles ?
    6.  Give me an example of repetition .
    7. Describe the structure of the desks in our classroom.
    8. Describe one thing that is not visible to the eye.​

    Unit 3 Week 4
    Words and Definitions 

    • artificial:  Artificial describes a thing not made by nature.
    • collaborate:  When we collaborate , we work together.
    • dedicated:  If the driver dedicated his time to volunteer, he gave or devoted his time.
    • flexible:  Something flexible is able to bend without breaking.
    • function:  When using a tool, you should understand its function , or its use or purpose.
    • obstacle:  An obstacle stands in the way or blocks progress.
    • techniques:  Techniques are special ways of doing something to achieve a desired result.
    • mimic:  When you mimic something, you imitate it.​

     ​​Questions To Ask Yourself​
    1. Describe one thing you know that is artificial .
    2. How do you collaborate with others?
    2. What are you dedicated to doing?
    4. Which sports require you to be flexible ?
    5. Describe the function of a machine you use.
    6. Which animal sounds can you mimic ?
    7. Tell about an obstacle you have faced.
    8. What techniques do you use when you study?​

    Unit 3 Week 5
    Words and Definitions 

    • era:  An era is a period of time or history.
    • fragments:  Fragments are small, broken pieces. 
    • historian:  A historian is a person who knows a great deal about history. 
    • intact:  Something that is intact is whole or complete. 
    • preserved: Something that is preserved is protected so that it does not decay or get damaged.
    • reconstruct:  When you reconstruct something, you put its parts back together. 
    • remnants:  Remnants are small pieces or parts of something that are left over.
    • Archaeologist: An archaeologist is a person who digs up and studies remains of ancient towns and cities.

     ​​Questions To Ask Yourself​
    1. What kind of tasks does an archaeologist do?
    2.  If you could visit another era , which one would you choose?
    3. How are fragments different from parts?
    4. What does a historian do?
    5. Describe something that is no longer intact .
    6. Tell about a souvenir you have preserved .
    7. What would you do to reconstruct a broken vase?
    8. Are remnants usually big or small?​

    Unit 4

    Unit 4 Week 1
    Words and Definitions 
    deeds:   Deeds are acts or actions.
    exaggeration:   An exaggeration is a statement that makes something seem more than it really is.
    heroic     heroic act is a very brave or courageous act.
    impress            If you impress someone, you have a strong effect on his or her mind or feelings.
    posed         If you posed for a picture, you held a position so that someone could paint or photograph you.
    sauntered           If you sauntered, you walked in a slow, relaxed way.
    wring          To wring out a wet rag, you squeeze it or twist it.
    commenced      If you commenced doing your homework, you started doing it
     ​​Questions To Ask Yourself​
    1. How did you feel when school commenced ?
    2. Whose deeds do you admire?
    3. What is an exaggeration that someone has told you?
    4. Describe a heroic act that you have heard about.
    5. What are three things that impress you?
    6. When was the last time you posed for a picture?
    7. Show how sauntered is different than walked.
    8. What is something that people wring out?

    Unit 4 Week 2
    Words and Definitions 

    • concealed       When she concealed her diary, she put it out of sight.
    • inquisitive          If you are inquisitive, you are curious.
    • interpret         When you interpret a difficult paragraph, you explain its meaning and make it easier to understand.
    • perplexed        If you are perplexed, you are confused.
    • precise      When you make a precise cut with the scissors, you make an exact or accurate cut.
    • reconsider     If you reconsider, you think about something again.
    • suspicious    If you are suspicious, you think that someone or something is wrong and cannot be trusted.
    • astounded      When you are astounded, you are amazed and surprised.

     ​​Questions To Ask Yourself​
    1. What is one thing that has astounded you?
    2. What kinds of things have people concealed?
    3. What topics make you inquisitive?
    4. Why might people interpret something in different ways?
    5. When have you been perplexed?
    6. Describe a job in which it is important to be precise .
    7. Tell about a time you had to reconsider a decision.
    8. What kinds of behaviors make you suspicious?​

    Unit 4 Week 3
    Words and Definitions 

    • defy   When you defy a rule, you resist it or refuse to obey it.  
    • entitled    If you are entitled , you qualify or have a right to do something.
    • neutral      A person who is neutral does not support or agree with either side of an argument. 
    • outspoken     An outspoken person is honest and says what he or she thinks.
    • reserved  If something is reserved , it is saved for a purpose or a special person. 
    • sought   If he sought the lost treasure, he went looking for it.
    • unequal      Things that are unequal are not the same.
    • Anticipation     Anticipation is the act of expecting something to happen.

     ​​Questions To Ask Yourself​
    1. Describe something that fills you with anticipation.
    2. Why might you defy someone?
    3. What rights are people entitled to in this country?
    4. Why might you stay neutral when your friends argue?
    5. Would you rather be outspoken or shy?
    6. Describe a place that is reserved for a specific purpose.
    7. Tell about something you have sought and found.
    8. Why is unequal treatment of citizens unfair?​

    Unit 4 Week 4
    ​Words and Definitions  ​ 

    • absorb  We used sponges to absorb, or soak up, the water.
    • affect    Strong winds affect, or influence, how fast a boat sails. 
    • conserve  If you conserve something, you keep it from harm, loss, or change.
    • cycle   A cycle is a series of events that happen over and over in the same order.
    • glaciers    Glaciers are large masses of ice found in cold regions or on top of high mountains.
    • necessity   A necessity is something that is needed or required.
    • seeps     When a liquid seeps, it flows or spreads slowly.
    • circulates    When something circulates , it moves in a circular path

    Questions To Ask Yourself
    1. What is a material that can absorb liquid easily?
    2. Explain how another person’s actions affect you.
    3. What is something that circulates ?
    4. How do people take action to conserve the environment?
    5.  Describe one kind of cycle .
    6. Where do you find glaciers ?
    7. What do you consider a necessity in your life?
    8. What kind of substance seeps ?​

    Unit 4 Week 5  
    Words and Definitions  

    • alliteration  Alliteration is the repetition of the same consonant sound at the beginning of a group of words. 
    • lyric   A lyric poem is a short poem that expresses personal feelings. 
    • meter    Meter is a repeating pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables. 
    • stanza   A stanza is a group of lines in a poem.
    • expression       Expression is putting thoughts or feelings into words or actions.  
    • meaningful    Something meaningful has importance or a purpose.
    • plumes    Plumes are big, fluffy feathers or feathery parts. 
    • barren    Something that is barren is lifeless and not able to grow anything.

     ​Questions To Ask Yourself
    1. What is more barren —a dry, lifeless desert or a lush, tropical forest?
    2. Say or show an expression of thanks.
    3. What book or song has been most meaningful to you? Why?
    4. Which animal has plumes —an ostrich or a lizard?​

    Unit 5

    Unit 5 Week 1
    Words and Definitions  ​​


     Questions To Ask Yourself

     Unit 5 Week 2
    Words and Definitions  ​​
     Questions To Ask Yourself


    Unit 5 Week 3
    Words and Definitions  ​​
    Questions To Ask Yourself

    Unit 5 Week 4
    Words and Definitions  ​​
    Questions To Ask Yourself

    ​Unit 5 Week 5 
    Words and Definitions  ​​
    Questions To Ask Yourself

    Unit 6

    Unit 6 Week  1

    Words and Definitions  
    Questions To Ask Yourself

    Unit 6 Week  2

    Words and Definitions  ​
    Questions To Ask Yourself

    Unit 6 Week 3 

    Words and Definitions  ​
    Questions To Ask Yourself

    Unit 6 Week 4 

    Words and Definitions  ​
    Questions To Ask Yourself

    Unit 6 Week 5 

    Words and Definitions  ​
    Questions To Ask Yourself

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    How can I improve my 5th grade vocabulary?

    Reading a variety of texts is one of the most effective ways for fifth graders to increase their vocabulary. When children read, they encounter unfamiliar vocabulary words and are often able to use context to figure out the meaning. Over time, a child’s vocabulary will grow.

    Are there sight words for 5th graders?

    There are 100 examples of fifth-grade sight words to practice before kids enter 6th grade. The list of sight words is divided by their types, Dolch and Fry.

    What words should 5th graders be able to spell?

    5th Grade Spelling Lists earthquake. countdown. candlestick. barefoot. bathrobe. classroom. fingernail. roommate.

    How can vocabulary be improved?

    Practice using new words in conversation. It’s possible to amass a huge vocabulary without actually knowing how to use words. This means you have to take it upon yourself to put your personal dictionary into use. If you come across an interesting word in your reading, make a point of using it in conversation.

    How many words should a 5th grader know?

    Average vocabulary increases from an estimated 3500 root word meanings at the beginning of kindergarten, to 6000 root words at the end of the second grade, to approximately 20,000 root words by fifth grade.

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    How do you deal with a student struggling with vocabulary?

    Be sure to have a look at the comprehensive list of targeted strategies to help you teach vocabulary to your students. Take a student’s perspective. … Try using a word wall. … Create vocabulary notebooks. … Connect word meanings with semantic mapping. … Make word cards. … Encourage reading comprehension. … Use visuals and situations.

    What vocabulary words should a 5th grader know?

    Academic vocabulary words for 5th graders abolishescalateinfluencedissatisfiedhorizontalunexpecteddominatehostileunfamiliardrowsyhuddleverticaledibleidentifyeffortless20 more rows • Dec 4, 2019

    How can I help my 5th grader with vocabulary?

    Reading a variety of texts is one of the most effective ways for fifth graders to increase their vocabulary. When children read, they encounter unfamiliar vocabulary words and are often able to use context to figure out the meaning. Over time, a child’s vocabulary will grow.

    How can I help my 10 year old with vocabulary?

    Here are our top suggestions: Bring new words to life. … Visualise new words on paper. … Encourage your child to query any new words they come across. … Talk constantly with your child. … Have two-way conversations with your child. … Don’t ‘dumb down’ your own vocabulary. … Put new words into context.

    How can I help my child develop a strong vocabulary?

    Here are our top suggestions: Bring new words to life. … Visualise new words on paper. … Encourage your child to query any new words they come across. … Talk constantly with your child. … Have two-way conversations with your child. … Don’t ‘dumb down’ your own vocabulary. … Put new words into context.

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    Phonics is a method for teaching people how to read ; a) learning individual sounds and their corresponding letters (e.g. the word cat has three letters and …

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    key vocabulary terms: Topics by

    The Effect of Digital Word Study on Fifth Graders’ Vocabulary Acquisition, Retention, and Motivation: A Mixed Methods Approach.

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    (PDF) Academic vocabulary | pham thi mai –

    Academic Vocabulary provides eight exposures to each vocabulary word in the text plus more opportunities for exposure through the Collaborative Activities …

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    BRAIN-RING IN RUSSIAN LANGUAGE, 5 CLASS | Material in the Russian language (grade 5) on the topic:

    TOPIC: Brain ring in Russian, grade 5

    PURPOSE: – Raise interest in the Russian language;
    – Enrich students’ vocabulary;
    – Teach yourself to find the answer to questions;
    – To develop the ability to work in a team
    EQUIPMENT: Tasks for the game.
    METHOD: Brain Ring Competition Game
    venue: Cabinet of the Russian language and literature
    Participants: Students of the 5th grades


    – Hello, Dear Friends!
    – Good afternoon! I declare all of you participants in the Brain Ring game. Today we will hold a quiz in this exciting form. Although “happy hours are not watched”, one of my assistants will be the timekeeper of our game, the psychologist of our school N.S. Drezhzhova

    And I wish you success.
    Good luck, finds, jokes, laughter.
    Away with doubts! Now
    “Brain Ring” is waiting for you!
    – And now let me introduce the participants of today’s game. These are the “…” command and the “…” command. I ask everyone to take their seats opposite each other. Get comfortable.

    Starting the first round

    Warm-up. Tasks for 1 team. I name phrases. You must call them in one word.
    1. Warming in winter, accompanied by melting snow. (thaw).
    2. Young plants prepared for planting in the ground. (seedlings).
    3. Faceted, polished diamond. (diamond).
    4. Pipes carrying gas. (gas pipeline).
    5. Hundredth of a meter. (centimeter).
    6. One hundred kilograms. (centner).
    7. Tailoring workshop. (studio).
    8. A man with dark blond hair. (brown hair).
    9. Road lined with trees on both sides. (alley).
    10. Institution where basic education is received. (school).
    11. A child with outstanding mental abilities. (wunderkind).
    12. A woman working on a dairy farm. (milkmaid).
    13. A dish made from finely chopped vegetables. (salad).

    14. Round date. (anniversary).
    15. A group of people who are referees at competitions. (jury).

    Well done. Thank you.

    And now the questions for the 2nd team.

    1. Ice covered area. (rink).
    2. A person of the same age as someone. (peer).
    3. Light up with intermittent light. (flicker).
    4. The largest great ape. (gorilla).
    5. A man with blond hair. (blond).
    6. Sweet drink made from juice and ice cream. (cocktail).
    7. A series of something. (list).
    8. Festive fireworks. (salute).
    9. Drawing to text. (illustration).
    10. A piece of bread and butter. (sandwich).
    11. 1000 meters. (kilometer).
    12. A woman sewing. (dressmaker).
    13. Just born. (newborn).
    14. Establishment, storage and issue of books. (library).
    15. Road junction. (crossroad).

    Well done. You got off to a very good start.

    Second round. It’s called Find a Pair. Synonymous lotto for teams. Synonyms from another must be selected from the main list:
    1. Machine machine
    2. Defender Lawyer
    3. Artist actor
    4. ABC alphabet
    5. Conversation conversation
    6. Dancer Ballerina
    7. Carelessly carefree
    8. Shine shine
    9. Casual everyday
    10. Continuous constant
    11. The desire to attach
    12. The period is
    13. Dourse of the wilderness
    14. Azure blue
    15. Damn Difis
    16. Road
    17. To assume to assume
    18. Sultry hot
    19. Rakita bush
    20. Dictionary of vocabulary
    21. The situation is the location
    22. Brust
    23. In the eye of the eye alone
    24. At excitation owed
    25. Landscape Landscape Landscape
    26. To predict
    20003 33. Cliff scale
    34. Intelligence mind
    35. Teacher Lecturer

    Third Tour. Add a word.

    Hungry like a wolf.
    Cunning like a fox.
    Healthy as an ox.
    Quirky as hell.
    Prickly as a hedgehog.
    Inflated like a turkey.
    Mute like a fish.
    Dirty as a pig.
    Stubborn as a donkey.
    Talkative like a duck.
    Light as feathers.

    PEREMENKA (Rest for everyone) say a word

    Summer is a wonderful time, the kids cheer!
    Rivers and forests give us miracles in summer.
    Who did the miracle, turned the summer into a fairy tale
    Who made the whole world so sonorous, joyful, colorful.
    The whole earth became a circle, a bright colorful carpet
    Where, under the dome of heaven, the forest turns green.
    And flowers are blooming around, of unprecedented beauty,
    Among the ears of corn by the river, cornflowers will turn blue.
    And, greeting the guys, the bells ring.
    How pleasant it is for you to run through chamomile meadows.
    Here floats danced along the mirror of the river.
    And all around are gentle, pure, white flowers of lilies.
    Dandelions are golden like sunbeams.
    The bees are flying merrily, to the honey aroma.
    Turns the world into flowers into a world of goodness and beauty.

    Fourth round. In which scheme of construction with direct speech is a mistake made?

    1) “P”-a.
    2) “P?”-.
    3) A: “P”.

    Fifth round. Orthoepical problem.

    In two task envelopes

    1 team

    How many times [P] occurs in the sentence.

    In the glade there was an oak tree in two girths.

    2nd command

    How many times [g] occurs in the sentence.

    A friend met him at the station.

    Captains competition. “Live Letters”

    Insert missing letters.

    The flag flutters, develops abilities, fires mushrooms, opens the door, thinks… about mercy, minds… sing in the cold, hide .. drink with a seal.

    Sixth round From the word “Lexicon” make as many new words as possible.

    (Possible options: forest, hay, con, juice, cinema, nose, dream, village, stake, cake, fox, gloss, etc.)

    Seventh round. Blitz.

    Answer the questions.

    Toothy, not biting. (Rake)

    Not the sea, but worried. (Niva)

    He rides in the field on his back, and across the field on his feet. (Harrow)

    As in the field, on the mound stands a chicken with earrings. (Oats)

    How does day and night end? (b)

    Which alphabet has 6 letters? (alphabet)

    Which words have 100 consonants? (sto-g, sto-l, sto-p)

    What is there in cucumbers and watermelons, but not in melon and pumpkin? (sound r)

    Write words that end in cat?

    (tso-cat, ro-cat, s-cat, boy-cat)

    – And now, dear friends, the most exciting moments have come. The jury sums up.

    – The floor is given to the jury.

    This is where our game is over. Thank you all for your participation. Goodbye, see you again.

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      Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered on the topic Present Simple.

    • Present Simple vs Present Continuous


      This test is intended for students of the 5th grade in order to control the assimilation of the temporary forms Present Simple – Present Continuous.

    • Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple


      In this test, trial sentences are given to determine knowledge by the times Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple.

    • English test: Past Simple or Past Continuous


      The test is designed for 5th grade students. This test will help you consolidate your knowledge in the topics Past Simple Tense and Past Continuous Tense. By answering all 12 questions, you will be able to test your knowledge on these topics, to understand what are the gaps in knowledge.

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      5 form


      The test is designed to repeat the past simple tense in affirmative sentences and questions (Topic “In summer”, “Day out”). Grade 5 RB

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      1 “School days” (Vocabulary pt. 1)


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    • Article a/an, the, -.


      This test is for 5th grade students. Theme “Article a/an, the, -“.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 1 “School days”


      Test on most of the questions contained in the indicated chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered and prepare for lessons, tests and tests.

    • Final English test for grade 5


      test in English, grade 5, after reading the text, you must answer true / false

    • English language. Irregular Verbs.


      Hello! In this test, I would like to test your knowledge of irregular English verbs.

    • Present continuous tense

      17. 02.2020

      This test should be conducted with students in grades 5-6 when consolidating the material.

    • Present Continuous


      The test is intended for students of grade 5 to control the degree of assimilation of grammatical material on the topic Present Continuous

    • Body parts. Test


      Body parts test in English. Preparation for dictation.

    • Prepositions


      This test was created to test the knowledge of fifth grade students of a secondary school on the topic “Prepositions”

    • English test on the topic “Hobby”


      Vocabulary test on the topic “hobbies and hobbies”. Apply the acquired knowledge in choosing the right option

    • English language test for 5th grade I


      The test is designed to test the basic knowledge of the English language of 5th grade students.

    • Checking what we know_5 class_Spotlight


      The test tests knowledge on all topics studied in the 5th grade using the textbook “Spotlight”

    • Jobs (“Professions”)


      Test in English in grade 5 on the topic “Jobs” (module 1b), textbook “Star English 5” by K. M. Baranova, R.P. Milrud. The test can also be used when studying the topic “Professions” on any teaching materials.

    • Vocabulary on the topic “My family”


      The test is designed for 5th grade students. This test will help you to consolidate vocabulary on the topic “Family”. By answering all 14 questions, you can test your knowledge of vocabulary on this topic, understand what gaps there are in knowledge.

    • Present Continuous Tense test for grade 5


      Present Continuous Tense test for grade 5. UMK “Forward” M.V. Verbitskaya. Part 1.

    • Present Simple, Present Continuous.


      This test is designed for 5th grade students to repeat and practice affirmative sentences Present Simple and Present Continuous.

    • Using “There is/There are” constructions


      Online English grammar test. Grammar exercises: the use of constructions (turns) “There is / There are” in English Grade 5

    • Do/ go/ play + sport


      Practicing the difference in the use of verbs with different sports. In the task, you must enter the verbs in the appropriate form.

    • Are you ready for the USE or USE? [GRAMMAR] Rate your English on the international scale CEFR.


      The test contains 60 grammar and 5 psychological questions.
      At the end, a transcript is given: You will find out what level of complexity you answered correctly.
      The result of the pass will look like this:
      90% = A1 (Breakthrough level) = Beginner
      75% = A2 (Waystage) = Elementary
      55% = B1 (Threshold) = OGE (Grade 9)
      35% = B2 (Vantage) = USE (grade 11)
      10% = C1 (Effective proficiency)
      0% = C2 (Mastery) = This is the level of people over 25 or native speakers. It rents 1% worldwide annually.
      + psychological test result
      75% of the level should be considered sufficient. In this example, a person showed confident knowledge of grammar at the A2 level with a certain potential to bring it to B1 – the OGE level in 2-3 months and to B2 in an academic year of regular work. (Remember, this is only about grammar!)
      BUT! It also depends on your age, if you are 12 years old – it is very difficult to make such progress without strong motivation and teacher support, and if you are 15-16, then it will be easier.

    • Present Perfect vs Past Simple


      Test for students in grades 5-7 to compare Present Perfect and Past Simple tenses

    • Typical tasks from the control work


      Make sentences from the words scattered at random (3 questions). Find and correct errors in sentences (3 questions). Put the sentence into an interrogative and a negative form (1 question).

    • “Possessive and absolute possessive pronouns” English Grade 5


      Test on the topic “Possessive and absolute possessive pronouns” in English Grade 5

    • Separation questions grade 5a


      Test in English on the topic “Cutting questions” for grade 5

    • Verbs in Present Continuous


      Test for constructing affirmative sentences in Present Continuous in English.

    • Absolute forms of possessive pronouns


      Test on the topic: Absolute forms of possessive pronouns according to Rainbow English Afanasyeva O.V. 5th grade

    • Present Simple Tense Grade 5


      This test is suitable for 5th grade students. The theme is “Present Simple Tense”.

    • Future Simple


      This test is a great helper for checking the knowledge of skills and abilities acquired in English lessons on the grammatical topic, the future tense of the verb

    • Preposition of time


      Grammar test on the topic “Prepositions of time” for the 5th grade of secondary schools.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 4 “Family ties” (Vocabulary, pt. 1)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English Language Test for Grade 5 II


      The test is designed to test the basic knowledge of the English language of 5th grade students.

    • Formation and use of Present Continuous


      The test is designed for students in grade 5 to control the assimilation of grammatical material on the topic.

    • The Past Simple Tense: wh-questions


      Let’s check your knowlegde of making questions in the Past Simple Tense.

    • English grade 5. Module 2. That’s me.


      Final test for module 2 of the Spotlight textbook for grade 5.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 1 “School days” (Vocabulary, pt. 2)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • The United Kingdom Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


      This test material is designed to assess the knowledge of students in the 5th grade on the topic of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    • Countable/uncountable nouns, how much/how many, some/any


      Countable/uncountable nouns in grade 5
      To denote a large number of something or someone in English, the quantitative pronouns many and much are used. Both are translated into Russian with the word “many”. The question arises: if the meaning is the same, why are two different pronouns needed? It turns out that this makes sense, since each of them has its own field of application.
      The location many is used in those cases when it refers to objects (animate or inanimate) that can be counted. Words denoting such objects are called countable nouns.
      The place name much is used in those cases when it refers to objects that cannot be counted. Words denoting such objects are called uncountable nouns.
      How much – how much? Haw many – how many?
      How much water in the glass? How much water is in a glass?
      How many oranges are there in the basket? How many oranges are in the basket?
      The pronoun some and any are translated as “several”, “a little”.
      The pronoun some is used in affirmative sentences:
      I have some sweets. I have some sweets.
      The pronoun any is used in negative and interrogative sentences:
      I have not any sweets. I don’t have candy.
      Article a or an?
      The indefinite article has two forms: a and an. The rules for using them are very simple.
      The article in the form “a” is used before a consonant: a boot, a tie, a lock, a house, a car, a job.
      The article in the form “an” is used before vowels: an apple, an iron, an oven, an error

    • Past Progressive (Continuous)


      Grammar. Past Continued. Grade 5 Rainbow. O.V. Afanasiev, I.V. Mikheeva, K.M. Baranova

    • present simple


      The test is designed to practice the grammatical phenomenon Present Simple Tense

    • English (grade 5), Mod.

      1 “School days” (Vocabulary, pt. 3)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 2 “That’s me!” (Vocabulary, part 1)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • Spotlight 5 EXIT TEST( II HALF)


      The test is designed to test the basic knowledge of the English language of 5th grade students for the second half of the year

    • Vocabulary for section 6a Starlight 5


      Section 6a vocabulary test (Starlight 5). Subject: entertainment, adventure, travel.

    • Spotlight 5. Module 9


      Test designed to test knowledge on the topic “Shopping. Places to go”, “Past Simple” (Spotlight 5 Module 9). The test includes questions on vocabulary and grammar.

    • Teaching the use of the long past tense


      Improving the skills of constructing complex-subordinate sentences. Self-testing the use of the long past tense. Improving the construction of proposals

    • London.

      English language test for grades 4-5 according to a 5-point system for evaluating answers


      You can complete the test another day from where you left off

    • Grade 5 Separation questions


      Select the correct answer, to do this, click on the appropriate option

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 2 “That’s me!” (Vocabulary, part 2)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 2 “That’s me!” (Vocabulary, part 3)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 2 “That’s me!” (Vocabulary, part 4)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod.

      3 “My home, my castle” (Vocabulary, pt. 1)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 3 “My home, my castle” (Vocabulary, pt. 2)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 3 “My home, my castle” (Vocabulary, pt. 3)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 4 “Family ties” (Vocabulary, pt. 2)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 4 “Family ties” (Vocabulary, pt. 3)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 5 “World animals” (Vocabulary, pt. 1)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 5 “World animals” (Vocabulary, pt. 2)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod.

      5 “World animals” (Vocabulary, pt. 3)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 5 “World animals” (Vocabulary, pt. 4)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 6 “Round the clock” (Vocabulary, pt. 1)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 6 “Round the clock” (Vocabulary pt. 2)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 6 “Round the clock” (Vocabulary pt. 3)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 6 “Round the clock” (Vocabulary pt. 4)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 7 “In all weathers” (Vocabulary, pt. 1)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod.

      7 “In all weathers” (Vocabulary, pt. 2)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 7 “In all weathers” (Vocabulary, pt. 3)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 8 “Special days” (Vocabulary, pt. 1)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 8 “Special days” (Vocabulary, pt. 2)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • English (grade 5), Mod. 8 “Special days” (Vocabulary, pt. 3)


      Vocabulary test related to the specified chapter of the textbook. Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered.

    • Choose the correct prepositions


      Pay attention to the difference in meaning depending on the use of the prepositions to and into. In order to use the correct preposition, you need to memorize stable phrases. Prepositions can be divided into prepositions of place and direction, prepositions of time and relations.

    • Around Great Britain and Ukraine


      Test for the designation of the equals acquired by the academic material themes “Ukraine-Great Britain”

    • The Place Where I Live


      Test for the assignment of equals acquired by learning lexical units by themes “The place where I live”

    • English World V unit 1


      test in English for knowledge of vocabulary according to EMC English World V Unit 1

    • 5th form unit 8


      The test is designed to test knowledge of words according to section 8 of the EMC English World V

    • “Two Americans”


      Listening test for EMC “Forward” M. V.Verbitskaya. Grade 5 Part 1. Unit 8. Theme “Holidays in the USA”. Audio course T065.

    • A new hobby for Sophie


      Sophie talks to her dad about hobbies. Listen to the audio recording and answer the test questions.

    • Sophie’s friends have hobbies


      Listening. English listening comprehension test. Theme: Hobby friends.

    • Spotlight 5. Modules 10a 10b


      The test is designed for students of grade 5 to consolidate and practice vocabulary

    • Welcome to Great Britain.

      Faces of London


      Verification work on the completed material of section 3 “Great Britain. The look of London”, pp. 87-89, 94-97

    • A birthday party


      The test is aimed at consolidating knowledge on the topic “A birthday party” for students in grade 5, module 3

    • English (grade 5), Module 9a Going shopping, Shops&products


      You will take the test for module 9a. There are 3 tasks in the test. Read assignments carefully! The test run time is limited to 60 minutes!

    • Shops and places to go.

      Spotlight 5 Module 9 Modern Living 9A Going shopping


      Test for 5th grade students for the Spotlight 5 textbook on the topic Going Shopping to practice lexical material and grammatical material on the topic Past Simple

    • Starlight 5 Module 6


      Test on UMK Starlight 5 (Module 6) “Have you ever?” includes checking the vocabulary of the module, grammar (Past Simple – irregular verbs, Present Perfect – past participle)

    • Past Simple, verb form


      Repetition of forms of the verb in Past Simple according to UMK Kuzovleva V. P. in 5th grade. The exercise is taken from the textbook.

    • Irregular verbs


      Test for students of the 5th grade in the subject “English” TMC “Rainbow English”. Verbs 2 sections, topic “Family”.

    • present simple


      Designed for self-control of students in order to check the assimilation of the material covered on the topic Present Simple.

    Game techniques in the Russian language lessons when studying the “Vocabulary” section in grades 5–6 5th-6th grades / O. V. Alekseenko. – Text: direct // Education and upbringing.

    – 2020. – No. 4 (30). – S. 23-25. — URL: (date of access: 01.10.2022).



    The article substantiates the need to use various game exercises and techniques for the development of coherent speech in working with modern schoolchildren. The educational and practical goals of studying the section “Vocabulary” in the fifth and sixth grades of a comprehensive school are indicated. Game techniques for enriching the vocabulary and grammatical structure of the language of students are given.


    coherent speech, learning vocabulary, game techniques, vocabulary, grammatical structure of speech.

    “A child who is not accustomed to delve into the meaning of a word, understands or does not understand its real meaning at all, and has not acquired the habit of disposing of it freely in oral or written speech, will always suffer from this fundamental defect when studying any other subject. ” (K. D. Ushinsky).

    The development of coherent speech of students is a section of the school course, the attention to which among specialists has only increased over the years. This is due to a number of problems among modern schoolchildren: the scarcity of vocabulary, the limited speech structures used in speech, jargon, words – “parasites”, excessively negative emotional coloring. The modern rhythm of life leaves an imprint not only on the speech, but also on the thinking of students. More often, children are focused on devices, while in the classroom they are inattentive and tired. Low motivation, clip-like thinking, limited horizons require the teacher to reconsider the organization of the issuance of educational information. There is a need to develop new forms of work in the classroom, adapting to changing conditions.

    At the lessons of the Russian language, a love for accurate, correct and rich speech is instilled. After all, competent speech is one of the important indicators of human culture. Speech development lessons are necessary in the school course, as they are taught to successfully solve speech problems.

    In our age of a continuous flow of information, it is important to give the child not so much specific knowledge on the subject as to teach him universal methods of action that will help him develop independently. The future belongs to proactive, enterprising, competently and clearly expressing their thoughts specialists. Therefore, the school is the most important link in improving the speech culture of students.

    But how to attract a modern student to the study of the Russian language and instill a love for the word? Undoubtedly, children’s interest in learning activities increases if they are included in a game situation. In play, the child does not act out of compulsion, but out of inner impulse. The purpose of the game is to help make a serious educational process entertaining and interesting for students.

    In the lessons of speech development, it is advisable to use game techniques. The peculiarities of their use are that the game is introduced into a certain part of the lesson in accordance with its didactic tasks. An element of competition is introduced into the educational activity, and the success of the task is associated with the game result.

    Exercise games develop children’s memory, attention, ingenuity, their general outlook.

    Many game exercises can be used when studying the topic “Vocabulary”.

    The topic “Vocabulary” is one of the most important in the course of studying the Russian language in grades 5 and 6. The study of vocabulary in school has both educational and practical purposes.


    the goals of work on vocabulary form general subject knowledge among schoolchildren, arming them with theoretical foundations about the word, the development of students’ linguistic aesthetic taste. In the formation of a scientific worldview in children, knowledge of vocabulary and phraseology plays a significant role in the process of revealing the functions of language in society (communication, transmission and storage of information), the relationship of language with the development of society, the changes taking place in the language, the place of the Russian language in the modern world.

    Human language is the language of words. Words name everything that people have identified from the surrounding reality: objects, things, phenomena, living beings, plants, bowels of the earth, social relations, people’s feelings, their ideas, signs, actions, quantities.

    The study of vocabulary significantly replenishes the knowledge of schoolchildren about the Russian language. Students will get acquainted with one of the basic units of the language – the word.


    the goals of studying vocabulary are aimed at the formation of spelling and grammatical literacy, enriching the vocabulary of schoolchildren.

    Representing a section of the science of language that studies the lexical meaning, use and origin of words, this section provides rich opportunities for using various games in the lessons in order to enhance the learning activities of schoolchildren.

    practical forms.

    At the stage of studying synonyms and antonyms, you can offer students the game “Translator”. Replace all the words in the sentence with synonyms: “The children climbed a steep hill.”

    Replace the highlighted words with antonyms: “Do so that people



    hated, good

    were afraid of everyone




    »trains the memory of students, helps to concentrate on the subject of speech. You can play with several children or with the whole class. The first student is called the word to which it is necessary to choose a synonym or antonym. The next student must repeat what the previous student said and continue by adding a suitable word that describes the named phenomenon or object. As a result, you can get a whole article about the word with its description. You can complicate the task by introducing an additional condition: limit the vocabulary that can be used (colloquial, etc.). This technique activates and replenishes the vocabulary of students.

    For the development of coherent speech, you can offer the first student using the technique


    write a phrase that will be the beginning of the story. The second student must repeat as accurately as possible everything said by the predecessor and continue the story. The third student needs to restore from memory what the two students said in front of him, and come up with his own continuation. The teacher can limit students in the use of words, structures, complicating their task.



    The class is divided into groups. Each of the groups writes down for some agreed time words that meet a certain requirement (for example, all words must be nouns and be included in the thematic group “Agriculture”). You can complicate the task if you introduce restrictions (words should only be inanimate nouns, quality adjectives, verbs of the 1st conjugation). The group of students who manage to make the longest list of words wins. This technique will also help to activate the vocabulary of students, check and consolidate knowledge of morphology.

    Job example:

    List stable combinations in which proper nouns are mentioned (Where Makar did not drive calves).



    A student comes to the board and chooses a card with a phrase written on it. Its task is to replace the adjective with such a word or a series of words so that it gives a vivid, figurative idea of ​​the subject.

    Job example:

    Birch high (curly, slender, thin)

    green grass (velvet, young, tender, affectionate, silent)

    February blizzard (evil, wild, angry, raging)

    thundercloud (ominous, gloomy, rumbling)

    Russian language (rich, powerful, bright, figurative).

    This technique trains the figurativeness of speech, expands the idea of ​​linguistic means of expression.


    “Word Grid”

    – popular with both middle school and high school students. To play the game, you need to draw a square field of an equal number of cells vertically and horizontally. One of the lines contains a word that occupies all the cells. Students form new words from letters following one after another at right angles. When the entire field is filled with words, the results are calculated. Whoever comes up with the longest words wins. The technique can be complicated by setting one theme for the entire grid of words (dishes, Russian writers and poets, etc.)

    All the techniques described above and used in secondary school lessons are designed to enrich the vocabulary and grammatical structure of the students’ language.

    Teaching the Russian language requires the use of a variety of methods in the classroom. Playing tricks give good results. The game helps schoolchildren to quickly master knowledge, apply it in practice, use it in different conditions.


    1. Speech development grades 5–9: innovative teaching technology / ed. – comp. O. A. Dyuzheva. – Volgograd: Teacher, 2012.


    connected speech,

    game tricks,

    grammatical structure of speech,

    vocabulary learning

    Summer “excellent” – Teacher’s newspaper

    An unusual academic year, which took place in atypical conditions for us, is coming to an end. The pandemic has made its own adjustments, giving many the opportunity to rethink their attitude to the usual. Teachers in an attempt to optimize their employment have revised approaches to teaching. The students seem to have become more responsible and motivated. The attitude of parents towards education has also changed. In general, in my opinion, the value of knowledge and the need for its preservation and enhancement have increased.

    Summer holidays are ahead – the time of rest, discoveries and new acquaintances. But after three months of rest, you can easily forget everything that was taught throughout the year. That is why even during the holidays it is worth devoting some time to classes. This can be both the acquisition of completely new skills, and the filling of existing educational gaps.

    It is also worth thinking about how to keep current knowledge at the same level. The last question is especially acute in elementary school. Parents are aware of the need for regular classes even in the summer, realizing that over such a long time, children forget a lot. Of course, classes in the summer are necessary, but it is also important that they do not take much time, be systematic and interesting for schoolchildren. It is worthwhile to determine in advance the list of items that you need to devote time to in the summer.

    In my opinion, this list should include foreign languages. Any language needs to be used, otherwise it is forgotten. Even one’s native language is forgotten if one does not speak it for a long time. In childhood, while language skills are not fixed, this happens much faster, and the lower the level of proficiency, the faster the language is forgotten. At the same time, any language practice should be focused on already acquired knowledge, that is, the topics of the classes should be selected in accordance with the previously studied material.

    It is for this purpose that a new series of manuals on the English language by the well-known author Elena Alexandrovna Barashkova has been developed under the title “English on vacation”. In the annotation to her series, Elena Aleksandrovna writes: “Remember the astronauts in weightlessness. In order not to lose the ability to move, they have to work out on simulators.

    Our brain can be roughly compared to muscles: if left without work, it will quickly lose the knowledge and skills learned with such difficulty in the school year. The only way to remember what you learned is to keep practicing.” The author, understanding the problem, has developed a unique series of books that will become an assistant for elementary and middle school students (grades 5-6).

    In the new series, even beginners to learn English have been taken care of by offering a manual for younger students. It is intended for those who will go to the second grade, and is called “English on vacation. Recipe. Printed letters. 1-2 classes. GEF”.

    Also included in the series are teaching aids for elementary (grades 3-4) and secondary school (grades 5-6), which will help students remember irregular verbs: “English on vacation. Irregular Verbs. 3-4 classes. GEF” and “English on vacation. Irregular Verbs. 5-6 classes. GEF”. And, finally, books that will replenish the vocabulary of primary schoolchildren and pupils of the 5th and 6th grades, called “English on vacation. Sports, computer and other topics. 3-4 classes. GEF” and “English on vacation. Computer, internet and other topics. 5-6 classes. GEF”.

    Teaching aids are filled with interesting, exciting tasks and exercises, they can be used both together with a teacher and independently at home. The manuals are suitable for all school English textbooks and are developed in accordance with the federal state educational standard. Each manual contains detailed instructions for parents, a calendar in which the child can independently plan their employment, as well as a system of points (points) that are awarded to the child at the end of each section.

    Let’s take a closer look at the manuals included in the “English on vacation” series.

    Manual for junior schoolchildren “English on vacation. Recipe. Printed letters. 1-2 classes. Federal State Educational Standard

    Many students, even in high school, cannot fully reproduce the English alphabet. Perhaps this is due to the fact that modern school textbooks allocate only a few hours for learning the alphabet in elementary school and the same amount in the fifth grade.

    Learning a language, especially at first, seems like a never ending race for both second graders and their parents. However, if you approach the study of the alphabet thoroughly and start preparing in the summer, then many problems can be avoided. Children will smoothly immerse themselves in a new language environment, and will also feel confident and successful in English lessons.

    Manual for junior schoolchildren “English on vacation. Recipe. Printed letters. 1-2 classes. GEF” can be an ideal solution. On each page, parents will find detailed instructions and transcriptions, find out which letter is better to start with, why you need to know not only the sounds, but also the names of the letters of the English alphabet.

    This manual is divided into 15 steps, each step introduces 2-3 new letters and offers varied and fun exercises to reinforce the material covered. Already from the 3rd step, the guys learn to assemble letters into words, but by the 15th step they will not only know and distinguish English letters and sounds, but they will also be able to write any name and surname in English.

    Manuals dedicated to the study of irregular verbs. “English on vacation. Irregular Verbs. 3-4 classes. GEF” and “English on vacation. Irregular Verbs. 5-6 classes. GEF”

    These manuals will be useful not only for students and their parents, but also for teachers. There are about four hundred irregular verbs in the English language. Irregular verbs are as important in English as the multiplication table in mathematics, because without this knowledge, students will not be able to formulate sentences in the past tenses.

    There are various techniques that teachers use in the classroom to increase motivation to memorize irregular verbs. However, not everyone has time to learn the material for the number of hours allotted to this topic. To reduce the burden on students and make it easier to understand the past tenses of the English language, teachers recommend learning in advance those irregular verbs that will occur in the new school year.

    In total, during their studies, students need to learn from 100 to 150 irregular verbs and be able to use them in speech. Verbs should begin to be taught from the 3rd grade, when the first acquaintance with the past tense occurs. In my opinion, the manuals “English on vacation. Irregular Verbs. Grades 3-4” and “English on vacation. Irregular Verbs. Grades 5-6” can be great helpers in this process.

    When working with these manuals, the child forgets about the need to learn words. Every day on the pages of manuals, children are waiting for puzzles, crossword puzzles and logic tasks. And memorization of verbs occurs naturally. All tasks are not only accessible, exciting and interesting, but also selected in such a way that in the process of performing the guys train their attention and memory. By the end of the 20-day course, the student will not only know the required amount of irregular verbs, but will also repeat the past tense, having worked out the skill of using these verbs in context.

    Teaching aids for the development of lexical skills and vocabulary. “English on vacation. Sports, computer and other topics. 3-4 classes. GEF” and “English on vacation. Computer, internet and other topics. 5-6 classes. Federal State Educational Standard

    Children are surrounded by a considerable number of subjects, the study of which, due to their novelty, in English lessons, unfortunately, is not given due time. The relevance of the topics studied does not always correspond to modern trends. And this is not surprising, because everything around us is changing so quickly.

    Over the past few years, a large number of alternatives to basic education have emerged: private schools, online courses, self-study through smartphone applications. But not only the form of presentation of the material should change, but also the content. Since the school curriculum cannot always adapt to the dynamics of our time, there is a need for manuals that can quickly respond to a changing world, offering relevant materials that meet the needs of today’s students.

    Manuals “Sports, computer and other topics. Grades 3-4” and “Computer, Internet and other topics. Grades 5-6” from the series “English on vacation” offer relevant material that will interest every student. On the pages of manuals, the guys will learn topics related to social networks, virtual reality and blogging.

    In just 10 days, thanks to modern vocabulary and interesting tasks, students in a playful way will repeat the topics covered at school, expand their vocabulary, and learn to use not only known, but also new words in various contexts. The manuals of this course speak in a language understandable to any student, which will cause genuine interest and provide motivation for further study of the English language.

    Having studied all the manuals, we can say that the textbooks of the series “English on vacation” are really well suited for studying during the holidays. This series is suitable for all textbooks of the school curriculum, which means that the material will be relevant for the school. An interesting task format, time frames, as well as a scoring system will allow students and their parents to see progress every day, planning their activities and evaluating their development.

    It is worth noting that the series “English on vacation” is a well-thought-out system of tasks for repeating and consolidating the material learned at school. Taking some time to study English during the holidays, students will expand their vocabulary, prepare for the new school year and, of course, retain their existing knowledge. A variety of puzzles, riddles, crossword puzzles, logical tasks will captivate so much that the student will be happy to study during not only summer, but also autumn, winter and spring holidays.

    Svetlana VIDAKAS, finalist of the All-Russian competition “Teacher of the Year of Russia”-2019, teacher of English at the Gymnasium of Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl region Objectives:

    – to cultivate interest in the subject being studied;

    – to form creative abilities – ingenuity, ingenuity, non-standard thinking;

    – enrich students’ vocabulary.

    Event progress:

    Teacher. Guys, learning Russian is a difficult task. I hope you are not afraid of difficulties on the way to knowledge. The Russian language is an extraordinary language, and we will be convinced of this today.

    Now there will be a Russian language quiz for 5th grade students with a complex defect structure. We have 2 teams: 5A, 5B, (They sit at three tables.) We have to find out which grade students know Russian better. Good luck!

    Competition 1. Think of a word.

    Add 1 letter to the right to make a word.

    BA LA KO

    KO C

    CA La La La

    RO CO

    la ba

    For each correct word, the team receives 1 point.

    Competition 2. Alphabet.

    If you know the alphabet, guess the word.

    Each team member needs to write down a word on a piece of paper.

    The 1st letter in a word is the last letter in the alphabet. (i)

    2nd letter – 9 in the alphabet. (h)

    3rd letter – after the letter ъ. (s)

    4th letter – before the letter l. (k)

    What word did you get? Show your sheets.

    How many team members spelled the word correctly, so many points the team gets.

    Contest 3. Name it in one word.

    Each team is given a task. For a correct answer – 1 point.

    Strong man (strongman).

    Brave man (brave).

    Talkative man (talker).

    A lazy person (lazy person).

    Rich man (rich man).

    Cheerful person (merry fellow).

    Competition 4. Vocabulary.

    Insert a missing letter in words.

    K … Randash L … Sitsa to … empty

    T … a grass for … c b … rod

    r … bot to … dwelling … Gurets

    Uch … nickname with … Baku P … Midor

    D … Cradle M … Devy Yag … yes

    For the correct answer – 1 point.

    Competition 5. Zagadkino.

    Words written on the board:

    Shed, scythe, gap, bison, pole, prick, fishing rod, dots.

    Find the words hidden in the words written on the board. Write them down on sheets of paper.

    For each word – 1 point.

    Competition 6. Where are the native words, the same root?

    Find words with the same root, highlight the root. Cross out the extra word. (The words are written on the blackboard.)

    Squirrel, white, whiten.

    Water, water, lead.

    Leaf, fox, fox cub.

    Mountain, hill, town.

    Seed, seed, family.

    Dog, sand, sand.

    For the correct answer – 1 point.

    Competition 7. Compose a word.

    Rearrange the letters to make words. (on cards)

    lanpe (case)

    TARPA (desk)

    ganik (book)

    Chkaru (handle)


    Elon (deer)

    for each word – 1 score.

    Competition 8. “Who would help us find out where the prefix is, where is the preposition?”

    Expand the brackets.

    (C) chair scarf
    (C) dragged puppy,
    (Po) dragged
    (Behind) corner,
    (On) ruffled
    (Co) from all sides,
    And (on) raced
    (On) the balcony.

    For correct execution – 1 point.

    Summing up. Rewarding.


    Home \ For teachers and students \ Methodical associations \ English

    The school methodological association of English teachers of our school is one of the largest and consists of 8 teachers.


    Alpatyeva Tatyana Viktorovna – English teacher of the first qualification category, higher education, teaching experience – 10 years. Teaches in grades 3, 5, 10, 11. Leads clubs in primary and secondary schools. Class teacher 10 “A” class. Diploma winner of the district competition of pedagogical achievements of the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg “The Edge of Talent” in the 2020-2021 academic year in the nomination “Class Teacher of the Year”.

    Volobuyeva Maryana Nikolaevna – Chairman of the Moscow Region, English teacher of the highest qualification category, higher education, teaching experience – 8 years. Teaches grades 3, 5 and 6. Leads clubs in primary and secondary schools.

    Drach Elena Nikolaevna – English teacher of the first qualification category, higher education, teaching experience 4 years. Teaches grades 2, 4, 9 and 10. Leads clubs in elementary school.

    Kostrigina Evgenia Anatolyevna – English teacher, higher education, teaching experience – 18 years. Teaches grades 2, 5 and 7. Deputy Director for VR. Class teacher 5 “B” class. Leads clubs in elementary school.

    Netreba Elizaveta Yurievna — English teacher of the first qualification category, higher education, teaching experience – 4 years. Participant of competitions of pedagogical skills: “The path to success”, “My best lesson”, “Modern lesson on the Federal State Educational Standards”. He teaches in grades 4, 5, 11. Leads clubs in primary and secondary schools.

    Romashchenko Karina Alexandrovna – teacher of the highest qualification category, higher education, teaching experience 20 years. Teaches grades 2 and 6. Leads clubs in elementary school.
    Rudenko Olesya Viktorovna – English teacher, higher education, teaching experience 13 years. She teaches in grades 2, 7, 8, 9.

    Chernyakova Inna Gennadievna – English teacher of the first qualification category, higher education, teaching experience 13 years 10 months. Teaches at 3, 7, 8, 9classes. Leads clubs in primary and secondary schools. Class teacher 7 “G” class.

    Methodological topic developed by the methodical association: “ Conducting evaluation procedures using online services “.

    Teaching English in grades 4-9 is conducted according to modern teaching materials approved for use in secondary schools, authors Yu.A. Komarova, I.V. Larionov joint edition of “Russian Word” and Macmillan. Teaching English in grades 2-3 and 10-11 is conducted according to the teaching materials “English” of the series “Rainbow English” by the authors O. V. Afanasyeva, I. V. Mikheeva, K. M. Baranova.
    These manuals contain songs, games, quizzes, a lot of practice exercises, actual texts, project work and touch on topics that are understandable and interesting for most students of the corresponding age.

    Additional educational material is actively attracted. For this purpose, various multimedia textbooks, active dialogic exercises of the course are used. In order to increase motivation for learning English, at different stages of work on the topic, film and video clips in English are used that correspond to the topic, and additional poems and songs in English are learned with students. As part of educational and extracurricular activities, students get acquainted with the traditions, culture and literature of English-speaking countries.

    Pupils and teachers of our school take part in competitions and olympiads in English, organized in the district and city by the education committee and various publishing houses, and have certificates of participants and winners in some of them.

    Traditionally, a foreign language week is held in February. As part of the subject week, various events are held: quizzes on literature and regional studies, team games, lexical marathons, a video competition, school-wide drawing competitions, “Literary Translation of Prose” and the competition “I am a translator”. All quizzes and games have a luck factor (along with a knowledge factor), which allows everyone to have a good mood at the end of the competition and stimulates interest in the subject.

    In December 2021, the students of our school took part in the British Bulldog International English Language Competition. A total of 28 primary and secondary school students took part in this competition.

    We congratulate all the guys on excellent results! We hope that participation in the competition brought a lot of positive emotions and new knowledge to everyone.

    All participants were awarded diplomas and certificates, and memorable prizes from the organizers of the competition.

    We hope to see more participants next year!

    Regional competition “Creative mosaic”

    School scientific and practical conference.
    English section

    The 2020-2021 academic year has become very fruitful for our MO and rich in all kinds of competitions, in which not only students, but also teachers have shown themselves worthy.

    Alpatyeva Tatyana Viktorovna took part in the regional competition of pedagogical achievements of the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg “The Edge of Talent” in the 2020-2021 academic year, in the nomination “The Best Class Teacher” (diploma diploma).

    Volobueva Maryana Nikolaevna took part in the Tenth city festival of lessons for teachers of general educational institutions of the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg “Petersburg lesson” in the 2020-2021 academic year (winner’s diploma).

    A student of grade 8A, Vyakhirev Ivan, demonstrated his strong knowledge of the subject at the Higher School of Education, in which he became a prize-winner at the district level (teacher Alpatyeva T.V.)

    linguistic competition of poetry in foreign languages ​​”Horizons of Creativity” in the 2020-2021 academic year. Smirnova Valeria, a student of class 11B, won victories in the nomination “Individual performance” (teacher Volobueva M.N.), and students of class 3B became winners (2nd place) in the nomination “Dramatization, staging of a poetic work” (Alpatyeva T. V., Bormatinova A.D., Volobueva M.N.)

    Lifantieva Valeria and Rzhevskaya Ekaterina spoke at the Interregional XVI Lyceum Scientific Readings.
    Lifantieva Valeria presented the work “Abbreviation as a feature of online communication” and became winner in the section “Dialogue of languages ​​and cultures”.
    Ekaterina Rzhevskaya presented the work “Conversational English for Youth” and became winner (teacher Alpatyeva T.V.)

    Teacher Volobueva M.N. and Chernyakova I.G. shared their experience with colleagues as speakers in the Methodological Marathon “Best Practices in the Methodical Work of Foreign Language Teachers” 1st session (international level).

    2021-2022 academic year

    Regional stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren in English

    Last name, first name




    Vyakhirev I.






    Vyakhirev Ivan



    Alpatyeva Tatyana Viktorovna

    From 1 to 6 February 2021, our school hosted English Week

    • Pupils of the 2nd grade took part in the intellectual quiz game “My vocabulary”, in which they managed to be smart and apply the acquired knowledge.
    • 3rd grade students played a team board game “Snakes and ladders”. Grade 3B students went on a trip to the countries of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and also played a quiz game in teams.
    • Year 4 students got acquainted with the country of the studied language and learned a lot of interesting things about shopping in the UK, as well as presented fascinating reports about the famous shopping centers of the countries of the studied language.
    • Pupils of the 5th grade took part in a lexical marathon. According to the results of the marathon were awarded:

    1st place – 5th class – team Naruto

    2nd place – 5th class – team Fly

    3rd place – 5th class E-sportsmen, 5th class Fire Rats in the quiz “Own game”.

  • 7th grade students showed their talent and creativity and made incredibly interesting videos “My favorite recipe”.
  • I place in the video contest “My Favorite Recipe” was taken by Mikhail Kiryushchenko, a 7B grade student.

    DIPLOMA IN THE NOMINATION “Magic Breakfast” – 1st place Yantselovsky Vitaly, 7B class.
    DIPLOMA IN THE NOMINATION “Best Recipe” – 2nd place Medvedyuk Vadim, 7B class.
    DIPLOMA IN THE NOMINATION “Best Recipe” – 3rd place Dokhnevsky Vladislav, 7B class.
    Diploma for participation in the contest “The Best Recipe” – Nezlobin Vadim, 7B class.
    Diploma for participation in the contest “The Best Recipe” – Shekemov Ruslan, 7th grade.

    Diploma for participation in the competition “The Best Recipe” – 1st place Ivanov Mikhail, 7 A class.
    Diploma for participation in the competition “The Best Recipe” – 2nd place Tarasov Daniil, 7 A class.

    Diploma in the Silent Film nomination – 1st place Kosacheva Ksenia, 7 A class.
    Diploma in the nomination “Silent Film” – 2nd place Solomonova Victoria., Grade 7 A.
    Diploma in the Silent Film nomination – 3rd place Anastasia Kiseleva, Maria Biryukova, 7th grade.

    • 8th grade students were able to train their memory and check how rich their vocabulary is in the Spelling Bee game.
    • Year 9 students learned about a variety of popular UK and US sports and took part in a pair discussion.
    • Year 10 students watched Peter Weir’s amazing film about the education of the human soul and the formation of personality in the American Education and Training System, and also took part in a quiz.
    • Year 11 students were introduced to modern culture and learned about slang in popular British and American films and series.

    In addition, the students showed their creative abilities in such school-wide events as the competition “Literary translation of prose” “I am a translator”, in which

    I place was taken by Veronika Kalugina, a student of class 10A writer»

    The 1st place rightfully went to a student of class 11B Maksim Opaluk.

    Many thanks to the children and their parents who showed interest in the events of the week and took an active part in them. It is for you that we try to make the subject week interesting and eventful. We hope to see you among the participants of the English Language Week next year! presented a skit in English “The Bremen Town Musicians” (“The Bremen Town Musicians”) to the accompaniment of Lilia Sinkevich (grade 10 B) and Darya Levina (grade 2) .

    2020-2021 academic year

    School stage of the All-Russian Olympiad in English in the 2020-2021 academic year

    9,0002 9,0002 9,0002 9,0002 9,00021891 School stage1892

    School stage of the All-Russian Olympiad in the Chinese language in the 2020-2021 academic year

    2019-2020 academic year

    The All-Russian Olympiad in English in 2019-2037 9137 Sofia Kovaleva winner of the regional stage of the Olympiad

    ENGLISH LANGUAGE WEEK 2019-2020 academic year

    From 3 to 8 February 2020, our school hosted an English week.
    Pupils of the 2nd grade took part in an intellectual game-competition for stations, in which they managed to be smart and apply their knowledge.
    Grade 3 students showed their creativity and imagination in a lapbook competition and also played the board game “Snakes and ladders” in teams.
    Pupils of the 4th grade got acquainted with the country of the studied language and competed in erudition, ingenuity, speed and got a charge of good mood in the team quiz.
    Pupils of the 5th grade took part in a lexical marathon.
    Pupils of the 6th grade were able to show their erudition and excellent knowledge in the quiz “Own game”.
    7th grade students showed their talent and creativity and made incredibly interesting videos “My favorite recipe”.
    8th grade students were able to train their memory and check how rich their vocabulary is in the Spelling Bee game.
    Year 9 students learned about a variety of popular UK and US sports and took part in a pair discussion.
    The 10th and 11th graders have made wonderful videos of how they spend their school days.

    In addition, a huge number of students showed their creativity in such school-wide events as the drawing competition “Sights and symbols of the United Kingdom”, the competition of Valentine’s cards, the competition “I am a translator”, the competition of my own stories “I am a writer”.

    On February 14, the methodological association of English teachers organized Valentine’s mail, thanks to which the students of the school were given the opportunity to share positive emotions and kind words with teachers and friends. Special thanks to the class teacher of class 10A for their help in holding this event, as well as to all the teachers of the school for supporting our initiative.

    Many thanks to the children and their parents who showed interest in the events of the week and took an active part in them. It is for you that we try to make the subject week interesting and eventful. We hope to see you among the participants of the English Language Week next year!

    ENGLISH LANGUAGE WEEK 2018-2019 academic year

    From February 1 to February 8, 2019, our school hosted an English language week. As part of the subject week, students had the opportunity to show their creative abilities in such competitions as “Welcome to Saint Petersburg”, “Heroes of Walt Disney cartoons”, “Valentines”. The guys also competed in various quizzes on country studies, culture, literature and cinema of English-speaking countries. Pupils of the 1st grade practiced previously studied vocabulary and demonstrated knowledge of the English alphabet as part of the ABC-party event. Pupils of the 2nd grade took part in the game-competition for stations, pupils of the 3rd grade showed their creativity and imagination in the competition of lapbooks. Pupils of the 4th grade competed in erudition, ingenuity, speed and got in a good mood in a team quiz.

    I would like to express my deep gratitude to the teachers who helped in the organization and attended our events. Many thanks to the guys who showed interest in the events of the week and took an active part in them. It is for you that we try to make the subject week interesting and eventful. And, of course, we sincerely thank our parents who helped us in the design of scenery and costumes for our performances.

    We hope you enjoyed the English week!

    ENGLISH LANGUAGE WEEK 2017-2018 academic year

    From February 5 to February 12, 2018 , our school held an English language week. As part of the subject week, students had the opportunity to show their creative abilities in such competitions as “I am a writer”, “Advertising poster of a literary work in English”, “Valentines”, a competition of poetry reciters and song performers in English. The guys also competed in various quizzes on country studies, culture, literature and cinema of English-speaking countries. For the first time, 3rd graders took part in the festival of fairy tales in English, where they showed their acting talent. 5 A showed the story “The Bremen Town Musicians” to elementary school students, and 7 B showed an excerpt from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” to middle school students. In addition, 5th grade students showed a desire to help the environment and organized an exhibition of crafts made from used plastic bottles and other unnecessary things.
    I would like to express my deep gratitude to the teachers who helped in the organization and attended our events. Many thanks to the guys who showed interest in the events of the week and took an active part in them.

    How to get a job as a software engineer: How to Get a Job as a Software Engineer

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    How to Get a Job as a Software Engineer

    Everything You Need to Know About Getting Hired as a Software Engineer

    Software engineers build online reality. Their fluency in programming languages, coupled with their command of engineering principles, enable them to develop everything from network control systems to computer games. Software engineers undertake the exciting work of architecting the world we see online, and their skill set is in high demand.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS): “Employment of software developers is projected to grow 24 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. Software developers will be needed to respond to an increased demand for computer software.”

    Software engineers enjoy a hybrid role that blends the technical and the creative. Those who work in this role are also problem solvers who test and implement solutions, communicating the details of those upgrades to their peers across teams.

    If you’re wondering how to get a job as a software engineer, read on to learn what it takes to get your foot in the door.

    How to Get Hired as a Software Engineer

    How to Gain Skills, Knowledge, and Experience

    Degrees needed

    If you want to find a job as a software engineer, academic work is step one. Software engineers usually need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or a related technical field. Some employers may require that candidates hold a master’s degree. Candidates may also be required to have experience working in the industry in which they are seeking employment; for example, candidates pursuing roles in medical or financial industries may have an advantage if they’ve supported these industries in past jobs.

    But keep in mind, there are no accreditations or certifying exams required for software engineers; therefore, less traditional educational pathways have emerged to credential incoming pros.

    Some companies are open to hiring software engineers who have an Associate’s Degree, for example. Other pros may score a software engineering role after pursuing a streamlined training route, such as a technical boot camp. This two to three-month immersion experience prepares students for the intellectual rigors of the job. After their course work, students are prepared to transition into entry-level roles.

    Skills for software engineers:

    Regardless of how software engineers go about credentialing themselves for their roles, Fullstack Academy reports that the skillset for software engineers includes:

    • Experience creating and maintaining IT architectures and databases
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Pattern design and experience with cloud-based infrastructure
    • Embedded development/debugging experience
    • Experience on multi-core CPU or SMP
    • Knowledge of multiple programming languages including C/C++

    Additionally, those who are a fit for this role need a command of soft skills like good listening, communication skills and the ability to work on a team.

    Software Engineer Hiring Process

    Professionals with an expertise in software engineering enjoy a wide range of professional opportunities. The BLS points out that because technological growth is ubiquitous, opportunities for software engineers are diverse and plentiful: “Systems developers are likely to see new opportunities because of an increase in the number of products that use software. For example, more computer systems are being built into consumer electronics and other products, such as cell phones and appliances.”

    Some industries that stand to be especially robust when it comes to job growth for software engineers include manufacturing, healthcare, medical insurance, business, IT services, retail, research and development, government, defense and security.

    Despite the fact that there are plenty of options open to software engineers, job seekers still have to be purposeful and strategic in their searches. Do your homework. Read job posts. See what industries and what types of jobs seem fitting for you.

    Business Insider tech reporter Rosalie Chan advises: “Although there’s a high demand for tech jobs, job seekers often aren’t marketing the skills that employers are looking  for. . . The trick is to build skills needed for the job, rather than the industry. For example, let’s say you want to be a software engineer. To find a job, rather than just learning general programming skills, it would be more helpful to look into the jobs you’re interested in and develop the skills that those specific employers want.”

    Be an informed candidate every step of the way. This can help guide your studies, internship opportunities and your job search.

    How Much Does a Software Engineer Make?

    As with most jobs, years of experience as well as the region in which they work impacts the pay they earn. Glassdoor salary data, which reflects the input of nearly 200,000 software engineers across the country, reveals that the annual pay range for this profession is between $71,000-$145,000. The national average pay for software engineers, according to Glassdoor’s data, is $103,000.

    Software Engineer Job Market

    Steady growth is expected to continue for software engineering roles. The BLS reports: “Employment of applications developers is projected to grow 31 percent, and employment of systems developers is projected to grow 11 percent. The main reason for the growth in both applications developers and systems developers is a large increase in the demand for computer software.”

    More good news for software engineers-some of the most celebrated employers are seeking professionals skilled in these roles. Glassdoor’s Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain points out that among the employers honored on Glassdoor list of 2019’s Best Places to Work, software engineer is among the most common roles that these employers are seeking. Software engineer also hot on Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs in America for 2019; the role earns a spot in the coveted top ten.

    If you’ve got the skills to be a software engineer, your prospects look great. Glassdoor posts nearly 140,000 open jobs across the country for software engineers.

    Software Engineer Job Interview Tips

    Once you earn the opportunity to interview for a role as a software engineer, yours will be a technical interview. The process generally starts with a phone interview. Often, this will be conducted by a recruiter or HR professional. The first phone interview tends to be somewhat general, and is often followed up by a more technical conversation (often again via phone) with the hiring manager. This is then followed by an in-house interview where you’ll get the chance to meet the team, chat and demonstrate your skills.

    Often, software engineers are asked to demonstrate their coding skills and to take their interviewers through some problem-solving exercises. You want to demonstrate that you have solid technical skills, that you’re a savvy problem-solver and that you’re a clear, concise communicator.

    Consider these software engineering interview questions that were posed to Glassdoor users. Practice these and other common interview questions in preparation for your job interview.

    • Suppose you are writing a test script to test a function running in a process overnight. How do you make sure that if the process is halted, your test function will be able to detect that?
    • Write some pseudo code to raise a number to a power.
    • Given an array of numbers, replace each number with the product of all the numbers in the array except the number itself *without* using division.
    • Give me an example of a time you made a mistake at work, how you repaired it and how you communicated this to your supervisor.
    • Give me an example of a time you succeeded on a team.

    Learn More!

    How to Get a Job as a Software Engineer

    Everything You Need to Know About Getting Hired as a Software Engineer

    Software engineers build online reality. Their fluency in programming languages, coupled with their command of engineering principles, enable them to develop everything from network control systems to computer games. Software engineers undertake the exciting work of architecting the world we see online, and their skill set is in high demand.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS): “Employment of software developers is projected to grow 24 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. Software developers will be needed to respond to an increased demand for computer software.”

    Software engineers enjoy a hybrid role that blends the technical and the creative. Those who work in this role are also problem solvers who test and implement solutions, communicating the details of those upgrades to their peers across teams.

    If you’re wondering how to get a job as a software engineer, read on to learn what it takes to get your foot in the door.

    How to Get Hired as a Software Engineer

    How to Gain Skills, Knowledge, and Experience

    Degrees needed

    If you want to find a job as a software engineer, academic work is step one. Software engineers usually need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or a related technical field. Some employers may require that candidates hold a master’s degree. Candidates may also be required to have experience working in the industry in which they are seeking employment; for example, candidates pursuing roles in medical or financial industries may have an advantage if they’ve supported these industries in past jobs.

    But keep in mind, there are no accreditations or certifying exams required for software engineers; therefore, less traditional educational pathways have emerged to credential incoming pros.

    Some companies are open to hiring software engineers who have an Associate’s Degree, for example. Other pros may score a software engineering role after pursuing a streamlined training route, such as a technical boot camp. This two to three-month immersion experience prepares students for the intellectual rigors of the job. After their course work, students are prepared to transition into entry-level roles.

    Skills for software engineers:

    Regardless of how software engineers go about credentialing themselves for their roles, Fullstack Academy reports that the skillset for software engineers includes:

    • Experience creating and maintaining IT architectures and databases
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Pattern design and experience with cloud-based infrastructure
    • Embedded development/debugging experience
    • Experience on multi-core CPU or SMP
    • Knowledge of multiple programming languages including C/C++

    Additionally, those who are a fit for this role need a command of soft skills like good listening, communication skills and the ability to work on a team.

    Software Engineer Hiring Process

    Professionals with an expertise in software engineering enjoy a wide range of professional opportunities. The BLS points out that because technological growth is ubiquitous, opportunities for software engineers are diverse and plentiful: “Systems developers are likely to see new opportunities because of an increase in the number of products that use software. For example, more computer systems are being built into consumer electronics and other products, such as cell phones and appliances.”

    Some industries that stand to be especially robust when it comes to job growth for software engineers include manufacturing, healthcare, medical insurance, business, IT services, retail, research and development, government, defense and security.

    Despite the fact that there are plenty of options open to software engineers, job seekers still have to be purposeful and strategic in their searches. Do your homework. Read job posts. See what industries and what types of jobs seem fitting for you.

    Business Insider tech reporter Rosalie Chan advises: “Although there’s a high demand for tech jobs, job seekers often aren’t marketing the skills that employers are looking  for. . . The trick is to build skills needed for the job, rather than the industry. For example, let’s say you want to be a software engineer. To find a job, rather than just learning general programming skills, it would be more helpful to look into the jobs you’re interested in and develop the skills that those specific employers want.

    Be an informed candidate every step of the way. This can help guide your studies, internship opportunities and your job search.

    How Much Does a Software Engineer Make?

    As with most jobs, years of experience as well as the region in which they work impacts the pay they earn. Glassdoor salary data, which reflects the input of nearly 200,000 software engineers across the country, reveals that the annual pay range for this profession is between $71,000-$145,000. The national average pay for software engineers, according to Glassdoor’s data, is $103,000.

    Software Engineer Job Market

    Steady growth is expected to continue for software engineering roles. The BLS reports: “Employment of applications developers is projected to grow 31 percent, and employment of systems developers is projected to grow 11 percent. The main reason for the growth in both applications developers and systems developers is a large increase in the demand for computer software.”

    More good news for software engineers-some of the most celebrated employers are seeking professionals skilled in these roles. Glassdoor’s Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain points out that among the employers honored on Glassdoor list of 2019’s Best Places to Work, software engineer is among the most common roles that these employers are seeking. Software engineer also hot on Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs in America for 2019; the role earns a spot in the coveted top ten.

    If you’ve got the skills to be a software engineer, your prospects look great. Glassdoor posts nearly 140,000 open jobs across the country for software engineers.

    Software Engineer Job Interview Tips

    Once you earn the opportunity to interview for a role as a software engineer, yours will be a technical interview. The process generally starts with a phone interview. Often, this will be conducted by a recruiter or HR professional. The first phone interview tends to be somewhat general, and is often followed up by a more technical conversation (often again via phone) with the hiring manager. This is then followed by an in-house interview where you’ll get the chance to meet the team, chat and demonstrate your skills.

    Often, software engineers are asked to demonstrate their coding skills and to take their interviewers through some problem-solving exercises. You want to demonstrate that you have solid technical skills, that you’re a savvy problem-solver and that you’re a clear, concise communicator.

    Consider these software engineering interview questions that were posed to Glassdoor users. Practice these and other common interview questions in preparation for your job interview.

    • Suppose you are writing a test script to test a function running in a process overnight. How do you make sure that if the process is halted, your test function will be able to detect that?
    • Write some pseudo code to raise a number to a power.
    • Given an array of numbers, replace each number with the product of all the numbers in the array except the number itself *without* using division.
    • Give me an example of a time you made a mistake at work, how you repaired it and how you communicated this to your supervisor.
    • Give me an example of a time you succeeded on a team.

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    How to Get a Job as a Software Engineer

    Everything You Need to Know About Getting Hired as a Software Engineer

    Software engineers build online reality. Their fluency in programming languages, coupled with their command of engineering principles, enable them to develop everything from network control systems to computer games. Software engineers undertake the exciting work of architecting the world we see online, and their skill set is in high demand.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS): “Employment of software developers is projected to grow 24 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. Software developers will be needed to respond to an increased demand for computer software.”

    Software engineers enjoy a hybrid role that blends the technical and the creative. Those who work in this role are also problem solvers who test and implement solutions, communicating the details of those upgrades to their peers across teams.

    If you’re wondering how to get a job as a software engineer, read on to learn what it takes to get your foot in the door.

    How to Get Hired as a Software Engineer

    How to Gain Skills, Knowledge, and Experience

    Degrees needed

    If you want to find a job as a software engineer, academic work is step one. Software engineers usually need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or a related technical field. Some employers may require that candidates hold a master’s degree. Candidates may also be required to have experience working in the industry in which they are seeking employment; for example, candidates pursuing roles in medical or financial industries may have an advantage if they’ve supported these industries in past jobs.

    But keep in mind, there are no accreditations or certifying exams required for software engineers; therefore, less traditional educational pathways have emerged to credential incoming pros.

    Some companies are open to hiring software engineers who have an Associate’s Degree, for example. Other pros may score a software engineering role after pursuing a streamlined training route, such as a technical boot camp. This two to three-month immersion experience prepares students for the intellectual rigors of the job. After their course work, students are prepared to transition into entry-level roles.

    Skills for software engineers:

    Regardless of how software engineers go about credentialing themselves for their roles, Fullstack Academy reports that the skillset for software engineers includes:

    • Experience creating and maintaining IT architectures and databases
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Pattern design and experience with cloud-based infrastructure
    • Embedded development/debugging experience
    • Experience on multi-core CPU or SMP
    • Knowledge of multiple programming languages including C/C++

    Additionally, those who are a fit for this role need a command of soft skills like good listening, communication skills and the ability to work on a team.

    Software Engineer Hiring Process

    Professionals with an expertise in software engineering enjoy a wide range of professional opportunities. The BLS points out that because technological growth is ubiquitous, opportunities for software engineers are diverse and plentiful: “Systems developers are likely to see new opportunities because of an increase in the number of products that use software. For example, more computer systems are being built into consumer electronics and other products, such as cell phones and appliances.”

    Some industries that stand to be especially robust when it comes to job growth for software engineers include manufacturing, healthcare, medical insurance, business, IT services, retail, research and development, government, defense and security.

    Despite the fact that there are plenty of options open to software engineers, job seekers still have to be purposeful and strategic in their searches. Do your homework. Read job posts. See what industries and what types of jobs seem fitting for you.

    Business Insider tech reporter Rosalie Chan advises: “Although there’s a high demand for tech jobs, job seekers often aren’t marketing the skills that employers are looking  for. . . The trick is to build skills needed for the job, rather than the industry. For example, let’s say you want to be a software engineer. To find a job, rather than just learning general programming skills, it would be more helpful to look into the jobs you’re interested in and develop the skills that those specific employers want.”

    Be an informed candidate every step of the way. This can help guide your studies, internship opportunities and your job search.

    How Much Does a Software Engineer Make?

    As with most jobs, years of experience as well as the region in which they work impacts the pay they earn. Glassdoor salary data, which reflects the input of nearly 200,000 software engineers across the country, reveals that the annual pay range for this profession is between $71,000-$145,000. The national average pay for software engineers, according to Glassdoor’s data, is $103,000.

    Software Engineer Job Market

    Steady growth is expected to continue for software engineering roles. The BLS reports: “Employment of applications developers is projected to grow 31 percent, and employment of systems developers is projected to grow 11 percent. The main reason for the growth in both applications developers and systems developers is a large increase in the demand for computer software.”

    More good news for software engineers-some of the most celebrated employers are seeking professionals skilled in these roles. Glassdoor’s Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain points out that among the employers honored on Glassdoor list of 2019’s Best Places to Work, software engineer is among the most common roles that these employers are seeking. Software engineer also hot on Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs in America for 2019; the role earns a spot in the coveted top ten.

    If you’ve got the skills to be a software engineer, your prospects look great. Glassdoor posts nearly 140,000 open jobs across the country for software engineers.

    Software Engineer Job Interview Tips

    Once you earn the opportunity to interview for a role as a software engineer, yours will be a technical interview. The process generally starts with a phone interview. Often, this will be conducted by a recruiter or HR professional. The first phone interview tends to be somewhat general, and is often followed up by a more technical conversation (often again via phone) with the hiring manager. This is then followed by an in-house interview where you’ll get the chance to meet the team, chat and demonstrate your skills.

    Often, software engineers are asked to demonstrate their coding skills and to take their interviewers through some problem-solving exercises. You want to demonstrate that you have solid technical skills, that you’re a savvy problem-solver and that you’re a clear, concise communicator.

    Consider these software engineering interview questions that were posed to Glassdoor users. Practice these and other common interview questions in preparation for your job interview.

    • Suppose you are writing a test script to test a function running in a process overnight. How do you make sure that if the process is halted, your test function will be able to detect that?
    • Write some pseudo code to raise a number to a power.
    • Given an array of numbers, replace each number with the product of all the numbers in the array except the number itself *without* using division.
    • Give me an example of a time you made a mistake at work, how you repaired it and how you communicated this to your supervisor.
    • Give me an example of a time you succeeded on a team.

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    How To Get a Software Engineering Job In 5 Steps

    Hiring trends show that software engineers are among the top positions companies are hiring for, with their job outlook projected to grow 22% by 2030. If you’re wondering how to get a software engineering job, you’ll need to master a handful of coding languages: the need for engineers who know Ruby on Rails, Python, and Javascript are on the rise, as well as familiarity with Javascript, Java, and C++.

    To help you jumpstart or grow your software engineering career, this guide will provide a step-by-step process of how to become a software engineer, with or without a degree. Below, we’ve outlined the five steps needed to land your first job as a software engineer.

    1. Learn the skills and knowledge needed for the role
    2. Gain experience through projects
    3. Find a mentor and network in the field
    4. Begin the job search and application process
    5. Prepare for the technical interview process

    1. Learn the skills and knowledge needed for the role.

    There is no formula to becoming a software engineer, as many engineers are self-taught, and increasingly so since COVID. To get a job as a software engineer, you can:

    • Get a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related technical degree
    • Obtain an associate’s degree in the above subjects
    • Take the self-taught route by reading coding books, taking a software engineering course, or watching videos from software engineers themselves
    • Specialize in front-end engineering, back-end engineering, security engineering, DevOps, or testing automation
    • Complete a technical boot camp that lasts two to three months

    Even though you don’t need a degree to become a software engineer, there are some skills you should have under your belt. Programming languages that are seeing the most growth in recent years include Ruby on Rails, Python, and Javascript; while Java, C++ and C also have a large presence in software engineering. Some of the many skills software engineers need include, but aren’t limited to:

    • Problem-solving skills
    • Knowledge of multiple programming languages like:
    • Ruby
    • Python
    • Javascript
    • Java
    • C++
    • C
    • Creation and maintenance of IT architectures and databases
    • Multi-core CPU or SMP
    • Pattern design and cloud-based infrastructure familiarity
    • Embedded development and debugging skills
    • Data structures, algorithms, database concepts, distributed systems, and search
    • Container orchestration systems such as kubernetes and infrastructure as code tools such as terraform
    • Manufacturing execution system (MES) concepts

    How to become software engineer without a degree

    Software engineers can be self-taught with the help of online courses, bootcamps, and coding challenges. There’s no requirement that you need a college degree to become a software engineer, but there are some knowledge capabilities needed to correctly program. If you’re looking to become a software engineer without a CS degree, read the tips below.

    • Enroll in an online coding bootcamp
    • Master specific software engineering languages
    • Take online courses or read programming books
    • Do the #100DaysOfCode challenge
    • Use the same programs as software engineers like Git/Github and Bitbucket
    • Read other software engineers’ code to learn their techniques
    • Keep up with industry podcasts, news, events, and social media
    • Build your own coding projects to add to your portfolio
    • Learn the core CS fundamentals
    • Get experience through side gigs or internships
    • Tap into a software engineering community
    • Invest time into networking professionally
    • Practice using simple projects to gain experience
    • Use HackerRank to prepare for interviews and sharpen skills

    Table of Contents


    Gain experience through projects.

    Getting into the nitty gritty of software engineering requires developers to work on projects that allow real-world applications of their skills. Contributing to open-source projects, which is a project that anyone can edit, modify, or contribute to online, is an excellent way to gain experience and grow your portfolio.

    School coursework, online workshops, or following along with video tutorials are other pathways to working on portfolio projects. Building a portfolio for future opportunities allows engineers to showcase their best work: check out this example software engineer portfolio for inspiration. It also allows engineers to work with peers to create something bigger in order to foster lasting connections that could ultimately lead to a professional network.

    When it comes time to apply to software engineering jobs, working on projects with other software developers shows employers that you value feedback and working with a team.

    3. Find a mentor and network in the field.

    Finding a mentor can give you inside tips and a pathway to success in software engineering. It’s crucial to find a person who is where you want to be in the future, so be sure to conduct informational interviews of potential mentors to see if their journey aligns with your career goals.

    When you are able to ask a seasoned software engineer about their experience and how they got a software engineering position, they can demystify the application process and give you insight on the most common mistakes in the field so you can avoid them altogether.

    4. Begin the job search and application process.

    Once you have a stellar software engineering portfolio and the knowledge and expertise to back your job candidacy, you are ready to begin the job search and application process. Make sure to have your mentor or someone in your field take a glance at your resume, cover letter, and portfolio for potential improvements. If you’re just getting your foot in the door, many companies offer apprenticeship programs where you can hone your skills and get experience while you’re at it.

    Software engineer job market

    Software engineering has been a growing industry since before the dot-com boom. Recent data shows that there are 26.9 million software developers around the world, 4.3 million of which are in the U.S. alone. The projected number of software engineers is expected to reach 28.7 million by 2024. The job market for this career is predicted to increase by 22% between 2020 and 2030.

    How much do software engineers make?

    Software engineers can earn anywhere between $59,000 and $160,000 annually in the United States, but this number may vary based on location and years of experience. A software engineer’s salary is based on factors such as industry experience, education, and location. To help, we’ve listed how much software engineers can make on an annual basis for the different positions they are hired for.

    Front-end developer salaries

    • Junior front-end developers can make anywhere between $50,000 to $70,000 in annual salaries.
    • Intermediate front-end developers can make $80,000 to $90,000 with a few years of experience.
    • Senior front-end developers can make an average salary of $110,000 to $125,000 with four to seven or more years of experience in the field.

    Full-stack developer salaries

    • Junior full-stack developers (who work both front- and back-end) earn between $48,000 and $72,000 annually.
    • Intermediate full-stack engineer salaries range from $89,832 to $113,727.
    • Senior full-stack developers can make $95,098 to $134,722 annually.

    Back-end developer salaries

    • Junior back-end developers can make anywhere between $57,000 to $70,000 annually, with an average salary of $65,400.
    • Intermediate or mid-level back-end developers make an average of $106,255 annually, but their salaries can range from $91,935 to $120,392.
    • Senior back-end engineers in the US. make an average salary of $161,070 but their salary can range from $136,274 to $195,826.

    However, it’s important to note that the biggest employers of software engineers like Facebook, Google and Amazon have much higher salary ranges for the same titles. For example, we’ve listed the average base salary for software engineers at Facebook based on experience level below:

    Entry-level: $123,000
    Mid-level: $164,000
    Mid-senior: $199,000
    Senior: $243,000

    5. Prepare for the technical interview process.

    While it typically takes many interviews to secure a job offer, it’s important to note that every interview offers an opportunity to learn about the company, industry, and field. Make sure to ask for feedback if you do not end up getting the position as this may benefit you in the future.

    To help you prepare for your technical interview and land the software engineering job of your dreams, we outlined the hiring process and included some interview tips below.

    Software engineer hiring process

    To get a job as a software engineer, you’ll need to have a successful interview where you’re able to answer all their questions and pitch yourself as the candidate they should choose for the job. However, there are multiple rounds of interviews you’ll have to complete before you receive a job offer. Keep reading to learn about the different stages of the software engineering hiring process.

    1. Initial phone interview with a recruiter or hiring manager. This phone screening is conducted with a member of the company’s hiring committee where you can emphasize your experience and top skills and why you’d be a good fit.

    2. Technical second interview with an engineer. The second round in the interview process is where things get more technical. Since this is typically done with a member of their engineering team, expect specific questions about your coding experience and background knowledge. This might also include skill assessments that vet your ability to complete the job you’re tasked with should you get hired.

    3. Meeting with additional team members. Some companies will have a third interview with more team members to see if you are a good fit for their team. They may ask questions about how you would fit into their company culture or even about your strengths and weaknesses as a software engineer. You might be assigned a skill assessment at this stage or even a take-home project to submit back to them when completed.

    4. Final interview with a company leader. The last round of interviews is the home stretch: Make sure to highlight what you’ll bring to the team, how you will improve the company with your work, and what your long-term goals might be. With each stage of the interview process, be sure to put your best foot forward.

    5 software engineer job interview tips

    Make sure you stand out from other candidates by using these job interview tips for software engineering jobs:

    1. Prepare for any skill assessments or in-person coding exercises they may require
    2. Know what programming languages you will be using
    3. Review practice software engineering interview questions beforehand and prepare your answers
    4. Review your resume and cover letter for any errors
    5. Prepare for each portion of the interview process from the phone screening to the last round of interviews

    Wrapping up: becoming a software engineer

    Software engineering is a career with a promising outlook and countless job openings that are waiting to be filled. Success in the field requires concrete knowledge of programming languages, problem-solving skills, and meaningful projects in your portfolio.

    Whether you’ve just found an interest in coding or you’ve had multiple years of experience under your belt, getting a job as a software engineer is more accessible than it has ever been. Start applying to software engineering jobs by signing up for a free AngelList account.

    Software engineers have plenty of transferable skills that can be used in other similar positions, some of which we’ve listed below. Should you pursue a career change in the future, here are some options for where you can branch out and apply what you already know.

    • Quality Assurance Engineer. QA engineers are tasked with tracking the development of software in each stage and testing to each part for functionality.
    • Web Developer. For those who specialize in developing website applications, a web developer role may be in your future.
    • Information Technology Manager. If helping organizations navigate their technological presence is your forte, you may consider a future in IT management.

    Resources for future software engineers

    Here we’ve listed helpful resources for current and future software engineers who are looking to land their first software engineering jobs.

    • Break Into Tech’s Find Your Fit course. If you’re not sure where you want to work in the tech space, this course can help you find out your passions.
    • Team Treehouse Courses. These flexible courses from Team Treehouse allow you to complete coursework in a way that works with your schedule.
    • HackerRank. This platform is an excellent resource for practicing technical assessments as well as finding companies looking to hire software engineers.
    • #100DaysOfCode. This challenge has participants code for an hour each day and encourages them to tweet about their progress with the hashtag.
    • Coursera. Coursera offers a multitude of software engineering courses that teach different specializations across different programming languages.
    • Cracking the Coding Interview. This book covers 189 programming questions and their solutions, which earned its reputation as the ultimate guide to tech interviews.

    5 Steps to Getting Your First Job in Software Engineering

    Unsure how to get a software engineering job or where to start? Landing your first job as a software engineer can seem like an intimidating milestone to reach. It feels even harder when you don’t have a computer science background and you’re transitioning from another field, especially one that you’ve worked years to develop a career in. Feelings of uncertainty come in many forms. Your inner dialog may sound like this:

    “My resumé isn’t compelling enough to get a job in this new field.”
    “I’m a beginner all over again, and I don’t know enough to do this well.”
    “If I start over, I’m afraid I’ll fail.”
    “I feel like an imposter trying to get a job in something I know so little about.”

    If these are some of the thoughts you’ve had when considering a career change, you’re not alone. These are fears that most of my students have expressed in my 5 years teaching at General Assembly, and they are totally logical fears to have. Fortunately, there are clear steps you can take and definitive questions you can answer for yourself which will keep you on a path to landing a great first job in software engineering. They are:

    1. Figure out what kind of software engineering interests you.
    2. Learn the basics.
    3. Build projects.
    4. Begin applying for software engineering positions.
    5. Learn from your interviews.

    1. Decide what kind of programmer you want to start out as.

    You’ve decided to take the plunge into software engineering, but did you know there are many different kinds of software developers? Jobs in programming run everywhere from front-end engineering (on the design side), back-end engineering (on the server side), to security engineering, DevOps, and testing automation!

    Those are some of the more common types that most companies will need to hire for, so the question isn’t, “What kind of engineer do you want to be?”, it’s “what kind of engineer do you want to start out as?” This distinction is important because you should try to work for a company that gets you going with a clear set of roles and responsibilities, but also fosters an environment that will allow you to try out other types of work too. Some of the best software developers I’ve worked with were at one point doing a completely different set of tasks at the start of their career.

    So, what interests you the most?

    2. Learn the basics of software development.

    It goes without saying that you’ll want to acquire some knowledge in computer programming before sending out a bunch of job applications. But where to start? There are a ton of great resources out there, but I’ll outline what I think is a great approach for most people to get a good start in programming knowledge:

    1. Take some classes. Whether it’s through one of General Assembly’s coding courses, a highly rated video course on Udemy, or a coding bootcamp, it’s important to get some experience learning from an industry professional. It’s also good to be able to collaborate with other students doing a similar career change.
    2. Read a lot. The learning doesn’t stop after taking some short-form classes. After you’ve mastered the basics of programming, you’ll be able to effectively self-teach too. Get some good programming literature! Here’s a list of some great books for beginners.

    You’ll want to focus your learning on the basics of programming and computer science. Key areas to educate yourself on should include:

    • Programming fundamentals: Variables, conditionals, loops, functions, etc.
    • Design patterns: How programs are structured to be maintainable and easy to reason about.
    • Popular frameworks (such as React, Angular, Express, Rails etc.) are a plus because they provide transferable skills while giving you a competitive edge by staying current. However, it’s still super important to base your education on the fundamentals of programming. A good drummer won’t learn how to play fancy fills without first learning the rudiments, and software development is no different!

    3. Build, build, build!

    Always have a project to work on. Apply the skills you’re learning by practicing on real-world projects. For example, if you’re reading a tutorial on how to build a user interface with React, try building your own portfolio website using React. You’ll be doing two great things for your career at the same time:

    1. Practicing and honing transferable skills.
    2. Building your software engineering portfolio with actual case studies and proofs of concept.

    4. Start applying for jobs.

    Software developer job openings are constantly being posted as new companies are founded, existing companies expand, and established companies evolve. When it comes to startups vs. established companies, there are some significant differences you’ll likely come across. For instance, a new startup might have more employee perks, such as flexible time off, but might also demand more weekend hours put in. On the other hand, an older established company might provide a more clearly defined set of roles and responsibilities and a better structure for employee growth.

    It’s ultimately different from company to company, but the pattern I’ve seen lately is that startups provide more incentives to apply, with more initial flexibility for the employee. Keep in mind though that startups are by nature less likely to succeed long-term.

    5. Use every interview as a learning experience.

    You’ll start to land interviews comprised of multiple stages that will vary slightly by company but typically look something like this:

    1. Initial interview with a recruiter or hiring manager that’s usually less technical
    2. A more technical second interview with an engineer on the team, where they’ll get to know your current skill set
    3. Meeting with more members of the team which will usually include a code challenge of some sort
    4. Final interview with a company leader which hopefully includes an offer!

    It’s important to remember a few things during the interview process. First of all, most modern tech companies want to hire you, not just your skills. They don’t want to just hear you rattle off a bunch of technical terms that make it sounds like you’re more experienced than you are.

    They want to know about you, your passions, your curiosity, your drive to learn, and your drive to grow with the company. None of those things are strictly reliant on 10+ years of experience like the job postings might say. While there is a base level of skill that is required, you’ll want the company to know that you are a good long-term fit; that you can become the software engineer that you want to be with them.

    Every interview you take will be a culture fit test. Be a nice person, be curious, ask questions.

    The technical part of the interview is often the scariest. During the technical interview or code challenge, sometimes you’ll have to write code by hand on a white board with people watching. It can be terrifying unless you really think about the actual purpose of the technical interview.

    What’s important to remember when prepping for the code challenge is that it’s designed to be hard. A well-crafted code challenge is not meant to be completed in short order. Rather, it’s meant to give the interviewer deeper insight on your current skill set as well as your ability to speak about how you navigate through a problem you’ve been tasked with solving. If you were able to finish the code challenge too easily, the company would have no idea where your skills max out at.

    When engaging in a code challenge, the interviewer wants to understand your thought process for problem solving; how you might approach going from the prompt to the solution and the reasoning behind it.

    For a good code challenge, they want to see your journey through the problem. Of course, you do need to learn the basic fundamentals of programming to even begin a code challenge, but you’ll get to a point where you can at least show the interviewer how you’re framing the problem and coming up with a potential solution.

    Every interview is a learning experience. Keep these tips in mind. You’ll get better at the process, and you’ll eventually land that software engineering job where your new career will really begin!

    Learn Software Engineering Online

    How to Become a Software Engineer in 2022 (From Scratch)

    How to Become a Software Engineer in 2022 (From Scratch) | Columbia Engineering Boot Camps

    Get Boot Camp Info

    Software engineers are the unsung heroes of the digital sector. It’s thanks to their skills (and, of course, the wonders of modern engineering) that our devices can transcend their plastic and silicon exteriors to become the invaluable tools we use today. 

    From afar, the work these coders do can seem daunting, even incomprehensible. But thanks to the expansion of computer science education and training options, it has never been easier to enter the software engineering field — even with little to no prior industry experience. All it takes is a healthy level of ambition, hard work, foresight, and adaptability.  

    Becoming a software engineer typically encompasses six key steps: 

    1. Planning your career path
    2. Obtaining an education
    3. Gaining experience
    4. Getting certified
    5. Building your portfolio
    6. Applying for jobs

    While the upskilling process requires strong commitment and patience, the career rewards it provides are well worth the effort. Read on to learn how to become a software engineer in 2022!

    1. Planning Your Career Path

    Though many software engineering (or coding) skills are transferable between roles, aspiring software engineers should have a career trajectory in mind. After all, the term “coding” can encompass a variety of different positions; understanding the distinction between software engineering and related fields such as web programming is crucial during the initial career planning stage.

    As the name suggests, software engineering generally refers to the creation and implementation of computer software and utility programs. Software engineers use their comprehensive knowledge of computer science and mathematics to develop software products that suit users’ digital needs. Web developers, on the other hand, focus primarily on coding websites. These professionals are tasked with creating and maintaining everything from layouts and functions to navigation and overall usability. 

    Once you have a clear idea of your intended career path, you can start navigating it. With that in mind, now let’s continue our discussion on how to become a software engineer. 

    2. Obtaining an Education

    Generally speaking, there are three main paths aspiring software engineers can take to pursue their education: coding bootcamps, college, and self-directed learning. The option you choose will be contingent on your preferences as a learner and your lifestyle circumstances (such as schedule conflicts, intended timelines, financial resources, etc.). 

    Each route comes with its own set of pros and cons, so consider them carefully before enrolling in an academic course!

    Now, let’s assess the educational options which may help you become a software developer from scratch.

    Coding bootcamp

    By attending a coding bootcamp, you’ll have the opportunity to gain a set of job-ready programming skills through an accelerated curriculum. Software engineering is challenging to learn from scratch — but with a bootcamp, even industry newcomers can build a strong knowledge base and ready themselves for an entry-level role quickly if they are willing to put in the time, hard work, and dedication. 

    Coding bootcamps may be worth it for those who don’t have the time or resources to attend a four-year degree program. These courses last just three to six months, depending on whether you opt for a part- or full-time schedule, and are often cheaper than multi-year degree programs. Bootcamps are also highly flexible; many offer virtual, in-person, and weekend options to suit working professionals’ scheduling needs. 

    That said, because bootcamps tend to focus on web-based coding rather than software engineering, a coding bootcamp may not be the best choice for someone who wants to land a job in the latter field as soon as they complete their formal education.  

    But if you want to develop your coding fundamentals and start gaining work experience as soon as possible, you should still consider enrolling in a coding bootcamp geared toward helping you become a full stack developer. Such a course will provide you with a “full stack” of back end (server-side) and front end (client-side) programming skills. Having this foundation will better equip you to hit the ground running as an entry-level professional and start accumulating real job experience — which you can then use to springboard into software engineering.

    Review previously provided information.

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    First name *

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    Recent graduate, first jobChange my career pathAdvance my careerGrow my businessI’m not sureWhich best describes your goal? *

    Which field most interests you? *

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    College education

    College is far and away the most popular educational route among developers today. In 2020, Stack Overflow found that nearly 75 percent of surveyed developers had achieved at least the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree or higher, remaining consistent with numbers observed in previous years. 

    Four-year degree programs are popular for a reason: they cover computer science theory and practice, provide communal learning environments, offer access to supportive instructors, and facilitate networking opportunities. These university degree programs are also usually well-regarded by employers. 

    However, a college education can be less economical than a bootcamp, and a degree isn’t strictly necessary to become a software engineer, though you’ll often have to work harder to achieve your goals. The same survey also found that just over 20 percent of professional developers did not have an undergraduate degree. Roughly 16 percent of surveyed developers also described college degrees as “not at all important” or “not necessary.” 

    In summary — while college can be a fantastic option for those who have the time and resources to attend, it is not a be-all-end-all academic requirement for everyone wondering how to become a software engineer. 

    Self-directed learning

    There is also a range of self-directed learning opportunities to explore for those who prefer less formal academic options. For instance, learners can pick up necessary coding skills via free educational websites like Khan Academy and freeCodeCamp. In addition to being cost-effective, these classes are designed to suit self-guided instruction and scheduling, making them highly personalized by default. 

    But the flexibilities provided by self-directed learning come at a cost. Those who choose to learn independently don’t have the accountability a set schedule or formal instructor offers; rather they are responsible for keeping themselves on track and productive. While this approach may work well for some, those who are less self-motivated may find themselves falling behind on their upskilling timetable.

    3. Gaining Experience

    Your skills training shouldn’t start and end with formal classes! Aspiring software engineers will want to accrue hands-on experience through volunteer work, personal projects, internships, and other practical work opportunities. Practicing your coding skills outside of the classroom will allow you to pad out your resume, add items to your professional portfolio, and otherwise improve your standing during the job search.

    Not sure where to start? If you’re attending a college program or bootcamp, you may want to reach out to your institution’s alumni affairs office to see if they can connect you with any open internship or placement opportunities. Alternatively, you can check out a few of the resources below for inspiration!

    Additional Resources

    • Code 4 Good — American Red Cross
    • Hackathon Opportunities — Second Muse
    • How to Find a Software Developer Internship as a Student — freeCodeCamp


    Getting Certified 

    Want to maximize your chances of being chosen by employers? You may want to consider earning a certification. Certificates are valuable in today’s professional climate, as they quickly confirm your experience to employers seeking top-level candidates. Being certified may help you rise above other applicants when potential employers sift through resumes. 

    Below, we’ve listed a few certifications that might benefit an entry-level software engineer. 

    Additional Resources

    • AWS Certified Developer (Associate) — Amazon Web Services
    • Java Certification — Oracle University 
    • Professional Scrum Developer — Scrum

    5. Building Your Portfolio

    A coding portfolio is a crucial asset for all aspiring software engineers seeking employment. This comprehensive body of work is often the first impression job recruiters have of you. It is a great way to showcase your past projects, too; these can convey your versatility and general know-how as a work-ready software engineer.   

    As an interested candidate, your job is to provide as much evidence of your abilities as possible — so take time to build out your portfolio accordingly! When summarizing projects, be sure to include detailed descriptions of all technologies utilized, roles you served, and any other relevant information about your process and ideology. 

    Additional Resources:

    • 5 Rules for Writing a Software Engineer Resume That Will Get You Hired — The Muse
    • An Honest Guide to Building a Powerful Developer Portfolio — Better Programming 
    • How to Prepare For & Succeed In a Coding Interview — Glassdoor

    6. Applying For Jobs

    Once you’ve sought out proper training and certification, dabbled in projects, and prepared a layered portfolio, you’ll be ready to apply for software engineering positions. Start by mapping out your career goals, pinpointing jobs you would prefer based on your experiences to date; this will help you narrow down compatible opportunities early into your application process. Update your resume, LinkedIn profile, and other relevant application materials to ensure that potential employers have an up-to-date snapshot of your skills and capabilities. 

    It is essential to remain confident and not limit yourself during this time. The sheer number of different roles can be overwhelming at first, but as you test the waters, keep in mind that your right fit is out there — it just might take some time to find it!

    What Exactly Is Software Engineering and What Do Software Engineers Do?

    Software engineering broadly refers to the practice of building, maintaining, and improving computer software and networking systems. Software engineers, in turn, have extensive knowledge of coding languages, software development, and engineering principles. 

    By applying such principles, software engineers conduct complex analyses to develop customized systems and software products based on their clients’ unique demands. This process is usually preceded by intensive studying of specified system requirements and limitations.  

    While software engineer job descriptions will vary across industries and employers, most professionals can expect to share the same core set of responsibilities. These include but are not limited to:

    • Improving systemic operations by conducting system analysis and recommending procedural changes
    • Investigating systemic, network, and product bugs
    • Developing new software solutions that suit current business or consumer needs
    • Documenting solutions for non-technical stakeholders via visualized charts, diagrams, layouts, and other illustrated materials
    • Obtaining and licensing software as needed

    As you apply to jobs, remember to tailor your resume and cover letter to the role specifications laid out in the role description! 

    How Long Does It Take to Become a Software Engineer? 

    The answer depends on you! The time required to become a software engineer will vary based on your desired academic route. For example, a typical college education, such as a degree in computer science, takes around four years to complete and spreads instruction out across seasonal semesters. The pursuit of a degree is a slow but thorough process, and graduation stands as a notable achievement. 

    However, if you want to get started with a job in coding sooner and get valuable job experience while you continue to work toward completing the required skill sets of software engineers, you can also consider enrolling in a bootcamp or learning on your own. Most bootcamp courses range from three to six months. During this time, instruction is often quick and intensive, focusing on helping learners build job-ready web development skills as quickly as possible. 

    Independent learners face the most uncertainty when it comes to establishing timelines. Generally speaking, motivated learners could teach themselves coding basics within a year or so — however, this span can grow or shrink according to their self-imposed schedule, availability, and aptitude for independent study. 

    What Programming Languages Should You Focus on to Become a Software Engineer? 

    When you’re just starting out as a software engineer, it can be challenging to figure out which coding languages have the most professional value. Thankfully, you don’t have to cherry pick your skillset alone — we’ve developed a list of the most in-demand coding skills on the market today. 


    JavaScript has been consistently cited as the most commonly used programming language globally — not to mention “the most sought-out language by hiring managers in the Americas” (PDF, 2.8 MB). The enduring relevance of JavaScript makes the language a go-to by default; it remains one of the easiest languages to learn and is used by most major web browsers. 


    Python is another common language used primarily for back end development and data science. This general-purpose language is tailored to several different programming styles — such as object-oriented and functional — to aid in a variety of projects. Like JavaScript, Python is known for being relatively easy to learn, but even seasoned software engineers should consider its offerings; over 50 percent of hiring managers (PDF, 2.8 MB) now seek candidates fluent in the language.  


    Google-developed Go has seen a steady increase in popularity since its 2009 inception. According to analysts at HackerRank (PDF, 2.8 MB), it has been “the #1 language developers want to learn next” for three consecutive years; it was also found to be the “12th most known language for 2020.” Given the age of many of its prominent competitors, it is safe to assume Go will only continue to carve a deeper niche in the broad programming spectrum, making it a valuable language for today’s engineers. 


    Java is the fifth-most commonly used language among professional developers. As a general-use and object-oriented language, Java is especially valuable for developers creating objects that “encompass functions and data.” The language’s versatility, paired with its consistent demand among all notable languages, keeps its appeal timeless. 


    Despite its potentially intimidating name, “HyperText Markup Language” (HTML) is a highly accessible language often used to describe a web page’s formatting and overall appearance. As a markup language, HTML is more specific in its usability, but remains one of the most commonly used languages worldwide. 

    Software Developer Salaries & Job Outlook — In New York & the U.S.

    Though pandemic-related impacts continue to be felt within the U.S. economy, recent BLS data predicts continued growth in the software engineering industry from 2019 to 2029; this is comparatively much faster than the average for all other occupations. In May 2019, software developers were found to make an average annual wage of $111,620. However, this figure often varies by location. In New York, for instance, the mean wage was found to be $119,570 — a rate significantly higher than the national average. 

    That said, remote work trends have reshaped parts of the software developer employment process, with many candidates narrowing their job search to opportunities that offer remote functionality. In turn, employers have been forced to consolidate and restructure significant aspects of their infrastructure to emphasize remote working.  

    This trend has influenced but ultimately not hindered the availability of engineering jobs, though it remains to be seen how the pandemic will impact long-term industry salary figures; for now, they are generally stable following a period of constant growth from 2016–2020. Keep in mind that salary is affected by a number of factors including professional experience, educational background, company size, and knowledge of in-demand skills and technologies.

    Should You Apply to a Coding Bootcamp to Become a Software Engineer?

    Are coding bootcamps worth it? If you want to build the foundational skills necesssary to start coding professionally within six months, yes! Coding bootcamps offer a valuable educational option for aspiring software engineers who want to upskill quickly and start working toward an entry-level position. 

    Not sure where to start? Columbia Engineering Coding Boot Camp stands as an excellent venue for this type of learning, offering an immersive curriculum aimed at building both a solid coding foundation and an array of fundamental skills that can be applied to software engineering. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help support your career growth.

    FAQs on Software Engineering

    Can You Become a Software Engineer Without a Degree? 

    While the value of an undergraduate education is undeniable, a degree is not always necessary to succeed as a software engineer if you are willing to work hard and build up your skills and experience.. There are numerous alternative educational paths for honing your engineering skills and establishing credibility, including bootcamp courses and self-directed learning options. 

    Can You Become a Software Engineer If You’re Older?

    Absolutely. The desire to learn and grow transcends age; while coding is sometimes viewed as a younger worker’s domain, it is more than possible to learn programming when you’re older. All you need is the right amount of curiosity and determination.  

    How Is Software Engineering Different From Web Development?

    Software engineering refers to the development of computer systems and their underlying software — as well as the broad application of software engineering principles. Web developers, on the other hand, specialize in the construction of web pages and the consistent maintenance of their back end data and general usability. Learn more about becoming a web developer.  

    How Much Can You Make as a Coder?

    What kind of salary can you expect as a coder? According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, coders average $111,620 per year (which breaks down to a mean hourly wage of $53.66). However, it is important to note that income can vary by experience, company size, and location; a job located in a tech hub like New York City or Seattle could earn you dramatically more than a similar role in Florida, for example. Learn more about becoming a coder and what kind of salary you can expect.

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    Which field most interests you? *

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    How to find your first job as a programmer? From a resume to a trial period / Habr

    Everyone knows that now programming is a super-demanded and super-paid profession. But few people know that there are very few vacancies for beginners. All employers want a person who already knows something to come to them. Write code that doesn’t need to be thrown away. There are few junior vacancies (which do not require work experience), and the competition here is very high. On the one hand, there is a huge need for programmers. On the other hand, at the beginning of your career, you may encounter difficulties. Employers pay attention first of all to those who already have a line about their previous place of work in their resume. If you don’t have it, it will be difficult.

    From my own experience, I graduated from a good university and expected to be flooded with job offers right away. But my resume aroused minimal interest. I received two invitations to interviews, and no one took my hands off me.

    So how does a newbie get a first job?

    It must be called somehow. There are two options.

    1. Let’s say you programmed in different languages. At school, they probably wrote in Pascal, and then they did something in C ++. If you’re older, you may be familiar with Delphi. Therefore, in the title of the resume, you can indicate all the languages ​​\u200b\u200bin which you wrote. Perhaps some will be of interest to a potential employer. For example like this: “Programmer: delphi, python, php, html, java, c#, ruby, scala” .
    2. You can indicate that you specialize in one thing, such as Python. Usually, if the title of the resume lists a bunch of languages, then it’s clear that you don’t know anything. Just touched superficially. In the eyes of the employer, you will be a human orchestra who came to audition at the conservatory. You don’t have to do that. Cross out the long sheet and just leave “Python Programmer”. Increase your self-esteem, do not emphasize self-doubt associated with a lack of experience in your resume.

    The rule follows from this: choose one programming language and specialize in it. At the university, I wrote in C ++, then I realized that the vacancies associated with it did not really appeal to me, so I had to move in a different direction. I chose C# and Java for myself. I liked both of them very much, and for a long time I could not decide which one I liked more: there is such and such a feature, here such and such, it would seem, are the same. I bought two hefty thick books – C# by Andrew Troelsen and Java by Bruce Eckel. I spent two weeks on each and began to respond to vacancies in both languages. I thought where they would take me earlier – I would go deeper into that language. Now I understand that I have shifted the responsibility for choosing a language from myself to the universe, to fate, to the employer.

    When I went to each of the interviews, I felt insecure. In both languages ​​I wrote equally weakly. Shouldn’t have done that. I had to make a voluntary decision. If you can’t choose, flip a coin. The main thing is to decide on one language.

    What is the best language to include in a resume? There are many languages, but they very often interchange each other. Not all of them are alive. The main rule is to choose popular languages, do not take exotic ones. No need to hear that some Haskel is very cool, cool, can do everything and everyone, and functional programming languages ​​are so magical … Everyone praises their language.

    Employers do not need exotic, but those technologies for which there are many specialists. Decide for yourself whether you need to learn a language in which you will then not be able to find a job?

    So when choosing a language, pay attention:

    • to its popularity;
    • for solving problems that interest you;
    • for ease of development: at the initial stage, it is better to choose a simpler one.

    Now, by the number of vacancies, the following languages ​​are most in demand: Javascript, PHP, Java, C ++, Python, C #, Ruby, Swift, Objective-C. Having chosen a language, most likely, you will stop there. Maybe in two years you will be disappointed or decide to retrain. But it will hurt a little. On the other hand, you can easily apply your experience in another field of activity.

    • If we are talking about frontend — that is, development of the visual part of sites — then everything is simple here, three languages ​​are needed: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
    • But for development of the server part there are many options. The most popular language is PHP. At every report they tell me that they speak badly about RNR, some of it is not like that. Many hypothesize that he will die. But nothing like that, half of the sites are written in PHP, half of the vacancies – in PHP, VKontakte – in PHP, like many other major projects. The language is not going anywhere. If there are critical problems in it, then they will simply be fixed. Ruby on Rails appeared, a cool engine – well, it’s okay, frameworks began to appear on PHP, in which similar features were introduced. Everything is fine. Separately, I will say that Python attracts many people with its simplicity and versatility.
    • From the point of view of mobile development of , there are only two options. If you want to write for Android, this is Java. If under iOS – Swift or Objective-C. Both are good decisions.
    • Desktop and server development : Python, Java, C++ or C#. There is room for throwing. Python is simpler than the rest. You can write in Java for Android. In C# — to delve into the development of games and websites. C++ is more suitable for those tasks where high speed is required. Otherwise, they have the same capabilities, it’s just that sites write less often in Java.

    A reasonable question arises: if you start from scratch, does it make sense to learn a new language right away? For example, Apple switched from Objective-C to Swift, then Swift 2 and 3 appeared. Usually I am conservative and I think that the new is not always justified and really shoots. A new language appears, there are no vacancies for it, but where is the guarantee that they will appear later? Maybe they will write on it from the heels of projects.

    As for Objective-C and Swift, I’ve been looking after these languages ​​for a long time, and just the other day the number of vacancies in Swift caught up with Objective-C. In my opinion, this is a very serious indicator that Swift will only gain momentum and may eventually supplant Objective-C.

    So, we chose the language and indicated it in the summary. Next, we list the technologies that we know. Let’s figure out again which is cooler. Let’s say you’re programming in PHP. Does it make sense to write that you know C, C++, Pascal, C# and so on? It is not necessary to list all the technologies that are not directly related to your competence. It is necessary to name the vacancy “programmer: PHP”. In this case, the employer is not interested in what you once wrote in C and Visual Basic. All this long tail can not be indicated.

    There is another option. Let’s say I’m a PHP programmer, but I know all these technologies because they are related to web development: PHP, YII2, HTML, different frameworks. If you search for a web developer job, you will surely see a hefty sheet of additional requirements with a bunch of buzzwords. And many people are afraid of this, especially in web development, it’s scary that you need to know so much … You should strive for this: know Webpack, work with different databases, and so on.

    Many people immediately write to increase their authority that I know this, and I know this approximately, but I am a beginner and I am ready to receive 15-30 thousand so far, and I have no work experience. What will be the impression on the employer? The same: a man-orchestra.

    There is another problem. Suppose the employer believes that you know all this. He will come to the interview with this list, poke at any technology and say: “Now we are talking about React, what do you know about it? And what’s that? And this? Clearly, we don’t know React.”

    Cross out.

    “Okay, let’s talk about MySQL, write me a transaction that does this and that.”
    “Well, I only installed the development environment in MySQL, I did two selects …”

    MySQL is also crossed out. Everything else he won’t even look at. The employer will no longer be interested in the fact that you fried RNR for six months: he caught you in a lie. So we cross out all of the above.

    No one expects a junior to immediately fly into space. The employer, as a rule, is an adequate person. And he understands that a junior will know one programming language and, at best, have a superficial understanding of frameworks. This suits the employer, because he needs a person who will take the routine operations from the leading developers. Therefore, write about your knowledge as honestly as possible.

    Moreover, do not even try to get acquainted with all these numerous technologies. If you are a PHP programmer, then write that you know PHP and a little HTML and CSS for layout. They are also familiar with one framework – that’s it, the employer will be happy with it. He won’t race you on YII because you didn’t say you know him. The employer understands that you can be driven on RNR.

    If it so happened that you have already touched a lot of things, then honestly write: a superficial acquaintance with such and such technologies. Maybe for the employer it will be a plus.

    Should your resume show that you graduated from some university, received some certificates, took courses, and so on? This is a good thing in the initial selection, which many personnel officers pay attention to. It is difficult for them to navigate by other criteria. Therefore, they look at work experience and education to draw some conclusion.

    When I was recruiting C# juniors for the team, we posted a vacancy and got 50 responses within two to three weeks. We did not have a personnel officer, so we went the programming way: all candidates were sent a test task. Whoever made it went on. And I, as an employer, were not interested in certificates and a diploma. I didn’t even look at the resume until the person sent me the solution to the test task. But for a recruiter, this can be important.

    A very important thing at the selection stage. If you have a portfolio, then a programmer employer will be able to understand whether you are able to solve a problem similar to the one you have already solved.
    What can you write in your portfolio? If you want to develop websites, then just come up with a problem for yourself and solve it in the required time. Make a small site and put it on Github. And write: I created a small online store, I used such and such technologies, here is the code. For the employer, this will be an indicator that you also know about Git. He understands: if I take this newcomer to work, he will do to me in two days about the same thing that he himself dealt with for a month. And he will not have to pay to learn what Bootstrap is, to get acquainted with all sorts of necessary things. He himself has already studied this and is now able to solve the problem in a couple of days. So don’t neglect your portfolio. It will help you a lot.

    If you have one, please describe it. After that, you will be torn off with your hands. After graduating from university, I received two responses to my resume, and a year later I simply did not know how to hide it. Because everyone needs programmers, and personnel officers see: this guy endured a year and was not fired, he did not screw up, which means he is an intelligent person. If I take him to work with me, then most likely I will also be able to endure him for at least a year, his code will not have to be thrown away.

    Resume is ready, what to do next? Before responding to vacancies, you need to mentally tune in a bit so that the process goes right. Imagine your ideal working day, what would you like to get as a result? Otherwise, we will just be a squirrel in a wheel, we will run after some dream, some kind of happiness. Imagine what your office looks like, your colleagues, how you feel about yourself, what projects you are involved in. Just tune in to what emotions you will experience when you start going to work. Make a request to the universe: “I want it to be so, so and so.” And calm down, everything will be fine.

    Tell me about how I got a job at GeekBrains. At some point, I got tired of programming. It’s a cool job, I gave it five years, but I was not very satisfied with the goals of the company in which I worked. I thought that it would be interesting for me to open my own school and teach people. Give them the opportunity to get a new specialty, a new profession. Then I saw a vacancy and started teaching at GeekBrains, combining it with my main job. Then I just asked them to work.

    This was my conversation with the CEO of GeekBrains.

    Gendir: “What can you do? You are programming in C#, and I need Ruby.”
    Me: “I don’t want to program, I can do this, I can do that.”

    Two weeks later I went to work.

    You probably imagine: “I will find a job like this: I will post a resume, they will respond to it, I will come for an interview, and everything will work out.” But work can find you in a completely different way. For example, you will register on a freelance site, complete some order, and you will have regular customers. Or a friend will invite you to work with him. Don’t get hung up on how to achieve your goal. Just be open to suggestions, wherever they come from.

    Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get called for an interview after you’ve applied for a job. At the initial positions, supply greatly exceeds demand. I myself made this mistake, I found one job offer and thought: damn, this suits me, this company is not far from my metro, and the requirements are simple. It seems to me that I’m a great fit for them, and they, the infection, didn’t even look at my resume. Well, what is it? There must be something wrong with me. Or they read but didn’t write anything. Everything, the resume is bad, it is necessary to refine the portfolio, do something else. But in fact, maybe they just have no time. They hired someone a long time ago and just didn’t take the vacancy because the newcomer’s probationary period hadn’t ended yet.

    Don’t worry guys. Submit 100, 200, 300 responses, whatever you find. And by the law of large numbers, you will tell the universe that you really want a job. You will be invited to five interviews, at one of them you will get a job – that’s it. If you are sent a test task, do not neglect it. In my experience, 90% of candidates drop out when given a test.

    Mood is very important in an interview. Tune in that it’s not you being evaluated here, but you came to understand whether the company is right for you, whether you like working here, whether the team is good, and so on. Otherwise, you will think that you are being examined and sit with shaky knees. You are an expert, a specialist. Beginner but expert. And you also interview the employer: is the project interesting, what are its prospects, what does the workplace look like? You change places a little, and the employer thinks: the person appreciates himself, now I need to convince him that my company is worthy of his presence. This is also an important factor.

    Don’t worry all the time about being kicked out right after probation. In my experience, a probationary period is a symbolic thing, a safety net for an employer so that a rookie who messes up can be easily fired. In the vast majority of cases, no sanctions will be applied to you. The employer usually just forgets about the trial period. He looked at the timer – three months have passed, you can register a person.

    If you were taken on a trial period, then you don’t have to bombard everyone with questions, otherwise they will think that you are a fool. But there is no need to rush to the other extreme, when a novice developer is given a task, and he goes into himself for three days, because he himself is trying to figure everything out. And the employer thinks: are three days really not enough for you for such a simple thing? So feel free to ask questions. If you have been working on a task for more than an hour and you are not succeeding, go to the elder, ask him, he will help you, everything will be fine.

    Friends, and finally parting words: do not be afraid to experiment. Find yourself, find what you like to do. There is nothing worse than spending ten years in a job you don’t like for fear that you won’t be able to get another one. If you like programming, start learning this craft, combine your studies with your main job. If you want, come to us at GeekBrains, and we will definitely help you with this. Good luck to you, and see you soon!

    How can a junior programmer find his first job / Sudo Null IT News0001

    Business processes go online. Everyone needs user-friendly websites and applications to attract more customers. Companies interrupt each other’s offers – they want to get the right specialist as quickly as possible. And it doesn’t matter how expensive it is. Demand is growing faster than supply. The shortage of personnel is becoming more and more acute. This is how the 2021 labor market in the IT sector lives.

    Research HeadHunter shows that in Russia there is low competition and high demand in IT: up to two candidates apply for one vacancy. And programmers remain the most sought-after specialists — 49% of vacancies from the total number in the industry.

    Developer salaries increased by 30-80% during the pandemic, and growth continues. More and more companies agree to the conditions of the candidate himself – they want to quickly agree with a suitable applicant and not lose him.

    When the market is in high demand, it is easier for a developer without experience to find a job. But we must understand that the profession requires constant development and training. Managers expect that a junior specialist will quickly grow to the next grade, otherwise no one will want to spend time on him. In the article we will tell you how to find a first job for a novice programmer. Tips shared by experienced developers:

    Konstantin Voenkov

    Skypro Online University Development Manager

    Nikolai Suboch

    Lead Developer at Tinkoff Bank, Lead Expert of the Skypro Online University Course

    Mikhail Cheremukhin-Rerberg

    Middle Developer at Alfamentor Bank -Skypro University

    Situations when a job was chosen once and for life are a thing of the past. Managers react less strongly if they meet a candidate from another field. And more often they don’t even meet them – the remote format of work and hiring has become a common practice, especially in IT areas. There are many ways to start a career in development. Let’s focus on the three main ones.

    1. Study at a specialized university

    Classical education is distinguished by the fact that theories give a lot, but how to apply knowledge in practice is not always clear. Four years of study fly by, and the graduate does not even know what he will do at work. Nikolai Suboch told how a student can gain experience while studying :

    “A typical junior is a university graduate or senior student. He may be interested in internships from large companies. Universities usually cooperate with employers and give this opportunity to their students. For example, get an interesting internship during the summer holidays and practice. Perhaps there will be an offer to stay in the state.

    Another option is for a graduate to prepare a thesis with his supervisor on Computer Science. Then the teacher himself can push the student to speak at specialized conferences on his topic. The IT world is narrow. The graduate learns about the internship from such events or from the supervisor.”

    2. Take courses

    Online education offers programs that include employment assistance. You study up to 10 hours a week, combining work and personal life. At the end of the course, representatives from the online university help you prepare for interviews and write a resume.

    Mikhail Cheremukhin-Rerberg remembers how he got his first job as a programmer:

    “I consider myself lucky. I studied at the courses for about a year and ended up in the alumni database. The guys from a Moscow startup by some miracle found me in this huge database. The interview was easy, they asked even more about soft skills than hard skills. We looked at my test projects, understood what to expect: how I write the code, is there a structure, do I follow the techniques.

    The main criterion that helped me get a job and will help others is that the employer must understand whether you are going to develop yourself. If you are able to learn on your own, a large layer of problems goes away – you do not run with every question to the elder, do not distract him. You are looking for a solution and figure it out yourself.”

    3. Learn programming on your own

    Perhaps the most difficult and long way. Learning a programming language is not difficult. But for the employer, it is more important that you understand the development processes, know the principles and approaches of programming, understand the basics of Computer Science. All this is difficult to master without a mentor. And when the main work and family are in priority, it takes more time to study: there is no one to push you, you start and quit several times.

    Nikolai Suboch:

    “The employer will have additional questions for a junior specialist if he decides to change his profession and master the development on his own as an adult. All companies want to hire a newcomer who will grow to the middle level in a year or two. And if a person stays in a junior position for a long time, he is less useful than time spent.

    How a newbie interview goes

    The employer understands that discussing past experience with a novice developer is pointless. There are either no practical cases, or they do not relate to programming. Let’s analyze what is checked at interviews with a novice developer.

    Motivation and learning ability

    Every leader understands that a junior specialist will have to invest a lot of time and effort. Therefore, he chooses an interested and independent employee for himself in order to quickly grow him to a middle developer.

    Konstantin Voenkov:

    “I look at the candidate’s knowledge and its dynamics. If a specialist has gained his knowledge in a short period of time, this is a good sign for me. This means that he is easy to learn and will quickly grow to the next level.0155

    Mikhail Cheremukhin-Rerberg:

    “I ask how a person develops in the profession: what he reads, listens to, whether he is interested in related areas. I check the general erudition in the industry.

    ➤ Communication skills

    Konstantin Voenkov:

    “A programmer doesn’t just write code, he solves problems. Finding a solution and defining a problem are important development steps. Programming is about dealing with complexity. The simpler you solve the problem, the better. To choose the optimal solution for a specific task, you have to communicate and understand people with a different worldview. Therefore, it is important for a programmer to develop soft skills.”

    Don’t worry, you won’t be tasked with negotiating and defending the project in front of the board of directors on your first day of work. At first, you work mainly with your supervisor. He sets tasks for you and helps you adapt to the company. Over time, you will get comfortable, get to know your colleagues and understand how to improve your communication skills.

    ➤ Fundamental knowledge

    The process of hiring programmers is very different from company to company. Some employers ask theoretical questions according to the checklist and record whether you answered correctly or not. Others lead to a simple conversation to defuse the situation. Sometimes you are given a test task, you do it within the specified time and send it for verification.

    Nikolay Suboch:

    “Junior developers like to be asked about basic algorithms and data structures. Check whether he thinks in terms of Computer Science. They are asked to implement a simple task in a programming language. If you want to prepare for algorithmic sections, visit . The whole world trains to solve algorithmic problems on it.”

    ➤ Hands-on experience

    Aspiring developers are not expected to have successful work projects, but it’s better to have case studies. So you will show your level of knowledge in practice. The employer will have fewer questions – the employment process will be easier.

    Programmers use the codebase repository where they save their projects. One of them is GitHub. This is a good way to show employers what you can do and how your skills have developed.

    Three main tips for junior developers from experienced colleagues:

    ✔ show interest and desire to develop yourself – the manager must be sure that you will quickly become a middle developer;

    ✔ prepare practical projects, they can be educational – the employer will understand your level of knowledge and the number of questions to you will be reduced;

    ✔ observe the culture of communication – show respect for the interlocutor, be polite and open. At the start of a career, soft skills are highly valued.

    Where to study as a developer

    If you are attracted to the IT field, you want to develop quickly, work remotely and remain in demand as a specialist that companies are fighting for, take a look at the courses of the online university Skypro .

    You will graduate as a confident junior developer: create practical portfolio projects, understand the industry, understand how to work in modern IT teams. Mentors and course facilitators will support you in the learning process. And HR specialists will prepare for interviews and help you find your first job.

    How to get your first job as a programmer? — ProductStar on

    21 342

    Recently, Alexey Parshukov, Unit Lead at SkyEng, ex-CTO DocDoc, and I held a webinar “Quick Start in Programming from Scratch” and discussed the differences in learning programming languages, the essence of the profession of a programmer, how to get a job and what kind of employers there are. You can watch the webinar by following the link, and read the article on it right now 🙂

    What is the job of a programmer?

    The profession of a programmer has obvious advantages that everyone knows about:

    • Good salaries

    From 100 tr. by regions of Russia, 250-300 tr in Moscow, abroad from 10 thousand dollars .;

    • Flexible

    Developer is predominantly a remote job;

    • International demand

    This is one of the easiest jobs to immigrate.

    But not every person can become a developer, otherwise everyone would have long since retrained as programmers. Here you always have to stay on the line. You can’t master any one technology, read a book, take a course, learn Python perfectly and then earn 20 years from it. The industry and technologies are developing so rapidly that the approaches, frameworks, programming languages ​​that are relevant today will almost certainly completely change in 4 years, and if you drop out of the profession for a year, you will have to start almost from scratch.

    For example, for students, joining the army is a very big problem, because a lot will change in the year of absence in the development world. It’s not very critical. You can catch up quite quickly, but, in any case, you need to constantly stay on the trend line, constantly learn, study modern approaches, watch what changes and how, and then you will be a successful developer who earns a lot of money.

    And one more shortcoming, which few people talk about, is rather strong age discrimination. If you are a student, then finding a job will be quite easy. If you are 30-40 years old, then you are welcome in any technology company. If you are a little over 40, then it will be more difficult. But if you are over 50, then you most likely will not find a job anywhere. It is worth remembering that this exists.

    How do you know if a job as a programmer is right for you?

    It is not so important here what kind of education you have, whether you graduated from the institute by profession. The main thing is that you have a highly developed perseverance. Why is it so important?

    Imagine that you are given a task as a developer, for example, to move a button on the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen so that it is convenient to press it with your thumb. You sit down and start doing this task. It will take you a little time to figure out the application: where it is, how it is assembled. It will take a little more to study the code that programs and displays this button on the screen. It will take very little time to make changes to this code and tell the compiler or mobile phone: “Please display this button not on the left, but on the right.”

    But then this code, most likely, will not work. And the next few attempts it will not work. You will need to read a ton of documentation to figure out how button mapping works in Android or iOS. You will have to try 10 different ways: find some workarounds, prop it all up with crutches, write to the developer, look at the Android source codes, and in 4-5 days, at best, or even later, this button will be displayed as you need.

    All work consists of this: every day, every task. Every line of code you write will very likely either not work, or not work the way you want it to, and there will be no obvious reason why it doesn’t work. It takes an insane amount of time to figure out what’s going on and how to get this thing to do what you want it to do.

    And the final result, in which everything worked, should bring you a lot of joy. This is the main motivator of the developer, which makes him go to work every day and do something. Perseverance will allow you not to break down, not to refuse, not to change your mind, not to be distracted by coffee and social networks, but to sit for hours on end and think about why this thing does not work and how to make it work.

    What are employers?


    As a rule, these are small tasks for little money. They can be done fairly quickly. They are listed on freelance exchanges. The main exchange in Russia is The main international one is

    Exchanges are suitable for taking on some practical tasks that bring some benefit, for example, earning your first money. It’s simple enough. No one will read your resume, check if you have real experience, whether you can pull this task or not. This is a good place to get your hands on and start programming something, earning money from it. Theoretically, there are people who do this all their lives and earn much more money there than the employer.

    But there are also disadvantages. The main one is that it is more like creating your own business than the work of a programmer, since you spend a lot of time searching for orders, communicating with the customer, building processes efficiently, and it doesn’t take much time to develop. And, as a rule, products for which tasks are given on exchanges use a rather specific technology stack. For example, many tasks will be related to changes in the WordPress blogging engine. It is rarely used in product development, even more rarely in companies, but freelancing will have a million tasks on this topic: fix some landingos, move an image, file a plugin. This experience and these technologies in work for the employer are poorly applicable. Freelancing is hard to learn because there is no team. There are no people you interact with who you can learn from, who can check your work and share experiences. Therefore, freelancing is good for a start, but not for professional work.


    These are quite different companies whose activities vary greatly. There are both small and big players, but, as a rule, they have common pros and cons.

    From the pros:

    • A large flow of completely different projects

    You don’t fall asleep in the routine of any particular project. These are different projects, they are constantly changing, you have the opportunity to constantly learn something new;

    • Most of these companies have fairly clear processes in place

    They have algorithms for working with documentation, a development process, interaction with the customer, they work well with estimates, they know how to calculate the economy, because this is their professional activity.

    • High

    You can learn good software development from them.

    Of the minuses:

    • Not all companies are cool

    Top companies are really doing well. They have everything perfectly built, they have money, customers and interesting projects. But there are many niche companies with a small staff of 5-10 people, in which processes are not so well-established, but you can easily get a job in these companies and learn something useful. You can learn how to develop software after working with them for six months and move to another company for a higher paying job.

    • Little freedom

    The customer usually knows what he needs. He has a design, he has a clearly defined mission, he often comes with his own technologies. And despite the fact that it seems to you that it would be better to do otherwise, usually such issues are not discussed.

    In order to get into these companies, you need to know applied programming languages. For example, PHP, Python, Java, Javascript.

    This is a good place to start your career.

    Startups/Small companies

    There are hundreds of such companies. Every day, a dozen new ones open, but nine of them will definitely close.

    There are many advantages of why you should try to work in a startup:

    • It’s very exciting and fun;
    • The easiest way to earn really big money.

    In the early stages, often, the founder actively shares his shares, especially if the startup takes off and grows rapidly, then you will become a millionaire very soon;

    • There is no Legacy in the projects, no old code that makes you want to cry
    • Lots of freedom

    You can choose technologies and program the way you like. You can greatly influence the product.

    But there are also disadvantages:

    • 9 out of 10 companies close

    Many of them will close within the first year without launching a product;

    • Weak learning opportunity

    As a rule, not the best specialists come to these companies, there will not always be something to learn;

    • Unpredictability

    Often, the financial flow of these companies is unstable. You can work for such a company for some time and you won’t get paid for two months.

    In fact, the fun outweighs all these cons. But going to such a company without experience will not be the best decision. The stress level will be very high, and the level of practical knowledge, most likely, will not be enough to drag the project through.



    • Stability;
    • Good salary;
    • Low responsibility

    No one will ask you to recycle and be responsible for something big. Any large enterprise company is a master at spreading responsibility among a bunch of managers.


    • Very low speed

    You can cut a feature for a year or two without releasing it, because during this time it will lose its relevance. The salary, of course, will be paid, but this thing is very demotivating;

    • Specific experience

    As a rule, this is some kind of banking software. Basically, this is old code, which is not very pleasant and not very interesting to work with;

    • It will be quite difficult to change the field of activity here

    First of all, because you will lose your salary. In Sberbank, they are always higher than in Yandex.

    A great first job if you land an internship. In a large company, during an internship, you can get a lot of useful information of an applied nature in a short time: about how software is developed, what tools you need to use. This experience, in any case, will be relevant.

    Food companies


    • Current technologies;
    • Well-established processes;
    • Team of professionals;
    • High level of stability.


    • It’s hard to make really big money;
    • Difficulty getting a job;
    • Lots of tools to deal with.

    Each company has its own set of tools, and this experience will not be very relevant for the market and for moving to another place.

    How to choose a language?

    Depends on what you want to do and what company you want to join.

    PHP, for example, is a very popular language. It is used in a bunch of Russian and foreign companies, including Facebook. But there is no point in learning PHP to get a job on Twitter, because it is not used there. If you want to join Yandex, you need to learn Python or Java. Changing from PHP to Java is a very difficult process.

    It is best to immediately identify 2-3 companies in which you would like to work. Find out what programming languages ​​they use and study them. Or, start from the language you like and then look for companies that use it.

    What are developers?


    This is the code that runs on the server. The backender, as a rule, communicates with the database, with external services and is responsible for business logic. For example, it allows you to register a user, save him in the database, deduct money from him, send him some kind of notification or SMS.

    Typical languages: PHP or Python, as well as the less common Ruby.


    This is what you see when you visit the site. This is a piece from the layout. The layout is usually done in the HTML markup language, which tells how the content is displayed on the page, what color it will be shown. Javascript is responsible for how this page will behave, how it will be animated, where the form will go, what error will be displayed to the client if the phone number is entered incorrectly. Almost every programmer needs this knowledge. There are practically no such areas where you do not have to deal with layout. This language is very good to start, because wherever you go, it will be in demand everywhere.

    Full stack

    This is a developer who can create both front-end and back-end. He alone can file both on the server side and on the client side, make it all work together, make the project work without any help. This is aerobatics. Such developers usually earn one and a half times more.

    Mobile Development

    In fact, this is the same front-end, but other languages ​​are used here. It makes no sense to delve into programming languages ​​that were used 5 years ago, such as Objective-C and Java. Swift and Kotlin are currently used. All new applications are written in these languages, and old ones are rewritten for them.


    This is a separate area. Here, as a rule, C ++ and special libraries such as Unity, etc. are used. A developer who knows how to make a mobile application on Kotlin will not be able to write a game, because a completely different stack is used, completely different technologies.


    This is what runs natively on your computer. For example, browser, Word, etc. The most commonly used C++, C#. Powerful applications are written in C++. Sometimes desktop applications are written in Delphi because it’s much easier and cheaper.

    This is the most popular product in Russia. It is used, one way or another, in any Russian company. Its main disadvantage is that it is not used anywhere except in Russia. It is very narrow, it is very difficult to leave 1C, but there are a lot of vacancies and they are well paid.


    These are systems engineers who set up computers. Now we need a lot of computers, the products are complex. Facebook, for example, uses tens of thousands of servers, and in order to make it easier to administer them, so that the code can quickly roll up from developer computers to a productive environment and quickly roll over to users, engineers are needed who can transform, automate, and automatically put tens of thousands into operation. servers. They do it with software tools. The most demanded language in this area is Python and Bash. Learning python by any system administrator will raise his salary at least one and a half to two times.


    Most often, the developers of these areas use all the same languages. ML and data analysis is mostly Python and sometimes a bit of Java. Cryptocurrencies use C++. Here, the peculiarity is that a good knowledge of mathematics and a deep knowledge of applied tools are required. An ordinary python developer is unlikely to be able to retrain as an AI developer in a week, as a deeper dive will be required.

    How not to choose a language and direction?

    • Do not focus on salaries

    According to research published on Habr, the highest paid language is Eclipse. It is quite fashionable, youthful, positive and modern language. But what happens if you start learning it today? Now there are 11 published vacancies on And even if you go to a place with a high salary, this does not mean that in a few years it will still be relevant. In this case, you can be unclaimed, and switching from one language to another is a rather complicated story;

    • Do not choose trendy, exotic, limited or endangered languages ​​

    There are very few vacancies for exotic languages ​​(Scala, Eclipse) and, as a rule, they are all for experienced developers. Obsolete languages ​​are usually given at the institute / school, for example, Pascal. They have no application, they are not in demand on the market. As well as it is not necessary to begin with 1C because of its limitation.

    • Don’t start with complex languages ​​

    It’s not a good idea to start with C/C++. There is even such a meme on the Internet: learn C ++ in 40 days. It is a difficult language to master. It takes a lot of time for you to start to succeed and to be appreciated in the market. If you are going to go into game development, then there is no alternative, you will have to learn C ++. But, for example, you can get into Yandex as a Java and Python developer.

    Good languages ​​to start

    • HTML/JavaScript

    They are easy to learn. They are the easiest way to feel whether programming is pleasant and suitable for you. Knowledge of these languages ​​will be useful to you in any field chosen below;

    • PHP/Python

    Also easy to learn. There are a lot of vacancies with the position of junior. And over time, you’ll be able to use that knowledge as you move up to higher positions. You can make a career as a developer from junior to senior in 2-3 years, achieving high salaries;

    • Java/C#

    If you are looking for a stable, well-paid job in a bank or an enterprise company, these are the best languages ​​to start. Java has been a very popular language for the past 20 years and is likely to remain the most popular language on the market for the next 20 years.

    What’s the easiest way to start?

    1. Make your own HTML page.

    2. Try to connect 1-2 lines of JavaScript, understand what cycles and conditions are.

    3. Read a book on any programming language for dummies. At one time, the book “PHP for Dummies” was very popular. With it, many started and looked for their first job after reading.

    4. Take courses. The courses are useful in terms of practical experience.

    5. Ideally, complete an internship. It will give you a lot of useful practical experience, after which it will be possible to find a job in some other place, even if you are not employed at the place of internship. The disadvantages of an internship can be fill-time employment and low pay, or even an internship without pay.

    6. Get a dream job. Chances are you won’t succeed the first time. The first job is usually stupid. But after six months or a year, you can already try your hand at the company that you like. Or start your own project.

    What not to do?

    • You should not go to related professions: testing or technical. support

    If you are already in this field, then, of course, you should try your hand at development, but if you are a lawyer or just graduated from a university and do not know how to build a career, then you do not need to choose such a difficult and long path. Immediately learn programming, application tools and look for a job as a programmer. It is quite possible to do this in a short time;

    • No need to get a job in an IT company for another position

    For example, working as a courier at Yandex will in no way help you get a job as a programmer;

    • Don’t worry about getting a job at a top company

    You probably won’t be able to do this as your first job. You will waste a lot of time. It is best to start with simpler companies where you will immediately receive a salary, work there for six months and then move on to a dream company with practical experience behind you.

    Nuances of working as a developer

    • The first job will not last long

    Do not consider the employer in the long term. On average, developers move from company to company every three years. This is due to the fact that many companies do not know how to raise salaries for employees, so the easiest way to move up the career ladder is to simply leave for another company;

    • It makes sense to move to Moscow and further west

    Even if you have got a remote job, it is advisable to move in the direction of development. This way you will grow much faster. And most importantly, it directly affects the salary. The difference between the salary in the regions and in Moscow will be about 50%, and much more in the states if you move there;

    • Do not choose a narrow specialization

    In the market, programmers with a wide range of skills are much more in demand than narrow specialists;

    • Develop soft skills

    This will give you the opportunity to communicate effectively in the company, to understand each other. The more you grow professionally, the less knowledge of programming itself will be required, rather than knowledge of how to effectively achieve results in a team;

    • Understand your motivation

    It will be easier for you to grow and choose the company that you like if you understand your motivation well. This, in the first place, can make you happy.

    How to prepare for an interview?

    It doesn’t matter what you know. If you pass 20 interviews, then you will be hired for the 21st. Regardless of whether you are a programmer, whether you have practical knowledge or you have never done it.

    You can make an empty resume, you will be invited to different companies, you will go through interviews, you will understand what they are asking you and from the 20th interview you will know what to answer these questions. It’s worth starting with some simple companies where you don’t really want to get a job and after a month start going to interviews in those companies where you really want to get a job. Most likely, you will be taken and then everything will depend on you.

    What do the juniors ask at the interview?

    • Test task

    Almost all companies will ask you to do a test, it will definitely need to be done;

    • Code examples

    It’s better to do some freelancing task or some pet-project in advance, work on it well, make it look nice;

    • Prepare answers to questions about your experience and where you see yourself in 5 years

    It is best to prepare a beautiful and true story that is interesting to listen to. This is important because these questions make it clear whether you have any incentive to develop and what you generally spend your time on. When interviewing for a junior position, the employer already understands that you really don’t know how to do anything, the employer wants to take a promising person, and these questions will just show how promising you are.

    It is worth learning the basics on the following topics:

    • Object-oriented programming;
    • Databases. It is not necessary to learn a huge two-volume book on SQL optimization, but it is worth knowing how to make SQL queries in a basic form;
    • Design patterns;
    • Version control system (Git)
    • Basic language features. For example, how PHP packages are included.

    With this basic knowledge, you can solve some practical problems. These issues were relevant 5 years ago, are relevant now and will be relevant in the near future.

    Want to learn more about working as a programmer?

    Sign up for our six-month online course “Profession: Programmer” 👉 Find out more!

    How to find a job for a programmer with no experience: 6 proven tips for junior developers from professionals

    In this material on how to find a job for a novice programmer you will learn:

    1. How to write a resume for a programmer with no experience and find a job
    2. Where to look for jobs and jobs for beginners and junior developers with no experience to get a job
    3. How to build a portfolio of a beginner programmer
    4. How to write a junior cover letter
    5. How to do test tasks for programmers with no experience
    6. How to interview newbie programmers to get a job

    Write a resume of a programmer without experience to find a job

    We tell you how to get a job as a programmer. The main job search site in Russia is HeadHunter. The hh resume form is the standard for anyone looking for a job. Therefore, first make a resume of a programmer there.

    What to look for in a resume to get a job as a programmer:

    • do not list all the programming technologies you are familiar with. Focus on the main one that will be needed in the work. If necessary, you can add 2-3 auxiliary. For example: JavaScript + HTML + CSS
    • even indicate work experience that is not related to IT and programming. This will help the recruiter evaluate your soft skills and see you as a valuable employee
    • indicate all the education you have. Upload course certificates and/or diplomas, even if they are not related to programming
    • indicate soft skills if they are important in your line of work. Fluent English is important for a developer. But the skills of a negotiator in a junior position are unlikely to be needed in the work.

    Even if you took educational courses in programming, but doubt their quality, it’s not scary. Always attach certificates to your resume when you are looking for a job. We spoke with Faina Lerner, HR director at EPAM. Here’s what she had to say about it:

    “When we’re talking entry-level, certifications aren’t good because they prove you know a lot. They show that you are able to unlearn from start to finish and pass the exam. That is, you can rely on. Because you’re mature enough to take the job and do it.”

    And here is what DataArt HR manager Daria Anurova thinks about how to write a resume for novice developers and programmers in order to get a job:

    “You don’t have to write your biography from Rurik. A resume has professional boundaries, stick to them. If there are career details you want to highlight, then that’s ok. For example, if you really like working in a team, you need to say so. But, for example, it is better to keep silent about the love of fishing. This does not apply to work.

    No need to write beautifully and grandiloquently. You work in the technical field. Logic is expected of you. Including when compiling a resume: social demographic + experience + portfolio”

    Once you’ve completed your resume on HeadHunter, sign up for other job search sites: Superjob, Geekjob, etc. Here’s the full list.

    Where to look for vacancies and work for novice programmers and junior developers without experience:

    Sites with vacancies for programmers without experience:

  • Headhunter
  • )

  • Operation en
  • Portfolios are practical programming projects you have done or worked on. They show the level of skills, not theoretical knowledge. Portfolio is one of the main points when applying for a job.

    If you have taken any courses, you should already have a portfolio. But this is not enough to get a job as a programmer. Every month, hundreds of people graduate from all online schools with the same and impersonal portfolios. Against their background, you need to somehow stand out. Do your own programming projects, take the initiative. Here is what HR manager DataArt Daria Anurova advises on this topic:

    “Initiative is always a win. The cases that are given in the courses are rather impersonal. It’s great if you at least put on GitHub the part of the code that you were involved in. HR will definitely notice this. And an additional personal case, which was not on training, will increase your chances even more. Add to it a programming project that you worked on completely on your own. This will be more advantageous than the sleek, but standard portfolio of other students in programming courses.

    Write cover letters from Junior Programmer

    Now you can apply for vacancies and actively look for a job as a programmer. Job search platforms are like search engines. Enter “developer + your direction” in the central column. For convenience, use job search filters: by work experience, knowledge, geography, and others.

    To get a job as a programmer, look at the requirements for candidates. On average, they will be the same for each level and direction. Write down the skills and technologies that you need to master in order to get a job as a programmer. Are you ok with them? If 1-2 technologies are missing, then now is the time to improve your qualifications and gain the missing knowledge. All the same, they will have to be used in the programmer’s work.

    If a large part of the list is missing. then it is still too early for you to apply for a full-time job as a programmer. It is better to start with an internship or practice. There you will have the minimum experience and knowledge necessary for working as a programmer. Usually internships and practices are not paid. This is normal because the employer spends some of their time training you and getting you ready to be a programmer.

    This is what an ideal junior programmer looks like from the point of view of Daria Anurova, DataArt HR manager:

    “At least some practice + basic theoretical knowledge is a must. Plus spoken English, it is needed at any level»

    In almost every vacancy, the employer gives you the opportunity or even asks you to respond along with a cover letter. Please read the job posting carefully before submitting your application. Sometimes recruiters hide Easter eggs in the text. This is a mindfulness test for future programmers.

    If the employer in the description indicated what to write in the cover letter, then follow his instructions. If not, briefly describe how your experience and skills will help the company solve its problems. And why do you want to work as a programmer in this particular company. Never mindlessly copy the same cover letter from job to job. It is clear that it makes no sense to write from scratch every time. But the text needs to be adapted for each response to the work of a programmer.

    Here is what Oleg Kuznetsov, director of software development at Lipt-Soft, advises writing in a cover letter for a programmer in order to get a job:

    There is no universal recipe. But there are points that everyone should pay attention to:
    • write honestly about the qualities that will allow you to apply for this position
    • clearly and concisely express your thoughts
    • do not copy other people’s letters, formulate the text personally.

    Test tasks for vacancies of beginner developers to find a job

    Many employers ask programmer candidates to complete a test before they are interviewed for a programmer job. This is one of the main criteria when choosing a future employee. Usually it is adequate and takes 1-3 hours. Do it the best you can. If there are experienced comrades who can check the content and tell you where you screwed up, buy them a chocolate bar and ask for help.

    Don’t ask them to complete the test for you. It’s not the same thing. The deception will be revealed. You will ruin your reputation in the IT market. Getting a job as a programmer will be much more difficult.

    Interviews for programmers without work experience

    If you did everything right, some companies will call you for an interview. There can even be two conversations: before the test and after it. The basic rules of a programmer job interview are similar to the basic rules of a gentleman:

    • look neat
    • don’t worry about trifles
    • don’t lie to the employer
    • show interest in the job

    Oleg Kuznetsov, director of software development at Lipt-Soft, advises those Junior developers who want to get a job as a programmer:

    Many people have read stories about having to solve complex problems in computer science on “paper” or over the phone to go through several rounds of interviews. But this is only found with large employers: Yandex, Google, Facebook. For most HRs, it is enough to demonstrate a desire to learn and an excellent attitude to work.

    You need to prepare for interviews. Google how interviews work in the company you want to go to. Understand what is ahead of you. Different HR managers ask different questions. The recruiter wants to understand how you approach problem solving. Often this is the most important thing.

    The interviewer is trying to get answers to a few questions:

    do you fit well on the team?
    Are you interested in the technologies used in the project?
    how do you communicate?

    These questions may not be asked directly, but they will certainly be asked indirectly. For example:

    Which technologies would you like to learn more about?
    Tell us about a cool project you’d like to be a part of?
    favorite programming language?
    what interests you in the industry?

    If you are interested in the technologies that are used in the project, then the recruiter will love it. So your skills will grow quickly. Interviewers are usually more interested in what value you will bring to the project in 1-2 years than right now.

    Be prepared to answer the big question: “Why us?” Interviewers want to know what it is that draws you to their company: a mission, cool technology, a great product, or a great team.

    If you are worried about the level of your technical skills and are not sure that you can get a job as a programmer, practice on Stepik or Leetcode.

    Resume: how to find a first job for a novice programmer without experience

    1. Write a developer resume on HeadHunter
    2. Post it on HH and other sites where you can find a job for a programmer with no experience
    3. Build a portfolio of a novice developer to get a job as a programmer
    4. Apply for programmer jobs with no experience with a cover letter
    5. Complete test tasks for developers to get a job programmer
    6. Pass interviews and get a job as a programmer

    How to find a job as a programmer without experience: how to get a first job for a beginner?

    The profession of a programmer is one of the most sought after on the Internet. The problem is that many people need employees with experience who can immediately solve problems. What if you don’t have much practice yet? Let’s figure out how to find a job as a programmer quickly and easily, including a beginner with no experience.

    We will tell you how to respond to vacancies correctly, write a resume and pass interviews, and whether it is difficult in principle to find a job for a novice programmer. At the end of the article is an overview of sites for finding vacancies or one-time orders.

    How to get a job as a programmer without work experience?

    Despite the high competition in the IT market, large companies are ready to hire talented newcomers to their team. Because:

    You can find such vacancies, but you will have to try. Passive search works only for experienced specialists – this is where reputation comes into play. Beginners need to be active: monitor, call, send resumes, ask for test tasks and complete them quickly.

    Where and how to look for vacancies for novice developers?

    • Friends. Experience can be obtained by completing tasks for acquaintances, friends or relatives. You are unlikely to earn money on this, but you will receive a ready-made case that you can show to a potential employer. Plus, word of mouth will be launched, and this is also an opportunity to get a job.
    • Meetups, hackathons, conferences. People from different areas of IT meet here: they share their experience, jointly solve problems, make friends. For a beginner, such events are doubly useful: you can learn from experience and communicate with the “necessary” people from the industry. There is a chance that you will be remembered when a person is needed for a trainee or junior position. Be sure to leave your contacts to new acquaintances!
    • Vacancies on the websites of IT companies. Often, companies post tests for candidates on their websites or offer special programs for beginners. For example, you can get to Yandex through the Bootcamp program. Subscribe to the news in the Freelancers Club group – we will announce events there that help you get a job in different companies.
      By the way, here is a large selection of test tasks where you can improve your skills and write case studies for your portfolio.

    6 ways to find your first job as a beginner programmer:

    1. Internships or training courses. Large companies arrange internships (often unpaid) for newcomers or organize their own training courses in order to then offer a place in the team to the best candidates.
    2. Freelance exchanges. There are vacancies here, including remote ones, from companies and one-time orders from individuals. You may be paid little (and sometimes even offered to work for a review), but they are quite suitable for developing skills and filling out a portfolio.
    3. Job aggregators. Here you can find work both in small companies in your region and in IT giants (Yandex,, Tinkoff, etc.).
    4. Company websites. Often on the websites of large companies there is a section “Jobs”. If you constantly monitor them, you can get a dream job even without experience.
    5. Social networks. There are profile groups with vacancies on VKontakte, Telegram, Facebook (at the end of the article there will be a large list of sites and groups for job searches).
    6. Startups. Here, too, there are no large salaries, but they do not require deep knowledge and skills from beginners – everything is taught in the process of work.
    7. Remote work. Many companies today hire developers remotely, including those who are ready to consider novice specialists. Almost 50 such organizations are collected in this review.

    How to get a job as a programmer: 5 steps to achieve your goal

    So, you have found a suitable vacancy that you want to get a job, what to do next?

    1. Determine what skills are required from the candidate.
    2. Write a resume.
    3. Apply for a vacancy.
    4. Consider what questions might be asked at the meeting.
    5. Feel free to go for an interview.

    Let’s take a closer look at each step.

    1. How to determine the necessary knowledge and skills to get the first job?

    Carefully study the requirements for the candidate (language, technology, desired experience). Determine what tasks are to be solved. In principle, this is enough to understand what skills an employer needs.

    For example, if a company needs a Web developer (fullstack), then most likely you are expected to have skills in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL. In the description of tasks, the emphasis is on frontend development – three languages ​​are needed: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

    Are you sure that your knowledge is sufficient? Respond to the vacancy, pre-composition of a good resume.

    2. How to prepare a resume?

    A well-written and formatted resume is of great importance. It is desirable to reflect in it information that relates to a specific vacancy – only relevant experience and knowledge, without unnecessary “water” and narcissism.

    Detailed information with a detailed description of all your experience is appropriate to place where it will be seen by a large number of employers with different needs: in questionnaires on job aggregators and freelance exchanges.

    What must be included in the resume:

    1. Education. Write everything: universities, courses, participation in olympiads, hackathons, workshops. This will reveal a lot about your “baggage” and reveal your personality. Knowledge of English is important – the higher the level, the better.
    2. Work experience. Describe the tasks that you had to solve, and better in the format of cases (there was such and such a task, solved it in such and such a way, got such a result).
    3. Portfolio. For a programmer, the best portfolio is the Github code repository. So the employer will see your scripts and be able to assess the level of training.
    4. Key skills. List your fundamental (OS, networks, algorithms and data structure, databases) and applied (languages, frameworks, libraries, etc.) skills. But not all at once, but only important for a particular job.
    5. About myself. It is not necessary to write here that you are sociable, easily trained and assiduous. They want to see you as a person with whom they will have to communicate closely. Describe your circle of interests, hobbies, that is, give the employer points of contact to make it easier to find a common language.

    What will play against you:

    1. Sending a file in text format. The document will not open on Mac and Linux. Save and send resumes in PDF format. It can be opened and read on any device.
    2. Sending resume in the body of the letter. To share it, the recipient will have to take extra steps, and this is annoying. Yes, and reading such a “sheet” is inconvenient. Show some respect by sending your resume as an attachment.
    3. Errors. A competent person will notice all your mistakes and typos – the impression of even the best resume will be spoiled. Before sending, proofread the text and / or “run” it through a service such as “Spelling”.
    4. First person narration. There shouldn’t be any “I”. Write in the third person in the past tense: studied, wrote, did, etc.

    3. How to respond to vacancies correctly?

    If this is a one-time order or a vacancy from a private person and the candidate is not required to provide a full resume, then a brief description of relevant experience and knowledge can be dispensed with directly in the message. Honesty is important here: an exaggeration of your own skills will surface already at an interview or when completing a test task, and you will definitely be left without a job.

    If the required languages ​​are not listed in the vacancy, then start from the described tasks. For example, if the development of mobile applications appears, then, most likely, Java, Swift or Objective-C is needed here.

    If you don’t have any work experience, just write, they say, I know the programming language, I can do this and that, but there are no cases yet. Do not list all the technologies that you once had to come into contact with – the employer will see you as a person with superficial knowledge who did not understand any of the areas.

    If the vacancy contains a direct request for a resume, then it is better to send it in a separate file with a cover letter. In the message, introduce yourself, give brief information about yourself, indicate your interest in the vacancy and specify that you are sending a full resume as an attachment.

    4. How do I prepare for and pass an interview?

    Please refer to the vacancy itself again. From the description of the tasks and requirements for the candidate, you will understand what points are of interest to the employer. Most of the questions will be on them. Related topics will be a plus. Put yourself in the place of the interlocutor: what else does he need to know about you?

    The more questions you work through, the more confident you will feel at the interview and the sooner you will get your first job. Feel free to ask clarifying questions. Answer to the point, without lengthy reflections on abstract topics. Don’t “yak” and don’t try to be more professional than you are.

    Remember, you are not going to an exam. The employer does not have the task of “filling up” you. Questions will be asked not only to find out your professional suitability. It is important for the customer to understand how mutually comfortable cooperation will be, how quickly you will adapt in a new team, whether you will be able to assimilate the flow of new information.

    5. What to do if not taken?

    Don’t give up. Analyze the moments on which you frankly “floated”. On what question did it become clear that you did not fit? What was missing? Somewhere they were dishonest and it surfaced?

    It may take several interviews to get your first job. This is a normal practice and it does not mean that it is difficult to get a job as a programmer. Know that every interview, even if you don’t get hired, brings you closer to getting a job.

    How can a programmer’s career develop?

    There are two ways of development in programming:

    1. Horizontal. The specialist expands his competence, becomes an expert in his field, formally remaining in the same position. Niwing takes place. The higher the expertise, the higher the demand for the developer and, accordingly, the salary. This is development along the vector from Junior to Middle and further to Senior.
    2. Vertical. From developer to team leader. As a rule, to become a manager, you must first advance to the position of Senior Programmer.

    Differences between Junior, Middle and Senior

    The boundaries here are conditional. It cannot be said that after working for a conditional 5 years, a person will definitely move into the Middle category – some may not build up skills for this level even in 10 years.

    The table shows the average values ​​from which you can build on the assessment of the level of a specialist.





    0. 5-2 years

    2-5 years

    from 5-7 years old

    Knowledge and skills

    • Understands language and technology.
    • Works under the guidance of a mentor.
    • Understands and can apply standard architectural solutions.
    • Quickly and efficiently solves typical problems.
    • Works independently on a brief TOR.
    • Creates a software architecture.
    • Writes frameworks and tools that are then used by junior colleagues.
    • Understands business processes.
    • Makes technological decisions in the project.

    Tasks that


    • Technical tasks clearly described in specific boxes.
    • Unit tests.
    • Minor bug fixes.
    • Business tasks that complete a specific business functionality or issue.
    • The most complex and non-standard business tasks.



    For a specific project or functionality that I wrote myself.

    Responsible for the architecture, speed, and efficiency of all project or company code.





    You need to understand that in different companies the requirements for tasks and skills are different. Pay is also different. For example, a Middle in one company can earn the same salary as a Senior in another, or even more.

    This classification does not mean that the Senior position is the pinnacle of a programmer’s career. There is always room to grow.

    Where can a Senior Developer grow?

    After several years of working as a Senior programmer, you can grow up to:

    Tips on how to find a job faster as a programmer

    1. Level up anytime, anywhere and whenever possible.
    2. Fill your portfolio with case studies.
    3. If there are no real orders, fulfill someone else’s TOR.
    4. Keep your work on Github.
    5. Connect with people.
    6. Learn from someone else’s experience.
    7. Consider past mistakes.
    8. Look for vacancies on all possible resources.
    9. Don’t forget word of mouth.
    10. Don’t be afraid to apply for interesting vacancies, even if you don’t have enough skills to get a job.
    11. Get to the bottom of the vacancy and demonstrate understanding of the employer’s needs in your responses.
    12. Work through a list of possible questions before the interview.
    13. Be confident in the interview.
    14. If you haven’t been hired, analyze your weaknesses, level up and make new attempts.

    List of useful sites for job search

    Exchanges for freelancers:

    3. Habr Freelance
    4. Upwork. com

    Websites where programmers can look for work:

    2. Yandex.Work
    3. Habr Career
    4. IT Mozg
    5. IT Work

    Facebook groups:

    1. Programmers
    2. IT Recruitment
    3. Work IT

    Groups on the VKontakte network:

    1. Typical programmer
    2. Freelance Club
    3. ITc programming community
    4. Cozy community of programmers
    5. ITmozg
    6. Web programmer
    7. C/C++ Programmers
    8. I am a web programmer (php, js)
    9. 1C-Bitrix
    10. Typesetter
    11. Site layout
    12. Typesetters
    13. DigitalHR

    We told where and how to look for a job for a programmer, including a beginner without work experience. As you can see, there are many options and ways of employment. If you are interested in internships in IT companies, check out the news on our website. We collect and publish such information in this section.

    Is it difficult for a novice developer to find a first job? No, if there is a good base, soft skills and enough effort has been made to find a suitable employer. The market needs new personnel, so many newcomers can easily build a career and reach a decent level of earnings.

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    10 life hacks on how to work productively all day

    In this article I want to share my personal experience on how to increase productivity by 1.5-2 times and at the same time work less and not get tired.
    Freelancing …


    How to respond to a vacancy?
    How do I delete a profile from the site?
    Who needs to write texts?

    How to get a job as a programmer without work experience and build a career?

    Many already know that the profession of a programmer is one of the most interesting, promising and sought-after professions of our time, so many rush into this area, studying it from scratch. But almost all young programmers face the same problems:

    Mastered the profession – it’s good! But the situation is such that many companies are reluctant to take on young specialists, because they want to get a specialist with experience. In general, the problem “it’s hard to find a job without experience, but it’s also difficult to gain experience because they don’t take a job” is also present in programming.

    However, it should be noted that not everything is so simple, because there are companies that are willing to hire young professionals without experience, and then “grow” a specialist for themselves on their own.

    How to get a job as a programmer without work experience?

    The bulk of the vacancies that can be found on job search sites are vacancies for experienced professionals. But this does not mean that you do not need to send your resume to these vacancies, because there are many large IT companies that are ready to hire promising newcomers. They hire young professionals because:

    • such a specialist has a basic knowledge base, and the rest can be taught if there is a desire to learn;

    • such specialists do not need to be “retrained”, and therefore they can be “customized” to the needs of the company, since many hardened specialists are already well-established rules of their own, which they follow, no matter what, which means they will not be retrained;

    • 91,486 young professionals are “cheaper” than experienced professionals who will need to be paid much more for the same job;

    • most newcomers are enthusiastic, which means they can bring fresh ideas to the company, as well as work with great dedication.

    Such vacancies are not uncommon, but they should be actively searched for. Why active? Because an experienced specialist often achieves a new job due to his experience and an impressive resume. And the young specialist has nothing to brag about yet, so you need to actively monitor new vacancies, be sure to call up and ask for a test task in order to prove your professional suitability in practice.

    Where to look for a job for a young programmer?

    To get a job as a programmer without work experience, you will need to try hard. Before looking for a job, a young programmer needs to understand 3 simple recommendations:

    1. Soberly assess your capabilities. Try to analyze your existing knowledge base yourself. Getting a job at Google after 6 months of learning to code on YouTube is almost impossible (although there is always a chance!), but at the same time, finding a small job / part-time job on freelance exchanges to gain additional experience is quite possible.

    2. Constantly learn. The current level of your knowledge is not important – it is important to constantly learn in your profession. Today you have been trained on YouTube for 6 months and apply for small projects, but if you constantly study, then in another six months your level of knowledge will be higher, which means you will be able to apply for more interesting and complex projects. Plus, by indicating on your resume that you are willing to learn, you always increase your chances of success.

    3. Practice constantly. If you have a huge amount of knowledge, but do not know how to apply it, this will not decorate you in any way. So you always have to practice. Just started learning programming? Start creating your own project right away so that by the end of the training you already have something to be proud of. Do not hesitate to work “cheaper than on the market” at first, because at first you need to work for your resume, and not for money.

    Where to look for a job for a programmer without experience:

    1. Among acquaintances. The first experience can be obtained by completing small orders for your friends or for “friends of your friends.” As a rule, such customers will be less demanding of you, but at the same time, you are unlikely to earn big money here. However, we remember that in the beginning you need to work for “experience” and for your resume, and not for the sake of money.

    2. Hackathons and conferences. Specialists from various IT fields usually gather here, as well as a lot of startups. New acquaintances and new connections are always potential recommendations to potential employers. Plus, there will be an opportunity to “measure experience” with other participants, which means you can see your strengths and weaknesses.

    3. Vacancies on sites. There are 2 approaches here. First, you look for vacancies on job search sites, for example, on Second – you look for vacancies on the websites of an IT company in the “Jobs” section. Both options work, however, in the second option, there are more chances to get a job in a good company with minimal experience – we talked about this a little higher.

    Do not exclude:

    How to get a job as a programmer with no work experience: 9 tips0280

    A correctly set goal and “not giving up” at the first failures will lead you to where you planned. The network has a lot of stories of those who, for example, dreamed of getting into Google and got there only 5-10 times, and before that they simply received refusals. Having received a refusal, you need to analyze what is wrong with you, find your weaknesses and eliminate them in order to submit your resume again. In the meantime, there is an analysis of one’s own strengths and work on oneself, you need to increase your practical experience even in the smallest projects.

    There are a few tips on how to get a job as a programmer without work experience:

    • constantly and without stopping under any circumstances, you need to pump your own skills;

    • you need to work on your portfolio all the time in order to improve it;

    • if there are no own orders, then ask someone to help;

    • create your GitHub account and store your projects there;

    • communicate with different people and make new connections;

    • learn from more experienced colleagues;

    • periodically analyze your actions for errors;

    • look for vacancies in all possible ways and ways;

    • do your job efficiently, even if you earn practically nothing – no one has yet canceled word of mouth;

    • Respond to the maximum number of vacancies, even those for which you do not have enough skills;

    • when responding to a vacancy, think from the position of “how can I help the customer”, and not from the position of “how much will I earn”;

    • never write too much in your resume, especially what you do not own; if this turns out during the interview, then you will not see this work, and if you plan to study something else in the near future, then write like this: “This is in the plans for studying”;

    • having received a refusal, do not lose heart; refusal means that at this particular time this particular company is not ready to hire you, and this may be for many reasons beyond your control.

    Day care oswego ny: THE Top 10 Daycares in Oswego, NY | Affordable Prices

    Опубликовано: July 27, 2022 в 11:12 am


    Категории: Miscellaneous

    THE Top 10 Daycares in Oswego, NY | Affordable Prices

    Daycares in Oswego, NY


    Registered Childcare Program offering care in city of Oswego with over 20 years experience. Full day and before and after school care. Please call for an interview. Clean, great location, non smoking home.


    Ms. Chelsea’s NeighborSchool is a licensed home daycare in Oswego, NY. As a parent, figuring out child care can feel daunting. Especially if you’re trying to find child care for the first time. You wantsomething that feels right, something that’s going to give you the peace of mind that your child is not only in good hands, but getting the stimulation and socialization that comes with a great daycare. At NeighborSchools, we get it. That’s why we partner exclusively with small, home daycares, run by professionals who have years of experience, and are licensed by the state. Each daycare is different and has it’s own approach and vibe, based on the experience of the provider who runs it. We welcome you to check out Ms. Chelsea’s daycare in Oswego, NY. We recommend this daycare to parents who are looking for a small-scale setting and a provider who will treat your child like one of their own. Spots are limited, depending on the age of your child and your preferred start date, so get in touch and we’ll let you know right away whether there’s a potential opening for you. Any questions, feel free to call us at (617) 765-1972….


    Happy Hearts is a brand new start up day care center providing care for children from 6 weeks old to preschool (4yrs). We feature small classes with separated age groups. Happy Hearts hires qualified workerswho love children and are excited to work in our setting. Our rates are competitive for our area. We are open from 7:30am-5:30pm Monday through Friday. We are a full time, year around day care with structured daily schedules. Smaller class sizes means more individual attention for children and greater opportunity for class participation. We would love to meet you and show you our beautiful facility….


    Busy Bears Day Care offers a safe and nurturing environment where children will love to learn and play. The center is committed to the enrichment of the child in all phases of development.


    Daycare Little Lamb in Oswego, New York is a non-profit organization and dedicated to providing the highest quality services for children and families, and to demonstrating success in clear and measurable ways.The center provide child care for families and kids from six weeks to five years old….


    Over Rainbow Day Care in Oswego, New York is a non-profit organization and dedicated to providing the highest quality services for children and families, and to demonstrating success in clear and measurableways. The center provide child care for families and kids of all ages….

    Heather Daycare

    2638 Johnson Rd, Oswego, NY 13126

    Costimate: $181/day


    Tiggeriffic Group Daycare is a child care program provider located at 11 Porter Drive, Fulton, New York. The company serves children from infants through twelve years old, providing them care and nurture in thecrucial years of growing up. Tiggeriffic Group Daycare offers an environment that stimulates their curiosity and develops their creativity and love for learning….

    Katy S Day Care

    208 Walradt St, Fulton, NY 13069

    Starting at $135/day


    Katy’s Day Care is a child care center that serves the community of Fulton NY. It offers a nurturing environment and provides age-appropriate activities that enhance children’s social, emotional, mental, andphysical development. The center promotes positive values to make sure that children will be responsible members of the community….


    Little Lukes truly is a place where education and fun are incorporated as one based on our excellent curriculum. Studies have found that children are more likely to retain information learned when they areengaged in an enjoyable and meaningful activity.
    Little Lukes childcare programs and preschool curriculum integrate a wealth of intriguing and engaging learning activities that stimulate brain development.
    Little Lukes is the leading childcare center in Syracuse and Oswego area, offering childcare and preschool for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Convenient locations include East Syracuse / Dewitt, Baldwinsville / Radisson, Oswego, Fulton, and Pulaski.
    To ensure that young children learn social and pre-academic skills necessary for success in school, Little Lukes has a staff of credentialed educators that develop and utilize programs and curriculum for preschool children as they prepare for kindergarten. You can rest assured that your child is mastering important skills by being exposed to curricular activities carefully selected by our professional team of highly qualified educators….


    Fairgrieve Head Start / UPK in Fulton, New York is a non-profit organization and dedicated to providing the highest quality services for children and families, and to demonstrating success in clear andmeasurable ways. The center provides child care for families and kids from eighteen months to twelve years old….


    The YOco Fulton Headstart is a childcare and learning facility located at 153 S 1st Street, Fulton, New York. It offers a comprehensive child development program designed to support children who belong tofamilies with limited income. The program provides services that include education, health, nutrition and other social services that contribute to children’s well-being….

    Showing 1 – 12 of 12

    FAQs for finding daycares in Oswego

    In 2022 what type of daycare can I find near me in Oswego, NY?

    There are a variety of daycares in Oswego, NY providing full time and part-time care. Some daycares are facility-based and some are in-home daycares operated out of a person’s home. They can also vary in the degree of education and curriculum they offer. Additionally, some daycares offer bilingual programs for parents that want to immerse their children in multiple languages.

    How can I find a daycare near me in Oswego, NY?

    If you are looking for daycare options near you, start several months in advance of when you need care for your child. has 109 in Oswego, NY as of October 2022 and you can filter daycares by distance from Oswego or your zip code. From there, you can then compare daycare rates, parent reviews, view their specific services, see their hours of operation and contact them through the website for further information or to request an appointment.

    What questions should I ask a daycare provider before signing up?

    As you visit daycare facilities in Oswego, NY, you should ask the providers what their hours are so you can be prepared to adjust your schedule for drop-off and pick-up. Ask what items you are responsible for bringing for your child and what items you may be required to provide that will be shared among other children or the daycare staff. Also, make sure to check directly with the business for information about their local licensing and credentials in Oswego, NY.

    Best Infant Daycare & Child Care in Oswego, NY

    The following Oswego, NY daycares have immediate availability for infants. Even if a locations does not have current openings for your infant, you can schedule a tour to join the waiting list. Capacity changes on a daily basis and we’ll let you know when a space becomes available!

    7 Infant Daycares in Oswego, NY

    O’ Connor, Joanne Daycare

    Daycare in
    Oswego, NY

    (315) 561-0570

    O’ Connor, Joanne offers safe, loving childcare in the Oswego area. Kids learn through curriculum-based, educational activities. The facilit… Read More

    Request price

    Request hours

    Busy Bears Daycare

    Daycare in
    Oswego, NY

    (323) 918-5692

    Busy Bears Daycare offers safe, loving childcare in the Oswego area. Kids learn through curriculum-based, educational activities. The facili… Read More

    Request price

    Request hours


    Rogers Neighborhood Daycare

    Daycare in
    Oswego, NY

    (678) 264-6934

    Mrs. Rogers Neighborhood is a home daycare that offers childcare programs for nearby families in Oswego. The director has programs for child… Read More

    Request price

    Request hours

    Faul, Tracey Daycare

    Daycare in
    Oswego, NY

    (206) 887-9382

    Faul, Tracey is a home daycare that offers childcare programs for nearby families in Oswego. The director has programs for children as… Read More

    Request price

    Request hours

    Sammie’s Club House Daycare

    Daycare in
    Oswego, NY

    (315) 207-2099

    Sammie’s Club House offers safe, loving childcare in the Oswego area. Kids learn through curriculum-based, educational activities. The facil… Read More

    Request price

    Request hours

    Bear Cub Day Care

    Daycare in
    Oswego, NY

    (972) 544-6967

    Bear Cub Day Care provides childcare for families living in the Oswego area. Children engage in play-based, educational activities aimed at … Read More

    Request price

    Request hours

    Bonoffski, Tammie Daycare

    Daycare in
    Oswego, NY

    (410) 709-7416

    Bonoffski, Tammie provides childcare for families living in the Oswego area. Children engage in play-based, educational activities aimed at … Read More

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    For busy parents, choosing the right type of family childcare can be challenging.
    More and more parents are finding that they prefer the intimate setting and personal touches of Oswego County home daycare or group home daycare to traditional preschools or daycare centers.
    If you’re interested in learning more about home childcare in Oswego County, you’ve come to the right place!
    We’ve done the initial leg work for you by collecting basic information of 47 Oswego County home and group home daycares into a single location.
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    Kidz Klub Daycare

    Fulton, NY 13069 | (315) 591-3309

    My name is Sarah Chrestler, and I have an associates degree in childhood education. I absolutely love children, and I offer educational activities for all age groups. Kidz Klub is a family daycare. This establishment is opened Monday-Friday 6am-6pm. currently there …

    Brennan, Melissa

    Sandy Creek, NY 13145 | (315) 876-929

    Brennan, Melissa is a Family Day Care in Sandy Creek NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children . …

    Kidz Rock Day Care

    Oswego, NY 13126 | 342-6867

    Kidz Rock Day Care is a Family Day Care in Oswego NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children . The …

    Abelgore, Margaret

    Fulton, NY 13069 | (315) 592-3566

    Abelgore, Margaret is a Family Day Care in Fulton NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children . The …

    Adventurous Pines Playskool

    Mexico, NY 13114 |

    Adventurous Pines Playskool is a Family Day Care in Mexico NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children …

    Allis, Alice

    Altmar, NY 13302 | (315) 298-4529

    Allis, Alice is a Family Day Care in Altmar NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children �(there must …

    Bear Cub Day Care

    Oswego, NY 13126 | (315) 343-7534

    Bear Cub Day Care is a Group Family Day Care in Oswego NY, with a maximum capacity of 16 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 12 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 4 additional school-aged children …

    Bonoffski, Tammie

    Oswego, NY 13126 | (315) 598-9345

    Bonoffski, Tammie is a Family Day Care in Oswego NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children . The …

    Boyden, Laura

    Parish, NY 13131 | (315) 439-4419

    Boyden, Laura is a Group Family Day Care in Parish NY, with a maximum capacity of 16 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 12 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 4 additional school-aged children �(there …

    Busy Bears Daycare

    Oswego, NY 13126 | (315) 343-8081

    Busy Bears Daycare is a Group Family Day Care in Oswego NY, with a maximum capacity of 16 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 12 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 4 additional school-aged children …

    Children’s Place Daycare and Learning Center

    Oswego, NY 13126 |

    Children’s Place Daycare and Learning Center is a Family Day Care in Oswego NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional …

    Conklin, Joy

    Fulton, NY 13069 | (315) 593-6353

    Conklin, Joy is a Family Day Care in Fulton NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children . The provider …

    Faul, Tracey

    Oswego, NY 13126 | (315) 342-8344

    Faul, Tracey is a Family Day Care in Oswego NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children . The provider …

    Firenze, Deborah

    Fulton, NY 13069 | (315) 598-5114

    Firenze, Deborah is a Group Family Day Care in Fulton NY, with a maximum capacity of 16 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 12 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 4 additional school-aged children …

    Gass, Ernestine

    Constantia, NY 13044 | (315) 761-8999

    Gass, Ernestine is a Family Day Care in Constantia NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children . The …

    Haynes, Kristi

    Oswego, NY 13126 | (315) 343-2505

    Haynes, Kristi is a Family Day Care in Oswego NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children . The provider …

    Hilton, Maria

    Sandy Creek, NY 13145 | (315) 387-3694

    Hilton, Maria is a Family Day Care in Sandy Creek NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children . The …

    Johnson, Alison

    Fulton, NY 13069 | (315) 591-2996

    Johnson, Alison is a Family Day Care in Fulton NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children . The provider …

    Keys, Tamara

    Central Square, NY 13036 | (315) 944-8009

    Keys, Tamara is a Family Day Care in Central Square NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children . The …

    Kids at Heart Day Care

    Oswego, NY 13126 | (315) 216-4798

    Kids at Heart Day Care is a Family Day Care in Oswego NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children . …

    Kids Count Childcare

    Hannibal, NY 13074 | (315) 592-7832

    Kids Count Childcare is a Group Family Day Care in Hannibal NY, with a maximum capacity of 16 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 12 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 4 additional school-aged children …

    Kovacs, Donna

    Parish, NY 13131 | (315) 529-4208

    Kovacs, Donna is a Family Day Care in Parish NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children . The provider …

    Lamb, Tracy

    Oswego, NY 13126 | (315) 963-8787

    Lamb, Tracy is a Family Day Care in Oswego NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children . The provider …

    Lazzaro, Deborah

    Oswego, NY 13126 | (315) 342-0702

    Lazzaro, Deborah is a Family Day Care in Oswego NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children . The provider …

    Le Vea, Sue

    Fulton, NY 13069 | (315) 592-2532

    Le Vea, Sue is a Family Day Care in Fulton NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children . The provider …

    Little Monkeys 123, LLC

    Pulaski, NY 13142 | (315) 775-3097

    Little Monkeys 123, LLC is a Group Family Day Care in Pulaski NY, with a maximum capacity of 16 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 12 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 4 additional school-aged …

    Little Palermoians

    Fulton, NY 13069 | (315) 591-7574

    Little Palermoians is a Group Family Day Care in Fulton NY, with a maximum capacity of 14 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 12 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children�(there …

    Magnarelli, Lisa

    Hannibal, NY 13074 | (315) 402-2865

    Magnarelli, Lisa is a Family Day Care in Hannibal NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children . The …

    Mattice, Denise

    Fulton, NY 13069 | (315) 593-6332

    Mattice, Denise is a Family Day Care in Fulton NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children . The provider …

    Miles of Smiles Daycare

    Oswego, NY 13126 | (315) 806-4130

    Miles of Smiles Daycare is a Family Day Care in Oswego NY, with a maximum capacity of 8 children. The home-based daycare service helps with children in the age range of Total Capacity: 6 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years AND 2 additional school-aged children …

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    Daycare Childcare Directory Listings –

    ./images/profile_bg0.gif” colspan=”2″ align=”left” valign=”center”>
    Sharon Caldwell Daycare

    739 Spires Dr
    Oswego IL 60543
    (630) 247-8430
    Goup Daycare Facility. English …

    Leslie Butler Daycare

    483 Lakeview Ct
    Oswego IL 60543
    (630) 554-6767
    ./images/profile_bg3.gif” align=”left” valign=”top”>

    Goup Daycare Facility. English …

    Andrea Daniels Daycare

    407 Bower Ln
    Oswego IL 60543
    (630) 636-9239
    Goup Daycare Facility. English …

    Constance Bogdan Daycare
    ./images/profile_bg1.gif” rowspan=”2″ align=”left” valign=”top”>

    220 Presidential Blvd
    Oswego IL 60543
    (630) 608-8401
    Daycare Home Facility. English …

    Tammie Bonoffski Daycare

    Call for location
    Oswego NY 13126
    (315) 598-9345
    A Family Daycare. This facility is approved to administer medications. …

    Robin Hrovat Daycare

    200 Angela Cir
    Oswego IL 60543
    (630) 802-5481
    Daycare Home Facility. English …

    Deborah Lazzaro Daycare
    ./images/profile_bg1.gif” rowspan=”2″ align=”left” valign=”top”>

    31 Lazzaro Lane
    Oswego NY 13126
    (315) 342-0702
    A Family Daycare. This facility is approved to administer medications. …

    Maelean Williams Daycare

    608 Highview Ct
    Oswego IL 60543
    (630) 479-6764
    gif” align=”left” valign=”top”>

    Goup Daycare Facility. English …

    Children’s Center of Oswego

    131 Sheldon Hall, SUNY
    Oswego NY 13126
    (315) 312-2587
    A Daycare Center. This facility is approved to administer medications. …

    ./images/profile_bg0.gif” colspan=”2″ align=”left” valign=”center”>
    Sammie’s Club House

    5351 State Route 104
    Oswego NY 13126
    (315) 806-7543
    A Group Family Daycare. This facility is approved to administer medications. …

    Kidz Rock Daycare

    4723 State Route 104
    Oswego NY 13126
    ./images/profile_bg2.gif” align=”left” valign=”center”>
    (315) 342-6867
    A Family Daycare. This facility is approved to administer medications. …

    Kiddie Academy of Oswego

    1580 Douglas Rd
    Oswego IL 60543
    (630) 554-1100
    Daycare Center Facility. English …

    ./images/profile_bg0.gif” colspan=”2″ align=”left” valign=”center”>
    Chesterbrook Academy

    750 5th St
    Oswego IL 60543
    (630) 554-2100
    Daycare Center Facility. English …

    Maria Ortiz Daycare

    911 Jessamine Dr
    Oswego IL 60543
    (630) 200-8431
    ./images/profile_bg3.gif” align=”left” valign=”top”>

    Daycare Home Facility. English and Spanish …

    Kids at Heart Daycare

    142 Woolson Road
    Oswego NY 13126
    (315) 216-4798
    A Family Daycare. …

    gif” colspan=”2″ align=”left” valign=”center”>
    Lori Houlihan Daycare

    501 Crystal Ct
    Oswego IL 60543
    (630) 567-3961
    Goup Daycare Facility. English …

    Ms. Chelsea’s Daycare

    240 County Route 24
    Oswego NY 13126
    (315) 532-5242
    ./images/profile_bg3.gif” align=”left” valign=”top”>

    A Family Daycare. …

    SACC – Default

    SACC – Default


    The Oswego YMCA is excited to offer safe, fun, and creative before and after school programming at our local elementary schools.

    The YMCA is a non-profit organization that is over 160 years old. We have dedicated our practices to building strong child care programs and are the #1 child care provider in the nation. This program provides convenience for working parents by offering care Monday – Friday before and after school hours. Our program assists in the continual socialization of your child. It encourages children to participate in activities which will benefit them mentally, physically, and emotionally. The children are given the opportunity to interact with one another and with adults. The program will foster children’s personal growth and cultivate self confidence. It provides a warm and friendly experience for children.

    View the Handbook and Registration Packet for more information.

    Handbook & Registration form

    Payment Authorization form



    AM 6:45 am – first bell

    Structured group activities, quiet games *NO drop off before 6:45am*

    PM dismissal bell – 6:00 pm

    Structured group activities, games, study time and a healthy snack.


    • Leighton Elementary- for Kingsford/Leighton/Minetto attendees
    • Fitzhugh Elementary- for Riley/Fitzhugh attendees
    • Mexico Elementary- for Mexico/Palermo/New Haven attendees


    Attendance will be taken within the first ten minutes of school dismissal. In the morning program attendance will be taken every thirty minutes until dismissal. In the afternoon program children in the program must attend school directly before attending the program. Staff members must take students directly from school/bus in the afternoon as there can be no interruptions in transport as for the liability issue. Parents are responsible for notifying child care staff of their children’s schedule changes.

    *IMPORTANT: We are NOT licensed for childcare before 6:45am and after 6:00pm. Do not drop students off before 6:45am or pick up after 6:00pm*


    The Oswego County Department of Social Services may be able to provide financial assistance for child care. Please contact caseworker if applicable, or Oswego County DSS Child Care Division, at (315) 963-5456.


    Parents/guardians will be asked to fill out the registration packet linked above and return the packet to the Oswego YMCA along with payment. Registration will take place at the Oswego YMCA. The application can be picked up at the front desk. Registration is ongoing throughout the year. Please keep the handbook to refer to throughout the school year.


    Registration fee: $30/per child. Waived if you’re an Oswego YMCA Family Member

      AM PM
    MONTHLY $138 $197
    BOTH AM & PM $315  


    • The Oswego YMCA is offering a single monthly discount of 15% on all family membership types when a child is enrolled in the SACC program. *restrictions may apply
    • Multiple Children in SACC program: 20% off after the first child
    • All payments must be made to the Oswego YMCA on or before the 1st of each month. A late fee of $10 will be applied on the 5th of the month. Payments can be made in person or by mail in the form of cash, check or credit card. You may also call the YMCA to make a payment over the phone with a credit card. For your convenience, we can charge your debit/credit card or bank account each month for monthly fees. Please see the front desk for this reoccurring payment authorization form.
    • Schools Out! Vacation Days and Half Days and Delays are not covered in monthly fees. 
    • While there will be months when the schools observe a long vacation, such as Christmas or Spring Break, the regular monthly fee will not be pro-rated.
    • All vacation days must be registered for one week prior to scheduled days. Once you register for the day(s), you are obligated to pay for it. This is to be able to plan and staff accordingly to meet state requirements. These Fees are NOT refundable.
    • All YMCA prior account balances must be paid in full in order to register your child for SACC.
    • For families receiving outside assistance and have a parent fee, the fees must be paid at the beginning of each week.



    • If a child is left at the program beyond their scheduled time, a late charge will be applied. This MUST be paid before your child can return to the SACC program. Again we are not licensed to provide care after 6:00 pm. More then 3 late pickups may cause termination from the SACC program. LATE PICK UP FEES ARE AS FOLLOWS: $5.00 within the first 5 minutes, per child. $2.00 per minute, per child for each additional minute.
    • $10 late fee/billing fee will be applied for payments received after the 5th of the month.


    Family Schedule

    Group Exercise

    Open Gym & Pickleball

    Skatepark & Youth Center


    Oswego YMCA

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    New York


    Oswego County



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many daycares are there in Oswego?

    There are 34 daycares in Oswego, based on CareLuLu data. This includes 26 home-based programs and 8 centers.

    How much does daycare cost in Oswego?

    The cost of daycare in Oswego is $925 per month. This is the average price for full-time, based on CareLuLu data, including homes and centers.

    How many daycares accept infants in Oswego?

    Based on CareLuLu data, 23 daycares care for infants (as well as toddlers). This includes 22 home-based programs and 1 centers.

    How many daycares offer part-time care or drop-in care in Oswego?

    Based on CareLuLu data, 1 daycares offer part-time care or drop-in care in Oswego.

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    Amis Olive Pond

    Amis Olive Pond

    Amis Olive Pond (c. 1844–1917) was an American educator, lecturer, and US State editor from New York. She founded the School of Teacher Education in Lewiston, Maine; worked as editor of the Universalist Church publication; and was the first president of the United States Women’s Health Protection Association. Amis campaigned for the temperance movement and the right to vote for women.


    • 1 Early years and education
    • 2 Careers
    • 3 Personal life
    • 4 Recommendations
      • 4.1 Attribution
      • 4.2 Bibliography

    Ealleys and education

    OLIVE PONDS BATTLE OK. 1844, [1] to Jordan, New York. She was two weeks old when her father died and the mother and child went to her grandparents’ home in New Britain, Connecticut. There, the mother worked tirelessly with a needle to support herself and her two children. The eldest child, a boy, was placed in the care of an uncle, and for Olivia, the mother took the place of father, mother, brother and sister. When Olive was four years old, mother and child left their grandmother’s house and went to the village to settle down so that Olive could be sent to school. Shortly thereafter, the mother married Cyrus Judd, an influential man from the city of New Britain. Olive continued to attend school for many years. She attended New Britain High School, graduated from the State Normal School (now Central Connecticut University), and later, after several years of teaching, graduated from Normal School (now the State University of New York at Oswego) in Oswego, New York.


    Amis was a leader in the school and became an outstanding teacher. For many years she gave modeling lessons at congresses and institutes. For five years in New York State and two years in Maine, she was in demand at county teacher training institutes. She founded a teacher training school in Lewiston, Maine and completed her first grade. In 1877, she began editing Primary Department Sunday School Assistant , published in Boston, Representative of the Universalist Church. She has held government positions with the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and the National Women’s Suffrage Association, and has lectured on a variety of topics related to the two organizations. She also spoke about kindergarten and subject education. Her “Conversations on Juvenile Reforms” were extremely popular everywhere. [2] Amis served as president of the Women’s Health Defense Association of the United States. [3]

    Personal life

    In 1871 she married the Rev. Joseph Hay Amis, pastor of the Universalist Church in Lewiston. They had a family of six children, three girls and three boys, of whom one son and one daughter died at an early age. Amis settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was raised Methodist but in her later years became an Episcopalian. [2] Amis died at her home in Secane, Delaware County, Pennsylvania on March 3, 19 Delaware County Daily Times & March 8, 1917, para 2.


    • This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: J. C. Crawley History of the Women’s Club Movement in America (1898)
    • This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: F. E. Willard The Woman of the Century: Fourteen hundred and seventy biographical sketches accompanied by portraits of leading American women from all walks of life0039 (1893)


    • Crawley, Jane Cunningham (1898). History of the Women’s Club Movement in America (Public domain ed.). H. G. Allen and Company. CS1 maint: ref=harv (link)
    • Gordon, Ann D. (June 10, 2009). Selected Writings of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony: Their Place in Political Life, 1887-1895. . Rutgers University Press. ISBN 978-0-8135-6440-1 . CS1 maint: ref=harv (link)
    • Willard, Francis Elizabeth (1893). Woman of the Century: Fourteen hundred and seventy biographical sketches accompanied by portraits of leading American women of all walks of life (Public domain ed. ). Moulton. CS1 maint: ref=harv (link)
    • “Clifton Heights”. Chester, PA: Delaware County Daily Times. March 8, 1917 p. 2. Retrieved January 29, 2017 – via
    • “Death of Mrs. Amis”. Chester, PA: Delaware County Daily Times. 5 March 1917 s. 2. Retrieved January 29, 2017 – via

    Plainview, NY

    this article needs more citations to check . Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Material not received from the source may be challenged and removed.
    Find sources: Plainview, New York – News · newspapers · Books · Scientist is a Hamlet and Census Designated Place (CDP) located near the North Shore of Long Island in the city of Oyster Bay in Nassau County, New York, United States. The CDU population as of 2010 was 26,217. [1] The Plainview Post Office has ZIP Code 11803. [2]

    Plainview and the neighboring hamlet, Old Bethpage, share a school system, library, fire station, and water district. Community law enforcement is provided by the Nassau County Police Department Second Precinct.


    • 1 History
    • 2 Geography
    • 3 Demographics
    • 4 Economy
    • 5 Houses of Worship
    • 6 Education
      • 6.1 Library
      • 6.2 Foreign Alend Y-JCC
    • 7 Parks
    • 8 Estate
    • 9 Mass media
        900 9.1 Television


  • 11 Notes
  • 12 Sources
  • History

    Plainview’s history dates back to 1648, when Robert Williams, a Welsh settler, bought land in the area. The land was considered suitable for agriculture because of a small pond, called Moskopa by the local Indians, which means “a hole of mud and water. [3] The rest of the land in the area was bought by Thomas Powell in 1695 as part of the Bethpage Purchase. The name “Hill of Mannatto” had already appeared in 1695 in the deed of purchase of Bethpage, and the settlement became known as “Hill of Manetto”. Manitou this Indian word meant either “god” or “spirit”. [4]

    Arrival 1837 The Long Island Railroad near Hicksville brought a boom in local agriculture. [5] In 1885, residents of Manetto Hill petitioned the United States Postal Service for a local post office, but were rejected because, according to several sources, a similar name was already in use upstate. [6] The village was then named “Plainview” because of the view of the Hempstead Plains from the top of the Manetto Hills. [3]

    Plainview remained a farming community famous for growing cucumbers for the huge Heinz pickle plants located near Farmingdale and Hicksville. In the early 1900s, a disease destroyed the cucumber crop, and many farmers switched to potatoes. After World War II, the potato disease, coupled with the desire of many GIs to leave New York for the more rural Long Island, convinced many farmers to sell their property, leading to massive development in the area, resulting in what is known as suburban sprawl. [5] [ dead link ] Between 1950 and 1960, the population of the village grew from 1,155 to over 35,000. [3] Much of the available land was developed during this period or otherwise designated as parkland. While overall development has declined, it has continued sporadically as the remaining smaller tracts of land have also been developed. In recent years, some of the few large lots left have given way to gated communities, which contrast with most residential developments in the area. Some of these events include “Hamlet at Old Oyster Bay”. [7] and “Seasons in Plainview”, a residential area targeted at residents over the age of 55 and first-time buyers. [8]


    US Census Map

    Plainview is located at 40°46′48″N. 73°28′46″W / 40.78000°N 73.47944°W / 40.78000; -73.47944 (40.779911, -73.479483). [9]

    According to the US Census Bureau, the CDP has a total area of ​​5.7 square miles (15 km 2 ). Plainview is on the Nassau County side of the Suffolk County border. On the Nassau side, it borders the villages of Hicksville, Old Bethpage, Syosset, and Woodbury. On the Suffolk side, its main boundary is Melville but also touches the West Hills.


    According to the 2010 census, there were 26,217 people; 8,963 households; and 7,396 families residing in the CDP. [ citation needed ] (Although the population is likely to have changed by 2020.) The population density was 26,217 inhabitants per square mile (10.122/km 2). There were 9,281 housing units. The racial makeup of the CDP was 91.8%. White, 7.5% Asian, and 0.07% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0.03% of the population.

    There were 8,963 households out of which 36. 5% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 73.0% were married couples. 16.3% of all households were made up of people living alone and 11.9% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size is 2.87, and the average family size is 3.24. In the CDP, the population was spread out with 25.1% under the age of 18, 5.5% from 18 to 24, 26.0% from 25 to 44, 26.5% from 45 to 64, and 17.0% aged 65 or older. The median age was 41 years. For every 100 women, there were 94.3 men. For every 100 women aged 18 and over, there were 89.4 men.

    The 2007 estimate, [10] , had a median household income in the CDP of $126,045 and a median household income of $151,780. Men had a median income of $89,032 versus $61,480 for women. The per capita income for the CDP was $76,634. None of the families and 0.8% of the population lived below the poverty line, including those under the age of eighteen and 0.7% of the population over 64.


    Although Plainview is primarily a suburban enclave, in addition to numerous malls and malls, Plainview has about 330 acres of commercial real estate spread across three office parks. The most famous tenants are Veeco and Aeroflex, which is headquartered there. [11]

    Houses of Worship

    There are numerous houses of worship in Plainview.

    Plainview is home to several Jewish communities. Plainview Synagogue and Plainview Young Israel are Orthodox. Plainview Jewish Center and Manetto Hill Jewish Center are conservative. Temple Haverim reformed.

    Churches include Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Plainview United Methodist Church (also known as the Korean United Methodist Church), Plainview Reformed Church, St. Pius X Roman Catholic Church, and St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, in the backwoods of which there is a cemetery.

    In addition, there is also a Sikh temple Guru Gobind Singh Sikh Center, Inc. This temple building was formerly home to the Bethel United Pentecostal Church. [12] In addition, the Beth Yeshua/Olive Tree Messianic Temple is located in Plainview.


    More information: Plainview Old Bethpage Central School District

    Plainview Old Bethpage Central School District services children from Kindergarten through 12th grade. This school district has one Middle School, two middle schools, and four elementary schools. All but one of these schools are located in Plainview.

    There are several private schools in Plainview and Farmingdale State College is located in neighboring Farmingdale.


    The Plainview Library was first established in 1956 at the Jamaica Avenue School and later opened as a separate institution at the Morton Village Mall in 1958. Significant population growth caused the library to outgrow this space. In March 1962, voters approved a $711,000 bond issue to pay for the purchase of nearly three acres of land and the construction of a new library building right across the street from the village of Moreton. [13] [14] Two years later, the library moved to new premises. [15] Since its construction, the building has been extended twice to better meet the needs of the community, including increased needs for audio/video and internet. [16] [17] In 2005, a hall for 236 seats was built, and the areas of the Family Center and the Media Center were expanded. In 2014, library space was added with funds previously received from the New York State Residence Hall Authority. [18] The new space has been updated and redesigned with additional offices/social meeting areas, as well as self service stations, an integrated media area and a new technology department. The Plainview-Old Bethpage Library has been honored to be recognized by Library Magazine as a “Five-Star Library” for the past five years.

    Mid Island Y-JCC

    Mid Island Jewish Community Center, opened in 1956, [19] serves residents of Plainview, Old Bethpage, Syosset and surrounding areas.


    Plainview has many public parks located between houses. Its main park is the 19-acre (77,000 m 2 ) Plainview-Old Bethpage Community Park located on Washington Avenue. [20] Opened in 1960, this park features an Olympic-sized swimming pool, children’s pool, baseball/softball fields, tennis courts, racquetball/handball courts, basketball courts, a newly built children’s playground, and trails through the woods. from the mall, as well as to small public parks in the residential areas of Pal Street. [21] [22] A concession booth operates in the park during the summer. Parks in Plainview are operated by the Nassau County Department of Parks, Recreation and Museums or the City of Oyster Bay. In addition, the city is home to a natural reserve called Manetto Hills Park. This undeveloped park was formerly known as the Shattuck Estate.

    Borell Fields, located on Plainview Road, is another large public park. There are three baseball fields, a soccer field and a large playground.


    Plainview has been home to several great Gold Coast estates.

    • Schwarzenbach Manor. Robert Schwarzenbach was a very successful textile manufacturer who purchased an estate on the Manetto hill. The house was demolished a long time ago to make room for residential buildings, but one outbuilding has survived. It is located in the Manetto Hills mall. This building, originally owned by the estate’s gardener, was used as Malarka’s tavern for many years. Currently, the building houses a veterinary office. In addition, up to 19The second building was still standing in the 1990s. This building, which was the estate’s chicken coop, was converted into a residence, where the above-mentioned gardener and his wife eventually moved. It was located on Manetto Hill Road, directly across from Nick Place.
    • Shattuck Manor. Shattuck Manor was purchased by successful New York attorney Edwin Paul Shattuck, who lived there until his death in the 1960s. He was a member of the Shattuck family that owned the Frank G. Shattuck Company. The company operated, among other things, a chain of restaurants known as Schrafft Foods. [23] Mr. Shattuck was the personal attorney of President Herbert Hoover. They were best friends and died three days apart. The property, which is about 138 acres (0.56 km 2 ), almost developed in the 1970s until community activists forced the county to buy the property and leave it as a conservation area. [24] It is located on Washington Avenue and has no signs indicating its presence. The hotel’s main house was demolished in September 2013. Part of the property now houses the Helen Kaplan AHRC Project, a program for adults with developmental disabilities.
    • The building known as the Nassau County Office Complex, located between the division of Old Country Road and Round Swamp Road, was once home to the Nassau County Sanitarium, Tuberculosis Unit. The sanitarium, built on the Taliaferro estate, primarily at Old Bethpage, was authorized by the Nassau County Board of Supervisors in 1930 and was completed early that decade. [25] [26] As tuberculosis was brought under control, the Georgian style complex was closed at 1960s [27] After closing, the facility went into mixed use, including the establishment of a drug and alcohol rehab center in 1976 and a branch of the Cornell Cooperative Extension. [27] [28] In 1999, Charles Wang, Founder of Computer Associates, purchased 144 acres (0.58 km 2 ) of county property for $23 million. [29] The purchase included 1535 Old Country Road, once the corporate offices of the New York Islanders and the New York Dragons, both owned by Wang. In addition, the building housed the Plainview Chinese Cultural Center, an organization founded by Wang. [30] This is now Country Pointe in Plainview, which is mostly seniors apartments and retail space.



    B Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Public television station WLIW, channel 21, formerly broadcast from Plainview in studios located on Channel 21 Drive. Although the studios still remain at this address, the station now shares transmission facilities with WNET atop the One World Trade Center in New York.


    Until the 1980s there were several cinemas in the community. Multiplexes built in Hicksville and Commack diverted patrons from local theaters, which were later converted to mostly office or retail space.

    • Century’s Morton Village, Morton Village Mall. This theatre, located on the west side of the mall, has been converted into a retail space with office space upstairs. It is named after the development of the village of Moreton to the north and south of the mall.
      • Starting in 1976, the theater began to tie ticket prices to the year and reduced ticket prices to 7 cents. The price rose by a penny a year until they closed in 1984. Prior to its closure, it was widely known as the “76 cent movie theater”.
      • During his 1984 presidential campaign, Walter Mondale stopped his campaign in the parking lot of the Morton Village shopping center directly adjacent to the theater.
    • Old village theatre. Located west of the intersection of Old Country and Plainview Streets, immediately west of the Shell gas station. Originally it was a single screen cinema, but then it was converted into a two-seat one. After closing, the building was converted into an office building housing mostly medical offices.
    • RKO Plainview Twin. This cinema was located behind the Plainview Center on South Oyster Bay Road. This building was converted (and expanded) into today’s Shoprite.
    • Plainview, Theater of the Century. This theater was located on the west side of South Oyster Bay Road (opposite what is now the Plainview Center noted above), next to the Donut, and therefore is actually in Hicksville as South Oyster Bay Road is the border between two villages. It was converted into an office building housing mostly medical offices.


    Plainview is home to WPOB 88.5 FM, a local radio station located at Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School. The school has the same frequency as Syosset High School Station WKWZ.

    Famous people

    • Hoody Allen, professional rapper; graduate of Plainview-Old Bethpage High School JFK (class of ’06. )
    • Bruce Berman is a film and television composer and studio musician now based in Los Angeles.
    • Jessica Brungo, basketball player for the Connecticut Sun of the WNBA.
    • Chad Harrison, actor, played Monkey Boots on Nickelodeon’s Dasha the Pathfinder and starred in Caroline, or Change . [31] [32] (Edition 2010).
    • Terri Finn, Teresa Jo Ann Bernadette “Terry” Finn is an American actress best known for playing Gussie Carnegie in the original Broadway cast of the Stephen Sondheim/Hal Prince/George Firth musical comedy Merrily We Roll Together. Lived in Plainview (1955–1974).
    • Diane Franklin, actress, featured roles in Better to Die and Bill & Ted’s Great Adventure Graduated from Plainview Old Bethpage High School in 1980.
    • Maxwell Jacob Friedman, professional wrestler, currently working for All Elite Wrestling
    • Jack Gallagher, composer recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra Graduated from Plainview-Old Bethpage High School in 1965. [33]
    • Brad Greenberg, head coach of the Radford University men’s basketball team; graduate of John F. Kennedy High School in Plainview (class of ’72).
    • Seth Greenberg, head coach Virginia Tech men’s basketball team; graduate of John F. Kennedy High School in Plainview (class of ’74).
    • Danielle Harris, actress, modern-day scream queen, best known for playing Annie Brackett in the Halloween (franchise) series.
    • Leroy Homer, Jr., First Officer, United Airlines Flight 93.
    • Mark Yavaroni, Toronto Raptors assistant coach; graduate of John F. Kennedy High School in Plainview (class of 1975).
    • Aaron Karo, professional comedian; graduate of John F. Kennedy High School in Plainview-Old Bethpage (Class of 1997).
    • Fern Kupfer, author, grew up in Plainview. [34]
    • Robert Longo Artist and sculptor, graduated from Plainview Old Bethpage High School in 1970. [35]
    • Chuck Lorre Charles Levine, TV presenter and producer of popular series such as The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, Mom, Two and a Half Men, graduate of Plainview-Old Bethpage High School (grade 19)70). [36] [37]
    • Jill Martin, broadcaster and broadcaster.
    • Lisa Matassa, country singer and creator of Long Island Country. [38]
    • Jeffrey Miller, one of the four students killed in the Kent State shootings. Miller is the victim of the iconic John Philo Photo.
    • Philip Plotch author and professor; graduate of Plainview-Old Bethpage High School (class of 1979).
    • Tommy Raynon, welterweight boxer; graduate of John F. Kennedy High School in Plainview Old Bethpage (grade 98th year).
    • John Savage (born John Youngs; August 25, 1949), actor best known for his performances in The Deer Hunter and Hair Graduated from Plainview-Old Bethpage High School in 1967.
    • Charles W. Shea, World War II Veteran and recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Ordered to occupy a hill near Mount Damiano in Italy, Shi continued alone, throwing grenades at the enemy and engaging in firefights. He killed three gunners and ended up surrendering six enemy soldiers before completing his mission and taking the hill. [39] [40]
    • Bruce Sussman Songwriter and librettist, lived in Plainview 1958-1961, attending Manetto Hill, Parkway and Joyce Road Schools and Plainview Old Bethpage High School.
    • Scott Ulger, first base coach and field instructor for the Minnesota Twins of the American League.
    • Danny Werfel, Former Acting Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service John F. Kennedy (class of 1989). [41] 9 Loves, Frank. “Ex-LIER Lois Feinstein appeared in Alex Trebek’s first film, Jeopardy! “show”. Newsday . Retrieved November 15, 2020.
    • Retrieved

      • Our City: Life in Plainview-Old Bethpage 1600 through Tomorrow Richard Kubeck, published in 1987

      Refugee Committee | Encyclopedia of the Holocaust

      Read more

      • Quote page

    personal data
    SURNAME Schollander, Don
    ALTERNATIVE NAMES Schollander, Donald (maiden name)
    SUMMARY American swimmer
    DATE OF BIRTH April 30, 1946
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    Trader Salary (October 2022) – Zippia

    Updated August 22, 2022


    To create our salary estimates, Zippia starts with data published in publicly available sources such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Foreign Labor Certification Data Center (FLC) Show More

    $43.36 hourly

    Entry level Salary




    10 %




    90 %

    How much does a Trader make?

    Traders make $90,179 per year on average, or $43.36 per hour, in the United States. Traders on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $56,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $144,000.

    Location impacts how much a trader can expect to make. Traders make the most in New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Nevada, and Delaware.

    Highest Paying State

    New York

    Highest Paying City

    White Plains, NY

    Highest Paying Company

    The Citadel

    What Am I Worth?

    Highest Paying State

    New York

    Highest Paying City

    White Plains, NY

    Highest Paying Company

    The Citadel

    What Am I Worth?

    Highest Paying States For Traders

    The darker areas on the map show where traders earn the highest salaries across all 50 states.

    • State View
    • County View

    Average Salary:

    Trader average salary by State

    Rank   State   Avg. Salary   Hourly Rate   Job Count  
    1 New York $120,415 $57.89 227
    2 Delaware $107,010 $51.45 21
    3 West Virginia $90,058 $43.30 21
    4 Rhode Island $113,200 $54.42 8
    5 Connecticut $102,420 $49.24 31
    6 Nevada $112,738 $54.20 13
    7 District of Columbia $103,407 $49.71 17
    8 Ohio $89,916 $43.23 81
    9 New Hampshire $113,348 $54.49 8
    10 New Jersey $96,942 $46. 61 66
    11 Texas $88,516 $42.56 151
    12 Hawaii $100,098 $48.12 7
    13 Wyoming $84,359 $40.56 6
    14 Georgia $88,364 $42.48 73
    15 Michigan $92,295 $44.37 32
    16 New Mexico $93,556 $44.98 5
    17 Louisiana $87,575 $42.10 21
    18 Oklahoma $88,084 $42.35 13
    19 Alaska $83,638 $40.21 7
    20 Vermont $81,956 $39.40 8
    21 Montana $85,129 $40.93 7
    22 South Carolina $83,039 $39.92 33
    23 Arkansas $79,553 $38. 25 22
    24 Missouri $86,748 $41.71 23
    25 Illinois $81,159 $39.02 132
    26 South Dakota $78,977 $37.97 8
    27 Massachusetts $84,436 $40.59 68
    28 Kentucky $83,061 $39.93 17
    29 Maine $82,051 $39.45 9
    30 North Carolina $77,969 $37.49 98
    31 Utah $82,933 $39.87 17
    32 Minnesota $83,991 $40.38 29
    33 Mississippi $74,647 $35.89 23
    34 Iowa $77,439 $37.23 25
    35 Maryland $80,492 $38.70 53
    36 Nebraska $70,580 $33. 93 32
    37 California $83,061 $39.93 140
    38 Pennsylvania $76,596 $36.83 63
    39 Tennessee $73,209 $35.20 34
    40 North Dakota $72,873 $35.04 5
    41 Oregon $79,142 $38.05 12
    42 Kansas $75,899 $36.49 9
    43 Idaho $72,125 $34.68 11
    44 Arizona $75,465 $36.28 24
    45 Florida $71,535 $34.39 101
    46 Alabama $61,319 $29.48 35
    47 Virginia $73,331 $35.26 47
    48 Washington $75,529 $36.31 21
    49 Colorado $65,140 $31. 32 42
    50 Indiana $65,288 $31.39 35
    51 Wisconsin $66,176 $31.82 27

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    Top Trader Jobs Near You

    Highest Paying Cities For Traders

    Rank   City   Avg. Salary   Hourly Rate  
    1 White Plains, NY $121,527 $58.43
    2 Las Vegas, NV $112,415 $54.05
    3 Stamford, CT $101,860 $48.97
    4 Jersey City, NJ $97,299 $46.78
    5 San Antonio, TX $90,008 $43.27
    6 San Francisco, CA $88,158 $42.38
    7 Atlanta, GA $88,103 $42.36
    8 Saint Louis, MO $87,776 $42.20
    9 Cincinnati, OH $84,972 $40.85
    10 Boston, MA $84,642 $40.69
    11 Minneapolis, MN $83,955 $40.36
    12 Salt Lake City, UT $82,284 $39.56
    13 Evanston, IL $81,816 $39. 33
    14 Baltimore, MD $80,995 $38.94
    15 Raleigh, NC $79,543 $38.24

    Trader Salary Details

    Average Trader Salary Graph, Trends, and Summary

    What is a Trader’s Salary?

    Percentile   Annual Salary   Monthly Salary   Hourly Rate  
    90th Percentile $144,000 $12,000 $69
    75th Percentile $115,000 $9,583 $55
    Average $90,179 $7,515 $43
    25th Percentile $70,000 $5,833 $34
    10th Percentile $56,000 $4,667 $27

    Average Salary By Related Titles

    Job Title   Annual Salary   Monthly Salary   Hourly Rate   Job Openings  
    Finance Service Advisor $50,706 $4,225 $24. 38 118,612
    Finance Representative $41,765 $3,480 $20.08 124,645
    Foreign Exchange Trader $115,133 $9,594 $55.35 17,829
    Hedge Fund Trader $117,549 $9,796 $56.51 12,689
    Commodity Trader $93,220 $7,768 $44.82 10,906
    Options Trader $110,139 $9,178 $52.95 1,433

    Here are the five companies hiring the most now:

    1. The Citadel Jobs (72)
    2. Citi Jobs (58)
    3. Bunge Jobs (21)
    4. Virtu Financial Jobs (20)
    5. Geneva Trading Jobs (15)

    Which Companies Pay Traders The Most?

    According to our most recent salary estimates, The Citadel and CITGO Petroleum are the highest paying companies for traders.

    Trader Salary Trends

    Average Trader Salary Over Time

    Compare salaries for individual cities or states with the national average.

    Recently Added Trader Salaries

    Trader Salaries FAQs

    What state pays Traders the most?

    New York pays Traders the most in the United States, with an average salary of $120,415 per year, or $57.89 per hour.

    How do I know if I’m being paid fairly as a Trader?

    You know if you are being paid fairly as a Trader if your pay is close to the average pay for the state you live in. For example, if you live in New Hampshire you should be paid close to $113,348 per year.

    What type of Trader gets paid the most?

    Hedge Fund Trader gets paid the most. Hedge Fund Trader made a median salary of $117,549. The best-paid 10 percent make $156,000, while the lowest-paid 10 percent make $88,000.

    How much do entry-level traders make?

    Entry-level traders make anywhere from $45,507 to $195,929 per year. The average salary for an entry-level trader is $96,476 a year. Factors such as location and company impact how much an entry-level trader can make.

    How much do traders earn?

    Traders earn $102,048 a year, on average. However, there is a considerable range in the earning potential of a trader, starting from as little as $55,000 a year to as much as $190,000 a year. A select few traders earn over a million a year. Factors such as location and company impact how much a trader can earn.

    How much does the average Wall Street trader earn?

    The average Wall Street trader earns $134,571 a year, but there’s a vast range of salaries ranging from $17,415 to $458,570 a year. Where you fall along this very large pay scale as a Wall Street trader largely depends on the number of years of experience you have.

    How much does the average professional trader make?

    The average professional trader makes $61,225 a year ($29 an hour). However, there is a considerable range and how much a professional trader can make, starting from as little as $34,000 a year to as much as $190,000 a year. Factors such as location and position impact how much a professional trader can make.

    Have more questions? See all answers to common sales questions.

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    Updated August 22, 2022

    Highest-Paying Trade Jobs No Bachelor’s Degree

    By Michael d’Estries and SkillPointe Editorial Team

    Updated October 8, 2021

    For decades, earning a bachelor’s degree has been seen as the golden ticket to achieving the American Dream, a kind of cure-all checkbox that guarantees economic success. 

    The reality is far less rosy for recent graduates. According to a recent National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) salary survey, the general average salary for college graduates is about $50,000 per year. The average student loan debt? A staggering $37,693.

    The alternative to college for those looking to secure financial stability fast and without incurring massive debt is the multitude of high-paying skilled trade jobs available. Careers in plumbing, electrical, healthcare, IT and more not only pay extremely well, but are also in high demand. According to the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce, there are at least 30 million jobs in the U.S. that pay more than $55,000 per year and don’t require a bachelor’s degree. 

    “I’ve been doing this for going on 30 years now, and in those 30 years I’ve seen a constant need,” licensed plumber Mary Thompson, COO of home services platform Neighborly, told CNBC. “It’s a great place for people to earn a good living … [and] a skill that is recession and pandemic resistant.”

    Below are just a few skilled trade jobs across the U.S. that are both in high demand and feature a median salary above $50,000 — no four-year college degree required. 

    RELATED: Download SkillPointe’s Free Guide to Finding a Skilled Trade Career

    Plumbing isn’t just a lucrative skilled trade; it’s a skill you can turn into a business. (Credit: ALPA PROD/Shutterstock)


    Plumber (Salary: $56,117*)

    Plumbers install, maintain and replace everything from gas and water lines to kitchen and bathroom fixtures. While the job may include unpredictable hours on both nights and weekends, it also comes with a high degree of independence, income stability and flexibility.

    • Learn how to become a plumber
    • Find plumbing trade schools and training

    Electrician (Salary: $56,763)

    Electricians plan electrical systems, inspect and maintain circuit breakers and transformers, and install/repair wiring, fixtures and fuse boxes. One of the few career paths with paid on-the-job training, electricians often learn their trade via apprenticeships lasting anywhere from four to five years.

    • Learn how to become an electrician
    • Find electrician training programs

    Pipefitter/steamfitter (Salary: $55,162)

    Pipefitters or steamfitters take advanced blueprints for residential, commercial and industrial construction piping systems and turn them into reality. Skills utilized by established craftsmen include cutting, threading or hammering pipes to specifications, as well as assembly through welding, soldering or threading joints.  

    • Learn how to become a pipefitter or steamfitter
    • Find local pipefitter or steamfitter training options

    Civil Engineering Technician (Salary: $53,887)

    Employed by engineering firms and government agencies, civil engineering technicians assist with the design of commercial, industrial and residential infrastructure projects. Responsibilities include analyzing blueprints, estimating costs, evaluating site conditions and ensuring projects meet design specifications and codes. 

    • Learn how to become a civil engineering technician
    • Find civil engineering tech training

    A mechanic who knows his way around heavy equipment is invaluable in the field. (Credit: Virrage Images/Shutterstock)


    Heavy Equipment Mechanic (Salary: $55,452)

    The heavy equipment mechanic is responsible for the inspection, maintenance and repair of excavators, cranes and other large vehicles used in construction, farming, mining and transportation. Often skilled in the use of computerized tools to diagnose problems, these mechanics are also extremely detail-oriented and knowledgeable in engine components and systems. 

    • Learn how to become a heavy equipment mechanic
    • Find heavy equipment mechanic trade schools

    Dental Hygienist (Salary: $77,306)

    If you’ve ever spent time in a dentist’s chair, it’s likely the majority of your visit was in the care of a dental hygienist. Skilled in preventative oral care and working under the supervision of a dentist, dental hygienists clean teeth, take X-rays, examine mouths for disease, and provide advice on good oral health.

    • Learn what it takes to become a dental hygienist
    • Find local dental hygienist training programs

    Medical Sonographer (Salary: $62,923)

    Medical sonographers are trained in the application of specialized equipment that utilizes high-frequency sound waves to generate images of structures within a patient’s body. These sonograms (or ultrasounds) are used in everything from gauging the health of a fetus to assisting cardiovascular and vascular technologists examine specific areas of the body. 

    • Learn about becoming a diagnostic medical sonographer
    • Find diagnostic medical sonographer training near you

    MRI Tech (Salary: $74,655)

    MRI technicians operate a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner to create complex 3D scans of a specific part of a patient’s body. This job is perfect for those who communicate well and enjoy a fast-paced environment. The role is often based in hospitals, radiology centers or outpatient care centers. 

    • Learn how to become an MRI tech
    • Find MRI tech training programs


    Talented radiology technicians and technologists are in demand. (Credit: Juice Flair/Shutterstock)


    Radiology Tech (Salary: $61,910)

    Radiology technicians perform diagnostic imaging procedures, such as X-rays and computed tomography (CT) scans, to look inside the human body. Working closely with physicians, they typically operate out of hospitals or doctors’ offices. 

    • Learn how to become a radiology tech
    • Find radiology tech school programs

    Cardiovascular Tech (Salary: $58,469)

    Cardiovascular technicians operate special imaging equipment to diagnose heart and blood vessel problems. Working closely with doctors and surgeons, these detail-oriented techs manage everything from electrocardiograms (EKGs) to cardiovascular ultrasounds to help map a complete picture of a patient’s heart. 

    • Learn more about being a cardiovascular tech
    • Find cardiovascular tech training programs

    Respiratory Therapist (Salary: $62,844)

    Using a variety of tests to measure both lung capacity and blood oxygen levels, respiratory therapists develop plans to help treat diseases of the lungs and airways. An excellent fit for those who enjoy helping others and communicate well, the position is often located in hospitals, pulmonary rehabilitation clinics, and diagnostic laboratories.  

    • Learn how to become a respiratory therapist
    • Find respiratory therapist training near you

    Electronics or Electrical Engineering Technician (Salary: $67,439)

    Have a knack for designing, developing, testing and repairing electronic components? Electrical and electronics engineering tech, working under the supervision of an electrical engineer, help create everything from electrical control systems to basic circuitry and prototypes. This career is best-suited for those who excel at math and science and have a keen eye for detail. 

    • Learn how to become an electronics or electrical engineering technician
    • Find electronics or electrical engineering tech training programs

    Industrial Engineering Technician (Salary: $57,497)

    Industrial engineering technicians use observation and creative thinking to assist industrial engineers with improvements in efficiency and standard operating procedures for a variety of businesses. As the position makes heavy use of charts and diagrams to illustrate workflow, it’s ideal for a candidate skilled in communication and problem-solving and who has good attention to detail. 

    • Learn more about being an industrial engineering technician
    • Find industrial engineering tech training programs.

    Industrial Mechanic (Salary: $55,413)

    Industrial mechanics, also called industrial maintenance mechanics, utilize their diverse skill sets to maintain and repair a variety of equipment in commercial and industrial facilities. In addition to being proficient with electronics, these specialized mechanics are also familiar with welding, cutting, and the use of manuals and diagnostic equipment to solve equipment failures. 

    • Learn more about becoming an industrial mechanic or industrial maintenance mechanic
    • Find industrial mechanic trade schools.


    Not everyone grasps technology at the same speed. Those who pick it up quickly should consider becoming IT support specialists. (Credit: fizkes/Shutterstock)


    IT Support Specialist (Salary: $52,941)

    If you’re someone who people repeatedly turn to for help when their technology fails, you might want to consider a career as an IT support specialist. These technical wizards offer personalized front-line support for everything from hardware issues to network repair. This is a great career for people who are patient, personable and not afraid to explore new technologies.

    • Learn more about becoming an IT support specialist
    • Find IT support specialist training

    Graphic Designer (Salary: $53,572)

    Graphic designers have a talent for expressing ideas artistically through brochures, logos, packaging, magazines or other marketing materials. While some use their hands, graphic designers increasingly are skilled in a variety of creative software suites and advanced computer applications that help bring their creations to life. 

    • Learn what it takes to become a graphic designer
    • Find local graphic design schools

    Cable or Fiber Optics Technician (Salary: $61,363)

    Cable and fiber optics technicians are critical frontline workers in the effort to improve the speed and reach of broadband communications. Also called cable installers, these technicians are responsible for the design, installation, operation, maintenance and repairs on telecommunication networks. This is an excellent career choice for those who both enjoy working outdoors and are not bothered by heights or confined spaces. 

    • Learn more about becoming a cable or fiber optics technician
    • Find cable or fiber optic technician training

    Aircraft Mechanic (Salary: $66,728)

    Aircraft mechanics help keep aircraft flying safely and efficiently by performing a variety of scheduled maintenance and repairs. On-the-job responsibilities include diagnosing problems with mechanical and electrical systems, as well as inspecting all aircraft components from de-icing systems to landing gears. 

    • Learn more about becoming an aircraft mechanic
    • Find aircraft mechanic school programs


    Good communication skills are one of the key traits of successful police officers. (Credit: Photographee. eu/Shutterstock)


    Police Officer(Salary: $65,646)

    One of the most in-demand professions in the nation, police officers prevent and investigate crimes, enforce laws and respond to emergencies. While writing detailed reports and testifying in court are part of the job description, you’ll also spend a large amount of time outside the office patrolling via foot, car or even horse. 

    • Learn how to become a police officer
    • Find police officer training

    Criminal Investigator (Salary: $85,762)

    Criminal investigators, which include specializations in forensic science or a specific type of crime, gather facts and evidence to help solve cases. Depending on a criminal investigator’s role within a police department or federal agency, they may either rely upon computers to track down information or perform case work in the field. 

    • Learn how to become a criminal investigator
    • Find criminal investigator training near you

    Real Estate Appraiser (Salary: $58,582)

    Real estate appraisers provide an unbiased, objective estimate of the value of a building and the land it resides on. This in-demand profession, ideal for those with great interpersonal skills and attention to detail, offers critical assistance for those who own or manage property or invest in real estate or land holdings. 

    • Learn how to become a real estate appraiser
    • Find real estate appraiser training


    Power plant operators are a key link between an energy source and the electricity that keeps businesses and homes running smoothly. (Credit: curraheeshutter/Shutterstock)


    Power Plant Operator (Salary: $84,287)

    Power plant operators manage and maintain equipment required to generate electricity. A growing field thanks to advancements in power generation technology, opportunities now exist for operators to manage equipment fueled by coal, gas, nuclear energy, hydroelectric energy, wind or solar power. 

    • Learn more about becoming a power plant operator
    • Find power plant operator training

    Nuclear Technician (Salary: $84,482)

    Nuclear technicians ensure that nuclear reactors and other equipment are operated safely and efficiently. In addition to monitoring radiation levels and performance of nuclear power plant systems, these technicians may also repair and maintain equipment at the facility. 

    • Learn how to become a nuclear technician
    • Find nuclear technician training

    Electric Lineman (Salary: $75,115)

    If a job with a view sounds appealing, you might want to consider a career as an electric lineman. Also called power line technicians, these specialists install, maintain and repair electric power lines and other equipment critical to electrical distribution and transmission systems. As most all work is done outdoors and in all conditions, it’s a career best-suited for those who enjoy working outside, pay close attention to detail, and have little fear of heights. 

    • Learn how to become an electrical lineman
    • Find electric lineman training


    *Median salary figures provided by Emsi (

    Michael d’Estries writes about innovation, arts, and culture for a variety of outlets.  When he’s not online, Michael runs his large apple farm and honey business in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

    Fixed Income Trader: Job Description and Salary

    Traders play a very important role in the investment and financial industries. They are generally in charge of executing both buy and sell orders and transactions for themselves or, if they work for an investment firm, for their clients. Because they often deal with high volumes when they trade, they normally provide a great deal of the liquidity in the market.

    These professionals work in a variety of areas of the industry. Day traders, swing traders, commodity traders, equity traders, and fixed income traders are some of the different styles of traders that exist. This article covers the basics of fixed income traders. Read on to find out more about what these traders do, their duties, the skills they require, as well as the outlook and salary.

    Key Takeaways

    • A fixed income trader trades on behalf of institutional and retail clients based on equity research relating to fixed income investments.
    • Fixed income traders should be well-versed in fixed income instruments such as bonds or corporate bonds.
    • Many employers require fixed income traders to have at least a bachelor’s degree and some working experience.
    • Some of the skills fixed income traders need are communications skills, technical skills, and the ability to juggle multiple tasks at the same time.

    What Does a Fixed Income Trader Do?

    A fixed income trader is a financial professional who executes security trades on behalf of institutional and retail clients based on equity research relating to fixed income investments. They generally work for broker-dealers and banks. Similar institutions that attract investment clients also hire fixed income traders.

    The fixed income trader draws from knowledge on specific markets to develop a trading strategy that responds to trends in the current market to enact trades on both the sell side and the buy side. They also work with different instruments such as loans and bonds. Employees are expected to develop and monitor assessments on portfolio risk by collaborating with analysts and portfolio managers. The reports that a fixed income trader writes influence trading decisions.

    A fixed income trader may not be responsible for developing trading strategies for a firm equipped with a separate department that handles trading strategies. In this case, the trader’s duties may be tailored to dealing with the execution of trades, maintenance of portfolios, and reporting on portfolio strengths and weaknesses to management. The trades executed may be for the primary or the secondary market.

    Product Knowledge

    As the term implies, fixed income traders are required to have specific knowledge of certain fixed income instruments such as bonds or corporate bonds. These form the basis of the trader’s knowledge base. Traders also research mortgage-backed securities (MBSs) to execute successful trades. The employee must have an understanding of how these securities draw from pools, use prepayments, and respond to liquidity. The trader may also perform trades on asset-backed securities or commercial MBSs.

    The fixed income trader must also have a grasp on the future movements of prices caused by shifting trends of supply and demand. To be keenly attuned to the sector, a fixed income trader is expected to maintain or develop relationships with research analysts.

    Along with specific product knowledge, fixed income traders must also keep up to date on and monitor market trends, economic news and conditions in order to keep their clients informed about the direction of their investments.

    Experience and Education

    Fixed income traders generally have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in finance, business administration, economics, mathematics, computer science, or a related field. Some firms may be looking exclusively to hire candidates with finance degrees.

    The average amount of experience most firms look for when filling a fixed income trader position is generally three to five years. Firms looking for a junior position may go lower, while the minimum amount of experience for a senior position tends to be about seven years.

    Previous work experience is required for the fixed income trader. Candidates must have a strong knowledge of the securities industry, securities products, and portfolio management theory. They must understand how fixed-income securities are affected by economic conditions such as a nation’s interest rate, the health of its housing market, and future changes in the economy that may affect fixed income instruments.


    Many firms require that candidates have Series 7 licenses to offer clients investment advice. Some firms also want candidates to hold Series 63 licenses. If a firm does not require a candidate to hold a Series 63 license at the time of hiring, it may require the employee to obtain one within a specified timeframe.

    Employers may require fixed income traders without a license to obtain one after a certain period of time after they’re hired.

    Understanding the trading regulations and business practices regulations for those who hold a Series 7 is mandatory. A fixed-income security trader needs to act in compliance with these regulations for the protection of clients, the broker-dealer and the trader.


    Along with experience, these professionals must have a great understanding of trading analytics and data analysis, as well as the ability to access the meaning and significance of a large amount of information quickly to promote good decision-making and efficiency.

    Communication Skills

    Because traders are required to explain concepts to retail and institutional clients in a clear manner, they need to have excellent communication skills and be able to maintain and develop relationships. The trader is expected to work directly with clients to achieve their portfolio goals and maintain desired levels of fixed income from instruments used to generate periodic payments.

    If a client is dissatisfied with the results of a portfolio, this trader must be able to communicate the risks of investment and present ideas on solutions to clients’ concerns. The fixed income trader often provides quotes to clients and answers questions on a variety of topics including the functionality of products, why the value of bonds and equities increase or decrease, and the risk level of different fixed-income products in comparison to non-fixed income products.

    Juggling Tasks

    Since the fixed income trader often oversees multiple projects at once while completing additional research about a given sector or factors affecting investment products, they need to have a high attention to detail and the ability to multitask in a demanding, fast-paced environment. Given the precarious nature of the stock market, the trader must be able to make decisions based on logic and reason rather than emotions in stressful scenarios.

    Technical Knowledge

    Knowledge of spreadsheets and how to navigate them is required, along with high computer literacy skills for the purpose of research. Knowledge of Microsoft Office is a commonly listed requirement for candidates seeking a position as a fixed-income trader.


    While a fixed income trader’s salary can vary widely depending on geographic location and the hiring firm, Glassdoor estimates place the average salary at $126,890 per year, with a low salary of $65,000 and a high salary of $303,000. Many firms offer a salary plus bonus arrangements, which is included in the aforementioned average salaries.

    The bonus arrangement is specific to the hiring company. Many companies offer bonuses based on a derivative of portfolio performance for institutional customers or other performance indicators. According to Glassdoor, the average additional compensation package was about $19,306, which makes up roughly 15% of the average total compensation. These figures were current as of August 2022.

    Job Outlook

    Investment in fixed-income products is on the rise as an aging workforce looks to retire. Fixed income trader positions will continue to open as more retirees turn to bonds over annuities as a means of supplementing and augmenting income streams to replace former employers. The baby boomer generation that is set to retire was the largest group of workers in the U.S. until 2016, when it was surpassed by the younger millennial generation. Regardless, the baby boomer generation still accounts for a large portion of the workforce and as it nears retirement, demand for lower risk instruments such as bonds and other fixed income products will likely continue driving the need for fixed income traders.

    15 Best Jobs for Trade School Graduates

    Not every career requires a bachelor’s degree. If you’re considering entering a vocation, check out these popular — and lucrative — trade school jobs.

    Chinh Ngo

    Updated August 24, 2022

    Share this Article
    • The best trade jobs include radiation therapist, web developer, and wind turbine technician.
    • Trade schools teach the technical skills needed to pursue a specific occupation.
    • Students who attend trade schools may earn a certificate, diploma, or associate degree.
    • Unlike traditional four-year colleges, trade schools don’t require you to take gen ed classes.

    For many high school graduates, trade school offers a more affordable and secure path to career entry and professional development than traditional four-year university. Also known as technical colleges and vocational schools, trade schools focus on specialized job training in high-demand fields, assisting students in finding gainful employment.

    This guide introduces the best trade jobs, detailing each position’s requirements, earning potential, and general duties and responsibilities. We will also go over the projected growth of these top trade school jobs. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

    Ready to start your journey?

    Trade School vs. Four-Year College

    How exactly does a trade school differ from a 4-year college?

    Unlike a traditional four-year university, which provides students with a broad education rooted in the liberal arts and humanities, a trade school trains students in the technical knowledge and skills needed for a specific occupation, such as welding and mechanical repair.

    Trade schools can be either public or private, with many operating as for-profit businesses. As you research potential postsecondary schools, be sure to check that the institution has been accredited before applying.

    Vocational programs normally range from eight weeks to two years depending on whether you want to earn a certificate, diploma, or associate degree. Graduates may then go on to sit for licensing exams, become apprentices, or seek immediate employment.

    Vocational programs normally range from eight weeks to two years depending on whether you want to earn a certificate, diploma, or associate degree.

    Popular trade school jobs include plumber, electrician, pharmacy technician, and paralegal. Students can also train to become restaurant cooks and private chefs by enrolling in a culinary arts program, or work as auto mechanics by earning a certificate in fields such as automotive technology, service management, or collision repair/refinishing.

    Though many community colleges offer technical programs, students are still required to fulfill general education requirements that enable them to transfer to a four-year college or university. Trade schools, by contrast, only ask learners to complete coursework relevant to their chosen occupation. This focus is ideal for individuals with clearly defined career goals.

    The 15 Best Trade School Jobs and Salary

    In this section, we introduce 15 of the highest-paying trade school jobs. The numbers included below should give you a clear idea of the different earning potential of these vocations. Note that your actual salary will vary depending on several factors, like location, employer, and your own qualifications.

    We also discuss benefits like job security, or how likely an employee is to keep their job over many years and maintain a consistent income. Finally, each career profile includes information on its future growth based on projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

    Trade Job Median Salary (2020) Job Growth Rate (2020-30)
    Elevator Installer and Repairer $88,540 6%
    Radiation Therapist $86,850 9%
    Web Developer $77,200 13%
    Dental Hygienist $77,090 11%
    Diagnostic Medical Sonographer $70,380 14%
    Respiratory Therapist $62,810 23%
    Electrician $56,900 9%
    Plumber $56,330 5%
    Wind Turbine Technician $56,230 68%
    IT Technician $55,510 9%
    Ironworker $53,210 6%
    Legal Assistant $52,920 12%
    Geological and Petroleum Technician $50,630 9%
    HVACR Technician $50,590 5%
    Licensed Practical Nurse $48,820 9%

    Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

    Featured Online Programs

    Elevator Installer and Repairer

    These technical professionals assemble, maintain, and fix elevators, escalators, moving walkways, chairlifts, and other automotive lifts. They read building blueprints to determine what type of machinery and related components to use before installing and testing the elevator for functionality.

    Elevator mechanics typically work as contractors.

    In addition to troubleshooting problems, elevator mechanics conduct routine maintenance to ensure compliance with building codes and government safety standards.

    Elevator mechanics typically work as contractors for private equipment companies and earn a median annual salary of $88,540. The BLS projects that elevator installation and repair positions will grow 6% through 2030, adding about 1,500 new jobs. To become an elevator installer and repairer, you must complete a four-year apprenticeship.

    Radiation Therapist

    Working with nurses, physicians, and oncologists, radiation therapists treat serious diseases like cancer. These healthcare workers oversee radiation therapy sessions, using machines like linear accelerators to shrink and destroy cancerous tumors. They also monitor patients during treatment for any negative reactions while adhering to strict safety protocols.

    Radiation therapist is one of the best-paying trade jobs.

    According to the BLS, radiation therapist positions are projected to grow 9% between 2020 and 2030. These professionals earn a median annual income of $86,850, making radiation therapist the best-paying trade job on this list. Around 65% of therapists work for private, public, or state hospitals; the remainder find employment with doctor offices and outpatient care centers.

    Radiation therapists must hold either an associate or bachelor’s degree from a school that has been accredited by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Most states require these practitioners to apply for and maintain government licensure as well.

    Web Developer

    These IT professionals create websites, designing the overall aesthetic and layout of the pages. Depending on their role, web developers also oversee back-end technical aspects, including the site’s performance speed and traffic capacity. Additionally, they can act as webmasters, updating content, monitoring usability, and fixing issues such as broken links.

    Most web developers hold an associate degree in web development.

    The BLS projects that web development careers will grow 13% between 2020 and 2030, translating to 25,500 new positions. These professionals earn a median annual salary of $77,200. They can raise their pay, however, by working for software publishers and companies that handle proprietary electronic networks.

    While some web developers are self-taught, most hold an associate degree in web development that covers both computer programming and graphic design. To pursue a specialized position in an area like full-stack development or to occupy a management role, you will likely need to have a bachelor’s degree in web development or even a graduate degree.

    Dental Hygienist

    Dental hygienists help patients maintain good oral health through preventative procedures and hygiene education. They use a variety of hand and ultrasonic tools to remove plaque, tartar, and stains, as well as search for signs of oral diseases like gingivitis and oral cancer. Depending on the state, these professionals can complete additional training to become dental therapists who are equipped to extract teeth and install crowns.

    Over 9 in 10 dental hygienists work in dentist offices.

    According to the BLS, dental hygienist positions are projected to grow 11% through 2030, adding 23,100 new jobs to the U.S. workforce. Over 9 in 10 dental hygienists work in dentist offices, where they earn a median annual salary of $77,090.

    To work as a dental hygienist, you must complete a three-year associate degree program that’s been accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. You must also earn licensure through your state’s board of dental examiners.

    Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

    Diagnostic medical sonographers assist physicians and surgeons with diagnosing illnesses and other medical conditions and preparing patients for operations. Using imaging machines to produce sonograms and ultrasounds, sonographers help detect and identify abnormalities in the human body. These professionals may specialize in a specific area of the body, such as the heart, blood vessels, female reproductive system, or abdominal cavity.

    Sonographers help detect and identify abnormalities in the human body.

    The BLS projects that jobs for diagnostic medical sonographers will grow 14% between 2020 and 2030. The average sonographer makes about $70,380 a year, with the potential to earn up to $96,780 by working in an outpatient care center.

    Medical sonographers typically hold a technical certificate from a school accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. Alternatively, they can earn an associate in sonography, which prepares them for advanced academic training down the road.

    Respiratory Therapist

    Respiratory therapists support patients with breathing difficulties and cardiopulmonary conditions. As medical professionals, they interview patients before assessing their lung function and conducting other diagnostic tests. They also collaborate with physicians to identify treatment plans, which may include aerosol medications and chest physiotherapy.

    Respiratory therapy positions will increase a whopping 23% through 2030.

    BLS data projects that respiratory therapy positions will increase a whopping 23% through 2030, translating to 31,100 new jobs. Over four-fifths of respiratory therapists work in hospitals, with most earning about $62,810 per year. Just 1 in 10 of these health specialists makes over $89,170 annually.

    Respiratory therapists typically hold an associate degree from a trade college that’s been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care. You can also prepare for a career in this field by earning a bachelor’s degree in respiratory therapy.


    Primarily working for contractors, licensed electricians install and test power-based apparatuses, such as communication networks, control grids, and lighting systems. They analyze blueprints to identify the proper placement of circuits and breakers in buildings. When maintaining an existing system, these professionals identify solutions for fixing hard-to-reach wiring, motors, and other electrical components.

    Most electricians do a paid apprenticeship that lasts 4-5 years.

    Electrician positions are projected to grow 9% through 2030. These technical professionals earn a median salary of $56,900, with the top 10% making over $98,720 a year. They can also pursue self-employment, installing and repairing electrical systems at residential sites.

    Most electricians develop their skills through a paid apprenticeship program that lasts 4-5 years. Upon completion, they are considered journey workers and can apply for licensure through their state electrical licensing board.


    Professional plumbers install and maintain piping systems that carry liquid and gas in homes, office buildings, and industrial facilities. For residential clients, plumbers conduct inspections and prepare cost estimates for tasks like installing a bathtub and replacing a broken pipe or fixture. Construction plumbers work in teams to ensure a site’s plumbing satisfies building codes and federal standards.

    Plumbers need to complete a four-to-five-year apprenticeship.

    According to the BLS, jobs for plumbers are projected to grow 5% through 2030, translating to roughly 23,400 new jobs. Nearly two-thirds of plumbers work for a contracting company, earning a median annual salary of $56,330.

    To become a plumber, you’ll typically need to complete a four-to-five-year apprenticeship. Many plumbers also hold a certificate or associate degree. Most states require plumbers to apply for licensure before they can work independently.

    Wind Turbine Technician

    Also known as wind techs, wind turbine technicians oversee the functions of turbines that turn wind energy into electricity. Typical tasks include locating and repairing problems related to the major turbine components, such as the tower, three blades, generator, and brake systems. These technicians may also work with substations, fiber optic controls and sensors, and subterranean transmission systems.

    Wind turbine technician is one of the most in-demand green jobs.

    Wind turbine technician is one of the most in-demand green jobs, with positions projected to grow a staggering 68% through 2030. Wind techs make a median annual pay of $56,230, with most working on rural wind farms.

    To establish a career in this area of sustainability, you’ll need to obtain either a certificate or an associate degree in wind technology. Many employers also require wind techs to complete a year of on-the-job training.

    IT Technician

    Commonly called computer support specialists, IT technicians work on departmental teams to install and maintain WANs, LANs, and internet networks. They also perform security functions, defending against cyber criminals and recovering stolen digital assets. IT technicians may sometimes occupy a customer support role, teaching people to use new software or hardware and helping them troubleshoot common problems.

    The highest-paid IT technicians work for telecommunications companies.

    Employment for IT technicians in the U.S. is projected to grow 9% between 2020 and 2030. These professionals earn a median income of $55,510. The highest-paid technicians work for telecommunications companies and make a median salary of $74,220 per year.

    To become a computer support specialist, you can earn either an IT certificate or associate degree in IT, or complete a professional training program through providers like Google and CompTIA.


    Working for contracting companies and construction firms, ironworkers install steel and iron to strengthen buildings, bridges, and roads. These technicians usually work on new construction projects but may also be employed as part of a demolition or rehabilitation team. Ironworkers can specialize in structural steel and iron, erecting and joining columns, girders, and other framework components, or they may focus on reinforcement through rebar and iron mesh.

    Ironworkers install steel and iron to strengthen buildings, bridges, and roads.

    According to the BLS, ironworker positions are projected to rise 6% between 2020 and 2030, adding about 5,400 new jobs. While the median annual wage is $53,210, these professionals can access higher pay by pursuing civil and heavy engineering construction projects.

    Most prospective ironworkers enroll in a certificate program and/or complete an apprenticeship that ranges 3-4 years. They can strengthen their employability by earning professional certification from organizations like the American Welding Society and the National Center for Construction Education and Research.

    Legal Assistant

    Legal assistants and paralegals support lawyers by performing administrative tasks such as maintaining digital filing systems, creating official documents like mortgages and contracts, and facilitating communication among witnesses, law enforcement, and external vendors. They also assist with trial preparation, conducting research on relevant regulations and personal histories.

    Around three-fourths of legal assistants work for lawyer offices and law firms.

    The BLS projects that jobs for paralegals and legal assistants will grow 12% through 2030. Around three-fourths of legal assistants work for lawyer offices and law firms, while the remainder find employment with government agencies and financial institutions, like banks and insurance companies. These professionals earn a median annual wage of $52,920.

    Legal assistants and paralegals typically hold an associate degree; however, many employers prefer candidates who possess a bachelor’s in paralegal studies and have completed a certificate program backed by the American Bar Association.

    Geological and Petroleum Technician

    These professionals work on teams with petroleum engineers and scientists to find, identify, and extract natural resources like gas, coal, and oil. Geological and petroleum technicians who work primarily in the field collect material samples for evaluation, whereas those who specialize in lab work analyze these samples for traces of metals and hydrocarbons to assess the productivity of a certain site.

    These technicians find, identify, and extract natural resources.

    BLS data shows that geological and petroleum technicians earn a median yearly wage of $50,630. They can make $76,120 by working in the oil and gas extraction field and may further increase their pay to $85,530 by advancing into management positions. Geological and petroleum technician positions are projected to grow 9% through 2030.

    To access entry-level positions, you’ll need to have at least an associate degree in geosciences or geographic information systems. Many technicians go on to obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree in petroleum engineering.

    HVACR Technician

    Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration technicians install and fix systems that control a building’s air quality and temperature. HVACR mechanics also perform routine maintenance, replacing filters and cleaning ducts so that the system satisfies government regulations. These professionals can hone their skills by specializing in a subfield like commercial refrigeration, solar paneling, and radiant heating systems.

    Two-thirds of HVACR technicians work as professional contractors.

    HVACR technicians earn a median annual wage of $50,590, with 66% working as professional contractors. They can bolster their pay potential by working in wholesale trade, which offers a median salary of $53,310 per year. The BLS projects that HVACR occupations will increase 5% between 2020 and 2030.

    Many HVACR professionals complete either a six-month certificate or two-year associate degree program. They may also work as an apprentice to get the practical experience needed to apply for state licensure.

    Licensed Practical Nurse

    Also called licensed vocational nurses in certain states, licensed practical nurses (LPNs) provide basic patient care, working under the guidance of registered nurses and physicians to take care of infants, feed patients who have trouble eating, and monitor vitals like heart rate and blood pressure. Experienced LPNs may occupy leadership positions, supervising nonmedical staff and new practical nurses.

    Nursing careers enjoy some of the highest growth rates in healthcare.

    Nursing careers enjoy some of the highest rates of occupational growth in the healthcare sector, with LPN positions projected to increase 9% through 2030. They earn a median annual wage of $48,820 and usually work at hospitals, home health services, physicians offices, and residential care facilities.

    To become an LPN, you must complete a one-year certificate or diploma program. You will then need to earn state licensure by passing the NCLEX-PN examination.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Trade School Jobs

    How long are trade school programs?

    Trade school programs can often be completed within a year or less, a much shorter commitment than a four-year degree. However, earning a vocational certificate or associate degree can take up to two years.

    Trade schools are designed to train students in technical knowledge and skills. Unlike four-year colleges, trade schools, also known as vocational schools or technical colleges, do not teach general education courses. Instead, they focus on providing hands-on experience directly applicable to the students’ specific trade. This cuts down the course list significantly.

    Can you attend online trade schools?

    Trade schools specialize in skilled trades, such as mechanical engineering and welding. Because these types of trades require hands-on training, there are limited options for online trade schools. However, some career fields have a much better chance of being taught online or in a hybrid form, such as healthcare majors, culinary arts, and cosmetology.

    What are the highest-paying trade jobs?

    The highest-paying trade jobs include construction manager, elevator and escalator installer, and radiation therapist. The median salary in 2020 for a construction manager was $97,180, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Elevator installers made a median salary of $88,540, and radiation therapists earned $86,850. However, some of these higher-paying roles require an associate degree.

    What is the difference between trade and technical school?

    The differences between trade and technical school are minimal, as both prepare students for careers in the skilled trades. Trade schools often provide more hands-on instruction that benefits the mechanical trades, such as welding, electrical engineering, and HVAC technology.

    Technical school focuses on the technical skill sets that lead to careers in healthcare, public service, and math and science fields. Their programs are a mix of hands-on training and theoretical knowledge. Both trade and technical schools offer grants, loans, and scholarships to students. Financial aid can be harder to qualify for if the program is not accredited.

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    Sales & Trading Salary Guide: Compensation Structure

    • Sales & Trading
    • Compensation

    Average base and bonus salaries for Sales & Trading from the Analyst and Associate ranks through to Managing Director.

    A sales and trading has a similar comp structure to investment banking, comprised of a base and a bonus. For a sales & trading “Analyst 1” (an analyst’s first full year after completing the July-December “stub” period), base and bonus comp is as follows:

    • Base: $85,000 is the industry standard at most bulge bracket investment banks
    • Bonus: $50,000-$75,000

    As a result, a sales & trading analyst will take home all-in comp of $135,000-$160,000 in their first full year.

    A note on the stub year:  New Hire S&T Analysts and Associates arrive in the summer after completing undergrad.

    Most Investment Banks pay the majority of their staff bonuses on a calendar year cycle (January – December) that matches their annual results.  Investment Banking Analysts are the exception as many are on a two year program and many intend to leave.  Investment Banking analysts are typically paid on a 12 month cycle based on their hire date (but varies by banks).

    A New Hire Analyst is typically hired in the summer, goes through new hire training, then takes their FINRA Exams (Series 7, 63) and are usually on their desks by Labor Day. Year end reviews are typically due in October and evaluation committees begin in November. The New Hire Analyst doesn’t have enough time on the desk to rank them versus their peers and differentiate their comp. Instead, all the new hires are given a standard stub bonus in January/February alongside the bonuses everyone else on the desk is receiving.

    Below is a table summarizing average compensation for 1st year, 2nd year 3rd year analyst.

    Position Base Salary Bonus All-In Comp
    Analyst 0
    (Stub year)
    • $85,000 (pro rated for stub)
    • Signing bonus from $0-$10,000
    • $20,000 – $25,000 stub bonus paid in Jan/Feb
    NM due to stub period
    Analyst 1
    • $85,000
    • Low: $50,000
    • Mid: $60,000
    • High: $75,000
    Analyst 2
    •  $90,000
    • Low: $55,000
    • Mid: $65,000
    • High: $80,000

    Sales & Trading Associate salary (New York)

    Most Sales & Trading Associates are promoted from the analyst program.   For new hires joining as Associates (typically either Research or Quants from a PhD program) they have an stub year just like Analysts which we’ve termed “Associate 0”

    A sales & trading “Associate 1” (first year for associates promoted to analysts and for new hires full year after completing the July-December stub period), base and bonus comp is as follows:

    • Base: $125,000 is the industry standard at most bulge bracket investment banks
    • Bonus: $90,000-$130,000

    As a result, the first year sales & trading analyst will take home all-in comp of $240,000-$270,000, with second year comp .

    Below is a table summarizing average compensation for stub year, 1st year and 2nd year associates.

    Position Base Salary Bonus All-In Comp
    Associate 0
    (Stub yearfor new hires)
    • $125,000 – $150,000 (pro rated for stub)
    • Up to $60,000 signing bonus
    • $25,000-$30,000 stub bonus paid in Jan/Feb
    NM due to stub period
    Associate 1
    • $150,000
    • Low: $90,000
    • Mid: $110,000
    • High: $130,000
    $240,000 – $270,000
    Associate 2
    • $175,000
    • Low: $100,000
    • Mid: $140,000-$180,000
    • High: $215,000
    $275,000 – $390,000

    Sales & trading vice president salary

    The base compensation for a sales & trading VP closely tracks investment banking VP’s. However, starting at the vice president level and above, there is a larger variation in compensation levels, much more so than in investment banking. As a VP in sales and trading, you are expected to have a number next to your name (Trading P&L or Sales Credits), whereas a VP in investment banking could still be focused on execution as opposed to revenue generating activities such as originating and sourcing clients. In addition, S&T VP comp can vary significantly between various desks. For example, the average VP in Rates Options Trading makes much more than the average VP in Cash Equities.

    What drives sales & trading bonuses

    • Individual performance
    • Desk performance
    • Broader line of business performance

    In Sales & Trading, your direct performance and your group’s performance directly impacts your pay. That contrasts with Investment Banking where most Associates and VPs are focused on pitchbooks and execution and do not have a client list and P&L next to their name.

    Getting the white envelope

    Bonus Time!

    Every year, at the end of the calendar year, your performance is ranked against your peers. At the beginning of the year, typically right after the bank’s financial results are released, everyone gets their bonus numbers. At my firm, they arrived in white 8 1/2 by 11 sized envelopes with our names on a label. Inside was one sheet of paper.  It starts off by what you salary was last year, what your bonus was last year. What your salary was this year and what your bonus is this year. If you got promoted, that was when it was official.

    On bonus day, I would keep one eye on my Bloomberg chats, and one eye looking for someone from HR walking with a stack of white envelopes. I had a number of different managers each year, and each year I tried to figure out their approach on order. Was it most junior to most senior, was it most senior to most junior, was it by last name in alphabetic order?  Now that the bonus envelopes have arrived, I would keep one eye on my bloomberg chats and one eye on people coming and going.

    How did they look? Were they happy or defeated? Most people spent the afternoon getting coffees with each other, talking about how their numbers were and what they felt. No one would schedule client entertainment that night, everyone went with colleagues to the bar at 5pm and celebrated if you were happy, a numbed the pain if you were sad.


    How to Become a Stock Broker or Trader – Career Path, Salary and Job Description

    Step 1: Enroll in a Relevant Undergraduate Degree Program

    While a graduate-level degree is often helpful for job advancement, most entry-level stock broker and trader positions only require an undergraduate degree. This field does not require a specific major, so you can choose a degree option that suits your specific interests. It is recommended, however, that prospective stock broker and traders major in something finance or business related. Common undergraduate degrees include accounting, business, finance, and economics. The courses generally offered by these programs are preferred by employers, especially larger firms. Bachelor’s degrees usually consist of 120 credit hours of coursework that can be completed in four years by most full-time students. Online programs are also available, but may require five to eight years to graduate for students attending school part-time. Your specific curriculum will depend on the major you choose.

    Step 2: Complete an Internship with a Financial Firm

    Many undergraduate students interested in becoming stock brokers or traders choose to apply for an internship in the field before graduation. While most degree programs do not require internship completion, the experience and connections gained through these experien