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School (web site) Principal (email) Phone Fax Address (map) CLC Title I
Culler Middle School Michaela Hahn 402-436-1210 402-458-3210 5201 Vine St, 68504
Dawes Middle School Liz Miller 402-436-1211 402-458-3211 5130 Colfax Ave, 68504
Goodrich Middle School Kelly Schrad 402-436-1213 402-458-3213 4600 Lewis Avenue, 68521
Irving Middle School Rachel Kluck-Spann 402-436-1214 402-458-3214 2745 S 22nd St, 68502
Lefler Middle School Allison Meister 402-436-1215 402-458-3215 1100 S 48th St, 68510
Lux Middle School Duane Dohmen 402-436-1220 402-458-3292 7800 High St, 68506
Mickle Middle School Jason Shanahan 402-436-1216 402-458-3216 2500 N 67th St, 68507
Moore Middle School Gary Czapla 402-436-1225 402-458-3225 8700 Yankee Woods Drive, 68526
Nuernberger Education Center Middle School Jaime Boedeker 402-436-1255 402-458-3272 1801 S 40th St, 68506
Park Middle School Charlotte Everts 402-436-1212 402-458-3212 855 S 8th St, 68508
Pound Middle School Victory Haines 402-436-1217 402-458-3217 4740 S 45th St, 68516
Schoo Middle School Ryan Escamilla 402-436-1222 402-458-3222 700 Penrose Drive, 68521
Scott Middle School Marco Pedroza (Dr. ) 402-436-1218 402-458-3218 2200 Pine Lake Rd, 68512

Top 10 Best Lincoln, NE Public Middle Schools (2023)

For the 2023 school year, there are 12 public middle schools serving 9,242 students in Lincoln, NE.

The top ranked public middle schools in Lincoln, NE are Moore Middle School, Scott Middle School and Lux Middle School. Overall testing rank is based on a school’s combined math and reading proficiency test score ranking.

Lincoln, NE public middle schools have an average math proficiency score of 53% (versus the Nebraska public middle school average of 46%), and reading proficiency score of 52% (versus the 47% statewide average). Middle schools in Lincoln have an average ranking of 7/10, which is in the top 50% of Nebraska public middle schools.

Minority enrollment is 36% of the student body (majority Hispanic), which is more than the Nebraska public middle school average of 32% (majority Hispanic).

Best Lincoln, NE Public Middle Schools (2023)

School (Math and Reading Proficiency)




Rank: #11.

Moore Middle School

Math: 78% | Reading: 69%

Top 5%

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8700 Yankee Woods Drive
Lincoln, NE 68526
(402) 436-1225

Grades: 6-8

| 625 students

Rank: #22.

Scott Middle School

Math: 70% | Reading: 65%

Top 10%

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2200 Pine Lake Road
Lincoln, NE 68516
(402) 436-1218

Grades: 6-8

| 1,151 students

Rank: #33.

Lux Middle School

Math: 69% | Reading: 66%

Top 10%

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7800 High St
Lincoln, NE 68506
(402) 436-1220

Grades: 6-8

| 814 students

Rank: #44.

Pound Middle School

Math: 60% | Reading: 59%

Top 20%

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4740 S 45th St
Lincoln, NE 68516
(402) 436-1217

Grades: 6-8

| 737 students

Rank: #55.

Mickle Middle School

Math: 53% | Reading: 55%

Top 50%

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2500 N 67th St
Lincoln, NE 68507
(402) 436-1216

Grades: 6-8

| 734 students

Rank: #66.

Irving Middle School

Math: 50% | Reading: 55%

Top 50%

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2745 S 22nd St
Lincoln, NE 68502
(402) 436-1214

Grades: 6-8

| 851 students

Rank: #77.

Schoo Middle School

Math: 48% | Reading: 50%

Bottom 50%

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700 Penrose Drive
Lincoln, NE 68521
(402) 436-1222

Grades: 6-8

| 915 students

Rank: #88.

Lefler Middle School

Math: 46% | Reading: 45%

Bottom 50%

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1100 S 48th St
Lincoln, NE 68510
(402) 436-1215

Grades: 6-8

| 608 students

Rank: #99.

Park Middle School

Math: 37% | Reading: 37%

Bottom 50%

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855 S 8th St
Lincoln, NE 68508
(402) 436-1212

Grades: 6-8

| 860 students

Rank: #1010.

Goodrich Middle School

Math: 38% | Reading: 36%

Bottom 50%

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4600 Lewis Avenue
Lincoln, NE 68521
(402) 436-1213

Grades: 6-8

| 820 students

Rank: #1111.

Dawes Middle School

Math: 32% | Reading: 38%

Bottom 50%

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5130 Colfax Street
Lincoln, NE 68504
(402) 436-1211

Grades: 6-8

| 444 students

Rank: #1212.

Culler Middle School

Math: 30% | Reading: 33%

Bottom 50%

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5201 Vine St
Lincoln, NE 68504
(402) 436-1210

Grades: 6-8

| 683 students

[+] Show Closed Public Schools in Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska Public Schools (Closed)





Barkley Center (Closed 2006)

40th & Holdrege Unl East
Lincoln, NE 68583
(402) 472-9855

Grades: PK

| 18 students

Cedars Turning Point-rtc High School (Closed 2011)

1430 South St
Lincoln, NE 68502
(402) 437-8930

Grades: 7-12

| n/a students

Cheney Public School (Closed 2007)

9300 Second St Rr 8
Lincoln, NE 68526
(402) 423-4538

Grades: PK-8

| 63 students

Entrepreneurship Focus Program (Closed 2016)

Alternative School

285 S 68th St Pl 4th Floor
Lincoln, NE 68510
(402) 436-1715

Grades: n/a

| n/a students

Excitefirst Presbyterian Elementary School (Closed 2012)

840 South 17th
Lincoln, NE 68508
(402) 436-1960

Grades: PK

| 48 students

Haines Branch Public School (Closed 2007)

5001 Sw 56th
Lincoln, NE 68523
(402) 797-7400

Grades: PK-8

| 7 students

Hawthorne Elementary School (Closed 2009)

300 S 48th St
Lincoln, NE 68510
(402) 436-1141

Grades: PK-6

| 247 students

Information Technical Focus Program (Closed 2016)

Alternative School

285 S 68th St Pl 4th Floor
Lincoln, NE 68510
(402) 436-1776

Grades: n/a

| n/a students

Malone Center (Closed 2007)

2032 U Street
Lincoln, NE 68503
(402) 474-1110

Grades: PK

| 16 students

Middle Creek Public School (Closed 2007)

11801 West A
Lincoln, NE 68532
(402) 475-0745

Grades: PK-8

| 6 students

North Star Middle School (Closed 2007)

5801 N 33rd St
Lincoln, NE 68504
(402) 436-1305

Grades: 6-8

| 225 students

Oak Valley Public School (Closed 2021)

3200 W Mc Kelvie Rd
Lincoln, NE 68524
(402) 470-3151

Grades: PK-8

| 30 students

Pact (Closed 2021)

5905 O Street
Lincoln, NE 68510
(402) 436-1989

Grades: PK

| 22 students

Rokeby Public School (Closed 2007)

701 W Rokeby
Lincoln, NE 68523
(402) 423-0562

Grades: PK-8

| 41 students

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ASFS/Key School Building Swap Suspended

ASFS/Key School Building Swap Considered in 2021 Elementary Planning – Pre-Planning

Update – January 25, 2019: Building Swap Plan Suspended and Elementary Immersion Space Will Be revised.

Planning for the exchange of buildings with ASFS and key administrators and members of the community, which was to begin in January 2019year has been suspended.

The annual report was presented at the January 24th School Board meeting, which included an update on ten-year projections, a new methodological approach, and adjustments needed for future enrollment. Enrollment projections for 2019-28 indicate that APS enrollment will continue to grow and is expected to grow by 24% by 2028. At the elementary school level, enrollment growth is expected to be higher than previously thought, with 5 more K-10 students expected in the next 1,000 years.

Given this update of projections and the strong commitment of APS In line with the Bilingual Immersion Program, the location for Elementary Immersion will be re-evaluated to best meet the needs of our students.

At the moment, there are several factors to consider that determine the next steps:

  • Trends in the fall 2018 forecasts that differ from previous forecasts
  • The PreK-Grade 12 curricula currently being shaped articulate multiple pathways for student success and define how schools and programs fit into those pathways and options, including immersion
  • Various program evaluations are currently underway with data collection on ESOL/HILT, special education, and world languages, including data collection on immersion enrollment, continuing education, parent and student feedback, etc.

APS The Bilingual Immersion Curriculum has a rich history of student success. APS is committed to supporting and potentially expanding this curriculum, which is based on a 50/50 ratio of students speaking Spanish and speaking English and other languages. It is important to select the best places for an immersion program at the entry level to ensure equal access for all students and to encourage English learners to participate alongside native English speakers. This is critical to the integrity of the bilingual model and helps ensure that the academic benefits of the program are shared fairly within the community.

Construction site decisions for immersion must be completed by December 2019 pending the 2020 elementary school frontier process.

Information about the process, including community participation, will be available soon.


Arlington Science Focus – Key Dive Exchange – Please see information above for the current status of this initiative.

APS Staff is developing a building exchange plan between Arlington Science Focus Elementary School (ASFS) and Key Immersion Elementary School (Key). This change will go into effect in September 2020 or September 2021, and planning with administrators and community members at both schools will begin in January 2019of the year. Under this plan, ASFS will be within its attendance area in accordance with School Board policy for alignment with all other district schools in Arlington. This plan will keep school communities safe, place a neighboring school closer to where its students live, and minimize bus travel times for more students.

  • Overview School Board Work Session Presentation August 28,
  • View August 28 School Board Working Meeting

data check

  • The June 2017 revision of the Option and Transfer Policy (J-5.3.31) removed guaranteed admission preferences for any schools, leaving ASFS as the only local elementary school for its boundaries previously shared with Key Immersion .
  • ASFS is the only district school in Arlington that is outside the area.
  • Students residing within ASFS (previously Key) may attend ASFS as a residential school or may apply through a lottery to enroll in Key or any other school.
  • For the vast majority of students attending ASFS, Key Blvd. building closer to their homes
  • August 13, 2018 Rationale for exchanging memo structure
  • Aug 25, 2018 Memo-answers to SB questions about building a swap


In January 2019, APS will publish a preliminary community engagement schedule to collect information from ASFS and key communities on the timing of the building exchange. The exchange can be carried out either in September 2020 or in September 2021. There are several factors to consider when making this decision about the timing of a building’s construction. swap, including:

  • New schools open including Reed and Education Center (September 2021)
  • Ability to relocate any ASFS planning units to a different attendance area when adjusting boundaries due to the opening of a new Primary School in Reed in 2021 (Primary School Boundary Process Fall 2020)
  • Any school board decisions regarding new elementary school boundaries and rules regarding paternity and transfer students that may apply in ASFS

It is important to note that the Fall 2020 Elementary School Boundary Process, which goes into effect in the 2021-22 school year, will include ASFS and may result in some ASFS boundary adjustments in the Key Blvd building.

Rationale for including ASFS in the Fall 2020 Elementary School Boundary Process

This opens up opportunities for:

  • Focusing Human Resources and Community Engagement in the Fall 2018 Elementary School Boundary Process on Creating a New Elementary School Alice W. Fleet, in Drew as a new district school and balancing enrollment among neighboring districts
  • Monitor the impact of the revised transfer options and policy on enrollment as new admissions procedures apply for 2018-19
  • Focusing resources on five new schools in the 2019-20 school year
  • Allowing employees to develop more flexible border solutions and the community to participate and respond to them.
  • Allowing additional time to evaluate all information related to capacity utilization and future program growth


New! School PTA Key Questions Answered – Prepared for the October PTA Meeting | Respuestas a las preguntas de padres y maestros de la escuela Key – preparadas para la reunión del PTA de octubre de 2018

(A Spanish translation of the answers listed below is available at this link. )

1. APS said further review over the summer led to a decision to remove ASFS from the border process for elementary school in the fall of 2018 and trade buildings for Key instead. What was included in this analysis?

The following analysis provided the rationale for this decision:

  • ASFS is the only APS district school outside of the attendance area.
    • School location is inconsistent with School Board Policy B-2.1: “Maintaining Adjacent Attendance Areas Containing the School to which Students Are Attached.”
    • 83% of students attending ASFS live within ASFS boundaries (previously shared with key boundaries)
    • The June 2017 revision of the options and transfers policy, which begins in the fall of 2018, affects families living within ASFS boundaries. Students residing in the Key/ASFS attendance area are assigned to ASFS as the school of residence and may only be admitted to the Immersion at Key program through a lottery.
  • Key building can accommodate current and planned ASFS enrollment.
    • Constant Power Key Blvd. house 653.
      • The Key Blvd. the building can accommodate 96 additional beds due to the preferred number of relocatable classes on site.
      • The exchange will provide this growing community with an additional 100 permanent neighborhood locations.
    • The ASFS building on Lincoln Street has a permanent capacity of 553 people.
      • Lincoln St. Building can accommodate an additional 288 seats due to the preferred number of relocatable classrooms on site.
      • Enrollment in option schools may be monitored annually during the admissions process as required by J-5.3.31 Options and Transfers Policy.

source: SY 2017-18 Capacity Optimization Study

  • Swapping instead of changing boundaries gives staff more flexibility for the 2020 boundary process; with the opening of Reed, more opportunities will become available and boundary adjustments could be considered, including an expanded Key Walk area (currently in the attendance area for Taylor).
  • The exchange will minimize the number of students who need to be transferred to different schools. If new boundaries had been established around ASFS, many more families and surrounding schools would have been affected by the demarcation process in the fall of 2018 (Taylor and Ashlon).
  • This will reduce transport operating costs and allow more students to attend the school in the neighborhood. If an exchange has been implemented with current enrolled students, swapping building locations for Key Immersion and ASFS results in:
    • There will be a reduced number of buses for ASFS at the Key Building – currently 116 students are attending ASFS live at the existing Key Pedestrian Zone.
    • For Key in the Lincoln Street building, the number of buses will remain the same – approximately 12 buses throughout the county – 40 current pedestrians will become bus passengers.

2. Will the building “determined ” and part of the superintendent change the final plan?

Yes, the decision to swap ASFS and key buildings is the superintendent’s plan.

3. Does ASFS/Key Building Swap require school board action?

No, this action is not a boundary change and therefore does not require the same process as for elementary school boundaries. The following offers more information and detailed


  1. The Virginia Code includes a statement of the specific responsibilities of the school board, which are limited to buying, taking, holding, renting, and transferring school property.
  • 22.1-71. The School Board is a legal entity; corporate powers.

“Duely appointed or elected members make up the school board. Each such school board shall be declared a corporate body and, in its corporate capacity, shall have full powers and all duties, obligations and duties conferred upon the school board by law, and may sue, sue, enter into contracts, enter into an agreement and, in accordance subject to the provisions of this section, buy, take, hold, rent, and transfer school property, whether real or personal. Members of the School Board, whether appointed or elected by the District or otherwise, shall have no organization or duties other than those which may be assigned to them by the School Board as a whole.”

  1. Since this is not a border crossing and all current students will move with the change, there was no need for a school board approved border process. In addition, APS School Board Policy K-3, Program Changes,

“The school board must approve the establishment of new programs, major revisions to existing programs, or termination of programs upon Superintendent’s recommendation, community involvement, and community comment.” This plan does not include any of the activities described in this policy and does not require School Board approval.

  1. Please be aware that there is an internal review of the enrollment every year and future steps need to be determined before any boundary discussions can begin. Short-term and long-term adjustment tools are described in APS Annual Report, APS Growth Enrollment Management Plan March 2018. This report includes links to policy moves as one of the strategies on pages 4 and 6.apsva.us/AFSAP-DecisionPoints-Final-03 -06-19 . Historically, programs such as Montessori classrooms, the Teen Parenting Program, and Arlington Community High School have moved to other locations to meet different needs.

As an added backdrop, ASFS has long shared a boundary with Key Immersion. The recent decision to abolish the “Team School” concept and leave these boundaries to serve only ASFS has resulted in ASFS currently being the only school in the Arlington area located outside of its border area. To address this issue and place more ASFS students closer to their school, the decision was made to swap the two schools. This plan is not a boundary change and does not require student board action. This plan does result in placing ASFS within its boundaries, reducing transportation needs for ASFS students, and maintaining Key in the Arlington area, which it serves as a satellite school.

4. When will the change of buildings take place?

APS will work with affected communities to explore two options for building swap timing: September 2020 or September 2021. Various factors need to be considered and staff will gather the views of both school communities in order to communicate this decision.

For example, in September 2020:

  • New facilities are not opening, allowing staff to evolve and the community to participate and respond to more flexible border solutions.
  • Both communities are moving together as part of a building exchange, however some ASFS planning units may be affected by boundary adjustments as part of the fall 2020 boundary process for the 2021-22 school year.

In September 2021:

  • APS will open new facilities, including:
    • New Primary School in Reed
    • Seats at Ed Center High School
  • APS will introduce new boundaries that coincide with Reed’s opening and this may affect ASF in the Key 9 building0020

5. Will there be any decisions regarding the ASF borders in autumn 2018?

Decisions regarding the boundaries of the ASFS were announced at the working meeting on 28 August. The current borders will remain in effect. ASFS at Key will be included in the border process in Fall 2020 for implementation in Fall 2021.

6. Will the boundaries of the ASFS change as the buildings are being replaced?

ASFS will be included in the Fall 2020 Elementary School Boundary Process, when some students in ASFS’s attendance area may be affected by boundary adjustments due to the opening of a new elementary school on Reed’s property. From January 2019APS will post a schedule to collect feedback from ASFS and key communities on when the building exchange should take place: September 2020 or September 2021.

7. Why isn’t APS waiting to make a decision about a building exchange before the end of the elementary school border process in the fall of 2020?

Why now?

  • ASFS was originally part of the border process in autumn 2018. The SB directed staff to reach out to the ASFS boundary, responding to concerns from the ASFS community about growing enrollment as a result of changes in selection and transfer policies and the school is outside its area of ​​attendance.
  • This will minimize the number of students affected by the border changes during the fall 2018 border process.

8. How can the community contribute to this exchange?

The Community Engagement Approach will be presented to schools in January after staff completes the boundary process in Fall 2018. Information will be provided to each school community and posted at www.apsva.us/asf-key-school-building-swap. Questions and comments can also be sent to @apswa.us. APS will seek input from ASFS and key stakeholders to help determine the timing of the building exchange.

9. What are the demographics of Key walk students who attend Key?

40 resident students who currently live in the existing Key building pedestrian area attend Immersion at Key. Civil rights statistics (racial and ethnicity) are as follows: 1 Asian, 10 Black, 13 Hispanic, 1 Multiracial, and 15 White.

School – French translation | Russian-French



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Translate.vc / Russian → French / [ S ] / School

355 parallel translation

I don’t like to talk about it, but I got into business school at Emory.

Je n’aime pas trop le dire aux gens, mais je fais l’Emory Business School.

We are two teachers from Coalhill School.

Nous sommes deux de ses professeurs de Coal Hill School.


Harvard Law School.

L’école de loi d’Harvard.

Long story short… our genius passed the entrance exam to get into law school but didn’t score enough to get into Harvard.

Pour faire court… Le génie a passé les tests d’admission à l’école juridique… Mais n’a pas eu une note suffisante pour rentrer à Harvard.

I… from the White Rose Academy

Je suis de White Rose School.

Riverdale Country School

Riverdale Country School.

Townsend Harris High School… had only the brightest students.

Townsend Harris High School… qui n’accepte que les enfants brillants.

Went to Juilliard School of Music. Graduate of Harvard Business School.

Juilliard, Harvard Business School…

Have you heard of Market Snodsbury Grammar School?

Vous allez adorer. Vous avez entendu parler de marché Snodsbury Grammar School?

And if you think I’m going to ask him to put on a top hat and kid gloves… and go hand out awards at Market Snodsbury… haut de forme et les gants de lavande et de distribuer les prix au Snodsbury Grammar School de marche…

She’s playing a recital at the McBierny School.

Elle donne un recital cette semaine.

– In New Brighton.

– New Brighton High School.

Which one? – “School of dentists”.

– Dental School.

On Radio : Dear parents, welcome to Madison School.

– JOURNÉE DES PARENTS – “Bienvenue à la Madison School”.

Am I taking courses at the New School?

Je suis des cours à New School?

This is Blue Bay High School.

Ici la Blue Bay High School.

Until yesterday, I was a teacher at the Blue Bay School.

J’étais conseiller d’orientation à Blue Bay High School jusqu’à hier.

Our school ranked 149 out of 178 schools in Seoul.

Malheureusement, au test de février, notre Seungri High School a été classée 149ème sur les 178 écoles de Séoul.

so that the Pobeda school becomes exemplary.

C’est la première étape afin de rendre la Seungri High School une école modèle.

Previously, the director had already expelled 10 people from Puryn School in Gangnam.

La principale a déjà renvoye 10 personnes de la Pureun High School à Gangnam.

349 ) } Victory High School Open Day

Journée d’information de la Victory High School

Dear parents… our high school “Victory” will be in the top 80 schools in Seoul.

[Presentation de l’administration de la Seung Ri High School] Vous, parents de précieux enfants… Au moment où vos enfants entrerons dans cette école, notre Seungri High School sera classée dans les 80 premières écoles de Séoul.

– At Harvard.

Puis Harvard Business School.

Behind me is Brabourne School. The news came that the missing teenagers were found after 18 days.

Derrière moi se trouve Brabourne School, où viennent d’être retrouvés les adolescents qui avaient disparu depuis 18 jours.

Four students at Braborn School, where tuition costs $30,000 a year.

Les quatre adolescents fréquentent Brabourne School,… où les frais de scolarité dépassent 30. 000 $ par an.

Went to school and I was very nervous

# Went to school and I was very nervous

– Yes. Did you graduate from the Jallard School of Music with honors?

Et n’avez vous pas été diplômée avec la Mention Bien… de la Juillard School of Music?

This is Lincoln High School, my alma mater.

C’est le Lincoln Senior High School, mon alma mater.

Miles convinced his father to let him study where few blacks could, at the famous Juilliard School of Music in New York.

Miles a convaincu son père de le laisser étudier là où peu de Noirs le pouvaient, à la très réputée Julliard School of Music à New York.

I was made to pay Brighton High School $32… for my son to stick gum under the table.

J’ai dû payer 32 dollars à la Brighton Public School… car mon fils avait collé du chewing-gum sous un bureau. C’est du racket.

I knew you would come to me with your sympathy.

Je savais que tu ferais ton “After School Special” avec moi. ..

Did you go to Edison High School in Paterson?

A Paterson, vous etiez au lycée Edison?

She is Professor of International Relations at the Maxwell School.

Elle est professeur adjoint de relations internationales au collège Maxwell.

Me and style, it’s one and the same.

Me voir sans style c’est comme la moutarde sans Heinz je mène la New School

He married someone else and I entered our university.

He went off and married someone else. – And I got to go to graduate school.

Boarding school for noble maidens under the guise of a college.

A perfect ruse. A finishing school disguised as a college.

And here I am enrolled in Penn for the full course.

I meant, I got into Penn. Grad school.

– Tomorrow is a working day.

– It’s a school night. – So what?

Maybe Legal.

Maybe law school.

One at the Sorbonne and one at the Harvard Business School.

Un à la Sorbonne. .. et l’autre à Harvard Business School.

After graduating University of California I went to Harvard Graduate School of Business for two years… …I went to Harvard Graduate School of Business for two years and then I went back to San Francisco. …and then I went back to San Francisco.

Après mon diplôme universitaire… j’ai fait une maîtrise de business à Harvard pendant 2 ans… et je suis revenu à San Francisco.

The Harvard Business School market was drying up. Harvard Business School’s market was drying up. Men were called or offered to volunteer.

Le marché de Harvard s’asséchait… les hommes étaient conscrits ou volontaires.

So the dean, being farsighted, brought back a government contract to establish an officer candidate school for what was called the implementation of Statistical Control in the Air Force.

Donc le doyen, qui avait la vue longue… a rapporté un contrat pour établir un program d’EOR… pour ce qui s’appelait “Contrôle Statistique”.