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Best Daycare in Edmond, OK

RaShunna Humado Family Childcare Home WeeCare

Daycare in
Edmond, OK

(405) 562-9696

Hi! We’re RaShunna Humado Family Childcare Home and we’re a home daycare providing childcare to families. Our goal is to ensure children rea… Read More

$187 – $227 / wk

6:30 am – 5:30 pm

Itsy Bitsy Childcare

Daycare in
Edmond, OK

(405) 288-4985

Hi! We’re Itsy Bitsy Childcare and we’re a home daycare providing childcare to families. Our goal is to ensure children reach their developm… Read More

$227 / wk

7:30 am – 5:30 pm

Imagine Academy LLC Daycare

Daycare in
Edmond, OK

(405) 780-9864

Hi! We’re Imagine Academy LLC Daycare and we’re a home daycare providing childcare to families. Our goal is to ensure children reach their d… Read More

$155 – $175 / wk

6:00 am – 6:00 pm


Frazier, Archae DBA Oklahoma Chae Foundation LLC Daycare

Daycare in
Edmond, OK

(405) 583-3947

Frazier, Archae DBA Oklahoma Chae Foundation LLC Daycare is a caring and loving environment where your child can learn and grow. At our home… Read More

$32 – $157 / wk

3:00 pm – 11:45 pm

Coats, Antonia DBA Peace By Peace, LLC Daycare

Daycare in
Oklahoma City, OK

(757) 300-5744

Coats, Antonia DBA Peace By Peace, LLC provides childcare for families living in the Oklahoma City area. Children engage in play-based, educ… Read More

Request price

6:00 am – 6:00 pm

Jarvis, Felicia DBA Linked Up Logistics LLC Daycare

Daycare in
Edmond, OK

(615) 257-9264

Jarvis, Felicia DBA Linked Up Logistics LLC is a home daycare that offers childcare programs for nearby families in Edmond. Childcare is pro… Read More

Request price

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Johnson, Marie Daycare

Daycare in
Edmond, OK

(312) 598-1767

Johnson, Marie offers safe, loving childcare in the Edmond area. Kids learn through curriculum-based, educational activities. The facility i… Read More

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Spivey, Jacquelyn Daycare

Daycare in
Edmond, OK

(972) 544-6967

Spivey, Jacquelyn provides childcare for families living in the Edmond area. Children engage in play-based, educational activities to help t… Read More

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Teague, Jeannette Daycare

Daycare in
Edmond, OK

(786) 671-6346

Teague, Jeannette is a home daycare that offers childcare programs for nearby families in Edmond. Jeanette offers age-appropriate activi… Read More

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Martin, Rebecca Daycare

Daycare in
Edmond, OK

(503) 773-5465

Martin, Rebecca provides childcare for families living in the Edmond area. Children engage in play-based, educational activities to help the… Read More

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Puppy Paws truly treats my baby like family! I’ve been with Puppy Paws all the way back… I can’t imagine bringing Gypsy anywhere else. What they do is beyond words!

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Puppy Paws is our go-to for all things related to our furry friends- grooming, overnights, training, & even a doggie spa. BUT our new favorite thing is hiring them to come help at a wedding or event. We had them at the Boots wedding and it was a game changer. They got the dogs all groomed and ready for their photos. They helped handle them, brought them in when it was their time to shine, and then took them back and loved on them when it was time to party!

We cannot recommend them enough if you want to incorporate your animals into your special day!

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I wish I had not let my fear get in the way of enrolling Hazel Rose sooner in [Puppy Paws Academy’s] 12 day training program. My sweet rescue suffered a lot of neglect and abuse before I adopted her, and she had always been timid around new people, especially men. She was also boundary oriented and it took awhile for her to get comfortable to jump in the car and go for rides. I rehabbed her slower than my other rescue boxers. My girl has been thriving since I picked her up 10 days ago. But I also love that I have a trusted place to board and drop her off at doggie daycare. Puppy Paws Hotel & Spa has changed our lives. I had no idea it could be like this. I am grateful for you and your team! Thank you.

Melissa F.

We interviewed many trainers before finding Puppy Paws Academy; what we loved most was the Positive Reinforcement as they trained our sweet Beau Britton. She was so receptive to them because of that! Beau was a hot mess on the leash. After 10 days of training, we can now walk her in the neighborhood with little to no struggle!

Beau is a big golden retriever and would be so happy to see kids, but want to jump. After 10 days of training, we had 6 little friends over and she was a completely different dog. So gentle around them and NO jumping. All our friends were amazed at the difference in her!

Shelly W.

Autumn loves coming to Puppy Paws for doggie daycare! The nannies take such great care of her. She loves them & they love her. She also loves her Friday baths.

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I recently attended Puppy Paws Academy ‘play and train’ session. Travis and Keri are so good with my puppy. Every one of the staff were so kind and thoughtful. At the end of the session, my puppy had made huge improvements and learned all the commands including leash training. She would be so excited and happy when she saw we were pulling up to the facility. Daily pictures and videos were sent to me and, at the end of the 2 weeks, a report card showed how much improvement she had made. I also learned how to train myself and to make it fun and rewarding for both of us. All in all, it was great.

Terry C.

Puppy Paws Academy and Travis were a life saver for us and our one year old Goldendoodle, Enzo. As a pup, who loves everyone to a fault, we could not control his excitement when meeting new people which meant embarrassing scenes for us when he continually jumped all over our guests. It was cute as a little 10 lb pup, but when he grew to 40 lbs it was not so cute anymore. Travis worked with Enzo and after 10 days the difference was amazing. He gave us the tools we needed to continue working with Enzo at home. Travis also helped us with loose leash walking and after only 5 days I was walking Enzo instead of him walking me. The transformation was impressive and I would highly recommend Puppy Paws Academy for all your training needs.

Bethany M.

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to watch films “The Elusive Avengers”, “The Crown of the Russian Empire.

..”, “Three Hours of the Road”.

Publications in the Cinema section

Edmond Keosayan’s directorial talent became apparent even at the institute: in 1962, his term paper “Ladder” won the Grand Prix of the International Film Festival in Monte Carlo. In 1963, the second student work, “Three Hours of the Road”, was noted in Cannes. It was after receiving prestigious foreign film awards that Keosayan was offered to make an adventure film for the 50th anniversary of the revolution based on the story of Pavel Blyakhin “The Red Devils”. Previously, this story was filmed in 1923 directed by Ivan Perestiani.

So, we are watching three films by Edmond Gareginovich Keosayan.

Still from Three Hours of the Road (1963)

Still from Three Hours of the Road (1963)

Still from Three Hours of the Road (1963)

Vadim Kozhevnikov, the author of the famous novel “The Shield and the Sword”, is the second student work of Edmond Keosayan. In 1963, in Cannes, the picture was awarded the Grand Prix for the best debut. The main role in the film was played by Mikhail Ulyanov.

Arctic. Winter. Forty degree frost. From the construction site of the drilling rig, a sleigh train travels to the village: a tractor pulls a trailer across the snow-covered tundra. A blizzard, running out of fuel, a train going off the track… The wife of Yevgeny Ivanovich, the head of construction, recently died, leaving a teenage son. Everyone experiences the death of a loved one in their own way, and the common loss brings father and son closer.

Still from The Elusive Avengers (1966)

Still from The Elusive Avengers (1966)

Still from The Elusive Avengers (1966)

Edmond Keosayan’s film about the adventures of four teenagers during the Civil War was released on April 29, 1967. The success of the film was colossal: The Elusives turned out to be the first Russian western and in the year of the premiere they became the leaders of the box office, attracting 54. 5 million viewers. This triumph prompted the creators to shoot a sequel. So, a year later, “New Adventures of the Elusive” was released, and in 1970, the film “The Crown of the Russian Empire, or Elusive Again” appeared on the big screens.

And the Cossack is mishandled!

Still from the film The Crown of the Russian Empire, or Elusive Again (1971)

Still from the film The Crown of the Russian Empire, or Elusive Again (1971)

The last film in the trilogy about young fighters against the White Guard and bandits.

This time, the elusive ones – Valerka, Danka, Yashka and Ksanka – go in search of the Great Imperial Crown, stolen from the Hermitage.

According to the plan of the thieves, among whom are the longtime opponents of the Avengers – Ataman Burnash, Staff Captain Ovechkin, Colonel Kudasov and Kudasov’s adjutant Lieutenant Perov, the crown is necessary for the coronation of the new emperor in émigré Parisian circles. However, the real goal, which only the organizer of the scam, the prudent adventurer Monsieur Duc, knows about, is to sell the crown to America and accuse the Bolsheviks of failing to preserve the people’s property. Despite all the intrigues, the Avengers destroy Monsieur Duke’s plans and return the crown to the museum.


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Keosayan, Edmond Gareginovich – PERSONA TASS

Born October 9, 1936 in Leninakan (Armenian SSR; now Gyumri, Republic of Armenia). In 1937, his father was shot as a former officer of the tsarist army, and his mother, along with two children, was sent into exile in the Altai Territory. After the Great Patriotic War, they were able to return to the Armenian SSR and settled in Yerevan.

In 1954-1956 Edmond Keosayan studied at the Moscow Institute of National Economy. G. V. Plekhanov (now the Russian University of Economics named after G. V. Plekhanov), at 1956-1958 – at the acting department of the Yerevan Theater Institute (Armenian SSR; now the Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinema, Republic of Armenia).
In 1964 he graduated from the directing department of the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (now the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov) in Moscow. Graduate of the workshop of teacher Efim Dzigan.

As a student, Edmond Keosayan in 1962 made a term paper “Ladder” with the participation of Svetlana Svetlichnaya and Galina Polsky. The film was awarded the “Golden Nymph” prize at the Monte Carlo International Television Film Festival. His next work, “Three Hours of the Road” (1963) with the participation of Mikhail Ulyanov, won the Special Jury Prize for Short Films at the Cannes Film Festival (France).
In 1964-1972 was the director of the film studio “Mosfilm”. Made films “Where are you now, Maxim?” based on William Kozlov’s story “I Hasten for Happiness” (1964) and “The Cook” based on the play by Anatoly Sofronov (1965). The adventure film The Elusive Avengers, based on Pavel Blyakhin’s novel The Red Devils (1966), and the subsequent New Adventures of the Elusive (1968) and The Crown of the Russian Empire, or Elusive Again (1971).
In 1972-1975 Edmond Keosayan was the director of the “Armenfilm” film studio (Yerevan), shot the comedy melodrama “Men” (1972) and the drama “The Gorge of Abandoned Tales” based on Sero Khanzadyan’s story “The Burnt House” (1974).
Since 1975, he again worked at Mosfilm. The recognition of the audience was received by the family film directed by him “When September Comes …”, in which Armen Dzhigarkhanyan played the main role. In 1976, she was awarded the main prize at the All-Union Film Festival in Frunze (Kyrgyz SSR; now Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic) and the second prize at the International Film Festival in Cairo (Egypt). The director also made a dilogy about the national liberation struggle of the Armenian people against the Turkish conquerors “The Star of Hope” based on Sero Khanzadyan’s historical novel “Mkhitar Sparapet” (1978; in collaboration with “Armenfilm”), a film story about the leaders of the anti-fascist Resistance “Somewhere the Oriole is crying …” (1982) and the drama “Ascension”, based on autobiographical material (1988).