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writing and other tables in the interior of the room

For the most functional use of the children’s room area, designers recommend using the area located directly in front of the window. And since here, even in a poorly lit room, there is the largest amount of light, this place is ideal for the working area.

Artificial lighting never compares to natural light in terms of its benefits for a child’s vision

Pros and cons of a window-based workspace in a child’s room 9Ol000 to a small room

  • Table options for installation by the window
  • Decoration of the working area by the window
  • Photos of the design of the working area by the window in the children’s room
  • Video: Do-it-yourself table for the nursery from laminated chipboard
  • Photo ideas for organizing a workplace by the window of the nursery
  • The biggest advantage of the location of the workplace by the window in the nursery is the maximum illumination of the selected space. Indeed, the student needs a lot of natural light. On the one hand, it provides the necessary vitamin D for the body and is good for vision, and on the other hand, it saves energy. The electricity will only need to be turned on in the evening. nine0003

    The choice of a table in a children’s room depends on the child’s age and needs, as well as on the size of the room. If the sun is in the room for most of the day, it will strongly “hit” the child’s eyes. You will have to come up with options for shading, purchase curtains with a special fabric that diffuses or dims the light.

    To adjust the light intensity, it is very convenient to use roller blinds “day-night”, the canvas of which consists of alternating transparent and dense strips of fabric

    A few more positives:

    • maximum space savings;
    • convenient zoning option;
    • increase in the working area due to the window sill;
    • the possibility of expanding the working space by using space from one or both walls, it is well suited if there are 2 schoolchildren in the house.

    A non-standard worktable will have to be made to order according to individual sizes

    The working area by the window in the nursery has its own significant drawbacks:

    • undesirable exposure of the computer to direct sunlight;
    • it is difficult to open the window for ventilation;
    • the table will close the battery, this disrupts the heat and air exchange in the room.

    Thinking through the workplace near the window, it is necessary to take into account the heating radiator

    For proper air circulation, it is necessary to drill holes along the radiator from above.

    Periodically check the serviceability of window fittings, carry out ventilation in cold weather in the absence of a child in the room. nine0003

    If the table is planned to be built into a window sill or furniture, the design should be carefully considered, later it will be more difficult to correct the shortcomings

    The choice of materials for making a table in the interior of a nursery products.

    Understanding the materials, types and sizes of tables, it will be easier to choose the right model for a particular children’s room


    Any furniture made of MDF is quite in demand, because the balance of price and quality is observed in the manufacture. It has a low wear threshold and high aesthetic qualities.

    The design of MDF furniture can be very different: from a laconic model with smooth surfaces to a massive table that resembles a natural wood product

    There are other pluses:

    • environmental friendliness;
    • hydrophobicity, the table will not be damaged by spilled water;
    • nine0011 large selection of colors;

    • easy care;
    • service life is about 10 years.

    Compact MDF hanging table in little boy’s room

    Less disadvantages:

    • unstable to fire and heat, damaged by heaters;
    • does not tolerate steam condensate well;
    • medium density level, subject to mechanical damage, it is impossible to reinstall the fittings.

    With all the existing shortcomings, MDF countertops have high performance indicators, subject to all the standards of manufacturing technology.


    Chipboard boards used in the manufacture of tables consist of wood processing waste processed in a certain way. A significant advantage of such material is its low price category.

    Despite the cheapness of the material, a quality chipboard table can look quite decent

    More pluses:

    • fast production – important when making furniture to order;
    • infinite color palette;
      light weight – important for transportation;
    • resistance to mold, fungus, decay;
    • elementary production – in such furniture there is practically no marriage.

    The only negative that overrides all the advantages is the increased toxicity of the material. Toxic vapors of formaldehyde disappear from such a table from 5 to 10 years, gradually accumulating in the body. nine0003


    Usually not the whole table is made of glass, but only the top. The material is subject to increased requirements.

    Glass top perfect for a modern teenager’s room

    Strength rating from lowest to most impact and safety:

    1. Coated with resin film.
    2. Powder coated, kiln fired.
    3. Combined triplex technology – layer-by-layer application of a polymer film and glass, followed by high-pressure autoclaving. nine0012

    There is only one drawback: any glass can break.

    The shape of the table depends both on the filling of the room and on the preferences of the child.

    Other materials

    Different materials or their combinations are used in the production of tables. For example:

    • Wood – great for countertops, but short-lived if not cared for properly.
    • Plastic is brittle and short-lived.
    • Agglomerate – resistant to mechanical damage, but if this happens, it is impossible to make repairs or restore the surface. nine0012
    • Melamine – used as a coating.
    • Veneer – capricious in care, under the influence of sunlight can change color.

    The hardwood worktop lasts the longest, but this option is quite expensive

    PVC worktop is more affordable and goes well with plastic window sill and white frames according to individual settings. Professional craftsmen advise when choosing a material to use safety criteria first of all. nine0003

    Choosing the size of the table for the nursery

    The main problem in determining the size of the table is its height. It depends on the height of the child. But it is better to buy higher, but so that it is convenient for the child to periodically adjust the height of the chair. If we take into account the GOST standards, then the width of the tabletop is determined at 75 cm, and the length for one child is 140 cm.0089

    There are several models of tables designed specifically for small children’s rooms. First of all, this is a table-windowsill. Here it is important to choose high-quality material and make an exact “fit” in the window opening.

    Installing a tabletop instead of a window sill will save space in a small room

    The table can be slightly “rounded” along one of the side walls. And in order to increase storage space, build wall cabinets.

    In a small room, a rounded corner table or a model built into other furniture is suitable

    Variants of tables for installation by the window

    The variety of shapes allows you to choose a model for a small room, and for a large one, and for an elongated, and for a square one.

    Decorating the working area near the window

    Schoolchildren’s table, no matter how big it is, will eventually become a container for many things. Therefore, it is necessary to equip the working area with storage systems. These can be various boxes, tubes, shelves, small boxes specially selected for the design of the entire room. nine0003

    Additional shelves and cabinets will help to organize the space for storing toys and school supplies

    Magnetic, marker or cork boards are not only a decorative element, but the most useful device. Curtains, the color of the table and chair, and a soft rug under your feet are also carefully selected.

    Decorating the work area, first of all, it is necessary to properly organize the light. A table lamp and various LED lights can also be elements of the overall room design. nine0003

    Photos of the design of the working area by the window in the children’s room

    The window seat is rarely occupied by furniture. Having become acquainted with the various options for placing a desk in this area, it will not be difficult to choose the right one for a particular room. The presented photos of the working area in the children’s room by the window will help to visualize the future interior and various color schemes.

    Large wall-to-ceiling table top to hold everything you need for practice or board games

    In the corner of a long tabletop, you can install a cabinet of original design

    For a very small owner of the room, it is better to choose a model with a height-adjustable tabletop that easily rises as the child grows

    participate in the choice of style and shade, both of the entire room, and of various little things that decorate the workplace.

    Video: Do-it-yourself table in the nursery from laminated chipboard

    photo ideas of the organization of the workplace at the window of the nursery

    Modern ideas of design + photo


    • We select colors for modern children
    • How to properly divide the student’s room into zones
      • Territory of recreation
      • Territory for classes
      • 22

      • Play area
      • Storage area
    • School boy modern room
    • Modern kids room safety
    • Conclusion

    The child grows up and a special, difficult and interesting period begins in his life – school. It is on how parents can organize a modern room for a student that his academic success and interest in learning something new every day will depend.

    The main difference between an ordinary nursery and a modern schoolchildren’s room is the presence of a full-fledged desktop. Doing school homework requires a rather long stay of the student at the desk, so it should be not only beautiful, but also practical and convenient. nine0003

    Also, special attention should be paid to the arrangement of the territory for recreation. After a hard day at school and completing all the assigned lessons, the student just needs to change the field of activity and do his favorite thing.

    Choosing colors for a modern nursery

    Psychologists have proven that each color carries both positive and negative aspects. When choosing a particular color, it is imperative to take into account such features, as well as listen to the wishes of the student. nine0003

    1. Bright yellow. A very positive tone. Carries a positive attitude, improves memory and visual perception of the world around. But an excess of yellow in a modern room can adversely affect a student’s sleep.
    2. Pure white. It is a symbol of calmness and balance, but in very large quantities it can cause apathy and boredom.
    3. Active red color energizes, but it should not be used as a basis for wall decor. Since the excessive use of red has a very negative effect on the state of the student’s nervous system. nine0012
    4. Calm blue color. Very relaxing and helps restore lost tone. An excess of this color can lead to a depressed, depressed mood.
    5. Fresh green. Very well tunes in to study, helps to concentrate.
    6. Calm gray color creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in a modern student’s room. But at the same time, it should not be used in large areas, its overabundance causes others to feel indecision and constriction. nine0012
    7. Brown is associated with protection and stability. But it cannot be used as the main one, since an excess of brown can cause depression.

    When choosing color schemes for a modern student’s room, it is worth looking through photos of ready-made projects in advance. Perhaps it will be possible to draw useful information for yourself, or your student himself will show what he would like to see in his room.

    Tip! For a student to have a comfortable stay in his room and successfully perceive new information, his personal space should be decorated in neutral natural shades, with bright, colored accents. nine0003

    How to correctly divide a student’s room into zones

    In order for a student to be able to concentrate on completing school assignments and not be distracted by extraneous objects, special attention should be paid to dividing the space of a modern room into zones. For a student who has recently played with toys, it is quite difficult to immediately switch to daily activities. Proper zoning should help him overcome this barrier.

    Recreation area

    Parents should understand that the key to successful studies is not cramming and exhausting classes, but the opportunity to have a good rest after school and restore their physical and mental potential. In any modern student room there should be a comfortable sleeping place. Modern children are very fond of loft beds. On the top shelf, you can arrange a place to relax, and under it – a play and work area.

    Tip! When choosing a two-tier design, be sure to mount local additional lighting at each level. nine0003

    Study area

    A modern student simply needs a computer desk, a comfortable chair, and plenty of drawers and shelves to store school supplies. For the zone where the student will prepare lessons, a fairly large area with good natural light should be allocated. At the same time, it must be taken into account that in order to preserve the student’s vision, the light from the eye or a table lamp should fall only from the left side.

    Attention! It is desirable that the doors to the room are not located behind the student sitting at the table. This arrangement makes you constantly in a state of anxiety and fear. nine0003

    The modern system of education is closely related to working on a computer. Therefore, it would be advisable to immediately purchase a computer desk, at which it will be convenient for the student not only to master computer literacy, but also to prepare assignments in other subjects.

    The size of the tabletop should allow not only to place a monitor on it, but also a book, an open notebook and other school supplies.

    Important! Sitting at the table, the student’s elbows should not hang down. His posture should be natural and comfortable. nine0003

    There must be a table lamp on the work table. This is the only way to achieve proper lighting of the work surface.

    When setting up a work area in a modern student’s room, plan ahead for a sufficient number of shelves and bookcases. With each academic year, their number will only increase, so it is more practical to think over in advance where to place them.

    Tip! It is best to place storage places near the desktop so that you can get any necessary literature without interrupting the workflow. nine0003

    The school chair is a very important element. Since the child will spend most of his time on it, preparing lessons. The chair should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable and meet the basic parameters. The chair should be suitable for the height of the student and his weight. A good option is a school chair in which the height, backrest tilt, seat depth can be adjusted to the individual parameters of the student.

    Play area

    Your child has gone to school – this is a certain stage of a person’s growing up. But this fact does not mean that you should forget about toys and active games. No need to put away the student’s favorite things in the far corner, focusing his attention only on the classroom. The student must have time to play. The main thing is to skillfully alternate them with time to prepare for school. nine0003

    As your son or daughter moves from class to class, they will ask you to put away unwanted toys or give them to other children. The dolls and cars will be replaced by a TV and a stereo system. All this is natural, but you should not indulge any desires of the child, because they may simply be unreasonable. As a rule, until a student enters the age of a high school student, he is little aware of what he really needs.

    Only when your child crosses the age of 13-14 years, you can calmly discuss with him how to properly arrange a recreation area for him. Already almost an adult child can easily determine his desires, and parents can reach a compromise with the student in their implementation. nine0003

    Storage area

    The older the student gets, the more things he gets. And, of course, they need to be stored somewhere. In addition to the usual casual, elegant and sportswear, the student will need a school uniform. A spacious wardrobe will help solve the problem of storing all this wardrobe in order. There you can also equip several spacious shelves for shoes and other necessary items and things for your child.

    If the space of the room allows, instead of one large closet, you can place several small ones, and each of them will adapt to different types of things. nine0003

    Modern room for a schoolboy boy

    Very often parents don’t know how to decorate a modern room for a schoolboy son. After all, I want to combine quite a lot of parameters: practicality, functionality, beauty.

    Considering options from the Internet, several main directions can be distinguished:

    • interior in a marine style. All shades of blue and green are used. Complemented with marine-themed accessories, globes, maps, it will help create not only a very interesting interior for a boy, but also encourage him to explore new countries and territories; nine0012
    • natural theme in the interior. In this case, all shades of natural natural colors are used. It will be very interesting to use posters depicting animals and natural landscapes. And, of course, the presence of a large aquarium can be the highlight of such a room;
    • modern room in a sporty style. Boys are first and foremost sports lovers. And it doesn’t matter if your son is into boxing, football or punishing. Place photos of sports idols in the student’s room, attach the flag of your favorite team to the wall, and your son will be just happy. If he has personal achievements in sports, be sure to equip a corner of personal glory and honor, where medals, cups and certificates will be placed in plain sight. nine0012

    Safety in a modern children’s room

    Despite the fact that the student is beginning to grow up, one should not forget that he is still a child first of all. Avoid arranging furniture with sharp corners, mount plugs in sockets. When choosing fixtures, give preference to those that do not have glass parts. When choosing textiles for windows, do not make it long to the very floor, stepping on it with your foot, not only tulle, but also a cornice can fall on the child. Be sure to install handles with locks on the windows, and on the opposite door, it is better to insert the handle without a lock. Any source of heat is protected by protective panels. nine0003


    When furnishing a modern room for a schoolchild, the most important thing is to take into account the wishes of the schoolchild. He is already old enough to clearly voice his desires and dreams. Only by joining forces, you can achieve an excellent result, in the form of a comfortable, practical, safe and very interesting room design.

    In the next video, you will additionally learn about some of the features of arranging a modern student’s room