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Buffalo, New York School Closings | WKBW

Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School

All Remote Learning


Buffalo United Charter School

All Remote Learning


Charter School for Applied Technologies

Closed; Staff to report


Charter School of Inquiry

All Remote Learning; Staff Report Only


Elmwood Village Charter School

All Remote Learning


Gateway Longview Therapeutic Preschool-Buffalo

All Remote Learning

2023-02-05T04:59:59. 999999Z

Reach Academy Charter School (Elementary)

All Remote Learning


Reach Academy Charter School (Middle)

All Remote Learning


Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve

Weekend Event Cancelled; Saturday Event Cancelled


Saints Tabernacle COGIC

Closed; No Services Today


The Dale Association-Lockport

Bingo Cancelled


Westminster Community Charter

All Remote Learning


Winifred Crawford Dilbert Boys & Girls Club of Jamestown

Closed Friday; No evening activities


WNY Maritime Charter School

All Remote Learning

2023-02-05T04:59:59. 999999Z

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We do our best to process as many registration requests as possible daily, but it may take up to 24 hours to complete. Please register your organization before conditions force you to close.

Once registration is complete, you will receive a letter each year asking you to confirm your information to stay in our system.

If you have already reigstered with us, refer to information we provided on how to mark your school or business as closed.

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Blueprints” follow your school district’s bus schedule.

Public Schools

Name Delay Additional
Ft. Cherry
Peters Township

Local Colleges/Technical Schools

Name Delay Additional
California University
Washington Certified Academy
Community College of Allegheny County
Penn Commercial
Washington & Jefferson College
Washington Hospital School of Nursing
Washington Hospital Rad-Tech
Waynesburg University
West Virginia University
Western Area Career & Technology Center
Uniontown Beauty Academy
Community College of Beaver County

Parochial and Special Schools

Name Delay Additional
First Love Christian Academy
St. Patrick’s in Canonsburg
John F. Kennedy Catholic
Little Lambs
Grace Bible Christian
Faith Christian
Central Christian Academy
Arc Human Services
Little Learners Avery Methodist
Children’s School of Washington
Brownson House Pre-School
Central Storybook Village Pre-School
Clark School of Washington


Name Delay Additional
Bubbles Bear to Book (Route 19 and South Pointe)
Cheer Haven
Cecil Childcare
Central Storybook Village
Just Us Kids Daycare
Smart Kids Daycare
Kids Kingdom
Once Upon A Time
North Hills/OCC
Washington/Canevin Bus
Wash. Co. Jury Duty


90,000 as a pandemic affect children – DW – 11.02.2022

Photo: Peter Kneffel/DPA/Picture Alliance

Health Germania

Natalia Koroleva

February 11, 200002 Closed children playgrounds during the lockdown significantly reduced the ability of children to communicate and had a bad effect on the development of their speech.


Play mother-daughter with girlfriends in kindergarten, talk to dolls, bombard the teacher with questions, and in the evening excitedly tell parents about how the day went : as a rule, kids chat a lot and with pleasure. And it is very important for their development. After all, active communication at an early age helps to correctly formulate one’s thoughts, understand the speech of others, build full-fledged relationships with other people, and develop social skills.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has significantly limited the social circle of children. The closure of kindergartens and playgrounds during the lockdown period, the need to be in social isolation – all this reduced the ability for kids to verbally and emotionally communicate with people outside the family, or completely deprived them of it for a long time. As a result, a child may experience a delay in the development of speech, and it is the basis for the formation of a personality, speech therapists and pediatricians warn. Their fears are shared by the kindergarten teacher with 25 years of experience Anna Derksen (Anna Derksen) from Cologne. “The time spent in quarantine has had a negative impact on the development of children’s speech. There is no doubt about it,” she notes in an interview with DW.

Speak fluently – through regular practice

The kindergarten where Anna Derksen works was closed for a long time due to the pandemic. Only a duty group worked, where they brought children from all over the kindergarten – and only those kids were accepted there whose parents documented the need for their presence at work.

Photo: Sebastian Gollnow/dpa/picture alliance

they were able to speak well, the vocabulary was noticeably reduced. And first of all, this affected those whose native language was not German, “says Anna Derksen.

According to her, the first red flag is when a child at the age of two uses less than five dozen words in his speech. You should also carefully observe the baby when he too often gives monosyllabic answers to questions asked to him – such as “yes” or “I don’t know”, when he answers vaguely, with empty phrases, when he does not respond to requests.

“Communication and language skills need to be trained regularly, otherwise both the language level and the ability to communicate freely in children may stagnate. I think that due to the pandemic in Germany, the number of parents who will have to take their children to classes with speech therapists and tutors will noticeably increase in German,” says Anna Derksen.

Vocabulary replenishment – in creative play

Meanwhile, in 2020 (this is the latest information of this kind), speech therapists in Germany conducted 6. 4 percent fewer classes with children than a year earlier, states Sonja Utikal from German Federal Association of Speech Pathologists. According to her, in Germany during the pandemic, for the first time, speech therapists were allowed to conduct therapy sessions for children via video link, but, as it turned out, this format of classes is not suitable for every child.

There are no exact data on how many children in Germany have problems with language acquisition. But, according to various estimates, in Germany, speech disorders affect from two to 15 percent of babies aged four to six years, says Sonya Utikal.

Photo: picture-alliance/dpa/C. Charisius

According to Anna Derksen, in the kindergarten where she works, special emphasis is now placed on creative speech classes with children. “During such games, we encourage the kids to describe in their own words what they saw, express their thoughts aloud, give free rein to their imagination. Let’s say I show the children a picture that depicts a fairy-tale palace – and invite them to speculate about who is there lives, what its inhabitants do, and so on,” the teacher shares.

She also cites the following game as an example: the children line up in front of the teacher, and he throws a ball to each in turn, while pronouncing a word. The kid is required to catch the ball and immediately throw it back, while saying the antonym (for example, good – evil, light – dark, hot – cold). Such traditional methods as describing pictures, answering questions about the content of a fairy tale just read aloud by the teacher, learning songs and poems are also widely practiced.

Theatrical performances as an incentive to speak

But playing on the stage especially stimulates active speech and improves the articulatory apparatus of children, says the teacher. So, along with the project “Jeux dramatiques” (translated from French – “Dramatic Games”), which is being implemented in her kindergarten, where the players convey the content of what is happening, interact with each other and express their emotions not with words, but with the help of gestures, plasticity and facial expressions, theatrical performances are also played here, where you have to speak.

“Such performances greatly contribute to the development of coherent speech of children. We choose their topics spontaneously. Sometimes we stage a well-known fairy tale, and sometimes we invent something ourselves. Recently, for example, children acted out scenes from the life of a family consisting of different animals – a bear cub , a cat, a badger, a fox. The role of the mother of the family – a panther – was tried on by four-year-old Ulrike. First, she feeds her “children” with breakfast, and then collects the badger and the bear for school. She leaves the fox at home, because she is sick and needs to be treated. A kitten helps to take care of the “sister”, – Anna explains.

According to her, such role-playing games are one of the most effective ways to develop children’s speech and display their creative abilities. Not to mention the fact that during such performances, children learn to reincarnate in new images, put themselves in the place of others, accept the point of view of the interlocutor, respect each other, emphasizes the teacher from Cologne Anna Derksen.

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As of 01.01.2023

Information on special conditions for the education of disabled people and persons with disabilities, including:

– about specially equipped classrooms

preschools are attended by pupils with disabilities: speech impairment (SPD) and mental retardation (MPD). Children are in group cells in accordance with the HIA and the orientation of the groups, where a sparing regime is provided. In groups with severe speech disorders and mental retardation, educators, speech therapists, and a psychologist (on request) work. Specialists work in classrooms equipped with methods, equipment, materials for correctional and developmental work with preschoolers who have developmental problems along specially designed individual educational routes.

The office of a teacher-psychologist is based on methodological organizational support that meets modern requirements, and is also supported by the necessary technical equipment and equipment. In the organization of the developing environment of the classroom, innovative technologies take into account everything that is necessary to provide timely qualified psychological, advisory, methodological and psycho-correctional assistance to pupils, their parents and teachers on development, training and education, as well as socio-psychological rehabilitation and adaptation.

Sensory room MBDOU MO Krasnodar “Kindergarten No. 177” is designed to conduct remedial and developmental classes and relaxation sessions both for students with various health disorders, and to improve the general psycho-emotional state of students with normal health. To work in the sensory room, methods of light, color, sound and aromatherapy are used to influence the state of the student through the corresponding senses. The combination of different stimuli in the interactive environment of the sensory room has a beneficial effect on the mental, emotional and physical state.

Sports halls are equipped with wall bars, gymnastic benches, massage balls, mats, hoops and balls of different sizes, dumbbells, skittles, soft modules, exercise machines, tracks.

Speech therapy rooms are equipped for both subgroup and individual classes with didactic aids, speech therapy tools, necessary materials for providing corrective assistance.

In music halls for classes, entertainment and celebrations, there are: pianos, children’s musical instruments, didactic aids, music centers, theater screens, multimedia projector screens, costumes, scenery, etc.

– about objects for conducting practical classes, adapted for use by disabled people and persons with disabilities All classrooms and groups of MBDOU MO Krasnodar “Kindergarten No. 177” have in their arsenal technical means of equipping educational activities. The teaching and administrative staff of the team uses modern information and communication technologies, including those adapted for use by people with disabilities and people with disabilities. Persons with disabilities and disabled people participate in the educational process on general terms.
– about the library(s) adapted for use by the disabled and persons with disabilities There are no special equipped premises for the placement of the library fund in the preschool educational institution.
– about sports facilities adapted for use by disabled people and persons with disabilities

For children to stay outdoors there are group areas, a sports ground, flower beds. The sites are equipped with: playground equipment; shade canopies. The sports ground is equipped with modern physical training equipment.

Sports halls are equipped with wall bars, gymnastic benches, massage balls, mats, hoops and balls of different sizes, dumbbells, skittles, soft modules, exercise machines, tracks.

There are no sports facilities adapted for use by the disabled and persons with disabilities.

– about the means of training and education, adapted for use by the disabled and persons with disabilities

The means of training and education used in kindergarten to ensure educational activities are considered in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard to the conditions for implementing the main general educational program of preschool education as a set of educational, methodological, material, didactic resources that ensure the effective solution of educational tasks in optimal conditions.

Kindergarten has access to Internet resources, has e-mail, the website of the institution, is equipped with modern office equipment: computers, printers, music centers, multimedia projector; TVs, computers, interactive whiteboards.

– on ensuring unhindered access to the buildings of the educational organization At the entrance to the building there is a lift for wheelchair users, all stairs are equipped with railings. At the entrance to the building there is a video intercom, a bell at the entrance. The building is equipped with a fire alarm system and a light board “Exit”, video surveillance.
– about special dietary conditions

MBDOU provides equal nutrition conditions for pupils, including disabled people and people with disabilities within the approved 10-day menu (for children with 12 hour, 4 hour stay in MBDOU).

Catering for pupils of MBDOU, including disabled people and people with disabilities, meets the sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the device, content and organization of the working hours in preschool organizations (SanPiN, approved by Decree No. 26 of May 15, 2013) .

MBDOU organized 4 meals a day based on an approximate ten-day menu developed in accordance with the “Collection of recipes for products for feeding children in preschool educational organizations” (edited by MP Mogilny, VA Tutelyan). The menu presents a variety of dishes, taking into account the recommended average daily nutritional intake for two age categories from 1 year to 3 years and from 3 to 7 years. Between breakfast and lunch, children receive various lactic acid products. The daily diet includes fruits and vegetables.

Children spend 12 hours in a pre-school institution and their food is mainly provided in the kindergarten. Therefore, the health and development of preschoolers largely depends on how well the food is organized in the preschool educational institution. Only when all the main food groups – meat, fish, milk, dairy products, eggs, dietary fats, vegetables and fruits, sugar and confectionery, bread, cereals, etc. are included in the daily diet, can children be provided with all the nutrients they need.

– about special health conditions To create a safe environment for children, an automatic fire alarm, an alarm button, a combination lock at the entrance, and a video surveillance system that covers the entire territory are installed in the preschool. The object of MBDOU MO Krasnodar “Kindergarten No. 177” is guarded by LLC “ChOP “Leader-South” and watchmen at night. Children and staff are trained in fire evacuation skills. Medical care is provided on the basis of an agreement on cooperation with the Children’s City Polyclinic No. 1 MBUZ. The institution has medical and treatment rooms equipped in accordance with the requirements of SanPiN, and an isolation ward. Medical equipment, inventory – in full required volume. Medicines are available in accordance with the approved list. Expiration dates and storage conditions are observed. Equipping and equipping the medical office with modern equipment makes it possible to carry out high-quality medical support for each child, to monitor the health and physical development of each child.
– on access to information systems and information and telecommunication networks adapted for use by persons with disabilities and persons with disabilities The ECE center has an Internet connection. Among the information and telecommunications teaching aids, one can single out: an interactive whiteboard, multimedia complexes, music centers, tape recorders, color printers, computers, a camera. A media library is used (presentations, digital video and audio materials developed by our teachers). Access to information systems and information and telecommunications networks for pupils with disabilities is not provided for by the educational program of the preschool educational institution.
– about electronic educational resources to which access is provided to persons with disabilities and persons with disabilities Access to electronic educational resources is not provided
– availability of special technical training aids for collective and individual use

In Krasnodar, Kindergarten No. 177, there are special teaching aids for collective and individual use for pupils with speech and intellect disorders. In correctional and developmental work, educators and specialists actively use game training computer programs.