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Warrant – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Mesquite Police

By Catherine Park •

A 60-year-old woman is under arrest, accused of unnecessarily medicating and restricting several North Texas children inside a home daycare in Mesquite, according to court documents obtained by NBC 5.

Rebecca Anderson was arrested Saturday, a day after police executed a search warrant at her home/daycare on the 4300 block of Tamarix Court and found nine children inside, some bound and restricted.

Police said after further investigation it was believed that Anderson not only mistreated the children, but evidence led investigators to believe she exposed them to unnecessary doses of over-the-counter medicine, extended periods of restricted movement and poor hygiene practices.

According to the arrest warrant, the father of a 6-month-old boy reviewed video on Thursday taken from a small camera that was mounted on the child’s car seat. The video, police said, showed Anderson yank the boy out of the car seat, pick him up off the ground using the bib tied around his neck and feed him an “unknown substance using a plastic liquid syringe.”

After the father showed the video to Mesquite police, detectives obtained a search warrant for Anderson’s home. Inside the home, detectives found three children strapped to plastic car seats in a darkened master bedroom closet and one more in the master bathroom.

Anderson initially told police that there were just five children in the home before the four others were discovered, the warrant said.

Anderson also admitted “she had likely given Tylenol to all of the children,” according to the warrant, and that she left the children in the car seats for as many as seven hours each day.


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The arrest warrant also said detectives found “shoelace-like ligatures” tied around the children’s necks — and that some of the ties had to be cut off. Anderson admitted she tied the ligatures onto the children to limit their movement.

Anderson has been charged with nine counts of endangering a child and faces a $5,000 bond for each charge, according to online jail records. As of Tuesday morning, Anderson remains at the Dallas County Jail where she’s being held on $45,000 bond.

It is not clear if Anderson has obtained an attorney, however her daycare was licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

The investigation into the allegations is ongoing and “is a collaborative effort between multiple agencies and care providers,” police said.

The Mesquite Police Department is working to identify other children cared for by Anderson. If you are a parent of a child that she cared for, please contact the Mesquite Police Department at 972-285-6336.

NBC 5’s Vanessa Brown and Chris Blake contributed to this report.

Day Care in Mesquite –

Day Care in Mesquite –


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Day Care in Mesquite –

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    Address: Meadow Oaks Academy
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    Hours of Operation: Mon-Friday: 6:30am to 6:00pm
  7. Contact Details
    Address: Meadow Oaks Academy
    1412 S Beltline Rd
    Mesquite, TX 75149
    Phone: 1·972-285-6895
    Fax: 1·972-285-7647


    [email protected]
    Hours of Operation: Mon-Friday: 6:30am to 6:00pm


Oleander moth – tips for identifying and controlling it – Garden

Video: Wasp moth – spotted oleander moth pollinating Brazilian …


  • Wasp moth identification
  • Oleander Moth Injury Recognition
  • Spotted oleander moth treatment

Of all the things that can bother your plants, insect pests are among the most insidious. Not only are they small and difficult to spot, but they often operate under leaves, in the soil, or at night when they cannot be detected. Oleander wasp moth larvae are one of these little devils. Studying the oleander caterpillar life cycle and preferred feeding areas will help you identify this insect and squash it like a bug.

Wasp moth identification

Oleander wasp moths are fairly colorful insects and are easy to spot. They are dark blue with white dots and have a fiery red belly, giving them the name ‘Uncle Sam’s Moth’. These patriotic insects fly during the day and are therefore easier to spot than many other moths. However, adults are not a source of drama. These are their larvae, whose favorite food site is the oleander.

Moths are easy to spot with their diurnal flight pattern, bright neon blue body and flirtatious orange-red back. If you see them flying around your oleander, you might want to get some sticky traps, as they are most likely getting ready to lay their eggs on the underside of your bush.

Wasp borers are found in Florida and the coastal southeastern states. The small, tiny eggs are creamy yellow, but over time they hatch into larvae that begin to destroy your plant. The larvae are caterpillars with orange skin that glows during the day and thick tufts of black spines. The larvae usually stay in groups, blissfully gnawing on oleander leaves.

Adults prefer to find nectar in lantana, beggarticks and some other flowering perennials.

Recognition of oleander moth damage

Although oleander moth caterpillars prefer the bush of their name, they also attack desert roses. The devastation is easy to see. The larvae begin their activity on young, new foliage and skeletonize, leaving cobwebs of veins hanging drearily from the stems. If you don’t take immediate action, pests can remove all the foliage from your oleander.

By feeding on a poisonous plant, the larvae acquire a level of toxicity avoided by many predators. In the late stages of the life cycle, the caterpillars of the oleander moth become solitary and prepare for pupation with great appetite.

Oleander moth damage will most likely not kill your plant in the first year, but constant mishandling will weaken the oleander and leave it open to other stresses, diseases, and pests.

Treatment for Spotted Oleander Moth

A quick and decisive fight is needed to prevent further moth damage to the oleander. In most cases, cutting off the damaged foliage, and with it the caterpillars, and disposing of it, you can minimize the majority of the pest population.

Bacillus thuringiensis is a natural microbe that has proven effective against wasp moth larvae as well as many other pests. Watch out for natural enemies and place them on the bush. These include:

  • tachinid flies
  • wasps
  • stink bugs
  • fire ants

Always wear gloves when handling oleander, as the sap is very poisonous. There are several insecticides that can be used, but care should be taken when using pesticides in the garden as they can also kill beneficial insects.


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Penza region, Penza, st. Mira, 15

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