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Litttle Butterflies Mesquite | 612 Matador Ln, Mesquite, TX 75149


Our care program focuses a lot on emotional intelligence and development. There is a lot of emphasis on being a part of a community, and having a shared space (the class room) that everyone owns, and has to take care of.

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We’re so confident that you and your child will love our learning center that we are providing you with free online access to view your child anytime from your phone device or tablet live!



Each student gets a lot of individualized attention. “Within a few weeks, all the teachers knew what my daughter liked and didn’t like, knew her personality very well. Because she was a bit of a picky eater, we were concerned about whether she’d eat well during lunch.” …or tablet live!

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“The teachers pay close attention to what each student’s interests are and really try to foster those interests. We provide full liability insurance for all of our students in case of any accidents that occur.

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Weekends Closed
Weekdays 6 am to 6:30 pm
Monday – Friday Full and Part Time Butterflies

LANGUAGES we teach:

  • Spanish
  • Turkish (Additional fee)
  • German, French (Additional fee)

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Compare our day care facility and see why Mesquite has chosen Little Butterflies Mesquite as the #1 choice for superior child care in the DFW area.

Daycare & Childcare options can be daunting when you’re child deserves the best program details & pricing!

Little Butterflies Mesquite is the smart & simple choice for your child’s care, available with.

Little Butterflies Mesquite



At Little Butterflies Mesquite, we provide parents with peace of mind by giving children an exceptional education every fun-filled day in a place as nurturing as home.


From every detail of our classroom and playground design to our high standards of cleanliness, we do everything to make children safe and secure. The Little Butterflies Mesquite also includes a proximity WiFi check-in/out only to authorized parents and supervisors, pre-enabled on your smart device.


Choosing a day care center is one of the most important decisions that a parent is going to make. We help make the decision easier with an enhanced learning and development environment supported by building nurturing relationships with teachers and other kids.


Guided by highly trained caregivers, our daily care curriculum offers playful, age-appropriate learning opportunities for children.

Have you Forgot to Pack Something Essential?

Here is a little guidance on what your child should bring in their Butterfly Pack to Little Butterflies Mesquite. Transitioning from having your little one at home to packing him or her up for day care is hard enough without worrying about forgetting to pack something essential. This Guide makes it easier.

Butterfly Pack


Little Butterflies Mesquite is a strong supporter of diversity in early childhood programs. We’re helping children to feel good about themselves, their families, and their communities, and also exposing children to differences, things that are unfamiliar, and experiences beyond their immediate lives. Come by anytime for a tour and see how we’re creating a culturally diverse child care environment that helps prepare children with the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to live and work successfully in a complex, diverse world. Child begin to notice differences and evaluate others at a very early age. Come see the Little Butterflies Mansfield Montessori difference and why we’re chosen as the best childcare facility in Mesquite, Tx 75149.





Mr. Samuel Darko


Little Butterflies Mesquite




Weather-appropriate clothing and seal-able bags:

A:No matter what the age, every little one should come prepared with spare clothes, seasonal wear, bibs, under wear and burp cloths. Accidents and spit-ups happen, so don’t leave your precious cargo without backup. Be uber-prepared by including plastic bags with a seal for those soiled clothes, especially during potty training. For babies, this includes swaddling blankets. Older little ones will need sunblock, swimsuits if your facility offers water play and jackets for colder weather. “I always include an extra layer like a hoodie or sweater, healthy snacks and a blanket from home for his nap,” said Maria.


A:If your kids are still in diapers, be sure you send enough diapers, wipes and diaper rash cream to cover a change every two hours. You may be able to leave a full week’s worth in the classroom, but always arm your kids’ backpacks with emergency coverage.

Food and nutrition:

A:What to bring depends on the age and needs of each child. Pack enough formula, breastmilk and/or baby food, plus a little extra just in case, to get your baby through the day. Include sippy cups and baby/finger foods for older little ones.

Comfort items and medicine:

A:Whether it’s medicine for teething, allergies or pain/fever, be sure your childcare provider has it and knows how to use it. Pack that blankie, pacifier, teether and/or stuffed animal with the typically required crib sheet and blanket for nap time to ensure your little one isn’t stressed when it’s time to wind down.

What not to pack:
  1. Toys: It’s too hard to keep track of who brought what toys brought from home, and many kids at this age don’t know how to share…Let’s eliminate tears, it’s better to leave these at home. If children need their loveys to sleep with, these items can stay in backpacks until nap time. We never allow play guns, water guns included.
  2. Junk food behind: The other kids get really upset when they see a kid with a cupcake, cookie, etc. and cannot have one for themselves. Either try to bring these special snacks for everyone or send in healthy snacks so others don’t get upset.
  3. Fancy clothes: Leave plastic and dress up shoes at home. Please let kids wear shoes they can run and play in. Save dressy clothes for church as kids in daycare can get really messy.
  4. Medication: Though not a leave-at-home item, it’s important that no medications or vitamins are left in lunch bags or backpacks. Other kids may get a hold of them. Please label all medications and give directly to the teacher with proper documentation completed and they will be stored and administered appropriately.
  5. Sharp objects: Parents know kids shouldn’t bring sharp objects to daycare, but sometimes children still slip them into their bags. Talk to your kids about the dangers of sharp objects such as scissors and craft-kit tools. Little Butterflies Learning Center does a great job with our safety and security policies.

Daycare Childcare Directory Listings –

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city –

Darlene West

2411 Decoy Dr
Mesquite TX 75181
(214) 414-6141
A Registered Child-Care …

./images/profile_bg0.gif” colspan=”2″ align=”left” valign=”center”>
Kelley Jackson

728 Dandelion Dr
Mesquite TX 75149
(254) 269-2459
A Registered Child-Care …

Tiny Feet Childcare

4121 Blackwillow Dr
Mesquite TX 75150
(469) 432-2614
./images/profile_bg3.gif” align=”left” valign=”top”>

A Licensed Child-Care …

Meadow Oaks Academy Inc.

1412 S Belt Line Rd
Mesquite TX 75149
(972) 285-6895
A Licensed Center – Child Care …

La Petite Academy TXMC 0904
./images/profile_bg1.gif” rowspan=”2″ align=”left” valign=”top”>

910 Clay Mathis Rd
Mesquite TX 75181
(972) 222-0970
A Licensed Center – Child Care …

Sabrina Chase

2609 Brushwood Ln
Mesquite TX 75150
(469) 774-2413
A Registered Child-Care . ..

Mesquite Lutheran Child Care Center

450 Turtleback
Mesquite NV 89027
(702) 346-3954
Call Joanne Anderson for more information.
Mention that you found us on …

Town East Learning Center
./images/profile_bg1.gif” rowspan=”2″ align=”left” valign=”top”>

2201 Gus Thomasson Rd Ste Cde
Mesquite TX 75150
(972) 279-0770
A Licensed Center – Child Care …

Marci Mitchell

1429 Pikes Peak
Mesquite TX 75149
(214) 697-1837
A Licensed Child-Care . ..

Shonticia Odom

1401 Barnhart Dr
Mesquite TX 75181
(214) 245-2490
A Registered Child-Care …

Kawanaka Fields

1502 Springwood Dr
Mesquite TX 75181
./images/profile_bg2.gif” align=”left” valign=”center”>
(469) 386-7616
A Registered Child-Care …

LaTarus Johnson

1216 Nimitz Way
Mesquite TX 75181
(214) 579-5313
A Registered Child-Care …

./images/profile_bg0.gif” colspan=”2″ align=”left” valign=”center”>
Pamela Cornstubble

1511 Cade Ct
Mesquite TX 75149
(972) 222-5643
A Registered Child-Care …

Little Cubs

Palmilla & Cristo
Mesquite NM 88048
(575) 805-0173
./images/profile_bg3.gif” align=”left” valign=”top”>

Quality Rating: 2-STAR – Child Care Center. Please call for more …

Kellie Good

2621 Monticello Dr
Mesquite TX 75149
(972) 249-8889
A Registered Child-Care …

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