32 days late on my period negative pregnancy test: No Period Negative Pregnancy Test: 6 Causes

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No Period Negative Pregnancy Test: 6 Causes

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Various reasons, from testing too early to experiencing extreme stress, can lead to a negative test result.

Pregnancy tests have come a long way. Historically, people didn’t have a reliable method of knowing if they were pregnant without going to the doctor. It wasn’t until the first at-home pregnancy test was invented in 1976 that people could confirm that they were expecting.

But despite technological advances, there’s still a lot of mystery about the menstrual cycle.

You may have a delayed or missed period, but still have a negative pregnancy test. In those situations, you may wonder what’s going on. Are you pregnant? Is something wrong?

Here are a few reasons your period may be late, even if your pregnancy test is negative.

If you’re trying to get pregnant, there’s good news: You may still be pregnant. Sometimes, levels of the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) early in pregnancy aren’t high enough for a home pregnancy test to detect.

One study found that home pregnancy tests only have to detect hCG levels above 25 milli-international units per milliliter (mIU/mL) to achieve the commonly advertised 99% accuracy rate. The writers of an older 1991 study calculated that to detect 95% of pregnancies, a test would have to detect levels as low as 12.4 mIU/mL. But not all home pregnancy tests were consistently sensitive enough to do so.

Menstrual cycles can vary widely, so if you conceived later in your cycle, your hormone levels may not be high enough at the time of your missed period.

There can be as much as a 13-day difference in when ovulation occurs, meaning that you may think you are 4 weeks pregnant when you’re only 2 weeks along. Pregnancy bleeding, recent hormonal contraceptive use, or breastfeeding can all interfere with accurately knowing your dates as well.

If you think you may be pregnant after a missed period but got a negative result on your pregnancy test, wait a few days. Then retest. If you continue to miss your period, be sure to talk with your doctor to rule out any complications.

It’s rare, but sometimes an ectopic pregnancy can show up as negative on a pregnancy test. This happens in fewer than 3% of ectopic pregnancies.

Seek medical attention if your pregnancy test is negative and you have these symptoms:

  • severe pain low in your abdomen or on one side
  • dizziness or lightheadedness
  • bleeding or spotting
  • nausea and vomiting

Learn more: Ectopic pregnancy »

Several outside factors can wreak havoc on your menstrual cycle. Stress, for example, can delay your period. Malnutrition can affect it, too. Your cycle can fluctuate if you drink too much caffeine or don’t eat enough food.

Sudden lifestyle changes, such as intense exercise or working the overnight shift on your job, can also cause your period to be irregular.

Breastfeeding can cause some irregularities in your cycle. Even after childbirth when your period returns, it may take some time before your cycle returns to usual.

Breastfeeding is also unpredictable month to month. As babies grow, their feedings may change. For example, if your baby goes through a growth spurt and suddenly increases the frequency of night feedings, it may interfere with your cycle.

Read more: Why women get irregular periods while breastfeeding »

Medical conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or thyroid problems may cause irregular cycles and missed periods. Some people may have very light periods, some may have very heavy periods, and some may skip periods altogether.

Menopause typically begins around age 50. In some people, however, it can start prematurely before the age of 40. It’s different for everyone. If you have missed your period for over 90 days and are not pregnant, talk with your doctor about getting tested for any underlying medical conditions.

Birth control may cause irregularities in your cycle. Other types of medications may lead to a missed period, as well. For example, blood pressure drugs or allergy medications can throw off your cycle.

There may be many reasons for a negative pregnancy test after a missed period. You may have an undiagnosed medical condition, such as PCOS, or be experiencing extreme stress.

After getting a negative test result, you should wait a few days to a week before taking another test. If you test negative a second time and still haven’t had your period, plan to see your doctor immediately.


Should you let your doctor know if you miss your period and aren’t pregnant?

Anonymous patient


Missing one’s period can be caused by a variety of factors, some of which are temporary and some of which are more lasting. Women who haven’t had their period for more than three months should bring this to their doctor’s attention. More in-depth evaluation may be necessary, with the goal of looking for potential underlying medical conditions that may be causing this, as well as addressing the ability to get pregnant, if desired.

Euna Chi, MDAnswers represent the opinions of our medical experts. All content is strictly informational and should not be considered medical advice.

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Missed Period – I Am Now 32 Days Late For My Period And The Home

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Missed period

Asked for Female, 19 Years

I am now 32 days late for my period and the home pregnancy tests I have taken have come up negative , stomach is sick not sure if that has to do with it or its just worry



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Disclaimer : The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.


Questions about pregnancy tests: page 3

Delayed menstruation, signs of pregnancy. What is the most reliable pregnancy test? How many days after conception can ultrasound detect pregnancy? What is HCG? Doctors of medical clinics “Art-Med” answer the questions of patients.

Ask a Question

My period ended a week ago. My chest began to hurt and a clear sticky liquid was released, I took a pregnancy test, the result was positive, the next day I repeated it, the same one, went to the gynecologist. The doctor said that the uterus is enlarged and sent for an ultrasound. On the ultrasound they said that the test is most likely false positive and I have two cysts in my left ovary, suspicion of paraovarian cysts. Two days later I took another test, again positive. Go to the doctor soon, they will prescribe treatment. Could it be pregnancy or a positive test result due to cysts?

To clarify the situation, take a blood test for hCG and repeat a pelvic ultrasound. First of all, it is necessary to exclude an ectopic pregnancy.

My second child was born by caesarean section. Only two months have passed, and the pregnancy test shows a positive result. Can there be a mistake with such a period?

Maybe. To clarify the fact of pregnancy, take a blood test for hCG twice with an interval of 2-3 days or do an ultrasound of the small pelvis.

Conception happened 10 days ago. no period for 10 days. The test is negative. How many more days to wait, and how do I know for sure if I’m pregnant or not?

Get a blood test for hCG. It is informative two weeks after conception.

I had sex 2 days before my period, my period didn’t come on time. As written on the test, from the second day of the delay I took a test – negative. Can I be pregnant and can it be that the test does not detect the presence of pregnancy?

For clarification, take a blood test for hCG.

My period is already 6 days late, I did 2 tests – negative! Today I noticed that my breasts are a little swollen! Could it be pregnancy?

For clarification, take a blood test for hCG.

Is pregnancy possible two months after birth?

Yes, it is possible.

Will a pregnancy test tell the truth if I take birth control pills?

To clarify the fact of pregnancy, it is best to take a blood test for hCG. Taking birth control pills does not affect the quality of the pregnancy test.

Delay 8 days, made 4 tests (different manufacturers). One showed a positive result, two – a negative one and no stripes at all. There are no changes in well-being. What is the likelihood of a cyst, pregnancy, or ectopic pregnancy?

To clarify the fact of pregnancy, take a blood test for hCG, and to exclude an ovarian cyst, do an ultrasound of the small pelvis.

Can it be argued that with a basal temperature of 37.2 for a week, it means that pregnancy has occurred? Delayed menstruation six days, the test is negative.

A prolonged increase in basal body temperature is possible not only during pregnancy, but also in the presence of a corpus luteum cyst, inflammation of the pelvic organs, etc. To clarify the diagnosis, take a blood test for hCG, do an ultrasound of the small pelvis and make an appointment with a gynecologist.

I had an abortion on June 25, bleeding for 12 days. Menstruation came July 29 to August 2. On September 7, I was diagnosed with a pregnancy of 5-6 weeks. On September 15, bleeding began, she was admitted to the hospital with a suspected ectopic pregnancy, but in the end, neither ultrasound nor blood for hCG showed pregnancy. Tests show a very faint second line. They did hemostatic injections. It’s been 2 days with no discharge. Could there be a pregnancy?

If the blood test for hCG is negative, then you are not pregnant at this stage.

My girlfriend is 6 days late, 12 days from the expected day of conception. They did three strip tests, all were negative, since it was very difficult for us to languish in anticipation for us to take a blood test for hCG. They called from the clinic and said that the test was negative, there was no pregnancy. What is the percentage of accuracy of the studies carried out and what could be the reason for the delay? The maximum period of delay for her 20-year life was 7 days due to a cold, 2 days ago this happened, but this was after the expected day of the arrival of menstruation.

Pregnancy can be diagnosed no earlier than 14 days after conception. But pregnancy is just one of the possible reasons for delayed menstruation. Read more about this in the publications on the website of our Center.

I had a delay of about 12 days, tests were positive, ultrasound showed no pregnancy, but showed that the left ovary was greatly enlarged and there was fluid inside. The results of ultrasound of the small pelvis: endometrium – 6.0 mm, lion. ovary – 66 to 53, right – 32 to 24. Conclusion – the formation of the left ovary NMC. The next day I went on vacation and could not come to the doctor, I have an appointment for a follow-up ultrasound in a week, nausea, enlarged breasts, there were dark red discharge, I did more tests – all positive, is this still pregnancy?

Your condition is very similar to pregnancy. To clarify the diagnosis, take a blood test for hCG, if the result is positive, repeat the ultrasound to exclude an ectopic pregnancy.

2 weeks ago nausea appeared in the morning, it rarely comes to vomiting, but it makes me so sick that I have to sit in the bathroom for a while until everything passes. In the evening, sometimes my head hurts and weakness appears, during the day I feel fine. The mammary glands are slightly enlarged, sometimes they ache. The delay in menstruation is also somewhere around 2 weeks, the pregnancy test showed a positive result. I am undergoing treatment for bronchial asthma. How likely is the pregnancy or the test can really be wrong? What tests will I need to pass to determine pregnancy and is it possible to make an appointment with a doctor in your clinic if I do not have a medical policy and even another citizenship?

To clarify the fact of pregnancy, take a blood test for hCG and / or do a pelvic ultrasound. All these studies can be carried out in our medical center. The presence of a policy and citizenship do not matter, since the services are paid.

If the fetus dies, does the test still show a positive result?

Pregnancy test remains positive long after the death of the embryo and even after termination of pregnancy. Therefore, in order to find out if the pregnancy is progressing, you need to take a blood test for hCG in dynamics or periodically do a pelvic ultrasound.

The last normal period was at the end of March, then there was unprotected contact, I took postinor, and there was bleeding from 13 to 17 April. After that, there were still unprotected contacts until the month of May … There are still no periods. Tests show negative. I did an ultrasound, they said that nothing was visible, but since the endometrium is 13 mm, menstruation should begin soon. I did an ultrasound on May 26, and now it’s already June 3, and there are not even signs of approaching menstruation, as usual (the chest begins to swell). I passed a smear, tests for latent infections by PCR – everything is in order. Usually, the day before the start of my period, my lower abdomen aches in the evening, and then for two weeks my stomach aches, usually in the evening, and yesterday all day, but nothing happens. Sometimes I began to suffer from heartburn, my stomach hurts. BT the last days – 36.7, 36.8, 36.8, 37.0, 37.0, 37.0 I can’t eat sweets – I feel sick (although this may be self-hypnosis?) and I want to sleep all the time. Can I still be pregnant? And if not, then what about me?

To definitely rule out pregnancy, take a blood test for hCG. If the result is negative, come to an appointment with a gynecologist, we will understand what is happening with your body.

I had a laparoscopic operation on March 22 (NMC of the type of secondary oligomenorrhea, PCOS. Primary infertility). Electropuncture of both ovaries, wedge resection of the right ovary. On March 26, I was discharged from the hospital in a satisfactory condition. I measure BT, it fluctuates between 36.8 – 37.4. It should be noted that my temperature has never risen above 36.9. Autoimmune thyroiditis is questionable (almost a year I have been drinking L-thyroxine 25 mg each). But on ultrasound of the thyroid gland – everything is fine. From March 29 to March 31, there were discharges, which occur during ovulation, BBT is high. My husband and I then had sex. And on April 4, I took a test – it showed 2 strips. Today is the 44th day of the cycle, but this is normal with my diagnosis, because the previous cycle was 104 days. Could laparoscopy have had such a beneficial effect that I got pregnant a week after the operation? An evening test from another company also showed 2 strips. What causes hCG levels to rise? I do not take any drugs or hormones. And the doctor says that pregnancy is impossible in my case, and that tests cannot determine pregnancy so early. In total, I did 5 tests from different companies – all of them are positive. The chest is a little swollen and aches in the morning. The basal temperature is 37.0-37.3, but dropped to 36.8 today, although I got up in the middle of the night and the measurement may be wrong. Yesterday and today I note slight bloody discharge, yesterday the blood was red, and today there is brownish discharge, but there are practically none. No pain, I feel good. Could it be implantation bleeding? What is happening to me? Am I pregnant?

To get an answer to the question of whether you are pregnant, take a blood test for hCG. And the described bleeding may turn out to be an ovulatory syndrome, a threat of abortion, etc.

Is it possible to get pregnant during menstruation?

Yes, if less than 7 days are left before ovulation.

I really want a baby, I couldn’t get pregnant for 2 years, now I’m 7 days late, the first test showed one clear line, and the second one was visible, the second test was negative, and the third one was the same as the first one. What test can give a 100 percent result?

Take a blood test for hCG, the result will show if you are pregnant. If yes, urgently go to the gynecologist, you may need treatment. If not, go through an infertility examination with your husband (read more about this in the “Medical Publications” section of our website).

If on the 4th day of menstruation, when there was very little (virtually no) discharge, there was unprotected intercourse – what is the probability of getting pregnant?

If less than 7 days remained before ovulation, then about 30%, if more than 7 days, then pregnancy could not occur. And ovulation occurs 10-14 days before the next menstruation. Here also consider.

I have been late for a week already, I did a test – two strips. Can I now do an ultrasound to accurately determine whether I am pregnant or not?

Yes, you can already have an ultrasound to diagnose pregnancy.

Are there any other ways to find out about pregnancy besides blood, urine, ultrasound and test? Can I determine if I am pregnant?

There are “probable” signs of pregnancy – engorgement of the mammary glands, cyanosis (blue) of the mucosa of the external genital organs, changes in taste sensations, etc. But this is a very unreliable diagnosis of pregnancy.

Is a pregnancy test at 11 weeks pregnant informative and indicative? Can a fuzzy second strip at this time indicate a decrease in the level of hCG, and as a result, an indicator of some kind of abnormality in the fetus? After all, the level of hCG gradually decreases by week 12, and by 10 it reaches its maximum. Might be worth getting tested for hCG?

The test – strips is a qualitative analysis for hCG, that is, it can be assessed whether this hormone is present in the urine or not. And it is impossible to judge the level of hCG in the blood by this test. To do this, you need to take a blood test for hCG. Especially since it’s time for you to do it (+РАРР). It’s also time for an ultrasound.

I am 8 days late, tests from different manufacturers show two strips, there are all signs of pregnancy. Yesterday I went for an ultrasound – the fetal egg was not found, the corpus luteum was in the right ovary. I am in shock, the pregnancy is very long-awaited, but there is no fertilized egg. Does this mean that there is no pregnancy? Ultrasound did outside.

To diagnose pregnancy and localize it, take a blood test for hCG and do a transvaginal ultrasound.

I have a small delay – only 3 days, I did several tests, everything showed – clear two stripes. The last menstruation was 5.11, today 6.11. I did an ultrasound and they told me that there is no fetal egg in the uterus, that it can still go through the tubes. Is it so?

At such a short gestational age, the fetal egg is not always visualized. Take a blood test for hCG and re-do an ultrasound in a week.

Stimulated for ovulation with clostilbegit. On the 10th day (07.11.06) there were 2 follicles on the left 1.6 and 1.7. On the 12th day, Pregnyl 5000 units was prescribed. BT – 13th DC – 37.0, 14th DC – 37.3, 15th DC – 37.3. On the 15th day, aching pains appeared in the left lower abdomen and in the back. Does this mean that ovulation has occurred and when can I get tested for hCG?

You have indeed ovulated. And pain can be a consequence of ovarian microapoplexy. You can take a blood test for hCG to diagnose pregnancy after November 24th.

My wife is already 9 days late. Three times I took a pregnancy test, and all three times a negative result. A week before the expected menstruation, following the doctor’s instructions, douching was done with a solution of “Romazulan” and tablets “Terzhinan” were used. Can this procedure affect the arrival of menstruation? Where should I go if menstruation does not come?

These drugs have nothing to do with the regulation of the menstrual cycle. It is necessary to consult a gynecologist in order to correctly diagnose.

I have not had my period for 14 days. I thought I was pregnant. But tests show otherwise, and still no periods. What could it be, tests could be wrong?

A pregnancy test can detect pregnancy from the first day of a missed period. With a gestational age of two weeks, a test error is unlikely. The reasons for the delay in menstruation may be different – you need an examination.

How can I find out if I am pregnant before my delay?

A pregnancy test can show it from the first day of a missed period. To control the result, you can take an analysis for hCG.

I had a cycle failure for 3 days, I took a pregnancy test (negative). Menstruation was, but shorter by two days, the discharge is very weak. Could this be the result of weight loss and stress? Or is it some kind of disease?

Weight changes and stress can cause menstrual irregularities, but there may be other reasons. You need to exclude the presence of pregnancy (get tested for hCG) and come for a face-to-face consultation.

The condom broke. I drank “Postinor” according to the instructions. There were discharge three days after taking it. Is the next menstruation due as usual, or is it necessary to count 28 days from the onset of discharge against the background of Postinor?

After taking Postinor, menstruation may come on time, earlier or later – it depends on the day of the menstrual cycle when you took the pills and on the characteristics of the hormonal background of the body.

Delayed menstruation – causes, norm, symptoms, signs, treatment, how to cause





How to get your period if you are late

If a woman does not have her period after 35 days or more, then we are talking about a delay. Late onset of menstruation can occur during puberty, reproduction, and premenopause.

A deviation from physiology is considered a failure in the menstrual cycle, in which the bleeding cycle is disturbed. Delay options – amenorrhea, opsomenorrhea, oligomenorrhea.

The duration of the cycle is determined by the interval from the beginning of menstruation to the first day of the next menstruation. In a healthy woman, it lasts from 3 weeks to 35 days, but more often 28-30.

The delay in menstruation is regarded as the norm and is natural in the period of puberty during the formation of the menstrual cycle (MC).

In the reproductive age, the absence of critical days may be manifested by the onset of pregnancy or lactation. During premenopause, a natural change in the cycle occurs, the duration of bleeding is shortened, and subsequently menstruation stops completely.

In other cases, the delay in menstruation is of pathological origin. In the absence of menstruation for more than a week, you should visit a doctor.


The manifestation of pathology is possible at any age. Often, with a negative pregnancy test, a delay in menstruation is provoked by a malfunction of the reproductive organs as a result of:

  • physiological causes;
  • the formation of the cycle in adolescence;
  • endocrine or gynecological pathology.

Regardless of the cause, the failure of the menstrual cycle almost always causes difficulties with the possibility of conception.

Physiological reasons for the failure of the menstrual cycle are factors that negatively affect the functioning of the reproductive and endocrine systems. During the period of natural violation of the MC, conception becomes impossible, since the egg loses its ability to fertilize.

Among other reasons:

  • malnutrition, often associated with weight loss diets;
  • change in climatic conditions, place of residence, type of activity;
  • mental and physical overwork;
  • state of stress, nervous tension;
  • decreased activity of the gonads during menopause;
  • lactation period.

In a woman of childbearing age, a delay in menstruation may be due to pregnancy. In its absence, doctors recommend a test.

A pregnant woman may experience nausea, breast swelling, mood changes. The absence of these complaints does not exclude the presence of pregnancy. To confirm or refute it, you can check the blood for hCG.

After the cessation of exposure to the causative factors that cause violations of the MC (NMC), menstruation is restored independently.

The presence of diseases of the endocrine and reproductive systems, accompanied by a change in the hormonal background, can cause a malfunction of the menstrual cycle. Among these diseases:

  • polycystic ovaries – this disease is accompanied by a high level of male hormone (testosterone), formed cysts disrupt the function of the gonads;
  • metabolic disorders in the body, contributing to obesity;
  • chronic pathologies of the ovaries and appendages;
  • follicle atresia;
  • surgical interventions: abortion, diagnostic curettage of the uterus and others that have a negative effect on the maturation of the endometrium;
  • benign and malignant tumors of the genital organs;
  • endometriosis;
  • dysfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • complications caused by sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Absence of regular periods in an adolescent girl

The delay and irregularity of the first menstruation can last up to a year and a half. Then the normal MC is established. The reason for the failure during this period is the inconstancy of the level of sex hormones in the body. The delay in menstruation at first is 10 days or more.

If the period of the formation of the cycle is delayed, a consultation with a gynecologist is necessary. A specialist with the help of certain tests will determine the possible causes of the violation. Although menstruation is irregular in the formative period, a teenage girl’s reproductive function is not impaired and she can become pregnant.


The only sign of a delay in menstruation is their untimely start or complete absence. In this case, it will be useful to monitor your condition.

The presence of concomitant symptoms helps to establish what causes the delay in menstruation. Additionally, the pathology may manifest itself as:

  • a state of nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • loss or rapid weight gain;
  • headache;
  • engorgement of the mammary glands;
  • the appearance of weakness, fatigue.


If the delay in menstruation lasts no longer than 5-7 days, and then menstruation begins, then this condition is not associated with the disease. With a longer absence of menstruation and constantly recurring similar episodes, you should contact a female doctor for examination.

Diagnosis in the presence of complaints of a delay in menstruation is aimed at finding the cause that caused this condition, which will affect the treatment process. The examination involves the conduct of laboratory and instrumental research methods, the results of which are prescribed treatment.

The following are used in the diagnostic process:

  • standard examination of the patient by a gynecologist;
  • measurement of indicators of basal temperature, in order to confirm the presence of ovulation or its absence;
  • a blood test for the level of hormones synthesized by the pituitary gland, ovaries, including hCG;
  • ultrasound of the genital organs and pelvic cavity to determine pregnancy or pathological changes;
  • MRI and CT of the brain – if necessary, if it is necessary to exclude a tumor-like lesion of the pituitary gland.

It is advisable to diagnose the delay in menstruation in the same medical institution where the specialist is receiving.

If the results of the research do not reveal the presence of problems associated with gynecology in a woman, then consultations of other specialists will be required: an endocrinologist, a nutritionist, a psychotherapist.


Treatment for pathological delay in menstruation depends on various causes and is aimed at eliminating them. There are no special medications that help provoke the onset of menstruation.

After elimination of the factors causing the pathology, the menstrual cycle is restored.

How to induce menstruation in case of a delay

Doing this without the help of a doctor is unsafe for health. So, for example, taking drugs that have an abortive effect provokes a hormonal imbalance, which can cause the development of complications in the future.

Relatively safe are the following methods, if the period of delay of menstruation is small:

  • active participation in sports, unless the cause is due to overwork;
  • increased sexual activity;
  • taking a hot bath lasting no more than half an hour.

Of the popular recipes are considered effective:

  • the use of parsley in large quantities;
  • taking a decoction of onion peel;
  • infusion of plants (nettle leaves, wild rose, Rhodiola rosea, knotweed, oregano, elecampane).

As prescribed by the gynecologist, Duphaston and Pulsatilla preparations can be used.

The author of the article:

Shklyar Alexey Alekseevich

obstetrician-gynecologist, surgeon, KMN, head of the direction “Obstetrics and Gynecology”

work experience 10 years

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m. Sukharevskaya



30.12.2021 21:55:20


Sukharevskaya metro station


Alexey Shklyar

I turned to Shklyar Alexey Alekseevich I want to express my deepest gratitude to the entire team of the operating unit Shklyar Alexey Alekseevich. You all doctors are with a capital letter. I never get tired of thanking God for bringing me to you. I came to you on the recommendation of Sorvacheva M.V. We got in touch with the doctor by phone and appointed the day of the operation. For the first time, I was pleasantly surprised how Alexey Alekseevich told me everything in detail and reassured me. A couple of weeks later, I arrived at the clinic at 10.00 with a complete list of tests, and already at 11 I was lying on the operating table, to be honest, I didn’t even have time to get scared) Then the anesthetist magician came and I fell asleep sweetly. I woke up already in bed, nothing hurt, there were no side effects, just a normal morning awakening. I would never have believed that this was even possible, I am very grateful for a wonderful dream. Before that, I had more than one general anesthesia in state hospitals, and now I understand for sure that they apparently wanted to kill me there, but it didn’t work out. For the next two hours, until it was impossible to get up, wonderful nurses came to me asking how I felt and if I needed something, they put droppers, and I lay and did not believe that everything terrible was over)) 2 hours after the operation, I was already getting up and drank delicious broth and tea. The rest of the time before sleep, I walked around the ward, I didn’t feel any pain at all, a little weakness and nothing more. The next morning I was fed deliciously and discharged home. After being discharged, Aleksey Alekseevich is constantly in touch, he worries about my well-being more than even my relatives. I needed further treatment, he even helps me with this by calling the best doctors and clinics, supporting me. And now I know for sure that I am in the most reliable hands. Thank you very much again. Prosperity to your clinic and low bow to all your doctors. You are the best!!!


15.05.2021 15:21:57


Sukharevskaya metro station


Alexey Shklyar

On May 7, 2021, I had a minor gynecological operation in SOD, and I would like to express my gratitude to the attending physician, to the head of the gynecological department Shklyar Aleksey Alekseevich, – for high professionalism, and exceptionally friendly attitude, understandable recommendations. The doctor communicates very correctly, clearly and with explanations.
Special thanks to the anesthetist Alexey Valeryevich Fomin, for the quality anesthesia (I was more afraid of anesthesia than the operation itself), but everything went well, I was “not present” at the operation, and the condition after anesthesia was normal, as after waking up in the morning, no “side effects” ‘ did not feel.
After the operation, nothing hurt after half an hour, and after an hour and a half, I went home.
The attitude in the hospital was the most friendly, including from the nurses and the administrator at the reception (unfortunately, I did not ask for names).
It’s been a week since the operation, and only the discharge summary # 140035314 reminds me of it.
I’m very glad that I trusted the experience of the Polyclinic.


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