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La Petite Academy on Dutchtown Road in Knoxville, TN | 9150 Dutchtown Road

Your School La Petite Academy on Dutchtown Road



La Petite Academy on Dutchtown Road

Welcome to Our School

Welcome to La Petite Academy educational childcare in Knoxville, TN! My name is Robyn and I am the academy director. I have been with La Petite since 1992 and drawing from this experience, I am confident in saying that our center offers the best Infant care, Preschool and other Age-Specific programs in our neighborhood.

We are proud to share that our learning center here in Knoxville has three stars (the maximum available) in the Tennessee Star Quality Child Care program. I believe this is because we have highly trained, long-term teachers who truly care about our students.

We’re committed to keeping you connected throughout the day while your child is in our care. Get access to live streaming video of your child’s classroom, plus other real-time updates, with our exclusive mobile app for families, SproutAbout.

Please call or visit today to schedule a tour of our wonderful La Petite Academy in Knoxville, TN! We look forward to meeting you!

Here’s what people have to say

4.9 out of 5 stars

Friendly, caring & loving teachers. Very safe environment for children.

Verified Shopper

I love this school and the staff. My daughter has learned so much from the instructors. They really do care about the students that attend there. Robyn and Libby are wonderful. I feel like they’re part of my family now.

Verified Shopper

This place is great! Great teachers that communicate well with my family. My daughter loves it here!

Verified Shopper

The teachers & entire staff are amazing. Caring, genuine good people. I know my child is in good hands.

Verified Shopper

This school and there staff have been amazing. It’s clear to see the development in my child and how well she has done with there help. I absolutely love this school and would recommend it to anyone.

Verified Shopper

La Petite Cedar Bluff has been such a positive experience. The staff is pleasant and engaging. My kids adore their teachers and I feel confident they are in a safe environment.

Verified Shopper

Caring, friendly, loving, outgoing & fun staff. Very personable. My child is always happy to go here.

Verified Shopper

It’s a great place, I know my child is well cared for

Verified Shopper

Love this school. They have gone above and beyond to love and nurture my child.

Verified Shopper

Overall, La Petite has been great for my son. He has been very happy there.

Verified Shopper

Grow Your Connection

With SproutAbout, you won’t miss a thing when your child is at school with us. Take a peek at the engaging experience provided by our new app.

Learn About Electives

For an additional fee, go beyond regular classroom learning experiences with our enhanced series of fun, interactive enrichment programs exploring a variety of activities. We offer:

Soccer, Music, Yoga, Spanish, Phonics, Handwriting & Advanced Math

Tech + Tinker™

21st Century Learning Experiences

Our School-Age classroom is a perfect setting for productive, engaging mornings and afternoons, where children become thinkers, makers, and doers. Some enhancements in this classroom include:

  • iPads with keyboards and educational apps
  • Robots for coding challenges
  • Grow Fit-friendly video games that encourage collaboration and movement


Meet Our Staff

Robyn Arnwine, Director

Education: Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

I have over 26 years of experience working with young children. I have a passion for children’s education and love watching children’s eyes light up when they learn and experience new things.

Meet Our Staff

Libby Tindell, Assistant Director

Education: Child Development Associate

Certifications: Technical Certificate

I have been working in child care since 1988 and with La Petite since 1995. I am a mother of three sons and I have four grandchildren. The best part of my job is building lifelong relationships with our families.

Meet Our Staff

Angie Jenkins, Team Lead

Education: Child Development Associate

I have worked for La Petite since 2002. I have spent many of those years working in the toddler room and moved into the team lead role in 2015.

Local School Phone Number: 865.693.5770865.693.5770

License #: 47/23265A


La Petite Academy of Madison in Madison, AL | 103 West Dublin Drive

Your School La Petite Academy of Madison



La Petite Academy of Madison

Welcome to Our School

Welcome to La Petite Academy educational daycare located in Madison, AL!

It is our goal to create a warm and loving environment for our children that fosters learning while they grow physically, emotionally and intellectually.

We believe it is very important that we make each family feel at home in our school and we work diligently with parents to ensure their needs are being met on a day-to-day basis.

Our teachers work hard to make sure the children are actively learning throughout the day. We plan weekly lessons and themes that encourage and challenge children to stimulate their minds.

We’re committed to keeping you connected throughout the day while your child is in our care. Get access to live streaming video of your child’s classroom, plus other real-time updates, with our exclusive mobile app for families, SproutAbout.

If you are looking for a family-oriented child care center in Madison, AL, then call or schedule a tour online to visit our friendly neighborhood, La Petite Academy today!

Here’s what people have to say

5 out of 5 stars

overall great experience great group of staff workers

Verified Shopper

Overall amazing!!! Love the amazing staff!

Verified Shopper

Staff is excellent and my daughter knows everyone well.

Verified Shopper

My children absolutely love their school and all the teachers! I truly feel that they love my family and I as their own!

Verified Shopper

From the beginning especially with me being a new; I was made to feel comfortable with leaving my son at the school. The staff have been great and always show care and concern with my son as well as all the other children th as t attend the school. I can honestly say I am impressed and pleased.

Verified Shopper

The school and teachers are great. Warm and welcoming everyday and interact with me and my child all the time. He loves going to school!

Verified Shopper

They are great. Everyone loves her and she comes home so happy

Verified Shopper

This is an amazing school! From the director to the teachers! My children have come a long way since enrolling both educationally and socially. They really are or e second family. I strongly encourage any parent to give LaPetite a chance, you won’t regret it!

Verified Shopper

Grow Your Connection

With SproutAbout, you won’t miss a thing when your child is at school with us. Take a peek at the engaging experience provided by our new app.

Learn About Electives

For an additional fee, go beyond regular classroom learning experiences with our enhanced series of fun, interactive enrichment programs exploring a variety of activities. We offer:

Soccer, Music, Yoga, Spanish, Phonics, Handwriting & Advanced Math

Open a window to your child’s day.

SproutAbout®, our exclusive family app, provides free live streaming video of your child’s classroom to your mobile device.

Learn More

Meet Our Staff

DeJunna High-Woodard, Director

Certifications: Childcare Management Certificate

My name is Dejunna High-Woodard. I am the new director here at La Petite Academy in Madison and am so excited to start this new journey with Learning Care Group.
With over 13 years in childcare, I started out as a part time teacher and worked my way up to director. I have managed two different centers in the Huntsville area and have enjoyed every minute of working with the children, their families and my staff.

Local School Phone Number: 256.461.8916256.461.8916

License #: L45000032



Is the sticker some kind of new card?

Yes, this is a debit Alpha Card, only in sticker format. All the main benefits will be available to you: cashback, free transfers and payments, cash withdrawals without commission, and so on. You need to link the sticker to any of your accounts.

How does the payment sticker work?

The NFC chip is embedded in the sticker. To pay, you need to bring a phone or other object with a sticker pasted to the terminal. It is best to apply the sticker to the top of the terminal or to the side, since that is where the card reader is located.

How do I stick a sticker on my phone?

You need to squeeze out the part with the cat, like a SIM card, stick it on the bottom of the phone or to the right of the camera. Do not stick a sticker on the Apple logo – the phone’s payment chip is located there, and it will conflict with the sticker. Detailed instructions here:

Can I withdraw money from an ATM from a payment sticker?

Yes, if the ATM supports the contactless withdrawal option. There are 94% of such ATMs in Alfa-Bank.

What should I do if, when paying with a sticker using iPhone, cards that are added to Wallet first appear?

Need to remove all bank cards from Wallet. This is due to the iPhone settings – when paying, the cards added to Wallet are used first.

Can I order a sticker in a mobile application or Alfa-Online?

No. The sticker can only be ordered on the website:

And if I lose the sticker, can it be reissued?

Yes, it can be reissued like a regular debit card. In the application, as well as in the chat, contact center or any of our branches.

Does the sticker contain my card information? How safe is it?

Yes, the sticker contains personal information: card number, full name, expiration date and code.
The sticker is as safe as a regular bank card. All information is posted on a large part of the sticker that comes off – we advise you to keep it in a safe place.

What should I do if the sticker does not work?

Try a few more terminals, also try withdrawing money from an ATM. The sticker is a new product on the market, and there are cases where some samples do not work correctly. If the error repeats, contact any Alfa-Bank branch or write to the chat, we will reissue the sticker for you.

Does the sticker need to be activated?

Yes, in the mobile application.

Can the sticker be blocked?

Yes, in the same way as a plastic card. This can be done in our mobile application or in Alpha Online.

Can I manage the sticker in the app?

Yes. In the same way as with a regular card.

What if the sticker is lost?

Block him in the mobile application or Alfa-Online. If it doesn’t work, call the bank.

How to properly apply a sticker to the terminal?

The sticker can be applied to either side of the terminal. But the most common models of terminals have payment chips on the side or top of the screen.

What if the sticker comes off and gets lost?

Once the sticker is peeled off, it can be easily stuck back on. You can also paste it on other phones.
If the sticker is lost, it must be blocked in the application.

Can it be peeled off and re-glued by myself?

Yes, you can stick it yourself. And also re-glue as many times as you want.

If I have an Android phone, can I order a sticker?

You can, but on all phones of the Android operating system, you can install the Mir Pay application and pay without a sticker at all. And as before, just by phone.

Can I choose a sticker design?

Not currently available. The sticker is issued only with a cat.

User manual – Help

We have developed the system taking into account the wishes of users and tried to make it convenient and intuitive for payers. But if you suddenly encounter difficulties when registering or paying, use the instructions for working with the service.

The AllPayments service takes care of the security of your financial transactions by regularly modifying the security system and promptly fixing vulnerabilities. For the correct use of the service, work in the current version of the browser with the latest security updates.

How to register on the site

1. To register on the site, click on the “Register” button, which is located in the upper right corner of the page:

2. Enter your phone number – it will receive a registration confirmation code, enter it in the field that appears.

3. Done! Registration completed – now in your personal account in the “Settings” section you can specify your mail, confirm your identity and set your login password. The password must contain at least 8 characters, latin letters, numbers and special characters.

The registration procedure in your personal account is performed only once, after which you will be able to enter the personal account of the service using your phone number.

You can make payments without registration, but this limits the possibilities of working with the service – by registering in your personal account, you can view your payment history, create payment templates, use SMS reminders and many other useful features. Also, in your personal account, all payment receipts are always available to you – you can save them, send them by e-mail, print them. The most important advantage of registering a personal account is the ability to accumulate bonus points and use them to pay for any services on the AllPayments service. 9& * ( ) _ + ` – = { } [ ] : ; < > . / \

Password recommendations:

  • relatives, pet names, car numbers, phone numbers and other passwords that can be guessed based on information about the user.
  • Do not use the same password for different accounts.
  • When you need to come up with a password, use passphrases. It is important to compose a passphrase from several words or expressions in order to get a long string that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for other people to guess and pick up. You can add a few random characters and letters to it to increase reliability.

For example, you were on vacation this year and you really liked the city you went on an excursion to. Let’s say Marseille, and that was in 2011. Make up a password from the words: Letov Marseille 2011. But choose the English layout. Your password will look like this: KtnjdVfhtctkt2011. The password looks very complex (small and large letters, numbers), but you can easily remember it and you do not need to write it down.

If you come up with a password in accordance with the requirements of the system, the system will accept it and register you.

How to pay for services?

1. In the search box, select the service provider you need:

The input field will automatically prompt you to select suitable providers after the first letters entered.

2. When you click on the required supplier, a payment form opens – be sure to check the supplier’s TIN when paying! It must match the number on your receipt.

3. When choosing a provider, the site will redirect you to a payment gateway page that meets security standards and your card details remain secure.

4. Complete the payment process using your payment card details.

5. At any time, you can ask for help from an online consultant (chat in the lower right corner of the screen), or call 8 800-700-08-38 , and they will help you solve problems that you may have you while using the AllPayments service. Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

6. If you did not find the required supplier in the list of proposed ones, you can use the form “Payment by details”

What to do if the system highlights payment fields in red and payment is not made?

In order for your payment to arrive as intended, the system imposes certain requirements on the forms to be filled out. In some cases, it will point out an error to you and ask you to correct it. For example, incorrect number of characters, extra space, incorrect TIN. Check the data again, if the error is corrected, the line highlighting in red will disappear. If you have any questions about the forms of payment and registration, as well as about the operation of the service, call the hotline +7 800 700-08-38.

Receipt: how to download and print?

1. In order to view a previously paid receipt, you need to go to your personal account, select the “History” tab, click on the “View and print” button (the icon in the form of a printer):

2. By clicking on the specified button The Quick Print Receipt page opens. To print a receipt, select the desired printer, and to save the receipt to your computer, select “Save as PDF” among printers:

And then save the receipt to the selected folder on your computer:

Fee when paying for services

When paying for services, a fee may be charged. For information on the size of the commission when paying for a particular supplier, you can find in the document Tariffs of NCO “Perspektiva” (LLC) for servicing individuals. Information about the amount of the commission is also indicated on the data entry page, and after payment, the amount of the commission withheld is displayed on the receipt:

A whole team of specialists is working to ensure that payments are made on time, payments are made as intended and meet all security requirements. Not all providers include the cost of payment processing services on the payer’s receipt, so in some cases we are forced to charge a fee.

What should I do if my payment does not reach the service provider?

If all payment details are entered correctly, the payment will go to its destination.

In the case of utility bills, a situation may occur when the payment is received by the supplier after he has submitted monthly indications for the payment of the next month (this applies more to late payers and small utilities). In this case, a debt may appear in the receipt, which in fact does not exist.

If you have any questions related to the accrual and transfer of payments using the AllPayments service, call the hotline of our round-the-clock support service +7 800 700-08-38. They will definitely help you, find a payment, send a receipt for payment, and advise.

Transfer of readings on the website

Contractual relations with a number of utility providers allow the VsePayti service to accept from users not only payments for services, but also meter readings. In the online mode, the readings transmitted using our service are transferred to the resource supplying organization and are taken into account when billing for the next month.

To transfer readings, go to the “Submit meter readings” section or find the right supplier marked “Transfer of readings”, example:

With regular payment and timely transfer of testimony, receipts will come with completed information.

Transfers from card to card

Another useful feature of the AllPayments service is the transfer of funds from card to card. In order to transfer money as a gift, return a debt or thank someone, you only need the recipient’s card number: