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Parkway Day Care Centre

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Parkway Day Care is a non-profit organization that is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board of Directors meets monthly to discuss the issues that impact our families and children first. We are guided by our four core values which are: Well being of Children, Positivity, Team Player, and Respect.

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Our infant program is licensed for 9 infants, with a 1-3 teacher child ratio.
Ages 0 to 18 months.


Our preschool program is licensed for 39 preschool children, with a 1-8 teacher child ratio.
Ages 2.5 to 4 years


Our toddler program is licensed for 15 toddlers, with a 1-5 teacher child ratio.
Ages 18 months to 2.5 years


We offer before and after school care at Jarvis Public School and Walpole North Public School.  We also offer PA day, March Break & Summer programs located at Jarvis Public School. Contact the Townsend location for any information.

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Parkway Day Care Centre has been serving the community for over 30 years. 

Parkway adheres to a holistic approach of early childhood education. When we expose children to different environments and various learning experiences, we allow them to explore their self-awareness and gain a sense of the world around them. Once they leave our Child Care Centre, they’re fully prepared for the next stage of their young lives.

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Parkway Day Care Centre’s program is designed to support many areas to meet all developmental areas for each individual child’s needs. We support a rich variety of experiences throughout the day. These areas will foster the children’s exploration, play and inquiry.

Our staff are qualified Registered Early Childhood Educators and Parkway Day Care promotes training and development to ensure that all educators are trained in the most current research.

Nutrition: our menus are based on Canada’s Food Guide to promote healthy eating. Our cook attends courses to further her knowledge and holds a current Food Handlers Certificate. We offer a morning and afternoon snack, along with a hot lunch. We accommodate the children’s dietary needs to the best of our ability.




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At Parkway Day Care Centre our first and for most objective is to provide quality care for children, complementing the care that family members provide. In providing such care staff members promote the development of the whole child. Recognizing each child’s individual needs and encouraging children’s abilities to try new things and explore new ideas, will develop their own unique creativities.

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All Children must be registered on the Haldimand Norfolk One List. Priority is based on application date. The supervisor will continue to monitor the list and contact you as soon as availability arises.  
Once you are on the wait list you may call or email the centre to see where you are on the wait list.
To apply on the wait list go to:

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85 Nanticoke Creek Pkwy, Townsend, ON N0A 1S0, Canada

[email protected]

(519) 587-5796

Fax (519) 587-5510

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Daycare, Boarding, Grooming | Animal Activity Center Clinton Township

Upcoming Events

  • Debbie

    We bored our 2 Jack Russell’s there. Have for about 9 years. They are always in daycare also…Very happy. I do not worry when we go away. And they love it also!!!Dr Engle is our vet there.

  • Cathy

    We brought my mom’s little dog Dixie in for grooming today. She saw Courtney (sp ?) for the first time. It certainly won’t be the last! We had forgotten that there was such a cute little dog under all that hair. Lol. Dixie looks absolutely adorable – possibly the best hair cut she’s ever had. Plus, she came home with no stress carryover. Additionally, they were able to coordinate the grooming with an appointment with Dr Kiupers (sp ?) next door at Parkway. So pleased!!!!! Thank you Courtney, Dr K, and AAC.

  • Cher

    I was referred by two clients of mine who have been bringing their doggies here for a long time. Sunny loves going to day care. Everyone is always so friendly, and it’s very obvious how much the whole staff loves animals. I am so glad I found them! It gives me great peace of mind knowing Sunny is in good hands when I drop him off!

  • Alivia

    “They are absolutely wonderful always willing to work with my work schedule, love that I can late pick up if I need to, love that when I tell Bella she’s going to day care the morning of she freaks out till she gets there, and I love love love that there’s 24hour staff when she’s boarding She absolutely loves animal activity center and so do I!! thanks for keeping my fur-baby happy and tired to an amazing staff you all make a great team!”

  • Marlene

    “Just love this place Always so good for our Grooming and Vet needs . . always a thumbs up!”

  • Becky

    “We have boarded our 2 year old Bull Terrier “Mysti” there multiple times and she has always had the BEST care from the staff. She loves it there! Thank you to the wonderful employees for doing such a terrific job. A special shout out to the daycare workers and the groomer- they are amazing!”

  • Diane

    “We have boarded our 2 year old Whoodle, Rylee, multiple times as well. The staff take real good care of her. We do use the grooming services every 6 weeks as well as the vet services. GREAT place so happy we found this place two years ago.”

  • Kristina

    “Bonnie loves her twice-a-week play dates with all the other dogs at AAC! It is great knowing she is getting attention from great people and not stuck in a boring old cage all day while I’m at work!”

  • Kate

    “My dog Vedder is very well taken care of at Animal Activity Center. He gets so excited in the car when he knows we are going for daycare. Thanks to the whole crew over there!

  • Tom

    “I’ve been taking my pitbull Sadie here for just over a month now and she absolutely loves it! I mention daycare and her tail pops up and she runs to the garage door. The staff is both courteous and knowledgeable. I trust them completely with her.  I tell everyone I know who has a dog to bring them there.”

  • Mike

    “Great place to take your dogs! They have great staff who take good of the animals and really nice daycare room!”

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ZhK Kavkazsky Boulevard 51, prices for apartments in the new building Kavkazsky Boulevard 51 on the official website of PIK 0003

From 6 million ₽

Deadline 2024 – 2025 to

21 990 340

484 offers

About the project

The Kavkazsky Boulevard 51 project is being built in the Tsaritsyno district, not far from the museum-reserve of the same name. To the metro station “Kantemirovskaya” – 17 minutes on foot.

For 20 you can walk to Chertanovo station. Moscow Ring Road is 10 minutes by car, Varshavskoe shosse is 11 minutes, and TTK is 16 minutes.

The project includes residential buildings with a height of 23 to 33 floors, a kindergarten and a school. Shops, cafes, beauty salons and other services will open on the first floors – to buy coffee and fresh bread for breakfast, you can simply go down the elevator. In cozy courtyards-parks there will be places for recreation and playgrounds.

The area around Kavkazsky Boulevard 51 has everything for a comfortable life: kindergartens, schools, clinics, shops and shopping centers. Nine minutes by car – and you are at the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve, where you can walk among historical buildings, lie on the grass under the shade of trees or play sports on special grounds. There are parks even closer: you can walk to Arshinovskiy in 8 minutes, and to Sosenki Park in 13 minutes.

Video about the project

View all

Features of the project The location of houses and the distance between them in Kavkazsky Boulevard 51 are chosen so that each apartment has light. On the ground floors there are shops and cafes. A kindergarten and a school will open on the territory. There is a lot of greenery in the park yards, there are benches, tables and playgrounds, but there are no cars: underground parking lots have been built for them.

Life in Kavkazsky Boulevard 51

The houses of Kavkazsky Boulevard 51 form quarters: the courtyards are cozy parks, and outside there are sports grounds, a kindergarten and a school. We thought in advance where it would be convenient for residents to walk, relax, play, play sports and chat with neighbors.


There are more than 75 different layouts in Kavkazsky Boulevard 51: from compact studios to apartments for large families. You can buy an apartment with a finished finish – and immediately move in. 9View 12 offers


There are no excursions in this project yet. Familiarize yourself with PIK building standards in other residential areas in your city.

Sign up for a tour

You can choose the date and time, the tour lasts about an hour.

You will be met by a guide

Will show you courtyards, children’s and sports grounds, an apartment with decoration and furniture.

Construction progress

Nearest settlement: May 29, 2024, Building 1.1

Video review

Taken on May 17, 2023

Project news

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June 07, 2023

Start of sales of parking spaces

Start of sales of spaces in the underground parking on the project “Kavkazsky Boulevard”

07 June 2023

Start of sales of storerooms

Sales of storage rooms began in buildings 1.1-1.4 of the Kavkazsky Boulevard quarter

May 04, 2023

Subscribe to the auction for the sale of parking spaces in the Kavkazsky Boulevard 51 project

On May 11, the sale of parking spaces in the Kavkazsky Boulevard 51 project will begin.

Developer documentation

003 Skobelevskaya street

15 min

from 5 013 887 ₽

All projects0000 Cafe “Boulevard”

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Philadelphia maki


Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, boiled rice, nori, marinated ginger, wasabi

Yin yang maki


Tuna, perch, tobiko, boiled rice, nori, marinated ginger, wasabi

Izumidai maki


Izumidai perch, boiled rice, nori, marinated ginger, wasabi

Haru no maki


Bell pepper, cucumber, fetax cheese, lettuce, greens, boiled rice, nori, marinated ginger, wasabi


California maki, takuan maki, sushi salmon, shrimp, octopus, spicy scallop, halibut

1300 ₽


Love maki, takuan maki, izumidai maki, oyako maki, kappa maki

1800 ₽


Dragon roll, Fuji yama roll, Geisha roll, gunkan maki with scallop, salmon, tobiko, halibut, crab, sushi salmon, scallop, tuna, perch, halibut

5000 ₽

Set “Philadelphia”


Blue-core halibut, cream cheese, cucumber, salmon, shrimp, izumidai perch, tobiko, lettuce, crab, tuna, boiled rice, normi, marinated ginger, wasabi

2000 ₽

Yaki tori maki


Baked chicken breast, cream cheese, hard cheese, Dutch cheese, cucumber. unagi sauce, nori, marinated ginger, wasabi

Yaki ebi maki


Izumidai perch, cream cheese, shrimp, mayonnaise, avocado, tobiko, unagi sauce, sesame seeds, boiled rice, nori, marinated ginger, wasabi

Yaki spicy maki


Salmon, crab meat, scallop, tobiko, spicy sauce, unagi sauce, sesame seeds, boiled rice, norm, marinated ginger, wasabi

Yaki acai maki


Cucumber, lettuce, bell pepper, shiitake mushrooms, mayonnaise, unagi sauce, sesame seeds, boiled rice, nori, pickled ginger, wasabi


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Meat pizza


Semi-smoked sausage, ham, Mozzarella cheese, Dutch cheese, tomato sauce, bell pepper, black olives on classic dough

Garlic and cheese cake


Mozzarella cheese, garlic, basil, classic crust

Chicken and mushroom pizza, thick crust

BBQ pizza, thick crust


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Teriyaki chicken


Chicken breast, Teriyaki sauce, boiled rice, sesame seeds, fresh cucumber

Tonkatsu pork


Pork, breadcrumbs, tonkatsu sauce

BBQ Ribbon


Pork ribs, potato wedges, barbecue sauce, onion

Kimchi rib strip


Pork ribs, kimchi sauce, potato wedges, barbecue sauce, onion

Fish and seafood

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Salmon in cream sauce


Salmon, cream, lemon, sesame

Shrimp in cream sauce


Shrimp, animal cream, garlic, lemon

Sinecore halibut baked


Blue halibut, lemon

Asian flounder


Flounder, garlic sauce, chuka salad, lemon


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Caesar salad Boulevard with chicken


Chicken breast, lettuce, tomatoes, croutons, mustard dressing, parmesan cheese

Roasted vegetable vinaigrette with herring


Beets, potatoes, green peas, pickled cucumbers, herring, chuka salad, mayonnaise, bread croutons

Chuka Light


Chuka algae, cucumber, walnut sauce, sesame

Chuka salad

Chuka seaweed, walnut sauce, sesame


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Cheesecake white


Cream cheese, animal cream, white chocolate, pine nuts, biscuit, butter

Chocolate pancakes with banana


Chocolate pancakes, fresh bananas, mascarpone cream cheese, powdered sugar, cream

Carrot dessert


Biscuit: carrots, raisins, walnuts, sugar, cinnamon, flour, egg, sour cream.