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KidZone & Beyond | Seminole County Public Schools

KidZone & Beyond offers before and after school child care, afterschool enrichment and summer camp. The program is designed to enrich children’s lives educationally, socially, culturally, emotionally, physically and to provide a safe and familiar setting for pre-kindergarten and elementary school children. We focus on meeting the needs of working parents by offering a safe, accessible, affordable program that is school based. We will achieve these goals through activities that allow for creativity, discovery and exploration.

KidZone & Beyond and K-Zone Program Updates

2022 – 2023 Spring Enrichment 

KidZone is continuing to offer its Enrichment Program! SCPS students in grades K – 5 can participate in after-school extracurricular activities — from basketball to STEM — at 20 select campuses. Download the Spring Enrichment Flyer for general information.

Registration begins Monday, January 16, 2023 and has been extended to Wednesday, February 15, 2023.  

View the Spring Enrichment Course Schedule for class descriptions and meeting days, times, and locations.

View specific class meeting dates.

2022 – 2023 Spring Break Camp

KidZone’s Spring Break Camp will be open to SCPS students in kindergarten through fifth grade March 13 – 17! The exciting spring-themed activities planned are sure to keep them engaged while school is out.

Registration begins Friday, February 3, 2023. Visit www.msbactivities.com to apply for the program.

Download the Spring Break Camp Flyer for details and daily rates.

2022-2023 Before and After Care

Register for Before and After Care for the 2022-2023 School Year!

View our 2022-2023 School Year Registration information.

Tax Information

Please see the steps below on how to obtain your Tax Information for 2021 (July – December) and 2022:

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PROCARE (January 2021- June 2021). 

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General Information

Our core values are guided by professional conduct, mutual respect, high performance and citizenship. We are driven each day to provide high quality childcare that fosters creativity, social growth, and allows children to expand upon their imagination.

Students should be able to function independently in a 25:1 student/child care provider ratio. Pre-kindergarten students must be 4 years of age by September 1 of the school year and fully potty-trained. We take pride in providing a family-friendly program that strives to enrich the life of each child. In collaboration with all of our parents, we encourage and motivate each child to AIM for Excellence!

For more information, please email us at [email protected].


239 Rinehart Rd.

Lake Mary, FL 32746

Before and After School Program

Setting the bar higher with a robust youth program founded on FUN

The sounds of kids laughing and playing are the sounds of kids learning at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Oviedo. In our before and after school program, your child can build upon their education outside of school by participating in various clubs and activities, after school homework support that challenge them in fun new ways! Your child will learn more and grow more by making new friends and absorbing new concepts every day.

We provide great before and after school care in Oviedo, FL for your kids so you can trust that they’re in good hands. Our after school daycare and child care programs are perfect for working parents who want their kids to develop and grow while having a good time.

School Age Kids ‘R’ Kids Tour Our School

VIDEO: The robust School Age Program where great things happen everyday

Defining their greatness

We happen to believe that kids are pretty great to begin with

Our before and after school program, holiday breaks and summer camps are designed to help kids dig a little deeper and find those ambitions, traits and talents that will help them define their personal greatness.

From fun character-building and STEAM-based activities to social interactions with real staying power, our G. Y.M curriculum® is ideal for “Growing Young Minds” – providing your child with the tools necessary to make their dreams a reality.

Shared experiences lead to lasting friendships

They go together like peanut butter and jelly

Social development is an important part of the role we play in your child’s life. Whether before and after school or during one of our camps, our program gives kids a chance to interact in a fun, stress-free and collaborative environment. Memory making occurs here daily as kids share experiences, and laughter is sure to erupt during action-packed activities.

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Digging a little deeper to find those ambitions, traits and talents

Kids try new things as they gain confidence

Forming friendships and tackling challenges together are only part of the equation to becoming more confident. Opportunity and encouragement play major roles, too. That’s why our engaged teachers inspire kids to explore unchartered territories like sports, art, drama, science, technology, cooking and more.

Finding a passion and unearthing an unknown talent go a long way in building a kid’s sense of self-worth – assuring them they are truly enough, and their potential greatness knows no bounds!

Where curiosity launches innovation everyday

Curiosity launches innovation!

More robust than most, our innovative before-and-after school program is thoughtfully engineered for K – 5th grade students! We provide a wide variety of activity clubs to fit their interests and homework clubs to ensure their scholastic success, while providing dedicated homework-free family time at the end of the day.

Our program serves as an impactful segue between the demands of school and the comforts of home, and our extended hours alleviate some of your stress, too! It’s about more than snacks and blowing off steam on the playground, we’re expanding their minds to new possibilities and encouraging them to act on new-found passions.

Setting the bar through imagination


Every hour of every day we have your child’s best interests at heart, as they form lasting friendships, explore new experiences and discover hidden talents. Our mission is to help your child enhance their unique greatness beyond the school year program.

We also offer field trips, holiday breaks and summer camps built on a foundation of FUN and self-discovery. The most important lesson your child will learn is THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!

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Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Oviedo provides a year-round program for school age children—fun field trips for teacher work days, weeklong camps for winter and spring breaks, and a summer day camp throughout the summer with a new theme every year. Click HERE to see what our Academy is doing this summer.

Knowing your child is safe is crucial to your peace of mind


  • Clean Classrooms: Include a personal place for your child’s belongings, organized learning centers, disinfected toys and play areas, and child-sized sinks for washing hands
  • Certified Teachers in: Infant/Child and Adult CPR, and First Aid
  • Glass Walls: Unlike typical day care centers or childcare providers, our classrooms feature tempered glass walls for maximum visibility and safety. This promotes an open, bright atmosphere, as well as a clean environment
  • Safety Guard on Door Hinges: Our doors are padded at the hinges so that little fingers don’t get pinched when doors are opened and closed between classrooms
  • Regular Drills for: Tornado, fire, hurricane and school lock-down

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Secure environments put the focus where it belongs…on your child


  • Hiring Process: All staff undergo extensive state-mandated background checks
  • Front Desk: Our front desk is always staffed so that a watchful eye is supervising the facility, ensuring authorized entries only
  • Security Cameras: Every classroom in our facility has security cameras that are monitored at the front desk. The owners and staff can easily observe classroom activities throughout each day. Families can login to a secure, password-protected website to check in on their child periodically

Fueling growing bodies AND minds

Meals & Snacks

For our before and after school program, your child will be provided with a snack time which follows all Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Oviedo guidelines for safe, sanitary and healthy foods.

  • Children eat all meals and snacks together, using family-style seating in our kid-friendly café
  • Meals and snacks are prepared in our commercial-grade kitchen, which is kept separated from the classrooms
  • All allergies are documented and kept in the front office with administrators, as well as in the kitchen with the chef

Enroll today

Personal experience: University of Oviedo – Ucheba.


Irina Izotova

Age 28 years old
Place of study University of Oviedo
Direction Gender Studies
Cost free
Study period two years (graduated from the University of Lodz)
Teaching language spanish

Way to the West

I grew up on the outskirts of Ulan-Ude, in the small village of Vostochny. All roads then led to the main public place for adults – the aircraft factory. In the tenth grade, we were given a tour of the main workshop, where they showed robots and bodies of unfinished helicopters. On that day, I imagined myself as a factory engineer: here I am giving instructions to the workers, here I am walking home, and around the field and garages, and at home – the family is not fed, and the pension is already on the nose. Here the attack of industrial romanticism disappeared. I clearly realized that I wanted to run away from banality. I need to go where history is made. To the west.

Soon, the visiting committee of Moscow State University came to our city and arranged the Spring Olympiad. I chose the most mysterious specialty for myself – philosophy. Complete ignorance of English made me stand out from the crowd. During the exam, I melancholy improvised, and the teachers laughed. They enrolled me in the university. So I moved to Moscow. And there the dormitory turned out to be more interesting than the university, healthy sleep was more important than missed couples. By the time I became addicted to studying, I had already been given a diploma with a strange specialty “Philosopher. Philosophy teacher.

For me, the prospect of becoming a teacher or an office clerk meant a slow death.

I entered graduate school at my faculty and decided to write part of my dissertation abroad. Here the faculty turned out to be a weak assistant. I myself sifted through all the student exchange options, and got to the rector’s office. There, in the foreign department, my enthusiasm was received very coolly. “Where did you come from, upstart girl?” — I read in the motionless glances of the employees.

For a year of paperwork, I managed to slightly stir up their sleepy kingdom. However, it turned out that I had no chance of getting to Spain, where only philology students go. That the agreement with the Mexican university does not work. That I can go to Chile only for my own, very big money.

The rejection only strengthened my resolve. On the Internet, I found two suitable scholarships with an extremely simple application mechanism: no exams or interviews, just fill out an online form on time. I decided to start with a scholarship from the Spanish government MAEC-AECID, and soon received an extremely polite refusal. Then I decided to try Erasmus Mundus.

Erasmus Mundus: what it is and how to get there

When the Europeans decided to unite, they came up with the Erasmus internal student exchange program. Mundus is the recent expansion of Erasmus to the whole world. Its task is to make Europe friends with other parts of the world. For this, interdisciplinary master’s programs were created, the list of which hangs on the main website. They are designed to bring Europeans and foreigners together in one audience.

The highlight of Mundus is mandatory mobility. In 1-2 years, students manage to get diplomas from two to four European universities. In the year of my admission (2010), the grant for a two-year study of a non-European (category A scholarship) was 40,000 euros. To apply for it, you need to choose a maximum of three master’s programs, and fill out questionnaires on their official pages. In January-February, university representatives gather, read applications, select students for themselves and distribute their future places of study (“mobility”). Already in March, applicants can receive letters with the results of the competition.

Mine arrived at the beginning of April. I remember how I opened the email with trembling hands, how I slid my eyes over the congratulations and came across the magical “accepted”. Do you agree to a scholarship with mobility from Oviedo to Lodz? Yes!

University of Oviedo (University of Asturias)

Asturians consider it the best in the country, which is pointless to argue with. Spain has always been a place of centrifugal culture. The provinces – the former kingdoms – laugh at Madrid for stupidity, and dislike Barcelona for greed and snobbery. They sing of their native land and identify themselves with local territories. One of my friends to the question “where are you from?” simply replies: “From the Roses quarter in Gijón.” This is me to the fact that, having arrived in the north of Spain, out of habit, I expected to see a small provincial university forgotten by the world. And she discovered the very embodiment of the pride and independence of the Principality of Asturias – a giant university with campuses in three cities: Oviedo, Gijón and Mieres.

I studied at the El Milan Humanities Campus in Oviedo. Classes were held in the seminary given over to the barracks during the war. Nearby, in the Old Town, there is a 17th-century stone box. Once upon a time, the first faculties huddled here: arts, law and theology. Now all the solemn ceremonies are held, and on the second floor the ancient library creaks with the floorboards. Engineers and economists were the luckiest. They study on the outskirts of Gijón, by the sea. Imagine a field, and on it are giant semicircular hangars. The futuristic idyll is broken by the harsh “fortress” of La Laboral with a chapel in the middle, built by Franco for orphans of the civil war. Tours are given there, concerts are held there.

About my studies: my experience

Studying at the University of Oviedo in itself did not impress me much. Each course was divided into modules so that one subject was read to us by four teachers in turn. There was a feeling of chaos and fragmentation of the transmitted knowledge. The advantage of this approach, however, was active networking. Professors from Spain, the USA, Great Britain and Latin America often flew into our light. We spoke “you” and drank wine after classes.

Our state-of-the-art teachers tolerated tardiness but meticulously noted absenteeism.

They welcomed independent thinking, but rarely accepted dissent. Therefore, their couples were rather boring. They built a final score (maximum of 10 points), mercilessly summing up the scores for the visit, activity, and final essay. However, before bringing in her system, they gave us a week to discuss. We bargained for the result.

It was difficult to study in Spanish in the first months. I perfectly understood the teachers, but from discussions with classmates (we studied with 20 Spaniards) I often “flew out”. They constantly screwed in words and phrases that were unfamiliar to me, including swear words. I bought a year-long Spanish course at the University House of Languages. It became my outlet, but the evenings spent with local friends over cider helped more.

How to apply

In 2009, the university launched the ad futurum program aimed at modernizing the educational process and expanding international relations. Now the campuses are teeming with foreign students, mostly those who come under Erasmus and exchange agreements. But our brother can do it on his own. First you need to decide on the direction.

There are three levels in the Spanish system: grado (bachelor), posgrado (master) and doctorado (PhD). Those who have completed three university courses in Russia can already apply for a master’s program. They accept without exams, but a diploma of previous education must at least somehow correspond to the chosen direction. Especially for those entering the natural sciences. Those who want to start from scratch should think about grado, where basic knowledge is given. They go there, like we do, after school, according to the results of entrance exams, which take place twice a year – in June and September.

The Russians will have to deal with documents. It is better to clarify their list by contacting the secretariat of a particular program. The standard requirement is a translated and apostilled diploma, a certificate of knowledge of Spanish, and, of course, money in a bank account.

How much does it cost

The University of Oviedo is public. This means that all students pay a fixed amount for their education, which is less than with private universities. For Spaniards, prices for grado this year ranged from 30 to 12 euros per credit (a conventional unit for indicating the relative “weight” of study programs), for posgrado – from 26 to 50 euros per credit, depending on the specialty. Due to the crisis, foreigners are now asking twice as much. The cost of a year of study can be calculated by multiplying the cost of a loan by their total number (60 per year) and adding 50-100 euros for administrative costs.


There are enough of them at the university, but most are designed for locals or foreigners with a residence permit. Some of my non-European acquaintances have secured financial support through their academic advisors. You can participate in various monetary competitions, for example, in the all-Spanish competition of student scientific papers.

Where to live

It is possible and necessary to settle in student apartments, as most people do. This is two to three times cheaper than university residences. For the first time, I agreed on housing in advance, back in the summer, straight from Russia. The secretaries of my program put me in touch with a girl whose apartment in Oviedo had a room vacant.

For a whole year I lived within a minute walk from the campus, twenty minutes from the main cathedral, together with a Cameroonian, a Japanese woman and a Ukrainian woman.

From the window I saw the park and snow-capped mountains, and paid 200 euros per month plus 20 for utilities. It turned out that in Oviedo the private sector is very developed, and therefore housing prices are low. Students easily find rooms and actively move from place to place all year round.

Features of the country

“Destination” in Oviedo I met with apprehension because of rumors of bad weather. Upon arrival, I realized that the myth of the rainy north was invented by southerners, for whom every cloud is an event. However, the rains start suddenly. That is why the locals always have an umbrella and rubber boots – “katyushkas” at hand.

Most Asturians live and work between Oviedo, Gijon and Aviles. Oviedo is considered the business capital: the government, parliament and central offices are located there, ladies in mink coats and fashionably dressed caballeros walk there. I fell in love with Oviedo for the buzzing labyrinths of the Old Town, for the coffee with milk on the terrace by the cathedral, for the streets of cider and wine, for those half an hour walk to the suburbs where the villagers milk their goats.

But if I ever return to Asturias, I will choose Gijón.

Gijon is full of life in its splendor: hippies meet the sunset, yogis meet the dawn, old women get wet in salty pools, feminists rally, endless festivals and fairs are in the squares.

The people of Khikhon probably don’t even notice how impossibly friendly they are. For a friend, I was a “precious beauty”, for a cashier in a supermarket – a “goddess”. And the waiter in the coffee shop could say enough: “My queen, donuts will be in a minute.” So I returned to my homeland with a very inflated ego.

University Laboral of Gijón

Old building


University of Oviedo



Spaniards greatly value the human right to rest, health and pleasure. Hence the closed shops on Sunday, the endless coffee breaks, and my unencumbered study schedule. Asturian cities are planned for ordinary people, mostly elderly pedestrians. There are many parks, benches in convenient places, bike paths and outdoor exercise equipment. The calculation for an ordinary person is visible in moderate, if not ridiculous prices. Horseback riding lessons cost me 10 euros apiece. The surf lesson cost the same in the low season (in high season – 15 euros).

The last thing Asturians will give up is coffee. Eating and drinking for them is not just a pleasure, but a way of communication. Take, for example, the famous Asturian cider. It is drunk in a circle from one glass, in one gulp in two or three sips. Moreover, the waiter pours, who himself determines the successful moment of the repetition. In the evenings, tired Asturians fill the siderium bars, and the hubbub begins. The choir periodically includes dogs and small children who are accustomed to the sounds and flavors of social life. And here you are sitting on the terrace of a bar under the stars, making small talk, draining bottle after bottle in small portions, eating fried seafood, and when it’s time to say goodbye, you get up. .. and immediately fall.

Advice for Erasmus Mundus applicants

  1. It is important to honestly write down all your achievements and hobbies in your CV, up to winning the school dance championship on the teacher’s desk.
  2. And also turn your boring motivation letter into a short sparkling detective story.
  3. When choosing a master, it is better to focus on your background – professional and educational. Otherwise, it is difficult to prove that your decision to go into animal husbandry or theater is not just a whim. Teachers are looking for professionals. No one is interested in learning the basics. I wanted to save the world without having the slightest idea of ​​what a humanitarian action is. Not surprisingly, I received the earliest rejection response from the corresponding course (NOHA). In Spanish Studies (my subject), I was put on a waiting list (MULTIELE). But they accepted to the Faculty of Philosophy for Gender Studies (GEMMA).
  4. Each master has his own deadline for applying for a scholarship, but on average – from October to December of each year. Three months is more than enough to collect the necessary package of documents. Another thing is language certificates. I contacted TOEFL at the end of September, and I was given the exam only in mid-November. I had to score the required number of points the first time.
  5. The head of our program in Oviedo once admitted that hundreds of strong applications come to them. They argue about favorites with foam at the mouth and almost to the point of a fight. Only one or two people are selected, and the decisions are very subjective, and largely depend on how the stars rise. And for them to stand in your favor, it is important to believe in victory, but still not really rely on it.

The University of Oviedo is the only university in the region of Asturias. Founded in the 16th century by the will of the Grand Inquisitor Fernando de Valdes. Today, the university is preparing in 150 areas. The University of Oviedo has seven campuses in three cities and 15 laboratories.

Tuition fees at the University of Oviedo – UniPage

About the University

The University of Oviedo (UNIOVI) is a public non-profit educational institution. UNIOVI is located in Oviedo, Spain. Since the university was founded in 1574, it is one of the oldest in the country. UNIOVI is a member of the European University Association (EUA), OpenCourseWare Consortium (OCW).

The QS International University Ranking puts the university in 1132 place in the world. The university is considered one of the best in biomedical sciences, natural sciences, which is confirmed by the QS rating.

UNIOVI invites students to a number of programs, you can find them on the website.


Oviedo, Spain



Total students

24 999

Enrollment percentage


QS rating 2023


Tuition fees at the University of Oviedo

The academic calendar at the University of Oviedo is divided into quarters. For convenience, the total tuition fee is calculated per year. For studying at the University of Oviedo, local residents and foreigners pay differently. Spanish citizens need to pay from 1,070 USD per year, and foreign students – from 1,000 USD. Check the university website for up-to-date information on tuition fees and available scholarships.

It is necessary to pay attention to other costs: hostel rent, transport, teaching materials, food, personal expenses.

School calendar




Campus of the University of Oviedo

The city campus of the University of Oviedo provides students with countless opportunities for work and leisure. From gatherings in a coffee shop with a laptop to internships in large companies.