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Nanny Salary & Pension Calculator – Net to Gross

Net to Gross Salary & Pensions Calculator

Salaries are an extremely important part of the employment process.

You can use our Net to Gross Salary Calculator to help you work out your nanny’s weekly, monthly and annual gross salary. This handy calculator will also work out the total cost to you as an employer, including any pension contributions due.

Important information to note:

These calculations are for guidance only and are not to be used to pay your employee.

Net to Gross Salary & Pensions Calculator

(2023-24 Tax Year)

Step 1:

Pay Frequency?
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Salary (to nearest £)

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Step 2:

Enter tax code

Please include the tax code letter. e.g. 1257L

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Step 3:

Include Autoenrolment Pension Contibutions?



Include Student Loan Deductions?



**Please note, these calculations are for guidance only and should not be used to pay your employee**

New to employing a nanny?

Once you have found your nanny, there are a few things that you will need to do prior to them starting with you.
We have highlighted these key steps below for you.

Check your nanny has the right to work in the UK

Simply check an ID document (e.g. passport or visa.)

Agree a gross salary & calculate your total cost

Your total cost will include your nanny’s gross pay, employer’s NI, and any pension contributions.

Get a contract of employment in place

Nannytax will create a bespoke contract for you as part of our service.

Register as an employer with HMRC.

Nannytax will do this for you as part of our service.

Did you know we have a directory of over 150 nanny agencies – search for your local agency today.


More to hiring a nanny that you initially thought?

Don’t worry, we are here to help. Along with our Net to Gross Salary Calculator we also have a Holiday Calculator and a Salary Index to guide you on the average salary for a nanny in your region. Plus, we offer comprehensive services in nanny payroll, pensions and insurance – we can even pay your nanny and your HMRC liabilities on your behalf each month.

If you have any questions about your employer responsibilities, or would like to know how we can help you, please contact us.


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How to Calculate Overtime for Nannies

Most regular nannies are paid on a guaranteed pay basis. What this typically means is that the family agreed to pay the nanny a pre-determined salary for a given number of hours in a pay period. The full time nanny work schedule is often more than 40 hours per week.

It is important to remember, however, that nannies are NON-EXEMPT, hourly employees according to Federal Law and are entitled to nanny overtime compensation for hours worked in excess of 40 per week. Minimum wage and overtime requirements are set, as a floor, by Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and states may have stricter requirements of their own. If the household employee receives a “salary” that covers a work week of more than 40 hours, your employment agreement must explicitly state the regular and nanny overtime rates of pay. (See our exclusive Hourly Rate Calculator for help.) Protect yourself… read on.

Setting an Hourly Pay Rate

Stating the employee wage in an hourly pay rate form helps the employer remain compliant with the FLSA and state wage and hour rules and avoids wage disputes with the employee. In a formal dispute (Wage & Hours Board Complaint), a work agreement that simply stipulates a weekly salary will be evaluated based on a 40 hour work week. Our exclusive Hourly Pay Rate Calculator simplifies the conversion of a periodic salary to an hourly wage.

HomeWork Solutions strongly encourages families to develop a written work agreement that documents all terms and conditions of employment. This should include agreed pay rate, hours of duty, paid holidays, vacation/sick/personal days paid and the benefit accrual method.

» Structuring FLSA Compliant Work Agreements

How, then, to calculate overtime for the salaried nanny?

Employers must first translate the nanny’s salary to an HOURLY PAY RATE. The means to do this will be different, depending on whether the nanny lives-in with the employer, or lives-out (come and go).

  1. Convert the nanny’s salary to a weekly one.
    Weekly Salary: No Conversion Needed.
    Bi-Weekly Salary: Divide the salary by 2.
    Semi-Monthly (2x Per Month) Salary: Multiply by 24 (number of payments in a year) and divide by 52 (number of weeks in a year).
    Monthly Salary: Multiply by 12 (number of payments in a year) and divide by 52 (number of weeks in a year).
  2. Calculate the number of hours worked in a week.
  3. If total weekly hours are less than 40, simply divide the weekly salary by the number of hours worked. Result is HOURLY PAY RATE. If total hours GREATER than 40, continue below.

Live In Nanny

  • Divide the weekly salary by the number of hours worked. Result is HOURLY PAY RATE. For a live-in nanny, HOURLY PAY RATE = OVERTIME HOURLY PAY RATE

Live Out Nanny

  • Subtract 40 from weekly hours worked. Result is OVERTIME HOURS WORKED.
  • Multiply OVERTIME HOURS WORKED by 1.5.
  • Add 40 to the result of Step 5.
  • Divide the weekly salary by the result of Step 6. Result is HOURLY PAY RATE.
  • Multiply HOURLY PAY RATE by 1. 5, Result is the OVERTIME HOURLY PAY RATE

Now that the HOURLY PAY RATE has been determined, simply multiply the additional hours worked (above the regularly scheduled/compensated hours) by the HOURLY PAY RATE, applying the overtime differential if a live-out employee, to determine the additional overtime compensation due.

» Hourly Pay Rate Calculator Tool – FREE!

Compensation for Occasional Overnights

From time to time a nanny employer may require that the nanny stay overnight when parents are out of town. Employers and nannies alike often question how such overnight stays should be compensated, as the nanny is clearly sleeping for some portion of the time on duty.

Compensation for occasional overnights should be worked out in advance of the occasion, preferably memorialized within the written work agreement. The FLSA allows up to 8 hours of “sleep time” to be uncompensated for overnight care that is BOTH contiguous with a scheduled work day (24 hour+ shift) AND truly affords the nanny 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Nanny overtime rules apply, so hours over 40 in the work week must be properly calculated for overtime. Additionally, it is common to provide an additional stipend to the nanny for the occasional overnight.

Let’s use an example. Nanny typically works Monday – Friday from 8 AM until 6 PM. She lives out and is paid $850 per week, or $15.45 per hour for the first 40 hours, and $23.18 for the 10 hours of overtime. She stays overnight Thursday – Friday. There are 14 additional hours, 8 that can be excluded if she really can sleep, and 6 to be compensated at the $23.18 overtime rate. Family’s written work agreement provides a $50 overnight stipend.

Non-contiguous overnight care – a Saturday night when the nanny is not scheduled to work either Saturday or Sunday – is typically much more generously compensated. The FLSA does not allow a sleep time exemption if the shift is less than 24 hours. At a minimum a nanny who is already scheduled 40 hours or more during the work week is entitled to her overtime rate for the weekend care. If nanny works Saturday 8 PM until Sunday 10 AM she must be paid for 14 hours. The family may or may not choose to provide an overnight stipend in this situation. Negotiating this type of compensation in advance is a good practice to avoid misunderstanding and conflict with the nanny.

These ‘formulas’ apply to older babies, preschoolers and older children who have a fixed nighttime routine and sleep through the night. Overnight nanny rates involving infant care throughout the night – feedings, medications, diaper changes – is a different beast and the family should expect to pay a premium. When nanny’s sleep will be interrupted in these cases, the entire shift must be compensated at the appropriate hourly rate.

» More Information: Publication 926
» FLSA Overtime Rules for Household Employees

How to hire a nanny – a manual from HR-PRACTICE.

About the selection of domestic staff.

Once again, at the request of my friends, I gave their friends an oral lecture called “How to hire a nanny”, and finally decided to write this article.

Hiring a nanny is no more difficult or easier than solving any other recruitment problem.

There are some features, I will write about them in detail below.

My colleagues, whose main specialization is the selection of domestic staff, may disagree with my point of view, but I do not insist that it is the only true one.

I will try to tell you as much as possible about my approach and technology for solving the problem of hiring a nanny.

I hope you find my advice helpful.

What you need to understand before you decide to hire a nanny.

First, forget that a nanny can be a professional.

A speech therapist, a nurse, a masseur, a doctor, a kindergarten teacher, a teacher, a trainer or a psychologist are specialists in whose work you cannot interfere without having the same special training as theirs.

As for childcare and upbringing, educational institutions do not train specialists in this area, and everyone has their own personal parenting experience.

Therefore, the only professional who understands the details of everything related to the upbringing, handling and care of your child and your home is you.

When it comes to your child’s daily life, what you yourself do every day – no one, absolutely no one, can be more competent than you.

And no other person has the right to do anything on their own or give you advice and recommendations unless you ask for it.

Your home and your child is your personal territory and everything that happens in it should happen exactly as you see fit.

If you are unable to achieve this, then both you and your child will be extremely uncomfortable from the fact that a stranger has appeared in the house, who sets his own rules and procedures.

The conclusion from this is the following – everything that the person whom you let into the house and entrusted him with your child does, should be done as you usually do.

The differences between what you do and what he does should be kept to a minimum.

How to achieve this?

Not very difficult. It is necessary that the nanny you hired to the smallest detail learned everything that is required of her.

I know two ways to do this.

The first way is to spend a day, two, three, a week, a week and a half with a hired nanny, telling, showing and controlling.

The second way is to spend a few hours on a detailed written description of your requirements and revise it periodically.

The first way, as practice shows, is quite expensive – you will have to spend several days demonstrating “how to”, and then an indefinite period of time thinking about what remarks should be made today – say that you usually feed your child with another spoon and that cucumbers should be cut into strips, not circles, or that a kitchen towel should be hung on another hook, and washed dishes should be put in a dryer, and not in a sink.

It may even be uncomfortable for you to demand the fulfillment of some requirements that do not directly relate to the child, and you will either endure that they are not met, and it is inconvenient for you to talk about it, or you will redo it in your own way when the nanny leaves.

Of course, everything is individual, and someone will patiently voice the full list of what is “wrong” to the nanny every day and seek to fulfill their requirements to the smallest detail.

But it’s not just that this kind of “induction” will take you a lot of time.

Much worse, the thought that you need to change a nanny and repeat the same “young fighter course” again will terrify you.

Also, you may urgently need a temporary nanny, the need to train which is also unlikely to add positive to you.

The second method may seem equally tedious if you’ve never written instructions, but it saves you the trouble of being a talking manual for days.

If you leave your nanny, you will have no problem getting the new one up to date.

In addition, you can include items in the written instruction that are unlikely to be included in the oral instruction.

You can download a sample “baby sitter’s manual” here.

The only thing that can calm you down is that the older the child becomes, the less you need to explain and write what he needs – he will tell you everything.

What will you entrust to the nanny.

To find out, write down her working day to minutes.

To do this, do what you plan to entrust her with.

Describe everything in detail, what you do, be sure to record what and how much time you spend.

It is necessary to draw up a detailed schedule – when and what to do, what deviations from the plan are allowed.

What time to take the child for a walk, when to start getting ready for it, what time to feed, when to sleep, etc.

There should not be gaps in the schedule, but if there is such a possibility, be sure to specify how this time should be used.

It is unlikely that you will like it if the nanny spends working hours surfing the Internet, talking on the phone or chatting in social networks, while the child is distracted by a toy and does not require attention.

When you know exactly what time the nanny’s working day starts and ends, calculate the number of her working hours per month.

This will be required in order to understand how much her services will cost you.

How much and how to pay a nanny.

Find on Avito and on job search sites all job advertisements with conditions similar to yours, and focus on the cost of an hour of work.

You can ask on the websites of domestic staffing agencies, but be aware that the prices listed there may be higher than those who search on their own.

If you do not trust your estimate “by eye”, download the salary calculator in the “Salary and motivation” section – it will help you calculate the exact amount.

How to pay the nanny.

In my opinion, it is convenient to pay weekly, paying at the end of each week.

It is often pleasant to receive money, there are no problems with wage arrears caused by the fact that the need for a babysitter disappears for a few days, for example, because of your vacation or illness of the child.

You can part with the nanny at any time, any misunderstanding related to the calculations can be settled without delay.

A separate issue is working in excess of the agreed working hours. This need arises when your schedule changes or you are delayed at work or stuck in traffic.

You can use half-hour tariffing, when the babysitter’s delay for a time exceeding 5 minutes from the agreed time is paid in the amount of 1/2 of the cost of an hour. That is, if you are 10 minutes late, then just call and warn of the delay, knowing that you have to pay for half an hour, and you have 20 minutes to calmly get there, and not rush home headlong.

There are times when you arrive early and want to send the nanny home when she planned to be busy. If you did not warn about this in advance, then you pay for the planned working hours – this is fair.

Nanny’s vacation, the time when the child is sick or you are on vacation and you do not need a nanny is not paid.

If it is important for you to maintain a good relationship with the nanny, you can decide for yourself whether you are ready to compensate for this time, and in what amount you consider it necessary to do so.

If you are satisfied with her work, you can say that this is both a bonus and compensation.

You can time this payment for a long, for example, summer break, if you are interested in continuing cooperation.

An important caveat – the above applies to cases where the employment is part-time, that is, your work does not take up the whole day and is not the only source of income for the nanny.

How to calculate wages at full employment, everyone agrees individually, the Labor Code and common sense will help you.

Someone determines the salary for the month, which is paid regardless of overtime or shortcomings, someone calculates wages based on hours worked, someone undertakes to pay vacation, someone does not.

You can transfer the babysitter’s salary to a card or simply arrange that you leave an envelope with the money at home in a certain place on the day the salary is issued – she will have time to check the correctness of the calculation and ask questions, if any.

Additional compensation.

If the nanny has to call you from her personal mobile phone, calculate the approximate number of minutes for calls and add this amount to her fee.

If you don’t want to add, call yourself or hang up and call back.

If a nanny takes a child in a private car, compensate for the cost of gasoline – in the urban cycle, a passenger car consumes 3.5-4 rubles per kilometer, so if the trip exceeds 4-5 km, calculate how much you need to pay in addition to expenses gasoline did not reduce the wages of a nanny.

Where and how to look for a nanny.

Both Avito and job search sites are suitable for this purpose.

You publish an announcement in which you indicate the age of the child, requirements for applicants and the area of ​​​​residence.

It is better to hire a nanny who lives in the same area as you.

Firstly, you can always invite her if you need her urgent help, and secondly, if she works part-time for you, the length of her working hours will be reasonably correlated with the time spent on the road.

If you need a nanny 3 hours a day, it will hardly be profitable for her to travel to you, spending an hour on the road.

If you have a motorized nanny, idle runs are not good for you if you pay for them, or for her if she delivers the vehicle to the place of work at her own expense.

The risk of being late also increases accordingly.

Any person wants to work close to home – this saves not only money for travel, but also time and effort.

In this case, the nanny will definitely not leave you because she has to travel far and long to get to her place of work.

How to select by phone.

Enter your phone number in your ad and start receiving calls.

Of course, they can also send you a resume, so you may have to call yourself.

Typical dialogues might be as follows.

“Hello, I’m on an ad…!”

“Hello, please tell us a little about yourself. What is your name, how old are you, in what area do you live? Where and by whom did you work recently? How long, why did you leave your last job? Where did you study, what did you finish? Where did you have to work with children? Do you have children? How old are they?” – then find out everything that interests you.

If there are reasons to refuse immediately, for example, the applicant lives far away from you – apologize and refuse. “Thanks for calling, but we’re looking for someone who lives in our area.”

You should not limit yourself to questioning by phone – in a few words, tell us about the content of the work, and you can end the conversation.

At the end of the conversation, thank you for the information, say that everyone understood, think, if you are ready to meet in person, then call “before the evening of Monday, Wednesday, Friday, etc.” – Decide the deadline yourself.

Be sure to write down the data of those who are interested.

During a telephone interview, pay attention to any details that will help you make a choice – voice, intonation, literacy and tempo of speech, etc.

Feel free to ask anything that interests you – you have the right to ask any question just as the applicant has the right not to answer it.

What to look for when asking questions over the phone.

Ask why the person is interested in this particular job.

The best option is when this job is not a source of livelihood, but additional income.

In this case, you do not take full responsibility for the welfare of the other person and their family.

Avoid those who view this employment option as temporary.

Years of experience in similar work is an advantage only in terms of the ability to verify recommendations – it does not affect the ability to fulfill your requirements.

Age is important only in terms of guaranteeing stable work and responsibility – you need to look at the person.

The presence of a special education, medical or pedagogical, may be a plus, but it is not decisive, since it does not fundamentally affect the quality of everyday child care.

Where to meet for the first time and how to select a nanny in person.

It is better to meet on neutral territory – cafes and food courts of shopping centers are suitable.

It is best to meet applicants with someone from your family together so that you can discuss the impressions of the conversation.

Try to ask more questions, rather than talk about your tasks – you will talk about them briefly if you do not like the applicant and in detail if you are interested.

Think ahead about what you want to ask.

You need to collect as much information as possible – the composition of the family, where the children study, and who the husband works for, hobbies, hobbies, health status, attitudes towards smoking, actual place of residence.

You can ask about how the applicant plans to act in typical situations of communication with children – whims, tantrums, tears, etc.

If the applicant has experience in a similar job, ask if they can recommend him.

Ask permission to take a photo of the applicant’s passport with your phone.

What is important for the first visit to your home.

To introduce the child, under some pretext to ask the nanny to read.

Believe it or not, there are adults whose reading aloud is more annoying than the neighbor’s perforator.

You definitely don’t want your child to hear words that are stressed incorrectly and sentences that are pronounced with the wrong intonation.

This is very serious.

The second important point that you need to pay attention to is the frequency of using the phrases “But with me”, “But with my previous owners”, “And I think it’s better”, “But my friends do it”, “Maybe , it is better to do so” in relation to the requirements and rules you set forth.

If this makes you nervous and anxious, this is a reason to refuse employment.

Understanding that you are working in someone else’s house for people who pay money to make everything happen the way they want, and they hire you as a performer, not a consultant, is a key professional quality of a nanny.

Even if the nanny has almost friendly relations with her parents, she should always remember this.

A person who has this important quality can unobtrusively take the initiative and offer something in the interests of the child, but this is only welcome, as it is not perceived as unsolicited advice.

For example, a nanny may offer to take a child for a walk if the weather is good, although this is not scheduled.

This is normal and evokes a positive attitude.


Crime check.

If you have no one to contact directly, look for acquaintances who can ask the security officers that are at many enterprises to “break through the bases” of your applicant for the presence of facts of “attraction” and any other hard facts from the biography.

If the received curriculum vitae is not a clear reason for refusal, but requires you to ask additional questions to the applicant – do not hesitate to ask them.

Access to your apartment.

It’s good to have two locks on your door.

You give the key to one to the nanny, and on the second you lock the apartment on the days when she is not working.

Trust, but verify – this will partly protect you from unscheduled visits.

Just keep in mind that if you mix up the locks on weekdays, then the nanny and the child will not get home – prepare for this emergency in advance, for example, leave the “emergency” key with the neighbors or the concierge.


Feel free to drive with the babysitter, evaluate the condition of the car and driving style.

The heavier and bigger the car, the better – the laws of physics and large deformation zones are no less important than the presence of side airbags.

You must make sure that the person who will carry your child does not pose a danger to himself or others on the road.

Warn that the nanny will always have to carry the child in a child seat, buy and help install it.

How to control a nanny.

It is clear that you will not constantly control the nanny.

If you have time for this, it would make sense to spend it at home.

Therefore, you will be able to find out what happened in your absence when you return home.

The rest of the time the control will be periodic.

The first control method – the nanny calls you at a certain control time or upon completion of certain actions, and you don’t even have to talk, but simply hang up the call to make it clear that this information is enough for you.

The second way – you get the information yourself with the help of technical means of remote control.

Video surveillance.

The most convenient device for him are wireless IP cameras – which can be controlled from anywhere where there is Internet.

Home video cameras are not cheap, although there are models that are relatively affordable. The simplest one I’ve come across is Foscam FI8918W.

I do not advertise cameras, you can follow the link to read about the performance characteristics of a typical IP camera.

It has a simple free software that allows you to record video according to a set schedule in normal and infrared mode.

You can watch what’s happening in your home and control the camera from your smartphone from anywhere, wherever you are.

The video can be saved on a computer or in the cloud.

You probably won’t need two-way audio, but a motion sensor that triggers the camera to take a few pictures and send them to you by email is a very useful option.

If you are sure that you need video surveillance, buy cameras yourself or contact specialists.

Remember about security – hacking IP cameras for some people is entertainment, the apotheosis of which is the posting of cool videos on YouTube.

Therefore, you need to take the installation and configuration of such gadgets seriously.

For those who are not interested in global video monitoring or do not need it, but periodically want to know what happened in the apartment, there is a life hack in the form of serial connection of a car recorder, a 220-12V voltage converter from a car refrigerator and a timer for a 220V socket, which can be used to set the turn-on time – turn off the recording so that everything you want to record fits on the memory card.


As a means of control, you can use a wireless GSM alarm, which is triggered by signals from motion or door opening sensors.

This gadget will call you back when someone “crosses the perimeter” and hangs up the call if you don’t pick up the phone. By calling it, you can remotely listen to what is happening in the apartment, but the quality of such communication on some models sometimes leaves much to be desired – the higher the sensitivity of the microphone, the more interference – this is a feature of signal transmission over a cellular communication channel.

Not the best way to control, but a good way to keep your house safe, especially if strangers get into it.


The moment I want to pay attention to is educational.

Your child understands very well that the nanny is a stranger.

And he will treat her as he sees fit, which does not exclude whims, threats and malicious disobedience.

Of course, a good nanny should by default cope with any child, but she is limited in the means of influencing the child.

When instructing the nanny, it is worth stipulating that in situations where an agreement cannot be reached, she must act “in the name of the parents”, that is, insist on fulfilling the requirements disputed by the child, referring to you and inviting the child to discuss controversial issues with the parents later, but now ” act according to instructions.”

And it’s also perfectly normal to demand that the nanny talk about all the difficulties of communicating with the child.

Firstly, you will know what is going on and you will be able to advise her something, and secondly, you will be able to help the child find a common language with the nanny.


I repeat – hiring a nanny is no different from hiring a manager, specialist or worker.

There are features – I have told about them in detail as far as possible.

I think this information is enough for you to hire a nanny yourself.

If you have any questions – write or call.

If you are not ready to take on this task yourself, read about our recruitment services here.

Success, good luck and health to you and your children!

Denis Karandashev HR-PRACTICE

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  • Sochi – Vitebsk from 14 784 €
  • K In addition to this, the change in price, depending on the model of the aircraft, on the route Moscow – Vitebsk looks quite clearly:

    Direction PAX Aircraft Price* Time
    Moscow – VITEBSK 8 ✈ Pilatus PC-12 9 688 € 01:15
    Moscow – VITEBSK 8 ✈ Hawker 400XP 24 136 € 00:50
    Moscow – VITEBSK 9 ✈ Phenom 300 26 544 € 00:55
    Moscow – VITEBSK 6 ✈ Pilatus PC-24 12 600 € 01:00
    Moscow – VITEBSK 13 ✈ Legacy 600 13 216 € 00:55
    Moscow – VITEBSK 8 ✈ King Air 200 24 465 € 01:05
    Moscow – VITEBSK 6 ✈ Learjet 40 39 648 € 01:00
    Moscow – VITEBSK 10 ✈ Falcon 50 43 120 € 01:00
    Moscow – VITEBSK 9 ✈ Hawker 900 XP 51 184 € 00:55
    Moscow – VITEBSK 8 ✈ Cessna Citation Bravo 14 224 € 00:55

    Online calculator

    You can use our online calculator and calculate the approximate cost of a business jet flight to Vitebsk directly on the site. To do this, fill in all the fields of the form below – including the city of departure, dates and number of passengers. Attention, the calculation is sent by e-mail, or to the WhatsApp / Telegram messenger – therefore it is important to indicate real data. We guarantee complete confidentiality of your data.

    Flight cost calculator

    Book a flight

    You can apply for a private jet flight to Vitebsk using the special form below. The manager will contact you, clarify all the details and provide the most profitable options. In case they do not suit you, we will continue the search and select alternative options.

    Urgent flights available! However, in order to offer you the maximum choice and service, we recommend that you apply in advance.

    Arrival airport of Vitebsk

    Business jets arriving in Vitebsk land at the airport of the same name. Which is located 10 km east of Vitebsk. The most important information about it:

    • The exact name is Vitebsk Airport, VTB, Vitebsk.
    • Airport address: – 210035, Belarus, Vitebsk, PO Box 36.
    • Helpline: +375 212 204 310
    • Availability of VIP lounge: yes
    • Airport coordinates: 30.366667, 55.13333
    • IATA letter code of the airport: VTB.
    • ICAO letter code (ICAO) of the airport: UMII.
    • Time zone: +3.0
    • Runway length: 2606 m
    • Runway height: 42 m

    This airport is actively used for business aviation purposes. It is able to accept both small aircraft and large liners. It is possible to arrange charter and parking of a business jet at the airport itself. Also, if necessary, we can arrange a meeting and further transfer to your destination.

    The airport terminal has a capacity of up to 150 people per hour, but the lack of flight congestion makes it impossible to work at full capacity. The main based airline is the national airline BelAvia, while the Vitebsk-Vostochny airport itself is a branch of the Belaeronavigatsia state enterprise. Business jet selection0005

    • Light turboprop . Designed for flights over distances up to 1300 km at speeds up to 400 km/h. They carry up to 4-7 passengers.
    • Light Jets . They can accommodate 4-9 passengers, fly at speeds up to 800 km / h for a distance of up to 2000 km.
    • Medium Jets . Aircraft capable of covering distances up to 3000 km at speeds up to 900 km/h. Designed to carry 8-9 passengers. They have a more spacious and comfortable interior.
    • Super Medium Jets . Business jets for transportation of 10-12 passengers. Able to fly at distances up to 7000 km, develop a cruising speed of up to 900 km/h.
    • Long haul jet . Business aviation aircraft for long-haul flights up to 10,000 km or more. Most models in this category are designed to carry 8-15 passengers. The cabin of such a business jet is characterized by increased comfort, it can have sleeping places, an office, a recreation area and other areas.

    Departure airports to Vitebsk

    UWW, IATA code – VKO.

  • Pulkovo airport, St. Petersburg city, ICAO code – ULLI, IATA code – LED.
  • Sheremetyevo Airport, Moscow, ICAO code – UUEE, IATA code – SVO.
  • Domodedovo airport, Moscow city, ICAO code – UUDD, IATA code – DME.
  • Ostafyevo airport, Moscow city, ICAO code – UUMO, IATA code – OSF.
  • Bykovo airport, Moscow city, ICAO code – UUBB, IATA code – BKA.
  • Sochi airport, Adler city, ICAO code – URSS, IATA code – AER.
  • But in addition to the above options, it is possible to organize flights from other cities and small regional airfields. Each case is negotiated individually, as it depends on many factors (aircraft model, airfield conditions, crew requirements, etc.).

    As for international flights to Belarus, our possibilities are even wider. This is largely due to the presence of many small but high-quality airfields that allow you to safely use a business jet in the location you need. That is, in addition to flights to major international airports, we can prepare for you a flight (or flight) to a local airport. At the same time, we will fully take care of all the issues of coordinating the flight and chartering of the aircraft.

    Empty Legs flights

    In addition to classic flights, our company can arrange for you a return flight to Vitebsk using the Empty Legs system. This option is ideal if:

    • you need a one-way flight;
    • non-urgent flight;
    • dates and times of departure are not critical.

    Otherwise, these flights are no different from regular business jet flights. That is, the level of service and maintenance is absolutely the same. This service is especially popular in Europe, where many private flights are made daily. Thanks to our extensive experience in business aviation, we can connect several flights and arrange a full flight for you. From our practice, the more time before departure, the more likely it is to find and book the right return flight.

    Briefly, the essence of this system is the ability to rent a plane that makes a return flight and follows without passengers. For example, an airline ordered a business jet for a flight to Vitebsk from St. Petersburg, and the client stays in the city for several days. In this case, the aircraft will go to the base in St. Petersburg empty, and there it will wait for the next order. The return flight is unprofitable for the carrier, but in any case he will make it. Transportations under the Empty Legs system are return flights with significant discounts. Often they are 20, 30, 50 or even 70%.

    If you are interested in this service, just leave a request on the site, marked – Empty Legs. The consultant will contact you and clarify all the necessary details.

    Our team

    Our team consists of true business aviation professionals from all over the world. At the moment, the company employs 42 specialists who organize flights on business jets. When ordering a flight from us, we guarantee that a personal air consultant will work with you, who will be in touch 24/7 and will answer all your questions: from choosing an aircraft model, route optimization, crew selection and other important points, to solving personal issues. catering, meeting guests, organizing security and other assignments.

    We guarantee the highest level of service. If you have any questions, you can always contact the company’s management and resolve all issues directly. The main goal of our work is to do everything possible to make your flight as comfortable, pleasant and safe as possible.

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