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Northwest Indiana escape room – Locked In At The Lake

Home: Welcome

Locked in at the Lake is a unique escape room adventure, right here in Northwest Indiana (NWI), in Cedar Lake! With FIVE rooms designed for kids, teens, and adults, there’s truly something for everyone. If you’re looking for 60 minutes of non-stop excitement, book your adventure today!

Your group will have 60 minutes to solve the room’s challenge. You’ll need to solve physical and mental clues, and lots of them. Communication is key, and you’ll need to stay cool under pressure!


All of our rooms are priced per person.

After Hours and The Missing Piece are $30 per person.

Under The Stars, The Lake House, and The Vault will be between

$25-30 person based on how many people are playing.  

You may pay for extra people when you arrive.

We DO NOT refund.

Arrive 15 minutes before the start of your adventure for instruction!

If you do not see a time or day that works for you contact us and we will try to accommodate your group!

Home: Inner_about

Home: Feature

Solve Clues

Each escape room has a number of different types of clues. There are physical clues (clues that you find), riddles, puzzles, and more. Do you need to be a lifelong CSI fanatic to solve these clues? NO! The range of clues is suited to challenge a range of people so that everyone can contribute!

Why Choose Us?


This might be the most difficult challenge: communication! It’s a simple concept: talk, talk, talk! You’d be surprised how difficult this is for some groups, though. So gather your favorite big mouths for this escape room!


Time is not on your side here. You’ll have 60 minutes to solve your task, which will seem like a refreshing summer nap at first. As the final minutes approach, it’ll feel like a tornado came to life as a feral cat who just downed 13 espressos.  Advice? Stay cool, but know you’ve got to keep solving.

Home: Service

The Vault 

Your group enters the lobby of Safe Holdings Bank, but some of your friends are being held hostage in the bank’s vault! It’s up to you to get them out, but they will help, too. They’ve got a lot to solve and both groups need to work together in unique ways to free the hostages.

After you free the hostages (usually half-way through), your entire group will work together to achieve the final task – it’s heart-pumping excitement!

This escape room can work with a minimum of 4 people, but the optimum group size is between 6 – 10. 

Great for teens and adults!

8/10 for difficulty

High-tech escape room, not scary

The Missing Piece

You have been invited to game night with your friends, where winner takes all!  The problem is when you grab your games you realize one piece is missing from every game.  You only have 60 minutes to play every game and find all the missing pieces. This room is a mix of game show/ larger than life board game excitement!  

This game is a mix of tech and locks!

The Missing Piece has a minimum of 4 players and up to 10 people can play this game! Optimal size is 6-10 people.

Great for teens, and adults!

7/10 for difficulty

Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult for this game!

The Lake House 

So much to explore!

Cedar Lake’s rich history leads you to a

60-minute adventure inside the Ball family lake house. The last remaining Ball family member has created a unique task in hopes of finding a proper heir to the Ball family fortune. He’s not made it easy, though; only the most fitting heirs will inherit this fortune. Could it be you?

Great for kids, teens, and adults!

7/10 for difficulty

Traditional escape room, not scary

Under The Stars

Is a very immersive escape room!  You have gone hiking with your friends and you are now lost in Whispering Woods.  You need to work together as a team and use the night sky to find your way out before the sun comes up! 


This room is a mix of tech as well as locks.

Great for teens and adults!

8/10 for difficulty

This room can hold  2-6 people.   Under The Stars is not a scary escape room!



After Hours


Rock and Roll has been banned!  You heard there is a secret meeting in Mel’s Dinner, After Hours, to listen to your favorite music.  You only have 60 minutes to break into the diner, find out what is causing rock and roll to be banned and see if you can bring rock and roll back!

This room is designed for 16 years old +.  Younger children may go in with their families.  

This is NOT a room for first time escape room players.  This room is for experienced players.  

9/10 for difficulty

This room is a minimum of 3 to max of 8 people.

After Hours is a mix of locks and tech.

Home: Inner_about

 Escape Room Birthday Parties for Teens and Kids:

the FIRST in Northwest Indiana!

Locked In At The Lake is Northwest Indiana’s newest spot for kid and teens’ birthday parties! Book your favorite escape room online and walk right over to Aurelio’s to finish off your party with pizza!  Just contact Aurelio’s to reserve your tables. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Book Your Escape Room Online

The only way to reserve your spot is to book online

using our secure booking process. 

Do you want to book a private party outside of these hours?

Simply contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you!

(708) 738-7673


Home: OpeningHours

What do people say about us?

Who are we?

About Us

Home: Contact

Questions, comments or special requests?
Feel free to reach out to us today.

12937 Wicker Ave. Cedar Lake, IN 46303

[email protected]  |  708-738-7673

Locked in at the Lake

Cedar Lake

Visit Locked At The Lake, an adventurous escapade designed to challenge your mental intellect with thematic escape games.









From$25/ person

4.9 (178)

About the company

Locked In At The Lake was established back in the year 2018. The company is owned by 2 couples, Bob and Melanie Tameling, and Jean and Jeff Lahm.

The brand offers adventurous escape games that focus on both adult and kid experiences.

Their escape rooms are made up of original puzzles stacked up with twists and turn at every step. It is ideal for corporate team-building events and mind-bending, thrilling challenges.

The company offers a thrilling and thought-provoking activity that challenges the player’s intellect.

So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars and head over to this heart-pumping adventure today! 

About this location

Locked In At The Lake is located at 12937 Wicker Ave, Cedar Lake, IN 46303, United States. This escape room in Cedar Lake is housed inside a well-appointed building.

Walking in, you are welcomed by an immaculate and spacious area. 

The brand follows an eye-catching color scheme of grey, well-designed with thematic elements. The establishment offers a dramatic look that resembles a lakeside.

The floor is furnished with blue carpet, enhancing the overall brand aesthetic.

The reception-cum-waiting area is facilitated by a wooden desk, comfortable grey sofas, and visual display units to ensure a seamless experience. The attractive lights also add more grandeur to the environment.

The brand logo is creatively designed on one of its divisions. This wall serves as the perfect spot for a selfie lovers who wish to capture their memories here. 

Ample parking space is available for the customers. 

So, what are you waiting for? Ping your loved ones and head to this Indiana escape room today.


4.9 out of 5

178 customers ratings

Jamie D.

unbelievable place!!! very challenging room. it was great. just when you think you won another thing opened up. very clean, staff wore masks, made you use hand sanitizer before you went in. they were extremely accommodating to our team and parents. job well done locked in at the lake owner and staff!!!

Matt K.

We took four kids to enjoy the kids escape room, I was nervous they wouldn’t stay on task or get overwhelmed. I was totally wrong, the staff kept the kids engaged with subtle little hints throughout the experience. When they made it out, the kids we’re full of excitement. The dads did one of the adult rooms while the moms laughed and enjoyed watching the kids from the viewing room. After dinner the parents decided we wanted to go back and enjoy the second adult room. Both rooms were a complete blast and very engaging. Great owners, and very custom craftsmanship in the rooms. Thanks for letting us spend the evening with you guys.


Bob and Melanie was so awesome! Definitely a quality room with some of the coolest features I have ever seen! I would definitely recommend this room to someone new or an enthusiast. Can’t say enough good things about this place! 5 out of 5 stars! 🙂

Spawning ban 2023 by regions


Rules and laws

Every year there comes a time when the fish begin to breed and lay their eggs. It is important for a fisherman to understand that the more successful the spawning is, the more fish will be in the reservoirs in the future. It is for this that restrictions and prohibitions are introduced on catching certain species for this period. There are also general catch limits, which you can read about here. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules of fishing in 2023.

Spawning ban 2023: general provisions

A general ban on fishing in the territory of the Russian Federation is usually valid from April 20 to June 20, however, the Federal Agency for Fishery may change these dates.

Each region has its own rules and deadlines – they are prescribed in detail in the fishing rules for eight fishery basins in Russia. A spawning ban in a particular subject of the Russian Federation depends on the characteristics of the fish, the temperature regime and the type of reservoir.

In most regions, even during the spawning ban, you can fish with one bottom or float rod, and in some regions spinning is also allowed. So don’t wait for the restrictions to end – replenish your fishing arsenal now with a rod, reel, lure or other product Daiwa ! Now they can be purchased at a discount of up to 55% .

Spawning ban 2023 by regions

Amur Region
Astrakhan region
Altai region
Arkhangelsk region
Belgorod region
Bryansk region 90 004 V
Volgograd region
Voronezh region
Vladimir region
Vologda region
Jewish Autonomous Region
Trans-Baikal Territory
Ivanovo Region
Irkutsk Region 9001 2
Krasnodar Territory
Krasnoyarsk Territory
Karachay-Cherkess Republic
Kabardino-Balkar Republic
Kaluga Region
Kirov Region
Kostroma Region
9 0011 Kursk region

Kurgan region
Kemerovo region
Kaliningrad region
Kamchatka region
Lipetsk region
Moscow and Moscow region
Magadan Region
Murmansk Region
Nenets Autonomous Okrug
Nizhny Novgorod Region
Novosibirsk region
Novgorod region
Orenburg region
Oryol region
Omsk region
Perm region
Penza region
Pskov Region
Primorsky Territory
Rostov Region
Republic of Altai
900 11 Republic of Adygea

Republic of Buryatia
Republic of Crimea
Republic of Bashkortostan
Republic of Dagestan
Republic of Ingushetia 9001 2
Republic of Kalmykia
Republic of Mari El
Republic of Mordovia
Republic of Sakha-Yakutia
Republic of North Ossetia
Republic of Tatarstan
Republic of Tyva
Republic of Karelia
Republic of Komi
Republic of Khakassia
Ryazan region region
Stavropol region
Saratov region
Samara region
Smolensk region
Sverdlovsk region
Sakhalin region
Tambov region
Tula region
Tver region
Tyumen region
Tomsk region
Udmurt Republic
Ulyanovsk region
X Anty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra
Khabarovsk Territory
Chechen Republic
Chuvash Republic – Chu Vashiya
Chelyabinsk Region
Chukotka Autonomous Okrug
Yaroslavl Region
Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug 900 12

3 240 ₽

Coil Daiwa 20 RX LT 3000-C









6000 900 03
Models: 8

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Reel Daiwa 18 Ninja LT 2000





9000 2 3000




Modifications: 11

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3 120 ₽

Daiwa 20 RX LT 2500 coil








5000 9000 3


Designs: 8

Available in 10 stores

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– 40%

7 080 ₽
4 280 ₽

Daiwa 20 NINJA BR LT 3000





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Reel Daiwa 19 N’ZON Plus LT 5000S-CP DH





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  • Spawning ban 2023 by region


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Spawning ban in the Pskov region for 2023


The spawning ban is divided into several stages. Fishing regulations apply to different water bodies. Let’s analyze where and when fishing is prohibited in the Pskov region.

Citizens are prohibited from independently seizing prohibited fishing gear found by the Fishing Rules, as well as aquatic biological resources located in such mining gear. Persons who discovered such tools must notify the state authorities authorized to exercise federal state control (supervision) in the field of fishing and conservation of aquatic biological resources and (or) state control in the field of protection of marine biological resources about the indicated fact.



I adhere, but it doesn’t always work out(:


Poaching is only growing(:


I myself am a marriage onier!

  • What kind of fish is forbidden to catch in the Pskov region
  • The minimum size of fish allowed to be caught in the Pskov region
  • Daily catch rate for 2023 in the Pskov region
  • When it is forbidden to go by boat in the Pskov region
  • Spring spawning ban in 2023 in the Pskov region

    a) aquatic biological resources areas:

    • in the Lakhta Bay (Lakhtinsky, Zalakhtovsky, Zalakhtovskaya Bay) of the Raskopel Bay of Lake Peipus;
    • in Lake Zhizhitskoye: throughout the year in the areas indicated below – with all fishing (catching) tools, with the exception of spinning, as well as one float or bottom fishing rod with a total number of hooks on a float or bottom fishing rod no more than 2 pieces per citizen.
    Plots on Lake Zhizhitskoye Geographical coordinates of plots (plots are limited by straight lines connecting points with the following coordinates)
    U-1 56°14’16. 2″ N 31°10’48.0″ E;

    56°14’21.8″ N 31°10’55.3″ E;

    56°14’11.8″ N 31°11’25.9″ E;

    56°14’31.1″ N 31°12’04.3″ E;

    56°14’58.5″ N 31°13’56.0″ E;

    56°14’31.2″ N 31°14’01.9″ o.d.;

    56°14’01.9″ N 31°11’58.9″ E;

    56°13’43.0″ N 31°11’59.5″ E;

    56°13’46.9″ N 31°11’41.1″ E;

    56°13’43.2″ N 31°11’25.9″ E;

    56°13’30.7″N 31°11’30.5″ E;

    56°13’29.4″ N 31°11’18.8″ E;

    U-2 56°16’37.2″ N 31°15’52.7″ E;

    56°16’41.5″ N 31°15’57.9″ E;

    U-3 56°15’34.9″ N 31°19’10.8″ E;

    56°15’29.4″ N 31°18’40.0″ E;

    56°15’31.9″N 31°18’12.8″ E

    56°15’26.7″ N 31°17’42.7″ E

    U-4 56°14’29.6″ N 31°18’36.7″ E

    56°14’23.0″ N 31°18’02.2″ E

    56°14’23.4″ N 31°17’41.2″ E

    56°14’23.5″ N 31°17’16.2″ E

    56°14’21.2″ N 31°17’11.3″ E

    56°14’14.3″ N 31°17’03.3″ E

    56°13’20.3″N 31°15’54.9″E. D.

    56°12’54.8″N 31°17’10.4″ E

    U-5 56°11’13.3″ N 31°14’01.8″ E

    56°11’25.1″ N 31°14’02.4″ E

    56°11’24.7″ N 31°13’16.5″ E

    56°10’49.4″ N 31°14’05.1″ E

    56°10’54.4″ N 31°13’33.6″ E

    U-6 56°11’50.6″ N 31°12’43.9″ E

    56°11’58.9″ N 31°13’10.0″ E

    56°12’18.0″N 31°12’48.9″ E

    56°12’38.9″ N 31°12’53.7″ E

    56°13’03.4″ N 31°12’33.0″ E

    56°13’24.2″ N 31°11’52.3″ E

    56°13’15.5″N 31°11’26.8″ E

    U-7 56°13’20.7″ N 31°15’45.4″ E

    56°13’22.0″ N 31°15’08.4″ E

    56°13’12.4″ N 31°14’45.7″ E

    56°13’15.5″N 31°14’28.7″ E

    56°13’31.5″N 31°14’34.7″ E

    56°13’50.0″N 31°14’37.7″ E

    56°13’37.2″ N 31°15’54.1″ E

    Terms of the spawning ban in 2023

    • In lakes Pskovskoye, Teploe and Chudskoye: from April 25 to June 15 – perch and bream;
    • From April 1 to May 15 – pike;
    • In Lake Zhizhitskoye: from April 1 (or ice breakup) to June 15 all types of aquatic biological resources ;

    In other water bodies of fishery importance:

    from 1 April to 10 May – pike;

    from May 5 to June 15 – zander;

    from the breakup of ice on July 15 – crayfish. Grayling.

    The minimum size of fish allowed to be caught in the Pskov region

    It is prohibited during fishing to harvest (catch), accept, process, reload, transport, store and unload aquatic biological resources that have a fresh length (in cm) less than indicated in the table below.

    9 0824 10

    Walleye 40
    Pike 40

    The commercial size of aquatic biological resources is determined in fresh form:

    • in fish – by measuring the length from the top of the snout (with the mouth closed) to the base of the middle rays of the caudal fin.
    • in crustaceans, by measuring the body from the line connecting the middle of the eyes to the end of the tail plates.

    Harvested (caught) aquatic biological resources with a length less than indicated in the table are subject to immediate release into the natural habitat with the least damage.

    Daily catch rate for 2023 in the Pskov region

    The daily catch rate for recreational fishing for each citizen in recreational fishing is shown in the table below.

    90 823

    90 824 0.

    Name of aquatic biological resources Daily rate of production (catch) (inland waters of the Russian Federation, except for the internal sea waters of the Russian Federation)
    Pskov-Chudskoy reservoir Water objects of fishery significance, except for Pskov-Chudskoe reservoir
    Sig 2 copies
    Sudak 5 copies 5 copies
    Pike 7 kg 5 kg
    Burbot 5 kg 5 kg
    Bream 5 kg
    Eel 2 specimens
    Bloodworm (chironomids)