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Daycare Centers Waltham MA – Local Daycare Centers

If you search for Daycare Centers Waltham MA, you will find Global Children School, a local daycare center specializing in multicultural education. At Global Children School, we have developed a framework for work citizenship where children learn to respect others, care for nature and solve problems.

Curriculum from a Leading Daycare Center in Waltham MA

When a child enters the Global Children School, they will leave with a broad foundation of knowledge of world cultures, language and practices. Through play experiences, children practice important social skills, negotiate and solve problems, develop their imagination, and become critical thinkers. The curriculum we use is designed to open the world to all of our children by introducing them to world cultures, languages and different ideas. This curriculum includes:

  • Daily readings of award-winning books
  • Vibrant music and movement
  • Rich dramatic play
  • Toys and materials from around the World
  • Learning about shapes, colors, letters and numbers through play

The beauty and naturalistic plan our classrooms will ensure your children feel safe and welcomed at Global Children School. Search Preschools Near Me Waltham MA to experience Global Children School today.

About our Daycares Daily Schedule

When it comes to scheduling, Global Children School offers the widest variety of educational and fun activities in the industry. Our schedule includes fun like dramatic play, where children will encounter dress up clothes, cooking and eating, utensils, food packages from various cultures are used for pretence play. Play scenarios such as dinner time in China will encourage multicultural exposure. Music & Movement is also a popular part of the day, where children sign, dance and move to the world music and play games from different cultures.

Children will also partake in activites such as language classes, where multilingual speech development and bi- or multi-literacy is tought by native speakers. Books, stories and fairy tails are an integral part of literacy. Art allows students to create original art using materials from around the world. Snacks and lunch are always served including hot, delicious organic foods, common to each child’s home culture.

Teacher and Parent Experience

At Global Children School, our faculty of licensed, degreed teachers are trained in practice of child-centered care and education. Children’s needs will be taken care of by caring, kind and gentle teachers. Our teacher to child ratio exceeds what is recommended by the state of Massachusetts, teacher professional development and supervision is ongoing and targeted to continuous improvement.

Parents are seen partner at the Global Children School. Staff and families engage in respectful relationship the to the ability to where is open communication, mutual trust and a shared commitment to what is best for the child. We also offer opportunities for families to experience other places in the world together, including our next experience in Costa Rica. Your children will emerge into nature by observing and partaking in culture community activities.

Contact a Top Daycare Center in Waltham MA

Are looking to learn more about a leading daycare center in Waltham MA? Give us a call at 888-350-0406 or fill out the contact form on our website to schedule a free tour with Global Children School today. We look forward to building a relationship with both you and your children.

Link to Global Travel Request Information Page

Preschool Programs & Daycare Center | Hamburg, NY

Daycare & Pre-K

Serving Blasdell, Hamburg, Lackawanna & Orchard Park, NY

You can rest assured knowing that your little ones are in good hands at Wee-Folk Child Care Center. Our affordable daycare center relies on age-appropriate preschool programs that allow us to design the curriculum for children of a specific age from the Hamburg community and surrounding areas. 

In addition to infant and toddler daycare, Wee-Folk Child Care Center specializes in quality kindergarten preparation for preschool-aged children throughout the Blasdell, Hamburg, Orchard Park, and Lackawanna, NY
areas. We help your little ones explore the world around them through playtime and activities. For our preschool program students, our daycare center helps them prepare for schooling so they are ready when they enter kindergarten.  

All of our age groups have their own rooms and teachers, and we follow New York State OCFF regulations for our teacher-to-student ratio. We want to see your children excel at our daycare center! Contact us today
for more information about our preschool programs available to parents and guardians across Lackawanna, Hamburg, Orchard Park, and Blasdell, NY.

Read Below to Learn More About Our Affordable Daycare & Preschool Programs

Daycare Programs

If your child is still too young to enroll for pre-k, we offer safe and secure classes for infants and toddlers during parent working hours. Our daycare center is known for being a safe and secure environment allowing your children to play with others in their age range. With both indoor and outdoor recreational areas, you can have peace of mind knowing your child is in good hands while at work.

We offer affordable daycare programs year-round, therefore you do not have to worry about finding additional child care during the summer months. Our classrooms are efficiently run, making sure that each room is assigned enough staff members for each child to get the care they deserve. Each staff member is highly experienced and knowledgeable on different age group milestones, therefore we create curriculum and activities based on age appropriateness. We currently are accepting spots in our daycare programs for those in the Lackawanna, Hamburg, and Orchard Park, NY communities.

Pre-K Programs

When looking for a local daycare center near Hamburg, NY that offers several programs for your child, you want one that offers a preschool program that will provide them with the education and care they need to prep them for kindergarten and beyond. At Wee-Folk Child Care Center, we strive to provide the very best in pre-k schooling for all children in the greater Buffalo, NY area, including Lackawanna, Hamburg, Orchard Park, and Blasdell, NY.

Starting in the fall, we offer a preschool program that is both fun and educational. This program will help strengthen your child or children in math, science, art, reading, writing, and sensory skills. Your son or daughter will also work on learning his/her name, address, and phone number. Our preschool program’s instructors will prepare them with a common core curriculum while having fun!

3 & 4 Year Olds

The preschool children at this stage of development need a very well-defined, structured program with loads of fun and play. We use a specialized curriculum for this age group to provide children with an array of individual, small, and large group activities. Each week children will explore a theme through center time and daily enrichment activities to match with the curriculum theme. Our day care center’s classroom displays reflect the changes made as per the current theme. 

Wee-Folk Child Care Center develops talents by encouraging curiosity and strengthening confidence. We ensure success by implanting a lifelong love of learning in children. Engaging lessons and activities are provided in the following areas: Language and Literacy, Math and Manipulative, Science and Technology (Computers), Social Studies, Creative Arts, and Expression. Contact our affordable daycare center serving Hamburg, NY families today to learn more!

Krasnodar residents about the problem of canceling school buses

After the publication of the Krasnodar Notepad article about the abolition of school buses on the Western Bypass and replacing them with public transport, heated debates broke out between citizens on this topic in the comments. On July 24, we tell why people are outraged by the refusal of specialized transport for children, and what those who support this decision of the administration say.

“This is a necessity! Why should we always save on children! Or is there not enough money in the budget of the Krasnodar Territory for children? It’s even a shame that such a problem has arisen, and it’s a shame to read the answers of officials, stupid explanations !!!”

“Here they are! Local authorities used to give away school buses with glamor and pomp, now they’re taking them away. ..”.

Such comments can be read under the publication of Krasnodar’s Notebook about the abolition of school buses. Recall that last week the journalist met with residents of the villages located in the area of ​​the Western Bypass, who complained that in the new academic year their children would be left without school buses, since, by decision of the administration, they would be replaced by ordinary public transport operating under gross contracts. Outraged parents explained to the correspondent that they don’t have schools within walking distance, children need to travel 5 or more kilometers, and their area is not at all a landscaped area, like in the center. Schoolchildren are forced to walk through mud, impassable roads and past dogs, which, of course, is far from safe.

Public transport, which is going to be launched from the new school year, according to parents, will not solve, but will exacerbate the problem, because all the children simply will not fit there and will be forced to be late for school. What the road to the educational institution looks like from, for example, Kalinin Gardens, the journalist was able to see for himself by driving with one of the parents, whose car was simply stuck in a huge mud pit.

The problem rests on the federal law, according to which school transportation is provided only for students from suburban villages, and since the Western bypass is part of Krasnodar, they decided to cancel this delivery there, not taking into account, according to local residents, the specifics of this microdistrict.

People intend to use all available means to achieve the return of school buses, knocking at all levels.

In the comments under the publication heated debate erupted. People continued to express their indignation, not stinting on criticism of the administration. But there were also those who decided to blame the residents themselves for what was happening.

– Thank you very much to the deputy and the journalists who covered the problem and to the parents who are fighting for the school transportation to remain! The problem is serious, for my large family, school transportation is like oxygen. We both work and leave early, just as we return home, the children always pack up and get to school on their own. Thanks to school buses, I was calm about the safety of children on the way to school. I don’t even know what to do from September 1 of this year … I really hope that the mayor of the city, Yevgeny Mikhailovich Naumov, will decide to leave school transportation to schools on the Western Bypass (until schools with walking distance are completed). Previously, the heads made such decisions, understanding the problems of parents in our area. Such social support for families with children is very, very necessary! – says the first comment under the publication on the site.

An alternative opinion has also appeared, in which a resident of the city puts all the responsibility on the people who buy housing in such areas.

– Or maybe before buying a home, you need to look at the infrastructure? Where is the school, clinic, public transport stop? And there will be no need for social activists, deputies, – the woman writes.

Another man recalled his childhood when he allegedly lived in the village and went to school in the center on foot for about 30 minutes.

– And it was fine. Both in winter and in summer. I am sure that most parents have cars, that is, they have the opportunity to go to the mall for clothes and food, and in the morning take the child to school, it’s just laziness and it’s a pity for gasoline. We need to shove everything on the city. In school 102, the photos were clearly chosen on purpose, because there is an asphalt road and goes straight to the school. And the children from school also go along the well-maintained road and not through the mud as it is written, but straight to the bus stop, – Pavel S. spoke, considering that the journalists probably deliberately sorted through the photos, and not just published what they saw.

– Children in Russia should receive a quality education, and not run on foot in the dark through the fields and in the snow and rain, from animals, bandits, reckless drivers, risking their lives and health. The administration is obliged to work for people, otherwise they will not be needed, – the woman answered him, assuming that this person is related to the local authorities.

– What a stupid comment, you understand – it’s not safe, there are no sidewalks, there are a lot of dogs everywhere, and these are not those times !!!!!! – another user adds his opinion, referring to the same man.

– Listen, they used to ride horses. Why don’t you go now. Now, by the way, shifts are taken in all the villages of children. Let the officials then change to public transport, and not use official transport, – writes another city dweller.

– In South Korea, ALL students are transported on school buses! And we even canceled those that were …, – the disturbances continue in the tg-channel.

– There is no need for buses – the budgets will crack, – ironically one of the users.

But even here there were those who do not see anything wrong with the abolition of school transportation, on the contrary, laying the responsibility on the parents.

– I often watched schoolchildren gather at a bus stop near Lenta on Rossiyskaya. They are picked up by a school bus and taken to the 66th and 11th schools. On the Russian mass of public transport. And what prevents schoolchildren from using the city bus? And the released school buses are more reasonable to start up on city routes, – the Krasnodar woman writes and continues. – Parents should think about the safety of children before buying a home in the fields.

– So long as there are people like you who agree with everything that the administration offers or takes away, the city will not get better! If the child does not have a school within walking distance, then there must be a delivery on a special school bus! And before writing, there was nothing to buy housing in the fields, think, and who sells land for housing estates and cottages in which there are no schools, no hospitals, no kindergartens? I am against the fact that children who do not have, at least 20-30 minutes walking distance from the school, travel by public transport, with everyone else. First of all, there must be safety!

– Is it the people who built these twenty-five-story human shelters, the people advertised and continue to advertise and tout: “it’s warm, light, the sea is nearby, the work is in full, salaries are huge, housing is not expensive, etc.? Seriously, all the people themselves, without architects, without master plans, without permits,” people are indignant at the message of the user, who blamed the Krasnodar residents themselves for the current problems.

– And then what do the officials in Krasnodar do and why are they needed, since the people themselves, and the officials are not in business?

– I had to travel with a child up to the 5th grade, because they are simply not allowed on this bus, they are pushed trying to do everything so that the children do not have time to enter. What a blessing it is now that trams run along Moskovskaya, – the city dweller wrote, probably knowing firsthand about the problem.

At the end of the article, a poll was published on whether school buses should be returned. More than 240 people took part in it, of which more than 80% were in favor of having children transported to educational institutions by specialized vehicles.

Elena Butova

News on Bloknot-Krasnodar

An open-air brothel was formed on the site of a demolished kindergarten in Chekhov

This September, residents of Komsomolskaya Street in the city district of Chekhov will celebrate the five-year anniversary of the moment when local authorities promised to organize a recreation area on the site of a demolished kindergarten. Back in 2018, the ex-head of Chekhov, Marina Kononova, assured people: “A square will be laid out at the site of the emergency building, a playground will be installed, and a road to the school will be equipped.”

In a sense, a recreation area did appear here, however, it is peculiar: someone dragged fallen trees that serve as benches, leveled the ground for a fire. There are several such “halts” on the territory of the former kindergarten, many companies gather.

– Teenagers run around during the day, and in the evenings and at night, untrustworthy faces appear. They drink and light fires. But by this hot place, many people go to the post office, to supermarkets, children to school. In the evening it’s just scary here: thickets, a lot of garbage and broken bottles, incomprehensible characters loom, – Valentina, a local resident, laments.

The abandoned kindergarten on Komsomolskaya was demolished in 2020. Before the heavy machinery appeared here, officials met with local residents and explained that it was unprofitable to maintain an emergency building at the expense of budgetary funds, especially since a spontaneous dump had formed on its territory. At the same time, representatives of the local authorities once again recalled the promise made two years ago to equip a recreation area in the vacated space. But words remained words. Valentina, who every day walks past a large trash can where the marginalized are accustomed to gather, is outraged by the inaction of responsible persons:

– Last year, a “folk trail” was ennobled near this place. She was greatly needed and we are grateful for that. But walking on it is just scary. In addition to the fact that you don’t know who can jump out from behind the bushes, glasses, syringes, other rubbish are everywhere, , Valentina said.

Officials responded to the indignation of a local resident in social networks:

“This year, we are planning to do a lot of work on the further improvement of the Terebenka embankment, and work is also starting in the Gubernsky Forest forest park. We regret, but within the framework of the municipal program “Formation of a modern comfortable urban environment” in 2023-2024. arrangement of the park on the street. Komsomolskaya is not planned. However, upon completion of the main work on Terebenka and in the “Gubernsky Forest” we will certainly consider the possibility of including a park on the street.