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The Best Child & Day Care in Las Vegas, NV

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  • 1.

    Children’s Learning Adventure

    • Child & Day Care, Preschool
    • 2488 E Russell Rd Las Vegas, NV 89120

    • Open ⋅ Closes at 6:30PM


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    (702) 637-4000

    Referral from

    Feb 20, 2018


    Felicia G. :

    Where does everyone have there school age kids (mine is 10 years old) attend on extended breaks/summer breaks from school??
    We were…

    Danielle A.:

    Best program aground hands down!!

  • 2.

    The Hills Preschool

    • Child & Day Care, Preschool
    • 6565 Smoke Ranch Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89108, USA Las Vegas, NV 89108

    • Open ⋅ Closes at 6:00PM


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    (702) 982-5439

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    Apr 22, 2014


    Chinasa C. :

    Anyone know of a good daycare for Ikobi??!! One that is not gonna charge an arm and a leg and is good with kids who are BAD lol! He has…

    Melissa B.:

    The hills preschool. My daughter’s god mom is the assistant director. her name is Kristan tell her I sent you

  • 3.

    Remnant Ministries

    • Child & Day Care, Day Care
    • 325 E Windmill Ln Las Vegas, NV 89123


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    (702) 263-3216

    Referral from

    Jan 30, 2014


    Alex G. :

    Does anyone know of any good day care or schools for my 1 year old nephew!?
    Please and thank you (:

    Debra S.:

    +1 (702) 263-3216

  • 4.

    New Hope Christian Academy

    • Child & Day Care, Preschool
    • 8425 W Windmill Ln Las Vegas, NV 89113


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    (702) 301-2020

    Referral from

    Jan 27, 2014


    Vegas E. :

    Melody Olsen is asking our community:
    I am looking for a good preschool/daycare for my 2 yo daughter 3 full days/week (Tue, Wed, Fri)….

    Lauren H.:

    New hope Christian academy – all the teachers are amazing! Durango and windmill.

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  • Referral from January 27, 2014

    Vegas E. asked:

    Melody Olsen is asking our community:
    I am looking for a good preschool/daycare for my 2 yo daughter 3 full days/week (Tue, Wed, Fri). Somewhere in the Southwest part of. ..

  • Referral from September 24, 2014

    Ashley T. asked:

    Can anyone recommend a day care that is reputable in either Raleigh or Wake Forest? I’m going to need someone to watch my now 2 month old daughter when I go back to…

  • Referral from November 19, 2015

    Eileen S. asked:

    “Here you have somebody who cannot live on $8.75 an hour. Also, here you have somebody who does some of the most important work in this country. We pay our childcare…

  • Referral from September 24, 2013

    Porschia P. asked:

    Any of Sacramento family/friends know of a good quality daycare that’s affordable? Please let me know

  • Referral from October 22, 2013

    Tenaya E. asked:

    My interview went really good, they’ll be calling me within the next few weeks to let me know when I can start. Until then ima keep looking in case a better opportunity…

  • Referral from August 30, 2015

    ktjnwow asked:

    Any recommendations for a doggie day care in OC? Need to board the Who for a few days between moves.

  • Referral from March 24, 2017

    bintofsparkles asked:

    Looking for Spanish speaking day time childcare in Birmingham. Do you know anyone or know of anyone that might be interested? Please RT

  • Referral from June 2, 2016

    Brandi H. asked:

    Can anyone recommend a camp for kids this summer? I will have my 7 year old niece and I work so I would like to find a fun camp or daycare, Preferably with God’s word!…

  • Referral from September 3, 2014

    Amy A. asked:

    Sooo its that time for me to start looking for child care. & extremely nervous & scared doesn’t even begin to describe it. So can anyone of my friends on here recommend. ..

  • Referral from May 16, 2014

    SATW121310 asked:

    Recommendations on doggie day care My pup is about to hit that age where I can throw her in day care for a bit so she can socialize and have fun while mommy and daddy go…

  • Referral from April 20, 2015

    Tateonya G. asked:

    Does anyone know of any places hiring full-time? I have cashier, retail, & daycare experience.

  •″ track_name=”fb-post-item-pr” post_category=”Day care,babysitter” city_state=”Las Vegas, NV”>

    Referral from September 10, 2013

    Sandy S. asked:

    Does anyone know of a good but not too expensive day care that I can take my daughter to? Or a good babysitter that can be trusted? I need to figure something else out…

  • Referral from February 9, 2018

    Ayre A. asked:

    Fiance and I have decided to have a “child free wedding”. However, most of our family is coming from out of state (and will most likely be traveling with their…

  • Referral from January 30, 2014

    Alex G. asked:

    Does anyone know of any good day care or schools for my 1 year old nephew!?
    Please and thank you (:

  • Referral from April 22, 2014

    Chinasa C. asked:

    Anyone know of a good daycare for Ikobi??!! One that is not gonna charge an arm and a leg and is good with kids who are BAD lol! He has to be in someone’s…

  • Referral from December 31, 2014

    Ruth B. asked:

    Looking for New Years Eve Childcare 6pm-6am $10.00/hr or $30.00 overnight
    go out and “PARTY” and know your kids are safe.
    Inbox me

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    Children’s Learning Adventure – Infant Care in West Las Vegas, Nevada

    Overview of our West Las Vegas’s Infant Care

    Children’s Learning Adventure in West Las Vegas, Nevada understands that children are born with a vast capacity to learn when placed in a loving, nurturing, and stimulating environment.   Our Infant Care is designed to stimulate infants cognitively through individual daily routines.


    Physical Development and Health

    Coordination of body and muscle control are developed during ‘Tummy Time’.  Teachers engage infants in activities that enhance the development of gross and fine motor areas: including increasing the ability for awareness during teacher-child interactions, and attention seeking conversations.

    Social Emotional

    Infants form secure attachments with others through activities that focus on bonding.  We implement a consistent caregiver model called primary care groups.

    Language and Literacy

    Language development is among one of the most important tasks of the first five years of a child’s life.  Teachers implement our ‘Everyday Play’ activities including sign language to improve your infants’ communication skills.  Infants interact with books every day, developing early book knowledge and print awareness.


    Infant Care Core Curriculum in West Las Vegas, Nevada

    Content areas promoting development in all disciplines:

    Everyday Play

    Infants need to have meaningful play in their daily activities.  These activities create an environment that enables your infant’s brain to connect learning skills.  These ‘Everyday Play’ activities will provide infants with opportunities to control and guide their learning.

    Read to Me

    Children’s literature is instrumental in early literacy from learning to turn the page to sharing a favorite story at the same time each day.  Read to Me activities are more than just reading through a book.  These activities provide opportunities for teachers to truly share the reading experience with infants.

    Tummy Time

    Infants develop their muscles by spending quality time on the floor, learning to stretch, and lifting their heads.  Initially, this time can be uncomfortable for infants, but by directed activities with the teacher, infants will learn to love holding their heads high and seeing their new environments.

    Mealtime Chatter

    Mealtime is a wonderful time to interact and promote attention, bonding, and communication with infants during their feedings.  Mealtime should be a calm, relaxed experience that initiates the infant bonding with their teacher, while engaging in a very vital component of development.

    Rest and Relaxation

    As infants experience many activities throughout the day, they need to have an opportunity to learn to relax in their environments with the guidance and direction of their teachers.  As infants discover how to calm themselves, they learn that they can control their environments.

    Talking Through Transitions

    Infants experience several transitions throughout their day, beginning with the good-bye to their parents, first thing in the morning.  Transitions need to be recognized as learning experiences and opportunities to provide attention, bonding, and on-going communication for an infant.   These transition activities provide the teacher with an understanding for moving smoothly through the day from one transition to the next.

    Routines and Repetition

    Research has proven that repetition is imperative for learning to occur.  Routines are essential in creating a sense of security and predictability for infants in their classroom environments.  Establishing routines and repetition in the infant’s day-to-day activities creates a positive, warm, and nurturing environment.

     Children’s Learning Adventure is the best infant care provider in West Las Vegas, Nevada.

    What’s the Next Steps in your Infant Care?

    Schedule a visit to tour our West Las Vegas, Nevada campus. Meet with our friendly staff, knowledgeable teachers and educators, and discuss if our infant care is right for your child. Or, call us at 702-263-1292 to discuss your questions and educational goals for your child.

    Top 10 Las Vegas Attractions 2023

    Popular Attractions

    • Specialty Museums

    • Theaters

    • Casinos

    • Shopping centers

    • Places of interest and places of interest

    Show all

    • The Mob Museum

      Specialty Museums

    • Shelby American, Inc.

      Specialty Museums

    • Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum

      Specialty Museums

    • Pinball Hall of Fame

      Specialty Museums 9000 3


    • Counts Kustoms

      Specialty Museums

    • The Neon Museum

      Specialty Museums


    • The Atomic Museum

      Specialty Museums


    • Springs Preserve

      Specialty Museums • Nature and Wildlife Areas

    Show all

    • Dolby Live


      The Strip

    • Bakkt Theater


      The Strip

    • The Colosseum


      The Strip

    • Pearl Concert Theater


      Open Now • Paradise

    • Casino at the MGM Grand

      Theaters • Casinos

      The Strip

    • V Theater


      The Strip

    • Encore Theater


      The Strip

    • Saxe Theater


      The Strip

    Show all

    • Wynn Las Vegas Casino


      The Strip

      9 0008

    • Casino at Bellagio


      The Strip

    • Ellis Island Casino & Brewery

      Breweries • Casino

      Open Now • The Strip

      9000 8

    • The Cosmopolitan Casino


      The Strip

    • Casino At The Venetian


      The Strip

    • Palazzo Resort Casino


      The Strip

    • Paris Las Vegas

      Points of Interest & Landmarks • Casino

      The Strip

    • Casino at Aria Resort


      The Strip

    • 9 Top attractions in Las Vegas 0025

      Show all

      1. Bellagio Fountains


      Points of Interest and Landmarks • Fountains


      Author: Unclealec1

      Guys, we got acquainted with this object in mid-April 2023. The fountains are huge. Color and color are constantly changing…

      2. Red Rock Canyon National Nature Reserve


      State parks • National parks

      Open now

      3. Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden




      Open now

      Author: Kuznetsov_Sergey

      It is worth visiting the Bellagio Hotel just to see its beautiful botanical garden. This is not the case in other hotels…

      4. The Strip

      34 969



      Author: Unclealec1

      Guys, we had a great walk here in mid-April 2023. A lot of people. But even more fun and special. ..

      5. Fremont Street Experience


      Points of Interest and Landmarks • Historic Walking Areas 900 03

      6. High Roller


      Observation decks and towers

      The Strip

      7. The Mob Museum

      Specialty museums

      8. Hoover Dam Bypass


      Points of Interest & Landmarks • Bridges

      Open Now

      9. Stratosphere Tower


      Cultural objects and sights • Observation platforms and towers

      Author: aleksey_shloyda

      We often visit observation platforms in various places. This has not been bypassed either. Tallest building in Lam Vegas with…

      10. The Neon Museum


    11. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

    History Museums


    12. Wynn Las Vegas Casino



    Author: Kuznetsov_Sergey

    Of course, a wonderful hotel, magnificent interiors, an esplanade of shops, botanical gardens and a theater are all just bait to…

    Traveler opinions

    • Alexander Ch

      Moscow, Russia mid-April 2023. The fountains are huge. Colors and music are constantly changing. Amazing spectacle!
      Though of course it’s up to you…

      Review for: Bellagio Fountains

      Published May 31, 2023

      This review reflects the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

    • Andrey Shaposhnikov

      115 publications

      Red Rock Canyon

      Where four states meet at the border

      Pomegranate red mountains
      Where it is difficult even for a bird to live 900 03

      As if in sunset ash
      Stones are frozen henceforth,
      became Red Rock Canyon on land
      Part of the Mojave Desert.

      The rocks under the sky were resurrected.
      Speed ​​up in the road,
      Can be reached, oh, if you leave the Las Vegas Strip

      Towers of huge hotels,
      Where lights and casinos.
      A sharp contrast of watercolors,
      In which wine sparkles.

      Washing away the transience of the paint,
      Yucca – an everyday story,
      To read life’s fairy tale
      Or an Indian petroglyph.

      Suddenly, among the desert dawn
      Get up from the boar’s cry
      From Hoover next to the dam.
      Just look for peace,

      If not a timid warehouse,
      Then on the border of the shelter
      There Arizona, Nevada,
      Where is California, Utah.

      Review for: Red Rock Canyon National Wildlife Refuge

      Published May 27, 2019

      This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

    • Sergey K

      Moscow, Russia41,719 publications

      Botanical Garden at the Bellagio Hotel

      It is worth visiting the Bellagio Hotel just to see its beautiful botanical garden. This is not the case in other hotels in the city. Since the entrance to the Las Vegas hotel is free, any tourist who may not intend to live here or visit its casino can do this.

      Review for: Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden

      Published November 19, 2020

      This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

    • Alexander Ch

      Moscow, Russia3 218 publications

      Strip = walk hit

      Guys, we had a great walk here in mid-April 2023. A lot of people. But even more entertainment and specials. effects.
      Though of course it’s up to you…

      Review for: The Strip

      Published May 31, 2023

      This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

    • Andrey Shaposhnikov

      115 publications


      Playing a little drunk
      We got used to playing on stage.
      But the halves of us then scold,
      They do not believe in this change in life.

      It seems to them that all this is for contrast,
      That in life we ​​are always like glass.
      To lie, my friend, I see that you are much,
      At least count, ashamed, your years.

      We learned to separate life and stage,
      Each time playing someone else’s role.
      But only the scenery has changed,
      So let me skip the check.

      Yes, if we have at least a couple of green ones,
      We use them to make our way to the bar in the fall.
      Easy to play with drinks for us lovers,
      But we keep a sense of duty to drink.

      Take at least an example now from the revelers,
      Ogarochek is always for his happiness.
      There was little left in him from the bully,
      Having believed in the holy in communion.

      Wait, friend, don’t pester the guests,
      They want to watch us and the show.
      We sail among them, as if on the seas.
      Are you stormy? You say “soberly”: “No”.

      Oh, what a short muse for a poet,
      I silently asked you with my eyes.
      We, the society of guardians and light,
      They clapped their hands and watched how we were in the hall.

      And by the way, this is only self-conceit,
      An amusing number passed by the artist.
      The girl cheered everyone up..
      The bouquet was sent to the pianist as soon as possible…

      …I’ll say: “What do you want?”
      Without pretending to the faithful:
      “Today,” he said, “not in one eye.”

      Review of: Fremont Street Experience

      Published June 5, 2019

      This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

    • Valentine F

      Las Vegas, Nevada2 Publications

      Ferris Wheel

      A very exciting sight, Las Vegas at night. Be sure to visit, you won’t regret it. The view is very beautiful, worth every dollar spent!

      Review for: High Roller

      Published December 16, 2019

      This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

    • Vladimir G

      Moscow, Russia33 publications

      Museum of Crime

      The museum has collected a lot of detailed material about American crime over the past 100 years, including the political, sports, cinema, international and all other mafia. al. There is also about us, but so, in passing. Everything is done in the classic style of the film “Only Girls in Jazz” – bandits in velor hats and wide jackets, a lot of documents, numbers and film materials, there is an electric chair with a switch – you sit down, turn it on and the light starts flashing, very impressive. There is a souvenir shop and even a retro-style cafe for a complete immersion in the criminal atmosphere. In a word, interesting, but for our tourist a little naive. In the sense that for such a museum at home, a building of a much more impressive size would be needed.
      That’s all for now, next stop – Death Valley.

      Review of: The Mob Museum

      Published March 18, 2019

      This review reflects the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

    • Stanislav Fitcoach

      Rostov-on-Don, Russia109 publications


      Very beautiful building. Looks fantastic) A must-see place! There is paid and free parking.

      Review for: Hoover Dam Bypass

      Published September 26, 2019

      This review reflects the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

    • Aleksey Shloyda

      Korolev, Russia2,369 publications

      The tallest building in Lam Vegas with an excellent observation deck.

      We often visit observation decks in various places. This has not been bypassed either. The tallest building in Lam Vegas with an excellent observation deck, 334 meters.
      Magnificent night views, there is a cafe and access to the open part of the observation deck.
      For those who like to tickle their nerves, there are rides based on the height rhinestone.

      Review for: Stratosphere Tower

      Published October 29, 2021

      This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

    • Solly_Van

      St. Petersburg, Russia343 publications

      Very atmospheric!

      Very atmospheric hotel – you can really trace the history of Vegas through all those old neon signs. There is some magic in them. We loved it!

      Review for: The Neon Museum

      Published November 22, 2016

      This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

    • Lidia M

      25 publications

      An experience of a lifetime

      Wonderful museum. Very sad, of course. Everything is done so that you yourself feel like a participant in the incident. Too bad you can’t take photos

      Review for: Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

      Posted September 19, 2018

      This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

    • Sergey K

      Moscow, Russia41,719 publications

      Wynn Casino

      Of course, the wonder hotel, magnificent interiors, shopping esplanade, botanical gardens and theater are all just bait to the Wynn Hotel-Casino’s main asset – its casino. Apparently it works! Attracted by the sign of a branded hotel, visitors either turn into its guests and casino regulars, or at least once enter the gaming room and leave some money there. But even to say in passing that he lost a hundred dollars anywhere, but in a casino, Wynn is worth a lot!

      Review for: Wynn Las Vegas Casino

      Published November 22, 2020

      This review reflects the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

    • Romario1111

      Moscow, Russia17 publications

      A unique show to watch in Las Vegas!

      For the second time in my life I went to this show. This is an enchanting and unforgettable performance. Exceptional performance! Great costumes and live music. Artists – ignore the laws of physics and just soar)))

      Review for: KA by Cirque du Soleil

      Published March 14, 2019

      This review represents the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

    • Marina Shukurova

      Saratov, Russia588 publications

      Free show

      Short, but beautiful and spectacular, the fire from the bowels of the volcano breaks out so strong that it gets hot near the fence) Small lights right in the pool add to the effect. It is better to watch at dusk or when it gets dark to catch the beautiful reflections of lights in the water.

      Review for: Mirage Volcano

      Published July 2, 2018

      This review reflects the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews.

    • tsvetamilamila83

      Omsk, Russia273 publications

      Best View of Vegas…

      Climbed the tower with friends just because of the promised view of the Bellagio singing fountains… even though it was a hot August, but the wind cool! Tickets can be bought in the lobby of the Paris Hotel… we are the last to enter the elevator… we are the first to exit and immediately take a seat in front of the Hotel…. the view is good but the music is hard to hear… but for me it is the best view of Vegas…

      Review for: Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck

      Published September 2, 2018

      This review reflects the subjective opinion of a member of the Tripadvisor community and is not the official position of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor checks reviews. Frequently Asked Questions about Las Vegas

      Las Vegas travelers say the best outdoor activities in Las Vegas according to Tripadvisor travelers are:

      • Red Rock Canyon National Nature Reserve
      • Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden
      • Hoover Dam Bypass
      • Mystic Falls Park
      • Barx Parx
      • See all outdoor activities in Las Vegas

      Las Vegas according to Tripadvisor travelers the most popular outdoor activities in Las Vegas with kids are:

      • Bellagio Fountains
      • Red Rock Canyon National Nature Reserve
      • Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden
      • Hoover Dam Bypass
      • High Roller
      • See all kid friendly things to do in Las Vegas on Tripadvisor

      Vegas, Nevada’s resort and gambling capital

      this city in the Nevada desert exists only for the pursuit of pleasure and entertainment. Head to Las Vegas to discover a city of fun and fantasy filled with mega-resort casinos. Vegas has been named the entertainment capital of the world and its wow factor continues to grow along with construction budgets.

      The city is now a well developed destination that offers everything from wildlife viewing to amusement park thrills, world class shows and exciting nightlife.

      This is really an amazing place for everyone who wants to have fun. Even if you never enter the casinos, the shops, luxury resorts, restaurants, theme parks and famous nightlife will keep the excitement at a simmering level throughout your Las Vegas vacation.


      1. Las Vegas Tour
      2. Las Vegas Weather
      3. Las Vegas Residents
      4. Tours from Las Vegas
      5. Hoover Dam
      6. 9000 5 Grand Canyon

      7. Red Rock Canyon
      8. Valley of Fire
      9. Las Vegas Attractions
      10. Bellagio
      11. Fremont Street
      12. Car Collection
      13. MGM Grand
      14. Mandalay Bay
      15. Luxor
      16. Treasure Island 900 08
      17. Amusement park
      18. Buffalo Bill
      19. Las Vegas Festivals
      20. Jazz Festival
      21. Rock and Roll Marathon
      22. Burning Man Festival
      23. Rodeo
      24. Las Vegas Restaurant 9 0008
      25. Shopping
      26. Las Vegas at night
      27. Transport Las- Las Vegas
      28. Las Vegas Airport
      29. Travel Tips

      Anytime is a great time to visit Las Vegas, which is located in the desert and therefore enjoys year-round sunshine. Summer, from June to August, can be blindingly hot, but fear not, all rooms are air conditioned.

      Weather in Las Vegas

      Located in the middle of the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas has hot and dry summers with mild winters and plenty of sunshine all year round. In midsummer, in July and August, mercury often hovered above 38 C.

      Winters are cooler and bring windswept nights, with daytime highs around 16 C and cool nights averaging 4 C.

      Light rainfall usually falls in winter, from January to March. In summer sometimes late thunderstorms approach from Mexico.

      Las Vegas residents

      Las Vegas locals are always smiling. This polite habit of Americans is no longer surprising, but why do they smile at strangers? It turns out that this is an awkward situation – to look into the eyes of a stranger, and to smooth this moment – people smile.

      Another unspoken rule in Las Vegas is about personal space. For example, do not approach people in line. Everyone obeys the rules! There is no point in getting nervous and thinking about how to get to work or somewhere to exceed the speed limit.

      The locals also have a habit against manners: they have a strange way of licking their fingers in public places and at home, without embarrassment.

      Tours from Las Vegas

      Although the city is mostly known for its artificial sheen, many wonderful natural attractions draw visitors from Las Vegas. Popular city tours include visiting the spectacular Grand Canyon, the engineering marvel of the Hoover Dam, and the beautiful desert scenery of Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire.

      Hoover Dam

      Stretching 380 meters across the Colorado River, the Hoover Dam holds the waters of Lake Mead and is a fine example of the engineering of its time. One of the world’s most famous dams, the Hoover Dam was built during the Great Depression in the 1930s – one of the many massive public works projects commissioned by the US government to get people back to work.

      The dam employed thousands of people from all over the country, and its hydroelectric plant continues to provide electricity to Nevada and neighboring states. In addition to engineering achievements,

      Lake Mead National Recreation Area is popular with both watersports enthusiasts and sunbathers.

      Grand Canyon

      At 446 km long and up to 29 km wide, the breathtaking splendor of the Grand Canyon is so impressive that words simply cannot justify it. One of the greatest natural wonders of the world, it was formed by the cutting of the Colorado River over millions of years, when the harder rock formations remained great cliffs, pinnacles and hills, and the various layers of rocks had a variety of colors: purple, fiery red and pastel. pinks to yellows, browns, grays and soft blues.

      Whether on foot or horseback, from a plane or helicopter, aboard a raft down the mighty Colorado River, or simply gazing in awe at the edge, the seemingly endless depths of the canyon can be explored in a variety of ways. The park receives crowds of visitors from all over the world who can’t help but be blown away by the sculpted rock forms, changing colors, with light and a tiny glimpse of the Colorado River far below.

      Grand Canyon National Park consists of two separate areas: the south and the more remote north. The distance from the canyon to 16 km is 346 km from one visitor center to another, and the southern edge, being the most accessible with more facilities, sees about 90 percent park visitors. The northern edge is higher in elevation and wetter, with thicker surrounding forests, and is farther away and usually closed due to snow between mid-October and mid-May, but many people prefer the comparative tranquility of its less crowded lookouts.

      Both rims have several driveways and walkways along the rim with numerous viewpoints for viewing from different angles, as well as several hikes down into the canyon where you can spend the night at Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the canyon.

      The impact of millions of visitors a year on the South Rim, especially during the busy summer months, has a negative impact on the park, where overcrowding and traffic congestion are common. Despite all the inconveniences, it is an unforgettable experience to visit one of the most striking examples of erosion in the world.

      Red Rock Canyon

      Red Rock Canyon is a spectacular valley 10 miles west of Las Vegas and it’s a good hike to avoid the neon lights of the slot machines. Its distinguishing feature is the steep slope of the Red Rock, which rises to 914 m along its western edge.

      Today, the dramatic landscape is teeming with cacti and Joshua trees and is a good place for walking, climbing, biking or just taking a scenic drive.

      The Mojave Desert is not as barren as it may seem, the place is teeming with rare life and beauty – waterfalls crash into canyons, and high above the red mountains tailed hawks seek their food. To experience the natural beauty of Nevada, there is no better place to explore.

      Valley of Fire

      Valley of Fire State Park is Nevada’s oldest park and is named for its red sandstone formations that look like they’re on fire when the sun reflects off them.

      The rocks were formed over 150 million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the area. Aside from the rugged beauty of the surrounding Mojave Desert, the park’s main attractions are the well-preserved petroglyphs that adorn the many red sandstone structures left there by the ancient Pueblo people, also known as the Anasazi.

      This rock art has been variously dated from 300 BC. before 1150 AD Visitors should head to Atlatl Rock to see some of the finest examples of ancient Indian rock art or petroglyphs, including a depiction of the atlatl, which is a serrated stick used to propel spears, the forerunner of the bow and arrow. Other activities here include hiking and camping.

      Las Vegas Attractions

      When you visit Las Vegas, you quickly realize that the city itself is the biggest attraction. You can just stroll down the Strip and bask in the fluorescent lights, hum in the traffic, ping the slot machines and absorb the incredible energy of this incredibly exciting desert city. A century ago, there was nothing special here, but since then Las Vegas has become one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

      Key attractions are, of course, the extravagant casinos The Strip, competing to attract passers-by with lavish displays and performances. Most people come to Las Vegas to play, party, or maybe get married in one of the famous chapels, but the city is also an entertainment hub, offering theme parks, incredible pools, giant malls, and more. Music lovers should head to the Liberace Museum and the many grand shows, and car fans won’t want to miss the world-class car collection.

      If you are hiking, do so at night, when the lights have the most impact and the temperature is coolest. During the day, make the most of the city buses that run the entire lane.

      Las Vegas may seem brash and sleazy at first, but this fun and fantasy-filled city is described as the world’s largest theme park and attracts kids. The city is making an effort to attract families, and of course they have something to lure them in. Nestled in the middle of the vast Mojave Desert, this lively resort offers everything from wildlife viewing to theme parks and shopping malls. Naturally, there are many places in Vegas that are not suitable for children, but there has been a concerted effort to accommodate families, with family resorts springing up in and around the city.

      Kids on vacation in Las Vegas will be immediately impressed by the recreated skylines of New York and Paris seen from The Strip and revel in the adventurous glimpse of exploring the canals of Venice or the Egyptian pyramids.

      In an attempt to lure casino players into spending all their cash, accommodations and restaurants in Las Vegas are surprisingly affordable – a real benefit for families on vacation.

      The pursuit of pleasure by both parents and children is possible all year round. Summer in Las Vegas is very hot, but everything is air conditioned.


      Bellagio is one of the most luxurious hotels in Las Vegas and the most popular casinos. With an Italian theme, the bulk of Bellagio is in its own huge garden.

      It has over 3,000 rooms, hundreds of slot machines and gaming tables. However, its most famous attraction is the amazing water show – a breathtaking union of water, music and light. From 15:00 to midnight (12:00 on weekends), the world-famous Bellagio Fountains “dance” to operatic, classical or whimsical music with carefully choreographed movements.

      Behind the graceful lobby of the Bellagio is the Conservatory and the Botanical Garden, a magnificent garden full of fragrance, texture and color. The hotel also has a new fine arts gallery that hosts contemporary art exhibitions.

      Fremont Street

      Also known as “Shiny Gorge” for the bright neon signs and the thousands of flashing lights that line the streets, you’ll find Vegas Vic and Sassy Sal, two of the country’s most famous neon icons.

      Some of the city’s most famous vintage casinos are located here, including the Golden Nugget and Gold Spike, as well as most of the strip clubs and stage shows.

      Most of the entertainment is near the Freemont Street Experience. Fremont Street embraces the iconic look of Vegas, giving people exactly what they expect when they think of the glitzy casino city.

      Auto Collection

      With over 250 classic vintage cars on display, the Imperial Palace Auto Collection is a must for car enthusiasts. This is actually part of a large collection and the cars are regularly changed in the showroom.

      All cars are available for purchase and once a car is sold it is replaced with another one. The exhibit features rare models, racing cars, performance cars, touring roadsters and dozens of cars that were once owned by the rich and famous.

      Considered to be one of the largest and finest collections of classic cars in the world, this massive showroom is a gas head heaven and very popular with Vegas tourists.

      MGM Grand

      MGM Grand, one of the most famous casinos in Las Vegas and was the largest hotel in the world, opened in 1993 with over 5,000 rooms. The complex also houses about 19 restaurants, many shops and nightclubs, a conference center and a spa.

      The MGM Grand was the most famous attraction for many years, but the casino closed in early 2012 as part of a major renovation. Today, MGM Grand is home to many exciting entertainment venues. The MGM, an iconic Vegas landmark, has thrilled and entertained visitors for years.

      Mandalay Bay

      The 44-story Mandalay Bay Hotel is one of the largest on the Las Vegas Strip with over 3,000 hotel rooms and a 12,500 sqm casino.

      The tropical-themed resort has a number of popular family attractions, including a marine aquarium with a shark reef and massive stage performances ranging from Broadway musicals to stage productions.

      However, the most popular attraction in Mandalay Bay is Mandalay Beach, an 11-acre swimming pool that has three heated pools, a wave pool, a lazy river and a children’s pool. The Mandalay Bay Hotel has its own bar and restaurants.


      The ancient Egyptian themed Luxor Hotel is one of the most famous attractions on the Las Vegas Strip. It is a massive black glass pyramid containing 36 floors of hotel rooms. It shines through the night sky with one of the most powerful beams of light in the world, which they claim is visible on planes circling Los Angeles.

      The ground floor of the hotel is reserved for a huge casino, which stands under the tomb of King Tut. In addition to gambling, entertainment at the hotel includes an IMAX theater, gyms, swimming pools and exhilarating shows of comedians, dancers and singers. The Luxor is a Vegas landmark and one of the most popular casinos and hotels in the city.

      Treasure Island

      No longer the pirate family haven it used to be, Treasure Island has reinvented itself as an adult-oriented contemporary resort. Sirens of TI Free Show is a must-see special effects show on the Las Vegas Strip, with music, explosions and beautiful women.

      Treasure Island is also home to the show and offers many restaurants and nightclubs. Famous comedians and musicians regularly perform at the resort. Treasure Island, while not a family resort, is an exciting adult destination in Vegas and one of the city’s perennial favorites.

      Amusement Park

      The Adventuredome glass theme park is the perfect attraction for those looking for a thrill-seeking Las Vegas vacation. Its loop rollercoasters and other harrowing rides are not to be missed. If that adrenaline rush is too much, you can also see magic shows here, as well as plenty of treats like ice cream, popcorn, and candies.

      There are also rides and activities designed for younger children who may not be old enough to ride the main attractions. The fact that the theme park is indoors is an added bonus, protecting visitors from Nevada’s sometimes inhospitable climate.

      Buffalo Bill

      Buffalo Bill Amusement Park is a great place for kids to enjoy everything from diving into the ground, defying gravity, or walking on a fabulous lake.

      Buffalo Bill is an excellent Las Vegas resort choice for families traveling with children as the resort caters to adults and children alike and is known for its high energy live performances as well as an amusement park and playgrounds. The kids will be happy and busy as the adults take in the more adult sights of the resort.

      Las Vegas Festivals

      Jazz Festival

      The annual Las Vegas City Jazz and R&B Festival takes place at the Clark County Government Amphitheater, where festival-goers can enjoy days in the Nevada heat to listen to the good old beat and blues.

      Those looking for a good time should bring a camping chair, sunhat, some snacks and refreshments and go to the stage to watch the live performances. Souvenirs and food stalls are also available.

      Rock and Roll Marathon

      The Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon runs along the Strip where runners can enjoy the sights and sounds of Sin City and spectators can enjoy live entertainment including music.

      Runners and spectators alike can look forward to an energetic run and party that captures the wild Vegas spirit. The half marathon has a wave start, allowing runners plenty of room to enjoy the run and side activities along the way.

      Burning Man Festival

      Burning Man Festival is one of the most unique festivals in the world. More than 20,000 people from all over the world take part in it every year. This is a celebration of art, creativity and humanity. Unlike most other festivals in the world, there is no commerce, no shops, no rock stars, no rollercoasters.

      It’s just a meeting, albeit a very large one. The tranquility of the area makes festival goers feel at ease. The emphasis is on community and people helping each other. On the final day, the Burning Man bonfire takes place, setting the sky on fire as the community dances around. Due to the non-commercial nature of the festival, attendees are advised to bring whatever they may need with them.


      Referred to as the “Super Bowl Rodeo”, cowboys and cowgirls from across America and Canada train throughout the year in hopes of becoming one of the top 15 to claim victory and compete for prize money. Activities include bull riding, team stunts, bronco saddle, bareback, steering wrestling, and barrel racing.

      There is no better place to experience the still enduring US cowboy culture. The competition includes food stalls and rides that should be fun for the whole family.

      Las Vegas Restaurant

      There was a time when Las Vegas restaurants were known for more than food. This was due to legendary casino buffets that offered mountains of food at modest prices on the well-calculated assumption that diners would play long hours at the tables or slot machines, and stay longer in the casino if they ate generously.

      Today, however, Las Vegas has a large selection of world-class eateries, especially Italian cuisine, classic French fine dining and luxurious steakhouses.

      Some of the country’s best chefs are now in Las Vegas and new restaurants are opening weekly. In addition, Vegas is home to several world-class sommeliers. Restaurants have certainly become one of the many entertainment venues in Vegas where restaurants attract the attention of many diners.

      All this growing activity and more competition means that Vegas offers decent value for money compared to other major cities.

      The end result is that the former 99 cent shrimp cocktail capital is now regarded as the cuisine capital of the world. When it comes to food at least the odds are really in your favor. Don’t panic, huge buffets are still available!


      Las Vegas is one of the world’s shopping capitals. There are over 20 malls, each with a unique theme and each offering prices that retailers in other cities are trying to compete with.

      Las Vegas Town Square shops are mostly on the street, so you can enjoy a friendly walking atmosphere while exploring the wide range of shops. The town square also offers an eclectic selection of restaurants, a newly built spa and a lovely interactive kids park.

      Caesars Palace is home to extremely popular shopping with over 220,000 square meters of retail space. The Fashion Show Mall at 3200 Las Vegas Boulevard is well worth a visit for incredible deals. The recently refurbished Boulevard Mall, with over 170 stores, is also a good option.

      The Strip is known for its designer boutiques and all the big names are represented here. Away from The Strip and the luxury malls, you can find more individual stores selling Las Vegas collectibles like old gambling chips, esoteric books, and weird clothes. Two markets that are really worth visiting are Broadacres Swap Meet and Fantastic Indoor Swapmeet.

      Las Vegas at night

      There’s a reason they say “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” With world-class bars, clubs, strip clubs, casinos, and international shows hosted for years, it’s no surprise that Las Vegas has earned itself the fame, and often infamy, as one of the party capitals of the world.

      The world famous Strip can be soft and muddy during the day, but the minute the sun goes down this desert oasis comes to life. The real problem when heading out for the night on the Strip is choosing where to start.

      There are always major comedy or musical acts and big Broadway plays to be seen in major hotels throughout the city. World famous wizards like David Copperfield and Criss Angel, singers like Celine Dion, Bette Midler and Cher and famous actors call Las Vegas home.

      Hotels in Las Vegas offering great entertainment include the Bellagio, the Venetian, Caesar’s Palace, Mandalay Bay, Treasure Island and the MGM Grand.

      Casinos in Las Vegas are also the best place for nightclubs and bars. Famous clubs host celebrity parties almost every weekend.

      Las Vegas Transportation

      Most trips to Las Vegas are limited to the Strip and downtown so there is no need to hire a car as both are easily accessible on foot and there are several modes of transportation that can be used.

      Local buses run all the way to the city center and operate 24/7 at a fixed price including transfers. The old-fashioned Las Vegas Strip Trolley also operates the entire length of the Strip from 8:30 am to midnight, and the Downtown Trolley simultaneously circles between the Stratosphere and downtown.

      A modern monorail runs over the streets and operates from 7:00 am to 3:00 am between the Sahara Hotel and the MGM Grand. Taxis are plentiful and can be found queuing outside every hotel and casino, as well as at taxi ranks. Cars are the most practical way to explore the Las Vegas area.

      Las Vegas Airport

      Most flights to Sin City operate through Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. McCarran is the largest airport in Las Vegas and by far the busiest in Nevada.

      Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is clean and well maintained with few complaints about long queues. The airport is made up of three terminals and offers a variety of diversions to keep passengers busy while they wait, ranging from nearly ubiquitous arcade machines to an art gallery and even a gym.

      Due to its status as one of the most popular holiday destinations in the US, flights to Las Vegas McCarran International Airport operate worldwide, including major European cities.

      Travel Tips

      • Local casinos are restricted to people over the age of 21.
      • Guests are prohibited from using mobile phones and other means of communication during their stay in gambling establishments.
      • Many luxury restaurants have a dress code – only guests in suits and evening dresses are allowed in. It is also worth thinking about ordering a table in advance.
      • Those looking to save on accommodation should consider booking a room at the Fremont Street hotel. Prices in local hotels are really below average.
      • Tourists who always want to be in the center of action will find hotels located in the Strip area more suitable. It should be noted that accommodation prices here are among the highest in the city.
      • Smoking is prohibited in large restaurants, bars, shopping and entertainment centers. It is also forbidden to smoke on some streets of the city, so be sure to pay attention to the prohibition signs. However, every entertainment venue and mall will certainly have a dedicated smoking area.
      • Valuables should be kept in a safe in the hotel room. Do not take valuables and large sums of money with you unless absolutely necessary, as you can become a victim of pickpockets in public places.
      • Those tourists who are planning to rent a car should not forget about the problem of “lack of parking”. It’s really hard to find a parking space near government offices, malls and casinos.
      • Citizens under the age of 21 may be denied car rentals. Some companies are 25 years old.
      • In large stores, restaurants and hotels, you can pay with international credit cards – Visa, American Express, Master Card and others.
      • The average amount of tips is about 10 – 15% of the total bill. You can also leave a small fee for hotel staff and porters. 0.25 – $1 should be enough.