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21 Hula Hoop Activities – Teaching Expertise

Hula hoops may seem like a simple tool in comparison to the numerous high-tech toys and games available today. However, they’re great instruments for helping kids learn skills, develop their muscles, and improve their gross motor movements. Hula hoops are easily available, inexpensive, and safe. Additionally, kids will have fun trying to control a moving hoop! Whether you’re a parent organizing birthday parties or a teacher trying to hone kids’ physical skills, these fun hula hoop games and activities will keep them entertained! 

1. The Hoop Game

This is one of the simplest games to play with hula hoops, bean bags, and water bottles. Lay a hula hoop on the ground and place plastic bottles in the middle. Now, kids have to target the water bottles; trying to knock them over using bean bags. This is one of the best activities for kids because they learn target practice and develop their motor skills! 

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2. Hula Hoop Pass

This is a great hula hoop team-building activity that also serves as the perfect party game. Make the kids stand in a circle and hold hands. Now, ask them to pass the hoop around the entire circle without separating their interlocked hands.

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3. Hoop Rolling

Hoop rolling is one of those fun hula hoop games that are great for developing locomotor skills. Make a line with chalk, provide each student with a stick and hula hoop, and ask them to roll the hoop along the traced path. Once they get the hang of hoop rolling, add obstacles like bowling pins and traffic cones along their path.

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4. Rope And Hula Hoop Activity

This simple hoop activity improves kids’ practice in gross motor movements. Simply tie a rope to the hoop and hang it from a tree. Give the kids small objects like balls and arrows, and ask them to aim and throw them through the hoop.  

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5. Hula Hoop Basketball

Traditional netball hoops are very small so if you have little kids, you can try this variation. Secure a hoop to a pole or a door with cable ties. Give the kids soccer balls and ask them to aim at the hoop; attempting to toss their ball through the ring and score a point.

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6. Jump Rope With Hula Hoop

Try this amazing variation of jump rope using a hula hoop. You can also make it a race and have your learners compete to quickly skip their way to 100! 

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7. Hoop Catch

Also known as up high, this simple game is sure to challenge your students. Have your kids toss the hoop as high as possible and catch it before it touches the ground.

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8. Hula Hoop Toss

Divide the kids into two teams and assign one hoop per team. Position the hoops a few feet away from the start line and give each team a bag full of bean bags. Set a timer and have each team compete to throw their bean bags into their hula hoop. The team that gets the most bags in the hoop wins the game!

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9. Hula Hoop Challenges

This challenge tests kids’ basic hula hooping skills. Give each kid one hoop and ask them to start spinning on cue. The last one to remain spinning without dropping their hoop wins the competition.

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10. Hula Hoop Relay

For this hula hoop relay course, divide the kids into teams and make them stand in a line, holding hands. Give each team one hoop. The children must quickly pass the hoop to the final play before the whistle sounds.

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11. Hula Hoop Rock Paper Scissors

Divide the kids into two teams. Set up a line of paired hoops that is equal to the number of participants. Members of opposing teams stand near the first pair of hoops and play rock, paper, scissors (RPS). The player who wins moves to the next hoop, while another member takes their place on the first hoop; playing RPS with the same member of the opposite team. The team that is able to occupy all the hoops wins the game!

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12. Ring Around The Bottle

This one will soon become one of the kid’s favorite hula hoop games. Divide the kids into two teams and assign one soda bottle per team. The kids must aim to make the hoop land over the bottle. The team that covers the bottle with hoops first wins the game!

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13. Physical Challenge

Make kids stand in a hoop and give them physical challenges like standing on one leg, becoming a chair, and so on. The child who lasts the longest wins.

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14. Washer Toss

This engaging game will have your kid playing with hula hoops for hours. Align the hula hoops and assign a score to each hoop. The closest hoop gets the lowest score, and the farthest gets the highest. Ask kids to aim washers at the hoops and score their best.

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15. Hula-Hoop Hopscotch

This evolved version of hopscotch is one of the most fun hula hoop games. Place the hoops in patterns and have your little ones engage in a game of hopscotch.

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16. Hoop Targets

To play this excellent hula hoop game, assign one hoop and one knockable target (empty plastic bottle, bowling pin) per participant. Spread the hoops across the ground and place the targets in the middle of the hoops. Every participant has to guard their target while knocking off the opponents’. Spread cheap tennis balls or small-size balls across the activity area. When they receive the start signal, the kids pick up the balls and begin.

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17. Hula Hoop Tag

Ask kids to spread themselves out in an open activity area. Designate 2-3 kids as taggers and give each one a hula hoop to use in order to tag the others. When someone is tagged, they must perform a particular physical activity.

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18. Hula Hoop Obstacle Course

Use a couple of hula hoops to prepare an obstacle course. Ask the kids to run through, over, and under; moving from hoop to the next to complete the obstacle course.

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19. Hula Hoop Tic Tac Toe

To play this simple party game, form teams X and O and give each team different colored bean bags. Arrange 9 hula-hoops in the form of a TTT board. Ask alternate team members to aim at the board and attempt to get three in a row.

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20. Dolphin Island Tag

Spread some hula hoops across the activity area. The hoops are islands or safe zones. Appoint a leader to give commands. When the leader declares swimming time, all the dolphins must “swim” to avoid being captured. They must return to the hoop base for safety.

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21. Circus-Inspired Hula Hoop Game

Decorate a hoop with yellow and orange construction paper so that it appears like it is on fire. Now, make the kids, aka circus animals, jump through the hoops. Hold the hoop higher to increase the difficulty level.

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10 Creative Hula Hoop Games and Activities for Kids

Hula hoop games and activities for kids are super motivating and fun ways to promote gross motor skills like coordination, endurance, balance, strength, and more.

*This post contains affiliate links.  Read more. 

And now that spring has officially sprung…it means that we can spend hours out in the yard doing our favorite spring activities and family activities without getting frostbite!  Hooray!  So get out there and give some of these a try!

10 Creative Hula Hoop Games and Activities for Kids

1 ||

Rabbit Hole from The Inspired Treehouse

One of our all-time most popular posts on the blog, Rabbit Hole gets kids working and moving as a team – perfect for parties and play dates!

2 ||

Hula Hoop Rag Rug from Sisters Guild

This is SO cool.  Who knew you could turn a pile of t-shirts into a rug using only a hula hoop?!  Can’t wait to try this cool hula hoop rag rug idea!

3 ||

Hula Hoop Ring Toss from Leigh Laurel Studios

Love this step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own washable bean bags for a hula hoop ring toss game – ones that can get dirty and muddy and wet without ruining the typical bean bag stuffing…beans.  Genius and perfect for springy outdoor play!

4 ||

Rattlesnake Relay from

Check out this great cooperative group game for kids!  No set-up or other materials required…just a group of kids and a hula hoop!

5 ||

Flaming Hoops from The Inspired Treehouse

Kids will get a chance to be circus daredevils with this fun flaming hoops activity!  Transform your set of hula hoops into the flaming hoops from the circus – kids will love pretending to be the lions, tigers, and acrobats defying this dangerous feat!

6 ||

Hula Hoop Croquet from The Crafting Chicks

This one might just be our favorite.  Materials from the dollar store transformed-in a super creative way-into an awesome outdoor croquet activity for kids!  It doesn’t get better than that!

7 ||

Rope and Hula Hoop Activity from Happy Hooligans

The easiest backyard activity in the world that will keep young kids entertained for hours!  Super simple setup and kids will love inventing their own ways to play with this rope and hula hoop activity.

8 ||

Hula Hoop Obstacle Course Pool Game from Everyday Dishes & DIY

Who would have thought to take your hula hoops into the pool?  This is such a great summer idea and a super smart ways to turn hula hoops into a cool underwater obstacle course!

9 ||

Tire Run from The Inspired Treehouse

Try setting up your hula hoops in the yard in an array of different patterns for this awesome tire run endurance challenge!

10 ||

Gross Motor Color Match Game from The Inspired Treehouse

This creative color match game is great for promoting a variety of skills at once, including balance, coordination, self-regulation, and more!

Our Favorite Hula Hoops for Kids

LED Light-Up Hula Hoop

Snap Together Detachable Hula Hoop

Spiral Taped Hula Hoop

Weighted Foam Hula Hoop

Have you and your kids come up with your own creative ways to play with hula hoops?  We’d love to hear about it!  Leave us a comment below!

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Hula Hoop Games for Kids

Play healthy hula hoop games for kids outdoors or indoors to keep kids happy and healthy.

At any time of the year, such games with a hoop will be of interest to children, they can warm up, develop ingenuity and strengthen team spirit. In addition, such children’s entertainment with a hula hoop will help people of all ages stay in shape, train fine motor skills and the motor apparatus.

These year-round hula hoop games for kids are a great way to stimulate team spirit and help everyone involved develop their personal skills.

The hoops can be used in many movement exercises at home or at school. Here are some hula hoop games to try with your preschoolers, kids, and older adults.

Obstacle Course

Get creative and create an obstacle course! Our obstacle course included running a tire using 6 hoops, crawling through the hoop using plastic bases, putting the hoop on your head and lowering it to your feet to run back and mark the next teammate. The first team to complete the course wins!

Children’s hoop game Climb

Play with the children a hoop game called Climb. It can be done both outdoors and indoors. This game will greatly amuse your wards. The advantage of the game is that it is played several times, during which time the best ones are revealed. The game will be more fun if you turn on dynamic music. See the photo of the Climbing game to visually understand the rules.

The Climbing Hula Hoop game has three variations.

Rules for the children’s game with the Climb Hoop

Props: 2 hoops (hula-hoop) for the first two options and at least 10 hoops for the third version of the game.

The first version of the game

Two equal teams are organized, from five people to infinity. Teams join hands and line up in a line, standing opposite each other. The judge puts hoops on the shoulders of the first participants, according to the principle: from the left shoulder to the right hip, or from the right shoulder to the left hip. Participants, without breaking their hands, must move the hoop (hula hoop) from one end to the other, climbing through the hoop and pushing it to the next participant. Whose team will do it faster, she wins.

The second version of the game

Two equal teams of ten people form two circles, holding hands. The judge puts hoops on the shoulders of the first participants, according to the same principle: from the left shoulder to the right hip, or from the right shoulder to the left hip. Participants, without breaking their hands, must move the hoop from the first participant to the last, climbing through the hoop. The winner is the team that will move the hoop faster without breaking the rules.

The third variation of the game

Another variation on which the children’s game with the Climb hoop can be played involves climbing through several hoops. The rules of the game are as follows: teams must pass several hoops through the formation or circle. For example, each team is given 10 hula hoops. Whose team will climb through all the hoops faster, she wins the competition.

The rules can be changed, both for the game of time and for the speed of climbing through hoops.

Hula Hoop Marathon

Practice the participants’ skills and try the hula hoop marathon! Gather everyone in the group and start spinning the hula hoop at the same time, the one who can spin the hoop the longest wins.

Pass the hoop

This hula hoop game is great for any event if you have a whole group of attendees. Ask everyone to join hands and stand in a line or circle. To start the game, put the hoop on the player’s hand. From there, the rest of the group must walk the hoop in a line or circle without letting go of each other’s hands.

Single hoop games

If you only have ONE hula hoop, you still have options to play with.

Hang the hoop on a tree to make a target hoop. Throw different balls through the hoop. You can swing the hoop back and forth and still throw the ball over a moving target. Play ball with each other, but every time you have to throw the ball through the hula hoop.

Useful hula hoop games are always fun!

Use your hoop as a jump rope. You can raise the hula hoop above your head and jump over it. Also use this method for the relay race.

See more games for children and adults:

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  • How to overcome the “Obstacle Course”? | TO online

    “Obstacle course” is a universal methodological technique used in physical education classes at any age. The complexity of the strip can be adjusted depending on the goals and objectives of the training, the physical capabilities of the trainees, and the availability of equipment. It allows you to comprehensively develop all physical qualities, contributes to the harmonious formation of several motor skills at once, supports the emotional involvement and interest of children in classes. As a rule, it is this part of the training that children like the most.

    Thinking over the organization of the obstacle course, it is desirable to select the sequence of tasks in such a way that the load is evenly distributed to different muscle groups, implying different ways of moving children and overcoming obstacles (running, crawling, jumping, rolling, etc.).

    When creating an obstacle course, you can use various sports equipment and equipment. For example, soft modules (manufactured by Olymp City) are a universal “constructor” with which it is easy to organize any obstacles.

    They are actively used for all types of movement: crawl under an archway or step over a high cube, keep balance on a soft log or jump over it. Their undoubted advantage is also the ability to adjust the level of difficulty of obstacles and the low probability of injury.

    Another universal type of equipment for the strip is various tactile and educational tracks. Ways of moving along them can also change: go track to track, with high knees, back forward, sideways, etc.

    Multifunctional equipment – weighted bags of various weights and sizes. In the obstacle course, they can be laid out in the form of islands on which you can walk and jump, a narrow path. You can throw them at the target at one of the stages. And you can also put such a bag on your head and walk with it, which will be a wonderful exercise for posture. Producers –, Olymp City and many other Russian enterprises.

    The simplest and most familiar equipment – the hoop can also be used in the obstacle course. We roll it, jump and go from hoop to hoop, go through the strip in a bunch of two with the help of a hoop, throw a ball into the hoop. In addition to differences in size, there are flat and voluminous hoops, it is desirable to have both in the arsenal.

    Flat hoops (Manufacturer, Aluminum hoops (Manufacturer “First Children’s Company”)

    A gymnastic bench, as a rule, is available in every gym. We also use it in our obstacle course. You can walk along it, crawl like a plastuna on your stomach, jump over it, roll a ball over it. Some models of gymnastic benches can be turned upside down and also used.

    Rice. 1. Bench bilateral (Manufacturer TD “Sport + game”, Dmitrov)

    The number of obstacles depends on the age of the children and their physical fitness.

    An element of competition and relay races can be introduced into the passage of an obstacle course by children of older preschool age by dividing the group into two teams and organizing two lanes with similar tasks.

    When creating your own special obstacle course, remember that the tasks that you need to complete when passing it should be available to all children in the group.