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Top 10 In Home Child Care in Saint Paul, MN

Most recent reviews for in home child care in Saint Paul, MN

Mercedes Y.

Mercedes was so wonderful! She was so kind and took great care of my kids. They had a great time with her and I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

– Elizabeth M.

Ana E.

Our child can be challenging to deal with and Ana worked to learn how to deal with those issues. Ana truly cares for our child.

– Victoria S.

Samantha M.

We hired Sami for the summer for our 3 kids (1, 4 & 6 years old), and she was absolutely wonderful! Every morning all the kids would wait by the door with excitement for her to show up. She was on time every single day, professional, flexible with our schedule, and was great about keeping an openline of communication. She also helped out with dishes and cleaning. She always made sure our kids got plenty of outside playtime by walking them to the park or playing games in the backyard. Our kids just loved her and were sad when summer came to an end. We would highly recommend Sami!…

– Sandra V.

Amy H.

Amy is caring, kind, and dedicated to whatever she does. She loves working with children and always has new ideas to interact with them. She is a great addition to any family.

– Stephanie V.

Wendy J.

Wendy is absolutely lovely. Clearly loves babies and children. Clearly has tons of experience. She responds, she does not react. Highly recommend!

– Sahar L.

In home child care in Saint Paul, MN

Background Check

Hi there, here’s a little bit about me! I am 28 years old and I have two daughters. I grew up with 6 younger siblings and in 2013 I worked as a teacher’s assistant at a preschool for kids with autism. I ended up getting the opportunity to work as a nanny for one of those children, and that was veryfun! Then in 2014, unfortunately, this preschool had to close its doors due to them not being able to afford to stay open. This was heartbreaking because I loved that job so much! Fast forward two years and I started my own little family and became a stay-at-home mom. During this time (starting in 2016) I have babysat and nannied other children, so I have tons of experience with not just my own children. I am also currently a full-time college student pursuing a psychology degree to eventually help others with their mental health. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!…

Mercedes can also help with: Grocery shopping, Light cleaning, Travel

Recent review:

Mercedes was so wonderful! She was so kind and took great care of my kids. They had a great time with her and I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Reviewed by Elizabeth M.

Background Check

Hello Parents! My name is Ana and I am looking for a full time or part time nanny position I am originally born and raised here in Minnesota. The most recent family I have worked with had just received a new member into the family to accompany the little one already at home. I was a temporary nannyand assistant to the mother who was getting used to having two little ones around. I worked for a family who had one child in San Francisco. It was such a wonderful experience that the family and I have become very close, and my daughter, who lived in San Francisco at the time also worked for them for a period of time. I have watched over a few family member’s children and children belonging to friend’s and members of my church. Working with families and their little ones has always been something I enjoyed over the last few years as my own children have left nest. I’m a very caring and nurturing person.
**I am fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and follow CDC recommendations….

Ana can also help with: Light cleaning, Travel, Grocery shopping

Recent review:

Our child can be challenging to deal with and Ana worked to learn how to deal with those issues. Ana truly cares for our child.

Reviewed by Victoria S.

Samantha M.

Saint Paul, MN

$18-25/hr • 5 yrs exp
Fun And Energetic Sitter Who Loves To Get Creative With Kids And While Providing Great Care.

Background Check

I have many years of experience with babysitting kids. I worked at Lifetime Fitness in the kids department for over a year and have been babysitting for over 5 years! I can help with transportation, meals, activities and house keeping. I am home from college, so I am available till the beginning ofSeptember….

Samantha can also help with: Light cleaning, Grocery shopping, Travel, Carpooling

Recent review:

We hired Sami for the summer for our 3 kids (1, 4 & 6 years old), and she was absolutely wonderful! Every morning all the kids would wait by the door with excitement for her to show up. She was on time everysingle day, professional, flexible with our schedule, and was great about keeping an open line of communication. She also helped out with dishes and cleaning. She always made sure our kids got plenty of outside playtime by walking them to the park or playing games in the backyard. Our kids just loved her and were sad when summer came to an end. We would highly recommend Sami!…

Reviewed by Sandra V.

Amy H.

Saint Paul, MN

$20-28/hr • 10 yrs exp
PT Student Looking To Snuggle A Baby!

Background Check

-I have more than 20 years of childcare experience and wonderful references!
-I’ve worked at an in-home daycare, as an infant/toddler caregiver, did in-home daycare for 2 years and have worked as a nanny for 9 years with various families!
-I’m fully vaccinated (Covid-19, TDAP, MMR, Flu)
-I’mrocking the dog mom & auntie life for now 🙂
-I don’t smoke/vape.
*I believe in Love is Love & Black Lives Matter*
-I LOVE working with babies!
-I don’t drive or own a vehicle, but have reliable transportation 🙂
**I’m currently only open to receiving pay through cash/app**
**I’m currently looking for OVERNIGHT NANNY POSITIONS**
You can hire me to be up with the baby so you don’t have to!
You can choose to have me bring baby to you for feedings or I can bottle feed. I want to make your life easier!
If the baby is sleeping while I’m on duty, I can do the dishes (or just bottles & pump parts), sweep, mop, do laundry (or just the babies), organize things you set aside for me to do, etc. ! :)…

Recent review:

Amy is caring, kind, and dedicated to whatever she does. She loves working with children and always has new ideas to interact with them. She is a great addition to any family.

Reviewed by Stephanie V.

Wendy J.

Saint Paul, MN

$20-20/hr • 10 yrs exp
Elementary Educator Available Afternoon, Nights, Weekends And All Hours During Summers

Background Check

Hello, I understand how precious your baby is to you. I am a proud mother of 3 grown children, 2 in college and one finished and starting his career. I’m currently a K-12 Reading Specialist, but was a stay at home mom until my children were in intermediate grades. I have experienced with my ownchildren as well as being a foster parent. I understand how babies express their needs and love to sing, read, and play with little ones. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!…

Recent review:

Wendy is absolutely lovely. Clearly loves babies and children. Clearly has tons of experience. She responds, she does not react. Highly recommend!

Reviewed by Sahar L.

Background Check

Hi! I moved home to the Midwest about a year ago after living in Bend Oregon for almost 6 years. I have years of experience working with children, ranging from infants all the way to teens. I have worked in public schools, a Montessori preschool and have done lots of nannying in between. I amcomfortable with different age groups as well as children with special needs. I currently work at an alternative/special education nature school M-F during regular school hours with kiddos K-8th grade. I can provide after school care as well as date night/ weekend sitting and potentially more during the summer. I LOVE animals. The more pets, the better. I am tidy, but allow space for play and fun. I spend my free time doing lots of yoga, going for hikes, cooking yummy things and spending time with my dog, 2 kitties and boyfriend. I love the outdoors and taking kiddos on adventures. If needed, I can provide references. I am Covid-19 vaccinated and boosted. Can’t wait to meet you!…

Evelynne can also help with: Travel, Carpooling, Light cleaning

Recent review:

We hired Evelynne right away as she seemed professional and mature enough to meet our needs. She watched our daughter four times (for date nights), each time we paid her immediately for four hours (7-11 PM) butended up using only 3 or 3.5 hours. It is worth mentioning that she really only watched our daughter for about 30 minutes each time because she goes to sleep perfectly each night. After that, she basically went MIA. She eventually attempted to offer to babysit on days that didn’t work for us (Monday or Tuesday for a date night). We reached out once again to see if she would be interested and just continued to get no response. She doesn’t owe us anything of course, but I would consider it just basic decency to say ‘no thanks’ or ‘I’m no longer interested’. Instead we waited for her to come around and instead got only silence. So she did a good job while she was here, but the ghosting was completely unnecessary and unexpected….

Reviewed by Brandon T.

Background Check

Hi! My name is Kendel, I am 22 and I live in Abilene. I have prior experience with infants, toddlers, special needs and geriatric care. I am looking for a nice family residing locally. I’ve previously worked in daycare, as a babysitter and an at home nanny. Thank you!

Kendel can also help with: Light cleaning, Carpooling

Recent review:

She is very reliable and punctual. Super sweet!

Reviewed by Julie S.

Background Check

I am a 54-year-old Korean woman with one adult son. My husband is a public school teacher in Saint Paul.
I have been working for the same family with 2 lovely kids ( almost 5. 5 and 9-Year-old) since 2012. I love the Boys and taking care of them and even teaching them Korean! I really enjoyedhelping them to grow up, but both kids are going to school now.
I speak Korean and English. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Education from a university in Korea and was employed as a financial consultant there.
I do dishes, kids laundry, cook healthy food for kids and minor tidying. I am very punctual, trustworthy and responsible. I am very fit and believe in an active and healthy lifestyle. I do not drive, but have a reliable husband to give me rides, public trans and bus and I am never late for work. I want full or part time near my home in saint Paul or west saint Paul. I am super reliable and professional. very positive references are available….

Recent review:

Wonderful person and an excellent caretaker for our young son. Mikyeong exhibits integrity and compassion. We personally loved her passion for taking our son outdoors to enjoy all kinds of weather andadventures, as well as her healthy lifestyle, cooking, and attitude – all a wonderful example and influence for our child….

Reviewed by Emma R.

Background Check

I do not have any children of my own but I love spending time with children. I am 23 years old and have experience working with children since I was 12 years old babysitting here in California with 4 children. I moved to Minnesota eight years ago and continued with babysitting children and over timegained two godsons that I spent a lot of time with and help watch. My last job was working with a in-home day care that I loved and separately worked with a special needs little girl. I have worked with all ages of children including newborns and special needs. I have many certifications including CPR, SIDS, First Aid along with many more from working at a accredited daycare….

Ashley can also help with: Travel, Light cleaning, Carpooling

Background Check

I’ve been a nanny for over a decade but I would consider myself having done so professionally for about 10 years . In that time, I have worked with multiple families with whom I’ve maintained a strong relationship with, visiting often. The children ranged from 6 weeks-15 years old, giving me theopportunity to explore a wide range of crafts, adventures and learning. I am a mother of an11-year-old daughter and toddler son, and a full time Montessori teacher for many years. I embrace the Montessori theories and methods, incorporating them into my day to day. I love being active and outdoors and creating art projects, science experiments, cooking and story telling. I come from a strong focus on community, awareness and art. Light everyday housework, running errands, etc., are easily and happily incorporated into outings and child-focused activities. I have been working with my current family for 4 years between both our homes, but our little ones are now ready for school!…

Annah can also help with: Carpooling, Travel

Recent review:

Annah is absolutely the most caring, dependable, thoughtful, and unforgettable nanny. She engaged my kids at their level, helped me keep my life together, and brought infinite amounts of love.
To which everfamily is lucky enough to hire Annah, she is an incredible person to have in your life and you made the best choice for your family.

Reviewed by Cathy C.

Background Check

Hi! I’m Jasmine. My mother has run an in-home daycare ever since I was a baby, so as soon as I was old enough I was eager to help out. I began helping my mother when I was 14. I would help prepare meals for the kids and play with them. My senior year I decided to work at a daycare center and I alsoloved it there. Since, I have been waitressing and nannying. I am patient and energetic and really enjoy being around children.
I recently graduated in May and began a part time marketing job. It has been great beginning in the corporate world, but I miss hanging out with kiddos! Between my marketing job and waitressing I am currently looking for some extra cash with one time babysitting gigs.
Please message me with any questions :)…

Recent review:

Super sweet and a lot of wonderful experience with children of varying ages! Would recommend!!

Reviewed by Amber B.

Background Check

Greetings! My name is Brinn, I am 47, I have recently moved to Saint Paul from the northern Minnesota area. I have well over 40 years of experience. I grew up being the lead helper in a child care providers home 🙂 my grandma’s, from there I grew up and knew I wanted to work with children,
Imajored in early childhood education and vocal performance. I taught for nine years, and then I owned a preschool/childcare for another 10. I have two children of my own J- who is 21, and B- who is 18, so my experience is both professional and personal. I know that children are most precious gift and the hardest thing to entrust with another human.
I also worked in senior living, so I have experience with seniors as well. I like to say that I started with children and then I worked in the hospital field- with medical and financial sides. And then on the opposite side, I worked with seniors –it’s my sandwich so to speak 🙂 I can’t wait to meet! To discuss 218-2 five five – zero 1 five two…

Brinn can also help with: Travel, Carpooling

Recent review:

Brinn was a wonderful part of a large, stressful event. She was incredibly helpful before any children arrived and on they did, kept them busy and happy. It was a long event (6-ish) hours and even after that,everyone was still in a good mood! Would definitely recommend Brinn….

Reviewed by Elizabeth B.

Background Check

I stayed home with my kids while I had a family day care. I taught preschool for 8 years, was a one on one teacher’s assistant for elementary student with special needs, and am certified as Medical Assistant, NA, and Child Care. Excellent caregiver and references available. I have been vaccinatedand have had boosters for Covid….

Eileen can also help with: Travel, Light cleaning, Grocery shopping

Recent review:

Eileen has been our nanny for the past six years taking care of our two boys from ages 7 months and 4 to now ages 6 and 9. We have nothing but good things to say about Eileen! She works with my wife’s oddschedule, coming 1-4 days each week as needed through the school year and into the summers too. Our boys love her and are happy when she comes. We have always felt comforted knowing they are well cared for. She follows whatever instructions we give and we trust her to make in-the-moment judgement calls. As the boys have gotten older and need less direct attention, Eileen has helped us out more around the house doing the boys’ laundry each week, taking care of our kitchen with washing dishes, sweeping the floor, and even mopping. She is very willing to take the boys outside, bring new games for them to play, and help them with their schoolwork. Eileen has always had excellent communication, been on time, and is dependable. She is a member of our family now!…

Reviewed by Joe R.

Background Check

My name is Jourdan; During the warmer months I am a Landscape designer. Currently I am in a Masters program for Clinical Herbalism and Natropathic Medicine. In the recent past I have been a substitute teacher for Montessori schools in the Twin Cities and have contracted with the Saint Paul PublicSchool system, facilitating Yoga & Mindfulness after school programs. I value Organic/Natural eating, products and ways of living, deeply. My hope is to find a family whom also values these things, or is interested in integrating healthy habits into their home! With a wide varieties of experience and skills, I am available for help with: childcare, one on one child mentoring/activity times, grocery shopping, cooking/meal prep, gardening (regenerative, organic, native centered landscaper), cleaning, and organizing. Please feel free to reach out with any questions 🙂 I look forward to seeing if our situations align.

Recent review:

Jourdan has so much love for children! She is extremely responsible and has a fun and upbeat personality. She loves to take the kids outside and do art activities! I know I feel safe when Jourdan is watchingmy daughter. I always come home to a happy child after a day spent with Jourdan. …

Reviewed by Daniel G.

Background Check

My name is Shyanna D and I am a sophomore economics major at the University of St. Thomas. I started babysitting constantly when I was 14. Most of my experience is with younger children but I have worked with older children as well. I have provided care for many families in my hometown and recentlywork at an in-home daycare over the summer (2021). I am willing to cook, do some light house cleaning, and provide transportation. I am CPR certified, knowledgeable in the Heimlich maneuver, and basic first aid. Please reach out if you would like to schedule an interview!…

Shyanna can also help with: Light cleaning, Travel, Carpooling

Recent review:

Shyanna has great communication and reliability. She cares deeply about children and does a wonderful job catering to each child’s needs.

Reviewed by Brooklyn D.

Susan Maldonado

381 Cook Ave E, Saint Paul, MN 55130

Costimate: $151/wk


Susan Maldonado is a state-licensed child care company that offers home-based educational daycare programs for young kids. Located at Cook Avenue, the facility provides its services to families living in SaintPaul, MN. Susan Maldonado can accommodate a maximum of ten children….

Elaine Rohrbach

2048 Duluth St, Saint Paul, MN 55109

Costimate: $173/wk


Elaine Rohrbach offers a home-based child care services and serves the community of Saint Paul MN. It operates Mondays through Fridays in a fun and loving environment and provides age-appropriate activitiesthat develop children’s mind, body and spirit. The home center promotes balanced learning by integrating play-based activities with academics….


Kiddy Kollege Day Care Home is a childcare and education provider that serves the community of Saint Paul, Minnesota. It offers a warm and caring environment and provides developmentally appropriate learningprograms for children age two to eleven. The school promotes activities that strengthen children’s educational foundation to make sure that they will be productive members of the society.

Rachel Howell

1026 Aurora Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55104

Costimate: $234/wk


Rachel Howell in Saint Paul, Minnesota seeks to provide a nurturing, high quality, safe and fun learning environment that is fit for the child’s overall growth and development. It is a Home-based Child Careprovider that can accommodate up to 10 children….

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July 14th, 2023 A healthy breakfast is important for everyone, but for kids, it’s crucial — particularly during the school year. “Not only does breakfast enhance brain powe… Read more

FAQs for finding in-home child care in Saint Paul, MN

How do I find in-home child care near me in Saint Paul, MN?

Care.com makes it easy to find in-home child care providers in Saint Paul, MN. There are 163 in-home child care providers near you with profiles you can compare to learn more about their experience and what types of responsibilities they are happy to take on. You can even read reviews from families.

How much does in-home child care near me cost in Saint Paul, MN?

What the average in-home child care cost looks like varies based on factors like how many children you have, your location, and how experienced the caregiver is. If you want overnight child care, that can also impact how much you’ll spend. However, as of July, 2023, the average in-home child care rate per hour on Care.com is $17.92 for in-home child care providers near you in Saint Paul, MN.

What type of in-home child care services can I find near me in Saint Paul, MN?

You can compare 163 in-home child care provider profiles on Care. com to get an idea of what kind of caregiving services each provider is willing to take on. For example, some may feel comfortable tackling after school transportation, whereas others may be willing to help with homework or cooking dinner.

Ratings for Saint Paul, MN in home child care listed on Care.com

Average Rating4.7 / 5

In Home Child Care in Saint Paul, MN are rated 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 119 reviews of the 172 listed in home child care.

Ames Kathleen M Daycare Home Preschool – Saint Paul, MN 55105

Daycare in Saint Paul, MN

Ames Kathleen M offers safe, loving childcare in the Saint Paul area. Kids learn through curriculum-based, educational activities. The facility is a home daycare providing a safe, nurturing space where kids learn important social skills. This provider offers childcare programs for children ages 3 months to 12 years. Availability is limited and first come, first served. Contact Ames Kathleen M today to discuss enrollment and schedule your free tour!

Daily Hours
• Monday: 7:15 am – 5:15 pm
• Tuesday: 7:15 am – 5:15 pm
• Wednesday: 7:15 am – 5:15 pm
• Thursday: 7:15 am – 5:15 pm

Weekly Tuition Packages

Ames Kathleen M is a home daycare that offers childcare for families in Saint Paul and the surrounding Minneapolis – St. Paul area. Teachers help their students achieve important milestones by engaging in play-based, educational activities. The facility provides a safe, nurturing space where kids learn important social skills.

WeeCare lists childcare providers that are recommended by parents and have active state licenses
that are in
good standing. Our mission is to make finding safe and affordable childcare options accessible to

Our parent-loved app not only helps families pay tuition and stay up-to-date with what their kiddos
are achieving, but it was also built to help providers streamline their businesses so they have more
time to do what they love!

For more information, please contact:
grow@weecare. co

Saint Paul, MN

Location is approximate

WeeCare lists childcare providers that are recommended by parents and have active state licenses
that are in
good standing. Our mission is to make finding safe and affordable childcare options accessible to

Our parent-loved app not only helps families pay tuition and stay up-to-date with what their kiddos
are achieving, but it was also built to help providers streamline their businesses so they have more
time to do what they love!

For more information, please contact:
[email protected]

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Vasilevsky did not have enough three minutes to crack, Dadonov and Svechnikov for the first time abandoned for new teams.

All About NHL Game Night

  • Fonbet KHL Championship
  • NHL
  • VHL
  • OLIMPBET JHL Championship
  • Euro Hockey Tour
  • World Championship
  • Youth World Cup
  • Women

Vitaly Panov

October 27, 2021 09:56

Evan Rodriguez and Andrei Vasilevsky / Photo: © Icon Sportswire / Contributor / Icon Sportswire / Gettyimages.ru

We talk about the matches with our participation.

We talk about the matches with our participation.

Tampa wins in regular time for the first time of the season

Pittsburgh’s infirmary is full – Crosby, Malkin, Letang, Rust, Carter are recovering from injuries and illnesses – but the team is doing well. The Penguins have scored points in each of their five games since the start of the season, but that streak ended today. Champions, on the contrary, lost three matches in a row, including a resounding defeat the day before in Buffalo (1:5).

But this time Tampa’s victory turned out to be quite ordinary. Vasilevsky saved, field players scored. Quite early in the end of the third period, with the score 0:3, the Pittsburgh coaching staff took off the goaltender, and Mikhail Sergachev hit an empty net. Vasilevsky’s dry match was very close, but less than three minutes before the siren, his partners remained in the minority, and Zucker still hit the Russian goalkeeper.


Nevertheless, Vasilevsky, who saved 28 shots out of 29, became the second star of the match. The third was Sergachev, who earned a +3 utility factor and left the last place in the NHL in this indicator. Now there should be less criticism of our defender. Well, forward Ondzhey Palat became the best player.

NHL. Regular season

Pittsburgh Penguins (Pittsburgh) – Tampa Bay Lightning (Tampa) – 1:5 (0:0, 0:3, 1:2)

Goals: Zacker, 57:43 (bol. ). – Point, 20:31. Chambers, 31:18. Macdon, 31:28. Sergachev, 56:55. Killorn, 58:55.

Kaprizov without points again

Minnesota beat Vancouver in overtime, but Kirill Kaprizov again left the court without points. He made 4 shots on target (more than any of the partners), but for the third game in a row, his name was not in the short protocol of the game. And there are no goals at all this season. While Minnesota is winning (the team has 5 wins in 6 games), questions for the main star are not very loud, but what will happen if the Wild catches a recession?


On the other hand, defender Dmitry Kulikov scored a point for an assist today, who started the attack when Zuccarello opened the scoring.

Striker Vasily Podkolzin spent 6 minutes (the shortest time on the team) with Vancouver.

NHL. Regular season

Vancouver Canucks (Vancouver) – Minnesota Wild (St. Paul) – 2:3 (0:1, 1:1, 1:1)

Goals: Chiasson, 30:46 (bol. ). Croatian, 55:53. – Zucarello, 7:41. Brodin, 22:27. Damba, 43:54.

Miromanov scored the first point in his career, Dadonov and Svechnikov registered in the new teams

The first point in the NHL career was scored by another Russian newcomer, Vegas defender Daniil Miromanov. He threw the puck on the snout, and his partner Chandler Stevenson was the first to react to the rebound from the goalkeeper.


At the end of the meeting, Evgeny Dadonov opened the scoring for the new team, hitting the empty Colorado net.

NHL. Regular season

Colorado Avalanche (Denver) – Vegas Golden Knights (Paradise) – 1:3 (0:2, 1:0, 0:1)

Goals: Makar, 39:23. — Stevenson, 2:00. Smith, 9:37 (men.). Dadonov, 59:30.

Another Russian goal happened in Anaheim’s match against Winnipeg. Evgeniy Svechnikov opened the scoring in the second period, and this is also his first goal in the Jets uniform. The senior Svechnikov’s streak has already lasted three games.


NHL. Regular season

Anaheim Ducks (Anaheim) – Winnipeg Jets (Winnipeg) – 3:4 (0:0, 1:1, 2:3)

Goals: Milano, 25:04. Manson, 41:39. Zegras, 52:15. – Svechnikov, 22:07. Kopp, 45:24. Ehlers, 58:40, 58:59.

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  • Ovechkin approached Hull, Tarasenko staged a scoring extravaganza. All about night games in NHL

No connection

Pos. – Photos from America – LiveJournal

Minneapolis (Minneapolis) – the largest city in Minnesota (Minnesota), located in the north of the United States.

Minneapolis borders the state capital, Saint Paul.
Minneapolis lies on the right bank of the Mississippi River (to the west), while Saint Paul is on the left (to the east).
Downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul are only 14 miles apart.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are nicknamed “Twin Cities” and are often viewed as a single city entity.
Often the region where the cities are located is simply called The Cities (“cities”).
However, due to the fact that Minneapolis is larger, the term “Minneapolis” can mean not only the city itself, but the entire region.

View of Downtown Minneapolis

Minneapolis has a population of 386,000 within the city limits, the 48th largest in the United States. Saint Paul is smaller, with a population of 281,000.
The Minneapolis/Saint Paul Twin Cities are the center of a large metropolitan area with over 3.5 million people.
This is the 16th largest urban agglomeration (metropolis) in the country and is very densely populated.
For example, out of 3.5 million people, 2.5 million live within a half-hour drive of downtown Minneapolis.
Despite their nickname Twin Cities, the twin cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul have their own independent municipalities, well-defined borders and are very different from each other. Minneapolis, with its skyscrapers and wide streets, has a more modern look.
St. Paul, on the other hand, seems to be a more European city with quiet neighborhoods and well-preserved buildings of late Victorian architecture.
The cultural traditions of the two cities are also different.
Minneapolis is heavily influenced by Scandinavian and Lutheran heritage, while St. Paul is influenced by French, Irish and German Catholics.

downtown Saint Paul.

In terms of development, the two cities continue their individual path.
Minneapolis is actively embracing new avant-garde architecture, while St. Paul is integrating new buildings within the context of classical and Victorian styles.

The 237-meter Capella Tower, originally known as First Bank Place.

Twin cities competed from the very beginning.
At one time, the rivalry between cities was so strong that architects working in one city were forbidden to work in another.
Sometimes this rivalry took on comical forms, for example, during the 1890 census, the authorities of rival cities arrested census takers in the hope of influencing the results and being larger than the rival.
Occasionally, when both cities had sports franchises in the same leagues, this resulted in clashes in the stands.
There was a brief period in the mid-1960s when administrations couldn’t agree on a uniform daylight saving time change, and Minneapolis lived an hour “ahead”.
Mutual antagonism greatly weakened after 2 professional clubs simultaneously appeared in Twin Cities in 1961: the baseball Minnesota Twins and the football Minnesota Vikings.
Both teams identified with the state of Minnesota, not a separate city.
From now on, any professional team located in Twin Cities is named after the state as a whole.
In addition to those listed, the Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA), Minnesota Wild (NHL), Minnesota Lynx (WNBA) and NSC Minnesota Stars (European football) are currently based in the Twin Cities.

Minneapolis got its name from two words: the Native American “mni” (“water”) and the Greek “polis” (city). A large area of ​​Minnesota has been covered with water and ice for millions of years.
During the movement of glaciers, a huge number of lakes were formed.
Only on the territory of Minneapolis itself there are 12 lakes and 3 large ponds.
That is why one of the popular nicknames of Minneapolis is the City of Lakes.
By the way, one of the iconic teams in the National Basketball League, the Los Angeles Lakers, was originally based in Minnesota and retained its historical roots in its name.
Another interesting fact: Minnesota has a longer coastline than California, Florida and Hawaii combined.

In downtown Minneapolis.

The backbone of the Minneapolis economy: commerce, finance, rail and trucking, services, healthcare, industry.
The gross domestic product in the metropolis is estimated at $145 billion.
The Twin Cities are home to one of the largest universities in the United States by the number of students, the University of Minnesota.
The university occupies vast territories in both Minneapolis and St. Paul.
In total, more than 50 thousand students study at the university.

Downtown Minneapolis, like downtown Saint Paul, has extensive networks of closed footbridges known as Skyways.
Skyways are walkways, usually made of glass, located 1 story above ground.
In Minneapolis, the total length of such closed crossings is 8 miles, in St. Paul 5 miles.
Together, the Twin Cities have the longest network of such footbridges in the world. It’s entirely possible to live, eat, work, and shop without going outside at all, as much of downtown Minneapolis is connected by skyways.
The active use of skyways leads to a noticeable decrease in traffic on the streets, so that sometimes it seems too quiet on the street.
In total, 40 thousand people live in downtown Minneapolis, and for 160 thousand it is a workplace.

Inside the skyway.

Downtown Minneapolis is home to the city’s most important sports arenas.
The iconic Metrodome (recently renamed the Mall of America Field at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome) is home to the Minnesota Vikings, Target Center to the Minnesota Timberwolves, and Target Field’s newest baseball stadium is home to the Minnesota Twins.
The most important cultural attractions in Minneapolis are the Walker Art Center and the Guthrie Theatre.
The Walker Center is one of the top 5 contemporary art museums in the US.
Also noteworthy: The Minneapolis Institute of Arts Museum of Fine Arts, The Mill City Museum.
Mill City is another popular nickname for the city.

Guthrie Theater is a world class theater.

On the hill where the Minnesota River joins the Mississippi, between downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul stands the historic military fort, Fort Snelling.
The fort is open from May to October.

Ten miles south of downtown Minneapolis, in the suburbs of Bloomington, near the Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport, is one of the largest shopping malls in North America, the famous Mall of America.
The Mall of America is slightly behind the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania in terms of retail space, but is noticeably ahead in terms of the number of stores.
The Mall of America is huge.
It has over 520 stores, including retail giants Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Sears.
The mall also houses the Nickelodeon Universe theme park, the Underwater Adventures Aquarium, a 14-screen cinema, a LEGO center, and more than 20 restaurants.
The Mall of America has about 11,000 employees and even has its own zip code.
About 40 million people visit the Mall of America every year.

Mall of America

St. Paul is smaller than Minneapolis and looks more modest than its twin brother.
However, Saint Paul can also be proud of its sights.
First of all, these are the Minnesota State Capitol, the Science Museum of Minnesota, the Cathedral of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Como Park.
Also in St. Paul is the annual Minnesota State Fair, which is of great interest.
The NHL Minnesota Wild perform at the Xcel Energy Center.

Minnesota State Capitol in Saint Paul.

In total, 18.3 million people from other cities or countries visit Minneapolis/Saint Paul every year.
No wonder, because the twin cities are located midway between New York and Los Angeles and are accessible from almost any city in the US in a 2.5 hour flight.

The racial makeup of the city of Minneapolis was 70.2% White, 17.4% African American, 1.7% Indian, and 4.9% Asian.
Thus, white Americans make up 2/3 of the population of Minneapolis.
If we consider the statistics of the entire urban agglomeration, then the number of whites is even greater: whites – 84.3%, African Americans – 6.4%, Asians – 4.9%.
Most whites in Minneapolis are of Scandinavian or German descent.
Together they make up 43.8% of the total population of Minneapolis.
It is also worth noting that Minneapolis has a relatively high proportion of blacks (17%) compared to a modest 4% in Minnesota and 6% in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area.
Racial and ethnic minorities lag far behind whites in education.
13% of Hispanics and 15% of African Americans have a bachelor’s degree, compared to 42% of whites.
According to the 2000 census, 26.2% of blacks lived below the poverty line, compared with 4.2% of whites. 12.5% ​​of the population in the city of Minneapolis belong to sexual minorities.
This is the 4th indicator in the country.

Due to its northern location, the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area is considered the coldest territory in the United States, with the exception of Alaska.