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FLVS – Florida Virtual School

No Classroom Required. Find the online courses that excite you and the support you need to crush them, in your way and on your time—because we know learning goes way beyond the classroom.
Enrollment is open for individual courses and full time K-8 public school.

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Flexible Learning

Florida Virtual School is one of the world’s leading online learning providers that delivers engaging and innovative experiences so students can enjoy a safe, reliable, and flexible education in a supportive environment. Learn more about our flexible and full time online education options.

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Individual Courses (FLVS Flex)


We offer a wide variety of online courses for Kindergarten–12th grade that are tailored to student needs. With year-round, 24/7 access, students complete courses when and where they want—at home from the comfort of home, during a free period
at school, or while traveling over summer break. Whether you homeschool or are a traditional public or private school student, Florida Virtual School can enhance your educational experience.

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Full Time Public School


Our Full Time Public School is all about structured flexibility. As a fully accredited online public school for Kindergarten–12th grade, we offer comprehensive, full-time, tuition-free learning for all Florida students. Students follow a fixed, 180-day school year schedule from August to May. In addition, students who meet district graduation requirements are able to receive a Florida diploma from Florida Virtual School.

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Clubs & Activities

Students have the chance to participate in 60+ student clubs that cater to a wide variety of interests. We bring students together online and face-to-face while they cultivate their passions.

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ASU Preparatory Academy K–12 Charter Schools


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Our mission is to design new models for educational success and raise academic achievement for all learners.

We’re reinventing educational success with a more personalized, project-based approach to meeting the needs of students in diverse communities. We believe all students can succeed and we remove barriers to help students pursue their passions and build a lifelong love of learning.

We are a college preparatory school where all students can take concurrent university courses while in high school, saving them time and money when they get to college. We try to help each ASU Prep student graduate with a minimum of 15 ASU college credits at no cost to our families.


Student Success

When her dance troop started touring Ania found a new educational rhythm with ASU Prep Digital.

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ASU Prep’s Internship Program: Setting up Students for College and Career Success

July 27, 2023

In honor of National Intern Day on July 27th, we want to shine a spotlight on ASU Prep’s internship program, designed to support high…


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Educational centers on Yaroslavl highway near me on the map – rating, prices, photos, phone numbers, addresses, reviews – Moscow – Zoon.


44 places

  • we have found 44 training centers for you on the Yaroslavl Highway;
  • up-to-date information about services, convenient search;
  • all courses on the Yaroslavl highway of Moscow on the map with reviews, ratings and photos.

Price category

subject courses

creative courses

Distance courses

driving school

music courses

needlework courses

courses for beauty salon masters

sports clubs

professional courses

Personal development

Computer courses

Language courses

Metro, district



Promotions available

Online appointment

Near me


Open now

Will be open for 2 more hours

With reviews

With photo

Rating 4+

highway Yaroslavskoe


  • 701736″ data-lat=”55.886337″ data-id=”63f65aec17a6b4a1d20ab78e” data-object_id=”63f65aec17a6b4a1d20ab78e.7c90″ data-ev_label=”premium” data-za=”{"object_type":"organization","object_id":"63f65aec17a6b4a1d20ab78e.7c90","ev_extra":{"podmes":true}}”>

    3D tour


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  • 673735″ data-lat=”55.864327999981″ data-id=”57df8eab1ba171df308b456e” data-object_id=”57df8eab1ba171df308b456e.8863″ data-ev_label=”premium” data-za=”{"object_type":"organization","object_id":"57df8eab1ba171df308b456e.8863","ev_extra":{"podmes":true}}”>

    3D tour


  • f58c” data-ev_label=”standard”>
  • 662228″ data-lat=”55.832888999981″ data-id=”580dbf88a6e9b550068b456d” data-object_id=”580dbf88a6e9b550068b456d.7ff0″ data-ev_label=”premium” data-za=”{"object_type":"organization","object_id":"580dbf88a6e9b550068b456d.7ff0","ev_extra":{"podmes":true}}”>

    3D tour


  • 12c4″ data-ev_label=”standard”>
  • 71115″ data-lat=”55.9″ data-id=”6294ad787b412e6b83056c85″ data-object_id=”6294ad787b412e6b83056c85.dddd” data-ev_label=”premium” data-za=”{"object_type":"organization","object_id":"6294ad787b412e6b83056c85.dddd","ev_extra":{"podmes":true}}”>

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Courses on the Yaroslavl Highway (Moscow) Where to go
💜 There are discounts for users Zoon Swimrocket
  • How to find the best training centers in Moscow on Yaroslavskoe shosse?

    There are 39 training centers in the catalog of the website. Use our city map to find the nearest training centers in Moscow, compare ratings and real customer reviews.

  • What is the average rating of training centers in Moscow on the Yaroslavl Highway? users have left 41 reviews, the average rating is 3.63 out of 5. The most positive ratings are for: MOSgymnastics, Derzhava, Volt.

  • Which training centers on the Yaroslavl Highway are open around the clock?

    There is one round-the-clock establishment on the Yaroslavl Highway – Swim Dream.

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