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Early Care & Education — Greater Midland

Early care and education

Our STAR rated and licensed Early Care & Education program is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment that encourages every child to develop meaningful connections and to grow and learn through play and exploration.

Our qualified staff are dedicated to meeting each child’s individual needs. Each age group participates in an enriching daily routine and carefully planned activities designed to promote healthy physical, social/emotional and cognitive development.

“Every kid is our kid.”

At Greater Midland we know all children can be successful. It is our privilege and responsibility to provide a high quality Early Care & Education experience for all learners.

Why Greater Midland?

  • Greater Midland Early Care & Education programs are STAR rated. High-quality early care and education helps children be more successful in school, and has been shown to improve health and earning outcomes over children’s lifetimes.

  • Our team engage in continuous professional development. Our team is always striving to best serve our kids. Our team members complete a minimum of 24 professional development hours annually. 

  • Variety of amenities to focus on gross motor skills.

Community center

  • Hours: M-F 7am-6pm

  • Serving ages 6 weeks – 12 years

  • DHHS assistance accepted

  • Financial assistance available (as funding allows)

  • 19 day minimum enrollment

  • Before & After School care available for grades Kindergarten – 5th Grade at Central Park, Woodcrest, Siebert and Chestnut Hill elementary schools. See Before & After School Program tab for details.

  • Variety of amenities for gross motor skills including; swimming, gymnastics room, gym, fitness rooms and more.

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Scholarship Information
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Info Request

or reach out to us at (989) 832-7937 x2237

Teacher Appreciation Week!

Celebrating amazing teachers who make a positive impact!

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Ask Me About My Day: The Importance of Reflection

By taking time out of your busy schedule to help your child reflect, you’ll help build a stronger relationship/bond.

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Early Care & Education Wish List

coleman family center

  • Hours: M-F 6:30am-6pm

  • Preschool ONLY hours: M-T

    • Tiny Comet 3’s: 8am – 3pm

    • Tiny Comet 4’s: 8am – 3pm

    • GSRP (Great Start Readiness Preschool): 8:15am – 3:15pm

  • Serving ages 6 weeks – Kindergarten Readiness

  • DHHS assistance accepted

  • Financial assistance available (as funding allows)

  • Before & After School care available for grades Kindergarten – 5th grade serving Coleman Elementary School. See Before & After School Program tab for details

For more information, please contact us at (989) 465-2079


north family center

  • Hours: M-F 6:30am-6pm

  • Serving ages 6 weeks – kindergarten readiness

  • DHHS assistance accepted

  • Financial assistance available (as funding allows)

    For more information, please contact us at (989) 689-7770

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Where your child loves learning!

Our preschool program is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment that encourages every child to grow and learn through play and exploration. Each age group has planned daily activities designed to promote physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. Our highly qualified staff is dedicated to meeting each child’s individual needs ensuring that the children have fun and every child feels both safe and special.


Designed to cultivate necessary skills for a successful transition into Kindergarten with a strong focus on academic, social and emotional development. Students will gain confidence and independence as future readers through early literacy experiences.

Students will practice early math skills through tactile games and small group learning. Students will develop social and emotional maturity with a focus on clear and respectful communication, establishing daily routines and performing independent tasks.


Coleman Family Center

Monday – Thursday
Tiny Comet 3’s: 8am – 3pm

Tiny Comet 4’s: 8am – 3pm

GSRP: 8:15am – 3:15pm

(Great Start Readiness Preschool)

North Family Center

Monday – Thursday
8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Before & After School

community center (central park, SIEBERT, woodcrest, & chestnut hill)

  • Yearly enrollment every spring

  • Monday through Friday 7:00 – 8:40 AM and 3:30 – 6:00 PM

  • Full day care on snow/inclement weather days, professional development days, and winter/spring breaks

  • Limited space available. Reserve your spot today!


Carpenter Pre-Primary Handbook

Coleman family Center (coleman SCHOOLS)

  • Before & After School care for Coleman students of working parents ($6 each)

  • School aged children kindergarten to 5th grade

  • Available Monday through Friday from 6:30 – 8:30 AM and 3:30 – 6:30 PM

Before & After Care Info Request


Midland Montessori School


Download File

Please click on the above link to download the enrollment application.

Open Enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year has begun.
MMS offers both Kindergarten and Preschool classes.  
If you are not ready to manage the potential public school schedule and wish to have your child attend MMS for the consistency of five days a week, in person classes, it’s time to look at what   MMS offers.
If you are interested in joining MMS, please contact the office at:(989) 835-3921, ext. 10.   Forms are available in the Admissions tab.  Spaces are limited, please contact MMS for information.
*Our Infant/Toddler and Toddler programs are already FULL.  Please contact the MMS office if you would like to be  added to the wait list. 
Our 3-6 programs, including our Kindergarten program each have limited space still available. Please contact the MMS office to find out how to reserve one of the final spaces. (989) 835-3921, ext. 11 or 10.

FIFTY YEARS OF EXCELLENCE. Montessori arrived in Midland in 1970 when a group of interested parents formed the Saginaw Valley Montessori Association. The name was later changed to Midland Montessori School, Inc., to better reflect the commitment to the community. The school opened in 1971 in rented facilities and operated in several rented locations before finding a place of it’s own.

MUCH HAS CHANGED OVER THE LAST 50 YEARS and our school now provides one of the most outstanding facilities dedicated to early childhood education in the Midland area. With over 9,000 square feet, Midland Montessori School offers a total of seven classrooms, two of which include a child-accessible kitchen, a large indoor gym and even a library! In addition, we have multiple outdoor playground structures, a fenced-in  grass area and a bike path. Ample amounts of parking is available.

THE MISSION OF MIDLAND MONTESSORI SCHOOL is to provide an environment based on real life experiences and reflections which encourage children to develop Respect, Responsibility and Resourcefulness.

OUR HIGHLY EDUCATED AND MONTESSORI CERTIFIED TEACHERS are the pride of our school and provide a loving and child-centered education based on the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. Most of our teachers have been with the school for over ten years and provide continuity in your child’s education.

MIDLAND MONTESSORI SCHOOL ACCOMMODATES children from the age of six weeks up to kindergarten. We are proud of our diverse student body and our non-discriminating environment. Midland Montessori School is open to all children regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, handicap or disability.Please feel free to call or email to schedule a tour. We still have spots available and are accepting applications.

“The goal of Early Childhood Education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn”
Maria Montessori

OUR SCHOOL IS AFFILIATED with the Michigan Montessori Society and is a full member of the American Montessori Society. We are fully licensed by the state of Michigan. We are a non-profit organization, with parent volunteers elected to be our board of directors who collaborate with the school’s administration to oversee MMS.

The Montessori Classroom
The Montessori classroom is a unique learning environment that is designed to foster independence, creativity, and a love of learning in children. The Montessori classroom is carefully prepared to encourage exploration and discovery, and it is filled with a wide range of materials and activities that are designed to meet the needs of each individual child.
The Montessori classroom is organized into different curriculum areas, including Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, Science, and Cultural Studies. Each area is designed to promote specific learning objectives, and the materials within each area are carefully chosen to facilitate independent learning and exploration.
In the Montessori classroom, children are encouraged to work independently and at their own pace. The teacher serves as a guide and facilitator, rather than a traditional instructor, and children are given the freedom to choose their own work and to explore their own interests.
The Montessori classroom is also designed to foster a sense of community and collaboration. Children of different ages work together in the same classroom, and older children are encouraged to mentor and support younger children. This approach promotes a sense of social responsibility and empathy, as well as a deep respect for others.
The Montessori classroom is typically filled with natural materials, including wood, glass, and metal. These materials are designed to engage children’s senses and to promote a connection with the natural world. The classroom is also carefully organized and aesthetically pleasing, with each material and activity carefully placed on shelves or in designated areas.
Overall, the Montessori classroom is a unique and engaging learning environment that is designed to promote independence, creativity, and a love of learning in children. By providing a stimulating and supportive environment, children are able to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the world around them.

Montessori has a head start on STEM/STEAM Philosophy.
Have you heard of STEM?  This buzzword is all about integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Math – and even Art (STEAM) into the classrooms. What does this mean for Montessorians?
The Montessori Method of education, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. Dr. Montessori’s Method has been time tested, with over 100 years of success in diverse cultures throughout the world.
It is a view of the child as one who is naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment. It is an approach that values independence and the development of the whole child—physical, social, emotional, and cognitive.
There is currently a movement underway to train and retrain 100,000 STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) teachers. Across the country there are new standards for STEM subjects, with educators being charged to be creative and engaging rather than just teaching from a textbook.
Montessori teachers have a jump start on their conventional counterparts. Since student engagement is at the forefront of the Montessori classroom, we are already actively engaging students in hands-on learning.  Beginning in the Montessori Infant, Toddler and Preschool environments, students learn the fundamental rules of math and science through the discovery of natural laws through manipulation of didactic materials and problem-solving with peers. The work engages the senses and insures the internalization of concepts, not just memorization of disjointed facts and figures.

The current STEM movement is calling for innovation, collaboration, and hands-on learning and problem solving. To the Montessori community, this is nothing new. This is what we’ve been doing all along.  Hands-on is seen as necessary for STEM success. And hands-on as the way to educational success is no news for Montessori practitioners.
It is likely that Montessori preschool teachers are actually doing more STEM based activities in their classrooms, and have been doing so for years!
Was it that Dr. Montessori’s background as a medical doctor helped her see that Science belongs in preschool, when other educators didn’t? Activities like Land/Air/ and Water, expansive work with the decimal system and other mathematics, as well as countless additional Montessori core materials  are powerful STEM activities already, in common use in Montessori classrooms and certainly at MMS!

Midland Montessori School

MMS is happy to offer programs to suit children from six weeks to six years old.  
We offer many options for your child’s toddler and preschool experience as well as several options for your child to attend MMS for their Kindergarten year!  
Contact MMS and we can discuss what we offer to suit your child’s individual needs.

Midland Montessori School accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express

Midland GXT-1000 – Licensed portable radio (LPD) – Communications systems (In foreign terminology – LPD / PMR transceiver)

Radio station from Midland, the GXT-1000 is excellent for use in the LPD band, has a waterproof, rugged case, made in accordance with current HD technologies and equipped with all necessary functions. The appearance of the product cannot but please the eye, it is made of reliable and at the same time pleasant to the touch plastic. Easy-to-learn interface, large, user-friendly display, the ability to save configurations for ease of use in the future. Like all models in this line, the GXT1000 microphone is equipped with a special whisper mode, thanks to which it is possible to transmit messages quite quietly or in a whisper.
Undoubtedly, this walkie-talkie will be especially useful for hunters and fishermen, since its waterproofness fully complies with JIS4 class standards, providing complete protection from getting wet.

Powered by Ni-MH battery packs (supplied with radio) or Ni-MH batteries (4xAA). Frequency 433.075 – 434.775 MHz, the radio can be used both in the city and in open space. With the radio transceiver, you can easily conserve battery power as it has three settings: low, high and medium. This will help prolong battery life.

More than three hundred secret codes in the Midland GXT-1000 guarantee absolute security against outside interference. A significant advantage of the Midland GXT-1000 model is that it operates in the LPD band. There is a choice of one of three power levels, the maximum of which reaches 5 W, and this allows you to transmit a signal over a very tangible distance. The Midland GXT-1000 radios have an improved transceiver and antenna, which increases the range. In addition, the model has nine levels of VOX sensitivity, which eliminates random reaction to noise, wind and other sounds. The Midland GXT 1000 radio has radio codes for groups and individual IDs, with which the user can easily organize groups and communicate within it, as well as personally with one of the members of this group. You can create up to 142 groups and up to 10 members each in this way. The walkie-talkie guarantees a stable connection. It is perfect for users of any level and will clearly work, including in an emergency.

With the Midland GXT-1000 you will get: rechargeable batteries, desktop AC charger, Euro cigarette lighter plug, and headphones with microphones. Midland GTX-1000 is considered an unsurpassed example of matching technical data, value and quality. An excellent option for communication at relatively short distances in the city, for use in unpleasant atmospheric conditions, including for hunting, fishing, and will also perfectly replace a baby monitor.

Additional options:
Dual Watch function
Calling signal (CALL) 10 options
SOS siren
Silent mode
Whisper function

Frequencies: 433.075 – 434.775 (LPD) MHz
Power levels: 3 (H/M/L
Channels: 69 (LPD)
CTCSS/DCS codes: 38 CTCSS / 104 DCS transfers: have
Keyboard lock: yes
Monitor: Display backlight
Power supply: Ni-MH battery or 4 x AA alkaline batteries/ 4 x AA batteries.

kit includes:
2 radios,
2 belt clips,
2 sets of headsets,
2 battery packs (Ni-MH),
Desktop charger,
AC adapter,
cigarette lighter charger tel,
Instructions for Russian language.

Other names:
Midland GXT-1000, midland gxt-1000, MIDLAND GXT-1000, Midland GXT1000, midland gxt1000, MIDLAND GXT1000, Midland 1000, midland 1000, MIDLAND 1000, GXT-1000, gxt-1000, GXT1000

Closest analogue:

Other descriptions and references: https://2491040. ru/novinki.html

Briefly about LPD / PMR radio: https://2491040 .ru/RADIO_LPD.htm

You can on your own in our online store Communication Systems, as well as simply by calling (on weekdays) or by writing to us in a messenger or by e-mail. Contacts:

The declared characteristics are typical and may vary depending on the version of the product.
Please check the technical characteristics with the manager of the company.
1. The actual color of the product may differ slightly from the image on the website; caused by many factors; such as the brightness of your monitor and the brightness of lighting.
2. Please allow slight deviation for measurement data.
3. You can clarify the characteristics and terms of delivery by contacting us.

How it is used:
LPD / PMR radios are effective for communication in the city, especially inside buildings. If a long communication range is not required, but the convenience of carrying a radio station (including concealed carrying) and its compactness are important, LPD / PMR are indispensable. For their normal operation, long antennas are not required. In open areas, a typical communication range is up to 2 km, but in line of sight, much further is possible). The radios are easy to use, do not require maintenance, and can be mastered in a matter of minutes. The weight of the stations is about 100-200 grams.

For manufacturing, trade, security, tourism, sports, urban services, hotels, catering, transport and agriculture, various services, applications in alarm systems, industrial process automation devices and data transmission. Sending across Russia. Delivery across Krasnoyarsk.

winter radio headset from Midland

winter radio headset! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Here, he refuses, and there is such a thing on the market. These headphones with a microphone from Midland came across to me quite by accident and, given the very symbolic cost, I decided to take them for a test and review.

I don’t usually test accessories, but I really liked the idea and decided to make an exception.


The headset is delivered in such a blister.

On the side is the name SubZero, HD Stereo Ear Warmers, which means high-quality stereo ear warmers.

Open the box and find the headphones themselves inside.

By the way, these are not classic headphones with a headband, but a model that is worn on the back of the head, that is, the arc connecting the headphones themselves is not located on top, but on the back of your head. Which is quite comfortable, and does not interfere with wearing a hat.

The material covering the speakers is like faux fur, quite pleasant to the touch and really warm. This headset also performs its second function. Wearing these headphones personally did not cause any negative emotions in me, everything is very convenient.

The headband allows you to adjust the distance between the headphones themselves and the size can be chosen for almost any head.

The right fur pocket hides the connector for connecting cables.

These headphones can be used not only to listen to music, but also to work with radio stations. For this, two cables are included. On the left is a cable for connecting a radio station, on the right is for connecting a phone or mp3 player.

Cable for telephone and mp3 player

Cable for radio connection. A little more about him, we have a magazine about communication.

The cable for connecting to the radio has a microphone with a PTT. All this device with a clip can be fixed on clothing.

There is also a VOX / PTT switch that switches the headset from PTT to hands-free mode, the transmission will be activated by your voice, unless of course the radio station with which you will use this headset supports this function.

There is, indeed, an unpleasant moment. In fact, I was never able to get this headset to work with several VHF radios.