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Tuition Rates & Fees | Rocking Horse Academy

Tuition Rates and Fees  Download PDF


Easy Way to Pay

Rocking Horse Academy knows how busy parents are, which is why we offer EZ-EFT Automatic Tuition Draft.

EZ-EFT Automatic Tuition Draft.

Simplify your life with free automatic childcare payments. Rocking Horse Academy to electronically draft your checking or savings account on the designated due date. Simply fill out the authorization form and return with a voided check. We’ll do the rest.

* Rocking Horse Academy does not accept credit card or debit card payments. ALL payments must be made using the EZ-EFT draft feature.

Rates Effective January 9, 2023

Ages Groups Weekly Tuition
Full Time MWF T-TH
0-1 years Foals I & II $295 NA NA
1-2 years Colts & Ponies $295 NA NA
2 years Chargers I & II $280 $210 $175
3 years Pintos $280 $210 $175
3-4 years Mustangs & Wranglers $275 $200 $165
4-5 years Pre K Trotters & Broncos $275 $200 $165

School Age Group Tuition
Weekly Full Day/Holidays Transport
Corral Kids $100 +$40 daily NA
Corral Kids w/ Negley A. M. Drop Off $100 NA +$15
Corral Kids w/ Bus Transport from Kyle, Elm Grove $100 NA +$20



Registration fees
( non-refundable)
Semi-Annual Supply Fee
( non-refundable)
Security Deposit Fees*

$150 single child rate

+ $50 per additional child

$100 due in September & January.




Prorated rates for mid-semester registration

$300 per Full Time child


$ 50 after school only

* When given a 30-day written notice of withdrawal, we will apply your deposit to your final bill.

Wait-listed students

All wait-listed infants must have their $300 security deposit paid before 30 days prior to enrollment. Failure to do so may result in loss of reservation. Deposit is subject to forfeiture if the student does not enroll within 14 days of the reservation date.

Effective January 11, 2021

(A $20 late pick up fee per child is assessed for children picked up at 6:35pm. An additional $1.00/minute per child will accrue until the child(ren) leave the facility).

Effective September 1, 2021

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM: Parents/guardians must notify Rocking Horse Academy if your school-aged child is not attending the after-school program for any reason. All reasonable attempts will be made to locate your child if he/she is not at the designated spot at the school for pick-up. Parents/guardians will be charged a fee if a child’s absence is not communicated, and RHA staff is required to inquire or search for that child. See our rate sheet for current fee.

About | Rocking Horse Academy

Rocking Horse Academy, an accredited school, is dedicated to teaching old-fashioned values tempered with today’s educational research. We believe children are our treasures. That is why making sure they are nurtured, well-educated, and safe is so important to us.

We are committed to making our school a state-of-the art facility, designed to provide children with the best learning environment possible

Rocking Horse Academy offers a wide range of educational programs-from a curriculum for stimulating infants to tutoring school-age children. The staff includes teachers with degrees or childcare certification.

Our extracurricular program includes gymnastics and dance. We also provide Stretch ‘n Grow to our older classrooms.

We invite guest speakers from the community to help teach the children about fire safety with our local fire fighters, or stranger-danger from our local police department and a birthday visit from the Cat in the Hat himself. During the winter holidays, we celebrate International Children’s Day with our own international festival with food and flags, music and games from around the world. Our older children take field trips to a variety of events: museums, exotic animal parks, pumpkin patches, and other exciting adventures.

About our Staff

To be a lead teacher at Rocking Horse Academy, you should have your Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) as a minimum standard; however, a few of our leads were hired based on their extensive experience and training rather than formal education. Teachers with Associates degrees, Bachelors degrees, or Masters degrees are preferred. Many of our Assistant teachers and teacher’s aides also have certifications or degrees and/or are working on Bachelor’s degrees at our local universities. They also have experience working with children. We try to have at least one bilingual teachers in every classroom as well.

Our teachers are all given a criminal history background check. They must also complete at least 15 hours of training every year to maintain their positions.

About Our Founders

Jane Terrell

Jane has a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts degrees in Speech Communication. She is also a Texas State Certified Teacher. Jane spent her career as a speech and honors English teacher at LBJ High School. She is a retired speech professor from Austin Community College. The importance of a quality education is central to what she values in life.

When both of her daughters, Rebecca and Rachel, became pregnant, the need for quality childcare became evident. Rebecca had also recently graduated from Southwest Texas State University with her degree in Early Childhood Learning. Jane and Rebecca collaborated and designed Rocking Horse Academy.Jane has 4 grandchildren who attended her school. She hires only the best staff to teach all of the children. And every child is also nurtured with a grandmother’s special love.

Rebecca Eichen

Rebecca is a native Austinite and has lived in Central Texas most her life. Since an early age, Rebecca has worked with children nannying, tutoring and volunteering. She attended Lyndon Baines Johnson High School and graduated with Honors. After graduation she managed numerous hotels around the country (from Texas to Alaska to Florida) but later returned to Texas to finish her college education in Interdisciplinary Studies with a specialization in Early Childhood. She graduated Southwest Texas State University Summa Cum Laude in 2001 and was also initiated into Kappa Delta Pi, an International Honor Society in Education.