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THE Top 10 Daycares in Havre de Grace, MD

Daycares in Havre de Grace, MD

Bethel Day Care

North Earlton Road Extend, Havre de Grace, MD 21078

Starting at $300/mo


Bethel Day Care is a daycare center that follows a clearly defined curriculum to develop their students’ academic and social skills. Their center is located at North Earlton Road Extend, Havre de Grace, MD andis licensed by the state of Maryland to provide child care services to nearby vicinities….


Elvia Pomerat Home Day Care is an educational childcare facility located at 314 Whitney Ct, Havre De Grace, Maryland. They aim to build a safe, fun and enjoyable learning experience for children. Their centerprovides children with fun learning activities that nurtures the children’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development….


Precious Moments Day Care provides children (birth to school age) and their families with a safe, nurturing environment to allow them to meet their full potential. Children will learn through play based,meaningful experiences based on individual development in a consistent continuum across the ages….

MRDC Head Start

617 Congress Avenue, Havre de Grace, MD 21078

Costimate: $138/wk


MRDC Head Start is a licensed childcare and learning facility located at 617 Congress Avenue, Havre de Grace, MD. It offers a comprehensive child development program designed to support children who belong tofamilies with limited income. The program provides services that include education, health, nutrition and other social services that contribute to children’s well-being. Its hours are from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM, weekdays….

Recent Review:

I noticed the one (1) comment on the previous page…stating a “Negative and Hostile”
environment! Sad, but indeed very true. I found no fault in curriculum, or procedures, although some ..well that’s anotherstory! Now, the staff however, Rude!…yes Hostile!…ignorant and impersonal. Educated “supposedly”, imbeciles. Except a nameless few. Kudos to you few! Nevertheless, my child, had a fulfilling, rewarding experience and a good “Head Start” to the school/ classroom realm, which is what it’s really all about! For that I Thank You! I only suggest that some staff “humbly” remember.. just because it’s a federally subsidized program.. with “some” individuals, certainly not all, who may have less than you.. by no means renders them “less” THAN you! The “attitudes” are appalling!.. Finally.. if that’s is your attitude, then take your Degree / Certification and go home, or work at the local landfill or something!..
because that’s where that attitude belongs! No one’s Impressed!…

Reviewed by KLDixon-Adams


The Learning Evangelist LLC is a locally based daycare provider that offers full-time child care and early education services designed for young children. Located at 289 Girard Street Apartment B, the companyserves families residing in the Havre De Grace, MD area. The Learning Evangelist LLC has been serving the community since they opened in 2011….


Play Place America Daycare Inc in Havre De Grace, MD is offering a caring and loving learning atmosphere with developmentally appropriate lessons and activities. This establishment features weekly themes forstudents to explore and has features including music, circle time, literature, art, and science. This child care organization also promotes the children’s understanding and language….


Mt. Zion Learning Center is a childcare and learning facility that serves the community of Havre de Grace, MD. It offers a stimulating and nurturing Christ-centered environment that meets the spiritual growthand developmental needs of children under their care. It offers full-time childcare services and provides children with educational activities that enhance their academic performance and develop their physical abilities and social skills….


Welcome to Children of Christ Learning Center. CCLC is a newly established, traditional; nondenominational Christian childcare facility offering nontraditional services. We are located in the heart of Aberdeen,Maryland.
CCLC is the only known child care center offering nontraditional hours in the Harford County area. We are open from 6 am to 12 midnight; we are open on weekends offering Saturdays and Sunday’s services, and we are opened on most holidays.
We offer before and after school programs for school aged. In addition, we are opened year round with a great summer program for all age groups. We help with homework, provide Meals and Transportation to and from local schools. We participate in Maryland Excel, and the Vouchers programs.
We accept infant from 6 weeks old to 17 months in our infant classroom. Our Toddlers classroom accepts ages 18 months to 24 months old, and we help potty train when child and parents are ready.
We have classes for 2 and 3 yr. old early pk-class; 4 yr. preschool class, and our 5 yr. old Kindergarten readiness Pre-K class.
Our programs are academic excellent, well-structured classes with the A Beka curriculum as our core values and the enrichment of our program, enhanced with hands-on playful, age-appropriate learning activities and individualized lesson plans that inspire creativity and develop a love of learning for all our children.
Our teachers are experienced, certified, Christian teachers who believe in our values and enjoy working with young children. Our teachers all have background checks, CPR and First Aid certifications and all state requirements, with ongoing staff training.
Our classrooms are cleaned, well organized and well lit, and our playground is safe and secure for children to run and play.
At CCLC, we believe that when it comes to child care, education, and summer, we don’t cut corners; we are ready, willing and able to give your child a great head start in learning…. while having fun.
Come, tour our beautiful new State-of-The-Art facility. Call us direct or stop by today we welcome your family to Children of Christ Learning Center; where we are Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders. .. through Christ….

Recent Reviews:

I will like to thanks all the staff from Children of Christ Learning Center for the wonderful job they do caring for my child.
The Daycare facility looks very nice and clean. My child love to go to the daycareeveryday….

Reviewed by Jennifer R


My name is Tammy. I worked in the Banking Industry for 33 years and Retired as a Manager, June 2012. While planning to retired I decided to open a Child Daycare in my home .I’ve always had a passion forkids.Family childcare in a “home like” setting is the best alternative for working parents. I provide a small secured environment for children during the most important time of their development. Family childcare offers a home away from home, providing children with “siblings” of all ages to play, socialize and learn from. I care for a very small group, as it is my belief that fewer children equal better care. Therefore I am able to give more “one-on-one attention. I am able to encourage each child to grow according to their needs. I’m Licensed with the State of Maryland, CPR/First Aid, SID training, Early Childhood Certification, Criminal Background Check .
Enpowering Children through Creativity Ages to 4yrs
Structured and Free Play-Indoor/Outdoor Before/After School 5-12 yrs
Breakfast Lunch Snacks Potty Training

Recent Review:

Mrs. Tammy is an amazing teacher and provider! She is so involved in each child’s learning, social, and emotional needs.
My son (who is now 8) loves her as if she was family, and honestly she is family to us.She potty trained my son and got him ready for school (colors, abc, 123, days of the week, etc.).
I’ve had my son in daycare facilities with lots of children and found that a smaller home daycare was perfect for his needs.
Mrs. Tammy has one on one time with each child and it really shows.
Mrs. Tammy has transformed her beautiful finished basement into a learning/play center. It’s absolutely amazing! Very clean environment!. ..

Reviewed by Jessica


In the Montessori environment, each child is viewed as an individual with undetermined potential. Work beyond what is traditionally believed appropriate for each age is available to all the children. They arealways learning from each other in a class where there are numerous levels of learning in process. This is one benefit of mixed groupings of children.
Children move freely through the classroom choosing their individual work or having a lesson with the teacher or small group of students. Work is organized into different areas: language, math, practical life, sensorial, geography, science, art and music.
The prepared environment of the classroom is organized to take advantage of the absorbent nature of the young child s mind. Dr. Maria Montessori observed the importance of sensitive periods for early learning. These sensitive periods are characterized by a child s fascination with learning a new skill and repeating it over and over again. The Montessori environment allows a child the freedom to select their own work and follow their own interests.
Teachers . . .
A Montessori teacher is someone who has attained a Montessori diploma (training beyond a Bachelor s degree). The Montessori teacher is the Head Teacher and is responsible for the prepared environment of the classroom and individualized program for each student. The assistant teacher works under her direction. We look forward to working with each family!…


Gloria’s Precious Angels Familly Daycare provides children with developmentally appropriate programs and services. It aims to provide a safe and nurturing environment for young children. It is a state-licensedfacility that takes care of children. It is operational every Monday through Friday….


Lois Cullum Daycare is an in-home childcare located in Aberdeen, Maryland. It offers family child care services and programs. It is a registered facility that accommodates a maximum capacity of eight children. The Daycare is operational every Monday through Friday….

Vickis Daycare

14 Valley Bottom Rd, Aberdeen, MD 21001

Costimate: $166/wk


Vickis Daycare is a child care facility located at 14 Valley Bottom Rd. Aberdeen, MD. Their establishment opened in the year 2010. They provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for children. They seek toimprove and enhance the child’s mental, physical, emotional, intellectual and social behavior….


Founded in 2008, Kidz Kingdom Daycare is a child care facility located at 315 Woodland Green Ct. Aberdeen, MD. They offer a safe, secure and healthy environment for children. They provide an age-appropriatetoys and equipment, needed to improve and develop the child’s overall potential….


Koala Tee Child Care is a locally owned child care company that offers center-based daycare services geared for young children. Located at 665 W Bel Air Avenue, the company serves the residents of Aberdeen, MD. Koala Tee Child Care started offering their services in 1995….


Brighter Beginnings Child Care is a daycare and preschool center that is locally-owned and operated in Aberdeen, Maryland. The company offers a Creative Curriculum-based child development program for infants topre-kindergarten kids, and they also offer extended day programs for school-age kids of up to 12 years old….


My name is Stacey Baines and I am a licensed home daycare provider. I have been working with kids since I was 13yrs old. Been in business for 3yrs at my home. I am now working towards going to school to open myown daycare. I am open from 6am to 6pm and serve breakfast, snack and lunch. I love teaching and helping children reach there goals in life. I do circle time activities, story time, crafts, music etc. I have been married for 10yrs and have a 9yr old son. I am very active in my church and have worked with the little ones at my church and am now working with the teens. I am also a youth leader at my church….


World of Learning Family Child Care, Inc. in Aberdeen, Maryland is a Child Care provider up to 8 children from infants to twelve years of age. Their curriculum seeks to provide a high quality, nurturing, funand safe learning environment that is appropriate for the child’s overall growth and development….


Kim’s Child Care Inc. offers childcare and preschool programs to the community of Aberdeen, MD. The center gently guides the child’s first steps away from home and provide them with skills they will need tosucceed in their years of elementary school and beyond….


The Karing For Kids Learning Center provides a childcare program in Aberdeen, Maryland. They encourage the children’s holistic growth through play-based and child-centered activities. They also aim to developthe children’s social skills, emotional growth, and physical coordination. The Karing For Kids Learning Center provides a pre-kindergarten program and an extended care program for school-aged children.


At Children of Christ we provide excellent care in a safe Christ centered environment with loving Christian staff to meet your child’s every need.
We offer complete traditional and nontraditionalChristian based early childhood educational program where parents, child, and caregivers forms a team, and works together on the developmental process of your child.
At CCLC, we believe that learning and fun goes together it is why we work to keep a fun filled nurturing, learning environment making CCLC the ideal place for your child to learn, grow and thrive.
For more information, please visit our website: or call us at 410-297-8777 to set up a tour….

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FAQs for finding daycares near you in Havre de Grace, MD

What are the benefits of daycare near me in Havre de Grace, MD?

Daycare centers near you in Havre de Grace, MD offer a number of benefits to both children and their parents or guardians. For the kids, daycare is an opportunity to learn coping and social skills, explore the world, and form relationships with other children – all while staying active and stimulating their minds with educational activities. For parents and guardians, daycare often provides peace of mind that their children are supervised in a safe and nurturing environment with skilled professionals on board to tackle responsibilities such as discipline, problem solving strategies, and nutrition. All in all, daycare is a valuable resource for families by providing quality childcare and early childhood education services.

What services do daycare centers offer near me in Havre de Grace, MD?

Daycares near you in Havre de Grace, MD provide a range of services that allow children to grow and develop in safe, secure environments. Daycare centers are staffed by qualified professionals who create a caring atmosphere that teach kids lessons fundamental to their well-being, and typically include activities such as playtime, meals, and learning opportunities designed to prepare young minds for the world ahead.

What should I look for in a daycare center near me in Havre de Grace, MD?

Finding the right daycare center near you in Havre de Grace, MD for your child can be an overwhelming experience, but the process can be streamlined with a clear understanding of what to look for. It’s important to consider factors such as certification and accreditation, as well as any health and safety protocols that are in place. Factors such as cost, accessibility, and the quality of care provided are sure to be top of mind as well, and ultimately, selecting the best daycare center will depend on finding one that meets your expectations and your child’s specific needs.

What questions should I ask when looking for a daycare for my child near me in Havre de Grace, MD?

Some questions you might consider asking daycare centers near you in Havre de Grace, MD include: What are the teacher-to-child ratios? What types of activities do you plan as part of the daily program? Is there an outdoor play area and what safety regulations are in place regarding that space? How often is communication provided to parents regarding their child’s progress or issues that arise? Be sure to ask specifics about any policies related to enrollment fees, tuition payments, health and vaccination requirements and anything else that is important to you and your family as well.

Best Infant Daycare & Child Care in Havre de Grace, MD

The following Havre de Grace, MD daycares have immediate availability for infants. Even if a locations does not have current openings for your infant, you can schedule a tour to join the waiting list. Capacity changes on a daily basis and we’ll let you know when a space becomes available!

22 Infant Daycares in Havre de Grace, MD


Tabatha Jones Daycare

Daycare in
Havre De Grace, MD

(928) 218-5745

Tabatha Jones is a home daycare that offers childcare programs for nearby families in Havre De Grace. Tabatha Jones provides breakfast, mor… Read More

Request price

6:30 am – 11:00 pm


Kim Brantley & Daniel Brantley Daycare

Daycare in
Aberdeen, MD

(615) 257-9264

Kim Brantley & Daniel Brantley is a home daycare that offers childcare programs for nearby families in Aberdeen. Open from 6:00 am to 6:00 p… Read More

Request price

6:00 am – 6:00 pm


Maria Ewald Daycare

Daycare in
Aberdeen, MD

(415) 985-0931

Maria Ewald is a home daycare that offers childcare programs for nearby families in Aberdeen. Bilingual programs are available in Polish i… Read More

Request price

6:30 am – 5:30 pm


Michelle Christy Daycare

Daycare in
Aberdeen, MD

(415) 985-0931

Michelle Christy is a home daycare that offers childcare programs for nearby families in Aberdeen. Open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, the direc… Read More

Request price

6:00 am – 6:00 pm


Belinda Shifflett Daycare

Daycare in
Havre De Grace, MD

(267) 927-3134

Belinda Shifflett offers safe, loving childcare in the Havre De Grace area. Kids learn through curriculum-based, educational activities. The… Read More

Request price

6:00 am – 5:00 pm


Jessica Walls Daycare

Daycare in
Aberdeen, MD

(415) 985-0931

Jessica Walls provides childcare for families living in the Aberdeen area. Children engage in play-based, educational activities to help the… Read More

Request price

6:30 am – 5:15 pm


Cynthia Dingle Daycare

Daycare in
Aberdeen, MD

(503) 773-5465

Cynthia Dingle provides childcare for families living in the Aberdeen area. Children engage in play-based, educational activities to help th… Read More

Request price

7:00 am – 5:00 pm


Joanne Bailey Daycare

Daycare in
Aberdeen, MD

(651) 371-8786

Joanne Bailey provides childcare for families living in the Aberdeen area. Children engage in play-based, educational activities to help the… Read More

Request price

6:00 am – 5:00 pm


Crystal Miller Daycare

Daycare in
Aberdeen, MD

(316) 395-9572

Crystal Miller provides childcare for families living in the Aberdeen area. Children engage in play-based, educational activities to help th… Read More

Request price

6:00 am – 6:00 pm


Deborah Ingram Daycare

Daycare in
Perryville, MD

(972) 544-6967

Deborah Ingram offers safe, loving childcare in the Perryville area. Kids learn through curriculum-based, educational activities. The facili… Read More

Request price

6:00 am – 4:30 pm


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World according to Google 1016: 198 years since the birth of Frederick Douglas

World according to Google 1016: 198 years since the birth of Frederick Douglas
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Doodle work by guest artist Richie Pope:

When Douglas was about twelve years old, his master’s wife Sophia began to teach him the alphabet, despite the fact that the law forbade teaching slaves to read and write. Douglas described Sophia as a kind, caring woman who treated him the way one person should treat another. When the slave owner found out about the actions of his wife, he condemned her, saying that the slave, having learned to read, would be dissatisfied with his position and would demand freedom. Douglas would later call this definition “the first indisputable sermon against slavery.” As stated in Douglas’s autobiography, he made great strides in teaching white children to read.

Unknown to his masters, he continued to learn to read and write. One of his statements is “knowledge is the road from slavery to freedom.” Starting to read newspapers, political materials and books, he began to think about slavery and condemn it.

For the first time, Douglas tried to escape from the slave owner of Freeland, but the escape was unsuccessful. In 1836 he made an attempt to escape from another master, Covey, but again without success. In 1837, Douglas met Anna Murray, a free black woman who was five years his senior, and fell in love with her. Her freedom reinforces his confidence that he too can be free.

On September 3, 1838, he successfully escaped by boarding a train to Havre de Grace, Maryland. He was dressed in a naval uniform given to him by Murray. She also gave him money to escape and prepared papers for him to claim that he was a free black sailor. He fled to Wilmington, Delaware. From there, by steamboat, he moved to “Quaker City” (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), and then settled in the home of abolitionist David Ruggles in New York. The entire journey took him about 24 hours

What: 198th Birth Anniversary of Frederick Douglas

Appearance: 1.2.2016
Country: USA
Class: Public figure
Represents: Portrait of a hero and an allusion to his publicistic activity
Number of likes on Facebook: 31,689

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Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass ; real name is Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey0029 Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey ), February 1818, Maryland, USA – February 20, 1895, Washington, USA) was an American writer, educator, abolitionist, editor and orator. One of the most famous fighters for the rights of the black population of America, the leader of the Negro liberation movement.

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Read online “Staying Sober [Relapse Prevention Guide]” – Gorski Thorens T.
Select chapter

The role of the compulsive
relapse 124
Positive voltage output instead of
compulsive behavior 127
Breakdown process 129
Denial in sobriety 131
VII. Relapse syndrome 135
Relapse interruption 144
Phases and signs of breakdown 145
VIII. Planning
Stall prevention 164
Stabilization 165
Estimated 166
Education 167
warning signs 168
warning signs 169
Daily inventory 170
Recovery program overview 172
Involving others 173
Execution and reinforcement 175
IX. Relapse and family 178
Signs of a breakdown in codependents 183
Family relapse prevention 192
X Self-help groups
Stall Prevention 201
How meetings go 211
Application 219
We are all well aware of the fundamentally destructive character of the disease of alcoholism. It affects the body, intellect, emotions and soul of the person who has become its victim. By its very nature, it is a fatal disease. We know it’s incurable, but it can be stopped. Over the past 50 years, hundreds of thousands of alcoholics have managed to stop their disease and live happy, successful and productive sober lives. However, one of the great tragedies here is that many alcoholics experience temporary relief, after which they return to drinking.
According to available data, about half of alcoholics who approach the threshold of sobriety cross it and remain sober. Many of the rest stay sober for a while, break out one or more times, after which they get a taste of the sober life and do not drink again until their death. Of those who remain, many get stuck, sober up over and over again, and then go back to using. Some of them, of course, eventually die.
Terry Gorski was tasked early in his professional career with trying to help these extremes. He understood that some of them, obviously, will never be able to recover – the harm done to them by drinking alcohol is irreparable. However, for the rest, he suggested that perhaps there was a way to help them achieve the sobriety that others had a little easier than them. And this young man devoted fifteen years of his life (and is still working on it) to study the medical histories of thousands of such poor people who returned to use again and again.
This work resulted in the CENAPS relapse prevention model. It combines the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and occupational therapy and offers a plan for recovery. According to him, this plan in itself does not contain anything new. He only combines the wisdom of A.A.’s recovery program with the results of all the research of the last few decades.
I believe in the principles described in this manual. My belief in their effectiveness is so strong that we founded the Ashley Comprehensive Relapse Prevention Center.
Professional counseling, medical treatment and the wisdom of Alcoholics Anonymous are optimally integrated here.
I am convinced that this book and the accompanying relapse prevention workbook will provide you with valuable life-saving information. If in trying to understand and apply this information you find that you cannot do it alone, do not despair. There are many excellent therapy centers that can help you plan for relapse prevention.
Ref. Despite everything, some will still die from this incurable disease. Yet many will continue to die because we don’t know what to do with the relapse phenomenon. Relapse prevention planning is a powerful new approach that is helping thousands of people avoid what used to be a death sentence. It is important for us to convey to relapsed alcoholics the idea that hope really exists. It is time to bring to the therapeutic centers the understanding that we have a moral obligation to do everything in our power to cure the sickest among the sick in the mass of alcoholics. I believe that this book is an excellent opportunity to start helping people who were previously considered hopeless.
Father Joseph Martin. Co-founder of the Father Martin Center in Ashley, Havre de Grace, Maryland, USA.
Early 1970s I worked as an alcohol counselor at Grant Hospital in Chicago. In June 1971, I was transferred to a full-time position in the polyclinic department. Since I had very little experience in this institution, I did not have enough influence and patients “with a high chance of cure” were not referred to me. The most difficult patients came to me, many of whom were treated repeatedly and could not remain sober. At the time, I didn’t care. I thought I could work with anyone. No one told me that these chronically relapsed patients were hopeless. And I waited for them to recover.
When all the patients you see are exclusively people who constantly break down, the task can seem insurmountable. But I started learning almost immediately. The first thing I came to was that most relapsed patients have gone through everything that is offered by alcoholism counselors and traditional psychotherapy. In addition, I learned that many of them are more familiar with the steps and traditions of A.A. than I am.