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District and School Performance Framework Results

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This page provides access to a repository of files containing information related to the annual School and District Performance Frameworks. The repository includes spreadsheets containing current and historical performance framework results, along with copies of PowerPoint presentations and other reports presented to the State Board of Education. Detailed information about the content and format of each file appears below.

Quick Links

  • School and District Performance Framework reports
  • Performance Framework Data Files from prior years

Data Files

Format: XLSX files

Includes: preliminary rating releases, most recent final rating release, prior year releases

Updated: annually September – December

Transitional Performance Framework Flat Files

Final Files

  • CDE 2022 Final District Ratings (XLS)- December 14, 2022
    • Printer Friendly Version: CDE 2022 Final District Ratings
  • CDE 2022 Final School Ratings (XLS) – December 14, 2022
    • Printer Friendly Version: CDE 2022 Final School Ratings

Calculation Data Files

  • CDE 2022 District and School Rating Calculation Data (XLS) – December 14, 2022
  • CDE 2022 AEC Framework Source Data (XLS) – December 14, 2022
  • 2022 Achievement Percentiles (within-group) (XLS) – September 9, 2022

Preliminary Files

  • CDE 2022 Preliminary District Ratings (XLS) – September 8, 2022
    • Printer Friendly Version: CDE 2022 Preliminary District Ratings
  • CDE 2022 Preliminary School Ratings (XLS) – September 8, 2022
    • Printer Friendly Version: CDE 2022 Preliminary School Ratings

Additional Flat Files


2022 CMAS Growth Percentiles (XLSX) – August 17, 2022:

  • State Level CMAS (MGP) – (XLSX) by subgroup MGPs for all students by level (E,M,H) for baseline/cohort methodologies.
  • District & School Level CMAS (MGP) – (XLSX) district and school-level by subgroup MGPs for all students by level (E,M,H) for baseline/cohort methodologies.

2022 PSAT & SAT Growth Percentiles (XLSX) – August 17, 2022:

  • State Level PSAT/SAT (MGP) – (XLSX) by subgroup MGPs for all students by level (M,H) for baseline/cohort methodologies.
  • District & School Level PSAT/SAT (MGP) – (XLSX) district and school-level by subgroup MGPs for all students by level (M,H) for baseline/cohort methodologies.

2022 ACCESS Growth Percentiles (XLSX) – August 17, 2022:

  • State Level (MGP) – (XLSX) on ACCESS for ELLs 2.0® assessment for baseline/cohort methodologies.
  • District & School Level (MGP) – (XLSX) on ACCESS for ELLs 2.0® assessment for baseline/cohort methodologies.

Postsecondary & Workforce Readiness

  • 2021 Matriculation Rates (XLSX) – August 17, 2022
    State, district, and school-level matriculation rates (2-yr and 4-year institutions & CTE) for the 2021 graduation cohort, including historical trend data at the state-level.
  • View Graduation Statistics and Dropout Statistics


  • CDE 2022 Participation Data (XLSX) – October 19, 2022
    • State, district, and school-level test and accountability participation rates (2018-2022)
  • CDE 2021 Participation Data (XLSX) – September 13, 2021
    • State, district, and school-level CMAS participation and accountability participation rates, including historical trend data (2017-2021)

View Performance Framework and Performance Indicator Flat Files from Prior Years

State Board Meeting Presentations

View performance framework information presented by CDE to the State Board of Education:

  • Preliminary 2022 School and District Performance Ratings

Format: PowerPoint Files

Includes: Summary data and trends for school and district ratings

Updated: Presentations are in November and December.

Colorado and Colorado Public School Rankings

Model Validation provided by NUMERIOUS INC.

Numerious has certified SchoolSparrow’s algorithm as valid to use for rating public schools in the United States.

SchoolSparrow’s algorithm calculates the number of students, on average, that should be deemed proficient on the Reading/Language Arts (RLA) section of the standardized test at any given school. Among other variables, the algorithm takes into account the number of economically disadvantaged students (ECD) and the number of students with disabilities (CWD).

Using the data set provided by the US Dept of Education, Numerious was able to replicate SchoolSparrow’s model. Numerious also looked at indicators of how correlated the test scores are to income demographics, and the model’s goodness of fit.

The actual distribution of the number of kids deemed proficient at US schools and the distribution of the model’s predictions is remarkably strong. The predictions are nearly 84% correlated.

Numerious’ review of SchoolSparrow’s algorithm indicates a high correlation between a school’s economic demographics and population of children with disabilities. Our analysis shows that SchoolSparrow’s algorithm also displays goodness of fit based on several indicators.


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Min Rating

Min Diversity


Min CWD:

Max CWD:

Check to See Map View

School Name School Level Grades City School
SchoolSparrow 2018-19 Rating SchoolSparrow 2020-21 Rating Difference Income Adj
% ECD % CWD SchoolSparrow Value Index™ Lat Lng ID



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Select The Grade by Which you Want Schools Ranked

When you enter a Grade, your search results will show listings in the school boundaries of public schools that have your indicated grade. Not all elementary schools are K-5; for example, some are K-3, and if you have a 4th grader, the K-3 school is not really an option for you.

Schools in your selected Location(s) will be ranked according to test scores for the GRADE you select. Test scores are segmented by grade for every school. Other sites show one overall school score, so if one lower grade has superior testing results compared to the higher grades, the overall school score does not move significantly. This is how SchoolSparrow provides an opportunity to possibly uncover schools that are improving from the bottom up, by ranking schools according to the grade you indicate. Testing starts in the 3rd grade, there is no data for K-2nd grade.

Sort By ECD?

ECD is short for economically disadvantaged. Research has shown that high standardized test scores have more to do with the socio-economic status of the parents of children at a school as opposed to how well the school is teaching. Ranking schools according to how well economically disadvantaged students are performing on standardized testing could be more informative about how effective a school is at teaching. This article is the inspiration for this new ECD ranking option

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Schools are Important

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Best Boarding Schools in Colorado | Ranked 2023

Attending boarding school while in high school gave me the best learning experience I could ever improve, which contributed to my exceptional academic performance. Although I felt separated from my family, which I consider a sacrifice for what I have gained, you too can make the same sacrifice for your child’s academic education by sending him or her to any of the boarding schools in Colorado or best boarding schools in colorado. Colorado today.

You might be wondering why I mentioned Colorado…

Colorado has for many years been a desirable destination for students of all levels of education. The state is considered the most attractive and suitable place to live and study due to its low cost of living and other interesting facts.

While other boarding schools in other states provide top notch educational services, if you want the best at an affordable price, I think spending more time on this post is a good start to getting what you want.

That’s because this post contains a comprehensive selection of all boarding schools in Colorado that can give your child the very best. It also provides details on why you might want to consider boarding school.

A quick glance at the table of contents below will give an overview of all the information found in this article and its sequence.


  • Why Boarding Schools
    • Good Education
    • College Ready
    • A supportive and safe environment
  • Should this be Colorado boarding schools?
  • What are the best boarding schools in Colorado?
    • 1. Fountain Valley School
    • 2. Belleview Christian School
    • 3. Ecclesia Mountain High
    • 4. Colorado Rocky Mountain School
    • 5. Steamship School of Mines
    • 6. Campion Academy
    • 7. Colorado Springs School
    • 8. Colorado Timberline Academy
  • Best and Affordable Boarding Schools in Colorado: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Recommendations
  • Recommendations

Why Boarding Schools

Thinking about giving your child the best education , the first thing to consider is it is to go through an environment that will provide a good support system, increase resilience, and increase confidence, quick wit, and mental health.

So you will agree that achieving this now without being distracted by the Internet from video games, electronic gadgets and phones can make it difficult for you to achieve this, especially if you are busy with work.

This is one thing boarding schools can help sort out. There are countless other reasons why a boarding school is the best option. Despite some drawbacks, the benefits far outweigh them.

In essence, a boarding school provides students with 24/7 opportunities to develop their important life skills as well as individual interests and hobbies.

Other causes include;

Good education

Boarding schools provide students with the opportunity to create a good and solid educational base. Since students stay away from their cozy homes without parents to look after them, they tend to be more disciplined and responsible.

In addition, they are provided with a platform for academic advancement and a careful reflection of this in the future – whether it be further education, career aspirations or otherwise

College Ready

This is another reason why you should consider sending your children to a boarding school. Boarding schools prepare students for college life.

With the curriculum, experience, and other activities that your children will be involved in, they can go to college or even university.

In addition, there is a supportive environment that can help children feel confident in their decisions.

In addition, they go to college better prepared for academic rigor because they learned responsibility at boarding school.

Favorable and safe environment

This is the most common thing in every boarding school. When you consider the stress and risk of having your kids go to the bus stop every morning, sometimes trying to get through traffic, going home after school every day, which can even cause psychological stress, boarding school is considered the best. way out.

Would you like your ward to attend a girls’ school? Here are the best boarding schools for girls in the world.

Must be Colorado Boarding schools?

Well, enrolling your kids in any of Colorado’s boarding schools is not a matter of physical assault, but it would be strange not to go for the best, even when everything you need is delivered to you on a platter. gold.

In Colorado, most boarding schools strive to teach students how to live with a roommate and share space. They also provide a platform that gives space for teacher-student relationships where students have teachers as their guardians and advisors.

Moreover, these boarding schools allow students to get to know each other at different levels. Joint life, work and play create a family atmosphere for parents and residents of the hostel.

In addition, when it comes to safety, boarding school students in Colorado have confidence in a safe and supportive learning environment.

What are the best boarding schools in Colorado?

Colorado has 8 of the best and most affordable boarding schools that can help your child or children build a solid foundation for education. Some of these schools are private while others are public.

There are also preparatory, secondary, military and Christian schools.

Below is a list of the best boarding schools in Colorado that you can enroll your children in in 2023.

  • Colorado Springs School
  • Steamboat Mining School
  • Colorado Timberline Academy
  • Colorado Rocky School of Mines
  • Campion Academy
  • Fountain Valley School
  • Ecclesia Mountain High
  • Belleview Christian School

Please note that these schools are also the best boarding schools in Colorado for high school students.

However, when ranking these schools, we take into account the cost of boarding schools in Colorado, enrollment and grades.

In addition, he took into account the average class size in some schools and the level of acceptance.

This is one of the main factors we considered in our ranking because of its importance.

While all parents dream of sending their children to the best schools, accessibility is important.

In The top boarding schools in Colorado are ranked based on the total number of students in each school.

However, school enrollment rate plays a big role in determining how supportive the learning environment will be.

This is another factor that I consider very important. The grades offered by a boarding school can determine the level of opportunity she works with, whether she is low or high opportunity.

Most of the schools listed here offer grades 9-12, with only a few offering preparatory classes.

Lets explore!


Fountain Valley School

Address: 6155 Fountain Valley School Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80911

Cost: $59,000 900 03

Planting Registration : 240

Varieties: 9 -12

First up on our list of the best boarding schools in Colorado is Fountain Valley School, founded in 1907 year. This school is an independent, privately owned, coeducational preparatory school.

This Colorado boarding school is primarily for students in grades 9-12. So, if your child is about to enter 9th grade, enrolling him or her in Fountain Valley is not a bad idea.

This school is one of the best unique schools that allows students to participate in various aspects of life and helps them balance their academic, athletic and artistic life.

With a typically 32% international student population, the school is one of the world’s top boarding schools in Colorado.

In addition, the average school size is 12 and the student-teacher ratio is 1:7. Speaking of tuition, day students pay $30,150, boarding students pay $63,000, and international students pay $59,000.

Note some of its notable alumni include

  • John Perry Barlow
  • Brad Dourif
  • Dominique Dunn, actress
  • Griffin Dunn


2. Belleview Christian School

Address: 3455 W 83rd Ave

Cost: $4,700


Varieties: Nursery / Preschool-12

Next on our list of the best boarding schools in Colorado is Bellview Christain School. This school is one of the boarding schools in Denver, Colorado.

If you really want to start teaching your children the way of God in time, enrolling them in this school really isn’t a bad start.

Belleview Christian School is one of the privately owned Christian schools. It aims to provide students from nursery, preschool through grade 12 with a quality education based on biblical truth.

This way they have the space and everything they need to grow in Christ with a passion to serve Him.

Interestingly, these students are taught fine arts such as ceramics, drawing/drafting, painting, photography and sculpture.

At Bellview, students of all races, colors, nationalities and ethnic backgrounds can participate in all programs and school activities.

Please note that the cost of training ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 dollars, which is quite affordable.

Notable alumni of Belleview Christian School include Chris Michaelbust, Colorado State Commissioner of Financial Services, and Roger Ogden, former CEO of Channel 9.
News (local news station in Denver, Colorado).


3. Ecclesia Mountain High

Address: 518 S. San Juan, Buena Vista, CO 81211.

Cost: $23,950

900 02 Student Registration: 135

Grades: 9- 12

This is also one of the boarding schools in Colorado. It offers internationalization services for students in grades 9-12.

In essence, Ekklesia, the premier boarding school in Colorado, offers a unique educational program that helps create its students and provides them with an educational foundation that can help them succeed in college.

Students carry our missionary work, projects, and even adventure programs into the school.

Another interesting fact about this school is that students are taught how Christ sees society, leadership and faithful living.

In addition, there are a total of 135 boarding students in Ekklesia, the average class size is 7, and the student-teacher ratio is 1:7.

If your children graduate from this school, they can go to any IVY college.


4. Colorado Rocky Mountain School

Address; 500 Holden Way Carbondale, CO 81623

Cost: $61,000

Student Registration: 175

Grades: 9-12

9 0002 Colorado Rocky Mountain School is one of the best boarding schools in Colorado for 9- 12 classes and boarding students. It is a co-educational boarding school for students in grades 9-12.

At its core, this Colorado school is dedicated to creating a learning environment that can help students understand their potential to excel as individuals, contribute to their communities, and participate thoughtfully in the world we share.

The school has an estimated enrollment of 175 students, an average class size of 12, and an acceptance rate of 70%, which is a good indicator.

Yearly day students pay $38,300 and boarding students $4,000 each. While this tuition is slightly higher than other schools in Colorado, we have ranked it #1 due to some of its unique features.

This school has an academic and arts curriculum that allows students to try their hand at blacksmithing, silversmithing, drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, music, drama and more.

Note that notable alumni include Topher Delaney, environmental artist and builder, M. Tamim Ansari, writer, speaker, and editor, Susan Meiselas, internationally renowned photojournalist, Oliver Platt, Conrad Anker, mountain climber, and Paolo Bacigalupi . award-winning novelist and short story writer.


5. Steamboat Mountain School

Address: 500 Holden Way Carbondale, CO 81623

Cost: $48,800

Student Registration: 68

Grades: 9-12

Next on our list of the best boarding schools in Colorado, Steamboat Mountain School is a private boarding school for students in grades 9-12.

In this school, 60% of the students study in the boarding school, and 40% – in the day. The secondary school has 10 students and the total number of students is 68.

The tuition fee for boarding students is $48,800 and for day students it is $27,500.

Despite high tuition fees, Choate is known for its ability to cover 100% of the expenses of all students in need of funds.

In addition, Steamboat is committed to developing intelligent students by enabling them to lead productive, creative and responsible lives in a dynamic global society.

Notable alumni include Caroline Lalive, alpine skier and two-time Olympian, travis meyer, freestyle skier (moguls) and Olympic silver medalist, American athlete Johnny Spillane, and A History of High Finance, Murder, and John Milius , famous screenwriter, director and producer.


6. Campion Academy

Address: 300 42nd st. Loveland, CO, USA

Cost: $11,090

Student Registration: 70%

Grades: 9-12

#1 private school in Colorado. This is a Seventh-day Adventist boarding school where students in grades 9-12 receive college preparatory courses.

Basically, this academy offers dual enrollment courses, vocational courses, a music program, interscholastic sports, a work-study program, and an English language program for international students.

The accreditation bodies for this prestigious school include; Adventist Accrediting Association (AAA and CTC, National Board of Accrediting Private Schools (NCPSA) and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSACS)

Interestingly, 95% of graduates of this school are educated at Ivy College.

Shashi Tharoor, former UN Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information, film actor Rishi Kapoor and Rajdeep Sardesai Prominent An Indian journalist is one of the famous alumni of this boarding school in Colorado.

All of these features make this school one of the best and most affordable high school boarding schools in Colorado.


7. Colorado Springs School

Cost: $30,200

Student Registration: 300

9 0005 Grades: All grades

Next on our list of the best and most affordable boarding schools in Colorado is Colorado Springs School formerly known as Claremont.

Colorado Springs School is a nonprofit college preparatory school for students in preschool through 12th grade. It is also a private school.

At its core, this boarding school for students in Colorado Springs aims to prepare its students to take responsibility and think independently.

Students are trained to meet the needs of a dynamic world with leadership, ingenuity, problem-solving skills and personal integrity.

In addition, the school provides students with excellent academic and mentoring classes.

Tuition and tuition fees depend on the student’s grade, but the highest level ranges from $27,100 to $6,200 paid by international students in 6-12 grades.


8. Colorado Timberline Academy

Address: 454 Academy Drive, Durango, CO 81301

Cost: $31,500

90 002 Student Registration: 46

Grades: 9-12

Last on our list with 46 boarding students is Timberline Colorado Academy. This school offers a non-traditional preparatory curriculum for high school students.

It offers a diverse curriculum and outdoor programs that help students nurture freedom with responsibility, creativity, and respect for themselves, each other, and the environment.

However, this is one of the high school boarding schools in Colorado with a 3:1 student-teacher ratio, 90% acceptance rate, and an average class size of 6.

Another interesting fact about this school is that that it prepares students academically and socially for the challenges they face after graduation.

Rob Middleton is one of the most notable alumni of this boarding school.


Best and Affordable Boarding Schools in Colorado FAQ

The list below is a list of the best boarding schools in Colorado that you can enroll your children in this 2022.

  • Colorado Timberline Academy
  • Colorado Rocky School of Mines
  • Campion Academy
  • Fountain Valley School
  • Ecclesia Mountain High
  • Bell Christian School review

Average cost of boarding school education Fountain Valley School will bear this $59,000

While most boarding schools provide students with access to technology, most do not allow students unsupervised access to computers and mobile phones.

There are many fully funded scholarships for high school students. If you become a beneficiary of one of them, you can attend a boarding school for free.


  • https://usboardingschools. com/colorado/

University of Colorado began to prepare students for space colonization

  • Technologies

Photo Colorado School of Mines Colorado School of Mines students are already learning how to mine on the Moon and Mars.

An angular robot that drives what looks like a paddle wheel on a boat makes its way across a gray sandy surface. Its design is unlike other rovers such as Curiosity, but it provides better traction and allows you to climb and descend slopes. It may seem that the robot is driving on an extraterrestrial surface. However, in fact, this small device is working on the “Lunar Test Site” in the building of the Institute of Earth Mechanics in the vast territory of the Colorado School of Mining.

Today, the Colorado School of Mining focuses on training future engineers to build colonies on the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Its students will play a key role in space exploration, because mining the moon is likely to be easier than getting them there. “We have to find resources. We need to figure out how to mine them,” says Paul Johnson, the university’s president. “We need to figure out how to process them. And at some point we will reach a level where we will make things out of them.”

Colorado School of Mines

The school is ranked 94th in the ranking of the best American universities according to Forbes. Since the fall of 2018, it has been offering several programs in “space resources”, from advanced training to master’s or graduate studies. 75 students attend classes such as “Space Resources Fundamentals”, a broad overview course, and “Building Space Systems”, where students build spaceships and other objects from materials available on the Moon or Mars. Other seminars focus on the economic and legal implications of space colonization. All courses in the program are available online.

It may sound like science fiction, but the demand for students at the School of Mining is very real. The commercial space industry is a $350 billion giant shaped by a generation of Silicon Valley startups like Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Yury Milner’s satellite company Planet.

According to Morgan Stanley, by 2040 the total revenue of space industry companies will reach $1 trillion. In the meantime, NASA is awarding them billions of dollars in contracts as it plans to return to the Moon—and this time to ensure a permanent human presence there. The key condition for creating a permanent base on the Moon is to reduce the amount of resources that need to be brought there from Earth. “If you want to take your family from Denver to New York, you won’t be bringing all the fuel you need, the refrigerator, all the food, etc.,” says Angel Abboud-Madrid, director of the School of Mines’ Space Engineering program.

Students of the school get the opportunity to work directly on NASA projects. In addition, entrepreneurship is encouraged among students – they have become the founders of five space startups, including those that grew out of the program itself. For example, Lunar Outpost, which built a robot that makes its way through the “Lunar Test Site”, receives many commercial and government contracts – both for the lunar rover itself and for other technologies, such as an air quality monitoring system.