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Best Daycare in Aurora, CO

Cotton Candy Daycare LLC WeeCare

Daycare in
Aurora, CO

(720) 687-3732

Hi! We’re Cotton Candy Daycare LLC and we’re a home daycare providing childcare to families. Our goal is to ensure children reach their deve… Read More

$360 / wk

7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Devyne Scholar Academy

Daycare in
Aurora, CO

(720) 706-3821

Hi! We’re Devyne Scholar Academy and we’re a home daycare providing childcare to families. Our goal is to ensure children reach their develo… Read More

$310 / wk

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Tina’s Tots

Daycare in
Aurora, CO

(720) 745-6513

Welcome to Tina’s Tots! We offer children a caring and warm environment that’s just like home. At our home daycare, our goal is to help chil… Read More

$52 – $310 / wk

7:00 am – 5:00 pm

Totally Kids

Daycare in
Aurora, CO

(720) 575-1957

Welcome to Totally Kids! We offer childcare for families looking to provide their child with a loving and kind environment that’s just like . .. Read More

$258 – $310 / wk

6:00 am – 6:00 pm

Angel Camp

Daycare in
Aurora, CO

(720) 664-9492

Angel Camp is an experienced license/director certified, in-home childcare/preschool. Our goal is to ensure children reach their developmen… Read More

$56 – $202 / wk

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Little People’s Kinder Care Daycare

Daycare in
Denver, CO

(720) 463-1660

Hi! We’re Little People’s Kinder Care Daycare and we’re a home daycare providing childcare to families. Our goal is to ensure children reach… Read More

$78 – $490 / wk

6:00 am – 5:00 pm

Ms Jackie’s Village

Daycare in
Denver, CO

(720) 780-0942

Welcome to Ms Jackie’s Village! We offer children a nurturing and loving environment that’s just like home. At our home daycare, our goal is… Read More

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8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Dione Clafer Daycare

Daycare in
Aurora, CO

(323) 918-5692

Dione Clafer provides childcare for families living in the Aurora area. Children engage in play-based, educational activities to help them a… Read More

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Stephanie Clarke Daycare

Daycare in
Aurora, CO

(316) 395-9572

Stephanie Clarke offers safe, loving childcare in the Aurora area. Kids learn through curriculum-based, educational activities. The facility… Read More

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Tracy Starkey Daycare

Daycare in
Aurora, CO

(714) 266-1389

Tracy Starkey is a home daycare that offers childcare programs for nearby families in Aurora. Meals are provided by Tracy Starkey. Spe… Read More

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La Petite Academy on E. Iliff in Aurora, CO | 17001 E. Iliff

Your School La Petite Academy on E. Iliff, CO



La Petite Academy on E. Iliff, CO

Welcome to Our School

Thank you for visiting La Petite Academy Educational Daycare and Preschool in Aurora, Colorado. My name is Brittany and I am the school director. I have a director’s certification and also many years of experience as an early childhood teacher and center director.

Programs offered at our school include Toddler, Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and School-Age programs. We are rated level 2 in the Colorado Shines Quality Rating System and the standards we follow are higher than the Colorado Child Daycare Licensing Standards.

We have an outstanding staff dedicated to our children and families. Together, our teachers have more than 80 years of experience! All teachers receive monthly training as well as 24 hours of continuing education per year.

We’re committed to keeping you connected throughout the day while your child is in our care. Get access to live streaming video of your child’s classroom, plus other real-time updates, with our exclusive mobile app for families, SproutAbout.

We serve the communities of Southeast, Central and Northern Aurora as well as the East Denver and South Green Valley Ranch communities. Call or stop by today for a tour of our wonderful La Petite Academy educational child care center in Aurora, CO!

Here’s what people have to say

5 out of 5 stars

Excellent experience overall, very happy to be there.

Verified Shopper

Love the teachers! Great communication and best overall experience! Have been here for more than 3 years and everyone who has worked here has been great.

Verified Shopper

Everyone is very professional, helpful and my grandson is learning a lot. He loves his school and teachers!

Verified Shopper

It has been pleasant. Easy. Communication is great!

Verified Shopper

Its great overall. The staff is caring, kind and patient. They do well with children and their needs at such an early age.

Verified Shopper

Loving the school. It is such a thrill to have pictures sent to us throughout the day showing what she is doing and the fun she is having. Makes it easier to be away from her all day.

Verified Shopper

We have had a great experience at La Petite!!! Our little one’s teachers are simply the BEST and the rest of the staff is always warm and welcoming. We also love to see what he’s doing throughout the day by using the brightwheel app. It’s been a wonderful experience overall. Director is very friendly and caring, and always makes sure we are informed about anything happening. Thank you!!!

Verified Shopper

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Soccer, Music, Yoga, Spanish, Phonics, Handwriting & Advanced Math

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Bloody Aurora – MK




Aurora – the goddess of dawn, dawn in ancient mythology. Homer called Aurora the goddess “with pink fingers”. Aurora is a city in the state of Colorado. In fact, it is an eastern suburb of Denver, the state capital. A “sleeping” city with small enterprises… Until July 20, no one in the world noticed how Aurora rises and sets over Aurora. But from the very first hour of that day, the pink-fingered goddess was toppled by a murderer with bloody hands…

When a person enters the cinema and when the lights are turned off in the hall, he forgets about the topic of the day and plunges into the world of fantasy. He seems to be running from the trap of life’s boredom. But last Friday, the people of Aurora, who came to the multiplex above the name “Century 16” (“Century 16”), found themselves in the trap of the world of phantasmagoria. Just after midnight, someone dressed in black entered cinema hall 9 from the exit door of the multiplex. First, he blew up two cylinders filled with gas, and then opened fire on the stunned spectators, among whom were many children. In cinema hall No. 9was the premiere of the blockbuster “The Dark Knight Rises”.

The audience’s first reaction was from the world of fantasy. It seemed to them that what was happening was just a publicity stunt. Indeed, the mass killer seemed to have left the screen. A bulletproof hoop around the neck, body armor, protective leggings on the legs and a gas mask. A black cloak was thrown over these armor of the 21st century. The killer started firing from an AR-15 assault rifle, a Remington shotgun, and a Glock pistol. He was like two drops of water reminiscent of actor Tom Hardy, who plays the anarchist Bane in The Dark Knight.

But the bullets were real. The blood shed was not fake. The dead did not rise. The claustrophobia of the cinema hall added to the panic. Some rushed to the exit, others tried to escape by sliding from their seats to the floor. Time seemed to speed up its pace. It went on for minutes, even for seconds. The first SOS calls to 911 were recorded at 12. 39 am (or night?), and at 12.45 am-night the killer was already captured by the police when he ran to his car, intending to leave the scene of the crime. He didn’t resist. His machine gun either jammed, or the store was already empty.

The police arrived at the multiplex, which turned into a living hell, after 90 seconds. The ambulances began to drive up in two and a half minutes. But even such a record response turned out to be belated. 12 people were killed and another 58 were injured. In terms of the total number of victims, this is an All-American record.

– It was total chaos. There were screams all around. People fell next to me. Everything was like a nightmare,” said Jamie Rohrs, who, along with his fiancee, who was holding a four-month-old son in her arms, came to see how Batman saves humanity.

The killer’s hair was dyed red. When his gas mask was torn off, he managed to joke:

“I’m the Joker,” he said, grinning wryly.

The Red-Haired Joker is the main villain that Batman fought in previous episodes.

The killer, who was captured by the police from a white Hyundai, turned out to be 24-year-old James Holmes. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of California, Riverside with a bachelor’s degree in neurology. At the time of the crime, Holmes was continuing his PhD studies at the University of Colorado Denver.

The crime was premeditated. The killer had been preparing for it for a long time and carefully. He bought weapons and uniforms two or three months before the Auror massacre. Legally in Denver stores. (In addition, the police found another Glock pistol in Holmes’ car.) On legal grounds, he bought cartridges on the Internet. But that’s not all. Holmes mined his one-room apartment and, leaving “on business”, launched music from the player at full power. The killer’s calculation is that the neighbors, who have just gone to bed, will not be able to endure the musical cacophony and will begin to break on the door of his apartment. A secret wire will work, and the whole building will explode. Fortunately, this did not happen.

It is said that lightning does not strike twice in the same place. But mass murderers are not lightning. Among the dead was 25-year-old student Jessica Gavey, who dreamed of becoming a sports reporter. She was a fan of Batman and therefore went to the movie premiere. The assassin’s bullets hit her in the head. Her last message on Twitter read: “The movie starts in twenty minutes.” Then came her recollection of the June 2 shopping mall shooting in Toronto. Then seven people were killed. “It’s hard for me to understand what saved me in the whirlwind of these murders,” Jessica said on her deathbed Twitter. A few minutes later, her life was cut short…

Serial killers are not lightning… The tragedy in Aurora occurred just twenty miles from Columbine, where in 1999, two heavily armed schoolchildren shot 12 students and one teacher on the territory of the local high school, and then committed suicide.

Then all of America was indignant. The psychological shock of the killing of schoolchildren by schoolchildren was so strong that supporters of the prohibition of the sale and possession of firearms became optimistic that we would finally break through the wall of cowardly legislators, hypnotized by the influence and dollars of the American Rifle Association (ARA), the main lobbyist for the gun business, the business of death . But it was not there. The dead schoolchildren were buried, mourned and buried, and life again flowed along the old bloody rut.

Before Columbine, there were assassinations of President Kennedy, then Senator Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X. Miraculously, President Reagan survived. After Columbine, there were bloody massacres at Virginia Tech and assassinations by Jared Lee Lochner, who targeted Congresswoman Gabriella Giffords. And every time America exclaimed: “Well, this is too much! Enough!”.

Now, after the bloody Aurora that rose over Colorado, we don’t even hear that “enough!”. One of the fighters against the murder business, however, with the inappropriate surname Tom Mauser, exclaims with despair in his voice: “Is it really our destiny to drag ourselves from one tragedy to another ?!” After the tragedy in Columbine, the state legislators did not even flinch. Then gun control supporters held a referendum. The majority demanded to “plug up all the holes in the laws” that allow the gun lobby and business to flourish. And again, nothing, except for the law prohibiting the carrying of weapons on the territory of … kindergartens! Is this not a mockery of the people’s will? (Tom Mouser’s son was killed during the Columbine Massacre. And Congresswoman Caroline McCarthy’s husband—a voice crying in the Capitol—was shot dead in a railroad car on Long Island.)

They say you can’t get used to it. Oh. Now everything depends on the arithmetic of corpses. Now all of America is making noise about Aurora. Have you heard anything recently about the shooting in Tuscaloosa? Of course not. And there, by the way, a maniac opened fire in a beer bar and wounded seventeen people. But since none of them died, the tragedy did not get into the press and on television. And without the media, there was no fact. But in life he was. Last week.

You have not heard that recently the US Congress refused to pass a law banning the sale of machine guns capable of firing one hundred shots without reloading. Congress has stripped the Attorney General of the United States from issuing executive orders to ban the sale of weapons to individuals who are suspected of… terrorism! Where to next.

In the United States, the entire society sits on a powder keg. That is why it is called a society of violence. According to the latest Gallup poll, 45% of Americans own a gun. Its total number reaches almost 400 million. This is for a country with a population of 312 million people.

The sad truth is that not only the ARA, not only the legislators, but also the so-called ordinary or average Americans are guilty of this. The statistical “man from the street” is also guilty. Here is what the same Gallup Institute says about this: 55 percent of Americans versus 35 percent do not want tougher anti-gun laws. When asked “for” or “against” a law that would ban the production, sale and possession of automatic weapons?” 43 percent answered “for” and 53 percent “against.”

It is no coincidence that both Aurora and Columbine are in Colorado. This state is one of the main law enforcers in the fight against curbing the spread of firearms. After all, Holmes acquired his deadly arsenal and cartridges for it on legal under the Colorado constitution. “This guy was ok with his gun,” says UCLA constitutional law expert Eugene Volokh indifferently. It’s been 13 years since the Columbine massacre, but the Colorado bug laws still prevent the administration from restricting gun rights. Colorado residents are allowed to carry a gun in a vehicle, even a loaded one, as long as it is intended to protect a person or property. But who is the judge of this? How can I install it? With a permit, a Colorado resident can store weapons not only in the car, but also with him. Getting such a permit in Denver is a waste of time. Information forms and questionnaires are published on the Internet. Permit fee is $152. The site “sternly” warns: “Do not come with a weapon when you bring a completed application. It’s only later.”

Denver law professor David Kopel says he doesn’t see any positive developments. “Violence with the use of a weapon will not result in the outlawing of these weapons or even their restriction,” says this legal scholar. He points to the failure of anti-gun organizations to use the wounding of US Congressman Giffor and the murder of a Negro youth, Trayvon Martin, as a means of pressure on lawmakers. “Our legislation is not interested in raising this issue again,” he said. The aforementioned Volokh agrees with him. Well, the representative of the arms lobby of the state of Colorado, “the mountainous and proud state”, Luke O’Dell believes that putting a muzzle on his cronies would be a “tragic consequence” of what happened in Aurora. So, the real tragedy for these heavily armed, so to speak, gentlemen, is not the massacre in Aurora, but measures against its repetition.

These, if I may say so, gentlemen have a very curious logic. O’Dell says that the owners of the multiplex are responsible for the tragedy in Aurora, forbidding entry to the cinema with weapons. Without such a ban, O’Dell philosophizes, someone would come to a movie night with a machine gun, a shotgun or a pistol and kill a serial killer. And what if more people died in such a shootout? But this is not the main thing. The main thing is that O’Dell and the American Rifle Association, in fact, promote the laws of the jungle, although asphalt, and the Wild West, preach lynching when the law becomes a victim of “revolving law”.

Philosophers say that chance is one of the manifestations of necessity. It so happened that the massacre in Aurora took place at the premiere of the third and final film trilogy about the adventures of Batman. The pathos of this whole movie trinity lies in the fact that the law and the authorities are not able to protect the inhabitants of the fantastic city of Gotham, in which New York is easily guessed, and therefore Batman, a noble hero who acts according to his own laws, takes on the mission of their protector. These are terrible laws, but they are “justified” by the fact that “the night is darkest just before dawn,” as Batman says. He is both night and dawn for America, and those who want dawn must suffer in Batman’s darkness. Batman is essentially alone. The people did not elect him. He trusted him blindly. In the blind night Batman and villain and hero; both destroyer and creator; both an extreme individualist and a defender of the people. That is, the struggle between good and evil takes place already in Batman himself, and only after the victory of good in him does it grapple with external evil. Actually, Batman is an urbanized film comic of the “lone ranger” who saves a town in the Wild West from gangsters, since the local government is cowardly, weak, and corrupt. The director of The Dark Knight Nolan gradually leads the viewer to the tragic terrorist attack 9/eleven. The terrorist act revealed the insolvency of the authorities, but, on the other hand, served as a justification for the adoption of draconian measures, including torture. Power has become Batman in real life, just as Batman has replaced power in the movies. Both Power and Batman found themselves between the Scylla and Charybdis of evil, becoming, in essence, the incarnation of both. If Gotham New York hadn’t become an arena of lawlessness, there wouldn’t be a need for Batman. The gun lobby loves this tale. “We arm ourselves, for the law is not able to protect us,” his credo says. But arms dealers “forget” that they are the ones who undermine the foundations of a civilized society, giving rise to Batman on the screen and Holmes in the cinema, which has become a symbol of the whole country.

The tragedy in Aurora miraculously overlapped with the presidential battles in the United States, during which both Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney claim to be Batman, who is called to save America from all the misfortunes that have befallen it.

Both Obama and Romney made a noble gesture – they both decided to stop the election campaign for one day. Instead of mutual reproach, they together expressed sympathy to the relatives of the killed and injured. But neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney even hinted that their “great country” is sagging under the weight of weapons that are illegal only in the sense that they are above the law, unaccountable to him. This circumstance was sharply noticed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In his radio address, he said: “Perhaps the time has come when two men who want to become President of the United States will finally decide to stand up and tell us what they intend to do about it.”

But America won’t wait for that. In any case, until the end of the presidential elections and elections to the US Congress and governors. Politicians of all stripes fear the gun lobby. Any initiative in the field of gun control can cost them a place in the White House, on the Capitol, in governor’s residences. The case is still limited to scholastic disputes over the second amendment to the US Constitution, which is referred to by supporters of carrying and buying weapons as a measure of “self-defense”. But this amendment interprets something else – the right of society, and not of an individual, to form a militia for self-defense. This is what the Founding Fathers of the American State had in mind when they passed the Second Amendment. However, I do not want to get involved in this academic dispute here either.

Barack Obama, when he was elected president, said he would restore the ban on automatic weapons. However, he did not. Nevertheless, the gun lobby paints President Obama as “an enemy of the Second Amendment” in its “gun interpretation”… massacre in the 16th Century multisplash (why not the Early Middle Ages?), but the beautiful goddess of the dawn? Not the bloody hands of the maniac Holmes, but the “pink fingers of the goddess Aurora” sung by Homer?

Malor Sturua, Minneapolis.



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Kindergarten – NOU Gymnasium “Aurora”

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I would like to thank our teacher Vera Vladimirovna (Vasilki). We’ve only been going for a month and I really don’t know what to compare it to), but I want to share my impressions! The teacher is very responsive, always helps, prompts! I keep asking about my son, she always knows everything and remembers about every child! He ate, drank, how he slept, what he did, like a pot, with whom he played, etc. (I’m such a meticulous mother, although we don’t have so few children in the group. I can’t even imagine how to keep track of them all🤔 (I would put monuments to all educators in general), I always take the child clean, dressed, well-groomed, well-fed, combed, without bruises and scratches (although I still have that fidget!) And treated kindly like a mother)! I would like to advise one thing, of course, that there should be some kind of medical control in the morning (many children come with snot and cough, we have recently been treated and it is so scary to lead a child to coughing children. I understand that it depends more on mothers and this is inevitable, but I don’t want to be treated in a vicious circle either. Well, I’ll sum up my review🤗 For such money everything suits me perfectly! And Vera Vladimirovna and our nanny, a separate HUGE THANK YOU!!!! (well, for conscientious work, you can sometimes give a bonus to such educators for an incentive) Thank you all so much that I work quietly, and my son learns more and more new and independent things in this life!0005

Inna Kaigorodova

I would like to thank the teacher Vera Vladimirovna “Vasilki” and the nanny (unfortunately, I do not know her name) We have been going to the group since June 1. The child says only good things about the kindergarten at home, about the teacher and the nanny too. The group has grown tremendously. It is impossible to imagine how they cope with this pack of kids. No matter what you ask about the child, everyone will tell you. Patience to them in such a difficult matter!

Nadezhda Sarantseva

My son attended a kindergarten until they took him to the municipal one. Here they take absolutely kids, from 1. 5 years old. They taught me how to eat with a spoon and how to dress. To be polite. The son liked the teacher Maria Anatolyevna Smirnova. Still remembers)

elena s.

Nice garden, I recommend, we have been visiting for a year and a half. Low price. The child is happy.

Mikhail Zotov

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