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Find Urgent Day Care, Pet Care, and Senior Care Near Me

I’m sure a lot of you have seen the reviews of by now. launched when the general public was only starting to recognize the value of supplemental income. This platform successfully matched independent workers with employers among the earliest of its kind. 

According to reviews, the company plays a unique role by bringing together families needing caretakers and those who can provide for them. While its ease of use may draw you, based on reviews, many families remain wary because they are uncertain of the site’s security and dependability.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get started on to discover trustworthy in-home care for your loved ones. We’ll include more information that most of the reviews of miss. Reviews: Pros and Cons

Below are the pros and cons of using Care. com’s services.


  • The initial signup is completely free
  • Website that is simple to navigate
  • Receive payment in cash
  • Professionals database accessibility
  • Countless available resources
  • does not charge any fees to job seekers
  • Cost-effective premium subscription


  • Automatically renewing premium membership
  • Additional features are only available to paying members
  • Limited transparency of price structures
  • A $20 monthly premium membership is required to respond to jobs advertised


What is Care.Com?

Based on reviews, it’s a platform that matches people who provide caregiving services with families who need them

According to some reviews of, it was established in North Waltham, Massachusetts, promotes itself as the largest and most comprehensive online resource connecting families with babysitters. They claim to have helped 17+ countries and millions of families.

Caregivers can advertise their skills, availability, and fees online and then connect with families who can benefit from their care. Families can advertise their need for caregiving help, whether regularly or for a one-time event like a date night. They can get in touch with potential caregivers in their region.

People often think of babysitters when they hear based on reviews, but the organization helps a far more comprehensive range of carers. helps you find a babysitter and a nanny, tutor, senior care specialist, house sitter, pet sitter, and even someone to help you with errands. can help you find a reliable person to help you with your household duties, children, or pets.

>>Check the best prices for


How Does Care.Com Work?

Based on reviews, the onboarding process on is two-fold, one for carers and one for people looking for care.  

As a Caregiver

Based on reviews, caregiver registration is accomplished by 

  • Clicking the “Find employment” link on the main menu
  • After that, they will inquire about the specifics of your services. There is currently only one choice available
  • Once your profile has grown, you can add other services

You’ll need to provide with personal information like your name, mailing number, and email address. After filling out the form, click the “Join now” button.

Based on reviews of, membership is open to anybody and can be started at any time. If you post a job opening, you should ensure you’re qualified to fill it.

The platform will need you to provide work history and references for consideration based on reviews. You’ll also be asked to show results from required background checks, certification evidence, and similar paperwork. Their customer service department must first review and authorize them to verify that you’re not submitting bogus documents.

Now is the moment for you to decide on your charges and accessibility and to begin browsing local employment listings. You can increase the number of people interacting with your profile by uploading a recent photo of yourself and including recommendations from previous employers.

As a Care Seeker

Based on reviews, to begin your search for a caregiver:

  • Click the option labeled “Find care.”
  • They’ll then inquire as to whether or not you require care for any children, elderly, animals, or property
  • They will provide you with a list of possible services based on your pick
  • You’ll be asked whether you need someone right now, in the next week, in the next month, or if you’re just looking
  • You’ll then be asked about who you want as a caregiver. The site would inquire as to the ages of your children and the number of years of expertise you would prefer for your sitter

You can select a caregiver who meets additional criteria, such as completing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training, having a four-year degree, being a nonsmoker, and more.

If you choose “kids,” you can go on to specify whether you’re looking for someone to watch your children while you go out on the town, provide special needs care for them, or watch them after school according to reviews.

After making your selections, you’ll be prompted to provide your personal information (name, address, and email). After signing up, you’ll be free to look through profiles of carers in your neighborhood. Others may initiate contact with you, but the basic membership won’t allow you to reply.

>>Check the best prices for Requirements

Below are what the site requires according to some reviews.

  • Have no record of criminal activity
  • Pass all necessary background checks
  • Must be over the age of 18


How to Start Earning With

Based on reviews of, the platform provides caregivers with two options for finding work.

  • You must go through the available caregiver jobs and fill out the necessary application information. Although this is the simplest option, it typically only includes remote positions listed by the company itself
  • The second option involves registering, according to reviews. If you sign up for a account, you’ll have access to thousands of family-posted job openings and may communicate with employers privately

Here is a detailed explanation of how to sign up with

Step 1 – Join the Platform

According to reviews, joining is the first step in beginning a career as a caregiver. When asked, “What would you like to do?” ensure that you indicate your interest in applying for jobs. After making that decision, you’ll be prompted to register an account and list the services you offer.

Step 2 – Create Your Caregiver Profile

As soon as you’ve set up your account, you’ll be sent to a page that allows you to fill out information about yourself as a carer.

Based on reviews, you’ll be asked for certain personal details such as:

  • Post a photo to your profile
  • Your current location
  • Years of practice
  • Skills
  • Language(s) you are fluent in
  • Details about yourself and how to reach you
  • Availability
  • Education
  • Job choices

>>Check the best prices for

Step 3 – Pass the Screening Process

Based on reviews of, their screening method, known as CareCheck, places the utmost importance on a background check.

So, what exactly does CareCheck cover?

  • National Sex Offender Public Website search
  • Federal and county criminal records search
  • Multi-jurisdictional criminal database search
  • Social Security Number trace

If you pass, families will be able to see your CareCheck badge on your profile and know they can put their trust in you. You should know that Care. com foots the bill for the CareCheck background checks on your behalf.

Step 4 – Browse the Family Requests

According to reviews, families who join can post caregiving requests on the website, and you can view those requests and get in touch with the families interested in hiring you. Choose a position that is a good fit for your experience and interests, narrow the available jobs to those in your area, and send out applications to families with whom you feel at ease.


How Much You Can Make with

According to reviews, as a caregiver, you can expect an average hourly wage of $13.31 to $15.04. You may make between $532 and $602 each week working a standard 40-hour week. This equates to between $2,400 per month and $28,877 annually.

The hourly pricing, which varies depending on the location and services required, is entirely negotiable with the families, so please be aware of that. In addition, some households may ask that you deliver many services simultaneously, which can boost your income.

>>Check the best prices for


Care.Com Reviews: Memberships

According to reviews of, both families and carers can choose between two membership plans:

Family Basic Membership: FREE

Based on reviews, there is a free basic membership option for families. You can do the following on the site with just the free membership:

  • Advertise a position
  • Find local caregivers by searching profiles
  • Applicants’ profiles will be displayed once they submit their caregiving resumes
  • Utilization of site-supported resources
  • Signup for no cost

Family Premium Membership: $12.99 – $38.99/month

Various reviews say a monthly premium membership costs $38.99, three subscriptions cost $78 ($25.99/month), and a yearly membership costs $156 ($12. 99/month).

With a paid subscription to the site, you can do the following:

  • Take a look at the care providers’ applications and messages, and respond to them if necessary
  • Access to caregivers for scheduling a personal interview
  • The option to subscribe to background checks with no limits
  • Ask to see the results of previous background checks
  • In addition to the benefits of basic membership
  • Provision of access to the Lifemate discount program
  • The ability to save money on tax preparation with HomePay

Caregiver Basic Membership: FREE

According to reviews, caregivers have the option of signing up for a free basic membership. You can do the following on the site with just the free membership:

  • Quickly respond to requests for care from premium members
  • Personalize your online presence
  • Receive your money safely and without unnecessary charges
  • Build your profile and sign up for an account
  • Utilization of site-supported resources
  • Find caregiver jobs and put in your application

>>Check the best prices for Care. com

Caregiver Premium Membership: $10 – $20/month

A monthly premium membership for a Caregiver is $20, a three membership costs $15, and a six membership costs $10 based on reviews.

Access the site’s features like:

  • Communicate with your families and other members by sending and receiving messages
  • Receive top-level job alerts
  • Yearly screening cost waived
  • Advantages of Lifemates coupon program
  • Obtain a premium badge to boost your position in search results

Free Membership vs. Premium Membership

According to reviews, the free membership leaves a great deal to be desired. For instance, free membership only lets you post jobs, search for qualified candidates, and review applications from caregivers in your area.

You’ll need to upgrade to a paid membership if you want to communicate with candidates or employers who contact you.

Each subscription has a fixed duration, and whether or not you use the services during that time, you will be charged in full. According to reviews of, subscriptions will be automatically renewed each month. Thus, the price of the services will probably be higher than you would prefer to pay. Reviews: Additional Features

In terms of customer service, each online marketplace takes a slightly different approach. According to reviews of, below are some of its best features.

Rate Calculators

Caregiving is a competitive field, and setting your rates correctly can be challenging. Determining an appropriate fee for house-sitting or pet-sitting services can sometimes be challenging.

According to reviews, the platform features multiple fee calculators considering services needed, caregiver experience, hours worked per week, and geographic location. You can rest assured that you are neither overpaying nor undercharging for the service.

Helpful Blog

According to reviews, is one of a kind because of the specialized staff of parenting writers who produce content on a wide range of care-related issues.

The blog is separated into the following four categories:

  • Child Care
  • Senior Care
  • Home Care
  • Pet Care

There is a well-structured index of articles, guides, and subjects available inside each of the main categories. Caregiving and family care issues are separated into their own verticals. Based on reviews of, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for new ideas for entertaining children or preparing for a career in pet care.

>>Check the best prices for


Is Care.Com Legit?

Nowadays, the term “scam” is used so frequently that we have forgotten what a genuine scam actually entails. Based on reviews, you may try out with a free trial membership to see whether it’s a good fit for you.


Is Reliable?

According to reviews, it’s a trustworthy platform for locating a suitable caregiver for your loved ones. like every social networking site, will always have its share of evil users with bad intentions.

Before you meet face-to-face, it is crucial that you schedule an online interview, verify references, and request a background check, regardless of whether you are a family member or a caregiver.

Based on reviews, the site allows caregivers to pay between $59 and $300 for a background check service. Families should ask their potential carers for a letter of recommendation from their prior employer that includes the results of a background check.

Since there is currently no system to perform such screening for families, you must have a conversation with the family you would be working or residing with before committing to any employment arrangements.


Is Care.Com Safe?

According to reviews, searching for care services is no different from any other social media platform in that there will always be trolls around wanting to cause trouble or cheat someone. customers have stated that many scammers have posted phony jobs using fake IDs to obtain personal information to misuse it or waste people’s time based on reviews. 

Because does not independently verify its sitters’ claims of experience and education, there have been incidents in which sitters have lied about their backgrounds.

The lack of a necessary background check during the onboarding process on is the root cause of these security concerns, as it allows anyone looking to make some extra cash to set up a caregiver profile.

Poor childcare services, resulting from the admission of unqualified individuals, have caused families to lose trust in the childcare industry. Signing up for’s background check is an excellent approach to demonstrating your reliability and legitimacy as a carer according to reviews.

It’s also crucial to be cautious with the information you share with others. If you are concerned about the safety of your dog, check out the best dog sitting services for your pet.

>>Check the best prices for Safety Tips for Using the Service successfully connects families with caretakers and has many success stories, even though several users may be wary of using it because of safety concerns. Based on reviews, using the service responsibly will help you obtain reliable care for your loved ones. Reviews Safety Tips for Parents

The following are some suggestions for families using to locate and evaluate potential caregivers.

1. Perform Your Own Due Diligence

Before selecting a caregiver, it is crucial to request letters of recommendation from prior employers and the results of any criminal background checks, regardless of whether the caregiver has made background checks available on the profile.

A phone call to their past workplace is recommended to learn more about the individual you are considering bringing into your house based on reviews.

2. Share Your Information With Discretion

According to reviews, it’s best to wait to give out your home and phone numbers to possible candidates until you’ve decided. You don’t want to put your loved ones in danger by making them the target of death threats, robberies, or anything else that could result from this.

3. Always Schedule an Online Interview or a Meeting at a Public Location

Once you have a shortlist of potential employees, it’s a good idea to do a quick interview to learn more about them. You can then determine if they are qualified for the position. If you’d rather not do the interview online, try setting up a face-to-face appointment at a local coffee shop or park.

4. Check the Candidate’s Social Media Accounts

While it’s not always feasible, verifying the caregiver’s identity by visiting their social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a good idea. If they don’t have too many privacy settings, you can learn more about the people they hang out with, the groups they belong to, and their political and religious leanings.

5. Draw Out a Contract To Have Everything in Writing

Create a contract and require the caretaker’s signature once you’ve chosen the ideal caregiver for your family. This will show the candidate that you take this relationship seriously and keep you and your loved ones safe according to reviews of

>>Check the best prices for Safety Tips for Sitters

Follow these guidelines to find a trustworthy family to provide care for your loved one while staying safe from scammers and fraudsters.

1. Do Not Share Your Phone Number Without Talking to a Potential Family

Based on many reviews, instead of giving out your mobile number right away, always insist on interacting with a possible employer via email first. Families could be communicated with via Zoom or Skype meetings.

2. Always Request an Online Interview

It’s crucial to meet the family you’ll be caring for to ensure a good fit, as providing care for them is a two-way street, and everyone involved should feel at ease in each other’s company.

The most secure approach to getting to know the family, asking any questions you have about the position or the family, and getting any other information you need to get started on the work is to conduct an online interview

3. Make Sure You Have All the Information About the Family

Many reviews say knowing more about the other family members is crucial since you’ll spend a significant portion of your day at your employer’s house. 

One such interview scenario has a 75-year-old woman, her daughter, and their two cats looking for a caregiver. Best background check services online can always provide you with the extra information.

There’s no point in accepting a job offer if you have a severe allergy to cats, regardless of how much money you’d make or how nice the family would seem.

>>Check the best prices for

4. Always Leave Contact Information of Your Employer With a Trusted Family Member

Based on reviews of, make sure someone close to you knows your work schedule and how to get in touch with you if your cell phone is ever out of reach. In a similar vein, your employer is required to have access to your emergency contact information if something unexpected occurs.

A lot of thought and effort goes into ensuring we’re secure online. We even use the best VPN services to protect our data. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy its benefits. Social media reduces the hassle of everyday life, whether you’re trying to buy pizza or find child care according to reviews of 

We hope this post helped answer the query “Is Care. com safe?” that brought you here in the first place. You should feel more at ease using to locate appropriate care for your loved ones. Reviews: Customer Support

If you’re looking for sophisticated customer service, isn’t for you. According to reviews, they have a live chat feature, an email ticketing system, and a toll-free number (877) 277-3115, where you may talk to someone. Someone is always available to take your call, seven days a week.


Alternatives to

Based on many reviews of, it is not the only app for caregivers to earn money. Listed below are some more online resources that may be useful in your search for a caregiver or for posting ads advertising your services. vs. DoorDash

Making money as a food delivery driver with DoorDash is a great way to work independently. DoorDash is free, whereas costs $20 per month, enabling you to earn additional money. The app is the best meal delivery service app.

The predicted profits on are $13.31 to $15.04 per hour, whereas on DoorDash, you may make up to $20. DoorDash pays every week, but has not established its payment schedule.

>>Check the best prices for DoorDash vs. Grubhub

The Grubhub app is a way to make some additional cash by delivering meals online. Grubhub, like, is a great way to bring in additional cash. 

Unlike Grubhub, where users don’t have to pay anything to join or use the service,’s premium subscription costs $20 per month according to reviews of It’s one of the best meal delivery service apps you can enroll in.

Earning potential on Grubhub is $12-$13, while on, it’s $13.31-$15.04. vs. GoPuff

It’s possible to earn money by delivering food with the help of an app called GoPuff. GoPuff’s premium plan is free of charge, whereas Care. com’s costs $20/month.

Based on reviews of, if you compare the pay rates between Go Puff and, you may earn $13 with Go Puff and $13.31 to $15.04 with In addition, unlike, GoPuff’s payment schedule is clearly stated: every Wednesday.

>>Check the best prices for GoPuff vs. SitterCity

Sittercity doesn’t charge a dime to the caregivers who use it. SitterCity is similar to, except that it only lists five types of available jobs (babysitter, pet care provider, nanny, care companion, and housekeeper). The app also allows you to offer the best dog sitting services to clients

Many reviews of say they share the same services as SitterCity, tutoring and caring for those with special needs.

>>Check the best prices for SitterCity vs. UrbanSitter

In comparison to, UrbanSitter has quickly become the go-to app for finding reliable babysitters. But unlike, where you may work as a nanny, teacher, pet sitter, or older person’s companion, UrbanSitter exclusively provides babysitting services to families. vs.

You may find work as a babysitter, nanny, pet sitter, cleaner, or elder care companion with competes head-to-head with, in contrast to, facilitates the recruiting procedure and provides a chance to work overseas.

>>Check the best prices for GreatAuPair


Is Care.Com For You?

According to reviews, both job-seekers and carers must pay a high fee. It’s the most widely used system, yet its price structure is among the least user-friendly. The free version is sufficient for caregivers, but the subscription version unlocks access to direct messaging with prospective customers.

Those in need of reliable babysitters can find a wide range of qualified candidates on Care. com.

We propose signing up for a temporary membership if you need a regular sitter, using that time to conduct thorough interviews with prospective candidates, and then canceling your subscription once you have found someone you like. 

Once you’ve found a reliable babysitter, there’s no use in keeping them on your budget. Verdict: Is Worth it?

According to many positive reviews, it’s highly recommended that you post your caregiver profile on since it is among the most extensive online resources for connecting with families seeking your services.

The major problem with is that the premium subscription renews without warning. 

People have complained about in TrustPilot evaluations, and you can see that some have even referred to the business as a fraud. If you just want the basic, free membership, this limitation may not matter. If you no longer need a Premium Membership, revoke it before the next renewal date.

>>Check the best prices for Reviews FAQs

We answer some of the most common questions based on reviews.

What is

For families needing carers, the platform provides a wide range of options. This finally leads to a wide range of caregiving options available to you. According to reviews, there are more than 32.9 million users from over 20 countries on the site. is also a perk to employees by 150 firms and organizations, including Google and Facebook.

Is Legitimate? is a real platform for finding caregiving jobs and customers.

How Do I Contact the Customer Service Center?

Customer support at may be reached by email or live chat.

What is’s Refund Policy?’s Premium subscriptions are non-refundable.

How Does Work To Keep Caregivers Safe?

Before starting employment, carers on the reviews of Care. com are encouraged to have a video chat with the family. You can also feel free to use the best background check services available like Truthfinder.

How Does Work To Keep Families Safe?

All carers on reviews have their backgrounds checked, including the National Sex Offender Registry.

>>Check the best prices for


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Can I save more with a promo code?
You can, and always keeps its promo codes updated so you’ll want to check our site first.

Is there help for tasks like cleaning and running errands?
There is – get cleaning help and assistance with running errands for your loved one. House cleaning, grocery shopping and picking up medications from the pharmacy are just a few of the things they can help with.

How can I read reviews?
You can view the provider profiles as soon as you join and start a search but to get references on potential caregivers you must pay for Premium membership – either monthly, or with a yearly subscription.

Why do I have to log in?
Your sign in allows you to view caregiver matches and access care-related content, so it’s important to log in each time you visit the site.

Is there a free trial offer available?
Basic membership is free and allows you to access helpful content as well as the ability to view and post jobs. To view contact information and other details, including purchasing background checks and requesting references, you’ll have to upgrade your membership. Shopping and Savings Tips

Use promo codes to save on care. Browse all the coupon codes available for services to find ways to save on the care you’re seeking. Look for the offer that meets your needs and will save you the most money. You can usually find a promo code that you can use to save on care for a one-month membership, as well as codes that will save you money all year long.

Make nanny taxes easier to manage with HomePay. By using’s HomePay system you can take advantage of having all your employer payroll obligations handled smoothly. They can get you set up with automatic payments and even help with preparing tax returns. See if this option is right for you by using their convenient online comparison chart that shows how HomePay stacks up against other payment methods.

Lots of additional helpful info available online. If you’re daunted by things like how much will the care cost, how much money should you budget for care, or if you just want to know what tax credits and benefits are available, be sure to browse as they have all kinds of information and tools that will help you make the right decision. You can also learn more about how the program works, as well as find out more about their HomePay service.

HOW TO USE Coupons helps you find caregivers in your area for anyone in your family, including pets, who might need assistance. The online service also can assist you in locating someone to perform household tasks. You can save when you use your coupon code.

For GET CODE offers

  • Click GET CODE for the offer you want to redeem
  • Copy the promo code from the pop-up screen
  • Click SHOP NOW to visit
  • Add a product that qualifies for the promo code to your cart
  • During checkout, paste the promo code in the PROMO CODE box, then click APPLY
  • Your discount will now be applied

For ACTIVATE offers

  • Click ACTIVATE for the offer you want to redeem
  • Click SHOP NOW on the pop-up window to activate your savings and open the Care. com website
  • Your discount is now active, so add qualifying products to your shopping cart and your savings will automatically applied at checkout

Child Care, Elderly Care, Pet Care, and Home Care – Find a Trustworthy Caregiver at matches you with quality caregivers living near you. You then have the opportunity to select the person you want at the price you want to pay. caregivers offer:

Child care – Find caregivers who specialize in the kind of child care you’re looking for. provides focused care for children with special needs and tutoring. Also look for in-home care – including nannies, babysitters and au pairs. And you can also find out-of-home care, such as camps, family day care and child care centers.

Pet care – Because your pets are part of your family, offers pet care to perfectly suit your needs. Look for groomers, pet sitters, trainers, boarding and dog walkers. Give your pets the quality care they deserve.

Senior and adult care – Looking for senior or adult care for a loved one? At you can search for personal care, such as mobility and exercise, bathing and dressing and medication reminders. You’ll also find companion care, providing errand running, transportation and light housekeeping. Also find specialized care that includes Alzheimer’s and dementia care with mental stimulation, companionship and 24-hour care. Provide your loved ones with the care they require.

Home care – Need a helping hand yourself? At you can find errand runners, housekeepers, event help and house sitters. They’ll help make your life easier by taking on the tasks you need assistance with.

Hire a Quality Caregiver from

Recognizing how difficult it is to find caregivers, also invites people who are looking for caregiving positions to post a profile at Care. com so you have more choices. You also can set up a HomePay online payment plan that takes care of charges automatically and accounts for nanny taxes. The system makes filing your taxes simpler, and you can get information and support by phone from

Visit today to learn more about all they provide. When you’re ready to hire a caregiver, be sure to use your Valpak promo code for added savings at Promo Codes UK Coupons & Discounts: up to 67% off

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  • 33%


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  • 67%


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  • 20%


  • 67%



com UK Frequently Asked Questions

Does UK have a discount for a new customer?

Yes. To increase brand awareness, UK has a specially designed exclusive discount for new customers throughout the year. If you’ve never had a UK spending history, this offer will save you an average of $42.

Does UK have a sales section?

That’s right, also informs customers about great deals from UK specials. As of June, UK has 3 coupon codes waiting for your selection. So instead of visiting to access the latest deal information, is also a great website that will help you save 67%!

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Our customers around the world share their experiences with MSI Care. We are glad that we can help you and make your experience with MSI products even more enjoyable. In this section, you can read the stories of other clients or tell your own!

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Terms and Conditions.

*** The MSI Care program covers laptops, workstations, all-in-one PCs, PCs and monitors. Some services are not available in all countries or for all products. The information on this site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute the actual terms and conditions of the MSI Care program.