Before and after school care programs: Before & After School Programs for Grades K-6

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Before and After School Program / Before and After School Program

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  • Each of the elementary schools in our District has an independently operated, on-site after-school program serving students in grades K-6. In addition, some BASP’s serve students in a before-school program and/or run a summer program. The services each BASP provides can be found on their individual website, provided in their contact information.

    Many programs have a waiting list, as the demand for before and after school care is great. The BASP Directors have developed a common BASP entry and waiting list strategy with cohesive entry dates and waiting list practices across the District. This strategy allows parents and community members to have an understanding of the entrance process.

    NOTE: It is not possible to register farther in advance than the upcoming school year, as the waitlist restarts annually.

    BASP enrollment applications vary by program. Please contact the BASP Director at the school in which your student(s) are, or will be, enrolled for information.

  • District Contact
    Amy Clair
    Coordinator of Extended Day Learning
    Email Amy
    (319)688-1000 ext.2643

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    1. Current enrollees (and their incoming kindergarten siblings)
    2. New families

  • All families currently enrolled in a BASP program will re-enroll for the upcoming school year, including younger siblings of current enrollees. Current enrollees (and their incoming kindergarten siblings) are given priority.

  • Families currently enrolled in a BASP, who have completed a re-enrollment application at their current or new attendance center, will be notified if the BASP will be able to serve them. A lottery draw will occur if the number of currently enrolled families, coming from the previous attendance center, exceeds the number of spots available. The remaining families will move to a waiting list and receive top priority for future enrollments. 

  • Programs will accept enrollment applications for new families. If the program cannot accommodate all of the new applicants, a lottery list of new families will be generated from this pool of applicants.

  • If spots still remain, a lottery draw, in front of office personnel, will occur. All others will move to a waiting list (which remains in place for the upcoming school year).

School-Age Child Care – Family YMCA of Black Hawk County


Program Details

The Y works to ensure that youth not only have access to affordable, quality, before and after school programming but are also in a safe and nurturing environment protected by caring adults. Our before and after-school program provides a practical childcare option for families. Youths will receive homework assistance and participate in activities that keep them active and productive before school begins and when the school day ends.

We are value-driven! What does that mean? Our before and after school program strives to instill the Y’s core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.


  • Pre-K offered at Orange
  • Kindergarten-6th Grade offered at Cedar Falls Schools
  • Kindergarten-5th Grade offered at Waterloo Schools


Youth Full Y Membership: $22/month |  Full Y Family Member: $66/month*

Click here to learn about our different types of memberships.

Online enrollment is required one week before admission to the program.

School-Age Care Program

2023-2024 Member Rate 2023-2024 Non-member Rate
Waterloo & Cedar Falls AM $45 $50
Waterloo PM $50 $55
Cedar Falls PM $55 $60
Waterloo Pre-K AM $50 $55
Waterloo Pre-K PM $50 $55
Cedar Falls Pre-K AM  $55 $60
Cedar Falls Pre-K PM $55 $60

Program Details:

The Family YMCA of Black Hawk County offers School Out Fun Days for selected scheduled days during the school year. The program fees below are in addition to the already scheduled weekly payments for Before and After school care. All children must be enrolled prior to participate in the School Out Fun Days. There are limited spaces and spots are first come first served. During School’s Out Fun Days the kids will have opportunities for structured activities, reading time, recess, possible field trips, swimming/water play and community service projects. The YMCA offers a healthy breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.

Non-Member: $60/day |  Member: $50/day

DHS Funding Accepted. Financial assistance is available to those in need, to ensure every child has the opportunity to learn and grow at the Y. To see if you qualify, contact the Y at 319-233-3531.


How to write an application to the school to dismiss the child?

Please excuse my daughter/my son ______name of the child_____ from school who is studying/student in ___such-and-such____class from ____to______ (specify dates) due to family reasons. I take responsibility for the safety of life and health of children during the specified period, as well as the development of the curriculum.

However, the surest way to get your child out of school is to write a statement. This is especially important in cases where the school is private and you have to pay for your studies. how to call parents to school in writing sample Watch later Watch on The application is written to the director .

How to write an application for leave of a child from school?

An application for leave of a child from school is written in the name of the director of the school, gymnasium or lyceum.

How to write an application for the absence of a child in kindergarten?

If the child is planned to be absent from school (or kindergarten), it is necessary to write an application addressed to the director of the educational institution, because during school hours they are responsible for the child. Director of GBOU “Gymnasium No. 1583″ Permyakova L.

How do I write a statement from the head of the school from the parents?

At the end of the letter, you must put the date and signature of the author of the explanation. Read also the article How to write an application to the school principal from parents. When planning the absence of a student in the classroom, it is required to send an application to the educational institution. The petition is usually made in the name of the principal of the school.

How to write an application for a child to be released from school?

Statement . I, (indicate your full name), ask you to let my child (indicate the full name child ), a student of ___ class from school one home after the end of all studies. I take responsibility for the health and safety of my son (daughter) on the way from to school .

How to write an application for family reasons to school?

When writing it is important to consider:

  1. Statement is filled in by hand.
  2. In the application addressed to the director, all formatting standards of the applications (to whom, heading, text, date, signature) must be observed.
  3. Information about the parent (full name, place of residence, contact phone number) must be indicated.
  4. The text of statement must be legible.

How can I pick up my child from school for a month?

Families may withdraw their child from school for a fixed period without a doctor’s note. It is enough to write an application addressed to the director, in which you need to indicate that the children will not be able to attend classes due to the leave of one or both parents. At the same time, it should be added that parents guarantee the passage of disciplines for the missed period.

How to write a note to the teacher to let him go from the lesson?

In note it is written, Dear name and surname teacher , I am the surname and name of mother or father. Please release my child from lesson , because we need an appointment Please release my child (F. for the reason (indicate the reason in writing) for a period from _____ to _____.

How to Dismiss a child from school on family circumstances

0003 school my daughter/my son ______name of child_____, studying/student in ___such____grade from ____to_____ (specify dates) for family reasons . I take responsibility for the safety of life and health of children during the specified period, as well as the development of the curriculum.

How to write a note to the teacher that the child was sick?

Many parents sometimes need to write a note to the teacher to state in writing the reason for the absence children in the classroom.

What should be in the note:

  1. Appeal to teacher by name and patronymic.
  2. Name and surname of the child .
  3. Date of absence.
  4. Reason for missing classes.
  5. Signature of parent or guardian.

What is the correct spelling due to family circumstances?

Therefore, in the connection between and is correct, is written separately, and there are no options for its transfer.

What about family circumstances in school?

wedding of close relatives or holding any other family celebration the need to look after close relatives. For example, due to illness, disability or temporary disability caused by other circumstances attending another event together with parents or other relatives

How to write an application for a school pass due to family reasons?

I ask you to release from school my child, student (-tsu) of grade 8b _________________________________________________________________ (last name and first name of the child, date pass ) in connection with ______________________________________________________________ (specify) I, __________________________________________________________, carry

Is it possible to take at school vacation?

Yes, yes, every educational institution has internal documents regulating these processes: charter or other provisions. In accordance with paragraph 13 of the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Education and Science of Russia) dated January 22, 2014

How do I pick up my child from school?

Therefore, if there is a need to pick up a child from school during school hours, you need to make a written application addressed to the director of school indicating the reason, as well as the name of the person who is authorized to pick up the child from school .

What is the correct way to speak from school or from school?

From school – this option will be correct when it comes to the fact that a person previously “came at school “, since the antonym of “from” is the preposition “in”. From school – this option will be correct when, for example, the roof of school is meant (at school ). The guys climbed school – The guys jumped from school (from the roof of school ).

How to write a note to the school teacher for family reasons?

Writing rules:

  1. In the middle of the letter write an appeal to teacher named
  2. Next, on a new line, explain the essence of the problem (1-2 sentences: for family reasons or for health reasons).
  3. After the main part of note from a new line on the left side of write the number when note was written.

How to write to the teacher that the child will not come to school?

Preparation of an explanatory note on the absence of children

  1. In the header of the note, indicate the position of the addressee (teacher/principal) and his name and patronymic.
  2. In the center of sheet write : “Explanatory note”.
  3. Write about the reasons why the child missed school .
  4. Complete the note with your full name, signature and date.

How to write an exemption from physical education for a teacher?

I, (name of the parent), ask (date of the lesson) to release my daughter/son from physical education, for family reasons. It must be said that the teacher is responsible for the child, even at the time of his absence from the lesson for a good reason.

Deferment from the army after school, college and while studying at a university

We have written a lot about military education in Russia, changes in it and always the most burning issue – deferment from the army. You asked many questions in the comments to these materials, which we summarized, combined into three topical topics and forwarded to the chairman of the Moscow Military Bar Association, lawyer Vladimir Trignin.

In this article:

Military training centers in universities and military service

Deferments from the army and SPO

Deferment from the army and higher education

Deferment from the army after school and college and during high school

The Military Collegium has been defending the rights of conscripts, servicemen and officers of the Russian army for 17 years. With the help of the board, young people successfully exercise their legal right to deferment or even exemption from conscription. And the lawyers of the Military Collegium help military personnel in obtaining official housing, dismissal from service and other litigations.

Students and partial mobilization: who is entitled to a deferment, who can be called up

Can students of full-time, part-time and correspondence departments be mobilized and called up for military service?

Students of correspondence departments who are in the reserve are subject to military service. Students in full-time or part-time departments can be called up if they receive the education of the appropriate level not for the first time.

Are OUV trainees subject to mobilization?

If OUV citizens are not in the reserve, they cannot be mobilized.

If a student was expelled and is now in the process of being reinstated to a university, can he or she be mobilized?

Yes, they can, unless there are other grounds for delay.

What should a student who has been given a summons do? Where to apply?

If the student believes that the subpoena is illegal, he can apply to the court, to the prosecutor’s office, as well as to the draft commission for the mobilization of the subject.

Is there a category of students that should be called up in the first place?

First of all, students who are in the reserve, who are not eligible for deferment under the age of 35, who have combat experience, can be called up first for mobilization.

Military training centers in universities and military service

Military departments in universities were replaced by VUTs (military training centers). Do I need to serve in the military after studying at the UCW? And what positions or ranks are covered by the next 3 years of the contract?

Those students who studied at the VUC under the programs of a reserve soldier, sergeant or officer are not called up for military service. And those young people who studied for officers of the cadre must necessarily conclude a contract upon completion of education. This contract covers military positions that can be filled by officers.

Who gets a military ID after graduation? What categories of students need to pay tuition fees at the OUV?

The holders of the military card will be students who studied under reserve training programs. Education at the OUV is funded from the state budget – it does not matter if you study on a commercial or budgetary basis.

If an applicant graduated from college after 11th grade and intends to enter a university with an OUV, can he be drafted into the army before entering a university? Or does the presence of OUV there give a reprieve?

No, having an OUV at a university has nothing to do with granting a deferment from a student’s military service. In addition, admission to the VUC is possible with good academic performance at the main faculty.

Is it possible to become an officer after graduating from a civilian university?

Depending on the program (sergeant, reserve soldier or officer). The most common is the reserve officer. If there is such an indication in the text of the contract, the student acquires the rank of officer after he completes his studies, successfully passes the exams and passes the training camp.

Is it possible to enter the UCU in a master’s or PhD program?

Current legislation states that citizens enrolled in the military training program for reserve officers enter the OUCU from the bachelor’s, specialist’s or master’s level; those who have chosen the military training program for sergeants, foremen of the reserve or the military training program for soldiers, sailors of the reserve, enter from the bachelor’s or specialist’s level. Thus, postgraduate students cannot enter the UCU.

If a student does not want to be a military man, how to combine studies at the university and at the VUC?

Those who enter the OUV do not necessarily want to be in the military. On the contrary, those who have studied at the AUUC under the programs of a reserve soldier, officer or sergeant do not have to enter into a contract at all after graduation. Combining studies at the university and OUV will not be particularly difficult, since a certain day is allocated for studying at the OUV, on which students do not have classes at the university.

If you do not do military service after graduation, will you have to reimburse the cost of studying at the OUV?

If a student who was studying under a military training program for military service under a contract in military positions that can be replaced by officers was expelled from the OUTS at a federal university because he violated the charter or internal regulations of an educational organization or did not conclude a contract on military service, then, according to the contract, he must reimburse the finances from the federal budget that were spent on his studies at the VUTS.

If a student of the military academy during his studies changed his decision to be a military man and took away his documents, will he be drafted into the army? If yes, for how long?

If a graduate who studied at the VUTS under the personnel officer program refused to sign a contract or was expelled for poor performance, he will be called up for military service, taking into account the completed period of study. The total term includes the duration of service according to the draft, which preceded study at the VUTS or other military institution. The duration of service before entering the VUTS is calculated according to the scheme: two contract days are equal to one day of military service, while studying at a military institution, two days of study are also equated to one urgent service.

Deferments from the army and secondary vocational education

How many deferrals are given to a young person to get an education? What is a rescheduling? To whom and under what conditions is it provided?

As a general rule, one deferment. But there are exceptions (repeated deferment): for example, upon receipt of the first deferment for graduation, the young man will be given a deferment for studying undergraduate programs and upon subsequent admission to the magistracy. The same will happen if, after grade 11, a young man enters a specialist’s program. If after the 11th grade the young man goes to college, he will also receive a deferment.

Who grants a deferment – the military commission or the university, college?

The decision to grant a deferment is made by the draft board, not by the college or university. The draft commission operates in recruiting offices, which are usually established in district military commissariats.

Is the deferment granted when studying both at the budgetary department and under the contract?

Yes, the main thing is that the specialty in which a citizen is studying has state accreditation.

If a young person turns 18 in 11th grade, will they be drafted into the army before entering?

Upon successful completion of the state final certification (passing the USE), the citizen is granted a delay until October 1 (that is, just for admission).

Is it true that at the age of 20 students are taken from college to the army?

No, this is not true: the college deferment is valid for the entire period of study (usually 3 years 10 months).

If, after being expelled from a university or college, an applicant intends to immediately enter another, is there a deferment? If not, how can you save it?

In the event of expulsion, the deferment can be restored if the following conditions are met simultaneously: the deduction did not occur at the initiative of the educational organization, the restoration occurred in the same educational organization and for the period for which the deferment was originally granted (that is, restoration to your own stream). Accordingly, it is impossible to act again, there will be no delay.

If an adult student graduates from a college at a university and wants to continue their studies there (continuous), is it likely that he will be called?

There will be no deferment in this case: the young person should choose whether to go to college or university. That is, it is impossible to get a deferment for secondary vocational education and for higher education.

If a young person graduated from a technical school, where he entered after 9th grade (that is, he is 19 years old) and is going to enter a university, will they give him a deferment for the second study?

No, they won’t give a deferment.

If a young person enters a music school after grade 11, then a conservatory, will there be a delay?

No, there is no delay in this case.

Deferment from the army and higher education

How to use the university deferment?

Get a certificate on Appendix 4 (usually issued at the military registration desk), go to the military registration and enlistment office during the draft period (from October 1 to December 31 or from April 1 to July 15) and go through the draft board, where they will announce the decision to grant a deferment.

Which students will not be given a deferment?

Those expelled from the university and re-entered, transferred with a loss of more than 1 year or studying by correspondence or part-time education. Deferment will not be given if the specialty in which the student is studying does not have state accreditation.

Are there any risks of losing the deferment at the university?

Yes, for example, in case of expulsion.

Who can enroll in a master’s program and extend the deferment?

Citizens who do not have a master’s or specialist’s degree and enrolled in a master’s program in the year of obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

What other options are available to delay the enlistment of a student in the army at least for a while?

For example, a health condition: then a deferment is possible for up to one year. She needs the following conditions: care for a close or blood relative (this can be parents, husband, wife, siblings, grandparents). It is important that this requires confirmation that there is no one to take care of the sick person, those who are obliged to support him by law are absent. And the second is that the person who needs care is not fully supported by the state and really needs constant presence and supervision. This will require the conclusion of the federal institution of medical and social expertise. And all possible conditions for a delay can be found in Article 24 of the Federal Law of 03/28/1998 N 53-FZ “On military duty and military service”.

Is there a deferment after completing a bachelor’s degree, subject to admission to a master’s program? Under what conditions?

Until the moment of admission (as for graduates of 11 classes) there is no delay. But there is a right to post-graduate holidays, during which the deferment is maintained (as a rule, until August 31).

Is there a delay in transferring to another university if the terms of study have changed (bachelor’s degree, specialist’s degree)?

Yes, it remains, but on condition that the total period of study does not increase or increases by no more than 1 year. Well, the specialty, of course, to which the transfer is carried out, must have state accreditation.

If a student takes a leave of absence and then transfers to another university, is the deferral still valid?

The deferment must continue if the total period of study is not increased by more than one year. But since the relevant disposition of the law contains the union “either” (transfer or academic leave), we recommend avoiding such actions at the same time, within the framework of mastering one educational program, since it is highly likely that the issue will have to be resolved in court.

Is it true that for the inhabitants of the countryside, who are involved in the sowing of the crop, the spring call has been abolished, only the autumn one is valid. What should be submitted to the military enlistment office in this case? And how do you officially confirm participation in the sowing of the crop?

True, moreover, such citizens are called up from October 15 to December 31.