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Infant Classroom at Avant Garde

​With our babies, we are introducing the learning environment, language, and creating a seamless transition from home to school. We give infants one-on-one attention, helping new brain cells connect and promote feelings of security and confidence. Once the babies feel stable, it allows them to explore the environment around them with teacher guidance.

At Avant Garde, we practice Safe Sleep environments in our infant classrooms. We place all babies in a safety-approved crib with a firm mattress and a well-fitting sheet. ​

Safe Sleep Practices

  • Do not use pillows, blankets, sheepskins, or crib bumpers anywhere in your baby’s sleep area.
  • Keep soft objects, toys, and loose bedding out of your baby’s sleep area.
  • Make sure nothing covers the baby’s head.
  • Always place your baby on his or her back to sleep, for naps and at night.
  • Dress your baby in sleep clothing, such as a one piece sleeper, and do not use a blanket.

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“Kind, patient and understanding staff! From the first phone call, first tour and first day of school, my family has been welcomed with open hearts. They have made our first daycare experience painless and have cared for my babies in a safe and calm environment.
​I am so grateful to have found Avant Garde!”

Ashley W. 

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Our infant program is built to provide a nurturing and comfortable environment for babies as they transition into this new and exciting phase. Each week our lesson plans are planned out and divided into activities for mobile and non-mobile babies. We make sure that we pay close attention to each child’s individual needs. Developmental activities will be planned out as needed and include practices like rolling over, head control and sitting up. It’s all about what is best for the baby. Our infant room also takes part in arts and crafts with footprint and tummy time artwork. 

For nap time, each infant has their own crib with their name and family pictures hanging on the wall. We always keep track of who can roll over and who is still practicing. Refrigerators are available to store formula or milk if mothers are nursing. At Avant Garde, we encourage parents to drop in any time! Moms are always welcome to stop in to nurse. ​

Internet Monitoring 

Each infant room is fully equipped with internet monitoring systems so that parents can check in on their child at any time during the day!

​Knowing they can see their baby throughout the day  eases our parents minds and ensures a peaceful transition back to work.

Teacher Highlight: Miss Valorie

Hello! My name is Valorie and I am excited for you and your child to be at our center! I have worked in the early childhood field for over fourteen years now! I have also taken many classes to further my knowledge and sharpen my skillset when working with children. I really enjoy working with the infants. My favorite thing about working with the infants is watching them grow, teaching them, and loving on them each and every day! I chose to become a teacher because I enjoy helping children, and seeing the influence I had on them in the future!

Hobbies: Outside of work I enjoy walking, tanning, dancing, and spending time with friends and family!

Infant Daily Report

Each parent is sent home with a daily report so that they know exactly what happened for the day.

​We believe in constant communication during the transitional time, so we are always talking making notes and paying close attention to each child’s individual needs and development. 

Each report will include the baby’s nap time, feeding time, what they ate, how much they ate, diaper changes and activity descriptions. 

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“We love Avant Garde! Having to leave our 7 month old baby at a daycare was so difficult but everyone at Avant Garde made it such a positive experience for all of us! Here we are 8 months later & I am so grateful we found these wonderful ladies. As first time parents, they have helped my husband & I with so much, including gradually transitioning our son’s diet as he grows, food ideas for home, fun activity & project ideas for home, & ways to help him meet his milestones. They are so caring & helpful and I don’t know what my son (or I) would have done without Annette as he was getting used to being away from us. Could not ask for a better group of ladies!”

Jessica N.

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Example Lesson Plan

Our infant lesson plans are built to incorporate music and movement, language, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and character education. 

Avant Garde Preschool and Early ​Learning Centers

How long has Avant Garde been in existence?
Our Brookside facility has been open since November 2016 and our Sheridan location opened April 2017. The owner of Avant Gare is the previous owner of the award winning, Koala Care Preschool and holds over 15 years of experience.

Do we need to bring our own lunch?
Avant Garde provides nutritions meals for breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.  You can view our weekly menu here.  All food is prepared fresh by our in-house chef. 

What do we need to bring on our first day?
Please bring an extra pair of clothing, diapers, a blanket for nap time and a sippy cup. If you want your child to have diaper rash cream, please provide that and fill out a medication form.

How often do the teachers clean the toys?
All toys are cleaned each week and sometimes daily, as needed. 

What is the sick policy?
If a child has a 101 temperature, they will have to go home and can only come back when they are fever free or have a doctor’s note. 

How do the teachers create their lesson plans?
At Avant Garde, we practice the wonderful art of child-led learning, following what naturally interests the children each day. As they begin to express interest in different things, we will begin to incorporate those topics into our group time and arts and crafts. From that our lesson plans are structured out to incorporate these topics in literacy, art, language, music, movement, science, nature, math/numbers, character education and gross motor activities. You can see example lesson plans here. 

How long have the teachers been here? Are they loving?
Avant Garde is happy to have an extremely dedicated and highly qualified staff who attend regular, ongoing training above state licensing requirements. Our owner has over 15 years of experience managing and operating local preschools in Tulsa, Broken Arrow and Owasso (formerly known as Koala Care). We have the best team of people that make every day possible! ​We are big believers that you have to love the children before you can teach them – our teachers truly love what they do and the children that they get to impact each day! 

What is your safety policy for the classrooms? 
Safety kits are kept in each classroom with an emergency procedure in place. Parents are immediately notified in the case of an emergency. Pick up and drop offs are monitored closely as well with special access codes at the entry of the building and check-in at the front desk along with security cameras located through out the building. 

Why do you have a one-star rating by the Department of Human Services?
The DHS star rating system exists for facilities who are licensed in the state of Oklahoma. The more stars a facility holds, the greater reimbursement by DHS for childcare. Avant Garde does not accept DHS subsidy. However, as a licensed facility in the state of Oklahoma, we hold a one star rating. Avant Garde measures quality on customer referrals and public ratings, which are currently 5-star on Yelp, Facebook and Google. Avant Garde is rated one star by DHS, and five stars by it’s customers!  

Kindergarten №17 – Avangardnaya 159B, Kazan (3 reviews, phone number and opening hours)

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  • You can call +7 927 425-56-53

  • Kazan, Avangardnaya, 159B. The nearest public transport stops: “Avangardnaya Street” – 170 meters, “Registration Chamber” – 230 meters

  • The work schedule is as follows: Mon: 06:30-18:30, Tue: 06:30-18:30, Wed: 06:30-18:30, Thu: 06:30-18:30, Fri: 06:30 -18:30. This is information from visitors to the page.

  • Satisfactory. Users rated this place 3.5 (3 votes)

Operating mode

Mon 06:30 – 18:30
Tue 06:30 – 18:30
Wed 06:30 – 18:30
Thu 06:30 – 18:30
Fri 06:30 – 18:30

Now in
Kazan –

Recommendation: call the number
+7 927 425-56-53
and check your work schedule


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