Programs for kids in the summer: 2023 Free Summer Activities and Programs for Kids Near Me

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2023 Free Summer Activities and Programs for Kids Near Me

Check out these frugal & FREE Summer activities, programs & workshops for kids where you’ll find lots of ways to entertain your kids!

Summer is coming! A time when kids & families are looking for free Summer activities to do close to home — and most of us parents are hoping that it’s not all tech time 😉

There are a number of FREE programs & events near you that your kids can try this summer.  Inspire them to learn a new skill, earn badges or pins and have a great time with other kids!

Summer is the perfect time to try out something new — you never know what your kids will gravitate to unless you introduce them to new things!

My favorite part about these programs & workshops are that most of the activities are only a few hours a day. So they give kids an opportunity to explore something unique without investing a ton of time (or money).

First, check out our post on FREE Summer Reading Programs & Rewards!  There are so many ways to inspire your kids to do some reading in the coming months.

Then grab the FREE printable summer activities calendar of “100 No Cost Things to do this Summer” too!

A quick warning — some of the camps and workshops will fill up quickly!! Call ahead to reserve a spot if it’s possible — don’t tell your kids until you know they can get in 😉

Also, be sure to ask about the parent/child policy at each of the events & activities.  Some programs require a parent to stay onsite during the duration of the program.

And since you’ll probably be spending more time in the car to get to and from these fun activities, be sure to check out some of these fun summer-themed Mad Lib games along with our list of car organization items to keep chaos at bay this summer 🙂

1. Kids Bowl Free Summer Programs for Kids

One of the longer standing summer programs, kids receive 2 free games of bowling every day all summer long!  Search their website to find bowling alleys all over the United States & Canada that participate.   There are quite a few who are opening up bowling activities this summer after being closed last year.

This is a great option for those hot days when you’re looking for a good indoor activity — especially for a group of kids too.  The age requirement varies depending on your local bowling alley. The website gives you details on who can participate (kids as young as 2 years old up thru teenagers can bowl at most locations)!

2. Michael’s Summer Craft Workshops for Kids

We LOVE the summer craft sessions at Michael’s!  Camp Creatology Workshops for Kids begins in June at stores in both the U.S. and Canada.  This close-to-home camp offers fun themed craft sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the summer months!

Past themes include: Forest Friends, Ocean Animals, Outer Space and Fantasy Fun.  The crafts offered are fun for kids ages 4 – 12 years old.  The sessions are also offered online too if you can’t make it in person. Check out our 30+ Free Online Summer Camps & Workshops to learn more.

3. Lowe’s Kids DIY Building Workshops

For building fun, make sure to check out the Free Lowe’s Kids Workshops usually held on the second weekend of each month at most Lowe’s stores.

We love these workshops!  Projects vary for each one but the best part is that kids get to complete a cool project all on their own using kid-sized tools.  And yes, swinging a hammer or using a screwdriver is usually part of the project 😉

Some stores are doing in-person workshops and others will have you pick up the project kit in the store and take it home to work on with your kids. In our experience, these programs are best for kids ages 3 – 10 years old (especially if your kiddos haven’t yet had the opportunity to use tools!) pssst … they also have awesome DIY workshops for adults too.

Register early for these – they are popular!

4. Apple Stores Free Summer Programs for Kids Near Me

Did you know that Apple Stores offer FREE youth workshops and Apple Camp for Kids?

Whether you own an iPhone or iPad, these sessions offer your kids the opportnity to learn about the programs and apps for their Apple devices.   Kids & teens can learn photography, make movies, create music and how to program devices.

If you own a Sphero Robot (affiliate link to what those are!) than you’ll love the Coding Workshops your kids can take!

Register for more details on the Apple Camp 2023 sessions for kids.  Also check the “Upcoming Sessions” on the Apple Today event calendar to find in-person workshops near you!


Junior Ranger Programs for Kids at National Parks (& at Home!)

We are huge fans of the Junior Ranger program at the National Parks.  Be sure to read ‘Why We Love the Junior Ranger Programs‘ for details!

Almost all of the national parks and many of the national historic sites host these FREE programs for kids, tweens & teens.  To earn a Junior Ranger badge or certificate:

  • Kids will pick up or download an activity book for each park or site
  • Visit the park or historic site and complete the activities in the booklet,
  • Once you complete the activities for their age, turn the booklet in at a ranger station & kids will earn their  Junior Ranger status along with a certificate, pin or patch (varies by park).


Kids can complete some of the Junior Ranger activities online and at your home!  Click here to find the Junior Ranger Program Booklets can be downloaded & completed at home – which include:

  • All about Bats
  • Archeology Programs
  • Cave Science
  • Historic Preservation
  • Jr Paleontologist
  • Let’s Go Fishing
  • Night Explorer
  • Wilderness Explorer
  • Discovering the Underground Railroad and
  • Underwater Explorer

6.  Free Kids Nature Camps & Activities Near Me

Always check with your local nature center as many offer some amazing workshops for kids throughout the summer months!  We’ve attended family hikes, animal visits, naturalist programs, archery clinics and more programs that cover outdoor skills.

Additional topics might include:  how to read trails signs, tips for hiking, identifying local wildlife, bird-watching, how to read a compass, and nighttime programs which are really cool since they usually involve owls, stars and flashlights!

Here’s how to find nature programs near you:

  • Use this list at Wikipedia to locate a local or state-supported nature center near you.
  • Check the local website for a calendar that lists summer workshops/events
  • Or give them a call and ask about any offerings they have for kids and families!


7. At-Home Maker Camp Activities for Kids

We love this option for STEM camps! Maker Camps are offered through a variety of organizations usually start mid-June.  Your kids can join in to build & create some really cool projects for six weeks over the summer.

Use the Maker Camp Map to find a location near you.  Most of the FREE camps are offered via libraries and schools.

If you’re not able to find a camp in your area, check out the Maker Camp Library for activities to do at home.  Kids, tweens & teens can start any of the past years’ activities & projects at home.  Directions and supplies needed are all listed online.

8. FREE Fishing Days Near You

Teach kids a new life sport – the folks at Take Me Fishing offer FREE fishing days in all US States!  All you’ll need is a kid-sized fishing pole and snacks (cause let me tell you, kids always seem to get hungry when they’re waiting on a fish 😉

Most days are in the month of June and kids won’t need a license.   Many local parks and sports stores near you will have events during these days too.  And check the details because some states will also waive license fees for adults on those days/weekends.

9. Free Museum Programs for All Ages

Believe it or not, many art museums offer FREE admission every day. And quite a few will have summer activities, scavenger hunts and other fun programs when you visit!

First, check the Museums for All website to locate any museums near you or close to where you may vacation this summer.  You’ll find special events, art projects for kids or daily activities that are offered.  And take a peek at our 5 Fun Things to do at a Museum before you go too!

More Free Summer Activities for Kids:

100+ FREE Summer Activities {with printable list!}

Turn Your Backyard into a Science Lab

20 Summer Scavenger Hunts

100+ Free Things for Kids to Do in Summer

Grab this printable list of FREE Summer Activities for Kids and start planning for an awesome summer or staycation!

May is always that time I start planning for warmer weather and (this summer especially) hunting down some fun & free summer activities near me for both kids and our family. If your family is planning to stick close to home this summer and you’re looking for some FUN ideas for activities and experiences, we’ve got you covered with this HUGE list of ideas for creative activities, vintage fun and local places to visit for the best summer ever!

Every year in early May, I start our ‘Summer Activities’ list — a collaborative collection of all the fun things we’d like to do during the next few months. We love looking for local fun around our city and enjoying some of those throw-back, vintage-type activities that are perfect for summer days and nights.

Our main goal when it comes to summer fun is to make memories!  We love to hear our kids recall some of the unique experiences they’ve enjoyed.  And we’ve quickly realized that many of these memories are made without spending a dime.

Sometimes we get all caught up in the BIG stuff that we forget how memorable the small items can be too.

For example, have your kids ever:

  • flown a kite?
  • Or gone on a creek walk?
  • Picked fresh fruit at a local farm or orchard?
  • Have you tried canoeing or kayaking?
  • Or camping in the backyard together?

I encourage you to start a list with your family (we call it a summer bucket list but label is whatever you’d like).   Have everyone add their favorite activities and places to visit, and then also talk about new experiences that you can enjoy together.  Be sure to check out all the Fun Summer Items for Kids & Families in our Amazon storefront get your yard & house ready for the season too!

And then grab a copy of the FREE printable 100+ Summer Activities to do Near Me below and browse it for more great ideas to add to your list as you plan the BEST summer ever!

Free & Fun Things to do for Summer

There are a number of creative activities & classic experiences kids can do around the house and in their own backyard!  Here are a few:

  • FREE Summer reading programs for kids – many are offered online and at local libraries
  • Search for a four leaf clover — or look for fossils on rocks!
  • Catch fireflies one evening (see these fun facts & books about fireflies)
  • Become a Junior Ranger – kids can earn badges by completing activities at home!
  • Have a summer read-in!  go to the library, grab a ton of books and spread out blankets, beach towels or a hammock and read for the afternoon.
  • Go on a Scavenger Hunt – here are 20 Summer Scavenger Hunts to try!
  • Make homemade popsicles (I remember making frozen banana pops as a kid – they were awesome!)
  • Have an Around the World Summer Camp at Home!
  • Create a “Day in the Life of …” movie and have kids record what they do on a summer day (this is an awesome thing to do each summer as they grow up too 😉
  • Did you know theaters offer free summer movies for kids too?!!  Check out the list to see what’s near you.
  • Explore the attic or basement and look for cool old treasures
  • Build an indoor or outdoor fort
  • Master a skill this summer

Fun Places to Go Near Me in Summer

There are so many local places to visit in the summer — add a few of these to your list:

  • Walk at a local beach (here’s a FREE printable Beach Scavenger Hunt)
  • Go on a creek walk
  • See if your town offers an outdoor book walk, tree walk or other experience (contact your parks & rec or local historic society)
  • Explore a tide pool
  • Hike to see a waterfalls near you
  • Visit a park and play a game (see these 17 Fun Things to do at the Park!)
  • Walk through a local arboretum
  • Explore a pond (20 Activities for a Day at the Pond)
  • Go fishing at a local lake
  • Visit kitschy road-side attractions around your town (most are located outside & you can see them from your car!)
  • Check out a new exhibit at one of your local art museums!
  • Go to a drive-in movie (not free but definitely a cool summer experience!)
  • Spend a warm day inside a cool nature center!  The majority of them are free and have great exhibits, live animals and usually some fun summer programs too.
  • If you’re able to travel a bit, try one of these fun Day Trip Ideas for families!

Favorite Summer Activities for Families

The free printable list also includes LOTS of ideas for things families can do together during those nice long summer days and nights:

  • Hike a trail (take along this FREE Nature Scavenger Hunt)
  • Visit the Farmer’s Market
  • Go fruit picking at a local orchard or farm
  • Explore a National Park, Wildlife Sanctuary or Wildlife Preserve
  • Tour an outdoor historic site
  • Watch the meteor showers together
  • Have an indoor camp-out
  • Or camp-out in your backyard
  • Learn a new (or revive an old) backyard lawn game
  • Go on a bike adventure (pack a snack & stop for a mini picnic before heading home)
  • Celebrate International Picnic Day on June 18th
  • Enjoy some fun things to do on a summer night

Believe it or not, that’s only 1/3 of all the AWESOME ideas that are included on the free printable calendar.   Make this a memorable summer and EASY summer for you – so many of these activities are low prep and planning!  Because it’s summer and who needs all the hassle, right?!!

Grab a copy of the full list of 100+ Summer Activities to do Near Me and enjoy some kick-back time with your kids his year — Have a wonderful summer!

More Summer Activities for Kids

20 Fun Things to do on a Summer Night

27 Simple Summer Science Experiments

Scenario of a game program for children on the street in summer

Author Olga Smirnova To read 6 min Views 22.2k.

The children go on a trip together with the leader. They will visit the forest, the river, the sea and even the mountains. Everywhere they are waiting for interesting games and contests.


To create a festive mood, a friendly atmosphere.


  • Cones, baskets;
  • Wooden circles;
  • Ball;
  • Fins, diving mask.


  • Master


Summer is the sun, bright days,
Rainbow after the rain and moths.

Summer is happiness, sky, forest, water,
This is a flock of birds near a pond.

In the summer you can run, jump and jump,
And it’s fun to play in the fresh air!

Presenter: Guys, let’s play and have fun! Let’s travel today! Want to?

Children answer.

Host: But first, let’s get to know each other. State your names.

Children call.

Host: I didn’t hear everyone. But it doesn’t matter! I will see you now. Those I name, put your hands up and shout “It’s me!”

The host calls the names, the children complete the task.

Host: So we met. Well, now let’s go on a trip. Tell me where you can relax in the summer?

Answer: on the sea, on the river, in the forest.

Presenter: And we will visit everywhere! Close your eyes and imagine that you are in a forest. Oh, how fresh and beautiful it is here! It becomes easier to breathe. Let’s raise our hands up and say “Hello forest!”.

The children are doing the task.

Presenter: What is a forest? Who lives in the forest? What plants can be found in the forest?

Children answer.

Presenter: Guys, a centipede lives in the forest! Do you think it is easy for her to move with so many legs? Let’s check. And for this we need to turn into centipedes!

Running centipede relay .

Participants are divided into several groups, lined up in a column. Then they bend over, stretch the right hand forward, and the left hand back between the legs, grabbing the palm in front of and behind the standing participants. The centipede is ready. Now she needs to run as quickly as possible, without falling apart, to a certain place and back.

Narrator: Now imagine that it rained and there was … What? That’s right, rainbow! Can you tell me how many colors the rainbow has? Name them.

Children: Red, orange, … .

Presenter: Now let’s test your dexterity and attentiveness!

The Colors of the Rainbow competition is being held.

The leader calls the color, the players find an object of this shade and touch it. At this time, the presenter counts to seven. The one who fails to complete the task is out.

What can children play outside in summer? 13 Fun Summer Outdoor Games for Kids

Narrator: And after the rain there are lots of… what?

Children: Mushrooms!

The competition “Mushroom pickers” is being held.

Mushroom cones are scattered on the ground. Several applicants receive a basket. Their task is to collect mushrooms in a certain time. Whoever collects the most wins.

Presenter: We collected mushrooms, now we will walk in the forest (she walks in a circle, the children follow her). Let’s go, admire nature … Oh, what is it? Like the legs are stuck. Where did we find ourselves?

Children: In the swamp.

Leader: To go further, you need to bypass dangerous places.

The competition “Go through the swamp” is being held.

At various distances from each other, wooden circles – bumps are installed. The task of the participants is to jump from bump to bump to reach the opposite bank. Those who fail to complete the task are out.

Host: We did it! We did it! And went straight to the river! Guys, what are you doing on the river in the summer?

Children: Swimming, sunbathing.

Presenter: Do you know that the river has a keeper – mermaids? Those who swim far, who violate the laws of the river, they take to the bottom of the sea!

Mermaid game is being held.

A circle is outlined on the ground – a river. It turns out 2 wishing – mermaids, they pass in a circle. The rest go along the river bank along the drawn line. As soon as the leader says “Mermaids!”, the children gather in groups of four (three). Those who do not have time to do this, the mermaids take with them to the bottom – now they also become mermaids. The game continues until all the children have turned into mermaids.

Presenter: We walked, swam, let’s make a fire and fry potatoes!

A hot potato game is being played.

The guys form a circle. Then they quickly throw a ball to each other – potatoes. The presenter detects 20 seconds, after the time has passed, she blows the whistle. The one who at this moment has a “potato” is out (you can put in a circle). The game continues on.

Presenter: Now let’s see if you know animals.

Runs, jumps, flies game.

The presenter throws the ball to one of the participants and calls the word, for example, “Flies”. The participant names the animal that flies (falcon). If he cannot name, he is out.

Presenter: Now let’s go to the sea, to the beach! Let’s go diving. Or rather, so far only learn to swim with fins. Who wants to try?

Relay “In fins” is held.

Those who wish are divided into 2 groups. Participants take turns putting on flippers (you can also use a diving mask), run the required distance, and return to pass the baton to the next one.

Presenter: Guys, we haven’t been to the mountains yet! It’s so cool there: you can even go skiing if there is snow! But we will not do this – it is dangerous for health to ski on the ground. Yes, skis can be broken. We will get acquainted with a phenomenon that is often found in this place and can cause a collapse. Have you guessed what I mean?

Children: Echo.

Presenter: Correct. You will now turn into an echo, agreed?

Conducts the Echo game.

The presenter calls a word or phrase, the players repeat the last part: mountain – ra, read the book – yoke.


Let’s continue this game:

The game is over – ra-ra-ra.
It’s time for us to part – ra-ra-ra.
We tell you “Farewell” – bye-bye-bye.
Remember us, forget us – wai-wai-wai.

Presenter: Our short summer trip is over! Next time we will go on a sea cruise. But that is another story! Goodbye, guys!

Download the scenario of the game program

for children outdoors in summer

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Summer play programs for children / summer fun

Portal for educators and parents

Some go to summer camp to relax, some go to work. Many children are gathered in one place. If the leaders do not do their job well, and do not take every free minute they have, they will find a job for themselves. And it doesn’t have to be for adults. Therefore, the days in the camp should be rich, bright, cheerful and provocative.


Non-traditional Olympic Games

Newspaper Tournament

Match Tournament

Themed games are the best summer entertainment for children. They are lively, bring a lot of joy. Especially useful in the early days, when the children are still new to each other, have not learned the rules of life in the camp.

Here are collected exciting game programs for children for the summer, which will help them unite and will remain in the memory of all participants for a long time.

Non-traditional Olympic Games

This ball is fascinated to watch as athletes from different countries try to run faster, throw farther and jump higher than everyone else. Offer to test yourself and the participants of the children’s camp.

Any sports competition always captivates children, because they like to compete and measure strength and dexterity. The Olympic Games in the camp are a traditional event, but we propose to introduce elements of unusualness into these sports. Funny contests that give everyone the opportunity to express themselves – aren’t such entertainments for children in the summer the best way. But we suggest starting this event for children with the opening ceremony.

Olympic Games opening ceremony The motto of the Olympics is also well-known: “Faster, higher, stronger.” During the opening ceremony, participants from each country carry their flags.

Tell the children about the history of the Olympic Games, the significance of the opening ceremony, and invite each squad to create their own flags and slogans. Flags can be drawn on durable paper such as cardboard, the motto can be part of the design of the flag. After the flags are ready, the opening ceremony of the Olympics can begin, at which children should be invited to make a presentation of their team and explain the meaning of their flag.

After the end of the opening ceremony, you can proceed to the competitive part.

Unusual “Olympic” competitions for children in the summer (attributes, markings, places for fans).

  1. Disco Thrower. Distance throwing competition. You can use old CDs for the contest. Each participant has 3 attempts. The farthest throw is counted.
  2. Javelin throwers. Prepare a simple target (draw with chalk on a wall or paint on a cardboard box) and inflate some long, thin balloons. The task is to hit the target with a spear ball. You can also throw these balls at range.
  3. “5 rings”. You will need 5 rings painted in Olympic colors. You can cut them out of regular cardboard or disposable plates. Also prepare 5 wooden sticks that need to be driven into the ground. Children will have to throw rings from a distance of 4-5 steps. The most accurate participant wins.
  4. Weightlifters. Add weight to soft plastic balls or tennis balls by writing the numbers 5 to infinity on them. Then they must be placed in a large box. The task of the competition is to hold as many balls as possible in your hands, choosing those with the highest “value”. The winner is the weightlifter who manages to hold the “greatest weight”.
  5. B ox”. The boxing ring is marked and the presenter invites the boxers to the fight. Sets them up for a serious boxing match, offers to wear gloves (you can take work gloves). When the opponents are ready and waiting for the team to start the fight, the leader suddenly declares that the word “box” is translated from English as “box” and changes the task for the players: they must throw boxes of different sizes at a distance. The strongest is the one whose “box” will fly the farthest.
  6. Sweeper. Marking is done as in curling (a long rectangular area, two target houses). Curling brushes are mops, stones are small toy cars. The rules of the game should be simplified: an accurate throw (arrival and stop of the car in the target house) gives a point.
  7. Jumping . Prepare an obstacle course and give the contestant a stick to be his horse. Having saddled it, he will have to overcome the obstacle course. Obstacles should not be too high, make them accessible to overcome “on horseback”. The victory will go to the most dexterous and fastest rider.

Newspaper tournament

cost material. Use it when organizing summer activities for children. We have collected here some competitions using newsprint. Surely, you can supplement them with your games and relay races.

Competitions for the newspaper tournament

  1. “Presentation”. On the pages of newspaper sheets, find suitable letters and words for self-presentation. Cut them out and glue them on the album sheet so that you get a small coherent story. The time to complete the task is 15 minutes.
  2. Snowball. On command, crumple up a sheet of newspaper to obtain a ball, holding it in an outstretched hand. The winner is the one who completes the task faster.
  3. “Hundred meters”. Make shoes out of newspaper, wrapping them around the feet and tying them with laces. “Shoeed” run “hundred meters”. The fastest runner is revealed.
  4. “Music break”. Teams are invited to create an ensemble and, using newspaper sheets as musical instruments, play the “Song of Summer” (“That’s what our summer is like . ..”). You can pat, tear newspapers or rustle them.
  5. “Gazetobol”. Balls crumpled from newspapers will be used for throwing. Instead of a basket, you can use a cardboard box. Throws can be very different: with the right and left hand, from behind the head, from under the foot, turning your back, etc.
  6. Origami. Faster than rivals to fold an airplane, a boat, a cap from a newspaper sheet.
  7. “Jet aircraft”. Purpose: to launch your paper plane further than your rivals. Use the airplanes folded in the previous contest.
  8. Water Carrier. Carry water in newspaper bags, trying to fill your glass faster than your rivals.
  9. Fanball. Make a fan out of newspaper sheets for each participant. With their help, you need to throw a balloon on the enemy field. Task: prevent the ball from falling on your site.
  10. “Useful reading”. Each team should be given the same copy of the newspaper. The host announces a word or phrase that is somewhere on the pages of these newspapers. The team that finds the given word faster will be the winner.
  11. Accountants. In a certain paragraph, count the number of punctuation marks and letters. Whoever gets the number right the fastest is the winner.
  12. Experts. Purpose: to find out who knows the names of newspapers more. You can call in order. The team that, in turn, could not remember anything else, loses. You can write the names on a piece of paper, then the leader simply counts the number of names.
  13. “Crossing”. Reach the finish line using two newspapers. You should shift newspapers, stepping from one to another.
  14. “Islands”. The spread newspaper should fit as many team members as possible. If the teams are small in composition, then the newspapers should be folded.
  15. Fashion designers. Create a dress or costume from a few sheets of newspaper and tape and hold a fashion show.
  16. Sculptors. Tear a sheet of newspaper to give it a finished shape, eg stars, flowers, snowflakes. The “sculptor” who created the most beautiful and original figure wins.
  17. Tyr. Forming newspaper balls, knock down a plastic bottle.
  18. Surprise. Any object is wrapped in a large number of layers of newsprint. The winner is the team that gets the gift the fastest.
  19. “No matter how long the rope winds…” Twist a “rope” of maximum length from newspapers. The time to complete the task is 2 minutes. Which team has the longest rope wins.
  20. Waste paper collectors – final competition. After the previous competitions, for sure, there will be a lot of paper lying around. With this final team challenge, you can kill two birds with one stone: hold a final contest and clean up the mess by cleaning up the area. Give each team one trash bag and ask them to collect all the trash that is nearby. The team with the heaviest bag at the end of the competition wins.

Match Tournament

This play program for kids consists of fun relay races and easy speed challenges. Children of any age and in any quantity can participate. Both individual and team championships are possible.

For the tournament you will need matchboxes with matches.

The player or team that completed the task first is awarded 3 points, the second – 2, and the third – 1. The winner of the competition is the player or team with the most points according to the results of all competitions.

You can keep score using potatoes, sticking matches into them according to the number of points scored in the competition. At the end of the game program, it remains only to count the number of matches in the potatoes of each team.

Rules of the Match Tournament

  • movement started.
  • The participant must stop, if the box falls during the movement, pick it up and put it back in its original place, only after that he can continue on his way.
  • Participants should be given a certain amount of time for tasks to build from matches. But you can lay out phrases according to the principle of who is faster.

Tasks for a match tournament

  1. Put the phrase “Matches are not a toy for children!” out of matches.
  2. Put a matchbox on the top of your head and walk along a given route.
  3. Put a matchbox on your shoulders and walk with such “shoulder straps” along a given route.
  4. Walk along the given route, placing the box with the narrow side on the hand clenched into a fist.
  5. For each of the teams, 5 boxes of matches are scattered in different places. Task: collect them faster than rivals.
  6. Build the highest “well” of matches in two minutes.
  7. Walk along a given route, placing the boxes in the lumbar region.