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How much does daycare cost in Indian Trail?

The cost of daycare in Indian Trail is $771 per month. This is the average price for full-time, based on CareLuLu data, including homes and centers.

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Hippie trail.

How flower children played real Indians.


A few months ago I read a phrase from the traveler Ilya Buyanovsky – the hippie trail. He wrote posts about Iran and casually mentioned such a phenomenon. Iran is undeniably interesting, but it was the topic of hippie travel that excited me much more.

Yes, I was aware that various musical figures were skating for the exotic. For example, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin visited Morocco. The Beatles visited India for spiritual enlightenment. And the great drummer Ginger Baker did live for some time in Nigeria. But it’s one thing when you’re a musician with astronomical income, and quite another when you’re an ordinary person who does not travel on charter flights. Let’s try to talk about such people and their routes. For starters, take a look at the route map.


Actually, this route was called “The Hippie Trail”, or “The Overland”. The map clearly shows that the first point in it was Istanbul. From there, a journey began, sometimes several years long. No, of course, the vast majority were limited to a few weeks, but there were guys who stayed to live in other countries for a long time. Moreover, there are cases when some passengers converted to Islam. Take a look at these young ladies. Beauties, after all, look like herbivores.



Meanwhile, these young ladies traveled thousands of kilometers, and their passport could look like this.


Overcome without the Internet, without a specific route and modern comfort. Focusing somewhere on word of mouth, somewhere on the questions of local residents. Traveling at that time was an adventure. By the way, I read here somehow the revelations of males who swept in the reserved seat for a couple of days, and they were proud of themselves as if they had conquered Everest. Once again I am convinced that everything in this world is relative.

Actually, returning to the hippie trail, it is worth noting that in the 60s and 70s it was traveled in different ways. Someone was driving his car, and someone was buying entire bus tours. Here, for example, is the beginning of the route. The bus rides in Austria.


And this so-called “Magic Bus” is already somewhere in Iran.


There was an atmosphere inside the buses.



If you look closely at the faces, you can clearly see that hippies did not make up the majority on trips. Firstly, such tourist trips were not cheap. And there can be no question of any brotherhood here. It’s one thing to smoke a joint together and quite another to spend thousands of dollars on transportation. Tours were expensive. Secondly, not only hippies loved to wander around the world.

As I said, in addition to buses, there was the option of traveling in your own car. Here are the guys in Cappadocia on a private vehicle.


And this gentleman is already in Sri Lanka. This car was used for a rally from Australia to England.


Although most, of course, rode buses, or with the help of hitchhiking. The last method is the most radical for the 60s and 70s. True, the case is known when one Irish woman completely rode the trail on a bicycle, but this is rather an exception to the general picture.





Pay attention to this campground. The picture was taken on the border of Lebanon and Syria. Clearly, the children of flowers are not depicted here.


However, there are enough photos of classic hippies.




Why did you go? Everything is simple here. Someone for impressions, someone for drugs. Well, or to combine business with pleasure. Personally, I have always thought that traveling is wonderful. You can even go to the neighboring regional center and see a lot of interesting things, and even plunge into another culture is a good thing.




Some countries travelers tried to get through as quickly as possible. For example, Iran. But in others they stayed for a long time. Afghanistan was in particular demand. India and Nepal were a bonus. In Nepal, by the way, specialty shops with hashish were opened. There it was sold quite legally until the 70s.


Afghanistan conquered tourists with its stunning views.





Although the way of life there also could not but please drug lovers.




As some travelers recall, there were quite a few of them who became addicted to drugs. Well, any hepatitis was a bonus.


This is a picture from Pakistan. They also sometimes stopped by on their way to India.


Well, this is India itself. As travelers later recalled, Afghanistan, India and Nepal were havens for hash lovers. The shop was closed in the late 70s. Somewhere the ruling regimes have changed, and it has become difficult for Western tourists to enter some countries, somewhere the war has even begun. Plus, the development of aviation influenced the hippie trail. Today it is easier and, most importantly, cheaper to buy an air ticket than to trudge through several countries on the ground. True, air travel completely kills all romance. After all, isn’t it wonderful to drive from foggy London several thousand kilometers on the ground and plunge into the waters of the Ganges? The picture was taken in Varanasi.


Now only memories, legends and photographs remain of the hippie trail. For example, this is how the guys rested in Goa. Late 70s.





I wonder if people with small children were dragged there by land or by plane?


Finding musicians in some of the pictures, I was really glad that some eminent uncles even came to perform there.


Alas, I did not find any of the large groups. Here in the picture are some “The Anjuna Jam Band”.


And this is some “The Gilbert Garcia Band”.


Above I mentioned that some hippies stayed in India forever. Here is one such respectable gentleman. Goa Gil was born in San Francisco but moved to the other side of the planet in 1969. By the way, it is interesting that my uncle works as a DJ and occasionally tours other countries. In the 00s, he even visited Moscow.

For those who want to see other hippies stuck in India, I recommend watching the film “Hippie Masala: Forever in India”. A very sad and depressing thread.


Finally, I can’t help but draw an analogy with the USSR. Naturally, there were no options to leave the Union and follow the classic hippie path. And I’m not sure that anyone from domestic hippies knew about her at all. But on the other hand, the USSR had its own “Soviet California” called Crimea. It was there that hippies flocked from the Baltic states, Minsk, Kyiv, Moscow, Siberia and other vast expanses of a huge power. Now, if someone advises something on this topic from literature or documentaries, I would be grateful.

That’s all for today. Thank you for your attention and do not forget to subscribe to my poison. See you again.

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Ubud Artists’ Trail – A Romantic Walk, Bali

Bali Artists’ Trail is a romantic walk of about 2 kilometers between rice fields in Ubud. The Artists’ Trail is a Russian-language name, in Bali it sounds like Campuhan Bukit – Champuan Hill, and in English – Campuhan Ridge Walk. I will call it the Path of Artists. 🙂

The Artists’ Trail is one of the interesting places in Ubud to visit, as well as the Monkey Forest if you want to experience Ubud. Walking slowly between the rice fields, looking at the houses in the distance, enjoying the bright colors of the greenery around – you can get all this on a relaxing walk along the Artists’ Trail.


  • 1 How to get to the Artists’ Trail in Ubud
  • 2 The Artists’ Trail – our visit and impressions
  • 3 Artists Trail on the map

How to get to Ubud Artists Trail

The Artists Trail is located in Ubud, so first you need to drive to Ubud. Public transport in Bali is not very developed, so you can get here on a rented moped or car, as well as as part of an excursion. We got to the Artists’ Trail on a moped. The road from our hotel in Kuta Legian Bliss Surfer Hotel took about 2 hours.

Artists’ Trail – our visit and impressions

The Artists’ Trail is free to visit, and the first thing you’ll see as you approach the trail is the Pura Gunung Lebah temple. To the right of it, the Path of Artists begins.

Artists’ trail is about 2 kilometers long and at the end of the trail there is just a cafe where you can eat and relax a little, as you will have to go this trail again, but in the opposite direction 🙂 So be prepared to walk 4-5 km, I recommend wearing comfortable shoes, taking water and a Panama hat with you, as there will be nowhere to hide from the sun.

The path is comfortable, there is an asphalt surface, it is not difficult to walk. As soon as you pass the temple, which is at the very beginning of the trail, you will come to a place where to your right there will be many different houses on a hill, at the bottom of which a river flows.

The views are very beautiful, everything is surrounded by bright greenery. People living in such houses probably really like living here, getting out of bed every morning and seeing the riot of greenery.

This is the main part of the path, which can often be seen on the Internet or on brochures that entice you on a tour. In general, there should have been tall and bright green rice to the left and right of me 🙂, but since we were in October, and this is just the last month of the dry season, the vegetation at this time in Bali is dry, yellowish, as soon as it rains, everything will be green again. Anyway, it was very interesting for me to walk along such a Path of Artists in the very heart of Ubud, although, to be honest, sometimes the thought appeared that I was just going somewhere for dachas in our Russia in a very dry summer, of course, if you remove the palm trees. 🙂

This path goes for about a kilometer, then various houses and workshops begin to appear, small shops to the left and right of the Artists’ Trail, many flowers appear.

And there is a slight feeling that the path has ended, and you are walking somewhere along the shopping streets of Ubud.

But we walked to the very end, although, as usual, we arrived in the very sun, and it was quite difficult to walk in the heat.

At the end of the trail, Karsa cafe was waiting for us, although, I think, we could have gone even further, but, to be honest, we no longer had the strength, all the more we had to go back through the same heat.

We had a great rest in the cafe, ordered fresh juice and coconut – oh, I love coconuts! We cooled off a little in the shade and under the fans. The cafe offers a beautiful view of the rice terraces.

And also unusual Balinese houses with interesting roofs. 🙂

They reminded me of goats.