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YMCA/Loudoun – Liberty Elementary School

YMCA/Loudoun – Liberty Elementary School is a child care center in Chantilly, VA. At YMCA/Loudoun – Liberty Elementary School, we enroll children…

YMCA/Loudoun – Buffalo Trail Elementary School

YMCA/Loudoun – Buffalo Trail Elementary School is a child care center in Aldie, VA. At YMCA/Loudoun – Buffalo Trail Elementary School, we enroll…

YMCA /Loudoun – Lunsford Middle School

YMCA /Loudoun – Lunsford Middle School is a child care center in Chantilly, VA. At YMCA /Loudoun – Lunsford Middle School, we enroll children ages…

YMCA/Metro-21st Century Community Learning Centers

YMCA/Metro-21st Century Community Learning Centers is a child care center in Reston, VA. At YMCA/Metro-21st Century Community Learning Centers, we…

YMCA/Metro – Reston

YMCA/Metro – Reston is a child care center in Reston, VA. At YMCA/Metro – Reston, we enroll children as young as 4 weeks through 12 years and 11…

YMCA/Loudoun – Sterling Elementary

YMCA/Loudoun – Sterling Elementary is a child care center in Sterling, VA. At YMCA/Loudoun – Sterling Elementary, we enroll children ages 4.5-13. We…

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Walney Montessori Home, Chantilly

“Our daughter was in their care for year an a half, and she has grown so much during that time. The teachers there really do care for the kids like their own and we’ve enjoyed”
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many YMCA centers are there in Chantilly?

There are 2 YMCA centers in Chantilly, based on CareLuLu data. This includes 0 home-based programs and 2 centers.

How much does daycare cost in Chantilly?

The cost of daycare in Chantilly is $1,113 per month. This is the average price for full-time, based on CareLuLu data, including homes and centers.

How many YMCA centers offer part-time care or drop-in care in Chantilly?

Based on CareLuLu data, 1 YMCA centers offer part-time care or drop-in care in Chantilly.

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Swim With A Mermaid At Reston YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day On April 29

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Community Corner

All D.

C.-area YMCAs, including the one in Reston, are hosting family-friendly activities as part of Healthy Kids Day on April 29.

Michael O’Connell, Patch Staff

All D.C.-area YMCAs, including the one in Reston, are hosting family-friendly activities as part of Healthy Kids Day on April 29. (Google Maps)

RESTON, VA — Children will have the opportunity to swim with a mermaid at the Reston YMCA as part of the upcoming Healthy Kids Day on April 29.

This free event, which starts at 10 a.m., will include family-friendly activities to promote a healthy start to the summer season for area families.

All YMCA branches in the D.C. metro area, including the Reston YMCA located at 12196 Sunset Hills Road, are participating in the annual event.

Find out what’s happening in Restonwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Participants can take part in family exercise classes, games, activities, and vaccines. Fresh fruit will be available for snacking.

Information will also be available about other other YMCA offerings, including summer camps, child care, and sports teams.

Find out what’s happening in Restonwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

“At the Y, we believe in providing resources to families to ensure that their children have access to what they need to reach their full potential, no matter the time of year. Healthy Kids Day is a fun, free community-wide event that encourages families to take advantage of all the great summer resources that the Y has to offer,” said Kristy McCarron, the vice president of community health and wellness for the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington, in a release.

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Pussy on blood: a monument to the soldiers of the Russian Expeditionary Force was desecrated in Paris On the night of February 7, unknown people painted the monument in the colors that members of the scandalous punk band

Pussy Riot wore. The vandals are calling for the release of the girls behind bars, reports Obsession .

The Russian Expeditionary Corps participated in the First World War in France. The monument is a statue of an officer, next to which stands a horse. The hooligans dressed the bronze warrior in a pink dress, pulling a yellow balaclava over his head, similar to those worn by participants Pussy Riot . Hooligans “awarded” the horse statue with a green veil and a blue balaclava. At the base of the monument, unknown people wrote: “Free Pussy Riot”.

This is not the first monument desecrated by supporters of Russian feminists. So, last summer, vandals similarly abused the monument to the Soviet army in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. They put women’s stockings on the heads of the soldiers. The unknown, however, did not leave any inscriptions on the monument.

Memorial to the soldiers and officers of the Russian Expeditionary Corps who fought as part of the allied armies in 1915-1918, was opened in Paris on June 21, 2011. It was designed by Russian sculptor Vladimir Surovtsev. The monument stands on the alley Cours-la-Reine – on the right bank of the Seine.
(from here)

It is curious how Gazeta.ru delicately and shaking hands wrote: “In Paris, unknown stylized a monument to the Russian Expeditionary Force in France under the image of the punk band Pussy Riot, two members of which were sentenced to two years in prison for “punk prayer” in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.”
What a delicate, gentle word – “stylized”…
I wonder if a journalist had a similar sabbath at his father’s grave – would he also write about “stylization”?

We talked about scum, and now about the monument, and why it was erected…

During the turning point of the First World War, Russia, faithful to its allied obligations, sent an expeditionary force to Europe in 1916 to assist the allies. His main contingent defended, along with French troops, the Champagne-Ardenne region. The Russian infantry near Reims especially distinguished themselves, blocking the way to Paris for German divisions …

Commander-in-Chief of the French Army Marshal Ferdinand Foch wrote:
“If France was not erased from the map of Europe, it was primarily due to the courage of the Russian soldiers”.

Expeditionary corps of the Russian army in France. Summer 1916, Champagne. Head of the 1st brigade, General Lokhvitsky N.A. with several Russian and French officers bypasses the position.
Photo from the album Russian Expeditionary Corps in France and Thessaloniki, 1916-1918 – authors Andrei Korlyakov and Gerard Gorokhov, YMCA-PRESS, PARIS – 2003

Russian Expeditionary Corps on the Western Front

In response to an urgent request for help, the Sovereign Emperor ordered that special expeditionary troops be sent to France .
In pursuance of the Highest Command, four Russian separate brigades, two regiments each, with a total number of 750 officers and 45,000 non-commissioned officers and soldiers, arrived in France in 1916. The 1st and 3rd brigades were sent to the Champagne front. 2nd and 4th – to the Thessaloniki front, to Macedonia.

Both here in France, on the fields of Champagne, and in the wild mountains of Macedonia, Russian special regiments covered themselves with unfading military glory. But the sacrifice made on the altar of the Fatherland in a foreign land was also great. The graves of Russian soldiers are scattered throughout France and throughout Macedonia. The largest military Russian cemetery, where more than a thousand of our brothers rest, is located near Mourmelon (Marne).

Battle of Ain
At the international conference in Chantilly November 15 19On 1616, it was decided that in the coming spring to look for solutions to the war by going over to a general offensive on all fronts, provided with a maximum of forces and technical means. Russian troops were also involved in this offensive, which lasted until the end of April 1917.

The courage of the Russian soldiers, as well as the outstanding maneuvers of the Russian battalions, aroused the admiration of the French. In their reports about the April battle, the French called the Russian attack “brilliant”. The losses inflicted on the Germans by Russian troops in, in particular, the troops of Gen. Marushevsky were very impressive. All the trenches were filled with enemy corpses. However, Russian losses were also great. The losses of both Russian brigades, in one April operation, according to French sources, were determined at 5.183 hours, of which 70 officers.

It must be added that the attack of the 6th French Army ended in failure, but it is worthwhile to impartially state that the main and almost the only success in this grand battle of Ensk was in the sector of the VII Corps, which included both Russian special brigades.

Russian Legion of Honor
The revolution has come. Russia is out of order. The special regiments of the Expeditionary Corps were disbanded by the French command and military worker companies were made up of them. The allies were suffocating under the onslaught of the German hordes deployed from the eastern front. The name of the Russian was then synonymous with a traitor.
Hundreds of Russian soldiers, wounded in their national pride by the chaos in their homeland, and here by the contemptuous attitude of the allies, began to grow up to be sent to the Front. After long hesitation – so great was the distrust of the Russians, the formation of the Russian Legion was finally allowed – from volunteers of special regiments.

The heroism of the Russian soldier in France reached an extraordinary height in the combat work of the Russian Legion, which was included in the Moroccan shock division, the best division of France. The historian writes “who are these wonderful people who, shouting incomprehensible words, do the seemingly impossible – they pass that zone of death that neither the Zouaves nor the arrows could pass. These are the Russians of the Moroccan Division. GLORY TO THEM.”.

May 1918 The Germans abandon their best forces and tear at the front of the French army. In one leap, they jump over Chemin de Dam, cross the river Ain (…). The road to Paris is open. The Moroccan Division, thrown to the rescue, on horseback along the Soissons-Paris highway, takes the entire blow of the German boot. But the Germans bring fresh forces into battle and push the Zouaves in the center. At this critical moment, when it seemed that everything was already lost, the last reserve, the Russian Legion, rushed into the counterattack. The historian writes: “The Russian Legion rushes forward, with officers in front. Even the doctors, seized with the fervor of enthusiasm of this glorious phalanx, have forgotten their direct mission of mercy and, together with the fighters, break into the ranks of the enemy…”.
This battle cost the life of the Russian Legion, losing 85% of its staff and almost all officers. Then the French press of that time for the first time adds a flattering word and calls it the “Russian Legion of Honor”.

Later, the Russian Legion receives a long-awaited replenishment of volunteers from special regiments and, as part of a separate battalion, takes part in breaking through the fortified Hindenburg line. For the sacrifice with which the Russian Legion performed his maneuver, the courage and courage with which he carried it out under the enemy’s hurricane fire, he will be presented for an award by the French Commander-in-Chief and receives the “Military Cross” and “Forager” on the banner.

If the gap in the fortified line of the Hindenburg was not deep enough and did not bring a final solution, then the morale of the enemy was so undermined that he began to withdraw his troops … The Russian regiment was transferred to Lorraine, but rumors of negotiations had already spread.

After the armistice, the Russian Legion entered Germany, where it was sent to the city of Worms assigned to it for occupation.
Great was the surprise and indignation of the Germans to learn that their occupying troops were Russians. Our national white-blue-red flag was developed on the banks of the Rhine.

The word given by the Sovereign and Russia to the allies, represented by the Russian Legion of Honor, was kept.

Compiled according to the Instruction “Russian Expeditionary Corps”, pcs. captain of the 2nd Special Regiment V.A. Vasiliev
(from here)

Here in honor of the soldiers and officers of the Russian Expeditionary Corps, who fulfilled their military duty, a monument was erected.

The monument, created by the Russian sculptor Vladimir Surovtsev, was opened on the Pont des Invalides on the right bank of the Seine, not far from the Pont Alexandre III and the Grand Palais exhibition center.

The project was funded by the Russian and French ministries of culture (Alexander Avdeev and Frédéric Mitterrand, respectively, were present at the opening ceremony), as well as by the Paris City Hall. By the way, it is interesting that the idea of ​​creating such a monument belonged to the French Minister of Culture. François Fillon told journalists about this after the official speeches at the opening.
I am glad that Vladimir and I opened this monument in memory of Russian soldiers who participated in the First World War. It was Frédéric Mitterrand’s idea, and he spoke about it one rainy evening by the fireplace in the music pavilion of the Matignon Palace. It took less than a year and a half, and the monument was opened. For me, this is a beautiful symbol of the quality of Franco-Russian relations.

The opening ceremony was attended by a guard of honor represented by all branches of the French army, as well as the choir of the Sretensky Monastery, which performed the march of the Russian Expeditionary Corps “Kol is Glorious”, after the fabric covering was removed from the monument.
The ceremony ended with the march “Farewell of the Slavyanka” also performed by the choir of the Sretensky Monastery
(from here)

Representatives of emigration were invited to special stands erected on the square for the occasion.

A. Zhevakhov, Chairman of the Naval Corps ©Elena Yakunina

They brought transportable banners.

P. Kolychev with the banner of the Versailles Cadet Corps ©Elena Yakunina

Banner of the Russian Legion of Honor ©Elena Yakunina The First World War brought with them their photographs.

Olga Tarasova ©Elena Yakunina

Mamontov’s brother and sister ©Elena Yakunina
(from here)

For the author of the monument, People’s Artist of Russia Vladimir Surovtsev, this is already the fourth monument in France.

Vladimir Surovtsev
Any discovery is touching, exciting for the author. This is my third monument in Paris and my fourth in France. And each time, of course, is an extraordinary event. Every artist dreams of leaving his mark in Paris. Thank God, I succeeded. My projects have won competitions, and in this case, Mr. Mitterrand, the Minister of Culture, approved my project. And as a result, everything turned out, everything worked out.

Surovtsev worked on the creation of the monument together with his son Daniil:
They worked for almost a year, this is a joint Russian-French project. The French side was engaged in landscaping, and the Russian side, of course, made the entire monument. The large pedestal was made of stone in Karelia. All this was cast in bronze in the city of Smolensk, there is a foundry.

Of those monuments that you know here, this is the monument to the pilots of the Normandie-Niemen regiment in Le Bourget. Now, just, an air show, and you can see it. And a monument to partisans-maquisars at the Pere Lachaise cemetery, and in the city of Noyes-Saint-Martin, a monument also to our partisans.

Interestingly, in the city of Salsk, Surovtsev created a monument to Sergei Leonidovich Markov, general of the Russian Imperial Army, one of the most prominent Russian military theorists.
SUROVTSEV: What makes me very happy is that we have finally stopped reading the history of our fatherland and our state from 1917. We are finally coming to a deep, I want to believe in this, historical understanding that our state is already more than two thousand years old in general. And the previous history before the 20th century is no less interesting and no less dramatic than the history of the present and modern. I am proud that I have already managed to make a series on this topic with my son, in my opinion. important projects. You must have heard a memorial sign at the site of the death of the cruiser “Varyag” in Scotland, then we created a monument and installed it, opened it in Plevna – to General Skobelev. The book is being prepared now. I think the photo from this monument will be included in this edition. But the monument you spoke about, we made many years ago.

Full length interview of sculptor Vladimir Surovtsev to Armen Gasparyan, host of the Voice of Russia radio station, here:
Monument to the Russian Expeditionary Corps in Paris

Place where the monument is located on the map of Paris: http://karta.euromag.ru/?p=377

It is sad that some scoundrels desecrated the monument. Disgusting barbarism. To the credit of the French side, they managed to restore the original appearance of the monument. I hope they manage to find the bastards.

The monument to the soldiers of the Russian Expeditionary Corps, erected on the Seine embankment in the center of the French capital, has regained its former appearance thanks to the efforts of Parisian restorers. This was reported today to the correspondent. ITAR-TASS at the Russian Embassy in France.

The monument was vandalized on Thursday night by unknown hooligans who painted it in protest against the imprisonment of members of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot.
“The Embassy immediately sent a note of protest to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with an expression of indignation. In fact, this act was directed against our common historical memory of those who fought for our countries, – said the representative of the Russian diplomatic mission Sergei Parinov. – We hope that an investigation will be carried out, the perpetrators will be identified and punished.”

As the agency’s interlocutor noted, protest notes were also sent to the capital’s mayor’s office and the city’s police prefecture.0007

Now the monument has already been restored to its original form. The hooligans covered almost the entire sculptural composition with paint, and they used special car nitro enamels, which complicated the work of cleaning it. “It required the involvement of specialists , – explained in the diplomatic mission. – It was necessary to remove the paint and at the same time not damage the patina on the bronze.”

The monument to the soldiers of the Russian Expeditionary Corps was opened in Paris in the summer of 2011. It is installed in the historical quarter of the capital on the right bank of the Seine, not far from the Grand Palais exhibition palace and the Pont Alexandre III, during whose reign the Russian-French alliance was concluded.
(from here)

Eternal memory to the fallen soldiers.

Berdyaev Russian diaspora

Pugachev M.B.

Way – “an organ of the Russian religious
thoughts” – modernist
philosophical and religious journal,
founded N.A.
in Paris, appearance
and the formation of which refers to the 20th
years – one of the meaningful, but
little-studied stages of history
the latest domestic journalism.

An integral part of the Russian press
Abroad 20-30 years was a unique
pen-owned journalism
representatives of the Russian religious school
philosophy developed during
Silver age of national culture.
Most thinkers after the revolution
were forced to emigrate and earn
for a life of literary work. Their articles
published in almost all
major emigration publications and, no doubt,
embellished the history of Russian foreign
press, giving it an intellectual

The journal “The Way” is the organ of the Russian religious
thought is the most
a striking example of philosophical journalism
Abroad, due to the unique selection
authors, which included almost
all the best representatives of Russian

The works of Berdyaev, an important part of which
are articles published in
magazine “Way”, received a wide
distribution, as in various centers
Russian Diaspora, and beyond.
Published in French, German,
English and other languages, they did
N. Berdyaev was notable even during his lifetime
intellectual phenomenon in Europe.
Brightness and depth of thinking, fundamental
author’s position of a religious writer
caused numerous and controversial

Berdyaev the publicist set himself
the goal is to reveal to people the meaning of their spiritual
missions. Using your own
ontological method, he acted as
social and historical researcher

The first issue of the magazine “Way” was published
in Paris in 1925, where shortly before
N. Berdyaev moved there. Despite
objectively difficult for publishing
conditions of emigration, magazine
went out until the occupation of Paris
by the German army in March 1940. On
throughout all the years N. Berdyaev remained
permanent editor of the magazine “The Way”
and publishing house YMCA-Press.
During the war and immediately after it
log could not be resumed, so
how hard times scattered his former
authors on both sides of the Atlantic
ocean (having left France, many
settled in the US, UK and
other countries), and at the beginning of 1948 years old N.
Berdyaev died. .

“The Way” was considered an organ of the Religious-Philosophical
Academy (RFA) N.A.
, but in fact
published on YMCA traffic media.
He played a major role in the creation of the “Way”
YMCA secretary for Russian activities G.G.
. At a meeting in May 1925
with the participation of YMCA Secretary General J.
was decided
about the publication of the magazine. N.A.
assured J.
that all the authors of the magazine
striving for creative reform within
Orthodox Church as opposed to
the most reactionary Orthodoxy.

believed that the magazine
must carry out – contrary to any
attempts to return to the old-fashioned
religiosity – “spiritual leadership”
in relation to the “Russian intelligentsia”.
He wrote: “Within Orthodoxy,
be creative, renewing and regenerating
flow to meet new demands.
The position of the Orthodox Church in the world
changed drastically and catastrophically
it faces new challenges. Formed
a new way of the Orthodox soul, more
active, responsible, creative,
more courageous and fearless. IN
Russian religious thought were endured
creative ideas that
contribute to the Christian revival.”

In the first issue of The Way, members of the editorial board
claim to be connected with traditions
Russian creative religious thought,
and therefore the names of Khomyakov, Dostoevsky , Vl.
, Bukharev ,
V. Nesmelova, N. Fedorova are near and dear
the leaders of this journal.

admitted that his
the magazine is modernist, and
stated, in particular: In principle
the defense of “modernism” is the defense of life,
movement, creativity, freedom, thought. I
I would like “The Way” to be in this sense
“modernist” body, and I’m afraid
that it is not “modern” enough.

For tactical reasons, the organizers
decided that for the release of the magazine will be
answer not the YMCA-Press publishing house, but the RFA,
funded by the same YMCA. At the same
time since legal and administrative
point of view, YMCA-Press can be considered
responsible for the journal, as it is
publisher makes available
magazine its staff, means of publication
and distribution. spread
also engaged in YMCA, and the readers of “The Way”
were clients of the publisher
YMCA Press.

At the initiative of Berdyaev in the journal
practiced democratic tradition
co-editing. The editors of The Way
were B.P. Vysheslavtsev, who also worked
at the Paris Institute of St. Sergius, and
young Swiss, secretary of the YMCA
G.G.Kulman, a well-known figure in the future
League of Nations. In permanent editorial
committee included major modernists
of that time: about.
Sergiy Bulgakov
, Fr.
Vasily Zenkovsky
, S.L.
, L.P. Karsavin, A.V.
, G.N. Trubetskoy, N.O.
, N.S.

The magazine bit by bit collected all the best,
what happened in the intellectual
life of the Russian Diaspora. Berdyaev
constantly emphasized that emigration
should solve an important constructive
the task is to preserve the cultural heritage
for future generations of Russia.

“Ways” had to fight for freedom
religious, philosophical, social
thoughts, for the freedom of creativity. And need
to think that the magazine succeeded in something in
in this respect to do. He got out and
above the usual political passions

A key theme for many
years for foreign Russian press
there was a Bolshevik revolution. She
immediately revealed a terrible split between
upper cultural layer and folk
masses. The people have moved from naive faith,
in which have not yet been fully overcome
pagan superstitions, to the naive
materialistic and communist
faith. The Way wrote that a revolution is impossible
to deny, it is senseless to ignore,
despite the suffering she
brought to the people and especially
intelligentsia. There was no way back, and this
circumstance determined the special role

The authors of The Way, for the most part,
advocated a genuine humanistic
socialism, philosophical justification
which was not built on a simplified
materialistic positivism
radical intelligentsia of the 19th century, and on
recognition of the spiritual and religious
potential of a harmoniously developed
personality. Socialism rooted in
in popular justice and
religious values ​​of Orthodoxy,
associated with them was the goal towards which
the majority of the speakers strove to
pages of the Way.

repeatedly repeated,
that the pages of his journal are open to
everyone, including Catholics and Protestants,
atheists and “Christian socialists”.
According to him, “the only exceptions were
representatives of clearly obscurantist,
directions hostile to thought and creativity,
who have sympathy behind them
part of the emigrant mass. The report on
activities of the RFA, uttered in
Chantilly April 30, 1933, N.A.
stated that
“The Way” “unites all literary
and scientific Christian emigration forces
with the exception of the obscurantist extremely
right wing hostile to
to any thought at all”

“The Way” has also become one of the sources
pro-communist propaganda
because N. A.
believed that “the dream
about the onset of community, i.e. communism
in the religious sense of the word,
mankind’s greatest dream.”
Subsequently, he admitted: “I think
the Soviet government is the only
Russian national government…
This does not mean that I am completely

The magazine was famous for its book reviews.
In total, The Way reviewed about 160
foreign publications, and 75 Russian. Here
easily traced educational
the purpose of the journal. His
reviews and reviews allow you to make sure
in the ecumenical passions of The Way,
as well as in high intellectual
level of the reader to whom he was

The concept of the magazine “Way” found a hot
the response of the intellectual part of the emigration.
He managed to unite progressive
forces that wanted to fight for the spiritual
culture in an atmosphere of growing
Doukhobors. In the course of the struggle began
a new epoch in the emergence of Russian philosophical
thoughts on the European and world arena.