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Top 10 Best Wesley Chapel, FL Public Schools (2023)

For the 2023 school year, there are 19 public schools serving 16,547 students in Wesley Chapel, FL (there are 9 private schools, serving 749 private students). 96% of all K-12 students in Wesley Chapel, FL are educated in public schools (compared to the FL state average of 87%).

The top ranked public schools in Wesley Chapel, FL are Sand Pine Elementary School, Seven Oaks Elementary School and Wesley Chapel Elementary School. Overall testing rank is based on a school’s combined math and reading proficiency test score ranking.

Wesley Chapel, FL public schools have an average math proficiency score of 57% (versus the Florida public school average of 48%), and reading proficiency score of 60% (versus the 52% statewide average). Schools in Wesley Chapel have an average ranking of 8/10, which is in the top 30% of Florida public schools.

Minority enrollment is 50% of the student body (majority Hispanic), which is less than the Florida public school average of 64% (majority Hispanic).

Best Wesley Chapel, FL Public Schools (2023)

School (Math and Reading Proficiency)




Rank: #11.

Sand Pine Elementary School

Math: 68% | Reading: 69%

Top 20%

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29040 County Line Rd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
(813) 794-1900

Grades: PK-5

| 517 students

Rank: #22.

Seven Oaks Elementary School

Math: 66% | Reading: 70%

Top 20%

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27633 Mystic Oak Blvd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
(813) 794-0700

Grades: PK-5

| 654 students

Rank: #33.

Wesley Chapel Elementary School

Math: 67% | Reading: 68%

Top 20%

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30243 Wells Rd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33545
(813) 794-0100

Grades: PK-5

| 610 students

Rank: #44.

Dr. John Long Middle School

Math: 75% | Reading: 62%

Top 20%

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2025 Mansfield Blvd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
(813) 346-6200

Grades: 6-8

| 1,217 students

Rank: #55.

Union Park Charter Academy

Charter School

Math: 59% | Reading: 71%

Top 30%

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32775 Oldwoods Ave
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
(813) 358-7306

Grades: K-8

| 585 students

Rank: #66.

Wiregrass Ranch High School

Math: 60% | Reading: 69%

Top 30%

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2909 Mansfield Blvd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
(813) 346-6000

Grades: 9-12

| 2,066 students

Rank: #77.

Wiregrass Elementary School

Math: 58% | Reading: 69%

Top 30%

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29732 Wiregrass School Rd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
(813) 346-0700

Grades: PK-5

| 764 students

Rank: #88.

Pinecrest Academy Wesley Chapel

Charter School

Math: 59% | Reading: 67%

Top 30%

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33347 Sr-54
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
(813) 355-0002

Grades: K-6

| 598 students

Rank: #99.

Veterans Elementary School

Math: 58% | Reading: 68%

Top 30%

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26940 Progress Pkwy
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
(813) 346-1400

Grades: PK-5

| 664 students

Rank: #1010.

Double Branch Elementary School

Math: 58% | Reading: 62%

Top 30%

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31500 Chancey Rd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
(813) 346-0400

Grades: PK-5

| 775 students

Rank: #1111.

Innovation Preparatory Academy

Charter School

Math: 58% | Reading: 61%

Top 30%

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7800 Avery Scope View
Wesley Chapel, FL 33545
(954) 202-3500

Grades: K-6

| 425 students

Rank: #1212.

Cypress Creek Middle School

Math: 59% | Reading: 57%

Top 30%

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8127 Old Pasco Rd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
(813) 346-4600

Grades: 6-8

| 1,284 students

Rank: #1313.

Watergrass Elementary School

Math: 50% | Reading: 62%

Top 50%

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32750 Overpass Rd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33545
(813) 346-0600

Grades: PK-5

| 582 students

Rank: #1414.

Wesley Chapel High School

Math: 52% | Reading: 58%

Top 50%

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30651 Wells Rd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33545
(813) 794-8700

Grades: 9-12

| 1,469 students

Rank: #1515.

Cypress Creek High School

Math: 48% | Reading: 56%

Top 50%

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8701 Old Pasco Rd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
(813) 346-4400

Grades: 9-12

| 1,546 students

Rank: #1616.

Thomas E. Weightman Middle School

Math: 48% | Reading: 53%

Top 50%

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30649 Wells Rd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33545
(813) 794-0200

Grades: 6-8

| 1,088 students

Rank: #1717.

Quail Hollow Elementary School

Math: 45% | Reading: 49%

Bottom 50%

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7050 Quail Hollow Blvd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
(813) 794-1000

Grades: PK-5

| 471 students

Rank: #1818.

New River Elementary School

Math: 36% | Reading: 42%

Bottom 50%

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4710 River Glen Blvd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33545
(813) 346-0500

Grades: PK-5

| 635 students

Rank: #1919.

Chester W. Taylor Junior Elementary School

Math: 33% | Reading: 37%

Bottom 50%

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3638 Morris Bridge Rd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
(813) 794-6900

Grades: PK-5

| 597 students

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top ranked public schools in Wesley Chapel, FL?

The top ranked public schools in Wesley Chapel, FL include Sand Pine Elementary School, Seven Oaks Elementary School and Wesley Chapel Elementary School.

How many public schools are located in Wesley Chapel, FL?

19 public schools are located in Wesley Chapel, FL.

What percentage of students in Wesley Chapel, FL go to public school?

96% of all K-12 students in Wesley Chapel, FL are educated in public schools (compared to the FL state average of 87%).

What is the racial composition of students in Wesley Chapel, FL?

Wesley Chapel, FL public schools minority enrollment is 50% of the student body (majority Hispanic), which is less than the Florida public schools average of 64% (majority Hispanic).

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Best Private Schools in Wesley Chapel, FL (2023)

For the 2023 school year, there are 9 private schools serving 749 students in Wesley Chapel, FL (there are 19 public schools, serving 16,547 public students). 4% of all K-12 students in Wesley Chapel, FL are educated in private schools (compared to the FL state average of 13%).

The best top ranked private school in Wesley Chapel, FL include North Tampa Christian Academy.

22% of private schools in Wesley Chapel, FL are religiously affiliated (most commonly Baptist and Seventh Day Adventist).

Top Ranked Wesley Chapel Private Schools (2023)





North Tampa Christian Academy

(Seventh Day Adventist)

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5585 E County Line Rd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
(813) 991-0801

Grades: K-12

| 297 students

Cypress Creek KinderCare

Daycare / Preschool

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2303 Oak Myrtle Ln
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
(813) 973-3725

Grades: NS-PK

| n/a students

Discovery Point 62

Alternative School

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5415 Post Oak Blvd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
(813) 907-8892

Grades: PK-1

| 156 students

Faith Baptist Academy


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6300 Oakley Blvd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
(813) 907-9462

Grades: PK-9

| 88 students

Garden Montessori School

Montessori School

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6845 Boyette Rd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33545
(813) 991-6335

Grades: NS-K

| 105 students

The Goddard School

Daycare / Preschool

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2539 Bruce B. Downs Boulevard
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
(813) 603-6100

Grades: NS-K

| n/a students

Learning For Life Academy

Special Education School

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27716 Cashford Cir
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
(813) 445-4229

Grades: 10

| 19 students

New L.e.a.p.s. Academy

Special Education School

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21754 SR 54,
Lutz, FL 33549
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
(813) 949-0744

Grades: 1-12

| 19 students

Saddlebrook Preparatory School

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5700 Saddlebrook Way
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
(813) 907-4300

Grades: 3-12

| 65 students

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top ranked private schools in Wesley Chapel, FL?

The top ranked private schools in Wesley Chapel, FL include North Tampa Christian Academy.

How many private schools are located in Wesley Chapel, FL?

9 private schools are located in Wesley Chapel, FL.

How diverse are private schools in Wesley Chapel, FL?

Wesley Chapel, FL private schools are approximately 65% minority students, which is higher than the Florida private school average of 46%.

What percentage of students in Wesley Chapel, FL go to private school?

4% of all K-12 students in Wesley Chapel, FL are educated in private schools (compared to the FL state average of 13%).

What percentage of private schools are religiously affiliated in Wesley Chapel, FL?

22% of private schools in Wesley Chapel, FL are religiously affiliated (most commonly Baptist and Seventh Day Adventist).

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Wesley Chapel – frwiki.


Wesley Chapel courtyard with statue of John Wesley.

Wesley Chapel (English: Wesley Chapel ), originally known as City Road Chapel ( City Road Chapel ) is a London Methodist church. It is part of the group that formed Methodist founder John Wesley’s historic London base and includes an early old chapel known as Foundry Chapel, John Wesley’s home and a school. You can visit the museum dedicated to John Wesley and Methodism in the crypt of the chapel, as well as the home of John Wesley. In addition, the Methodist parish is still active, with about 440 members taking part in worship.


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  • 2 Architecture

    • 2.1 Appearance
    • 2.2 Interior
    • 2.3 Authority
  • 3 Website

    • 3.1 Statue of John Wesley
    • 3.2 John Wesley House
    • 3.3 Cemetery
    • 3.4 School
  • 4 Museum of Methodism
  • 5 Chapel today
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The chapel was opened in 1778 to replace the first chapel used by John Wesley in London, Foundry Chapel, where he first preached on 11 November 1739. After fundraising, the foundation stone was laid on April 21, 1777. the architect chosen was George Dance the Younger, surveyor for the City of London. The first woman to preach in this chapel was Agnes Elizabeth Slack in 1926. The building is a Grade I Historical Monument.



Despite changes and improvements made over time, Wesley Chapel is a fine example of Georgian architecture.


In 1864, the stands of the church were modernized, rows of seats were installed and their balustrades were lowered. The poles that supported them were originally the masts of ships donated by King George III; in 1891 they were replaced by jasper columns purchased in France with donations from Methodist churches abroad. The stained glass windows were added late. The closing chorus was given by former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, whose marriage was concluded at 1951 years old.


The first organ was installed in 1882 and the current one in 1891. It was electrified in 1905, and in 1938 its pipes were moved to the back of the stand, where they still stand today.


Statue of John Adams-Acton

Statue of John Wesley

A bronze statue of Wesley with “the world is my coming” at her feet, sculpted in 1891 by John Adams-Acton, stands in a courtyard overlooking the street. It is listed as a Grade II Historic Monument.

John Wesley House

Exterior of House

To the right of the courtyard, behind which the chapel is located, is the Wesley House. Created for him in 1779 after he had lived for several years in an apartment over a smelter, this house is a good example of a petty bourgeois house in the 18th – th century. Since it was intended to house other Methodist preachers and ministers, it was expanded fairly quickly afterwards. It was used by Methodist preachers until 1900 year. Opposite it, a parsonage was built for the parish priest of Wesley Chapel. The John Wesley House was then restored and renovated to evoke exactly the context and conditions in which John Wesley lived in XVIII – century, during his 11 years of residence there. (In fact, it was on an evangelistic tour of the country most of the time.) It is a Grade I listed Historic Monument and can be visited as a museum in a historic home. Wesley died in this house, in his bedroom, March 2, 1791 year old at age 87.


John Wesley’s grave is in the garden behind the chapel, as are the graves of six other preachers, his sister Martha Hall and his physician and biographer John Whitehead. There are also several tombstones near the wall of the Wesley house on the courtyard side.


Leysian Mission Building at Old Road

Leys School was opened in Cambridge in 1875, two years after non-Anglicans were admitted to Oxford and Cambridge, as “the Methodist answer Eton. ” The Leysian Mission was started in 1886 by former pupils of that school with the aim of improving social conditions in the East End; it was first based on Whitecross Street , a street off City Road , and then moved in 1902 to a building built for it at Old Street , near Wesley Chapel, in the St. Luke’s area. The mission has provided medical missions, legal aid, emergency relief, food programs, men’s and women’s meetings, and many services and activities. After World War II and the rise of the welfare state, the mission separated from these buildings. Strong ties remained between Wesley Chapel and the mission, and a number of scholarships continued to allow neighborhood children to attend school – boarding school Leys School in Cambridge. The two institutions merged in 1989.

Museum of Methodism

Museum of Methodism in the crypt of the chapel

The Museum of Methodism, established in 1978 and renovated in 2014, is located in a huge crypt under the chapel.

Chapel today

John Wesley Communion Table

Wesley Chapel is at the center of a multicultural parish with about 440 residents. She organizes daily prayers, religious services every day of the week, including Sunday, called Holy Communion (French: Sainte Cène). She is known for her penchant for “ high church ” and consequently for her elaborate liturgies.

Wesley Chapel Parish is engaged in local ecumenism with its neighbors, who in this case are Anglicans, Catholics, Lutherans and Quakers. It opens its conference rooms for various events.

See also

  • Methodism
  • John Wesley
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  • ↑ This traditional name in Anglicanism, and in the Methodism that arose from it, is a synecdoche, which designates the entire worship service with a term dedicated to one of its parts, the sacrament, thereby insisting on the sacramental content of this religious service.
  • ↑ “ What is Wesley Chapel? ”, Available at www.wesleyschapel.org.uk/ (as of June 22, 2018)
  • Bibliography

    • (en) George John Stevenson, City Road Chapel, London, and its associations, historical, biographical and memorial , George John Stevenson, , 624 9 0184 p.

    External links

    • (in) Wesley Chapel, London, official website of Wesley Chapel
    • (fr) Wesley Chapel and Museum of Methodism
    • ( fr ) Wesley Chapel Virtual Tour
    • (ru) Article from the site “About Britain”
    • (in) New York Times Guide Notice
    • (in) Frommer’s Guide to London
    • (en) Visit London – official website of London

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    Private high schools in the US and Canada are known for quality preparatory and university education. Also among their advantages are first-class teachers, comfortable campuses, modern equipment, a small number of students in the class (on average 12-15 people), a variety of programs.

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    Port Hope, Ontario
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    9035 0 Cheshire, Connecticut

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    Miss Hall ’s School 9035 0 Worcester Academy
    Army and Navy Academy 9 0353

    Carlsbad, CA
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    9 0005 Kings Education (Penn Foster School) Boston, Los Angeles, New York
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    Knox School St. James, NY
    from 45000
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    Pittsfield, Massachusetts
    from 51970
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    Northfield Mount Hermon School 9Riverside Military Academy 0350 Gainesville, GA
    from 34900
    USD p.a. 353

    from 55900
    USD per year
    Saddlebrook Preparatory Academy Wesley Chapel, FL
    from 56380
    USD per year
    Shattuck – St. Mary’s School Faribo, Minnesota
    from 51250
    USD per year
    St Johnsbury Academy 903 53

    St. Johnsbury, Vermont
    from 46950
    USD per year
    Croix High School Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN
    from 30200
    USD per year
    The Newman School Boston, Massachusetts 903 57 from 43500
    USD per year
    The Northwest School Seattle, Washington
    from 51825
    903 57 USD per year
    Vermont Academy Saxtons Rivers, Vermont
    from 49965
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    Wasatch Academy Mount Pleasant, Utah
    from 55300
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    9 0353
    Wayland Academy Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
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    Westover School Middlebury, CT
    from 49850
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    Wilbraham & Monson Academy Wilbraham, MA
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    Worcester, MA
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    9 0377

    Ecole Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande Lausanne
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    Surval Montreux Montreux
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