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Tierra’s unique early education program is built on a strong foundation that includes our core values, high standards, and is designed to care for the whole child. Every detail has been considered and curated to provide the best possible experience for children and families.

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The teachers are so friendly and hands on. I love the pictures we get of the art activities they do daily. Very glad we chose to send our son here and highly recommend.

Tierra Encantada is a truly special place where you feel like you can trust each and every person to truly care for your child. We feel like our baby is in an extension of our home! ❤️

We love Tierra! We looked at several programs and chose Tierra for a variety of reasons: their care with food preparation (We have a son with allergies), the amazing teachers, the clean / safe / stimulating environment, the great playground. We’re so glad to be there with both of our kids!

Laurel M. – Mom

Chicago, IL

Sarah B. , Mom

Alexandria, VA

Shane M. , Dad

Minneapolis, MN

Give your child the chance to grow up bilingual

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Preparing for Kindergarten, Resources by State, Embracing Big Feelings & More

Preparing for Kindergarten, Resources by State, Embracing Big Feelings & More

4 essential skill buckets that kids learn at Tierra Encantanda that help when preparing for kindergarten, plus free resources for families by state.

Camp Tierra Encantada- Embracing and Exploring the Summer

Camp Tierra Encantada- Embracing and Exploring the Summer

The best classroom? The great outdoors!

What’s Cooking? Our June Curriculum Theme, and More on our Mealtimes

What’s Cooking? Our June Curriculum Theme, and More on our Mealtimes

This month, we’re cooking up lots of Spanish lessons- and delicious meals!

Celebrating & Learning About Pride Month!

Celebrating & Learning About Pride Month!

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month! We’re shining a spotlight on ways we can support, learn and celebrate throughout the month (and year)!

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“I can’t give Tierra enough praise! On paper, the center had exactly what we were looking for – Spanish immersion, organic food, cloth diapers, a strong curriculum – but in practice, all you ever really want for your kids is for them to be cared for and loved by their caretakers and that’s where Tierra excels above the rest. ” – Meg V., Minneapolis, MN

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Our Program | Tierra Encantada

Beyond dual language learning, we offer an educational experience crafted to support the growth of the whole child. There are countless reasons children and families love what Tierra Encantada has to offer, and we know you will too!

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More than a language

Learning a second language from an early age can create many opportunities as children get older. This is just one part of how we focus on children’s development to prepare them to be their best.

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“We love the staff at Tierra Minnetonka! It’s like they’re a part of our family. Emma has developed beyond our expectations and actually looks forward to each day.”

Randall Jackson , Dad

Minnetonka, MN

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There’s lots to love inside of each Tierra Encantada classroom. Creating a warm and welcoming environment begins with how we design our classrooms and continues with the staff and curriculum that brings the experience to life. There’s so much to love about our classrooms, learn more to find your reason why!

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“Before learning of Tierra we wanted a place that served healthy food, offered bilingual (specially Spanish-English) education, and provided a safe and welcoming environment among many other desires. Tierra offers those things and much more! Free cloth diapers, wipes, bottles, and smiles are also a part of the deal which we were happy about.”

LaShawndra T. , Mother

Alexandria, VA

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“I can’t give Tierra enough praise! On paper, the center had exactly what we were looking for – Spanish immersion, organic food, cloth diapers, a strong curriculum – but in practice, all you ever really want for your kids is for them to be cared for and loved by their caretakers and that’s where Tierra excels above the rest.” – Meg V., Minneapolis, MN

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Kindergartens with Spanish classes in Moscow

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  • Kindergartens with Spanish classes Which institutions have the highest rating for Russian language courses in Moscow? users most positively rated My Alphabet, Yuvenes, Morozko. You can use our city map to find out their exact location and addresses.

  • org/Question”> Which Spanish language kindergartens in Moscow are open 24/7?

    There are 4 establishments in Moscow with 24/7 operation. These are Bambini, Muscovites, Muscovites, Ukolovschool.

  • Does display promotions held in establishments?

    Yes. On the pages of institutions there is a section “Promotions”, where you can find out about current discounts and special offers.

20 books about summer, sea and friendship. Enough for all holidays

In summer it is difficult to read long and serious works of the classics. This hot time is for light books about mountains and forests, sea and fresh sea breeze, sincere friendship and unforgettable adventures that can only happen in summer. Our blogger Lena Kalashnikova chose 20 such books.

1. Giovanna Zoboli. Tabby Cat and Mysterious Mouse on Vacation. NIGMA Publishing House 0+

The book Tabby Cat and the Mysterious Mouse on Vacation by Giovanna Zoboli tells how to make summer holidays unforgettable. And what is needed for this? That’s right, spend the holidays in the company of a good friend. That is exactly what buddies Tabby Cat and Mysterious Mouse did. Only now they still cannot decide in which direction they should go – to the mountains or to the sea.

In the end, the heroes decided not to choose, but to fulfill each other’s dreams. Therefore, they first go to the place that the Tabby Cat chose, and then to where the Mysterious Mouse wanted. They will have to meet each other’s relatives and, for the sake of friendship, complete all the items on the wish lists. And there were a lot of them – to lie on the grass, walk for a long, long time, set up a sail and chat heart to heart. A simple but wise story and charming illustrations are waiting for you, created by the artist Lisa di Andrea.

2. Daria Wardenburg. “Nikita is looking for the sea” . Samokat Publishing House 6+

There are books that do not tell about long journeys or incredible adventures, but nevertheless touch the soul and are remembered for a long time. The Russian writer Daria Vardenburg told just a quiet and calm story. The story “Nikita is looking for the sea” is about friendship and growing up. And this is the best guide on how to come to terms with circumstances and find your charm in them.

What to do if you dream of a trip to the sea, but instead you are sent to the countryside for the whole summer? Nikita is seven years old, he has never been left alone without his parents for so long. Yes, there is a grandmother, but she is completely unfamiliar to Nikita, and she talks to him like an adult.

Longing for parents, feelings of loss and loneliness gradually give way to the joy of friendship and the pleasure of discovering something new. After all, grandmother has a little secret – she knows how to get to that very sea.

3. Rune Belswick. « Prostodursen. Summer and something else » . Samokat Publishing House 6+

If you really love Tove Janson’s Moomin universe and have lost your feet in search of something similar, we have found a wonderful solution for you! The Norwegian writer Rune Belsvik invented Riverland and populated it with charming characters. At home, books about Prostodursen have already become classics and have been included in the “Golden Children’s Library” according to the Norwegian Children’s Book Institute.

There are only six heroes – the naive Prostodursen, the reliable Kovrigsen, the restless Octave, the unlucky Sdobsen, the mischievous Slick and the Duckling, who can find unusual things with meaning. Here the seasons change each other, neighbors quarrel and make up, suffer from loneliness and enjoy the holidays, dream of an unknown foreign country and make the dream of a goldfish come true. The illustrations for the fairy tale were created by the artist Varvara Pomidor — she subtly reflected the characters and moods of the inhabitants of the Riverside Country.

4. Marie-Aude Muray. Dutch no problem. Samokat Publishing House 6+

Another classic of modern European literature is the French writer Marie-Aude Murai. Her works are about children and teenagers, she always feels their problems very sensitively and writes books for them with great love and humor. Dutch Without a Problem is a collection of insanely funny stories. I assure you, not only your child will laugh, but you, along with him. And here there are small tasks for the development of fantasy.

The collection includes three stories “My baby for 210 francs”, “Sunday with dinosaurs” and, of course, “Dutch without problems”. The last of these gave the title to the book – in it we will meet Jean-Charles, who dreams of diving into the warm sea, but his father thinks that it will be much better if he plunges into the “language environment” and learns Dutch by getting to know his camping neighbors.

5. Maria Parr. Waffle Heart . Samokat Publishing House 6+

Norwegian writer Maria Parr has been hailed by critics as the new Astrid Lindgren. Performances are staged based on her books, they are included in the school curriculum and advised to read to parents and children of all ages. Maria Parr does not teach how to act, she writes about young fidgets who only think about adventure. The book “Waffle Heart” is about nine-year-old residents of the Shchepka Matilda Bay – Trill and his neighbor and classmate Lena.

There are only three houses in the bay and they are literally shaking from the adventures of two little neighbors. Either they ride from the highest mountain on a sled, or they make it rain from manure, or they build a cable car between their houses. Trille and Lena, though small, but behind all these fictions they seriously think about big problems. They are faced with the death of close adults, Lena is worried that she does not have a dad, Trille is tormented by the question – does Lena consider him her best friend.

6. Maria Parr. Goalkeeper and the Sea . Publishing house “Samokat” 12+

“The Goalkeeper and the Sea” is a continuation of “Waffle Heart”. Here the thoughtful Trille becomes even more thoughtful, and Lena Lead becomes more and more insane. This is because friends grow up, and this is not always easy. If you can laugh at the first book to tears, then the second one has a more melancholic mood. But next to the heroes, there is still the same sea and their native farm, which still smells of manure.

Maria Parr herself was born in a large Norwegian family, now she has two children. And everything she writes about is very familiar to her. In one of the interviews, Maria Parr said: “Adults in general, and Russian adults in particular, are too afraid that children, exploring the world, will suffer physically. Somewhere they will climb and they will definitely fall. But there is nothing terrifying about it. All children did it, do it and will do it regardless of the book.

7. Ulf Stark. “My friend Percy, Buffalo Bill and me” . Samokat Publishing House 6+

Since we are talking about modern classics, we cannot but remember the Swedish writer Ulf Stark. He passed away in 2017, but he left a great legacy of literature for children. The jury of the main Andersen children’s award noted the writer’s merits with a special diploma. Ulf Stark wrote for both toddlers and high school students. In this selection, I will tell you about his book for teenagers “My friend Percy, Buffalo Bill and me” about summer holidays and two friends.

The boys Ulf and Percy are ten years old. They spend their summers by the sea, building a hut, playing Indian, helping a friend collect bugs, and reading a book about Buffalo Bill, the famous buffalo hunter from the Wild West, with his stern grandfather. But will their friendship pass the test if Percy wins over Ulf’s family, all his summer friends and even the girl Pia, with whom Ulf himself is hopelessly in love?

8. Grigory Kruzhkov. “The Adventures of Miklusha and Maclay” . Publishing house “Clever Media Group” 6+

Here is a book by the great poet and translator Grigory Kruzhkov. He translates Kipling, Shakespeare and Tolkien, writes literary essays, and also writes poetry and fairy tales for children. The book “The Adventures of Miklusha and Maclay” is just one of such beautiful fairy tales by Kruzhkov. She tells about the adventures of two friends. Miklusha is a brave girl, an experienced sailor, a real sea wolf, and Maclay is her reasonable, thoughtful friend.

The guys go on an extraordinary journey around the world on a ship. Storms and calm await two friends, amazing meetings and unusual islands, adventures in the underworld and on the Island of Stone Idols. You will meet the hot-tempered volcano Rakatau, amorous Dutch cows, the Aerobatics Poet, a whale named Chesterton and other entertaining characters.

9. Tamara Mikheeva. Dolphin Children . CompassGuide Publishing House 12+

Russian writer Tamara Mikheeva is compared with Vladislav Krapivin, a classic of children’s fiction, for her exorbitant imagination and elegant language of narration. In the book “Children of Dolphins”, she tells the story of an ordinary boy Serezha, who lived all his twelve years on the small island of Lysoy. There is a scientific center for studying the ocean and its inhabitants – dolphins. Everything would be fine, it just so happened that Seryozha is the only child on the island.

And imagine how happy he was when his peers Roska and Maxim moved to the island. The move of these children happened because their parents died. A new friend and their adventures, which suddenly turn from quite realistic into fantastic ones, will help them survive this grief. While exploring the island, they wander into the restricted area and discover animals that no one knew about before.

10. Tamara Mikheeva. Asino Summer . CompassGuide Publishing House 6+

Another book by Tamara Mikheeva, Asino Leto, is also about summer holidays, but for younger children. Asya goes to a children’s summer camp for the first time. In “Firefly” everything is like in a regular camp – children here quarrel and make up, fall in love and break up, go to discos and tell horror stories. Only Asya also gets to know the magical creatures that inhabit the neighboring forest. And it seems that it is sometimes much more interesting with these residents than with peers.

Asya meets cheerful gnomes and other wonderful inhabitants of the forest, learns to fly, goes in search of living water to revive a withered flower. But she will still have to return to normal life – the boy Kolya from her camp fell seriously ill and she urgently needs to get the rarest medicine. Writer Tamara Mikheeva believes that “childhood is the most important time in a person’s life.” And she subtly and tenderly speaks about this important period with her readers.

11. Kirsten Fuchs. “Pack of girls”. . Samokat Publishing House 12+

What does it mean to be truly free? And is it possible to learn to be independent under the supervision of teachers and educators? This side of the issue is explored by the young German writer Kirsten Fuchs in her novel The Pack of Girls. The book was included in the international catalog of the best books for children “White Crows” and became the winner of the German Children’s and Youth Literary Prize.

Parents send 15-year-old Charlotte to an all-girls camp for summer vacation to learn how to survive in the wild. There, from the very first minutes, inexplicable things happen one after another. And when the head of the camp begins to behave in a frighteningly strange way, the girls decide to run away. They steal a wagon with dogs and go to an abandoned old mine in the Ore Mountains for exciting summer adventures and true freedom.

12. Evgeny Rudashevsky. Solongo. The Mystery of the Lost Expedition” . KompasGid Publishing House 12+

This book has everything we love – riddles, detective stories, mysticism and mysteries, expeditions and adventures. It was written by Evgeny Rudashevsky. He was born in Moscow, but spent most of his childhood in Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude. He traveled the whole world, but in his works he constantly confesses his love for the harsh nature of Siberia and Altai. Here, too, in the novel “Solongo. The Mystery of the Lost Expedition” takes place in the mysterious Sayan Mountains.

The adventure begins with the disappearance of traveler Viktor Korchagin. He had disappeared for a long time before, only this time his relatives did not hear about him for more than a year. Ten people are sent to search, and each has his own interest, which is not immediately clear to the reader. The path of seekers will be difficult, they will face many trials, joyful and unpleasant discoveries, quarrels and reconciliations. And the reader is waiting for a detective story and a novel of growing up in extreme conditions.

13. David Grossman. “Who to run with” . Pink Giraffe Publishing House 12+

The book Whom to Run With was written by Booker Prize winner David Grossman. This book first went out of print in 2000 and has gone through many reprints. It has been translated from Hebrew into twenty languages, and the total number of copies sold worldwide has exceeded one million. The novel is still relevant, even though it was written 20 years ago. His twists and turns are still surprising and there are still teenagers who are faced with big problems and who have no one to go to for help.

Asaf, who recently turned 16, is running around Jerusalem with his dog. They are looking for a girl who does everything so that no one finds her. But Asaf meets a variety of people who talk about the amazing Tamar: the kindest pizza seller, a Greek nun who hasn’t left her house for fifty years, an astronomer boy, a cafe owner whose face is covered with scars. Who is this Tamar running from? Amazing twists and turns await you both along the path of Asaf with Dinka the dog, and in the story itself.

14. Dmitry Ishchenko. “In Search of the Boy God” . KompasGid Publishing House 12+

Dmitry Ishchenko in the book “In Search of a Boyish God” sent his hero for summer holidays not to a warm beach to the sea, but to the harsh north. There are few shops, no Wi-Fi, bored residents and washed-up ships. This book is not a collection of practical advice on how to turn a dull summer into an exciting adventure. Rather, it will become an inspiring story for readers about the inevitable end of childhood.

“As long as you have the fuse to make discoveries, move forward, discover the unknown, then the boyish god is with you,” radio operator Boris once said to Vanya. But how to find him, this boyish god? Especially here, in the arctic cold, in the middle of nowhere, where Vanya spends the longest summer of his life. Three months on the picturesque coast of the Barents Sea become for the main character Vanya a source of experience – and knowledge about himself. »

15. Moni Nielson. Tzatziki and his family . Samokat Publishing House 6+

One of the stories about the boy Tsatsiki and his extraordinary mother. This time, Tzatziki goes to Greece, where he must meet his father, the Cuttlefish Catcher. And we have to find out how their relationship will develop and what changes await Tzatziki after this amazing summer.

This is a children’s and at the same time not a children’s book about empathy, tolerance, growing up of children and their parents and, of course, family.

16. Julia Kuznetsova. “First job” . KompasGid Publishing House 12+

“First Job” is the common name for Yulia Kuznetsova’s trilogy. The main character, Masha Molochnikova, is learning Spanish and she has the opportunity to go to courses on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. In the first book, Masha tries herself as a tutor in order to earn money for the trip on her own. The second book tells about the journey itself, and in the third part Masha returns home.

In this trilogy, an ordinary high school student becomes an adult before our eyes, able to solve her problems on her own. At home, she comes up with a plan and makes money with her mind, while in Spain she remains without the usual guardianship of her parents and gets a new portion of adult problems – self-doubt, fear of getting lost, heavy immersion in the language environment, and also an eccentric companion Marina and a sea of ​​amazing Spanish acquaintances.

17. Nina Dashevskaya. “Willy” . Samokat Publishing House 6+

Nina Dashevskaya is one of the main contemporary Russian writers who writes about teenagers and for teenagers. Her books contain a lot of the real complex life of high school students, but at the same time there is no excessive cruelty and frankness. For example, the book “Willy” tells about the summer holidays of the boy Sevka. By the way, the writer has repeatedly become a laureate of the Kniguru competition, and for this story she received the Vladislav Krapivin Prize.

In this story, at first glance, there is a lot of fantastic, incredible: a talking bicycle, an abandoned giant village, the main character’s girlfriend is a very, very tall girl who bakes the most delicious cookies. But in general, everything is like in life, because this story is about the most ordinary boy, for whom you worry and rejoice, as for your best friend. It’s just that when you really believe in miracles, they will definitely happen to you.

18. Stefan Casta. “Summer Marie Lou” . KompasGid Publishing House 12+

Swedish writer Stefan Kasta is known for his amazing books about nature. But he writes not only them, but also novels about growing up, first love and friendship. In 2002, Casta received one of the most prestigious awards in children’s literature – the Astrid Lindgren Prize, and now he himself is a member of its jury. The book “Summer of Marie Lou” can hardly be called light summer reading. But the touching plot and the quivering description of the feelings of the two characters will not leave you indifferent.

Adam and Mari Lou have known each other since childhood. They haven’t seen each other for three years and their life has changed unrecognizably. Marie Lou found herself chained to a wheelchair and was completely disappointed in her loved ones and in life too. Adam invites Marie-Loup to spend the summer in a country house – to relax, breathe fresh air, remember something, and forget something forever. During this summer, they will become attached to each other, grow a real strong friendship and learn to understand themselves and the world in a new way.

19. Jeanne Birdsell. “Penderwicks at Gardem Street . Pink Giraffe Publishing 12+

A series of books about the Penderwicks by American writer Jeanne Birdsell is almost like a modern Little Women. Four sisters live with dad. They are so different and each is beautiful and talented in its own way. But they cannot live without adventures and get into trouble both on vacation and in ordinary life. The Penderwicks have been translated into dozens of languages, and the writer received the Newbery medal for them, the most prestigious award in the field of children’s literature.

New adventures await the sisters in this book. It turns out that dad decided to look for a life partner, but the girls come up with an ingenious “Plan of Papa’s Rescue”. It’s just that something constantly distracts them. Rosalind cannot get rid of her enamored admirer, Skye loses her temper right in the middle of a football match. Jane worries that her writing talent will doom her to eternal wanderings. And Betty, a lover of spying on her neighbors, almost got spied on.

20. Jean-Philippe Arroux-Vigno. “Chocolate Vacation. Adventures of a family from Cherbourg. Publishing house “CompassGid” 12+

A series of books “The Adventures of a Family from Cherbourg” tells about six brothers who are called by the same name – Jean.