Songs for camp: 21 Classic and Funny Campfire Songs for Any Camping Trip

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21 Classic and Funny Campfire Songs for Any Camping Trip

– By Gina Massaro

Can’t remember the lyrics to your favorite campfire songs? We’ve got you covered.

There’s no better way to end a day in the woods filled with hiking games and camping games than sitting around a fire and singing some campfire songs. We’ve rounded up the most fun, catchy songs to sing along to during your next camping trip, from classic campfire songs to funny ones to campfire songs for preschoolers. Some of the videos even have the campfire song lyrics in them. So grab the marshmallows, stoke the campfire, warm up your singing voice, and get ready to sing these 21 campfire songs with kids.

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Classic campfire songs are great for all ages. Photo courtesy of Jeremy Hiebert via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Classic Campfire Songs for a Camping Trip


Rock the Boat

This song gets the whole family involved. One person stands up and performs dance moves correlating to the lyrics. When they’re done, they get to point to someone else to be on the spot.

2. Who Took the Cookie?

Everyone takes turns being accused of stealing the cookie from the cookie jar. It’s a great alternative to “Rock the Boat” for campers who don’t feel comfortable getting up and dancing.

3. Boom Chicka Boom

“Boom Chicka Boom” is a classic repeat-after-me song. The leader gets to pick the different styles the song is sang in, such as cowboy style, baby style, or anything else they can imagine.

4. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

This is a catchy tune that goes on and on and on and on…

5. The Song That Doesn’t End

Speaking of a song that goes on forever, Lamb Chop’s Play-Along introduced “The Song That Doesn’t End,” which can truly go on until the fire goes out.

6. I’m Bringing Home A Baby Bumble Bee

Hand motions and sound effects are part of what make this song so fun to sing.

7. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Put your imagination cap on for this song and traverse the different obstacles until you come face-to-face with a fearsome bear. The song can be changed to any animal, even Big Foot.

8. She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain

Campers can choose to do the motions with the song, such as riding horses and eating spaghetti, or just sing and clap along. Use your imagination to see what else she’ll be doing when she comes around the mountain.

9. Coconut

You can’t help but sing along to Harry Nilsson’s “Coconut” song. “You put the lime in the coconut…”

10. Herman the Worm

Herman the Worm continues to get bigger and bigger as he eats different things. Go rogue with your own interpretation of what Herman ate…maybe even your RV.

11. A Camping We Will Go

This is a fun song that goes through the steps of camping, like pitching a tent and collecting firewood.

12. There Ain’t No Bugs on Me

If you have a banjo to play along with, you’ll get extra points for this one. It’s a quintessential campfire song about different bugs landing (or not) on you.

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Give this Spongebob Squarepants tune a try—we dare you! Image courtesy of Nickelodeon

Funny Campfire Songs for a Camping Trip

13. The Campfire Song Song

Spongebob Squarepants lovers will recognize this song. It’s quick, fun, and quirky—but the faster you go, the trickier it gets.

14. Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah

This novelty song’s lyrics are sure to make the family laugh. The catchy tune is in part thanks to the melody from the opera “La Gioconda.”

15. The Great Big Moose

These silly campfire song lyrics about a moose who drinks juice and spills it all over the place will have kids chuckling.

16. The Weenie Man Song

A song that’s sure to make the family laugh, “The Weenie Man Song” sings like a ragtime song until midway, where the lyrics are sung over a techno beat. It’s fun, silly, and perfectly strange.

17. Mahna Mahna

Are there any real words in this classic Muppet song? Not really. Does it make it any less fun to sing? Definitely not.

Campfire Songs for Preschoolers

18. The Ants Go Marching

“The Ants Go Marching” is a great counting song for toddlers and preschoolers. Kids can even come up with their own lyrics by rhyming with the numbers.

19. Five Little Speckled Frogs

Another preschool favorite, “Five Little Speckled Frogs” is a catchy tune that helps enforce counting with little ones.

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Younger kids will love acting out the bear’s movements. Photo courtesy of Amazon

20. The Bear Went Over the Mountain

This song will get younger kids up and moving to act out what the bear was seeing and doing.

21. The Duck Song

It’s hard to believe this YouTube gem is over a decade old now. Older kids may already know the lyrics, and younger kids will have a blast learning them.

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Long Island

New Jersey


Camp Songs for Kids of All Ages

Are you looking for some fun camp songs for kids to sing around the campfire? Pitch your tent, roast your s’mores, and warm up your singing voice. There’s a toe-tapping tune here for everyone in your bunk!

Old-School Camp Songs

  1. Lean On Me by Bill Withers
  2. Take Me Home Country Road by John Denver
  3. Yellow Submarine by the Beatles
  4. This Land Is Your Land by Woody Guthrie
  5. Home on the Range by Brewster Higley
  6. Our House by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
  7. American Pie by Don McLean
  8. All Together Now by the Beatles
  9. The Times They Are a Changin’ by Bob Dylan

Camp Songs for Group Singing

10. Down by the Bay by Raffi

11. Five Little Speckled Frogs by Kaboogazoo

12. Ants Go Marching by Robert D. Singleton

13. B-I-N-G-O by Unknown

14. If You’re Happy and You Know It by Datia Ben Dor


15. Baby Bumble Bee by Stanley Murphy

16. Frog Went A-Courtin by Unknown

17. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes by Unknown

18. On Top of Spaghetti by Tom Glazer

19. She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain by Carl Sandburg

20. The Song That Doesn’t End by Shari Lewis

21. Do Your Ears Hang Low? by Unknown

22. Ain’t No Bugs on Me by John Carson

23. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by The Kiboomers

24. A-Camping We Will Go by The Kiboomers

25. Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun by Raffi

26. Herman the Worm by The Learning Station

27. Alice the Camel by Unknown

28. The More We Get Together by Raffi

Classic Camp Songs

29. This Little Light of Mine by Harry Dixon Loes

30. A Hole in the Bucket by Harry Belafonte and Odetta

31. Camp Granada by Allan Sherman and Lou Busch

32. Take Me Out to the Ballgame by Albert Von Tilzer and Jack Norworth

33. The Bear Went Over the Mountain by Unknown

34. Old MacDonald Had a Farm by Thomas d’Urfey

35. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean by Unknown

36. You Are My Sunshine by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell

37. Make New Friends by Joseph Parry

38. Oh Susanna by Stephen Foster

39. The Green Grass Grew All Around by William Jerome and Harry Von Tilzer

40. Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul, and Mary

Camp Songs for Dancing

41. Baby Shark by Pinkfong

42. Boom Chicka Boom by Unknown

43. Campfire Pokey by

44. Peanut Butter in a Cup by GoNoodle

45. How Far I’ll Go by Lin-Manuel Miranda

46. Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay

47. Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

48. Hello My Name Is Joe by Peter and Ellen Allard

49. Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd

50. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

Want more songs for kids? We’ve got kid-friendly songs for the classroom, phonics songs, winter songs, and  number songs.

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Camp songs for children

Those very songs for children’s camp that are remembered for a lifetime! The playlist contains cute and touching, cheerful and perky songs that are so well sung near the fire, at the end of the summer camp shift, modern songs for the camp, about counselors and successful alterations. Listen, sing along, come up with your own variations: this playlist has everything you need for a kids’ camp.

Listen to children’s songs about the camp

  • 1


  • 2

    Move – Freeze


  • 90 002 3

    Jolly walk together


  • 4


  • 5


    This camp is the best camp on earth


  • 7

    Fairytale summer


  • 8

  • 9

    Scarlet sails


  • 10

    Anthem of Friendship Artek


  • 11


    02:31 900 03

  • 12

    You and me and you and me


  • 13

    My dear


  • 14

    How cool (Bend guitar yellow)


  • 15

    Hey couch potatoes, get up!


  • 16

    Camp Morning Exercise


  • 1 7

    Song of the leaders


  • 18

    On the way of goodness


  • 19

    If only I knew that it was not in vain


  • 90 176


    I am the leader, you are the leader


  • 21

    Talking is barely audible


  • 22



  • 23

    Summer morning camp


  • 24

    I won’t forget


  • 25

    Pro Camp Albatros

    9000 2 04:08

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Songs for children’s camp.

Biggest Compilation

A large selection of songs for the summer camp for children.


By the blue sea
Where the storms rage.
There lived a girl
With a strange name.
And it often happened,
She’s in the open
Sailed away in dreams
For the blue sea.

Scarlet sails, Scarlet sails, Scarlet sails,
Scarlet sails, Scarlet sails, Scarlet sails

And somewhere beyond the sea,
Behind the blue line.
There lived a wonderful guy
With an open mind.
He dreamed of the sea,
About glorious deeds,
Dreamed of hiking
To distant countries.


And late in the evening,
When everyone is asleep.
Light up in the sky
Millions of lights.
It happened in the world
Great Miracle –
That guy came
To my girl.

(Music by Evgeny Ptichkin. Lyrics by Mikhail Plyatskovsky)

Earth wrapped
Fine threads
Parallel threads
from lakes and rivers.
Do a miracle,
Extend your hand.
It is necessary that in friendship
Every person believed.
(Repeat the last 4 lines 2 times).

Warm up with a word,
Caress with your eyes,
From a good joke
Even the snow is melting.
It’s so wonderful
If next to you
Will become kind and cheerful
Gloomy man.
(Repeat the last 4 lines 2 times).

We didn’t dream in vain
About a magical miracle.
Let the planet circle
Almighty Age.
Do a miracle,
Let it go out to people,
Let it out, let it out
In people man.
(Repeat the last 4 lines 2 times).


Conversations are barely audible,
And a shadow wanders over the camp.
We did not notice worries in the whirlwind,
How was another day.

Let’s just tell the truth,
Not melting in the soul of insults,
A thunderstorm will flash and subside in the hearts,
Granite will become stronger than friendship.

Warming unity with warmth,
Our friendly circle is getting closer.
If you need help, if it’s suddenly hard,
Remember – every your true friend.

Conversations are barely audible,
And a shadow wanders over the camp.
We did not notice worries in the whirlwind,
How was another day.

(authors: Plyatskovsky, Shainsky)

You and I, and we are with you, (2 times)
It’s good to have friends in the world.
If everyone lived alone,
That has long been in pieces
The earth would probably collapse.
(Last 3 lines repeat 2 times)

You and I, and we are with you, (2 times)
We will go around the Earth, then we will wave to Mars.
Maybe by the orange river
Little men are already sad there,
From the fact that we have been gone for too long.
(Last 3 lines repeat 2 times)

You and I, and we are with you, (2 times)
Nothing will ever separate us.
Even if we break up,
Friendship still remains,
Friendship stays with us forever.
(Last 3 lines repeat 2 times)

(Yu. Shatunov)

Childhood, childhood, where are you running?
Childhood, childhood, where are you in a hurry?
I haven’t played enough with you yet,
Childhood, childhood, wait, wait.

And I want, and I want again
Run on rooftops, chase pigeons,
Teasing Natasha, pulling the braid,
Ride around the yard on a scooter.

And mom says: “You have become big!”,
And dad will buy me a big briefcase.
Children’s toys it’s time to throw
And it’s time to read school books


And Natasha and I are walking around the yard,
And we don’t care about anything else.
The old women look askance at us,
They don’t recognize yesterday’s bullies.


Bad weather
(lyrics: Naum Olev, music: Maxim Dunayevsky )

Changes in nature
They happen year after year.
Bad weather is in vogue now,
Bad weather, bad weather.
Like from a water pipe
Water pours down on us from heaven.
Half a year bad weather
Half a year is nowhere.
(Last two lines 2 times)

Nowhere, nowhere, we can not hide.
But life cannot be put off.
Nowhere, nowhere, but know that somewhere there
Someone is looking for you in the rain.

Thunderous thunder
From sunset to sunrise.
For human sins payment
Bad weather, bad weather.
Not a sore throat, not a cold
More serious trouble.
Half a year bad weather,
Half a year is nowhere.
(Last two lines 2 times)


(Music V. Shainsky, Lyrics M. Plyatskovsky)

The wind calls the clouds behind it
Far, far, far.
If you haven’t met a friend yet,
Sorry, sorry, sorry.

The world is like a colored meadow,
If a friend is next to you.
Do not forget to take a friend on the road,
Always be a faithful friend.

The song gathers friends for a reason
In a circle, in a circle, in a circle.
Will make a gloomy day more fun
Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly


A friend for you to overcome a hundred obstacles
Glad, glad, glad.
With a friend, any trouble is not a problem.
Yes Yes Yes.

(Music: Chris Kelmi. Lyrics: Margarita Pushkina)

Here is one of those stories,
About which people argue,
And not a day, not two, but many years,
It started so easy –
Not from answers, but from questions,
So far there are no answers to them.
Why strive for the light
All plants in the world?
Why does the river rush to the seas?
How do we come into this world?
What is the secret of simple melodies? –
We wanted to know for sure.

Closing the Circle,
You suddenly look back,
There you will see light in the windows,
Shining after us,
Let it rain –
Don’t expect past troubles from them,
Stones of the passed roads
Managed to pierce the sprout!

Doors opened in the morning,
And the trees stretched up,
He promised the forecast, then snow, then heat,
But in the gardens of born songs
The wind was light and cheerful,
And he called us on the road.


If the sun is in the palm of your hand,
If the heart drowns in sounds,
You’re lost to ordinary days0254
Midnight shines for you,
And the star to the rescue,
Bringing friends home to you.


Each bird has its own motive,
Each song has its own motive,
Heaven and earth have their own motive,
Let time erase the face,
A simple thought will console us –
We could hear the music!

Chorus 2 times


The Earth is spinning like a carousel in childhood,
And the winds of loss are circling over the Earth.
Winds of loss, separation, resentment and evil,
They have no number.
They circle, see through from all the cracks,
Tearing the door off its hinges into the hearts of people.
Destroying Hope and Inspiring Fear,
The winds are circling, the winds are circling.

Hundreds of years and day and night rotates
Hundreds of years all the winds return
In circles.

But there is a wind of change in the world,
He will fly in, driving away the winds of change.
He will dispel when the time comes,
Winds of separation, resentment of the wind.

Hundreds of years and day and night rotates
Hundreds of years everything in life comes back
In circles.
Tomorrow the wind will change,
Tomorrow in return for the past,
He will come, he will be kind, affectionate
The wind of change.
(last two lines 2 times)


Time is a genius, as the poet said,
The lifetime of our humble genius.
We can’t turn back time, no,
We admit it, unfortunately.
The days seemed to go slowly,
We have waited so long to meet them.
We loved, believed, dreamed,
But time has a cool character.

Life gave us
Friend and road, happiness and anxiety.
Everyone shared with you in half,
Do not destroy this years.

And to be honest, friends,
The road has not always been easy.
Though we went astray a little,
But you can’t get off of it.
And in separation, and in the hour of doubt,
Leaving this threshold,
Only for this we thank God,
That others will be better than us.


lyrics by M. Minkov, music by P. Sinyavsky )

How thoughtfully the evening shines
Blue eyes of the stars!
If only we could remember the wind,
The one that took the song away.

If only we could remember the wind,
If only we could remember the wind,
If only we could remember the wind,0254
The one that took the song away.

And the guitar echoes the surf,
And the path runs to the moon.
If only we could take the sea as a souvenir –
At least one wave.

If only we could remember the sea –
If only we could take the sea as a souvenir –
If only we could take the sea as a souvenir –
At least one wave.

Evenings burn out quickly,
The hour of farewell approaches.
If only we could take sparks as a keepsake,0254
To always keep us warm!

If only we could take sparks as a keepsake,
If only we could take sparks as a keepsake,
If only we could take sparks as a keepsake,
To always keep us warm!


First days and first nights
Children are naughty, not wanting to sleep.
Three in the morning, I’m tired, however,
You manage to look at me.

You are timidly afraid to look into the eyes
Remembering your failures.
You know, counselor, you have to endure,
The change will pass, then we will cry!

No way back –
I am a counselor, you are a counselor,
But by the fire in the night
Tell me, don’t be silent.
Believe, friend, you are a counselor,
The guys are following you.
But at the fire in the night do not be silent.

Cold morning, rain and wind,
In a hoarse voice you will announce “Rise”.
And, cursing almost everything in the world,
Shout “Squad, let’s go to the gym”!

Someone is starting to get sick again,
An offended boy had a fight with someone.
You know, counselor, you have to endure,
The change will pass, then we will cry!


Word after deed the days flew by,
The day of parting means it’s time.
Time of separation and time of loss.
City. Bus. And all at home.

You don’t have time to sing the song.
It’s a pity, but it’s impossible to return the shift…
You know, counselor, you don’t have to endure.
Cry because now it’s possible!

pabam pam….
No way back
Believe my friend that you are a counselor!
But don’t be silent by the fire in the night…
Don’t be silent…. don’t be silent….

(Author: S. Ilyin)

The sun will rise early
And give us warmth,
And then we get a little wet in the rain.
We will run through the puddles,
Let’s enjoy the happiness of children,
A rainbow will smile at us in the blue sky.

Summer! Summer! – it’s a fabulous time!
Summer! Summer! – dancing until the morning!
Summer! Summer! the whole planet rejoices!
And we have a fun vacation – Hooray!!!

Swim in the river,
To ride on a swing,
And loved ones managed to collect flowers,
Imperceptibly the days flew by,
We’ve grown up a little,
Come back summer, we’ll be waiting for you.