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HCS Feeder Pattern Chart

High Schools

School Name Grades Phone Address
Columbia High School 9-12 256-428-7576 300 Explorer Boulevard Huntsville, Alabama 35806
Grissom High School 9-12 256-428-8000 1001 Haysland Rd, Huntsville, AL 35802
Huntsville High School 9-12 256-428-8050 2304 Billie Watkins Ave Huntsville, AL 35801
Jemison High School 9-12 256-428-8100 5000 Pulaski Pike, Huntsville, AL 35810
Lee High School 9-12 256-428-8150 2500 Meridian St. Huntsville, AL 35811
New Century Technology High School 9-12 256-428-7800 2500 Meridian St. Huntsville, AL 35811


Middle/Junior High Schools

School Name Grades Phone Address
Academy for Academics and Arts Middle 6-8 256-428-7600 4800 Sparkman Drive, Huntsville AL 35810
Academy for Science & Foreign Language Middle 6-8 256-428-7000 3221 Mastin Lake Road Huntsville AL 35810
Challenger Middle School 6-8 256-428-7620 13555 Chaney Thompson Road, Huntsville, AL 35803
Chapman Middle School 6-8 256-428-7640 2006 Reuben Drive, Huntsville, AL 35811
Hampton Cove Middle School 6-8 256-428-8380 261-B Old 431 Highway Hampton Cove, AL 35763
Huntsville Junior High School 7-8 256-428-7700 817 Adams Ave. Huntsville, AL 35801
Morris Middle School 6-8 256-428-7340 4801 Bob Wallace Avenue Huntsville, AL 35805
Mountain Gap Middle School 6-8 256-428-7720 821 Mountain Gap Road, Huntsville, AL 35803
Ronald E. McNair Jr. High 7-8 256-428-7660 5000 Pulaski Pike, Huntsville, AL 35810
Whitesburg Middle School 6-8 256-428-7780 107 Sanders Rd. SW, Huntsville AL, 35802
Williams Middle 6-8 256-428-7330 155 Barren Fork Blvd SW Huntsville, AL 35824


Elementary Schools

School Name Grades Phone Address
Academy for Academics and Arts Elementary P-5 256-428-7600 4800 Sparkman Drive, Huntsville AL 35810
Academy for Science & Foreign Language Elementary P-5 256-428-7000 3221 Mastin Lake Road Huntsville AL 35810
Blossomwood Elementary P-6 256-428-7020 1321 Woodmont Ave. Huntsville, AL 35801
Chaffee Elementary P-5 256-428-7040 7900 Whittier Road Huntsville, AL 35802
Challenger Elementary P-5 256-428-7060 13555 Chaney Thompson Rd. SE, Huntsville, AL 35803
Chapman Elementary P-5 256-428-7080 2006 Reuben Drive, Huntsville, AL 35811
Farley Elementary School P-5 256-428-7160 2900 Green Cove Road Huntsville Alabama 35803
Goldsmith-Schiffman Elementary P-5 256-428-7150 1210 Taylor Road, Big Cove, Al 35763
Hampton Cove Elementary School P-5 256-428-7180 261-A Old Highway 431 Hampton Cove, AL 35763
Highlands Elementary School P-6 256-428-7200 2500 Barney Terrace NW Huntsville, AL 35810
James I Dawson Elementary P-6 256-428-7500 5308 Mastin Lake Rd, Huntsville, AL 35810
Jones Valley Elementary School P-6 256-428-7220 4908 Garth Road SE Huntsville Alabama 35802
Lakewood Elementary P-6 256-428-7240 3501 Kenwood Drive Huntsville, AL 35810
Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary P-5 256-428-7100 3112 Meridian Street, Huntsville, AL 35811
McDonnell Elementary P-5 256-428-7280 4010 Binderton Place, Huntsville, AL 35805
Monte Sano Elementary P-6 256-428-7300 1107 Monte Sano Blvd, Huntsville, AL 35801
Montview Elementary P-5 256-428-7320 2600 Garvin Road NW, Huntsville, AL 35810
Morris Elementary P-5 256-428-7340 4801 Bob Wallace Avenue Huntsville, AL 35805
Mountain Gap Elementary P-5 256-428-7720 821 Mountain Gap Road, Huntsville, AL 35803
Providence Elementary School P-5 256-428-7125 10 Chalkstone Street Huntsville, Alabama 35806
Ridgecrest Elementary P-5 256-428-7380 3505 Cerro Vista Dr. SW Huntsville, AL 35805
Rolling Hills Elementary School P-6 256-428-7400 2901 Hilltop Terrace Huntsville, Alabama 35810
Sonnie Hereford Elementary P-6 256-428-7440 2755 Wilson St, Huntsville, AL 35816
Weatherly Heights Elementary P-5 256-428-7460 1307 Cannstatt Drive, Huntsville, AL 35803
Whitesburg Elementary P-5 256-428-7780 107 Sanders Rd. SW, Huntsville AL, 35802
Williams Elementary P-5 256-428-7540 155 Barren Fork Blvd SW Huntsville, AL 35824

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American military helicopter crashed in Alabama – RBC

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Euro exchange rate on July 26
EUR CB: 99.69


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Dollar exchange rate on July 26
USD Central Bank: 90.09


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The Kremlin revealed the number of foreign leaders at the Russia-Africa summit

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Cherchesov responded to reports of the interest of the club from Saudi Arabia

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Military operation in Ukraine. Online

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Wholesale gasoline prices began to fall after the statements of Novak and the Ministry of Energy

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NHL record holder and member of the Triple Golden Club Bergeron retired

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Military operation in Ukraine. Main

Politics, 17:32

US accuses Russian Aerospace Forces of damaging MQ-9 drone in Syria

Politics, 17:27

Footage from the scene of the crash of a fire plane on an island in Greece

Society, 17:24

The Ministry of Defense announced the capture of the village of Sergeevka

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Sobyanin named the fare on the MCD-3 in three tariff zones

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VTB My Investments: rate hike will hit dividend stocks

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The fight between Monson and Taktarov will be held according to the rules of boxing

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Black Hawk Helicopter

(Photo: Hristo Rusev/Getty Images)

A US military Black Hawk helicopter crashed near Huntsville, Alabama with no survivors, Fox News reported.

According to Madison County Police, the helicopter crashed at 3:00 pm (12:00 AM ET) near the intersection of Burwell Road and Highway 53 in Huntsville. After the crash, the helicopter caught fire, roads were blocked in the emergency area.

It is not known how many people were on board, but two people died, according to Fox News and ABC News. A U.S. official told ABC News the helicopter belonged to the Tennessee National Guard. The reasons for its collapse are unknown.

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On February 10, an aircraft collided with a passenger bus at Los Angeles International Airport in the United States, injuring five people. The accident occurred while the plane was being towed to a parking lot. According to CBS, the driver of the tow truck, two passengers and the driver of the bus, as well as a worker who was on board the aircraft, were injured in the collision. The latter refused hospitalization, while the other four were taken to the hospital.

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ProReutov — What a schoolboy from Reutov learned at the US Space & Rocket Center

Tenth grader from a large Reutov family Georgy Danielyan completed a week-long training at the famous American space and rocket center Alabama US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville. Georgy himself and his mother Diana Danielyan told about how a student of the physics and mathematics class of school No. 6 managed to get into an international team of children from different countries and live for a whole week in conditions close to the life of astronauts.

Looking ahead, we note that before that there was an absentee selection, which was passed only by four Russian schoolchildren: a student from Reutov and three girls from Yekaterinburg, Moscow and St. Petersburg. In February, they were invited to America for an educational program at the expense of the host, however, the invitees themselves paid for the flight to the scene of action.

American Science City

First, a few words about Huntsville. This American city in the state of Alabama and Reutov with its city-forming enterprise “NPO Mashinostroeniya” are in many ways similar. At the end of 19In the 40s, a research center for the development of ballistic missiles was established near Huntsville. In the summer of 1949, a group of designers from von Braun, the father of the American space program, moved here. Under his leadership, the first US ballistic missile was developed, which was also used to launch artificial Earth satellites. And the specialists of the research center in Huntsville were directly involved in such space projects as a manned flight to the moon on a Saturn-5 rocket, the Soyuz-Apollo joint program with the USSR, work on the International Space Station (ISS) and many others.

In 1970, a museum was opened in Huntsville with a fleet of rockets and over 1,000 exhibits related to the history of space exploration and the American rocket program. On the basis of the Museum of the Rocket and Space Center under the auspices of the well-known corporation Honeywell, which specializes in the development of aerospace equipment, the special Leadership Challenge Academy annually hosts unique educational programs for children and high school students from around the world.

— Georgy, tell us how this whole story began with a trip to America to study?

– I think it started a very long time ago, when everything related to rockets, aviation and robotics began to interest me. I went to robotics when the classes were conducted by the MFC, and before that I studied in the children’s rocket science club at Parus. Modeling there was quite simple – we mainly made rockets out of paper, – says Georgy. – My father helped me to learn about the training program in America (Roman Danielyan was an engineer by his first profession. – Approx. ed.). He has friends whose children have already gone on internships at the Leadership Challenge Academy. They said that there is a selection for the winter shift. I submitted my application, wrote an essay in English about myself: what I can do, what my passion is, where I study, attached certificates, for example, for my project in the city’s IT park competition, and waited. Two months later, the answer came that I had been accepted and would go to America.

— The answer came on December 26, — Georgy’s mother clarifies, — so it turned out to be a very good present for the New Year. Frankly, we did not expect that George would be invited the first time. Then we were sent an invitation and documents that we had to sign at school. Thanks to class teacher Georgy Yulia Yuryevna Dyubkina and school director Igor Evgenievich Volodin for helping with this. And then we got a visa. The week-long trip itself took place in February. I was very worried about my son, because it was his first trip so far: the flight to Huntsville is long, and even with three transfers. However, upon arrival, Gera immediately told us that everything was fine, and then he was constantly in touch.

— What are your first impressions of the American Huntsville?

– This city is united with ours by the space theme, only Reutov grows more upwards, and Huntsville, rather, in breadth. It has one of the leading space colleges that trained astronauts back in the days of Apollo. And, of course, I was very impressed by the museum of the rocket and space center. After the closure of the lunar program, the original Saturn-5 was transported to it. There are a lot of unique exhibits, von Braun’s office, for example, and there are also simulators where you can practice and feel like a real astronaut or pilot.

As it turned out, all four schoolchildren from Russia ended up in different groups.

“This is done on purpose so that the children communicate with each other only in English, and not in their native language, so all Russians were assigned to different groups,” explained Diana Danielyan.

— My group included guys from Turkey, USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates and Panama. On the very first day, we had team building classes, and this immediately made us friends. And if we talk about other days, they were more devoted to the study of the space part, engineering and the sciences necessary for astronauts, the development of useful skills, but there was not much mathematics, but there was a very interesting practical part. This modern technique is called STEM,” said Georgy Danielyan.

— Can you elaborate on this?

— In STEM classes, interdisciplinary and applied approaches are used more, that is, four areas are integrated into a single learning paradigm, which is based on real practical application, — explains George’s mother.

— George, what practice do you remember?

“One day our group was divided into subgroups: someone went to inspect the Shuttle, someone went to the control center, and someone went to a copy of the ISS,” says Georgy. – We had instructions with tasks that each of us had to perform under the conditions of a three-hour simulated flight. For example, an error at the station, which the team must quickly fix on prompts from the control center.

— Was there weightlessness?

– There was an imitation of weightlessness. The guys worked in limbo on special springs. My partners at the station and I had the task of conducting several experiments, recording and transmitting their results to the center. Then, according to these results, we were sorted out errors and shortcomings. In addition, every day we went to rocket design classes. As a result, our team did not just assemble the rocket – it’s very simple, but programmed the controllers and actually launched it. Then, based on the results of this flight, we made a presentation. And on one of the days we were tested for resourcefulness and ingenuity. For example, with the help of thin foil, a torch and wire, we had to make a heat shield that would last at least a minute without melting the foil and glue. We thought for a long time, assembled, disassembled, tested – it worked!

At the helm of a fighter jet and not only

According to Georgy, in addition to the space camp, Huntsville also has educational projects related to aviation and robotics.

– We visited the aviation camp, where the aircraft museum is located. It even has a Soviet MIG, which at one time shot down about 50 aircraft. And there are also simulators for piloting fighter jets. On the first day, we were simply allowed to fly, and on the second day, our team had a specific task: to form a group of fighters to destroy three targets. This group of winged vehicles with weapons had to meet a certain budget, while it was necessary to provide for money left in case one of us suddenly fell. And it’s very easy to fall! As a result, we destroyed all the targets, calculated everything correctly, the mentors noted and praised our team. And we were also at the astronaut training center, where I personally was very well spun in a centrifuge.

— What were the living conditions like?

— The camp building itself is made in the style of a space station: no carpets and frills, minimalism, everything is as functional as possible — both in the kitchen and in the rooms, — Georgy said.

— Was the food also cosmic?

— No, quite earthly, according to the countries of the world whose representatives have been to the ISS. For example, for lunch – Japanese dishes, for dinner – Spanish, but breakfast has always been American.

— Did you really make friends with any of the guys during this week of training?

“We became good friends with everyone in our group,” Danielyan replies. “Teamwork was required almost everywhere, one person would hardly have coped with the tasks that we were given, so we had to find mutual understanding with everyone, learn how to interact.

— And what did you do on the last day of training?

– There was something like an exam from Honeywell. Our team was on a rescue mission at a hurricane-hit mall. We were divided into groups: doctors, rescuers, coordinators. I was among the rescuers, my functions included keeping in touch with all participants in the operation to evacuate people from the shopping center, finding out the causes of the emergency, transmitting this information to the control center and logisticians, receiving instructions and instructions from them. According to legend, we safely got people out of the store. And at the very end of the internship, each of us was awarded for good results.

Before and after

— Do you think that after your trip to America, your goals for further studies and career choice will change?

“Physics and mathematics, as they were his favorite subjects, remain the same,” Georgy’s mother notes, “that is why his son sought to get into the physics and mathematics class, prepared in advance for the OGE in specialized subjects and successfully passed the exams. I hope that in a year everything will work out with the Unified State Examination and admission – at school he has very strong teachers in mathematics and physics: Marina Aleksandrovna Dovidenko and Galina Uralovna Lakhova.

— Where do you plan to enter?

– At the Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman, to the aerospace department, – Georgy answers.