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Product Manager Salary in SF Bay Area

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Product Managers are typically responsible for the strategy, roadmap and feature definition of a given product or product area. They are expected to deeply understand customer needs and deliver value based on them. They serve as the leader across many cross-functional groups, bridging connections and fostering collaboration across an organization.

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We don’t have enough data for SF Bay Area,so we’ve calculated your salary information for the San Francisco Bay Area instead:

Based on real Hired interview data, Product Managers in SF Bay Area earn an average annual salary of

Based on real Hired interview data, Product Managers in SF Bay Area earn an average annual salary of


The salaries of candidates in this role range from a low of $140,000 to a high of $200,000, with a median salary of $165,000.


Compare Product Manager salaries by region

Product Managers are highest in demand in SF Bay Area, New York, and London.

Browse and compare average salaries in locations where this role is also popular:

  1. Austin
  2. $186,001
  3. SF Bay Area
  4. $177,600
  5. Seattle
  6. $176,290
  7. New York
  8. $166,546
  9. Los Angeles
  10. $165,338
  11. Denver
  12. $150,000
  13. Toronto
  14. C$146,666
  15. Washington D.C.
  16. $144,506
  17. Boston
  18. $143,083
  19. Dallas/Ft Worth
  20. $140,000
  21. Philadelphia
  22. $137,500
  23. Chicago
  24. $129,570
  25. Phoenix
  26. $120,833
  27. France
  28. €82,500
  29. London
  30. £80,335
  1. Austin
  2. $186,001
  3. SF Bay Area
  4. $177,600
  5. Seattle
  6. $176,290
  7. New York
  8. $166,546
  9. Los Angeles
  10. $165,338
  11. Denver
  12. $150,000
  13. Toronto
  14. C$146,666
  15. Washington D. C.
  16. $144,506
  17. Boston
  18. $143,083
  19. Dallas/Ft Worth
  20. $140,000
  21. Philadelphia
  22. $137,500
  23. Chicago
  24. $129,570
  25. Phoenix
  26. $120,833
  27. France
  28. €82,500
  29. London
  30. £80,335

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  • Agile
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Where Product Managers are highest in demand

    Product Managers are highest in demand in SF Bay Area, New York, and London. Browse and compare average salaries in locations where this role is also popular:

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Product Manager Salary In San Francisco, CA (August 2023)

Updated July 21, 2023


To create our salary estimates, Zippia starts with data published in publicly available sources such as the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Foreign Labor Certification Data Center (FLC) Show More

$63.64 hourly

Entry-level product manager salary

$93,000 yearly




How much does a product manager make in San Francisco, CA?

The average product manager salary in San Francisco, CA is $132,367. Product manager salaries in San Francisco range between $93,000 and $187,000 a year. This San Francisco based salary compares to a United States average product manager salary of $132,367. The average hourly rate for product managers in San Francisco is $63.64 per hour.

The average product manager salary in San Francisco is further broken down below by the highest-paying companies and industries. You can also compare the salaries of different types of product managers in San Francisco and see how the average product manager salaries have changed over time in San Francisco.

Highest paying companies in San Francisco


Highest paying cities near San Francisco

San Rafael, CA

What Am I Worth?

Highest paying companies in San Francisco


Highest paying cities near San Francisco

San Rafael, CA

What Am I Worth?

Product manager salary in San Francisco by company

To view the average product manager salary for a specific company in San Francisco, use the filter below to add a company.

Highest paying companies for product managers in San Francisco

Rank Company Average Salary Hourly Rate
1 Meta $174,262 $84
2 Airbnb $170,677 $82
3 Roku $169,269 $81
4 Credit Karma $165,608 $80
5 Netflix $165,348 $79
6 Lyft $164,052 $79
7 The Walt Disney Company $162,460 $78
8 ByteDance $162,278 $78
9 BitGo $161,570 $78
10 Thrive Global $160,957 $77
11 Crunchbase $160,581 $77
12 Brex $159,775 $77
13 Waymo $159,727 $77
14 Mixpanel $159,314 $77
15 Yelp $159,207 $77
16 Google $159,092 $76
17 Penske Media $157,786 $76
18 Flexport $157,638 $76
19 Pure Storage $155,841 $75
20 StubHub $155,453 $75

Highest paying cities near San Francisco, CA for product managers

The average product manager salary for locations near San Francisco varies. This product manager salary table shows the best-paid cities for product managers in the San Francisco area.

Rank Location Average Salary Hourly Rate
1 San Rafael, CA $132,412 $64
2 Pacifica, CA $132,409 $64
3 Novato, CA $132,393 $64
4 Daly City, CA $132,392 $64
5 San Bruno, CA $132,365 $64
6 South San Francisco, CA $132,279 $64
7 San Mateo, CA $132,259 $64
8 Richmond, CA $132,250 $64
9 Foster City, CA $132,205 $64
10 Berkeley, CA $132,184 $64
11 Alameda, CA $132,172 $64
12 Redwood City, CA $132,163 $64
13 Oakland, CA $132,154 $64
14 Vallejo, CA $132,090 $64
15 San Leandro, CA $132,090 $64
16 Castro Valley, CA $132,023 $63
17 Hayward, CA $132,018 $63
18 Martinez, CA $131,997 $63
19 Pleasant Hill, CA $131,948 $63
20 Walnut Creek, CA $131,941 $63

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Average product manager pay in San Francisco by industry

San Francisco product manager salaries vary depending on the industry. Here is a breakdown of the average product manager pay in San Francisco across different industries.

Highest paying product manager industries in San Francisco

Rank Industry Average Salary Hourly Rate
1 Retail $114,839 $55
2 Hospitality $114,288 $55
3 Technology $114,210 $55
4 Telecommunication $112,010 $54
5 Finance $109,384 $53
6 Manufacturing $106,561 $51

Average product manager salary in San Francisco over time

Compare the average product manager salary history for individual cities or states with the national average.

Average product manager salary in San Francisco by year

Year Average Product Manager Salary In San Francisco Average Product Manager Salary In The US
2023 $132,000 $112,000
2022 $127,000 $108,000
2021 $126,000 $106,000
2020 $123,000 $104,000
2019 $125,000 $103,000

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Real product manager salaries around San Francisco, CA

Company Job Location Date Added Salary
Meta Platforms, Inc. Product Manager Burlingame, CA 12/01/2023 $172,113
Wal-Mart Associates, Inc. Manager II, Advanced Analytics San Bruno, CA 12/01/2023 $140,000
Jetblue Airways Corporation Manager, Communications and Marketing San Carlos, CA 12/01/2023 $124,904
Guidewire Software, Inc. Senior Product Manager San Mateo, CA 12/01/2023 $180,000
Beigene USA, Inc. Manager, Advanced Analytics San Mateo, CA 11/01/2023 $135,000
Wal-Mart Associates, Inc. Senior Product Manager San Bruno, CA 10/03/2023 $153,088
Wal-Mart Associates, Inc. Principal Product Manager, Technology San Bruno, CA 10/02/2023 $168,000
Lyell Immunopharma, Inc. SR. Director, Total Rewards South San Francisco, CA 10/01/2023 $195,500
Qualys, Inc. Product Manager, Technical Content Experience Foster City, CA 09/03/2023 $150,000
Aurora Solar, Inc. Senior Product Manager Berkeley, CA 09/03/2023 $180,000

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Product manager salaries in San Francisco FAQs

What Is The Salary Range For a Product Manager In San Francisco, CA?

The salary range for a product manager in San Francisco, CA is from $93,000 to $187,000 per year, or $45 to $90 per hour.

What Is A Liveable Salary In San Francisco, CA?

A liveable salary in San Francisco, CA is $132,000, or $64 per hour. That is the average salary for people living in San Francisco.

What Is A Good Salary In San Francisco, CA?

A good salary in San Francisco, CA is anything over $132,000. That’s because the median income in San Francisco is $132,000, which means if you earn more than that you’re earning more than 50% of the people living in San Francisco.

What Is a Product Manager’s Salary In San Francisco, CA?

Percentile Annual Salary Monthly Salary Hourly Rate
90th Percentile $187,000 $15,583 $90
80th Percentile $175,250 $14,604 $84
70th Percentile $163,500 $13,625 $79
60th Percentile $151,750 $12,645 $73
Average $140,000 $11,666 $67
40th Percentile $128,250 $10,687 $62
30th Percentile $116,500 $9,708 $56
20th Percentile $104,750 $8,729 $50
10th Percentile $93,000 $7,750 $45

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Insider – on the salaries of foreign specialists in the “unicorns” Revolut, Klarna and Celonis – Money on

A marketer at Celonis receives the same amount as a data analyst. And in Revolut, a crypto specialist earns $75,000 more than a back-end developer.

13 122

Revolut Office / Source: Thirdway

Employers in Europe are not required to disclose the salaries of other employees of the company to applicants and indicate the salary bracket in ads. In the US, they must disclose the figures to the local regulator if they hire employees from other countries and request work visas for them.

Insider looked at applications received by the US Foreign Workforce Certification Authority from several unicorn startups between 2019 and 2022. The given salaries are basic and do not take into account bonuses and bonuses, the newspaper notes.

Payroll at Revolut’s New York and San Francisco offices

$33 billion British fintech Revolut offers traditional payment and investment services, supports cryptocurrency, and also allows you to book accommodation and take out travel insurance.

  • Head of Credit Department – $255,000.
  • Head of crypto direction – $ 250 thousand.
  • Senior Product Manager – $216 thousand.
  • Senior back-end developer – $175 thousand.
  • Engineer for the development of machine learning algorithms – $ 175 thousand.
  • Senior credit risk manager – $160,000.
  • Senior Responsible for Launching New Destinations — $150,000.
  • PR manager – $149 thousand.
  • Senior Operations Manager – $150-165 thousand.
  • Operations Analyst – $132,000.
  • Data Engineer – $130,000.
  • International Deals Manager – $120,000.
  • Operations and Strategy Manager – $90 thousand.

Salaries at Klarna offices in New York and California

Swedish Klarna is a payment service provider. Among them are BNPL (“buy now, pay later”), the company gives 30 days for interest-free repayment. In 2021, it was estimated at $45.6 billion, in 2022 – at $6.7 billion.

  • Senior Commercial Director – $472 thousand.
  • Senior commercial manager – $227-350 thousand.
  • Leading finance specialist in the commercial department – $ 225 thousand.
  • Senior architectural solutions engineer – $125-225 thousand.
  • Lawyer – $195 thousand.
  • Analytics department manager — $125-185 thousand.
  • Senior Analytics Manager — $180,000.
  • Senior Communications Manager – $160,000.
  • Marketer – $159 thousand.
  • Product launch manager (delivery manager) — $127-140 thousand.
  • Product manager – $125 thousand.
  • Senior Analyst – $105-122 thousand.

Salaries at Celonis offices in New York, San Francisco and Round Rock

American-German Celonis is a developer of cloud, local and hybrid solutions for analyzing business processes: production, orders, deliveries. Investors value the company at $13 billion.

  • Customer Experience Transformation Director — $230,000.
  • Vice President of Product – $155,000.
  • Head of Customer Service – $150,000.
  • Vice President of Business Development – $140,000.
  • Product manager – $109-140 thousand.
  • Account manager – $117.5 thousand.
  • Architectural Solutions Engineer – $80-90 thousand.
  • Data Analyst – $85,000
  • Senior Marketing Specialist – $85,000.
  • Customer Acquisition Specialist – $58.5 thousand.

Salaries in American offices Sorare

French developer of the game of the same name, in which you can manage a virtual football team by buying, selling and exchanging player cards. Estimated $4.3 billion

  • Android developer – $225-235 thousand.
  • Lead Development Engineer – $200,000.

Payroll at Contentful’s San Francisco offices

Germany’s $3 billion Contentful allows customers to create and edit websites and applications without writing code.

  • Manager, Solutions Architecture Department — $230,000.
  • Engineer for logistics architectural solutions (enterprise solutions) – $ 120-125 thousand.
  • Senior Operations and Strategy – $110,000.

Salaries at GoCardless offices in San Francisco

Through the UK-based fintech service GoCardless, resident organizations can accept payments via direct debit. Estimated at $2.1 billion.

  • Marketing partnerships manager — $125,000.
  • Banking Director – $195 thousand.

Payroll at Graphcore Palo Alto offices

UK smart systems chip maker valued at $2.77 billion.

Salaries at offices in New York

UK-based online payment operator allows customers to pay for purchases and provides digital payment solutions to stores. Estimated at $40 billion

  • Senior Partner Manager — $210,000.

Klarna office / Source: BoF

Commodity Analyst vs. Product Manager: Responsibilities, Education and Salary

Many businesses focus on creating products that meet consumer needs. Regardless of the industry, developing products and helping them find their place in the market is a viable career. In this process, both analysts and product managers are important. In this article, we will discuss what is a Product Analyst, what is a Product Manager and what is the difference between these career paths.

What is a product analyst?

A product analyst is a person who analyzes the market and identifies trends in order to predict the popularity of a product. They collect data through customer surveys and market research to provide product recommendations, marketing plans, and launch strategies. Companies may involve a product analyst in product design, marketing, and pricing decisions. The Product Analyst considers the company’s budget and mission to help it create a profitable product plan.

What is a product manager?

The product manager oversees the creation, production, marketing and sale of a product from its inception. While the product analyst advises on how the market might perceive the product, the manager makes the final decision on all aspects of the product. They work with all departments to create a product and are engaged in the strategic development of the supply chain and product distribution. They also determine which audience the product is aimed at in order to develop a marketing plan for that audience.

Differences between product dimension and period dimension. product manager

Product analysts and product managers both develop products to successfully market them to the consumer, but they have different responsibilities. Here are some of the main differences between a product analyst and a product manager:


These are some of the main activities of a product analyst:

  • Market research: The product analyst uses market research software to collect data and identify market trends.

  • Reports: They write their findings in a comprehensive report that they can share with clients and shareholders.

  • Cost Forecasting: They forecast the costs of producing and distributing a product and make recommendations to increase potential sales and profits.

  • Focus groups: Product analysts interview target consumers to get their opinion.

  • Competition: They monitor competitors to compare their products and determine their success.

  • Product performance: They monitor the performance of a product throughout its life cycle and suggest improvements.

Some of the main activities of a product manager are:

  • User Needs: Product managers understand the needs of the customers that the product can satisfy.

  • Vision: Product managers create a holistic vision of the product and its place in the market.

  • Stakeholders: The Product Manager can organize presentations and communicate with stakeholders to gain support.

  • Expectations: Product managers set goals for product success, such as profit and return on investment.

  • Features: They prioritize developing product features and capabilities that add value and separate it from the competition.

  • Teamwork: They coordinate the various teams and departments that work on the product and delegate tasks.


Product analysts usually have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or business. Studying for this degree can teach the analyst important information about market research and customer behavior. They can take statistics classes to prepare themselves for doing their own market research. If they are interested in a particular industry, they can take classes in that area to gain insight into the market. For example, if they are interested in pharmaceuticals, they can take classes in chemistry. To qualify for higher-paying positions or leadership roles, a product analyst can pursue a master’s degree in business administration or marketing research.

Product managers may also have a bachelor’s degree, although their specialization may vary by industry. For example, if they manage products for technology or agriculture, earning a degree in that field can help them become familiar with the market and understand the fundamentals of product development and use in that industry. A product manager may also have a degree in a more general field such as communications, marketing, or business administration. These degrees can help a product manager understand business principles or marketing strategies, which can also be good for their careers.


Product Analysts can receive on-site training on their firm or company’s software and business practices. This practice may vary depending on where you work. Their educational background may cover broader topics of market research and analysis. A product analyst may also be certified by the Marketing Research Association. This certification requires a certain amount of work experience, attending courses in associations and passing an exam.

Product managers usually have experience in other product related roles before becoming managers. This experience allows them to become familiar with the industry. Many product managers also pursue a master’s degree in business to further their education in business principles and management strategies. While it is not required to work as a product manager, some choose to earn the Certified Product Manager Credential from the International Product Marketing and Management Association. After passing the exam and gaining the required experience, certifications like these can enhance your resume if you want to move into product management.


The average salary for a product analyst in the US is $69,740 per year. However, where you work, the industry you work in, and how much experience you have can affect your salary. For example, in San Francisco, the average salary for a product analyst is $111,782 per year. This increase may be due to technology companies based in and around San Francisco. By comparison, product analysts living in Atlanta have an average salary of $64,883 per year.

A Product Manager is usually in an advanced position and therefore may be paid more than a Product Analyst regardless of location or industry. The average national product manager salary is $96,611 per year.