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At Peppermint Patty’s, we believe that children should be exposed to hands-on activities throughout the day. Learning starts with that first small step, taken with confidence and pride. Along the way, our children are instilled with social graces, discipline, and respect for themselves and their environment.

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About Us

outdoor exploration
outdoor exploration

Peppermint Patty’s is Shawnee’s only continuous preschool education since 1960. We have been KDHE licensed since 1978.

outdoor exploration
outdoor exploration
outdoor exploration

Our outdoor play space is larger than any center in the metro area. We wave wooden playhouses, climbing structures, swings, and sliding poles. We have an abundant amount of grass space to play kickball, soccer, or just run.

outdoor exploration

All meals prepared on site with an emphasis on child-friendly foods. We provide lunch and 2 snacks. There is an optional breakfast plan available (fee available on request).

Our Programs

Preschool & pre-k


Cultivating an infant’s curiosity creates active learners. Infant care is an important first step to reaching developmental milestones. Our caring staff give each child the individual care that they require to meet their changing needs. Feeding, napping, and interacting with teachers and peers is vital to a child’s emerging social development. Daily parent communication is also an essential part of an infant’s day, 

Preschool & pre-k


Every toddler is unique. The most appropriate care occurs in an environment that feels like home where children are free to explore and teachers encourage their emerging interests. Using the five senses is the most natural way for toddlers to learn.

Our toddler program provides choices while supporting curiosity.

Preschool & pre-k
Preschool & pre-k
Preschool & pre-k

 We recognize that children learn about their world primarily through exploration and play. Through exploration and play, children gain opportunities to understand concepts, solve problems, develop creativity, practice motor skills, gain self confidence, develop relationships, and improve communication skills. Since children are naturally curious and have an innate love of learning, we design our day to encourage this motivation to learn and develop in a self-directed manner. 


Casey J. October 2022
Jayana D. January 2021
Casey J. October 2022

 It usually takes my son a while to get used to new places and people, but he warmed up in less than a week. We’ve been going to Peppermint Patty’s for almost a month now and everything has been great. I get a report at pickup on how he did, all his diaper changes, and a list of everything that he ate for the day. The place smells clean. I never smell dirty diapers or pee, which is surprising because it is a daycare. It’s always well organized. Audra and Alyssa seem to really care about my son. 

Erin & Alex February 2022
Jayana D. January 2021
Casey J. October 2022

” We love sending our toddler to Peppermint Patty’s! She has been attending for over 6 months now, and has made friends with her classmates as well as all the teachers! She puts her backpack on each morning and is so excited to go see everyone. We love all the fun themes that the kids participate in each week, and love to see what kind of projects she will bring home. We really appreciate how the teachers keep parents involved by providing a monthly newsletter,  and occasional pictures of their fun activities. We are looking forward to watching our daughter’s continued growth and learning at Peppermint Patty’s.”

Jayana D. January 2021
Jayana D. January 2021
Jayana D. January 2021

“My grandchildren have been with Peppermint Patty’s for over a year now and I am so happy with their developmental progress! The staff create fun, educational activities that reinforce the basics. The facility is spacious and clean. Kindness and good manners are reinforced in a positive way. The playground is like a park, with plenty of things to play on and with. They keep the children engaged and excited about new experiences and learning. The 2 year old is singing her ABC’s and can count to 10 in English and Spanish! THANK YOU to the staff at Peppermint Patty’s for continuing to care about my girl’s development in a supportive and professional way!

Loren B. August 2021
Loren B. August 2021
Jayana D. January 2021

” All three of my kids have attended Peppermint Patty’s. We have been there 3.5 years and have been very pleased with the care our children receive. They enjoy going to school every day and love the teachers. My oldest went into kindergarten well prepared from what she learned at Peppermint Patty’s. I love that they have such a large, open playground for the kids to have imaginative play. Liz Has been so nice to work with and has been flexible with our family’s needs.”

Amy M. July 2020
Loren B. August 2021
Amy M. July 2020

“My son has learned a lot here and grown so much. I can’t even count how many projects they do, their themes are fun and engaging. They also have play time and do fun activities based on the seasons. I wouldn’t just leave my child with people I don’t trust and I trust him here.

RaiAnn L. July 2020
Loren B. August 2021
Amy M. July 2020

 “The new director has worked for the company for just over five years as a teacher and is one of the favorites here by parents and children. She is more approachable and professional and always willing to lend a helping hand. “

Melody Z. January 2018
Melody Z. January 2018
Melody Z.

January 2018

 “It is very stressful trying to find reliable child care and luckily we have found it.  Our daughter has been attending this preschool for over 2 years and has excelled in all levels, from being completely potty trained and being able to recite all her ABC’s and count to 30, knowing shapes and every week is a new curriculum, I know she will be ready for kindergarten, which is a huge relief. If you are looking for a class room setting for your little one, you have found it!!  I was also surprised when we had our first parent teacher conference (which are twice a year) to go over our child’s growth, that was very cool!  My favorite part about this preschool is the huge play area and the outside time the kids are allowed to have!  It is really sad to drive by a preschool with a small play area tucked in a parking lot, not here, at Peppermint you have over an acre of back yard that is always well monitored. We could not be happier!!”

Enrollment Paperwork

child medical record (pdf)


CCL. 010_Authorization_for_Emergency_Medical_Care (pdf)


Our Staff


Hi! I am Ms. Liz and I have been here at Peppermint Patty’s since May of 2014 and have been in the early childhood field for 20+ years. I attended Emporia State and Majored in Elementary Education with my emphasis in Early Childhood. My favorite part of my job is watching children discover new things and those ah ha moments when everything clicks. In my spare time I enjoy reading, spending time with my kids, and getting outdoors when the weather is nice.


Hi, I’m Kimberly. I have been married to my husband Bryan for 12 years. I have four brothers, one sister, fifteen nieces and nephews. I started working as a teacher in high school through a summer work program. Then I continued in college and ever since. I have an emphasis in early childhood education.  I have a chihuahua named Tinkerbell who is a senior dog. My favorite color is pink. I have worked at the center since August 2022.


Hi, I’m Angelique. I work with all of the children here at the center and I have 20+ years of experience. I love pugs and my husband and I have a bug now.  I began at Peppermint Patty’s in July of 2022.


Hi, I teach all ages and help the teachers in the afternoons. I love playing with the infants and toddlers. This is my first child care experience and I am a full-time student also. I enjoy reading and spending time with my family. I have been at Peppermint Patty’s since January 2023.


Hello. I am Shaquita. I have been teaching and educating for many years. I enjoy watching the children grow. I am from South Carolina and have worked in the scientific industry. I returned to childcare, because I love it more than anything. I have a husband and son. I have been teaching at the center since May 2023.


Hi. I am Ms. Lucia. I am the lead teacher in the ladybug class! I have always taken an interest in childcare. I started  as a Montessori teacher and decided that creative curriculum would expand my experience with children. My favorite part of teaching is seeing the little ones grow independently and learn life skills by setting a great example for them. When I am not teaching, I love knitting and crocheting. I have a purr baby named Mommacat. I have worked at Peppermint Patty’s since April 2023.


Hi, I’m Terri. I have 20 years of childcare experience. I love kids and love to watch them learn and grow. I love going out to eat. My favorites are turkey and seafood. My favorite colors are purple and green. I have been at the center since May 2023.


Hello, I’m Katherine. I’m from Ottawa, Kansas. My favorite color is light purple and my favorite sports team is any K-State sport. 

I love summer and traveling. This is my first job and I love teaching. I started at Peppermint Patty’s in June of 2023.


Hi, I’m Kim. I have worked with children for a while now, and have been working at the center since June of 2023. I love teaching and want to make a career of it. 

Mint, rosemary and basil every day / Growing a vegetable garden on the windowsill – an article from the “How to equip the kitchen” section on

Growing greens

There are three options for growing at home:

  • seeds;

  • cuttings;

  • bush.

Growing plants from seed is always more difficult and time consuming. Planting seeds require pre-soaking. Wrap them in wet gauze or place between wet cotton pads. Leave it like this for a few days.

Then take special containers for plants, fill them with earth or soil, spread the seeds over the surface. Cover with plastic wrap or a lid. Make holes in the film for air exchange. If covered with a lid, you need to remove it once a day for an hour. Place the containers on the windowsill. After the seeds have germinated, remove the lid, and after germination, carefully transplant them with part of the earth into separate pots.

Planting cuttings is much easier than planting seeds. This method requires less time and conditions. To do this, you need plant branches. The lower leaves must be removed, put the branches in a container with clean water, poured about half.

As soon as the first roots appear, transplant them into a pot with soil. Carefully water the earth, cover with polyethylene to create a greenhouse effect.

A prerequisite for landing in an apartment is also normal air exchange, so make holes on top. When new leaves appear, it is necessary to remove the polyethylene. Cut off the top of the cutting to encourage the growth of side shoots.

Planting a ready-made shrub at home is the easiest option. Prepare a pot and earth (or special soil), make a hole and place a green bush in it. Water well. The upper leaves can be immediately cut off and added to your favorite dish.

How to grow and care for rosemary at home

This evergreen Mediterranean herb is common in both European and Asian cuisines. There are many varieties of rosemary. The coniferous aroma of rosemary sprigs distinguishes it from all other herbs. Moreover, rosemary is used not only in cooking, but also for medicinal purposes. Another plus is the relative ease of growing the plant at home.

To plant rosemary, remember these conditions:

  • Spray the ground with water every day;

  • Rosemary has a branched root system, so it is better to choose a wide and deep pot for planting – clay or ceramic;

  • The plant is not picky about the soil: you can buy ready-made in the store, neutral and slightly alkaline soil is suitable;

  • Rosemary loves warmth and light, so the pot should be placed on the south side or on the balcony in summer. In winter, additional lighting is a necessary condition;

  • Rosemary loves fresh air, so the room should be aired regularly. At this time, find another place in the apartment for the pot, since rosemary does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature and drafts;

  • In winter, water the plant moderately, and in summer, on the contrary, increase the amount of moisture. If the grass has turned yellow, one of the reasons may be a lack of water, which is easily solved by watering. However, care and moderation are also necessary here, since in the event of an excess of fluid, the plant will die;

  • Rosemary can be fertilized twice a week from March to October. This will require organic and mineral fertilizers;

  • Rosemary grows quite quickly, so once every two years it should be transplanted into a larger pot.

If planted successfully, rosemary can be made into a condiment. To do this, cut young shoots from a flowering bush, dry and pour into a glass jar.

How to grow and care for basil at home

Growing basil on a windowsill is worth it if only for the smell – its stem and leaves contain essential oils, and mosquitoes don’t like the smell of basil.

This fragrant herb adds a tangy, spicy taste and freshness to dishes. In addition, basil is known for its bactericidal properties. In total, there are about 150 varieties of plants, all of them have their own size, color and aroma. Of these, the most popular are: fragrant, cinnamon, lemon, Thai and purple.

Basil is an unpretentious plant that does not require special conditions, so with due attention it will not be difficult to grow it.

To plant basil, keep these conditions in mind:

  • Basil loves light, heat and moisture, does not tolerate low temperatures and drafts. So put the seedlings on the windowsill on the south side;

  • Light and fertile soil with good drainage is suitable for growing the plant. You can buy universal soil;

  • Basil should be watered in the morning, and in summer add an extra evening water;

  • Loosen the soil around plantings once or twice a week;

  • Don’t forget to pick off the top leaves of the plant to prevent it from blooming.

As with rosemary, if successfully grown at home, basil can be made into a spice that is used in many recipes.

Features of home cultivation and care of mint

Mint is a useful and fragrant plant. At least 25 of its varieties are known. This medicinal plant is good for the heart and blood vessels, improves blood circulation and controls blood pressure. Mint leaves are brewed with tea, making it fragrant and relaxing. Growing mint at home is not difficult.

To plant mint, remember these conditions:

  • Mint, like basil and rosemary, should also be placed in a pot on the south side, and the seeds should be germinated first. At the same time, the summer rays of the sun can burn the plant, so after dinner, move the pots to other window sills;

  • The optimum temperature for the plant is 20-25°C. In winter, it is better to provide it with additional light from phytolamps;

  • In the absence of lamps and sufficient lighting, it is worth lowering the air temperature to 17 °C;

  • Remember that mint spreads out, so choose a wide container or pot for seedlings;

  • Mint is unpretentious in matters of soil, choose loose and fertile soil in the store and do not forget about drainage;

  • Mint loves moisture, but overwatering will kill the plant. In the summer, water it regularly, and in the winter, on the contrary, reduce watering to a minimum. Spray the leaves to avoid the influence of dry air;

  • This plant is quite picky, so fertilizer in her case is not a necessary condition.

The use of plants in cooking


  • As for rosemary, it’s all about your imagination. This seasoning is perfect for meat and fish. Rosemary is added to soups, pizza, salads, minced meats and sauces.

  • Rosemary makes fried potatoes special. It should be added to vegetable dishes, it goes well with mushrooms. Its pine flavor is great for flavoring alcoholic beverages, oil, vinegar and salt.

  • Since the seasoning has a preservative effect, it is part of the recipes for marinades for vegetables, mushrooms, fruits and cabbage.

  • Do not combine rosemary with bay leaf and be careful when using it, as too much can spoil the dish. It is better to add it at the end of cooking.


  • Basil goes well with salads and vegetables, especially tomatoes.

  • Finely chopped young shoots are added to meat dishes. As a spice, basil is more valued fresh.

  • It is almost impossible to imagine sauces without it, especially pesto, it is added to pizza.

  • Basil is indispensable for canning, smoking, cooking sausages, pâtés and frankfurters.

  • This herb is excellent for flavoring alcoholic beverages, vinegar for salad dressing.

  • It is best to cut it not with a knife, but with your hands, so you keep the taste and juiciness of the greens. Should be added at the end of cooking.

  • Basil is friendly with many other spices: best paired with rosemary, coriander, parsley, tarragon and mint.


  • In addition to being added to tea, mint is especially often used in the manufacture of confectionery and desserts. However, one should remember about the sense of proportion with it: an excess of mint will make the dish bitter.

  • Mint leaves are indispensable in the preparation of cocktails and lemonades.

  • Mint is added to salads, fish, meat and vegetable dishes for a savory taste. The leaves are especially good in sour-milk soups and legume dishes.

  • Mint is used in meat marinade recipes and in potato dishes. Most often, it is added as a seasoning to already prepared dishes or a couple of minutes before they are ready.

  • Mint pairs well with chili, garlic and pink pepper.

What can be done?

Go to the nearest market and stock up on fresh leaves or seeds from one of these herbs. Buy soil, drainage, suitable containers and try to grow a home garden. If in doubt, try focaccia with burrata and rosemary or pasta with tomatoes and basil first. Don’t forget the mint tea too.

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Beef patties with mint and feta cheese — Brandfood- Craft delicacies from unique meat BRANDFOOD.


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Beef, mint and feta cheese patties : unusual, appetizing, nutritious, and most importantly – a delicious snack that the whole family will love!



  • 500 g minced beef

  • 100 g grated feta cheese

  • 1 tbsp cumin

  • 1/2 st. crushed mint leaves

  • 3 sheets of defrosted puff pastry

  • 1 beaten egg

  • 40 g pine nuts

Step by step instructions

  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C. Line a baking sheet with baking parchment.

  2. Combine ground beef, feta cheese, cumin and mint leaves in a deep bowl.