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One World Trade Center Office Space / Coworking Long Beach CA

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Executive & Private Offices Flex Space & Coworking Virtual Services

Located on the 8th floor of a premier office property in Downtown Long Beach, this center offers first class executive office suites, co-working space, conference rooms and virtual office plans to individuals and businesses of all sizes.
With over 30 years of experience in the Executive Suite industry, this center is dedicated to providing concierge level service to clients, making this space an excellent alternative to conventional office space or the large, impersonal office suite chains.

About the office location

Located on the 8th floor of a premier office property in Downtown Long Beach, surrounded by other businesses, banks and eateries. The center gives clients beautiful views of the Santa Cruz park and the Los Angeles River. The space is easy to get to with local bus stops right across the street and access to the I-710 Highway.

Office Services and Facilities

  • Building Features
  • Air Conditioned

    This office center features air conditioned spaces.

  • Carpeting

    This office center features carpeting.

  • Central Heating System

    This office center features a central heating system for your comfort.

  • Comfort Cooling System

    Comfort cooling is designed to cool spaces primarily to create comfortable temperatures for occupants, and is widely used in residential and office buildings.

  • Elevator Access

    This commercial property features elevator access to other floors.

  • Male & Female Restrooms

    This commercial property has designated restrooms for male and female tenants and visitors.

  • Business Support
  • Admin & Secretarial Services

    Companies and individuals renting workspace at this office center are able to utilize the professional admin support and secretarial services on offer.

  • Banking Facilities

    This commercial property features banking facilities.

  • Copy Center

    Companies and individuals renting workspace at this office center are able to make use of the professional copy center.

  • Multilingual Staff and Support

    This office center employs staff that speak several languages. Please read the description above or call us for more details.

  • Management Team Onsite

    This office center has onsite management staff to assist with any concerns you may have or assistance you may require.

  • Mail Handling Services

    Receive your mail at this address and have it professionally handled.

  • Reception / Lobby Area

    This office center features a lobby area with staff to greet your clients and visitors and present a professional first impression of your business.

  • Phone Answering Services

    Professional answering service for your business’ incoming calls.

  • IT / Telecomms
  • High Speed Broadband Access

    This office center features high speed broadband access for your convenience.

  • Video Conference Facilities

    This office center has professional videoconferencing facilities available to make communicating with other companies and branches seamless.

  • Voicemail

    This office center features a centralized electronic system that can store messages from telephone callers.

  • Wi-Fi

    This office center features wireless internet connectivity.

  • Security
  • Building Access 24/7

    Secure 24/7 access makes it possible to work flexibly, at times that suit you.

  • Day/Night Security

    This commercial property features security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Services & Amenities
  • Cash Machine

    This commercial property features an ATM, offering an added convenience.

  • Bicycle Racks

    This commercial property features bicycle racks for those that prefer to ride to work.

  • Boardroom(s)

    Companies and individuals renting workspace at this office center are able to make use of the professional boardrooms.

  • Onsite Cafe / Restaurant

    This commercial property features a onsite cafe / restaurant, making it easy to grab a bite to eat or have lunch meetings.

  • Onsite Parking

    This commercial property features onsite parking.

  • Secure Onsite Parking

    This commercial property features secure onsite parking.

  • Cleaning Services

    This office center subscribes to a commercial cleaning service, ensuring your work environment is always tidy and professional.

  • Conference Room(s)

    Companies and individuals renting workspace at this office center are able to make use of the professional conference rooms.

  • Cyber Cafe

    This building features a cafe that offers Internet access on its computers, or via Wi-Fi on patrons’ computers.

  • Childcare Center

    This building features day care facilities for children. Read the description above or call for more details.

  • Gym

    This commercial property features a gym, making it easy for you to stay fit and healthy.

  • Kitchen Facilities

    This office center features kitchen facilities, offering an added convenience for those that want to bring lunch to work or have tea and coffee.

  • Lounge Area(s)

    This office center features lounge areas for break times, small meetings and collaborative work.

  • Meeting Room(s)

    Companies and individuals renting workspace at this office center are able to make use of the professional meeting rooms.

  • Workspace Features
  • Business Park

    This commercial property benefits from being in a business park setting.

  • City Center Location

    This commercial property benefits from being in a city center setting.

  • Near a Commuter Rail Station

    This commercial property benefits from being near a commuter rail station, making it easy for employees and clients that use public transportation.

  • Near a Metro/Subway Station

    This commercial property benefits from being near a metro or subway station, making it easy for employees and clients that use public transportation.

  • Company and Lobby Signage

    This building features tenants’ corporate signage and branding.

  • Short Term Rental

    This office center offers flexible, short term rental options as opposed to conventional leases, providing you with the ability to move in or out at short notice, and rent more or less space as your requirements change.

  • Furnished Workspace

    This office center features fully furnished workspace, saving you the money and time normally required to outfit a workspace.

  • Hot Desk Solutions

    Hot desking is an organized way to let multiple workers use a single physical work station or surface during different time periods.

  • Contemporary Building

    This office center is in a contemporary building, giving your visitors an impression of modern professionalism.

  • Open Floor Plan

    This office center features an open floor plan, providing you with a relaxed, collaborative environment in which to work.

  • Historic Building

    This office center is in a historic building, providing you with an easily recognizable business address.

  • Unfurnished Workspace

    This office center features unfurnished workspace, enabling you to outfit it how you want.

  • Virtual Office Solutions

    A virtual office provides a business address and/or phone and mail handling services. Some virtual office providers will also offer day office rental, hot desking, meeting rooms, and other facilities or amenities. Virtual offices may be offered by business centers that also offer monthly rental of executive suites, private and shared workspace and coworking spaces.

This office space on One World Trade Center, 601 W Ocean Blvd, 8th Fl, Waterfront, Long Beach is available immediately. Details and prices are available by calling 972-913-2742 or by submitting the inquiry form.

Map of the office space location

Office location

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World Trade Center 1, New York: description and photos, reviews, exact address

World Trade Center 1, or Freedom Tower, is the famous central building of the World Trade Center complex in New York. The tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere is the seventh tallest building on the planet. Erected on the site of the tragically famous Twin Towers, the majestic building has become a symbol of American rebirth and resilience. The World Trade Center consists of five skyscrapers, Memorial 9/11 and art galleries.

Construction history

As a result of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, the World Trade Center in Manhattan was completely destroyed. But the next year, the city authorities announced a competition for projects for the construction of a new building. At the end of 2002, the project of the Polish-born architect D. Libeskind became the winner of the competition. However, the original project was revised, refined and improved more than once. Construction began only in 2006.

In 2012 the building was completed and the glazing of the floors began. The last stage of construction is the installation of the radio antenna spire, weighing 758 tons and 124 m high.

The construction of the Freedom Tower skyscraper was completed in May 2013. The retail and office center was opened in November 2014.

Description of the Freedom Tower in New York

Slightly spiral shape softens the monumentality of the huge building. It seems that the building is striving upwards, soaring to the heavens with its huge spire. The feeling of lightness is enhanced by the intricate play of reflections created by the bluish glass details of the exterior. From the spire of the radio antenna, a light beam hits the sky at a height of 300 m.

Reinforced concrete was used in the construction of the lower part of the skyscraper. This was done for safety reasons. So that this part of the structure does not resemble a bunker, it was finished with glass parts in the form of prisms.

The total height of the Freedom Tower is 541 m. The width of the sides is 61 m. The building consists of 108 floors, 5 of which are located below ground level.

World Trade Center 1 houses nearly 242,000 m2 of retail and office space. From its 24 m high main hall you can reach the offices, exhibition halls, information center and restaurants. The skyscraper houses offices of representative offices of companies, publishing houses, well-known international corporations.

At an altitude of 382 m is one of the most popular tourist spots – the observation deck of the World Trade Center 1. From the windows of the site you can enjoy amazing views of the Statue of Liberty, the Hudson River, the Brooklyn Bridge, and a fantastic business center. There are also cafes and restaurants where you can drink a cup of coffee at a table while admiring the magnificent panorama. For those who are interested in the history of the shopping center, touch screens are installed on the observation deck. They contain a lot of useful information.

Even taking the elevator to the observation deck of the Freedom Tower in New York is impressive. The walls of the elevator are displays that, during the ascent, demonstrate the history of the transformation of the wild island of Manhattan into a modern metropolis.

The underground floors of the building house lobbies leading to the subway and railway lines.

The total height of the Freedom Tower is 541 m © Pit Stock / Shutterstock

Interesting Facts

  • The building was originally called the Freedom Tower. But the rent of space here was not in demand. The owners of the building asked the local authorities to change the name to make it less reminiscent of a terrorist attack. As a result, the building was named World Trade Center 1.
  • The height of the skyscraper at 541 m was not chosen by chance. It corresponds to 1776 feet. The number 1776 symbolizes a similar year – the time of the proclamation of the Declaration of Independence of the United States.
  • During the construction of the building, some journalists and civil society organizations criticized the idea of ​​making the base of reinforced concrete. They stated that the use of such a durable material was an unnecessary measure caused by fear. Critics argued that in this case, the skyscraper should not be called the Freedom Tower, but the Tower of Fear.

Photos World Trade Center 1

World Trade Center 1 on the map

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World Trade Center: Past, Present, Future


The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York destroyed not just one of the main attractions of Manhattan. As a result of the attack, not only the Twin Towers were completely destroyed, but the entire complex of the World Trade Center (WTC), as well as a number of adjacent buildings.

The collapse of skyscrapers turned an entire area of ​​the city into a so-called. “ground zero” is a place that, 20 years after the tragedy, turned into a large-scale memorial to the victims of the attack by the authorities and initiative citizens. In 2021, the reconstruction of the “ground zero” is almost completed: not only the memorial itself, but also new buildings were erected on the site of the devastating disaster, designed to become a new center for business, trade and transport activity in Manhattan.

How the affected area of ​​New York has changed – from the time of the construction of buildings to the present day – we tell in the material “Voice of America”.


In 1972, architects around the world welcomed the emergence of a new champion among high-rise buildings. The North Tower of the World Trade Center has become the tallest building in history, pushing the New York Empire State Building off its pedestal.

“Twin Towers”. WTC-1 is on the left. Photo: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Balthazar Korab Collection

Construction was started in 1966 in the quarter, which were part of the so-called. Radio Row is a once bustling commercial and residential area in Lower Manhattan. The erected tower, built by the architect Minoru Yamasaki, towered over New York at a height of 417 meters (this record was broken at 1974 Sears Tower skyscraper in Chicago).

The North Tower was the first building to receive a terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. The hijacked plane crashed into a skyscraper between the 93rd and 99th floors, as a result of which all exits from the building above the collision site were completely blocked.

The actual impact occurred at 8:46 am. Less than two hours later, at 10:28, the North Tower collapsed.

WTC-1 after the attack. Photo: Ray Stubblebine, Reuters

Ten years after the attack, in July 2011, a large-scale memorial was completed on the site of the collapsed tower. Designed by architects Michael Arad and Peter Walker, the memorial was a huge pool, from the perimeter of which, from a height of nine meters, water continuously descends into a square recess in the center of the memorial.

Memorial at the site of the WTC-1 collapse, August 2021. Photo: Vladimir Badikov, VOA

According to architect Michael Arad, the flowing water and the huge empty space in the center of the memorial symbolize “voids that cannot be filled.” The design became the largest artificial waterfall in all of North America.

Along the perimeter of the pool there is a bronze parapet, on which the names of the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, as well as those who died as a result of the terrorist attack on the territory of the WTC-26 February 19, are inscribed93 years (a monument dedicated to the victims of this attack was destroyed during the collapse of the towers).

Photo: Vladimir Badikov, VOA

The title of the first tower of the World Trade Center in 2009 passed to a skyscraper that was erected near the site of the collapse of the North Tower. Originally referred to as the Freedom Tower, the new skyscraper opened in 2014. It stood 542 meters tall, including a 124-meter roof spire, making it the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

The new building of WTC-1. Photo: Vladimir Badikov, VOA

In 2005, an observation deck was opened on the top floors of the new WTC-1, offering a panoramic view of New York and its surrounding areas.


At the time of completion in 1973, the building of the South Tower (aka WTC-2) was the second tallest building in the world, only a few meters behind its neighbor, WTC-1. The height of the skyscraper was 415 meters, and the number of floors was the same as that of the second tower – 110.

“Twin Towers”. Photo: CoStar Group

Shortly before the tragedy, the Port Authority, which owned the World Trade Center site, agreed to a 99-year lease of the Twin Towers and adjacent buildings to US real estate developer Larry Silverstein for $3. 2 billion. (left) a second plane crashes. A fire breaks out in the skyscraper, which further damages the structural elements, which leads to the collapse of the building. Although the attack on the North Tower occurred earlier, it was the WTC-2 that collapsed first – the building collapsed less than an hour after the impact, at 9:59.

Photo: Sean Adair, Reuters

In July 2011, the construction of a memorial was completed on the site of the WTC-2 foundation. Its authors were the same American-Israeli architect Michael Arad and landscape designer Peter Walker.

Photo: Vladimir Badikov, VOA

On the bronze parapet are the names of not only those who were on board the hijacked plane and in the WTC-2 skyscraper, but also the victims of two other terrorist attacks on September 11: passengers and crew members of the hijacked Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania, as well as victims of the attack on Pentagon.

Memorial at the site of the destroyed South Tower, August 2021. Photo: Vladimir Badikov, VOA

The name of the WTC-2 should subsequently be transferred to a skyscraper, which is being built near the memorial. In this image, we see the unfinished basement floors of a building whose construction was suspended in 2013.

Unfinished basement floors of the future WTC-2. Photo: Vladimir Badikov, VOA

Numerous murals, painted by street artists in 2013 with the permission of the authorities, decorate the currently suspended construction site.

The future design of the second tower of the World Trade Center has changed over time. So, for example, among the original versions of the skyscraper is the project of the Danish company Bjarke Ingels Group, which is a building of seven sections installed on top of each other.

WTC-2 design variant by Bjarke Ingels Group. Photo: DBOX

Foster + Partners presented a different version of the building – a skyscraper with four diamond-shaped roofs, the design of which was presented in 2006.

WTC-2 design variant by Foster + Partners. Photo: Foster + Partners


Built in 1981, the 22-story Vista International Hotel was the first branded hotel in Lower Manhattan when it opened. The hotel was the target of terrorist attacks eight years before the events of September 11: in 1993, a terrorist detonated a bomb in an underground parking lot, killing six people and damaging the premises under the hotel.

In 1994, after renovations, the hotel reopened its doors to guests, and a year later the hotel was taken over by Marriott International, which renamed it the Marriott World Trade Center.

WTC-3 (North and South towers in the background). Photo: David Ohmer

After the hijacked planes crashed into the skyscrapers, the hotel staff evacuated their guests and also helped hundreds of people fleeing the North Tower to escape from the disaster area. They led people through the hotel lobby, directing them to the exit.

The collapsed South Tower literally cut the hotel in half. The collapse of WTC-1 also buried under the rubble and most of the hotel. According to The New York Times, the collapse of the building killed two hotel employees and 41 firefighters who were on site.

What was left of the WTC-3 after the collapse of both towers. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, photographer unknown

The site of what used to be the Marriott Hotel has become part of the memorial complex. The Port Authority, which owns the territory of the World Trade Center, terminated the lease agreement with Marriott, thus releasing it from the obligation to renovate the hotel.

400 oak trees were planted on the territory of the former hotel, surrounding the Twin Towers memorials, and two buildings were built, which housed the service and technical premises of the memorial, as well as the security service.

Photo: Vladimir Badikov, VOA

However, with the destruction of the building, the name “WTC-3” did not disappear anywhere. Today, under this name, an 80-story skyscraper built in 2018 is known. Its height is 328 meters, which allowed it to enter the top three tallest buildings in the complex after the completion of the construction of all towers.

New skyscraper WTC-3. Photo: Vladimir Badikov, VOA

WTC-3’s distinguishing features are its K-shaped exterior steel frame and scenic terraces on the 17th, 60th and 76th floors.


Next to the skyscrapers, there was also a nine-storey building WTC-4. Conceived as an office building, it opened its doors to its first tenants in 1977.

WTC-4 building. Photo: Ross Schendel & Ryan Seal

Most of the building was destroyed by the collapse of the South Tower. The ruins of the WTC-4 were completely demolished as part of the clearing of the ground-zero area from debris.

The ruins of WTC-4. Photo: Joel Meyerowitz, Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery

The history of WTC-4 did not end there. In 2010, Silverstein Properties received permission to build and operate a new skyscraper on the site of a demolished office building.

The 72-storey building was opened in 2013. Its height was 297 meters, which made the skyscraper the 4th tallest among the other buildings of the complex. Its architect, Fumihiko Maki, described WTC-4 as “a minimalistic tower that looks dignified, restrained, but with dignity.”

The new building of WTC-4. Photo: Vladimir Badikov, VOA

A third of WTC4’s office space serves as the new headquarters for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Other office tenants include the city government and a number of private companies.


This small building in the picture is the fifth building complex in the World Trade Center. The building was opened in 1972, accommodating such employers as Credit Suisse First Boston and Morgan Stanley within its walls.

WTC-5. Photo: Long Island and NYC Places that are no more WordPress blog

In this picture we can already see what the building looked like two weeks after the disaster, even before the ground zero was cleared.

WTC-5 after the attacks. Photo: Bri Rodriguez, FEMA News

In 2021, Kohn Peterson Fox proposed the design of the new WTC 5 tower. It is expected that if the proposed design and construction plan is approved, then work could begin in 2023 and be completed in 2028.

In addition to office space, the project also provides for living quarters in the skyscraper. The new tower was criticized by enterprising Manhattan residents, who said that the developer plans to create a skyscraper with luxury housing, which will not have enough, in their opinion, affordable housing options.

Project of the WTC-5 building. Photo: Kohn Pedersen Fox

On the site of the original WTC-5 building, one of the most expressive structures built on the ground-zero territory was subsequently erected. This is Oculus – a large-scale transport hub, opened in 2016. Oculus was called upon to restore rail service between Lower Manhattan and northeast New Jersey (which had been suspended after the 2001 attacks).

Oculus. Photo: Vladimir Badikov, VOA

The station is flanked by a distinctive white roof made up of peculiar arches. According to the architect Santiago Calatrava, the design of the project should resemble a dove released from the hands.

Photo: Vladimir Badikov, VOA

The project itself became the most expensive train station in US history: its cost exceeded $4 billion, almost double its original budget.


Unlike the rest of the WTC buildings, the sixth building of the complex was intended for federal employees rather than private companies. The WTC-6 building, built in 1974, housed the services of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Labor.

WTC-6. Photo: Long Island and NYC Places that are no more WordPress blog

The photo shows that the debris of skyscrapers broke through the central part of the building, as a result of which its operation was impossible. WTC-6 was demolished as part of the ground zero cleanup.

WTC-6 after the attack. Photo: U.S. Navy photo by Chief Photographer’s Mate Eric J. Tilford

At the moment, the WTC-1 tower is located on the territory of the former sixth building, and the Ronald Perelman Center for the Arts is under construction (it is planned to open in 2023).

Construction of the Ronald Perelman Center for the Arts. Photo: Vladimir Badikov, VOA


In 1987, the 47-storey building WTC-7 was opened. During the September 11 attacks, the building was badly damaged when the North Tower collapsed, causing a major fire that burned uncontrollably for nearly seven hours. After that, the WTC-7 building collapsed.

WTC-7. Photo: Roberto Rabanne

A 2008 report by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology states that the collapse of WTC-7 is the first known case of a high-rise building collapsing as a result of an uncontrolled fire. The authors of the report concluded that the high temperature led to thermal expansion of the steel structures, and this, in turn, launched a chain of events that led to the destruction of WTC-7.