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Child Care – Grace Church of Mentor

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We understand how critical it is that parents can trust the people watching their children. Who can focus on a church service while they’re worried about their kids? Parents also want to know that their kids are enjoying themselves. Our goal is to provide a safe, loving environment for children to enjoy while their parents take part in worship.

A Safe Place to Leave Your Children

Child care safety is a priority at Grace, and one which we take seriously. Here are some of the measures we take to ensure your child’s safety:

Age-Appropriate Play

We have five age groups, from newborn to kindergarten, so your child will play with kids his or her own age.

Trustworthy Staff

Our volunteer staff are all faithful members at Grace. All adult volunteers submit to a background check and receive ongoing reminders of appropriate behavior for workers in our ministry. We maintain sensible accountability measures to ensure that children and adults are never left alone.

Health & Safety

Children play with toys designed for their ages. Toys and other items are regularly cleaned, sanitized, and checked for safety. There is always a licensed medical professional on call to handle emergencies. We hold periodic emergency drills and have a team of leaders designated to assist the child care staff in the event of an evacuation.


We use an efficient check-in system to ensure that every child is picked up by an authorized adult. Our Child Care Wing is under constant watch before, during, and after services. A single point of entry ensures that only authorized individuals can enter the Child Care Wing. We keep in contact with local law enforcement and we monitor security bulletins for potential concerns.

Dedicated Facilities

The Child Care Wing includes a private bathroom for potty breaks. Nursing mothers are free to use our mothers’ room complete with rocking chairs, changing table, and a sink.

A Fun, Loving Environment to Learn and Grow

We go to great lengths to provide a fun environment for little ones. Your child will love coming to church at Grace. Here’s why:


Our child care staff follow a consistent service schedule, so both you and your child will get to know them well. Our workers will quickly learn your child’s habits, preferences, and special dietary needs. They’ll let you know if they see something out-of-the-ordinary.

Games, Crafts, & Bible Truth

Toddlers and kindergarteners enjoy structured activities, including special trips to our Play Room and Craft Room. They’ll also take part in fun, simple Bible lessons on topics such as the creation and the Trinity.

Learn More

Want to know more about child care at Grace? Check out our Child Care Guidelines.

Siemens CDC

At Siemens Child Development Center we celebrate the joy and wonder of childhood. Our ongoing commitment to best practice creates a dynamic and welcoming environment for children’s first educational experience outside of the home. Since its inception in January 1992 as the Mentor Graphics Child Development Center, we have been committed to creating a learning community that supports working families in a full day, full year context that is organized around a strong understanding of the foundational time period of the early years, birth through five years of age.

We believe. . .

every child and family have the right to a safe, secure learning community that nurtures the whole child with a deep respect for individuals’ learning processes and careful attention to the continuity of relationships. Each child who enters our school community is viewed as an active participant in the learning journey. The curiosity, sense of wonder and theory building capacity of each child are the catalysts for the curriculum design. Knowledge is socially constructed over time through daily exploration, playful inquiry and in dialogue with people, materials and environments.

We value . . .

Belonging fostered by Connection and Respect

Collaboration grounded in Listening and Reflection

Inquiry driven by Curiosity, Creativity and Complexity

Joy amplified by Play

Advocacy coupled with Stewardship

Our work is inspired . . .

by the municipal infant toddler centers and preschools of Reggio Emilia, Italy. Our on-going research has opened opportunities for dialogue and collegial exchange that have had a profound impact on our classroom environments, our attention to documentation, and our understanding of the role of the teacher as a co-researcher. As you walk through the doors of our school, we hope that our belief in the competence of children is visible through the strong presence of organization, aesthetics, uninterrupted spans of time for meaningful work and joyful play. Further theoretical foundations for our practice come from the work of Magda Gerber (RIE), Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, Howard Gardner, and Richard Louv.

Mission statement

It is our mission to make a difference in the lives of children by being a leader in the implementation and modeling of a high quality, innovative and creative early childhood program; and to respond to the broader, contemporary family needs of our employees.

Reputation and Accreditation

Siemens Child Development Center is recognized as a leader in the field by Oregon’s Early Childhood Education community. We adhere to the highest standards set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) accreditation criteria and have an outstanding reputation in the Wilsonville community.

Game – Position Mentor [Junior Administration / Mentor Position Hierarchy]

In English, a mentor is called a mentor (mentor), junior mentors or candidates for mentors – mentee (mentee), and the process of mentoring – mentoring (mentoring or mentorship). In the Minecraft directions of the server game, it is customary to call this position differently – helper, but we decided to give a more correct and original name and definition for these positions.

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Hierarchy posts mentors :

Mentors are included in group of the junior administration hierarchy of the posts advantage over other players. The hierarchy of mentors is listed below, starting from junior position:

  • Mentee (Mentee / Junior Mentor / Candidate Mentor) is a player who is a Mentor Candidate, but on probation. All players who have successfully passed the selection get to this position. Menti do not differ in any set of rights and opportunities from an ordinary player, and he is attached to training with Mentors / Senior Mentors, as a result of which the player moves to the next position;
  • Mentor (Mentor / Mentor) is an experienced player who is a source of knowledge and answers in various areas of the project. He inspires, helps players with emerging issues of the gameplay, according to Minecraft, according to the Pixelmon mod, and guided by the rules of the project – keeps order in the chat, issuing warnings and punishments for violations in it;
  • Senior Mentor (Senior Mentor) is a managerial position in which the player performs the duties and work of regular Mentors, and additionally supervises the work of Mentors. This is a border position, according to the results of which the player can become a Candidate for Moderators.

Responsibilities Mentors :​

📝 Mentoring is quite a difficult task that can really turn it into a real game and mentor skills that really require certain qualities of personal knowledge. The following are the main duties that all mentors must comply with:

  1. High online in the game :0019 : at least from 1 hour of online play per day on weekdays / from 2 hours of online play per day on weekends;

  2. during summer (+ during holidays) : at least from 2 hours of online play per day on weekdays / from 3 hours of online play per day on weekends.
  3. Chat moderation game servers, issuing warnings and punishments for violations of communication rules;
  4. Help for players about the gameplay and the game Minecraft in the game itself, the site and social. networks of the project (Discord, Telegram, VK, etc.) ;
  5. Assistance to the Administration of the project with the holding and organization of game events and activities;
  6. Handling game complaints from players and resolving them;
  7. Detailed reporting on the work done, drawing up and maintaining a work schedule.

Basic Qualities mentors :

📋 The main qualities that should observe as much as possible and to which all mentors should strive:

  1. Impeccable knowledge of the Rules and of the Project User Agreement;
  2. Excellent knowledge of Pixelmon fashion ;
  3. Confident knowledge of the universe of the Pokemon world (meaning such knowledge as: names of official games, names of regions, Pokemon, etc. ) ;
  4. Good knowledge of game features and mechanics of game servers ;
  5. Excellent ability to play Minecraft and knowledge of basic game settings, game launcher;
  6. Stress resistance, adequacy, perseverance and friendliness ;
  7. Knowledge of the Russian language , spelling and punctuation, the ability to correctly explain one’s thoughts and make sentences.

Options Mentors :​

⚙️ This section of the guide is under development and will be available soon…

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Remuneration Work Mentors :​

⚙️ This section of the manual is under development for proper balancing and can be changed at any time. ..

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🪙 As mentioned above, mentors are players, and should not have additional advantages over other players, but for their work on the project in this position, wages are paid, in the form of remuneration:

  • Mentee (Mentee / Junior Mentor / Candidate in Mentors) – has no additional remuneration. All work performed is evaluated as a volunteer activity for a probationary period;
  • Mentor (Mentor / Mentor) – has a united reward in the amount of 1.000.000 Pokvedollars 💰 (hereinafter 500.000 Pokvedollars 💰 per month) , The sphere for 30 days and special SUNDDER Mentor Mentorns . It is possible to accrue additional remuneration at the end of the month, by the collective decision of the Administration or the Project Management;
  • Senior Mentor (Senior Mentor / Senior Mentor) – It has a one -time remuneration in the amount of 2. 500.000 Pokeollars 💰 (hereinafter 1.000.000 Pokedollars 💰 per month) , Master sphere for 30 days and a special mentor of the mentor . It is possible to accrue additional remuneration at the end of the month, by the collective decision of the Administration or the Project Management;

📌 Remuneration is issued by the Project Administration after the previous month of work in the position, in the first calendar week of the next month (1st – 7th of each new month) .

🔒 Rewards may be withheld, reduced or not issued at all (cancelled) mentors for the following reasons:

  • Failure to fulfill the duties of a mentor . If the work schedule is not fulfilled, the remuneration and the remaining hours of work are transferred to the next month;
  • Confirmed complaints from players (verified by the Project Administration) ;
  • Inciting, creating and participating in conflict situations in game server chats;
  • Severe* violation of the rules and user agreement of the project;
  • Playing on other projects or priority of playing other games outside the project.

* – the concept of strict refers to the violation of the rules of the project and the user agreement in the personal opinion and decision of the Administration and the Project Management

Order set and Removal mentors:

⏳ The set of projects is carried out by the project by


9000 , followed by notification of all players about the open recruitment for the position. Recruitment is carried out

strictly on the allotted dates

and takes place in 3 stages :

  1. Writing a questionnaire for becoming a Mentor in the current form. The more detailed your application is described and meets the recruitment criteria, the higher your chance of passing to the second stage of the recruitment;
  2. Personal interview . On it you have to show all your theoretical knowledge, skills and communication skills. This is the main border stage, before the conditional entry into office;
  3. Probation period for position Menti . On it, you need to demonstrate in practice all your skills and knowledge in this junior, but very serious position. The trial period lasts from 2 to 4 calendar weeks , and further promotion to the position Mentor occurs by decision of the Project Administration .

Exceptions for early passage /


for position without general recruitment not provided and impossible (but there may be rare exceptions everywhere, and therefore this is possible at the decision of the Project Management, due to severe force majeure situations that happen in isolated cases)

of their own free will, occurs with a mandatory prior notification of the Project Administration or the Project Management, followed by a 7-day mandatory working out in this position on the project. This condition is associated with the creation of possible force majeure circumstances, such as a one-time mass departure of mentors or a critical shortage of suitable players for mentors positions.
‼️ In the event that a player leaves the position of mentors without prior notice or was forcibly removed by the Project Administration, he will be issued a temporary “Security Lock” for a period of exactly 30 calendar days, without the possibility of early withdrawal.

SHAIBIKA DALGATOVA: “In our business, a mentor, like a mother, helps to keep the balance”

Have you ever wondered how to find your dream job and life’s work, which will bring not only income, but also pleasure? Of course yes! Here Shaibika Dalgatova just came once for a peeling procedure and could no longer leave Batel.

This was already in the almost distant 2013. Now Shaibika would be glad if someone invited her to the company earlier. A successful leader and a happy business woman, even today, is not fully aware of how she ended up in the office of Uma Biygisheva. Her legs themselves led her to the Batel brand salon in Makhachkala: “I asked me to register, realizing that I could save my money in a network company. After all, I was satisfied with the product and had no doubts about the quality of everything that is in Batel.”

Once she opened and began to read the book “10 Lessons on Napkins” by the famous business coach Don File: “I immediately had an idea of ​​what great opportunities online business provides. You can not only plan your income, but also your life. I understood where to start and how to start. In this business, personal growth is necessary, because without self-development, business does not develop. You know, if you have a goal, but you cannot achieve it, you need to change the plan of action, not the goal! It didn’t work out for me either.”

Starting a business with Batel seems much easier now. After all, as Shaibika admits, the company’s product promotes itself – they already know it, they constantly ask about it. It is hard for those who are not ready to change, learn something new and develop a business. When asked how to start a business, a successful leader answers with an example from his own experience.

Over time, Shaibika learned not to take small defeats to heart and not to worry about failures. Business with Batel helped to change the attitude to everything: “The most important thing is that I learn to always look at things positively. I agree, it’s difficult. But when you begin to understand that you just have to change your attitude to any problem, it no longer seems so difficult.

She was denied the opening of the first warehouse, but now she is even glad about it. The time spent with the product in constant communication with consultants taught Shaibika how to promote the brand and run a business without relying on a warehouse.

A successful leader from Makhachkala admits that at that time the focus of attention was on business, and more people were able to talk about the product and successful favorite business. Turnovers grew, business also went uphill, and Shaibika Dalgatova nevertheless opened her office: “Today, a warehouse for me is more like a promotion tool, and not as an additional income.”

So what does success depend on, and did Shaibika herself understand that at some point she became one of the most promising women in business? She has her own answer to this, which does not stop at the results achieved, but motivates to move on: “Success means being on time! I have not yet realized all my ideas, so I still have to work and work. Although, according to Shaibiki, desires grow faster than opportunities. Just recently I was thinking about a big apartment – and here it is! Now I decided to plan a house.

“I wonder what the results of my ideas will be. I am happy that I am doing a job that brings me pleasure. Batel is your success story too.”

Shaibika Dalgatova is proud that she once decided to cooperate with Batel. The leader is not used to boasting about her achievements and speaks modestly about them. But the status of Trend-Premier explains everything: she managed to build a stable and strong structure that will not let you down in the common cause!

She advises her colleagues and partners to never doubt themselves, because only desire and hard work bring results. “Read the story of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, or the story of Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC. The whole world knows about them! There are a lot of such examples, and no one has given a ready-made idea to anyone. We achieved everything with our own work! It is in these words and in what Shaibika does every day that her leadership qualities are traced. Discipline and responsibility are two pillars on which the definition of a Leader stands. Shaibika admits that there are many leaders in the company and each has its own tool of work. Someone is the best at working with cold contacts, someone brilliantly manages to organize an event. According to Shaibika Dalgatova, these “tools” should be mastered by everyone, united and shared experience, supporting each other in one common cause. Much in business with Batel depends on the mentor, it is the sponsor who helps the leadership talent to reveal itself in full force.

“If leadership qualities were not laid in the child, he would never try to take the first step. Children themselves strive forward, and how much happiness a child has when something works out! And mom only helps to keep balance at the first stage. This is a clear example of the fact that leadership qualities are inherent in everyone. A person chooses whether to be a leader or not. In our business, a mentor, like a mother, helps to “keep the balance” at the beginning of the business, and then only himself! Only then will you become a Leader!”.

Shaibika Dalgatova, a real and always beautiful leader from Makhachkala, is helped a lot by the Internet on her successful business path. It is this invention of mankind that helps to always be in touch with partners and family. “Family is sacred,” Shaibika admits, “For relatives to be happy and business to work, you need to be in touch with both parties and, of course, plan everything correctly.”

Our heroine has a dream – Shaibika has always been interested in history and wants to visit important places in different parts of the world. The network business helps her in this, gives her the opportunity to travel with interesting people with whom it is pleasant to communicate and have something to talk about. “I think this is one of the strongest motivations for a partner, for which he starts a business with a company, for which he is ready to work,” says Shaibika. “New trips are also very inspiring. I don’t want to return with the same status, but as an exemplary student I want to get 5 for homework! What a pleasure to look at photos from events.