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The Difference – Little Red School House Daycare

The Difference

Why choose Little Red Schoolhouse, Inc. over all other child care centers? We have a bright and spacious facility, a large outdoor play area (3-5 acres, depending on location), an experienced and caring staff ,and a fantastic curriculum with tons of hands-on learning.  If that is not enough see what else makes LRS stand above the rest.

The Facilities

Our buildings are tucked away on country acres, like a hidden treasure worth exploring.  Our bright, cheery classrooms stimulate the young minds of children with ample natural lighting, yet provide a soothing atmosphere.  We have unbeatable, spacious playgrounds that inspire adventure and imagination.  Our yard is a living science exploratorium with frogs, bugs, butterflies, and plant-life to study.  There are literally tons of sand at Little Red Schoolhouse; to you it is just a sand castle, but it is really the beginning steps of a young architect.   Air conditioning keeps your child cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.  High-tech security systems are in place with locked entrances in addition to hard-wired fire detection and emergency systems.

On-Site AED

Each Little Red Schoolhouse location has an Automated External Defibrillator (with pediatric pads) on-site.  Together with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, the Masonic Foundation and through the fundraising efforts of our families we were able to purchase 2 AED units and train all staff in use.  While we hope to never put these units to use, it is very comforting knowing that one is just steps away from every classroom.  The American Heart Association states “Immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and early defibrillation, with an automated external defibrillator (AED), can more than double a victim’s chance of survival.”


Formal child evaluations are performed in the fall and spring.  Informal observations are accomplished periodically throughout the year.   The staff at LRS will keep you informed of your child’s progress in the following ways:

  • on-going dialogue with teachers and staff at drop-off and pickup time
  • center-specific newsletters that highlight upcoming activities and events
  • parent communication boards
  • written communication specific to your needs, including regular evaluations
  • comprehensive curriculum plans so you know what your child is learning

The progress of the child is a primary concern of Little Red Schoolhouse, Inc.  Conferences can be scheduled at any time with some advance notice to the Director.

There are a minimum of two computers in the Preschool and School-Age classrooms at Little Red Schoolhouse, Inc., on which the children are exposed to wonderful and age-appropriate educational games.  A love of technology begins at an early age at LRS!

Picture Day 

Little Red Schoolhouse arranges for a photographer to come to the centers two times per year; once in early summer and once just in time for the winter holidays.   The photographer is highly experienced in photographing young children and the packages are very reasonably priced.  If you have your child’s picture taken and view the portraits, you will receive a FREE mouse pad, tote bag, or child-sized T-Shirt with your child’s portrait on it … no purchase necessary!  You can’t beat that deal.

Summer Program 

Wild, Wacky (and educational) are words that describe Little Red Schoolhouse’s Super Summer Adventure Program.  The summer is spent playing, socializing, and learning through various field trips, daily activities and guest speakers.  Hands-on learning is an integral part of our fantastic summer program.

Field Trips 

Little Red Schoolhouse, Inc. does take children on fun and educational field trips.  Most field trips are taken during the summer, but there are a few select trips scheduled in fall, winter, or spring.  For each trip a permission form or sign up sheet must be signed by the parent/guardian.   Parents are welcome to accompany staff and children on field trips.

Hot Lunch 

The Richfield/Colgate location offers a hot lunch program at an additional cost of $2.40 per day, delivered daily from a local caterer.  No more time spent packing lunches; your child will have a delicious and nutritious lunch every day!  Menus are provided monthly and meet the State of Wisconsin’s nutritional requirements for young children. 


The Center welcomes any presentation of a specialty (job experience, hobby, talent, etc.), that would enhance a curriculum unit or theme. Please contact your child’s teacher to make these arrangements; parent involvement is always welcome (and encouraged) at Little Red Schoolhouse, Inc.


Each family will receive a monthly newsletter on or near the first of each month.  This newsletter will contain a listing of weekly themes and units, along with information on upcoming events and a “Looking Back” section detailing events of the past month. Teachers will also post weekly lesson plans and activities on your child’s classroom door.

A Parent/Teacher Communication Board is located at each center.  This board contains important information for parents, including copies of our newsletter, the monthly lunch menu, computer class information, special dates, and other pertinent information.

Little Red School House Daycare


As each infant is on his or her own schedule, the Infant Room is the least structured of all classrooms at Little Red Schoolhouse.  We partner with parents to focus on your child’s individual schedule and the goals we set together.  Through activities like reading, singing and even talking with your child during feedings and diapering, we assist with language acquisition and development.  A variety of age-appropriate toys, games, and music help stimulate development while the teacher’s provide nurturing, personal care that builds trust and self-esteem.  Stimulating activities and group interactions encourage your child to play and explore, generating interest and curiosity as your child becomes a toddler.   While many child care centers move children out of the Infant Room and into the Toddler Room on their first birthday, we take an individual approach and move children when they are ready; when they demonstrate the need for more challenging activities, when the child is walking confidently, and when they have adjusted their own schedule to one nap per day.  Open communication between parents and caregivers is our goal.  In addition to speaking with a teacher at drop off and pick up, you will take home a daily “report card” that will give you a glimpse of your child’s day.


Toddlers make great developmental strides, both physical and intellectually.  This is the age where we really begin to see communication develop and relationships start to become an important part of your little one’s life.  As children move to the Toddler Room, they begin a more structured day at LRS.  The Toddler staff creates lesson plans that are both developmentally appropriate and stimulating for your child.   Through exciting activities, a variety of learning experiences are provided to help develop your child’s confidence, self-esteem and love of learning.  Children begin to spend time in planned learning areas that focus on dramatic play, creative arts, language development. and sensory exploration.  Outdoor play is an exceptionally important part of your child’s development; we head outdoors to our nature-rich play areas at least twice per day (weather permitting).  You will still continue to receive daily reports, but will also have an opportunity to read the daily information board outside your child’s classroom; this is where you will find detailed information each day on activities the class completed together.

Early Preschool Room

After your child’s second birthday, he/she will move to the Early Preschool Room.  This classroom prepares your child for the structure of the Preschool Room.  While developmentally appropriate academics (colors, shapes, letters, numbers, etc) are important and worked on throughout the year in this classroom, the most important skills gained in the Early Preschool Room are social skills.   Strengthening social skills helps your child become an integral part of the classroom environment; speaking in front of peers begins in this classroom to teach children the importance of listening to and learning from their classmates.  The Early Preschool teachers strive to maintain a balance of experiences including group time, discovery time, teacher-directed and child-directed activities.   To help your child gain the independence that they are working towards, routines (meals, rest time, bathroom breaks, and outdoor time) are a fundamental part of the environment in the Early Preschool Room.  Children in the Early Preschool Room, with the guidance of their nurturing teachers, continue to strengthen their self esteem, foster their creativity, and grow with their love of learning.

Preschool Classroom

The intent of  the 3-5 year old classroom is to prepare the children for kindergarten by providing skills that will guide them toward future academic success.  This is accomplished by exposing the children to:

  • early language and literacy skills through books, songs, rhymes, and poems
  • hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities
  • developmentally appropriate pre-writing activities
  • activities to strengthen large and small motor development
  • creative outlets such as art, music, and movement
  • activities to strengthen essential social skills like listening, using manners, cooperation, and sharing

In a short time, your child will walk into his or her classroom like it is their own room at home.   Children often head straight to a waiting friend or favorite activity to start their day.  They have numerous opportunities to self-select exciting activities that are developmentally appropriate, yet challenging.  Children will socialize with friends and experience new activities.  Teachers split into smaller groups to capitalize on the child’s own level of learning.  Children are often engaged in lively conversations relating to the curriculum that they are learning about. They get involved in activities that improve coordination and learn complex games that help both their body and mind.  It is an exciting and stimulating environment that your child will thrive in.

Preschoolers, like all LRS children, love our unique outdoor learning environments.  Of course free play is a favorite, but we also use out outdoor acreage to learn about science, explore nature, practice movement activities, play group games, and just be kids.

Even meals and snack times are wonderful learning experience in the Preschool Room.   Sharing meals is an excellent time for the children to practice their manners, discuss the exciting events of the day, and learn more about friends.  The children experiment with pouring their own milk and serving themselves food.  Enjoying this social time not only builds self esteem, but allows the child to learn the importance of sharing with their classmates.


School Age

The School-Age Program is all about forming lasting friendships.

Unfortunately, the world is not as safe as it used to be, which is why it is important to find a safe and welcoming place for your child before and after school.  Little Red Schoolhouse ensures that your child safely gets on and off the bus before and after school each day.  We provide your child with a healthy snack and beverage to give them energy to complete the day.  After a long day of school, they are able to find a quiet table for working on homework (and receive assistance, if needed), there are opportunities to choose fun activities to work on while socializing with friends, or just relax while reading a book to unwind.

Little Red Schoolhouse also provides fun-filled activities for your child during all days off of schcool, in addition to an exciting, and ever-expanding summer program.  Wild, Wacky (and educational) are words that describe Little Red Schoolhouse’s Super Summer Adventure Program.  The summer is spent playing, socializing, and learning through various field trips, daily activities and guest speakers.  Hands-on learning is an integral part of our fantastic summer program.  Be sure to check out our summer calendars to get a glimpse of our wonderful program.


Cursed Item Spawn Locations on each Phasmophobia Map

We’ll look at all the different maps and the spawn locations for each of the Cursed Items on them. Most of the items usually spawn in the same area, so it’s pretty easy to find them in every playthrough of the game. Listed below are all currently known item spawn locations on most maps. Marked maps are available thanks to Redditor u/Fantismal.

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  • Sunny Meadows Mental Institution Locations
  • Bleasdale Farm Locations
  • Camp Woodwind Locations
  • 42 Edgefield Road Locations
  • Locations at Grafton Farmhouse
  • Locations 10 Ridgeview Court
  • Locations 6 Tanglewood Drive
  • Locations 13 Willow Street
  • Locations Maple Lodge Campsite
  • Prison Locations
  • Brownstone High School Locations

Sunny Meadows Mental Institution Locations

  • Enchanted Mirror – in the chapel.
  • Music box – in the chapel.
  • Magic circle – in the chapel.
  • Tarot cards – in the chapel.
  • Voodoo doll – in the chapel.
  • Ouija Board – in the chapel.

Bleasdale Farm Locations

  • Enchanted Mirror – Office on the first floor in the far left corner.
  • Music box – living room on the first floor.
  • Magic circle – in the attic.
  • Tarot cards – office on the first floor, between the windows.
  • Voodoo doll – on the second floor in a cul-de-sac between the boy’s bedroom and the small bathroom.
  • Ouija Board – in the left corner of the garage.

Camp Woodwind Locations

  • Enchanted Mirror – Near the switch on the pole.
  • Music box – In the yellow tent.
  • Magic circle – In the food tent.
  • Tarot cards – In the picnic area near the white tent.
  • Voodoo doll — Between the red and the small tent.
  • Ouija Board – In the games tent.

Locations at 42 Edgefield Road

  • Enchanted Mirror – Behind the stairs in the hallway on the first floor.
  • Music box – in the corner of the living room, closer to the doorway.
  • Magic circle – in the center of the basement.
  • Tarot cards – Behind the stairs, next to the mirror.
  • Voodoo Doll – against the back wall in the teenager’s room on the second floor.
  • Ouija Board – in the right corner of the utility room on the first floor.

Grafton Farmhouse Locations

  • Enchanted Mirror – Between the living room and foyer near the door to the kitchen.
  • Music box – in the corner of the foyer near the stairs.
  • Magic circle – In the far left corner of the storage room.
  • Tarot cards – In the center of the dining room.
  • Voodoo doll – along the left wall of the nursery.
  • Ouija Board – In the closet in the master bedroom.

Locations 10 Ridgeview Court

  • Enchanted Mirror – On the second floor, in the corner behind the stairs.
  • Music box – in the girl’s bedroom near the door.
  • Magic Circle – Behind the stairs in the basement.
  • Tarot cards – in the lobby near the window.
  • Voodoo Doll – In the office across from the garage.
  • Ouija board – in the utility closet on the first floor.

Locations 6 Tanglewood Drive

  • Enchanted Mirror – In the entrance in front of the master bedroom.
  • Music box – by the left wall of the nursery.
  • Magic circle – in the basement near the stairs.
  • Tarot cards – in the far right corner of the living room.
  • Voodoo doll – in the upper right corner of the garage.
  • Ouija Board – in the back of the basement.

Locations 13 Willow Street

  • Enchanted Mirror – In the back room of the garage.
  • Music box – on the bedside table at the entrance.
  • Magic circle – in the basement corridor, closest to the right pantry.
  • Tarot cards – on the table in the living room.
  • Voodoo Doll – In the far left corner of the boy’s bedroom.
  • Ouija board – in the back room of the garage.

Maple Lodge Campsite Locations

  • Enchanted Mirror – In the blue tent.
  • Music box – on the porch of the hut.
  • Magic circle – in the corner of the hut near the stairs.
  • Tarot cards – next to the white tent.
  • Voodoo doll – between the food tent and the fire.
  • Ouija Board – In the cleaning closet between the toilets.

Prison Locations

  • Enchanted Mirror – In the lobby next to the admin room.
  • Music box – at the entrance.
  • Magic circle – At the end of the lobby.
  • Tarot cards – at the entrance.
  • Voodoo doll – at the entrance.
  • Ouija board – at the entrance.

Brownstone High School 9 Locations0007

  • Enchanted Mirror – in the lobby, along the wall of the library.
  • Music box – just behind the mirror in the lobby.
  • Magic Circle – Between the lobby and the main hallway on the first floor.
  • Tarot cards – in the lobby, along the wall closest to the first class.
  • Voodoo doll – between the doors of the basketball hall.
  • Ouija Board – in the lobby, near the wall closest to the first class.

As more players play this update, there will be more information about whether other items will appear in the same places or not. At the moment, this is all the information available thanks to Reddit players. Once all maps have been fully explored, the information will be available to all players. For now, these are all confirmed locations.

For more information on Phasmophobia, be sure to check out How to Identify the Ghost Type of Mimic in Phasmophobia – Strengths and Weaknesses on Gamesty.

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location of all cursed objects topchikmix

Become the best ghost hunter by knowing all possible locations of cursed objects in Phasmophobia.

  • Brownstone High School
  • Camp Woodwind
  • >

  • Edgefield Road
  • Grafton Farmhouse
  • Maple Lodge Campground
  • Jail
  • Ridgeview Court
  • Sun Meadows
  • Tanglewood Drive
  • Willow Street

One of the most exciting aspects of Phasmophobia is the cursed objects and how they can be used to improve the gameplay of ghost hunting. Once you find one of the seven cursed objects, you can use it to talk to the ghost, find out more about where it is in your current location, and even trigger a cursed hunt.

With so many objects available and so many maps to play on, it can be difficult to keep track of where things will spawn. In this guide, we’ll look at all the potential spawn locations for seven different cursed objects on every map in the game.



  1. Bleasdale Farm
  2. Brownstone High School
  3. Woodwind Camp
  4. Edgefield Road
  5. Grafton Farm
  6. Maple Lodge Campground
  7. Jail
  8. Ridgeview Court
  9. Sun Meadows
  10. Tanglewood Drive 9001 0
  11. Willow Street

Bleasdale Farm

Bleasdale is small but a spacious farmhouse split over three floors with several rooms you can explore when on a ghost hunt. However, the cursed items are scattered across all three floors of this house.

Brownstone High School

Although Brownstone High School is one of the biggest maps in Phasmophobia, all cursed objects will spawn next to each other in the same place. This makes it easy to find any of the seven objects, no matter which one appears that round.

Woodwind Camp

Camp Woodwind is a scaled down version of the Maple Lodge Campsite exterior map, but the cursed objects are in completely different locations. Because this map is outside, it can be a lot harder to spot objects as the lighting in the area isn’t great.

Edgefield Road

Three floors of Edgefield Road have several rooms to explore for clues and cursed objects. All seven objects are scattered across different floors, with most of them spawning on the first floor.

Grafton Farm

This is the second of two farmhouses with significantly fewer rooms and only two floors. You’ll find most of the cursed items on the ground floor near the entrance to the farmhouse, but some of them are scattered further upstairs.

Maple Lodge Campground

Maple Lodge is the largest outside map and is a larger version of Camp Woodwind. There are a lot of extra tents and buildings on this map, so the cursed objects are much more scattered around the camp.

Summoning Circle


Prison is a very large map with many cells and closed spaces where you can try to hunt down a ghost. Fortunately, all cursed objects are located at the main entrance, so they are very easy to find when they appear.

Ridgeview Court

As another house map divided into three floors, Ridgeview Court is great for exploration, but a bit tricky in terms of blocking a place for a ghost. Fortunately, many cursed objects are within arm’s length of each other.

Sunshine Meadows

This mental institution is one of the biggest maps Phasmophobia has to offer, with many twists and turns to keep you lost as you investigate. However, all of the cursed objects are clustered around the chapel, which makes finding them a little more spooky given the location.

Ouija board

Tanglewood Drive

Tanglewood Drive is one of the smallest houses available to play in Phasmophobia and has a basement instead of an upper floor. level. As with other houses, cursed items are fairly easy to spot among the furniture.

Willow Street

Willow Street is the smallest map available to play and has a lot of hard to reach places for you to hide and explore. In this two-level house, the cursed items are quite far apart, so you’ll have to search a lot of areas to find them.

Tarot cards are on the table in office which is the first room on the left when you enter the building.

Ouija Board

You will find Ouija Board in the garage of the house, sitting on a wooden workbench. Sometimes there will be a hammer on the board.

Music box

The music box is on the small wooden table in the living room of the farmhouse. This is the room right in front of you when you enter the building.

Monkey’s paw in the master bedroom on a leather chest next to the crib. This bedroom is next to the main bathroom opposite the stairs. 9

In office the haunted mirror will be on the wall next to the floor lamp and the window facing the truck.

Summoning Circle

Summoning Circle can be found on duck on the floor. It will be located next to two brown crates with jars on top.

Voodoo doll

country staircase . Voodoo doll will sit on this chair next to the jar.

Upon entering the lobby, a long wooden bench will appear on your left . Tarot cards will be on this bench next to the green book.

Ouija board

in high school, go to where the room connects to hallway and ouija board is located on the floor next to column on the left.

Music box

Music box is on >long wooden bench to the right of hall at the entrance to the building. He stands among the green books, and there is a cardboard box on the floor next to the bench.

Monkey paw

You will find Monkey’s Paw sitting on top of a cardboard box to the right of ‘s main lobby. The crate next to the brick column.

Haunted Mirror

Go to to the right of the main lobby 900 37, just before the room connects to corridor and you will find Haunted Mirror . leaning against a brick pillar.

Summoning Circle

Enter the middle school and walk forward through the lobby 9003 7 until you reach the point where room connects to corridor . Summoning Circle is on the floor in the center of this corridor.

Voodoo doll >

0036 go forward until you reach the wall directly opposite entrance . Voodoo doll will be sitting here on a wooden bench.

After entering the campsite, go forward. and left to two picnic benches . Tarot cards will be on the leftmost bench next to the two blue books.

Ouija board

To your right at the entrance to the campsite there are several white tents . Enter the tent with outdoor games and Ouija board will be on the table.

Music box

on the left side of the campsite, and Music Box will be on the small white table inside the tent.

Monkey’s paw a , there is a wooden platform. On top of the wooden platform, you can find Monkey’s Paw next to the marshmallow on sticks.

Haunted Mirror

Directly at Camping Center 9003 7 is a tree lit by magic light, next to the corn hole board. Haunted Mirror is on the ground next to the tree.

Summoning Circle

Walk to the right at the entrance to camp and past the fire to white tent with tables covered with food and drinks. Summoning circle will be on the ground in the center of this tent.

Voodoo doll at the entrance and look for big red tent .. Voodoo doll will be on the ground next to smaller blue tent to the left of red .

Enter the house and there will be white chest of drawers on your right with a green dish and two photo frames on top. Tarot cards are next to the green bowl.

Ouija board

There is utility room on the ground floor in the back left corner 9003 7 houses. You’ll find Ouija Board on the ground at in front of one of the stacks of shelves.

Music box

When you enter the house, turn left and enter living room . There is a white chest of drawers with a green bowl and a lamp on top, and next to them there will be Music box .

Monkey’s Paw

go to orange bedroom on your right as you go up the stairs. At blue-pink changing table is monkey paw .

Haunted mirror 0037 , Haunted mirror will hang on the wall.

Summoning Circle

0036 Call circle will be on ground between stacks of shelves .

Voodoo doll 36 turn left at the top of stairs and continue down the hallway until you reach a bedroom decorated in blue . Voodoo doll will be on the bed.

Immediately on your left. when you enter farmhouse , you will see the main dining room . In the center of the room is a table with a checkered tablecloth, and on this table are Tarot Cards.

Ouija board

B houses on the ground floor there is a small pantry with a few boxes and shoes inside. Ouija Board will be on the ground in the center of of this room.

music box

set of shelves .. On one of the lower shelves there is a plant in a pot, and next to it is Music box .

Monkey paw

Enter the house and go around to find the first bedroom on the right side of . This bedroom has a table with an ax on it and Monkey Paw on it.

Haunted Mirror

(left) hanging Ghost Mirror .

Circle of Summoning

On the second floor there is a large pantry accessible through bedroom 9003 7 right. At the back of this pantry is Summoning Circle .

Voodoo doll . You will see Voodoo Doll on small leather chest at the back of the room.

Head to North Route at the top of the campsite and find white tent . Outside the tent will be a small metal camping table with a red flask on top and next to it tarot cards .

Ouija board

entrance to the campsite. In the center of this block is Cleaning Cabinet and Ouija Board is on the shelf here.

Music Box

Outside the main log cabin on the right side of the campsite there is a small metal camping table just outside the door. The music box is on this table .

Monkey Paw

on the right side of the camp to find blue camping chair. Monkey’s paw will be on this chair.

Haunted Mirror

ka which can be opened. Step inside and Haunted Mirror will be on the ground in one of the rooms inside the tent.

Enter Log Cabin on the right side of the map and find Living Room . There will be Summoning Circle on the floor.

Voodoo doll on the left side of the map, and Voodoo Doll will sit next to log around the campfire.

Enter checkpoint once you enter the building, tarot cards will be in gray plastic box on the table.

Ouija Board

At the main entrance, go to checkpoint , and Ouija board will be on the floor behind tables .

Music box

main entrance and find a table with two gray plastic boxes on it. Music box would be inside the box on the left.

Monkey’s paw

next to > large scanner, there is a gray plastic box. To the right of this field would be Monkey’s Paw .

Haunted Mirror

Go straight at the prison entrance and you will find a row of white chairs . Below these chairs is Haunted Mirror .

Calling circle strong before Entering the corridor, Summon Ring can be found on the ground next to a row of white chairs .

Voodoo Doll 37 and find the table next to the big red scanner . Voodoo Doll will be on this table next to to the left of the gray plastic box.

As soon as you enter the house, on your right there is a white chest of drawers with a candle and a green bowl on it. Tarot cards are to the right of the green bowl on the chest of drawers.

Ouija Board you will reach two doors opposite each other in the corridor. Enter utility closet is on the left, and the Ouija board is on the shelves in room .

Music box

the two bedrooms on the left are when you walk down the hallway up the stairs. Enter room furthest from stairs and there is chest of drawers by the door with music box on top.

Monkey’s Paw

Go to second floor and bypass the right corner of the corridor towards the bathroom. Enter the room at on the right and there is a white desk with a laptop and a green book. Monkey’s Paw is on this table.

Haunted Mirror

Opposite the stairs to the cellar white wall with chest of drawers and lamp . Haunted Mirror is above the chest of drawers hanging on the wall.

Summoning circle 36 opposite door is Summoning Circle.

Strong Wood Doll>

In office opposite the entrance to garage on the ground floor there is a bench with blue upholstery next to the piano. Voodoo doll is on this bench.

Enter chapel area at the end of the entrance corridor and go to the right up stairs . On the ground there will be red circle closest to railing , and tarot cards will be in the circle.

td >

Go to elevation in the room. Ouija board will be on ground at railing farthest from the door.

Music box Wooden Candlesticks and Music Box are on the ground in front of it. one of them in in the back left corner of room .

Monkey Paw

In the center of the upper deck in chapel , there is red metal pillar . In the base of this post you will find Monkey Paw .

Haunted Mirror 37 and find a red circle on the ground in front of two wooden candlesticks . strong>. Haunted Mirror is on the ground at in front of Booth in the lower right corner of the room.

Circle of Summoning large red circle in the center of the upper deck area . In the middle of this circle is Summoning Circle.

Voodoo doll

In front of the red metal pillar in the chapel , Voodoo doll will lie on the ground in blood.

Head into the house and go straight until you reach the TV in living room . By the window there is a small round table , and here are tarot cards .

Ouija Board

go to the far corner of the room. Walk past shelves and there will be a small wooden table in the corner with Ouija Board .

Music box

When you enter the house, turn left and follow along corridor down to nursery painted purple. There is a shelf with a teddy bear by the door, and next to it there will be Music Box .

Monkey paw

Go to dining room past the living room and find large white wardrobe . Monkey’s Paw will be inside the cabinet.

Haunted Mirror

7 on the left leading to bedroom . Next to door on wall will be Haunted Mirror .

Summoning Circle

rotate correctly . Summon Circle will be in the center of the room on the ground.

Voodoo doll and look for two plastic storage containers . At the bin closest to the corner of the room, on the lid Voodoo doll.

As soon as you enter the house, look directly at sofa and find small round table with included TV remote control . Tarot cards will be next to the TV remote control.

Ouija board

utility room off to the side. Enter there and ouija board will be above the washing machine.

Music box

At the front door , immediately turn left in the living room to see a white chest of drawers with a plant on it. On this chest of drawers you will find Music Box .

Monkey’s Paw

kitchen and past the bathroom on the left. Will be white closet before you get to the bedrooms, there is Monkey’s Paw .

Haunted Mirror in a small side room on the right side. To your left at on the floor of will be Haunted Mirror.

Summoning Circle

Go down to basement of the house and turn left to follow corridor .