List of 6th grade vocabulary words: Academic vocabulary words for 6th graders

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6th Grade Vocabulary Word Lists


    6th Grade Vocabulary Word Velocity


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Sixth grade vocabulary words are often broken down by topic and cover math, science, social studies or history, and literature. Explore these 6th grade vocabulary words and definitions to expand your language in different subjects.

6th Grade Math Vocabulary List

Many 6th grade math vocabulary words are short, but their meanings can be quite complex. Help tweens learn these vocabulary words by discussing definitions and examples.

  • adjacent (adj.) – lying next to each other; for angles, it means they share a corner point, but don’t overlap
  • area (n.) – the result of multiplying the length by the width of a shape
  • dimension (n.) – a measurement of length in one direction
  • factor (v. ) – to express a number as a product of two or more other numbers
  • frequency (n.) – how often something happens during a given period
  • histogram (n.) – graphical display where data is grouped into ranges then plotted as bars
  • mean (n.) – the average value of a set of numbers
  • median (n.) – the middle number in a range of values
  • mode (n.) – the value that occurs most frequently in a given series
  • range (n.) – the limits to which something can reach
  • ratio (n.) – the quotient of one quantity divided by another of the same kind
  • variable (n.) – a symbol for a number you don’t know yet, it has no fixed value


6th Grade Science Vocabulary List

Basic science vocabulary words for sixth graders begin to explain physics and incorporate the proper terms used in the scientific method.

  • acceleration (n.) – the rate of change in the velocity of a moving body
  • adapt (v.) – to make suitable by adjusting or changing
  • attribute (n.) – quality or characteristic of a noun
  • force (n.) – a factor that causes a body to change speed, direction, or shape
  • hypothesis (n.) – a tentative explanation for an observation, phenomenon, or scientific problem
  • manipulate (v.) – to influence, manage, direct, control, or tamper with something
  • phase (n.) – distinct period in something’s development
  • prediction (n.) – a statement that something might happen or is expected to happen
  • repetition (n.) – the act of doing or saying something over and over
  • solubility (n.) – capability of being dissolved
  • solution (n.) – homogeneous mixture of two or more substances
  • speed (n. ) – how quickly something is moving or being done
  • velocity (n.) – quantity that specifies both the speed of a body and its direction of motion


6th Grade Literature Vocabulary List

As sixth graders start to read more complex nonfiction texts and deep fiction texts, they’ll start to learn more words related to literature. These vocabulary words influence reading, writing, and speaking.

  • characterization (n.) – the act of describing a character in a story or drama
  • climax (n.) – moment of culminating intensity in a narrative, especially the conclusion of a crisis
  • declare (v.) – make a statement or make information known
  • drastic (adj.) – radical or extreme
  • exposition (n.) – a piece of writing that is a detailed explanation using facts and ideas
  • extend (v. ) – to stretch out or draw out to a certain point
  • lofty (adj.) – high in the air or overly grand
  • narrate (v.) – to tell
  • origin (n.) – the start or center of something or the place where a person comes from
  • quote (v.) – repeat something written or spoken by someone else
  • tentative (adj.) – not definite or final
  • thesis (n.) – proposal or suggestion that is maintained by an argument
  • unique (adj.) – having no like or equal


In 6th grade social studies, history, and geography lessons, students start deep explorations into countries and cultures around the world. These words help middle schoolers understand and respect the world around them.

  • appropriate (adj.) – right for the purpose
  • archaeologist (n.) – a person who studies human history through discovery and exploration of remains, structures, and writings
  • barbarian (n. ) – a person who is savage and crude
  • catastrophe (n.) – large, often sudden, disaster or ending
  • chronological (adj.) – arranged in the order it happened
  • civilization (n.) – society or group of people or the process of achieving a higher state of social development
  • democracy (n.) – form of government in which the common people hold political power
  • empire (n.) – political unit or territory under a unified or supreme authority
  • history (n.) – all recorded events of the past
  • nomad (n.) – any wanderer who has no fixed home
  • subcontinent (n.) – a large land mass, smaller than a continent and regarded as a geographic or political entity
  • unanimous (adj.) – all parties involved are fully in agreement
  • violate (v.) – to fail to comply with a requirement or rule


Printable 6th Grade Vocabulary Lists PDF

If you want to use all these 6th grade vocabulary lists at home or in the classroom, you can print the free PDF that features all four lists of words with definitions. Click on the image of the master list to download and print it using the handy guide for troubleshooting if you need help.

6th grade vocabulary words list

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6th Grade Vocab Lessons Made Easy

Combine these 6th grade vocabulary lists with 6th grade spelling lists for a complete 6th grade grammar curriculum. Try out a couple vocabulary games for kids to make language learning more exciting. If you’re up for a vocabulary challenge, check out SAT vocabulary words for middle school.

6th Grade Vocabulary Words, Lists, Games and Activities

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6th Grade Vocabulary Lists, Games & Activities

Have fun with our 6th grade vocabulary lists plus practice these vocabulary words for sixth graders online.
You can also make your own lists at Vocabulary Stars.
6th grade is a great time to use vocabulary to improve writing as many students are expected to produce
more accurate journal entries and drafts for reports. Help your student succeed and enjoy practicing at the same
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6th Grade Vocabulary Games

Vocabulary Stars has fantastic vocabulary games for 6th graders. Fruit Punch and Beaver Run are both favorites among students. Word Search and Fill in the Blank allow your students to become more familiar with their vocabulary words. The Vocabulary Memory Game helps students learn vocabulary words using sentences or definitions. Our Vocabulary Flash Cards can be played with sentences, definitions, synonyms, and antonyms. All vocabulary games are interactive and change every time you play them.

6th Grade Vocabulary Tests

Students can take their vocabulary tests online. The vocabulary tests are graded instantly, and an anti-cheating mode is available. Reports are created once the student completes an activity.

6th Grade Vocabulary Worksheets

Vocabulary Stars gives students, and teachers access to dynamic worksheets for Fill in the Blank, Word Scramble, Multiple Choice, and Word Search.

6th Grade Vocabulary Lists

Copy our vocabulary lists, upload your lists from school, or copy lists from other teachers. Once you create your vocabulary lists, you can use them year after year! We make it easy to create lists by offering manual vocabulary word entry, uploading CSV or Excel files, or copying and pasting in your words.


Catch the correct vocabulary word to win. Play with sentences, definitions and more.



Use the toucan to hit the bananas to work through your vocabulary words from your list.



Search for the words from your vocabulary list—play on easy, medium, or hard levels.



Use our vocabulary flashcard game to practice with definitions, sentences and more.



Navigate the beaver through the forest and collect coins to practice vocabulary.



Match each word with the correct sentence, definition, antonyms, or synonyms.



Play fill in the blank with your vocabulary words. Fill in the Blank is also available as a printable worksheet.


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O.D.Ushakov. Vocabulary words 1-11 grade. Complete list of vocabulary words | Card file in the Russian language on the topic:

Vocabulary words grades 1-11. Complete list of vocabulary words

Grade 1

Address, alphabet, city, duty, pencil, pocket, picture, cardboard, potato, card, square, apartment, compote, skates, scarf, lemon, ruler, carrot, Moscow, cloud, window , coat, pencil case, pie, scarf, briefcase, Russia, boots, TV, phone, street, apple.

2nd grade

Sparrow, crow, pencil, painting, magpie, coat, subway, city, wind, milk, Motherland, Russia, ticket, October, Moscow, student, apple, telephone, TV, carrot, skates, basket, plant , wagon, shovel, work, shop, cow, dishes, watermelon, newspaper, cabbage, mittens, scarf, collar, frost, road, October, hello, car, girl, dog, suitcase, clothes, please, group, platform, suffix , class, director, teacher, notebook, ruler, pencil case, suddenly, goodbye, Russian, harvest, alphabet, people, language, comrade, help, luggage, bag, sofa, receipt, cardboard, feel, participate.

3rd class

Weather, Thursday, holiday, football, highway, axe, platform, computer, bus, tram, wheat, alley, rocket, station, trolleybus, alley, swamp, raspberry, driver, January, stairs, cucumber, tomato, vegetable, nightingale, plate, animal, month, nice, shop, february, lilac, hockey, december, straw, aspen, kremlin, subway, lunch, vinaigrette, road, distance, picture, hammer, excursion, bed, west, east, hot, tractor, victory, space, astronaut, feeling, nut, harvester, cake, sand, breakfast, story, pharmacy, library, once, hero, strawberry, father, metal.

4th grade

Collection, skillful, profession, desire, iron, bicycle, engineer, appetite, apparatus, neat, here, car, freedom, excavator, escalator, gallery, fire, bonfire, today, citizen, wealth, ship, salute , government, president, soldier, warrior, portrait, still life, landscape, art, tomorrow, horizon, now, host, calendar, January, quote, abstract, biography, collective, hello, journey, dialogue, fatherland, secret.

5 class

Athlete, basketball, station, backpack, October, chrysanthemum, hockey, match, brochure, jury, parachute, exit, blizzard, drive in, announcement, gun, barrier, serious, from behind, from under, suddenly, forward, back , soon, left, right, right, left, right, left, above, below, two, three, hears, sees, looks, holds, dazzling, emerald, two, three, syntax, punctuation, phrase, sentence, strive, talk , visit, report, salute, from afar, occasionally, interrogative, exclamatory, non-exclamatory, narrative, motivating, interrogative, common, subject, predicate, secondary, addition, definition, circumstance, appeal, from everywhere, homogeneous, upset, sadden, upset, please , thank you, thank you, sorry, goodbye, dialogue, grammatical basis, because, phonetics, phonetic, graphics, calligraphy, vocabulary, synonyms, homonyms, antonyms, sofa, balcony, office, TV, telephone, purple, purple, huge, huge, piano, guitar, candy, basket, costume, parquet, belt, cover, tasteless, flourishing, dawn, schedule, count, calculation, here, building, health, knock down, fold, hand over, squeeze, driver, highway, chocolate, sportsman, to hate, to be perplexed, to be indignant, to melt, winnow, to sow, to start, wagon, platform, channel, gymnastics, compete, compete, coach, train, dream, cosmonaut, stadium, arena, spartakiad, Great Patriotic War, gate, ink, youth, republic, orange, tangerine, burn, protect, guard, strive, camera, binoculars, wardrobe, noble, fair, computer, cover, handwriting, correct, profession, everywhere, cycling, bicycle, always, football, astronaut, suit, route, dream, never.

Grade 6

Armature, atmosphere, crimson, pool, fringe, biography, turquoise, hero, maroon, magnificent, veteran, garage, general, ninety, two hundred, title, yellow-red, illustration, skillful, art black, cornice, apartment, conveyor, lieutenant, painter, million, billion, eleven, ornament, pedal, railing, imitate, defeat, slip, despise, stop, transform, overcome, obstacle, get used to, invite, come in handy, cook, come, order, adventure, diligent, reason, look closely, accommodate, be present, pleasant, profession, rocket, reform, peer, ruddy, salad, napkin, swine, soldier, competition, talent, telegram, terrace, typography, hurry, tribune, three hundred, trolleybus, bean, centner, four hundred, plasterer, copy, save, excavator, young, January.

Grade 7

Scuba, aquarium, artillery, due to the fact that, side by side, apparently-invisibly, instantly, in mockery, objection, willy-nilly, subsequently, due to the fact that, due to the fact that, in view of the circumstances, aligned, gallery, garland, a long time ago, distance, in order to, mean, chewed, desired, abroad, from behind, from under, depict, gate, as if, caricature, receipt, classic, forged, column, plant, commandant, envelope, pitch, cross, little by little, mass, slow, by eye, the other day, at home, on the fly, for a moment, for memory, for galloping, for conscience, on the go, on tiptoe, unseen, unattainable, unexpected, more than once, despite, unheard of, unexpected, nothing, not at all, not at all, not once, necklace, navigate, reflect, throughout, because, package, ferry, period, two by two, at the end, by memory, on arrival, in conscience, startling, under force, postman, preliminary, claim, claim, real, residence, satire, traffic light, sacred, semaphore, silhouette, situation, shine, on the fly, running, diligently, in order to , exactly the same, anxiety, tamp, fantasy, stir, champion, epidemic.

Grade 8

Ensemble, certificate, audience, kayak, fiction, majority, impressive, imagination, ingenious, debate, debut, motto, declaration, decoration, delegate, deputy, dialogue, diploma, director, discussion, dignity, landmark, ideal, illumination, illustrated, inform, true, cavalry, candidate, holidays, carnival, commission, committee, composer, congress, conservatory, conference, concert, laboratory, landscape, laureate, legend, maneuver, minority, rally, monologue, montage, courage, obelisk, monument, panorama, patriot, landscape, feat, authentic, astonish, pedestal, decree, president, presidium, debate, persecution, privilege, prologue, prototype, profile, pedestal, play, regulate, director, resolution, relic, repair, rehearsal, restoration, peer, certificate, season, secretary, signal, symphony, specialty, scholarship, talented, talented, battering ram, territory, tradition, tram, broadcast, surprise, fantasy, festival, film library, overcoat, experiment, experiment, epilogue.

Grade 9

Subscription, subscriber, native, air mail, autobiography, agency, administration, adjutant, accompaniment, accompany, accumulator, accessory, active, algorithm, allegory, aluminum, amphitheatre, analytical, abstract, annul, antagonism, equipment, application, argument, assistant, assortment, association, asphalt, certificate, audience, badminton, ballet, ballast, selfless, fiction, concrete, bibliography, fragrant, nobility, shine, shine, future, vernissage, belief, vertically, mutual, roomy, suddenly, outlook, Eastern Slavic, comprehensive, startle, expressive, gasification, gallery, ingenious, genius, giant, gigantic, living room, engraving, citizenship, grapefruit, humanism, humane, decorative, decoration, delicacy, democratic, active, range, diaphragm, amateur, diplomat, discussion, report, precious, capacity, desirable, oblivion, manager, capture, famous.

10th grade

Abbreviation, applicant, subscription, absolute, abstract, avant-garde, authority, aggression, adaptation, lawyer, adequate, administrator, excitement, academy, battery, accelerator, accessory, almanac, alternative, aluminum, analogy, abstract, annul, anomaly, antagonism, antithesis, anthology, apartment, appeal, applause, application, aristocrat, archipelago, architect, assistant, assortment, badminton, bachelor, eggplant, bacterium, balance, run, banality, barricade, bastion.