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KinderCare Reviews 2023 | JustUseApp Reviews

KinderCare Reviews 2023 | JustUseApp Reviews

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on 2022-06-13

About: Download the new KinderCare App for a window into your child’s day. You can
access pictures and updates throughout the day, plus a new messaging feature.


 Safety Score: 65.1/100

 Legitimacy Score: 100/100

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About KinderCare

Once your center is ready, check your inbox for an invitation email and follow the link to set up your password for the app.


Overall User Satisfaction Rating


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Negative experience

~ from NLP analysis of 50,246 combined software reviews.

Key Benefits of KinderCare

– Live updates on the child’s sleep, feeding sessions, and diaper changes

– Ability to receive picture updates on the child’s activities throughout the day

– Messaging feature to communicate with teachers

4. 9 out of 5

By helllllloodollyyy

First time parent heaven!

As a first time parent I felt extremely anxious at the thought of going back to work and leaving my infant daughter in the hands of strangers all day throughout the week. Never in a million years did I think that I would be able to have such constant access into what’s going on with my child every day! KinderCare has been the biggest stress reliever during this transition. I get to see live-time updates on my daughter’s sleep, feeding sessions, and diaper changes. Not to mention the ability to receive picture updates on what activities she’s doing that day! Plus, should I need to communicate with her teachers I can message with them through KinderCare . If you are going Kinder Care for child care you NEED KinderCare! And if you are nervous about child care and looking for a deciding factor, let me tell you KinderCare will absolutely solidify your decision to go with Kinder Care!

By Em Rozzi

Kinder Care App

I absolutely love the new app, I am able too see pictures of my son and track his activity throughout the day. The teachers and center have always provided me updates daily for my son and always giving me updates at the end of the day, which is fantastic!! But KinderCare really pulls everything together from a visual perspective and the best part is the daily pictures, now I have the opportunity to start a book of him growing with his teachers with pictures of him and his art work in tandem together. I want my son to look back and see the teachers, and other toddlers, to know whom was there to take care of him and see how much he is loved. Carol, Beverly, Teresa, Carmen, Sam, Amberly, Monica, I could just keep going with names of teachers have been awesome with my son. I am very happy with the new app!!! I really feel that the Center in Roseville CA should be acknowledged with all there hard work and dedication to the children and families!!!

By Abbey or Jackie

Carlos’s Day Care

I appreciate every picture, meal, snack, nap time and play time you share with me. His potty times are important to me. He loves his teacher Katie and shares this often at home, so she’s amazing to us in our family. I look forward everyday to seeing the care he is receiving, the food that keeps him healthy and learning for his future. Pictures are our favorite to share with our family, we have family in DC, Ky we’ll all over, please keep them coming, Jessy is his best friend, the dark headed girl hits him and Jessy, the blonde with lots of hair is beautiful and the blonde with thin hair lies. I wanted to Shamir because we enjoy his view and sharing his days he spends with you.
Thank you so very much for his care, Carlos is our only boy in the family and is so loved and important to us.

Abbey Kidd “Mom”
Jackie Cinnamon “Great Grandmother, Nana Jackie”

By BettyPilgrim

This app is wonderful

When I heard that this app was launching KinderCare, I thought it was a good idea andI love getting photos and videos throughout the day while my son is at daycare. It’s also so nice to have the daily reports done this way!see how it worked. It is so much better than I ever thought it could be! I love getting photos and videos throughout the day. I love being able to easily send notes to the teachers. It’s SO useful that all the daily reports are now available in an organized digital format. Before I was struggling with whether or not to keep the paper copies and where to store them. Now, problem solved! It’s a great app. My only wish is that I could download the videos like I can download the pictures. Maybe soon? Otherwise, this is wonderful.

By Papi Loco77


The staff here at Kinder Care West take awesome care of my children. I tell everyone that is looking for a great daycare to go check them out because they actually care for your children and aren’t just overpaid babysitters. My son, Romani, Has been going there since he was three and he is now seven years old. My daughter, Lynaea, is 4 months old and has been there since August 2019. I love the fact that they have actual teachers working there and teach my children things that I would never have expected a daycare to do! But now that KinderCare is available it makes it that much nicer to see what my children are doing during the day instead of sitting and wondering.
I can’t Thank You enough, Kinder Care Staff, for all that you do!

By Duby’s mommy


I have never left any of my older children in daycare because I was fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom for their younger years. Now they’re adults and I have my youngest only 3 years old and I have to work. Never thought I would ever have to be in a situation where I couldn’t rely on close family to help me with daycare, but my parents are older and believe me they would if they could. Anyways, through my hesitancy and anxiety about having my child in daycare, my son is excited everyday that he goes to this app. He loves seeing his friends and his teachers. Staff is awesome and communicates well with us. All I can say is thank you this app staff for putting my mind at ease.

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By beach-lover

Needs improving

KinderCare was such a great idea for this app and I was very excited about and wanted to really love it. There are some pros but the cons are greater….

-Love getting pics of my baby throughout the day
-Like getting live updates on when diapers are changed

-Updates on bottle feedings, meals and naps don’t post until the child is checked out – this is not helpful. These need to be live updates just like the photos and diaper changings
-You can’t communicate back and forth with the teachers, only the director. The teachers should be able to write us back when we send a message they are the ones in the classroom
-You don’t know who’s doing what to your child, there’s no where for the teacher to enter their initials. I want to know who’s in the classroom with my child, who’s changing their diaper, who’s touching them. This is a big issue.
-Times of food feedings don’t post when the child is checked out that doesn’t seem right, I want to know when my child is being fed.
-There is no way for us to enter any details or notes about our child when dropping off. In the past when we had the paper daily reports we will submit that information to the teacher now there’s no way to communicate that in KinderCare – we should be able to do that somehow. This is especially important with babies.

The developer needs to make improvements ASAP…

By pklog

Feature request

Overall the has the information a parent needs. I feel navigation isn’t very intuitive. The problem I run into has to do with have navigation along the bottom but also via a hamburger menu. I frequently end up trying to use the wrong navigation.

The feature I’d like to see are drop off notes. Our center recently transitioned from tadpoles where I could quickly log when my infant woke up, last ate, last diaper. This is invaluable for the teachers so that they have a better idea how to care for my child and can better judge why he may be crying. I asked the staff and they said I’d need to send a daily message. Since we have zero face time with the kids teachers due to COVID protocols I feel this is the least we can do for them and our children.

By loving las vegas

Absolutely amazing

We moved here from out of state and I had no clue where I was going to find a preschool/ daycare for my 4 year old daughter. To be honest, it was the biggest stress moving from 18 hours away not knowing who would be taking care of my daughter. I started researching places and came across this app of Summerlin. I emailed and they responded promptly and were so helpful. We toured the facility and my daughter loved it. The staff always has such a great attitude and is so informative. We have been here about 6 weeks and I can honestly say that I have never been happier with childcare. I would hands down recommend this app of Summerlin to everyone. They are nothing short of AMAZING.

By tiffpurple


Hi there this app staff. I am a proud guardian. My granddaughter is absolutely excited everyday about attending school. She has learned and conquered so much from her teachers. Her mother and I are absolutely amazed and satisfied with the care that she’s receiving daily. I, myself, had been a this app parent in the past in another city of NC. I tell you, that this app has made me so proud of the excellent care that was provided to my children who are now grown and now my granddaughter is a student makes me very excited about the future with this app. I wish the company the very best, keep up the excellent work keep striving to perfection and most of all God bless. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We love you so very much.

By CABrady

Good App, could be better

For the most part, KinderCare is pretty good. One thing we don’t like, though, is that meal and nap entries can’t be added in real time. We, as parents, have to wait until the final report is submitted after we’ve picked up our kiddos to see what and when they ate and napped. Also, I’ve noticed that every time I open KinderCare , (even though I’m already signed in) there’s a tutorial button popping up. I’ve taken the tutorial on usage of KinderCare already. This pop up darkens the screen and causes me to have to scroll all the way up and click on it to remove it before I can see what the newest entry is–this pop up appearing every single time I open KinderCare is unnecessary.

By Cosmos9871065410321

Great communication tool

Teachers are great about sending pictures throughout the day which I absolutely LOVE! It’s great to see updates from the teachers/ director and even reference back to about important information. Food is posted at end of of day/ activities are posted daily. I am still trying to figure out how to know what they do ahead of time so I don’t plan the same meals or can even find ways at home (library books) to reinforce what they are learning in school ahead of time. I Really am glad we ended up choosing Twinsburg this app, the girls are always so helpful in whatever way they can be!

By ss123sd456

Childcare app

KinderCare is a great concept overall- the information sharing between parents and providers. I think I’m designing this they left out key functionality to be able to have parents add information to the charts that is visible to providers and to have info entered by the providers during the day be shared in real time and not just at the end of the day. There is real opportunity for key insights to be shared in real time- having parents be able to share what works at home if mealtime or naptime aren’t going well. The milestone section isn’t shared with providers at all, so there’s no ability to have a log of developmental milestones that crosses between home and school. This treats this information as something held by the provider and told to parents, not shared between them.

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By Hallie_cohen


Omg I was so happy to see KinderCare come to life! I was so tired of having to fill out a form every morning! Few things though, I would love to be able to see other data other than just the diaper changes during the day before they finalize the report. Also I feel like there should be a place for us to put in the last bottle/feeding before dropping off in the morning, would help the teachers stay organized! Also just a little more interaction from us at parents like maybe the same information that we had to put on the sheet, give us the ability to give more information to the teachers or start our babies day on KinderCare ! Other then that I think KinderCare is great!

By a1fuentes


I absolutely love this school/daycare. I call it school because it isn’t just a place where a kiddo goes to be watched while parents are working. It’s not just a daycare but a home away from home for my kiddo. I looked far and wide for the perfect place for my kiddo and this this app is it. The staff are friendly and professional, they keep you up to date on your child’s day to day activities, and they make a parent feel more secure having their child cared for away from the home. The facility is clean and my kiddo is always happy to be at school and is always in a good move when I arrived to pick him up for the day.

By mamareaves

Five stars!!

This place has been beyond amazing for my daughter! And just a week I’ve noticed her talking so much more, full sentences and she’s only 2 1/2! They take so much pride in what they do! All the teachers I have met so far are absolutely amazing if I could rate them more than five stars I totally would! They constantly keep you posted all day through pictures and activities that they are doing all throughout the day and every time she gets her diaper changed or goes on the potty! Not to mention the food is all baked and the menu is amazing! I couldn’t get my daughter to drink out of a cup and in a week she’s a pro! I’m so excited for my daughters future!

By boardg8mr

Great app! Could use some minor updates

This is a great app! We love the available functionalities.
There are a few minor updates that the developers could consider.
1. The sign in/out documentation for drop off/pick up could be strengthened. It could be great if a button is available for parents to click for arrival (time stamped/e-signed/auto-notifies staff), check-in (time stamped/e-signed by staff), pick up (parent sig and time stamp), check out (staff sig and time stamp).
2. Meal selection – allow parents to select choices or add diet restrictions on the menu published through KinderCare
Thank you for the work you do to make daycare communication more efficient for parents and teachers!

By Leighmilk

Love the app, but I wish there was a way to save videos!

When I first learned that this app had an app that allowed you to follow what your little was doing all day (from what they eat to each diaper change), I honestly thought it was a bit of an overkill, but it quickly became my favorite feature. It helped me figure out that she wasn’t feeling well when I saw she wasn’t eating as much as usual and had more poopy diapers than usual.

The one downside is that there’s no easy way to downloading the videos! The teachers capture such adorable moments of my little and her friends. .. I wish I could save those along with her pictures!

By CKmyselfCK

Best Pre-K in Yakima

Both my wife and I are very excited to have made the decision for our 3 yr old to attend Yakima this app. We get updates every day on what he’s eating and how much he’s eaten. Pictures are taken and viewable online. Our son loves his friends and his teacher. Coming from Seattle, we are very happy with the cost and not only feel it’s a great deal, but also feel that the quality of his education has increased exponentially. The Director and staff really take the time to get to know each child. We can drop our son off each day and be confident that his best interests are looked after.

By bdeters

Rate the app not the care provider

I see a lot of people in these reviews love the staff so much, as I do, but it seem they confuse rating KinderCare as if it were rating their care provider.

KinderCare feels dated. Navigation is slow and in some parts unintuitive, especially with pictures. Notifications come slowly, sometimes significantly after I’ve already viewed an update, which usually happens when multiple pictures are posted in quick succession.

In the beginning using KinderCare it was really hit or miss on what quality and quantity information was reported. I assume that was based upon a lack of training for staff as that seems to have been rectified and much more consistent now.

Write Review or your Experience »

By Ferrin S.

Kinder Care

I can not say enough amazing things about this center. We transferred our daughter to this center as soon as it opened. At the time, we thought this was a good decision because the facility is located down the road from our home. However, looking back, this was the BEST thing we could’ve done for our little one. She is always so excited to see her teachers, loves the food, and always has a smile when we pick her up. The director is very straight forward & keeps everyone in line. I really enjoy the way the center is ran. My little one is 18 mos and I don’t see her going anywhere but here!!!

By laar10420

Great App But Missing Data..

This is a wonderful improvement! So happy to be using technology and have an app to see real time information! However, when this was advertised to us, we were told we would be able to see real time meal, bottle, and nap information. However that is not the case. Times of meals, snacks, bottles, and naps are not provided until we pick up our child from daycare they finalize the report. It would be really helpful if this information would be available throughout the day in real time. It would also be helpful if teachers could reply/message back through KinderCare . Only the director can. But the director isn’t the one with our children all day. Otherwise a great app! Happy to be using it!

By [email protected]

Need to know meal and nap times

In general I like the idea of moving to an app, however, currently I cannot see meal and nap times throughout the day, which is what other users have indicated. I need this information for my infant readily available at the end of the day (like it used to be on the paper forms). Instead I have to wait until the director releases the report, which happens well after I need the information, despite talking to the director about this. The director doesn’t even review the nap and meal information! In your FAQs it indicates that a center has a choice to hide this information until the report is reviewed and released. According to our director, the center was not given this choice. When I explained the issue to her she had no idea what I was talking about. Basically for me without easy access to meal and nap
times KinderCare is useless to me.

By comfortable momma

Content Momma

I’m a first time momma and my son is 16 months old. He started daycare when he was 9months old! I enrolled him at 7! This this app is amazing, yet leaving your baby with anyone other than yourself or close family is clearly frightening. It has been a little over 7 days since KinderCare came out and I am looking at it every few hours! I am able to see videos, pictures, staff updates, personal messages and more! Also, BONUS… his daddy, grandma, and papa are able to check in as well!!

A special Thank you to ALL the staff for making my baby, and his mommy feel more than welcome and secure!!!

Is KinderCare Safe?

Yes. KinderCare is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 50,246 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for KinderCare Is 65.1/100.

Is KinderCare Legit?

Yes. KinderCare is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 50,246 KinderCare User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for KinderCare Is 100/100. .

Is KinderCare not working?

KinderCare works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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Parent Testimonials and Reviews | Childcare Network

Childcare Network #268 : Crestview FL

Emily Jernigan
April 2019

This place is absolutely AMAZING! After being a stay at home mom, I finally decided to go back to work and taking my kids anywhere was petrifying. As soon as I walked in, the atmosphere was comfortable, warm, and welcoming. Anthony, the director, is awesome and helped me during multiple hard times! My oldest was 3 and had a really rough time (as she has been by my side everyday since she was born) and everyone was so helpful through the transition for her, especially her teacher Mrs. Kim. She always went above and beyond to help my little one feel welcomed and comfortable. She isn’t just a ‘glorified babysitter’, she is structured and actually teaches them! Her current pre-K teachers are wonderful as well and she absolutely loves going to school now! So thankful for such a wonderful facility but even more thankful for such amazing staff!! If I could give it more than 5 stars I would!

Childcare Network #248 : Clayton NC

Tammy Panetta
April 2019

I’ve had two children in this facility over the past 15 years and am pleased with the way both of my children have been cared for. My youngest child was particularly challenging because he stayed home for 4 years prior to attending Childcare Network. He received special attention during his adjustment period from the teachers which was much appreciated. I have been especially pleased with the way my child has been prepared to begin Kindergarten this year while in the Froggys classroom. I am confident that his experience in PreK here at this facility has helped build a foundation that will allow him to transition into elementary school without issues.

Childcare Network #248 : Clayton NC

Nikyda Resto
April 2019

When we were looking for a daycare provider for our vivacious daugher, other establishments were lacking that je ne sais quoi her previous school had. Well we found it at Childcare Network#248! The Administrative Staff went above and beyond to make sure our tiny human adjusted well into her new setting and Ms. Lekeshia & Ms. Adriane have always been there when we needed them. The meals served by Ms. Sati are nutritious AND delicious coupled with her attention to dietary restrictions is bar none. The teachers we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know have taken their curriculum to another level. It’s not only intriguing but they also take lead from the children with their interests and tie it all together. We appreciate you Ms. Kecia, Ms. Maggie, Ms. Kenya, Ms. Angelina, and Ms. Caroline. We couldn’t have picked a better place for our daughter. She is well prepared for kindergarten this summer and we’re going to miss everyone. CNI 248 will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Childcare Network #39 : Valparaiso FL

Liz Campbell
April 2019

We love this facility and we especially love our baby’s teachers Ms. Angie, Ms. Mallory, and Ms. Sandy. The infant room is spacious, clean, and well-organized. We appreciate that the teachers take the time to decorate the room with the babies artwork (yes they do lots of arts and crafts!) as well as make special art for us parents on holidays. The teachers also update the C.N. app throughout the day with pictures, curriculum, our baby’s meals, naps, and activities, so we always know what is happening in our baby’s day. We had toured several facilities in the area prior to this one, but none of them came close to feeling like the right place for our baby. We would choose this facility and these teachers for our little one again and again.

Childcare Network #248 : Clayton NC

Shauna Vawter
April 2019

My 3 yo b/g twins love going to Childcare Network. They especially love their teacher Ms. Nikki in the Busy Bees class. She is wonderful with all the kids and I love how she communicates with me as a parent. It makes my heart happy knowing my twins are excited each morning to see their teacher.

Childcare Network #248 : Clayton NC

Amber Steele
April 2019

I just want to share how amazing Mrs. Sati is at this location. She always makes sure the kids are well fed and that they are happy. She has taken special considerations with my sons food allergies. Always makes sure to question me to keep up to date with them. She knows every child by name and they all love her. Sati takes the time to help in the class rooms and at the front desk. She also makes sure to greet everyone by name that she comes in contact with. She is the best!!!

Childcare Network #248 : Clayton NC

Jessica Copp
April 2019

I would recommend this facility 100%!! All the staff is loving and great with my children! And a special shout out to Sati!! She always makes sure the kids are well fed but most importantly takes time out of her day to welcome everyone by name and a hug my children each morning. She is a truly special person. If you want a welcoming, loving, consistent and safe place for your children bring them here .

Childcare Network #243 : Lawrenceville GA

Nimah Hair
April 2019

I just want to say mrs Robin preschool teacher my son learns a lot from her class. She is very patient and kind with the kids and always creating special homework that create great memories. The kids show so much love to each other you can tell the class is full of peace and love! The school is always clean and decorations celebrating the seasons.They have a vegetarian menu for my son he doesn’t eat meat I love that accommodation. The drop off line is fast and everyone is kind

Childcare Network #253 : High Point NC

Carlie James
April 2019

Both of my children have been at this center for some years now. My youngest actually started at age 2 and just turnt 5. While my oldest has continued throughout the years with both the school agers and Adventure Camp 2 years straight. The center has focused on building lasting relationships with not just the parents and students, but with the teachers and administrators. We truly call Childcare Network “Home Away From Home” and wouldn’t haven’t any other way. Thank you for being there throughout all of our life transitions!!!

Childcare Network #175 : Columbus GA

Mrs. Smathers
April 2019

My kids have been attending Childcare Network #175 since they were a few months old and my youngest is 5. The Director Ms. Andrea Pollard is excellent, professional and genuinely cares about the kids and as a result I have referred several families. By far the best childcare facility in Columbus, Ga and I’ve experienced others!

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GBOU Moscow School No. 69 named after B. Sh. Okudzhava, dosh. otd. Rosinka gr35 Our dear and respected Ekaterina Mikhailovna! I want to express my gratitude to you for your invaluable work and significant contribution to the development of my daughter Yesenia. Thanks to you, my fidget is growing into an inquisitive, active and courageous child. With you it is always interesting and fun. Thank you for your efforts, for your enthusiasm, for your…


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I recommend. Very good private school. The teachers are strong, the curriculum is at a high level. Olympiads, competitions, excursions, events are often held. Children are always busy with something, there is no time to relax. I recommend.

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pasta which was wild for her for a week, just for your money the children sleep on the floor at a quiet hour. Oksana Vyacheslavovna is a very mentally unbalanced woman, founder of…

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Kindergarten #73 Mytishchi town With great gratitude to the staff of the kindergarten. We have excellent teachers Elena Alekseevna and Ekaterina Mikhailovna, competent, professional, creative, children in the group are always busy. A wonderful nanny who also loves to play with children.

Kindergartens of Moscow, Balashikha, st. Dmitrieva, 30

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Ideal kindergarten!!! Our beloved! Wonderful!
Wonderful Children’s Country!!!
This is truly a miracle! Everything there is great! Delicious food, fun leisure, amazing physical education, chic English, teachers Zhanna Armenakovna, Tatyana Viktorovna, Narine Volodyaevna, Elena Sergeevna, Nie Nugzarovna, Natalya Alexandrovna, Yulia Nikolaevna – gentle and sensitive – like real mothers, junior educators of incredible kindness and affection, head …


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Excellent kindergarten! I really don’t want to leave! We go to the garden while waiting for a ticket to our garden near the house. We didn’t even think that the child would adapt easily and now I don’t want to leave! From the outside, the garden doesn’t look like much, but inside everything is fine. The teacher is very attentive, he will always tell you everything and tell you, we quickly weaned ourselves from diapers, learned to drink from a cup and. ..


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It turned out to be a very good kindergarten!!! Honestly, I was worried about my daughter when I sent her to kindergarten, so I also stayed a little to see what the children were doing there. Well, what can I say, everything is as usual, only a luxury class😄 developmental program, drawing lessons, music, Chinese and English, a completely different approach! My daughter was completely on fire, she really liked it, although I have it a little shy. And…

Kindergartens, Moscow, Quiet dead end, 2

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The teacher should not be evil! In general, the garden is not bad. But I’ll tell you about the teacher (without education) Veronika Sergeevna – she doesn’t like children, conflicts with colleagues and parents, beats children, punishes and humiliates, and quietly, when there are no witnesses, but the children tell everything at home. Veronika Sergeevna is a deep drinking woman! He asks his supervisor: don’t kick me out, otherwise. ..

Kindergartens, Novosibirsk, 4/1, Dimitrova Ave., 19B

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Thanks I want to thank the project manager Katerina. Katerina is just a great fellow! 10 out of 5!!! True, she taught me a lot during this time, she told me so many interesting things in terms of organizing work. prompted, supported always. I don’t want to part with it at all, it’s a pity that the project manager does not continue to accompany the garden after the opening….

Educational centers, Moscow, st. 3rd Karacharovskaya, 10

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Illusion school Tatyana’s school is an illusion school, the illusion of the educational process, the illusion of a good attitude towards children and parents, the illusion of the educational process. In fact, the usual withdrawal of money from the population under the current request. The whole process is aimed at the personal enrichment of the director Pyatkova T. V.

Kindergartens, Moscow, st. Krylatskaya, 40

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Gratitude to our management Our dear Olesya Vasilievna, with all our hearts, we want to wish you further prosperity to your garden, thank you for treating your work so warmly and tenderly, you are a second mother for us who is always with us at any time of the day. We love you very much love and appreciate. Educators of the 6th group.

Kindergartens, Moscow, st. Rabochaya, 35, korp. The teacher tried to wean my child from biting by hitting him in the face. In doing so, she broke his lower lip. She explained this by the fact that the child fell and hit. The next day I took the child with the red…


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Wonderful garden We have been going to this kindergarten for the second year. I like everything: educators, specialists, food. Food is prepared in the garden, nothing is imported! The medical service is always ready to help if you need to replace some products! The child will not go hungry! Territory – a fairy tale! Everywhere clean and tidy. Very beautiful in summer!
We recommend to all those who want their children…


Kindergartens, Moscow, Moscow region, Yubileiny, st. Lesnaya, 23

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We are very glad that we received free tours We are very pleased that we received free tours good reviews hope that everything goes well without any real problems

Kindergartens, Moscow, ul. Geroev-Panfilovtsev, 3, building 5

6 reviews


worst kindergarten I do not advise anyone. Educators – as lucky. They are missing. In ds dirt, unsanitary conditions. It is high time for the manager to retire, but she grabs and grabs her parents’ money into her pocket without a twinge of conscience. Don’t send your child there, there are much better DS nearby…

Schools, Moscow, 24 Nikitinskaya st. class teacher in another school and in connection with this we had to look for a new educational institution.
This time we were looking not only for a school with good reviews, but also, first of all, for a teacher.
We looked and talked with many private organizations and their…

Kindergartens, Moscow, st. Kuusinena, 3

1 review


Horror, not spd I see such a disgusting garden for the first time in my life! Neither the senior educator, she is allegedly the “head” Yulia Gennadievna, nor the educators want to work. You say that you will leave the child for the whole day, they made a “mine” and generally stopped going out when I bring / pick up the child. Words didn’t say how the baby’s day went! Beginning of September…

Kindergartens, Moscow, st. Bolshaya Cheryomushkinskaya, 15a

3 reviews


Safer and cheaper almost in the state garden Another week, another problem with the garden.
This organization has been forcing me to run like a girl for days to defend the fulfillment of the contract. Solid answers. The groups are overcrowded, according to the agreement there should be no more than 25 children. Now the list of our group has more than 40 people. How do you like Elon Musk? Pay the garden 70tr for the conditions…

Schools, Moscow, st. Pine, 3

8 reviews


Ugly administration I had to work at this school for 3 months. The director simply deceived me by not paying for the hours spent in physics and computer science. And when I got ready to go to court, I threatened that I would not succeed, because she had “everything under control.” I worked from August to November ….

Kindergartens of Moscow, Moscow, st. Shirokaya, 16d

2 reviews


Poor/Satisfactory Dissatisfied with the garden 1888 building 8. When visiting the garden, children are not taken their temperature, but put in a journal at random. Constantly in groups, children with a strong cough and runny nose take patients, but the worst thing is that with a mass incidence of diseases, rotovirus or other infection groups are not closed for quarantine, but they are waiting for the spread of infections . ..

Kindergartens, Moscow, Moscow region, Odintsovsky district, Uspenskoe, st. Soviet, building 50В

37 reviews


Excellent kindergarten Excellent kindergarten, our child was transferred here a year ago. I want to note that educators pay great attention not only to the development of the child, but also to his formation as a person, instill independence, good habits and teach responsibility for their actions.

Kindergartens, Moscow, Yurlovsky pr-d, 25

4 reviews


Children don’t go there, but I hear what’s going on We hear how they yell in this home garden, and how these people quarrel in the evenings. Think about where you take your children..

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How does a site reliability engineer live in London with a salary of about 1,300,000 ₽

How does a site reliability engineer live in London with a salary of about 1,300,000 ₽

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Like the life of a jewelry designer in Veliky Novgorod with an income of 160,000 ₽ has changed

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Russia has adopted a law prohibiting transgender transition

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Opinion: parents owe their children, not vice versa


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How does a site reliability engineer live in London with a salary of about 1,300,000 ₽

How does a site reliability engineer live in London with a salary of about 1,300,000 ₽

How has the life of a jewelry designer in Veliky Novgorod changed since income 160 000 ₽

How the life of a jewelry designer in Veliky Novgorod has changed with an income of 160,000 rubles

Russia passed a law prohibiting transgender transition

Russia passed a law prohibiting transgender transition

Opinion: parents owe their children, not vice versa

Opinion: parents owe their children, not vice versa

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