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5 Best Child Care in Tulsa, OK

Below is a list of the top and leading Child Care in Tulsa. To help you find the best Child Care located near you in Tulsa, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Tulsa’s Best Child Care:

Imagine Early Education & Childcare – Tulsa

Greene’s Family Daycare

Happy Campers at Temple Israel

Precious Rose Child Development Center

Avant Garde Preschool and Early Learning Center

The top rated Child Care in Tulsa, OK are:

  • Imagine Early Education & Childcare – Tulsa – offers the highest quality care for children ages six weeks to 12 years old
  • Greene’s Family Daycare – is to provide childcare in a home environment that cares for a small number of children
  • Happy Campers at Temple Israel – is to provide each child with a positive, enriching environment in which to grow and learn
  • Precious Rose Child Development Center – began in 1999 and has been leaving a brilliant legacy in childcare
  • Avant Garde Preschool and Early Learning Center – is dedicated and highly qualified staff 

Imagine Early Education & Childcare – Tulsa

Imagine Early Education & Childcare – Tulsa offers the highest quality care for children ages six weeks to 12 years old. They are committed to an environment that fosters healthy cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development. They incorporate a number of extra-curricular activities into their programs. It is their goal to ensure that children are cared for and educated in a way to inspire a love of learning that continues throughout their educational journey.

They believe by choosing to enroll your child/ren at their center, you have taken the first step towards laying down a foundation for learning. Their caring and responsive educators create a family-type environment at their early learning center. This is fundamental to children feeling secure, relaxed, and happy. They work collaboratively with families to encourage your child to become independent, creative, curious, and active learners in life.


Child Care


Address: 8061 E 106th Pl S, Tulsa, OK 74133
Phone: (918) 528-5717
Website: www.


“Our son has been attending Imagine for just over a year. We could not be more satisfied with the staff and facility. Every staff member we have met has been very nice and they go the extra mile to make sure each family is satisfied with their program. The app they use to provide updates throughout the day is fantastic. It is so fun to get a picture of our smiling boy doing a fun project. We noticed after a month at Imagine his conversational skills increased dramatically. Our son leaves Imagine and talks about his day for the rest of the night. The variety of food they serve for breakfast, lunch, and snacks is outstanding. Our son, prior to attending Imagine, was hesitant to try new foods, but now his palate is wide and well rounded and he will at least try most anything. Recently, he just moved into the preschool program. Every day there is a special activity like bowling, culinary class, science lab, art, or music. Our son loves Imagine’s teachers, activities, and fellow students. We regularly hear him tell us “I like school!” We have loved our experience and highly recommend Imagine.”

Greene’s Family Daycare

Greene’s Family Daycare is to provide childcare in a home environment that cares for a small number of children. Greene’s Family Daycare is a 3-star nationally licensed family Childcare home located in beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma in the Union School District Area. Greene’s Family Daycare believes in giving a loving and nurturing environment.

They are here to assist your children to become confident, independent learners who will grow a strong sense of self-worth, enabling them to make positive life choices. Greene’s Family Daycare’s learning curriculum fosters physical growth, and mental and social-emotional development for your children, incorporating the family as an integral component of learning.


Child Care


Address: S 78th E Pl, Tulsa, OK 74133
Phone: (213) 300-5805
Website: www.


“We are so grateful that we found Greene’s Family Daycare! They are truly amazing at what they do. Their hearts are so full of love for my child. As a new mom, I’m never worried about leaving my daughter in their care because I know that she is getting all the care and lovings in the world with them. Love this place!” – Allyson S.

Happy Campers at Temple Israel

Happy Campers at Temple Israel is to provide each child with a positive, enriching environment in which to grow and learn and promote social/emotional, physical, and cognitive development. They are committed to a safe, well-planned, and nurturing learning environment for young children. At Happy Campers Academy, they comprehend that a child’s mind is as wide open as the great outdoors.

They are committed to inculcating in children a love for learning that will continue during their days at HCA, and during their academic careers throughout their great adventure called life. They believe that children learn best when the education procedure is active and student-centered, as opposed to passive and teacher-centered. Their Teachers are very ardent about your child’s growth and development. They strive to work thoroughly with you for the benefit of your child.


Child Care


Address: 2004 E 22nd Pl, Tulsa, OK 74114
Phone: (918) 747-3122


“We have had a good experience at Happy Campers! Everyone knows everyone there, even if your child is not in their specific classroom. My daughter goes outside often, has learned so much, takes music, ballet, and gymnastics class, and even does yoga and loves it! I also want to add that all of the teachers and the director really get to know the kids well and show them so much, love. We now have a son there as well and it is wonderful to see the attention to detail the teachers take in caring for him. ” – Lauren A.

Precious Rose Child Development Center

Precious Rose Child Development Center began in 1999 and has been leaving a brilliant legacy in childcare and has been acting as a teacher and daycare expert for more than two decades. They want to create a home away from home for your children to learn. They believe children thrive in an environment that celebrates their uniqueness every child is a precious rose, and they want to help them grow.

Precious Rose Child Development Center is the perfect place for children to learn and grow, whether they’re there for only a few hours or for the full workday. They provide nutritional meals, emotional support, and opportunities to grow socially and creatively to help the child improve his or her strengths.


Child Care


Phone: (918) 728-2991


“This daycare is amazing I absolutely love them. All the ladies are great there my son was 6 months old when he started going he’s now 3 although it was hard to leave him they would always send me pictures and keep me updated which made things a lot easier. Highly recommend this daycare and I will continue to bring my son until he starts school! – Neolani G.

Avant Garde Preschool and Early Learning Center

Avant Garde Preschool and Early Learning Center providing care for your family is a big decision. They take this responsibility very seriously, and they pride themselves in offering the highest quality of care. Each Avant Garde facility has been completely renovated and modernized to foster a creative and child-led, learning environment.

They are happy to have an extremely dedicated and highly qualified staff who attend regular, ongoing training above state licensing requirements. ​Their owners have over 15 years of experience managing and operating local preschools in Tulsa, formerly known as Koala Care. They have the best team of people that make every day full of fun, love, learning, and creativity.


Child Care


Address: 4103 S Detroit Ave, Tulsa, OK 74105
Phone: (918) 743-0975


“I absolutely love Avant Garde! They have a new director Valerie who is absolutely awesome! She has really done a great job of making it the best daycare in town!”

Sarah has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade having contributed to several large publications online. As a business expert, Sarah reviews local and national businesses.

10 Best Daycares in Tulsa, OK [2023]


Casa Tundra

/ Misc. / May 15, 2023

When you are looking for a daycare, you want a daycare that treats your kids as their own. A daycare that nurtures an environment of positivity, learning and creativity. This the age when kids learn the most, both academically and intrinsically, and their daycare have a big part to play in that. The core values of life, norms of the society and the motivation to think critically is imbedded into their minds at these age by great daycare. Thankfully, their are quite a few of these kinds of daycares in Tulsa.

The best daycares in Tulsa are listed below.

1. The Hangout -Tulsa’s Premier Childcare Center

Call: +19186229336- View on Map

The Hangout is Tulsa’s premier childcare destination, as it suggests on the name. This daycare has rapidly gained popularity due to its distinctive service and the care it provides. It is located inside Fontana Shopping Center.

2. Sweetie P Daycare Learning Center

Call: +19187286504 – View on Map

Sweetie P Daycare Learning Center, a daycare in Tulsa, is known for its affordable childcare facilities in the area. Its daycare facilities involve taking care of your child, as well as, tutoring them in studies, plus much more!


Tree House Academy of Tulsa

Call: +19183927852 – Visit Website – View on Map

Tree House Academy develops, evaluates and implement programs that foster your child’s social and intellectual development. While nurturing your child’s capacity to think skillfully and critically, it also strives to strengthen your child’s commitment to values such as kindness, helpfulness and respect for others.

Check out these Nursing Homes in Tulsa.

4. Greene’s Family Daycare

Call: +12133005805 – Visit Website – View on Map

Greene’s Family Daycare is focused on providing childcare in a home environment that cares for a small number of children. The lower numbers of children in this care ensures a home-like and nurturing environment where little ones can succeed.

5. Peoria Child Care-Brooktowne

Call: +19187474567 – Visit Website – View on Map

Peoria Child Care-Brooktowne is located in beautiful Peoria Avenue and is home to many cute little children, who are taken care of here, like they belong here. If you want your child to be in a daycare that provides a homely feeling, the choose Peoria Child Care-Brooktowne.

6. Jay’s Daycare & Learning Center

Call: +19182827019 – View on Map

Jay’s Daycare & Learning Center is run by intelligent people that understand the psychology of children quite well. This enables them to be one of the best daycares in Tulsa.

These are the best staffing agencies in Tulsa.

7. 31st Street KinderCare

Call: +19186631937 – Visit Website – View on Map

31st Street KinderCare’s loving, enduring, and experienced staff ensures your child feels at home while away from it! In doing so, its staff works every day to build confidence in all of your children, ensuring each one is getting premium learning opportunities, plentiful smiles, and top-tier safety.

8. Chapman Child Learning Center

Call: +19187442968 – Visit Website – View on Map

Bright Horizons’ discovery-driven Learning approach to learning makes early learning an adventure for kids. It nurtures your child’s natural curiosity, focuses on what interests them most, and encourages them to learn through playing.

9. Pine Premier Child Care

Call: +19183829667 – Visit Website – View on Map

Pine Premier Child Care, a certified daycare center in Tulsa, has been accredited and is one of the best emerging daycares in Tulsa area. They provide kids with a loving and learning environment.

10. Happy Hearts Academy of Early Learning

Call: +19188352941 – Visit Website – View on Map

Growing from a one-star program to a nationally-accredited three-star facility within its first year is representative of the commitment to quality child care shared by the owners and staff of Happy Hearts Academy of Early Learning.

A daycare should be a place where you feel secure and positive about dropping your kids off, and want them to offer an environment that foster’s a home-like feeling, encourages learning and instills values and norms in your kids minds from a young age.

woman accuses kindergarten in Talsi of regular violence against her child

The woman who turned to Bez Tabu was called Anna by journalists to hide her real name.

Anna explains that her son has speech problems, but the boy is able to show and tell about what is happening to him. “For example, I, as a mother, understand him perfectly,” the woman says.

Notoriety goes ahead

Since June 6, the boy has been a pupil of Kastanītis preschool. At the beginning of spring, Anna decided that this was the most suitable kindergarten for her son, as Kastanītis is a special preschool institution for children with developmental, movement and other difficulties. It also provides regular visits to Anna’s much-needed speech therapist and physiotherapist.

However, after Anna became interested in this kindergarten, not the best reviews began to surface among other parents. “A lot of negativity was heard – specifically about the last two or three years, because before that the kindergarten had a very good status. After that, I don’t know what happened there, but everything went wrong. I heard many parents complain that their children, well, are hurt – both physically and emotionally, but it’s a pity that parents and parents didn’t go anywhere further,” says Anna.

Closer to my son…

Anna has an education as a social pedagogue. To ensure a favorable environment before enrolling her son in the Kastanītis kindergarten and to dispel rumors of cruel treatment of pupils, the woman applied for a job as a janitor in a kindergarten. Upon entering into an employment relationship, Anna was asked to sign a document stating that she must keep her mouth shut and not talk about everything that happens on the territory of the institution. Until the boy crossed the threshold of the kindergarten, everything seemed correct. Later, thoughts changed radically. “Then there was that first incident when [the son] was beaten by three people. Because they really kicked him in the heart area. With a fist on the back, on the head. His whole arm was red. And she [the teacher] didn’t even interfere.

A resident of Talsi also recalls a case when the staff of the institution pulled the hands of a about one and a half year old boy, lifted him up from the floor, because the boy “put” in a diaper. “He was humiliated with words, he was crying abnormally all the time,” Anna continues.

There are many incidents

The mother also reports other incidents that the head of the facility thought were not significant. In addition, in at least one of the cases, Anna also blames the director of the institution. “And then I realized why everyone there allows themselves to do something like that – because they see if the leader allows himself to do this, then why shouldn’t they do it.”

Anna has been on sick leave since August 26 due to serious health problems. The mother no longer sees what is happening in the kindergarten. However, the son retells everything – once he showed that the teacher hit him on the head. At the end of October, on the son’s birthday, there was another incident, which was stated by Anna’s daughter, who went to the kindergarten with her brother. “She went. She saw two little boys collecting leaves, and the teacher was nowhere to be found. They [the boys] immediately showed that he [brother] was lying on the ground among the leaves. The sister went and picked him up, noticing that he was very sad. She asked what had happened. And the brother told what had happened. He testified that he was being choked … the red stripe was like that, and they beat him with fists on the stomach,” says Anna.

Doctor’s conclusion – bruising of the abdominal wall

The next day the boy complained of pain in his throat and abdomen. The mother went to the hospital. They stated a possible rupture of the spleen. The son was immediately taken to the Children’s Clinical University Hospital in Riga, where, after examinations, they gave a conclusion – a bruise of the abdominal wall. The boy is now being treated at home. Although the head of the kindergarten knows about the incident, there has been no reaction so far.

Regular emotional and physical abuse. Like this
Describes in one sentence the mother of a 6-year-old boy, who also has an employment relationship with the kindergarten, experienced in Talsi at Kastanītis preschool. However, due to health problems, Anna has been in a disability status for a long time. A boy who was recently injured in a fight on the territory of an educational institution is also being treated at home. “I myself saw what happens there, but when a parent takes their child there, everyone smiles and rejoices there. You would never think that something like this could actually happen there. But when the parents leave, the situation changes,” says Anna.

Director of the kindergarten is in hiding

Bez Tabu journalists went on an unannounced visit to Kastanītis kindergarten to meet the head of the institution. The door was opened by a lady. After the journalists revealed their identity and the goal – to meet with the head of the institution, Inga Karklina – the doors slammed shut.

Given that the journalists knew that the director was at work, after more than 10 minutes of waiting, they called again. The kitchen worker had already opened the door and promised to call the boss. However, the repeated call for a meeting with Inga Karklinya was ignored. An attempt to reach the management of the institution on the indicated phone numbers also failed.

Uldis Katlaps, the head of the education department of the Talsi municipality, does not know anything about the possible violence in the Kastanītis kindergarten, that is, Anna did not apply to the municipality. True, information about any incidents (including conflict situations with Anna) Cutlaps learned in advance from the director, who turned to a higher official for advice on how to act.

Kindergarten is inspected by supervising authorities

True, according to information provided by Anna, the State Inspectorate for the Protection of Children’s Rights (VBTAI) recently conducted an inspection in the kindergarten, which found nothing of the kind on the part of teachers. However, with regard to conflicts between children, the inspectorate gave instructions to workers and clarified potential scenarios for action.

The day after the visit to the kindergarten, the journalists managed to get through to the director, who knew about their arrival. However, there was so much work to do that she didn’t even have a second to stick her head through the crack in the door and refuse an interview, let alone ask even one of her subordinates to refuse to comment.

Principal denies everything

It goes without saying that Inga Karkliņa, head of the pre-school educational institution Kastanītis, denies Anna’s allegations and statements about emotional and physical abuse in the kindergarten. “No, this is not true. And we are loyal. And we work in an educational institution that implements special needs. We have children with special needs. There are explanations for this case. And the situation is being resolved,” says Inga Karklina.

It should be noted that the State Service for the Quality of Education (IKVD) also conducted an audit after receiving information about possible violations of the educational process and the safety of students. “There is no evidence that the rights of students, student safety rules were violated, and teachers did not properly fulfill their duties. If parents still suspect violence, they should contact VBTAI again, and the municipality can be involved in resolving the issue as the founder of a preschool institution,” adds IKVD.

Will the kindergarten have new inspections?

At the moment, an agreement has been reached to hold a meeting with the participation of the department of education, the leadership of the kindergarten, individual employees, other professionals and parents, after which new checks are likely to be carried out.

According to unofficial but reliable information, it is known that not only Bez Tabu viewers, but also other parents have already applied for legal advice in connection with the Kastanītis kindergarten.

Anna does not think that all the employees of the kindergarten are to blame. Only some of the educators, teachers, and sometimes the director are prone to violence, the woman claims.

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Talsi kindergarten closed due to salmonellosis outbreak / Article

Please note: the material was published 7 years ago


Foto: Scanpix / Caro / Oberhaeuser

November 13, 2015, 18:39


Sprīdītis kindergarten in Talsi has a mini-epidemic of salmonellosis. 48 children and two employees of the kindergarten fell ill. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all those infected have a mild disease. No one was hospitalized, according to LTV7’s Tonight program.

“At first, no one suspected Salmonella, because everyone went to their family doctors – the children had a high fever and diarrhea. But no one connected these cases with kindergarten. Therefore, they learned about the outbreak only now, ”-

Elena Mundenciema, a senior epidemiologist at the Kurzeme branch of the Center for Disease Control, told LTV7. It has now been established that all cases of the disease occurred in October. the main outbreak occurs in the middle of the month – from the 16th to the 26th.

Sprīdītis kindergarten is closed today: disinfection is being carried out there. An administrative case has been opened, the management has been given time to eliminate violations. It is obvious that food became the cause of salmonellosis. However, which ones are unknown, and the Center for Disease Control believes that it will most likely not be possible to find out.

The Provision and Veterinary Service (PVS), for its part, is now conducting the second inspection in the kindergarten.

“Fines for legal entities that we can apply, in accordance with the law – from 400 to 700 euros. The amount of the fine will depend on the results of the inspections and how quickly the shortcomings are eliminated,” explained Svetlana Alminovich-Milyanovich, senior expert of the PVS.

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