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Bright Expressions – Speech and Language Therapy

Who We Are

Speech and Language Therapy: Birth-5 years
Speech and Language Therapy: Birth-5 years
Speech and Language Therapy: Birth-5 years

Bright Expressions provides play-based speech and language therapy for children birth-five years. 

Parent & Caregiver Coaching
Speech and Language Therapy: Birth-5 years
Speech and Language Therapy: Birth-5 years

We specialize in parent & caregiver coaching to help you structure your child’s environment and daily routines to maximize language development.  

It Takes Two to Talk – The Hanen Program
Speech and Language Therapy: Birth-5 years
It Takes Two to Talk – The Hanen Program

Alison Vogel, M.S., CCC-SLP is trained and certified in the It Takes Two To Talk – Hanen Program. Bright Expressions therapy and parent coaching sessions utilize Hanen-based strategies. 

Our Therapy Services

Comprehensive Evaluations
Client Home-Based Services
Client Home-Based Services

Bright Expressions offers comprehensive evaluations to highlight your child’s communication strengths and areas of need. A detailed written report will be provided to you within one week of service. 

Client Home-Based Services
Client Home-Based Services
Client Home-Based Services

All sessions are held in your family’s home or a location of your choosing. We currently service Ahwatukee, Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa, and parts of Phoenix.

Individual Treatment Plans
Client Home-Based Services
Individual Treatment Plans

We will work with your family to develop an individualized treatment plan complete with goals, therapy strategies, and continuous progress monitoring.  

Child Care | Bright Horizons®

Early Education & Preschool That’s More Than Daycare

When it comes to child care, you want to know your children are safe, loved, and supported by skilled teachers who can nurture their curiosity and help them learn everything they need to know to be ready for school. That’s what the teachers at Bright Horizons child care centers accomplish every single day. For more than 30 years, families have trusted Bright Horizons to provide innovative child care and early education that captures the joys of childhood while nurturing each child’s growth and development, paving the way for success in school and life.

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I’m not worried about her now, and I’ve never been worried about her. That center has become family to us. You never think someone is going to care as much about your child as you do. But I really think these teachers do. Their hearts are gold.

Our Infant Program:


Our safe and caring program for infants features a welcoming environment carefully designed to support your baby’s developmental milestones. Highlights include:

  • An assigned primary caregiver for one-to-one moments of caring, play, and communication
  • Personalized care plans that support daily schedules, follow nutritional guidelines, and incorporate any other unique needs
  • Sensory-rich spaces for your baby to explore
  • Daily reading, exposure to the arts, and time outdoors, weather permitting


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Our daughter can’t wait to come to the center. It makes our day to see her happy. Thank you for all your efforts during this time. We feel comfortable that she is in such good hands.

Our Toddler Program:


Our program provides engaging, safe spaces for the giant developmental leaps of the toddler years. Highlights include:

  • A learning environment that fosters self-help skills and individual development
  • Support for your child’s newfound language skills, independence, and social interaction
  • Learning centers that encourage exploration in language and reading, math, art, dramatic play, science, outdoor learning, and development of fine motor skills
  •  A focus on individual growth and on making choices


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I wanted to express what a great job you all have been doing. Every staff member has been simultaneously friendly and welcoming while adhering seamlessly to all of the safety guidelines.

Our Preschool Program:


Preschoolers at Bright Horizons gain the advantage of:

  • An approach to learning that adapts to each child’s strengths and interests
  • Independent, preschool teacher-directed, and small-group activities that encourage your child to investigate, discover and explore
  • Preschool curriculum that supports creative expression, literacy, music, and more
  • STEM learning that fosters future-forward skills
  • Opportunities for problem-solving and decision-making that help to build competence


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We received pictures and videos throughout the day which we LOVED! It truly means a lot to see how they are readjusting to a class setting and helps support our decision to send them back.

Preparing for Kindergarten:


In your child’s last year before kindergarten, our pre-K program provides:

  • Support for core pre-academic areas including literacy, mathematical reasoning, and scientific investigation
  • Creative, hands-on, and project-based learning
  • Multiple activities that ensure children are thriving and developing in all areas of learning
  • A focus on teamwork and building a positive self-image
  • Support from teachers who encourage your child to create, grown and learn

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Inspired Teachers

     Dedicated early childhood professionals fully engaged in teaching
careers, who benefit from our award-winning training and ongoing

Learn More

Support for the Whole Family

     Thoughtfully and carefully designed centers, programs, and schedules – all created with the needs of both children and parents in mind. 

Learn More

Proven Approach to Early Education

Research-informed care designed by caring, nurturing educators to inspire our youngest learners to become joyful, confident learners for life.

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What You Need to Know About Child Care

What is child care with Bright Horizons?


Bright Horizons is a leading provider of child care and early education for families and employers. There are more than 1,000 Bright Horizons centers worldwide. Child care with Bright Horizons incorporates a proven approach to early education, with a research-informed curriculum designed to inspire children not just to learn, but to think, wonder, and question on their own. Bright Horizons child care includes programs for children from infancy through pre-kindergarten.

Or, Search by Zip to find a Bright Horizons child care center in your local city.

How does a parent compare child care programs?


It can be hard to choose the right child care. We work with a lot of families who have not had a baby in child care before. Advice from other parents, web searches through search engines, or online web portals from state or local governments can provide lists of daycares to consider. For a parent whose company provides on-site child care, back-up care or summer camp as a benefit, the human resources department will be able to provide information. If your company provides a daycare benefit through Bright Horizons, please log into your account to access your benefits. If your company does not provide this benefit, search by zip to find a Bright Horizons center near you.

How can I find child care near me?


Learn about child care tuition, openings or schedule a meeting to visit our:

  • Boston Child Care
  • Chicago Child Care
  • Los Angeles Child Care
  • NYC Child Care
  • Seattle Child Care
  • San Francisco Child Care
  • Washington, DC Child Care

Or, Search by Zip to find a Bright Horizons child care center in your local city.

As a parent, can I visit my child at Bright Horizons at a time?


Due to COVID-19 Health and Safety protocols at child care centers, any adult coming to the center must have an appointment.

What should parents look for to find the right child care provider?


With a new baby, there are few decisions that feel larger than choosing the right child care solution. You want to make sure you understand what quality early education looks like. You want a place where you know your child will be in the hands of early education teachers who will nurture your child’s early childhood development, supporting today’s leaps and tomorrow’s milestones. Our teachers know about how a brain of a develops and what babies think.

At Bright Horizons, we offer early education and child care that’s much more than a daycare center – it’s a place where your infant will learn, grow, and thrive in an environment designed to capture the joys of childhood while providing individualized learning.

Can a parent drop into a child care classroom without an appointment?


No. Parents should schedule an appointment if they want to visit a daycare . No parent would want any adult to be able to enter the facility without warning, and thus child care facilities should require an appointment. At Bright Horizons, we offer Zoom and in-person visits so we can understand what your family needs for child care, including when you would start your first day of child care, what your schedule would be and about when you expect your baby to be born. We also want to allow ample time for you to ask questions about our early education and preschool programs.

Does Bright Horizons have a daycare waiting list? What do I do if I want to enroll in a program and space is not available when my family’s maternity and paternity leave are over?


Depending on where you live, and schedule you need for care, you may see child care waitlists. You can select and register with up to three Bright Horizons child care locations, including the center in which you are most interested. By registering, you are confirming interest in all three centers. Once registered, we will add you to our waitlist and offer you a space as soon as one becomes available. Our goal is to accommodate families as soon as space allows, and so during the entire process, we will keep in touch with you regarding your status. While waiting for a space to become available at the first-choice location, many families enroll at their second or third choices temporarily until space becomes available at their first-choice centers. Enrolling at another location will not only solve your immediate child care needs, but will provide you priority access to your first preference.

Is it safe to send my baby to child care?


Ask each child care provider you’re considering to take the time to explain all health and safety policies to you. Consider asking:

1. How will you contact me if my baby gets sick at child care?

2. Can a mildly ill child (stuffy nose, cough) still come to child care?

3. How do you decide if a child needs emergency medical care?

4. Are daycare staff trained in first aid and CPR?

5. How do you approach wellness, exercise, healthy eating and self-care for children?

Bright Horizons is trusted by parents including many doctors and nurses, to care for their children. We’ve partnered with pediatric infectious disease specialist Dr. Kristin Moffitt of Boston Children’s Hospital to implement enhanced safety protocols for all areas including daily health screening, distancing, cleaning, and disinfecting. Our goal is to ensure that all of our health and safety practices in every center are in line with recommendations provided by the CDC and requirements of state and local municipalities. All Bright Horizons centers have the well-being of children, families, and staff at their core.

What about licensing inspections?


A parent may review the licensing data for any given facility through an online web portal. Any recent violations should be reviewed by the parent, as the violations often include valuable information about the facility.

Are there specific philosophies in child care?


Different daycare programs have different ideas about how a baby should grow. A parent should familiarize themselves with the early childhood learning philosophies a daycare uses before entrusting a child to that facility. Learn more about what makes the Bright Horizons curriculum different in its approach to support early learning and the support Bright Horizons provides to working parents and daycare teachers.

Are lower child to teacher ratios always better?


The ideal child to caregiver ratio changes as children grow. An baby needs a lot of attention to thrive, whereas a preschooler needs more freedom to explore. Child-to-teacher ratios may differ from state-to-state. 

Are Bright Horizons child care staff trained in CPR and First Aid?


All Bright Horizons child care center staff receive ongoing training, including CPR/First Aid and Universal Precautions. You can feel confident that your child is healthy, safe, and thriving while in our care. Bright Horizons families use the MyBrightDay mobile app daily to get photos, real-time updates on care, learning, and milestones, and to stay up-to-date on important notifications.

How can I compare child care costs?


Child care costs will depend upon on your baby’s age when they begin care as well as the center location where you’d like to attend. To get a customized tuition quote for Bright Horizons, we will set up a Zoom or in-person meeting with you to discuss your family’s needs and calculate what tuition would look like for you.


Comparing different care options? Print out our checklist to make it easy to make comparisons and choose the best care for your family.

Get Our Checklist

How is Child Care at Bright Horizons Different?

When you choose child care and early education from Bright Horizons, you will be impressed with our:

  • Proven curriculum that incorporates all the latest research on successful early education.
  • Well-balanced programs that focus on your child’s social, emotional, and physical well-being to prepare for success in school and life.
  • Thoughtfully created environments where your child will feel safe and loved from the moment they walk through our doors to the moment you arrive to take them home.
  • Supportive teachers who receive the training they need to stay up to date on the most effective educational techniques and to grow professionally.
  • Convenient locations and hours that fit your schedule at work and at home. Search by Zip to find a Bright Horizons near you.

Early Education and Preschool Teachers: Our teachers make child care all about education

Teachers at Bright Horizons are the center of everything we do. They’re the people with the skills, the passion, and the dedication to infuse child care with high-quality early education. That’s why we have set the standard for providing professional development to ensure they have the support they need to nurture your child’s curiosity, learning, and development. We provide our teachers with award-winning training as well as learning opportunities to advance their careers and skills through training, certificates, and college degrees. The result is teachers that you can feel great about, and people you can trust completely to love, protect, and support your child through the developmental milestones of their early years. Learn more about how to become a Bright Horizons teacher. 

Baby Daycare, Toddler Daycare, Preschool Daycare and Pre-K 

Bright Horizons offers much more than a daycare. Since 1986, Bright Horizons has been providing high-quality programs that enable working parents to know they’re making the right choice in selecting a child care provider While we offer more than 1,000 child care centers worldwide today, our focus remains squarely on the individual child and working families, providing carefully crafted education programs designed to encourage curious, happy, and confident children at every age and stage.  

Find a center near you to get started with Bright Horizons

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Bright Horizons offers more than a traditional daycare. It helps parents looking for education-based Boston daycare, NYC daycare, Chicago daycare, Washington, DC daycare, Los Angeles daycare, San Francisco daycare, Seattle daycare and local daycares in other cities. It also provides back-up daycare and elder care, employer-sponsored child care, employer tuition assistance, workforce education, and student loan repayment programs. Bright Horizons Global Headquarters is located in Newton, Massachusetts, USA.

Catchphrases from movies, cartoons, literature

Contents of the article

  • Catchphrases from folklore
  • Catchphrases from movies
  • Catchphrases from literature

In our winged phrases have firmly entered everyday speech. Using them to the place, we often do not even know the source of their origin. Winged expressions give speech a special expressiveness. Due to the deep meaning hidden in them, we can briefly convey our thoughts to the interlocutor without resorting to long and lengthy discussions. Catch phrases can appear in our speech from fiction and journalistic literature, philosophical works, folklore, from films and cartoons. In addition, we use popular expressions in Russian speech in different languages.

A huge number of catchphrases came to us from the distant past, they reflect historical facts and tell about the culture of our ancestors.

Catch phrases from folklore

  • “To fight like a Sidorov’s goat” – to beat or flog someone hard. Among the people, the goat was considered a harmful and stubborn animal, and the name Sidor was associated with an evil person.
  • “Breathe incense” – the palm is incensed, in particular, in front of the dead or dying. “Breathing incense” is a sickly-looking person.
  • “To distant lands” – this catchphrase came to us from Russian folk tales. Used to mean “very far away”.
  • “Shabby look” – the expression appeared in the era of Peter I and came from the name of the merchant Zatrapeznikov, who produced coarse low-quality fabric at his factory. A shabby appearance in a person means slovenliness in clothes.
  • “Like water off a goose” – it is known that water easily rolls off the goose plumage. The expression “like water off a duck’s back” is applied to a person who is indifferent to everything, and he endures any difficulties as if they were not there.
  • “The horse didn’t roll” – horses have a habit of wallowing before they are put on a collar or saddle. The expression is used in the sense of “work has not yet begun”, “nothing has been done yet.”
  • “Blood with milk” – in Rus’, a white face (white color – milk) with a blush (red – blood) was considered a sign of health and beauty. This is what they say about a healthy person.
  • “Non-salted slurping” – salt in Rus’ was very expensive. The owner added salt to the food of the guest, depending on the degree of respect for him. Some guests were given unsalted food. Now this expression is used if a person does not achieve the desired result.
  • “No fluff, no feather” – with these words they used to see off a person to hunt. It was believed that it was impossible to wish a good hunt directly, otherwise you could frighten off good luck. This is a simple superstition aimed at “deceiving” evil spirits.
  • Tongue pip – a pip is a small bump on the tip of the tongue in birds that makes it easier to peck food. An increase in this tubercle is a sign of disease in birds. The person may also develop hard, painful bumps on the tongue. In Rus’, this was considered a sign of deceit. Over time, the meaning of the expression has changed. Now the catchphrase is used in relation to a person who expressed an undesirable thought, predicted something unpleasant.

Movie catchphrases

A still from the movie “Operation Y” and Shurik’s other adventures

Film “Diamond Arm”:

  • “It’s not my fault! He himself came”;
  • “Only without hands!”;
  • “Our people don’t take taxis to the bakery”;

The film “Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession”:

  • “I entered successfully”;
  • “Blepota!”;
  • “Everybody dance!”.

Film “Prisoner of the Caucasus”:

  • “In short, Sklifasovsky!”;
  • “There will be no wedding!”;
  • “I stole it, I will return it!”;
  • “Whose shoe? ABOUT! My. Thank you”.

Film “Operation ‘Y’ and other adventures of Shurik”:

  • “Exams are always a holiday for me, professor!”.

Film “Girls”:

  • “By the way, you don’t wear a headdress like that”;
  • “Step away from the kitchen, otherwise my spoons are disappearing!”;
  • “I decided not to get married at all: it’s calmer alone, isn’t it? I want – I eat halva, I want – gingerbread.

Film Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears:

  • Hello! The hostel is listening”;
  • “And we are no worse than theirs!”;
  • That’s it, the petty-bourgeois swamp sucked in.

The film “Office Romance”:

  • “So, good boots, we must take!”;
  • “There must be a mystery in a woman.”

Catch phrases from literature

A.S. Griboedov “Woe from Wit”:

  • “Happy hours are not observed!”;
  • “Fresh legend, but hard to believe”;
  • “I would be glad to serve, it’s sickening to serve”;
  • “And who are the judges?”;
  • “The hero is not my novel”;
  • “Bah! All familiar faces.

A.S. Pushkin “Eugene Onegin”:

  • “You can be a smart person
    And think about the beauty of nails”;
  • “The less we love a woman,
    The more easily she likes us.

F.M. Dostoevsky “Idiot”:

  • “Pass us and forgive us our happiness”;
  • “Beauty will save the world”;
  • “I want to talk about everything with at least one person as if with myself”;
  • “Scoundrels love honest people…”.

L.N. Tolstoy “War and Peace”:

  • “We love people not so much for the good that they have done to us, but for the good that we have done to them”;
  • “The battle is won by the one who is determined to win it!”;
  • “One must live, one must love, one must believe!”.

A.P. Chekhov “The Cherry Orchard”:

  • “I got into a flock, don’t bark, but wag your tail”;
  • “A hungry dog ​​believes only in meat…”.

See also:

  • Suvorov said so
  • 15 quotes from Astrid Lindgren

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Proverbs and winged expressions – script Mother tongue day – Corporation Russian textbook (Drofa-Ventana publishing house)

Extracurricular activities (competitive works)

Primary general education

Attention! The administration of the site is not responsible for the content of methodological developments, as well as for the compliance of the development with the Federal State Educational Standard.

Purpose: to develop a cognitive interest in proverbs and winged expressions of the Russian language. To enrich the spiritual world of children: through various activities, to form in children a love for their native language.


Educational: to give an idea of ​​what proverbs and catchphrases are and why they are called that.

Developing: to develop children’s curiosity and interest in the Russian language.

Educational: to cultivate respect and love for the Russian language.

Teacher: Good afternoon, dear children.

All human life is inextricably linked with the native language. All children, adults love to listen with rapture to Russian folk tales, sayings, tongue twisters, nursery rhymes, songs, epics in their native language. At the lessons of literary reading and the Russian language, we get acquainted with the statements of great and wonderful people, as well as with the work of many Russian poets, writers, connoisseurs of the Russian word.

Not surprisingly, the UNESCO General Conference proclaimed a corresponding holiday – International Mother Language Day. The holiday is celebrated annually on February 21 and promotes linguistic and cultural diversity. Thanks to languages, people preserve and develop the material and spiritual heritage of their peoples.

There are approximately 5,000 languages ​​in the world.

– What languages ​​do you know? (Children list )

– What language do we speak? ( children’s answers )

A long time ago, when people could not read and write yet, but could speak just then many hundreds of years ago, they came up with such wise expressions as proverbs. Our native language is rich in proverbs.

– What is a proverb? ( children’s answers )

A proverb is a short, wise saying that has an instructive meaning and contains worldly wisdom).

Teacher: What are proverbs for? ( children’s answers )

Proverbs decorate our speech, make it bright and convincing).


Proverbs are not said in vain,
You can’t live without them!
They are great helpers
And new friends in life.
Sometimes they instruct us,
Wise people give advice,
And save us from trouble.

Teacher: Today we will conduct a lesson on proverbs and winged expressions of our Russian language.

A First, let’s split into 2 teams.

Each team chooses a captain, comes up with a name, a jury (from among the parents) is selected.

Tasks are held in the form of competitions. Each team receives the same tasks

1 Competition “Proverbs and sayings”

(for holding the competition you will need leaflets, pens)

Holder: in 1 minute you need to remember and record proverbs and sayings in which the language is about the language.

For example:

– The tongue is sharper than a razor.

– Language will bring to Kyiv.

– Tongue without bones, whatever it wants, it mutters.

My tongue is my enemy.

– Do not rush with your tongue – hurry with deeds.

– Listen more and talk less.

2 competition “Remember the proverb”

Remember the proverbs at the beginning of the phrase and continue them.

(Each team is given a leaflet with the beginning of the proverb, and the children must complete it)

Live a century – … (learn a century).

Strong friendship with an ax … (you can’t cut it).

Without difficulty… (you can’t even pull a fish out of a pond).

The sun paints the earth, and man – … (labor).

If you don’t have a friend, look for … (but if you find it, take care of it).

A man without a Motherland, … (what a nightingale without a song).

Hurry… (make people laugh).

My tongue is … (my enemy).

Seven of one … (do not wait).

Do you want to eat kalachi … (do not sit on the stove).

Business time … (fun hour).

Friends are known in … (trouble).

3 contest “Proverbs are joking”:

Proverb, we know you,
But you were not like that:
Is it really a mischievous letter
Did you take another place?

(Team members are invited to find the “lost” word in the proverb and replace it)

Wait for the weather. _______________________________________________

Spins like a loaf in a wheel.0002 They don’t look for a beaver from a beaver.________________________________________________________________

We ourselves have ears. ______________________________________________________

Found a goat on a stone. ____________________________________________________

Not knowing the ford, do not poke your head into fashion. _____________________________________________

4 contest “Collect a proverb”

(Make a proverb, saying or catch phrase out of these words)

Look, horse, gift, teeth. ataman.________________________________

Nightingale , feed, fables. _____________________________________

Bear, act, ear. ______________________________________

There will be, our, holiday, street.0003

Seven, child, eye, nanny._____________________________________

5 Competition “Who is more”

Before the teams put the word “ PROVERB “. In 2 minutes, the team must make as many short words as possible from the given one. When checking, each team reads 1 word. If other teams also have this word, then it is deleted. , cottage cheese, city, blow, etc.)

Extra token for the longest word.

Teacher: While the participants are completing the task, a competition for parents “Question and Answer” is announced.

For correct answers, you will receive tokens that will bring extra points to your children.

  1. How many letters are there in the Russian alphabet? (33)
  2. How many consonants? (21)
  3. Words of what part of speech can replace nouns in sentences? (pronouns)
  4. What is the name of the part of speech denoting the action of an object? (verb)
  5. How many vowels? (10)
  6. The first sound in the word Apple? (j) .
  7. What is the name of the main member of the sentence, answering the question “who?” or “what?” (subject)
  8. What part of a word is used to connect words in a sentence? (end)
  9. How are proper names spelled?
  10. Words that indicate the action of the subject and answer the questions: what to do? what to do etc
  11. Words that designate a sign of an object and answer the questions: what? which? which? which?
  12. How many cases are there in Russian?

Teacher : Let’s check the completed tasks of the participants.

Teacher: Our language is rich and interesting. Did you know that in Rus’ in the old days the months had their own names. They were closely connected with nature and with all the changes that occur to it during the year. So January in Ancient Rus’ was called “ section “, because already in January people began to prepare for spring field work: they cut down, or “cut”, trees in a forest area selected for future arable land. The felled trees were left to dry in place for about a month, so February was called “dry” or “dry”. He was also called “ fierce ” – after all, the frosts at this time of the year on our land are fierce. In March, the trees dried up in February were burned at the place where they were cut down, and the resulting ash fertilized the land: the month of March received the name “ berezosol “. Spring came in April. Dense forests were dressed with dense green foliage, boundless steppes – with lush grass and bright flowers. The Slavs gave April the name “ pollen “, and May – “ grass “. Beautiful names! It was then that we switched to the Byzantine calendar.

Teacher: The rich and glorious history of the Russian people is reflected in the Russian language: oral creativity, the great work of Russian writers, and the creative work of the entire Russian people have left their mark on it.

Teacher: “Our language is our sword, our light, our love, our pride,” wrote KG Paustovsky. And N.G. Chernyshevsky said: “It is necessary to study the native language in order to be able to use it to express one’s thoughts”

6 Competition: “Following expressions”

– What are popular expressions?

(Winged expressions – got into our speech from literary sources, brief quotations, figurative expressions. They give our speech special accuracy and expressiveness).

Explain the meaning of these expressions. (each team is given a queue Ao) (fast)

  • Sit in a puddle. (to be deceived)
  • Bite your tongue. (shut up)
  • Know by heart. (learn)
  • To be at a broken trough. (to be left with nothing)
  • A teaspoon per hour. (slow)
  • Lead by the nose. (Deceive)
  • Hack on the nose. (remember)
  • Scratching with tongue. (chat)
  • Make an elephant out of a fly. (exaggerate)
  • White crow. (about an extra person)
  • For beautiful eyes. (free, free, just like that)
  • flew out of my head (forget)
  • At hand (nearby)
  • Dissipate like smoke (disappear without a trace)
  • Pout lips (offended)
  • Well done guys!


    Any language is great in its own way,
    A priceless legacy.
    So take care of your mother tongue,
    Like the most precious thing in the world.

    Remember that the native language has absorbed the age-old experience of the people.