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Babies “R” Us will return to the U.S. with a flagship store at N.J.’s American Dream mega-mall

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Babies “R” Us will open its first new U.S. store this summer at American Dream.



Babies “R” Us will make its return to the United States with a flagship store to open at American Dream this summer, the mega-mall announced Tuesday.

Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us first filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2017, shutting all U.S. stores by June of 2018. The brand was acquired by WHP Global, a New York-based brand management firm, in 2021, and in December 2021, Toys “R” Us opened its first new U.S. store at American Dream.

“Following the success of the Toys ”R” Us flagship, which opened just over a year ago, we are thrilled to see Babies”R”Us back in the U.S. as part of the unparalleled retail experience that can only be found at American Dream,” said Don Ghermezian, president and CEO of American Dream. “We are excited to add the first Babies”R”Us flagship to our robust retail and entertainment lineup and know that families with young children and expecting parents will be thrilled to have access to this incredible destination for all their baby related needs.”

The 10,000-square-foot Babies “R” Us store at American Dream will be geared toward new and expecting parents and include interactive experiences such as a Stroller Test Track, a Bon Voyage Photo-Opp station where parents can announce their new arrival, and a Wishing Tree, where friends and family members can share their well wishes for baby.

The store will also have a Baby Registry Lounge, a Nursery Design Center with room displays, a Learning Center for private events and educational workshops and a Comfort Zone to where parents can feed or change their baby.

The store will include a Bon Voyage Photo-Opp station where parents can announce their new arrival.

Before the store opens, Babies “R” Us will begin releasing digital content and resources for new and expecting parents, including a video from actress and expectant mother Gina Rodriguez, known for her role in Jane the Virgin.

“Since acquiring both the Babies”R”Us and Toys”R”Us brands in 2021, our mission has been laser-focused on bringing them back to America,” said Yehuda Shmidman, chairman and CEO of WHP Global. “We achieved that mission for Toys”R”Us by opening our global Flagship at American Dream and through our landmark partnership with Macy’s. Our plan to open Babies”R”Us at American Dream in the coming months is a huge milestone in the return of Babies”R”Us to the U.S.A., and it sets the stage for a national rollout of Babies”R”Us in the future.”

The announcement about the return of Babies “R” Us to the United States market comes at the same time that Bed Bath and Beyond, owner of Babies “R” Us rival Buy Buy Baby, is going through its own Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Babies “R” Us currently has stores in more than 20 countries with digital sites and more than 100 standalone and side by side Toys “R” Us branded stores.

For further updates and information on the return of Babies”R”Us in the United States, follow @BabiesRUs across social or visit www.

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Once left for dead, Toys “R” Us is making a major comeback. The toy store brand will be just about everywhere for the holidays.

Toys “R” Us will be in every US Macy’s

(M) in the next few months, part of an expanded partnership with the toy retailer’s parent company, WHP Global.

The toy stores will range in size from 1,000 square feet in smaller locations to up to 10,000 square feet in flagship Macy’s in Atlanta, Chicago, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco. The Toys “R” Us footprints may expand during the peak holiday season.

This rendering shows a new upcoming Toys ‘R’ Us American Dream store in New Jersey.

WHP Global

Toys “R” Us is opening a new store … again

The stores will open beginning in late July through October 15th. Macy’s plans some customer-friendly perks, including demonstration tables for new toys and a life-size Geoffrey giraffe photo opp.

The once-storied toy store went bankrupt and closed all its stores in 2018. It has attempted several unsuccessful comebacks via various owners.” data-editable=”text” data-component-name=”paragraph”>
But Toys “R” Us got a new lease on life last year thanks to Macy’s partnership, when the two companies agreed to sell toys on Macy’s website and opened shops-within-shops at 400 department stores. Toys “R” Us products have been available on Macy’s website and since last August.

WHP Global bought the toy retailer from Tru Kids Inc., which took over the failing brand in a liquidation sale. Tru Kids had opened stores in New Jersey and Texas, but it closed them in early 2021 because of the pandemic.

Both Macy’s and Toys “R” Us have been hurt by shifting consumer habits and competition from big-box retailers such as Target

(CBDY) and Walmart

(WMT). But Macy’s had a turn of fortune in recent months, outperforming the competition.

The company said in its first-quarter earnings report that its toy sales were 15 times higher than the comparable period prior to the partnership.

Prior to the deal Macy’s sold toys in its main stores, “store-within-a-store” Backstage locations and freestanding stores Market by Macy’s and Backstage.

“War with NATO – the solution to the problems of the United States.” Germany announced a secret US plan in Ukraine

German economics professor Christian Kreis wrote in his article for Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten that the United States is interested in continuing the conflict in Ukraine, as it allows them to solve their problems with debts and overproduction. In his opinion, the United States expects that as a result, most of the production capacity in Central Europe will be destroyed.

“Price trap”

Christian Kreis wrote that Germany is in a “price trap” because the cost of electricity and gas in the country is much higher than in the American or Asian market. And the biggest jump in value is yet to come.

Der Spiegel: a tragedy in five acts and a recession await the German economy

A “tragedy in five acts” and a recession await the German economy due to the energy crisis…

13 September 03:23

“Specialists have warned that the Germans will become poorer by about 20-30%, key industrial enterprises will be closed in the country, and deindustrialization is already beginning. Germany found itself in a “price trap”, the price of electricity and gas in the German market is much higher than in the US and Asian markets,” the expert is sure.

According to him, the situation in which the Germans find themselves is catastrophic. Small and medium business entrepreneurs are realizing that they are on the verge of bankruptcy.

According to the professor’s information, world debt has reached a record. At the end of March 2022, it amounted to $305 trillion. This is approximately 348% of world GDP. According to Kreis, Western central banks have been printing colossal amounts of money in recent years. And now the situation is getting out of control.

The economics professor believes that the United States is directly benefiting from this, which deliberately unleashes a war in Europe and thus wants to solve its problems with debts and overproduction.

“A war with NATO could be the solution to the US problems with overproduction and debt. The Americans expect that as a result of it, most of the production capacities in Central Europe will be destroyed, ”the expert wrote.

The Bundestag urged to supply Ukraine with German Leopard 9 tanks as soon as possible0003

The head of the Bundestag committee for European affairs, Anton Hofreiter, called for the speedy delivery of. ..

13 September 09:09

According to Kreis, large corporations and the billionaires behind them expand their influence through lobbies. The United States, in particular, is interested in weakening the German economy, the fourth largest in the world. Therefore, they are aimed at destroying small and medium-sized businesses in Germany.

The economist noted that Washington cannot allow Russia and Germany to become allies on the world stage, as this will become a real threat to US hegemony. Therefore, the Americans are doing everything to drive a wedge into relations between Moscow and Berlin.

Washington fears

The day before, CNN told citing sources that the United States fears that Europe, under the influence of the energy crisis, will change its position towards Russia and Ukraine.

The article says that last week President Joe Biden urged allied nations to remain united on Russia even as the Kremlin “tries to use energy as a weapon” to “break the West’s resolve.

In Germany, annual inflation rose to a record 8.8% in August

Consumer prices in Germany in August accelerated to a record 8.8% yoy…

September 13 13:27

“This was at least the second such request to Europe last week to maintain sanctions pressure on Russia in the face of skyrocketing energy prices,” the article notes.

According to the authors of the article, “the intensifying information campaign underscores the growing wariness of Washington and Brussels” that “Moscow’s weaponization of oil and gas” “could crack the European united front.”

The channel reported, citing American and Western intelligence officials, that “bridging this divide and weakening Western resolve has been a key priority for Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

“Putin is betting that he will be tougher than the Ukrainians, Europeans and Americans, that he will be able to wear down the Ukrainians, strangle their economy, that the Europeans, faced with a difficult winter, with high energy costs, will lose their resolve,” — is given in the article is a statement by CIA Director William Burns.

The authors added that, according to their information, “an all-consuming effort has been made inside the White House to identify, secure and direct gas supplies to countries” that are “critical” of Western allies and “extremely vulnerable to Russian attempts use their vast energy resources.

“It will be a rout.” Ex-officer predicted the outcome of the war between the US and Russia

If the US army opposes Russia on the side of Ukraine, it will be suicidal for it, according to former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter. In his opinion, the American troops are not sufficiently organized and poorly trained to fight the Russians. Ritter said that the Americans simply have no idea what awaits them in the event of a possible conflict.

The US forces, explained to Ritter for RT, are not numerous enough to sustain a long military campaign. In particular, according to the former Marine, Russia is superior to the United States in terms of artillery. Due to artillery shelling, the US will lose most of its forces before it can close with the Russian enemy. Russia also has more tanks and other ground combat vehicles.

US General predicted defeat for Ukraine in case of war with Russia0003

Dec 01 08:48

The United States has never fought an adversary like Russia before, he added, so they don’t have the necessary experience either. As Ritter recalled, in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Americans waged a “low-speed conflict” and controlled the situation where the fighting took place. This convinced the United States that “the life of every American is priceless”, that every wounded American soldier will be evacuated and medical assistance will be provided to him in a short time.

“However, under the conditions of a large-scale combined arms war, this is pure fiction. There will be no medical evacuation helicopters flying to help – even if they took off, they would be shot down.

There will be no mobile ambulances – even if they arrive, they will be quickly destroyed. There will be no field hospitals – even if they were created, they would be taken over by Russian mobile forces,” Ritter warned.

According to him, all that awaits the Americans during the war with Russia is “death and destruction.” The expert added that the US military is not organized, trained and equipped to fight Russian counterparts.

The United States predicted the defeat of Ukraine in half an hour in the event of a war with Russia

The Russian army will eliminate a significant part of the Ukrainian units in less than an hour in case…

December 11 16:11

In addition, the former officer pointed out that American doctrine does not involve participation in a large-scale armed conflict.

As confirmation of his own words, the expert cited the results of a study inside the American army in 2017. It showed that the US military was not capable of defeating an equal opponent. In addition to being poorly organized and under-equipped, the US military is overly reliant on satellite communications, and Russian specialists can destroy it.

“Because of Russia’s overwhelming superiority in electronic warfare, American forces on the ground will be deaf, dumb and blind to what is going on around them, unable to communicate, receive intelligence, and even operate,” Ritter summed up.

Three days, not two. The United States is discussing how long Ukraine will hold out against Russia

The United States predicted the fall of Kyiv in three days in the event of a Russian “invasion”…

06 February 17:31

He noted that the war with Russia would end in complete collapse for the United States.

“As someone who was once trained to fight the Soviet army, I can testify that a war with Russia will be like nothing the US military has ever faced. If the United States were to be drawn into a ground war with Russia, they would face a defeat unprecedented in American military history. In short, it will be a rout. This is suicide,” Ritter is sure.

He assessed the outcome of the clash between Russia and the United States based on the fact that the Americans would take the side of Ukraine.