Kid nation 2: Kid Nation (TV Series 2007)

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Kid Nation (TV Series 2007)

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A group of young kids are forced to the limits as they experience challenges without adults.A group of young kids are forced to the limits as they experience challenges without adults.A group of young kids are forced to the limits as they experience challenges without adults.

  • Stars
    • Jonathan Karsh
    • Daniel Kyri
    • Jazmine Robinson
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    7. 1/10



    • Stars
      • Jonathan Karsh
      • Daniel Kyri
      • Jazmine Robinson
    • 17User reviews
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    • Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy
      • 2 nominations total


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    Top cast

    Jonathan Karsh

    • Self – Host

    Daniel Kyri

    Jazmine Robinson

    Taylor DuPriest

    Laurel McGoff

    Sophia Wise

    Anjay Ajodha

    Gianna Clark

    Zach Kosnitzky

    Greg Pheasant

    Michael Thot

    Mike Klinge

    Kennedy Peyton Womack

    Mallory Cloer

    Jared Goldman

    Campbell Beadles

    Nathan Gibes

    Cody Mendenhall

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    These kids really worked hard to prove themselves

    This was one of the my favorite reality shows. Unlike many other ones they use children, and sets them in real life situations that adults are in. They work like adults, they are divided like adults and are forced to make decisions like adults. The children have changed from whining kids in the start to a united group to fight for themselves.

    This show really pushes out the true face of some children; their selfishness, greed, and the bad side. But to work as a group, these things cannot happen, so other kids help and advise them to change and improve, which of course is they did at the end.

    Really advise watching at least one episodes, and probably really entertaining especially to kids.



    • kleung03
    • Jan 14, 2008

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    • Are Blaine and Sophia related?


    • Release date
      • September 1, 2007 (United States)
    • Country of origin
      • United States
    • Language
      • English
    • Filming locations
      • Bonanza Creek Ranch – 15 Bonanza Creek Lane, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
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      • Stereo
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      • 1. 33 : 1

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    Article: Human rights and “jurisprudence of values”
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    (“Comparative Constitutional Review”, 2022, N 6) The EU Court faced such a problem in the case of V.M.A. The two women, citizens of Bulgaria and the United Kingdom, lived in Spain, where they married and had a daughter. On the girl’s birth certificate issued by the Spanish authorities, one of the women, a Bulgarian citizen, was listed as “mother” and the other as “mother A”. A Bulgarian citizen applied to the municipality of Sofia with a request to issue a Bulgarian birth certificate to their daughter, which is necessary, among other things, to obtain a Bulgarian identity card that allows you to reside in the country, enjoy the right to free movement and, in general, exercise all the rights of an EU citizen. The municipality asked the woman to confirm that she was the child’s biological mother; she replied that, under Bulgarian law, she was not required to provide such information. The issuance of a Bulgarian birth certificate was refused because marriages between persons of the same sex are not allowed in Bulgaria and the approved model form of the national birth certificate provides boxes for mother and father, each of which can contain only one name (paragraphs 18 – 23 ) . 9No. 8 2-FZ
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    These girls were not immediately able to appreciate the charms of their appearance


    There are opinions (and studies too) that demonstrate that people of mixed blood have a mystically attractive appearance. Anything that is even a little different from the usual eye arouses interest and close attention. Men will long look after an attractive girl with slanting eyes or with a wild dark mop of hair, and women too – after all, no one forbade admiring beauty. We have gathered incredibly attractive mestizo women and asked them to tell the stories of their families. Convince yourself of their unusual beauty.

    Lenny now lives in St. Petersburg


    — My mother is Spanish, but she was born in Moldova, grandparents moved there from the Spanish village of Ubeda, the reason for moving they never were not called. Dad is a Moldovan gypsy. In Moldova, they met their mother, then my father went into the army, served first in Ukraine, then he was transferred to Murmansk.

    Lenny works in a hookah bar and as a permanent make-up master


    — We do not live according to gypsy traditions, my father renounced them at a young age, he did not want to adhere to some customs because of too strict limits. Parents do not recognize their nationalities: the father does not say that he is a gypsy; calls himself Ukrainian, and his mother calls herself Russian.

    Lenny has never been to Spain


    — I don’t like being called Lena; it’s not mine, I don’t feel myself in this name. I never felt unusual, I’m just like everyone else. I like my appearance: I’m crazy about my freckles, although they are not as bright as I would like, I like my eyes and lips. There are some points that I would like to correct, but not beyond recognition, this is too much.

    Elena lives in Khabarovsk


    – I am a mixed breed. My mother is a Russian beauty, and my father is Korean. Mom came from the village of Blessed to the city, got a job and met her father at a garment factory. In those days, they had a hard time, it was savagery – for a Russian woman to marry a non-Russian. Their parents were against such a union, and my paternal grandmother wept at the wedding. Being married, mom and dad even went to the bus stop separately, as dad was caught by Russian guys and beaten.

    Elena is a top master in permanent makeup and tattooing, she has her own studio

    straight eyebrows, eyes not like everyone else, almond-shaped, which in our time, as it turned out, most girls dream of (I already learned this, being a permanent makeup master). Add here a flat chest and a snub nose. I wore five pantyhose at a time to make my legs look thicker. At school, they called me nanaya, narrow-eyed, and even threw stones at me. Mom told me: “Remember the cartoon about the ugly duckling. When he grew up, turned into a beautiful swan, it will be the same with you.

    As a child, Elena had a hard time – she was teased and even stoned


    — Now I am grateful to my parents for my unusual appearance, all the difficulties in my school years made me a strong personality. I easily achieve everything that I want. I think that the merit here is not only appearance, but also diligence, curiosity and perseverance. The thought never crossed my mind to correct something in myself, because I am a beauty.

    Tatyana was born in the city of Kyzyl, now lives in Krasnoyarsk


    — My father is Russian, and my mother is the bearer of the blood of a small northern people — Tuva-Todzhans. Many simply call them Tuvans, including myself, so as not to go into details. But this is a separate nationality.

    There is a theory that Tuvans-Todzhins are the ancestors of the American Indians


    — Parents met in the Todzhinsky kozhuun of the Republic of Tyva. Mom lived there, and my father came to work by distribution. Relatives say that it was my mother who at one time sought the attention of her father. She was then only 17 years old, and he was already 31 years old. When she was 19 years old, they got married.

    – I can’t remember cases when unusual appearance helped me. Rather, on the contrary. I grew up among Tuvans, but they never considered me their own, they called me “orus” – Russian. It’s hard, it’s hard for anyone to be always on the sidelines.

    Tatyana is still studying at the university

    just not European. Of course, not all people are like that. Many do not even think about what nationality I am, or they think that I am Russian, because I have a Russian name and surname. Although there are those who are surprised when they find out that I am not a pure Tuvan.

    – I would not want to change my appearance drastically, I like my cheekbones and the unusual shape of my eyes. Except for some banal modifications that many girls resort to.

    Anna was born in Sakhalin, now lives in Khabarovsk


    — I was born in Sakhalin — my parents met there, they were 16 years old. Father is Chechen, mother is Russian. Chechens are used to their girls sitting at home, they have such a mentality.

    Anna works as an assistant to a deputy


    — Sometimes they try to teach me how to live properly: stay at home and wear a headscarf. After all, I am a Muslim. I think it’s not the most important thing. It is more important to be human and not to do evil. I have a career – I can’t sit at home. I don’t wear a scarf.

    In addition to her main work, Anna is engaged in modeling


    — My appearance has always helped me — I am a bright personality, kind and sympathetic. I am glad that I am like this: my appearance is my trump card in life.

    Tatyana lives in Novokuznetsk, and was born in Norilsk


    — My mother is Uzbek and my father is Russian. They met at work, in northern Norilsk – this is my mother’s homeland, my grandparents moved there.

    – I love my appearance. She attracts attention, and probably it has more to do with the fact that I constantly do something extraordinary with her, within reason, of course: short haircuts, shaved temples, bright hair color and braids.

    Tatiana organizes events


    — As a child, there was a complete denial of how I look. I felt like I was a freak. I think all girls go through this. Now everything is the opposite, I bathe in love for myself and am happy, I don’t want to change anything.

    Julia was born in Kazakhstan, lives in Barnaul


    – My dad is a Tatar, my mother is half German, half Russian. They met in Kazakhstan – they lived in the same village. They moved to Russia when I was two years old.

    Julia works as a sales assistant


    — The first impression is created by appearance. She pushed me forward, highlighting me from the crowd. She also helped me start my blog, because when people go to the page, they first see the picture, and then they get to know the person.

    Julia believes that her appearance is primarily the merit of her parents