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11 Best Guard Dog Breeds For Families With Children

Are you looking for guard dog for your family home with children?

You may be looking for a medium-to-large dog with a watchful temperament, underlying desire to protect the home but capable of mixing with children.

There are some dog breed that probably come to mind such as German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers – but there are some other good choices too.

Before we go any further, we need to point out that you should never leave a dog alone unsupervised with children irrespective of breed or temperament.

In this article, we’ll hear from a number of different experts, ranging from experienced dog owners to pet behaviorists, veterinarians to dog trainers.

With the introduction complete, let’s take a look at the best guard dog breeds for families with children.

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Great Pyrenees

Great Pryrenees (Photo: Adobe Stock)

I would generally recommend families with young children avoid higher-intensity guard dog breeds like German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, or Dutch Shepherds. Instead, I would recommend something with a more mellow temperament such as a livestock guardian breed like a Great Pyrenees. This large breed makes an excellent watch dog with its deep, intimidating bark. They will not only provide an excellent visual deterrent against crime, they are known to grow very attached to their families and may tolerate the antics of young kids better than more intense guardian breeds. Pyrenees make great guardians for your family, as well as for your home and property.

Suggested by Josh Snead, CEO Of Rainwalk Pet Insurance


Boxer dog (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The Boxer enjoys being with its family despite being instinctive guardians. Their craving for human affection, particularly from children, is one of the breed’s most noteworthy personalities. In addition, they are tolerant, passionate, and loyal with children, but also protective, making this breed a popular choice for families. They are always on the lookout for any potential danger or intruder, making them an excellent guard dog for families with children. The Boxer does not require much grooming, but it does require daily exercise.

Suggested by Aaron Rice, Dog Trainer At Stayyy

American Bulldogs

American Bull Terrier (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Known for their gentle demeanor and large presence, these gentle giants have the ability to integrate into a family setting seamlessly. American Bulldogs are affectionate, loving, intelligent and hard working – making them the perfect fit for a family protection dog.

Suggested by William Ellinger, Co-Founder And Head Trainer Of Integrity K9 Services

Giant Schnauzers

Giant Schnauzer (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Giant Schnauzers make incredible protection dogs, especially in houses where allergies are a concern. Their non-shedding and hypoallergenic coats ensure that you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for protection. For hundreds of years, Giant Schnauzers have been used as protection, guard, police and detection dogs. They are loving and gentle, yet able to protect the entire family at a moment’s notice.

Suggested by William Ellinger, Co-Founder And Head Trainer Of Integrity K9 Services

Czech Shepherds

Czech Shepherd (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Czech Shepherds are beautiful, large shepherds with incredible smarts and fierce loyalty. They bond easily with their family and love to work. Czech Shepherds have a keen sense of emotion and are able to decipher human emotion easily. This makes them empathetic dogs that will comfort family members in times of stress as well as protect in times of danger.

Suggested by William Ellinger, Co-Founder And Head Trainer Of Integrity K9 Services

German Shepherds

German Shepherd lying down (Photo: Adobe Stock)

In my opinion, the German Shepherd is the best guard dog for families with children. It originates from Germany and it was bred as a herding dog. Nowadays, it’s one of the most popular dogs in the USA due to the fact that it can be trained to work as a police dog, military dog, guide and assist the handicapped, etc. The German Shepherd is a very intelligent and energetic dog which means it learns quickly and you can do lots of activities with him. It’s not very friendly with other dogs, but it makes a terrific family dog that likes spending time with children and has the ability to protect your family and your home.

Suggested by Cliff Thomas, Editor At DogFoodPoint


Bullmastiff (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Bullmastiffs are another great choice for guard dogs for families with children. They are small, but they can still be an incredible threat to intruders. They have an innate sense to understand who belongs to the property and bark accordingly.

Suggested by Leonardo Gomez, Founder At Try Run Ball

Great Dane

Great Dane (Photo: Adobe Stock)

This dog breed is known for its huge size, and makes for an excellent guard dog as they are intimidating and intelligent. However, they are gentle giants, and do very well with families that have children, especially as they are very loving and loyal. The only warning I give is that due to their size they can accidentally knock a child over when excited!

Suggested by Jacquelyn Kennedy, Founder And CEO At PetDT


Doberman (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Originally bred in 1860 by a German tax collector, Dobermans are one of the finest security dog breeds. With a sleek and muscular build, this medium-sized dog is useful for several dog sports, military, and police activities. We give bonus points for the breed’s loyalty.

Suggested by Paul Andrews, Canine Expert And Founder At The Upper Pawside

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are amazing dogs for families with children. Their instinct is to guard and protect, hence, they’re commonly referred to as a ‘nanny’ dog. They are extremely loyal and will treat children as one of the pack to be on the look out for at all times. While they are protective of their ‘family’, they generally won’t express aggression to threats unless provoked, making them excellent guard dogs and family dogs.

Suggested by Melissa Smith, Former Dog Trainer, Canine Expert And Content Manager At Raw & Fresh

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Caucasian Shepherd Dog (Photo: Adobe Stock)

At first glance, this dog looks scary and you might not want him anywhere near your kids. But if you have a yard where he can enjoy and spend time, you will get the best possible family guard dog.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog is way too gentle, loving, and affectionate with children. Do not let his gigantic size scare you. Plus, they are amazing guard dogs. They set the boundaries, and anyone trying to cross the line, will hear a loud roar and bark that will make them think twice.

Suggested by Aleksandar Mishkov, Editor Of The Daily Tail

Best Dog Breeds For Home Security

We refer to dogs as (hu-)man’s best friends because they’ve been protecting us and our livestock for thousands of years. And while many of today’s pet parents just want companionship, some still look for a dog that can keep them and their family safe. But due to a large variety of breeds, not every dog is up for the job. Some are too friendly and will happily welcome a stranger into their home (think golden retriever), some are fierce but not exactly intimidating (think Chihuahua). So which breeds (or mixes thereof) make good guard dogs? StudyFinds researched the best dog breeds for home security to find out.

Most Americans (52%) just don’t feel safe, according to a recent poll. In addition to a nagging feeling of unease when out and about, nearly half of respondents also worry about their safety when home alone (42%) and avoid living on the ground or first floors of apartment buildings out of fear of home invasions (45%). The leading safety measures Americans take to protect themselves in their homes are buying security systems and getting a dog.

While security systems can be a deterrent, they aren’t able to physically defend you. In case of a break-in, you can only hope help will arrive in time. A guard dog on the other hand deters and protects. Dog ownership improves security on a larger scale as well: Neighborhoods with more dogs experience less crime — including murder and assault, researchers from the Ohio State University found. Their study results suggest that more people walking their dogs puts more “eyes on the street,” which discourages criminals from committing both violent and non-violent crimes.

Now, before you run to the next kennel, please be aware that every guard dog needs lots of training, no matter what the breed (mutts can make great guard dogs, too!). Of course this applies to all dogs, but a guard dog without proper training can turn aggressive (which is not the same as protective!) and is a liability and a safety risk. Also don’t forget that every dog needs love and affection — even dogs with jobs. With that in mind, please check out our list of the best dog breeds for home security. StudyFinds reviewed the breed recommendations by experts from ten different websites to find the top five guard dogs. Got any feedback? Please let us know in the comments.

Guard dog (Photo by Don Agnello on Unsplash)

1. German Shepherd

Close your eyes and think: “home security dog.” Your brain likely comes up with the picture of a German shepherd. Unsurprisingly, ten out of ten experts recommend this breed for home security, as they are “gentle family pets and immensely courageous — unafraid to put themselves in danger to save a loved one, as many of them do as police and military dogs,” says

German shepherd (Photo by Dustin Bowdige on Unsplash)

The highly intelligent breed is the top guard dog for several dog experts, including the ones at Canine Journal: “German Shepherds, in our opinion, top the list of best family guard dogs due to their natural instincts to listen, learn, and obey. They are both menacing in their appearance, and loving in their nature, but will respond to a command at any moment’s notice. They have thick fur, which makes them respond well to colder temperatures, and it adds to their toughness. They are very understanding of their homes, and will be wary of intruders. They have fantastic size and can take down any sized human without much trouble.”

“A favorite of the police, these dogs are easy to train, fiercely loyal, have great stamina, and are great under pressure,” knows PetsRadar. “Not only that; they make wonderful pets who love to play with toys. […] So as well as a great guard dog, a German Shepherd is also a brilliant friend.”

2. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are also excellent guard dogs and their “deterrent factor” may be even higher than a German Shepherd’s. These guys are massive! But while they look scary, they are affectionate with their people, as well as versatile. “There is apparently no limit to the jobs they can perform, like herding and carting to name a few. Tire them out enough and they may even pop a squat in your lap,” writes

Rottweiler (Photo by Sabīne Jaunzeme on Unsplash)

However, they are not as family-friendly as German shepherds and may be not the best choice for homes with young children; partially due to their strong build, but also because of the breed’s other traits. “The Rottweiler, if not properly trained, is too aggressive of a breed to have around small children,” cautions Canine Journal. Of course intensive training is non-negotiable with any large dog, especially in a family setting, and Canine Journal walks it back a bit after their warning. “The Rottweiler is great with families if brought up properly, and even small children are safe under the right conditions. Their intelligence can make them very obedient and despite their aggressive snarl, these dogs are very loving and ready-to-please animals.”

Wag! seems less concerned about mixing “Rotties” with kids: “The Rottweiler was bred to guard cattle and the family, and with their size of about 100 pounds, they can be ferocious beasts when they need to [be]. However, they still know how to be lovable pets and understand when it is time to be gentle and sweet with kids and other animals.”

3. Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher is another “classic” protective breed that, fun fact, originates in Germany, just like the German Shepherd and the Rottweiler. This breed got as many experts’ recommendations, but their fearsome image combined with their athleticism secured them the third spot (except for families with children; more on that later). “Their reputation and name precedes them as the ultimate guard dogs,” writes security equipment provider Kuna on their blog. “Intelligent, determined, loyal, fearless, and vigilant, […] Doberman[s] have been serving as the notorious guard dogs in Germany since the late 19th century. Their muscular stature allows for high speed and endurance, as well as effective attacks when imperiled by threatening strangers.”

Doberman (Photo by Anna Kozakova on Unsplash)

Reader’s Digest also thinks highly of these dogs: “One of the best guard dog breeds, the Doberman is a sleek, powerful, fearless, and fast dog. Considered the fifth-smartest dog breed in the world, it is loyal in protecting its people and always alert. Dobermans also bark a lot. If they need to, they will take a threat seriously, pinning an intruder against the wall or cornering it until humans take charge. When they’re off duty, Dobermans can be big-time goofballs. They have high energy needs and make great running companions.”

Unfortunately, like Rottweilers, these dogs are also not necessarily great for homes with young children, as Canine Journal (again) points out. “The breed is very alert and cautious of people it is not familiar with, but will respect the command of their owner and this makes them great for protecting families.” But “they should be raised in the household with children and not brought into a house with small children after they are puppies.”

4. Bullmastiff

For a “gentle and loving” family protector, consider the bullmastiff, suggests Canine Journal. “The Bullmastiff has excellent instincts and thrives in family settings, as they learn quickly who their ‘pack’ is and will do everything they can to protect it. They are very aware of everything going on around them, and their intimidating look makes them a great choice at fending off intruders without putting your children at risk. […] To get the most out of this breed, it should be raised early with the family and trained constantly through its growing stages. With that being said, once it is familiar with its home and who its family is, this breed is gentle and loving, and will do great at being a part of your family.”

Bullmastiff (Photo by Albert Dávid on Unsplash)

Safe for families, dangerous for burglars: If worse comes to worst, this dog is a force to be reckoned with! “You’ve probably heard of the phrase, ‘his bark is worse than his bite.’ This may be true for many dog breeds, but the same can’t be said for the Bullmastiff. This breed has the highest amount of bite force of any dog at 552 pounds per square inch – that’s around three times higher than the average dog,” knows PetsRadar.

According to Kuna, Bullmastiffs are a great guard dog choice for families if you can handle their size (and their appetite) — they only have one downside: “Bullmastiffs are highly defensive of strangers due to their unbounding love and affection for the family. An average Bullmastiff weighs around 150 pounds, making it capable of taking down humans of larger builds. […] The only hitch to keeping a Bullmastiff is coming to grips with their perpetual slobbering.”

5. Akita

If you’re looking for a dog that would 100% die for you and don’t mind making some social sacrifices in return, meet the Akita. These dogs are natural born protectors. “Akitas are one of the most loyal dog breeds. Bred for guarding royalty and nobility in feudal Japan, this courageous and alert breed is naturally suspicious of strangers. Akitas will keep watch over you and your family at all times. This breed takes this task seriously and will typically perform its guarding duty with little to no [guarding!] training,” mentions The Spruce.

Akita (Photo by Hrihorii Sheldunov on Unsplash)

But while they may need little encouragement to guard, Akitas are serious working dogs and can’t just be thrown into the “family mix,” as Kuna explains. “The fearless and bold Akita is a breed that deserves the utmost praise and respect. […] Akitas are famous for their strong protective instincts, intense suspicions of other animals and strange people, and their rigid loyalty to only their owner families makes them one of the worthiest companions to men. […] However, here’s a word of warning; Akitas do not cohabitate well with other animals. In addition, their loyalty and trust can only be earned by an experienced and firm owner. So, this breed is to be steered clear of if you have never had a dog before.”

Reader’s Digest seconds this: “This stocky, curly-tailed Japanese mountain dog is revered in its native country as a symbol of good health and long life, according to the [American Kennel Club] AKC. Akitas are fiercely protective by nature […] Typically, they bark only when there’s a really good reason […]. Akitas can be aggressive with other dogs and need to be socialized early on to interact appropriately with them as well as with people.”

Note: Always thoroughly research any dog breeders to avoid obtaining a dog with health or behavioral issues or supporting a puppy mill. This applies to all dog breeds. In addition, purebred dogs can be prone to specific health issues. Be sure to read up on any breed you are considering.

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Note: This article was not paid for nor sponsored. StudyFinds is not connected to nor partnered with any of the brands mentioned and receives no compensation for its recommendations. This post may contain affiliate links.

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Top 10 best guard dogs for guarding a private home

  • Articles
  • Top 10 best guard dogs for guarding a private house

Many people have four-legged pets to protect their yard or apartment from ill-wishers. Having a guard dog, you can not worry about your accommodation on vacation or on a business trip.

But what kind of dog to choose for protection? After all, there are so many breeds of dogs in the world.

Tenth place – Giant Schnauzer

Dogs of this breed are easily trained and quickly memorize all commands. Despite the good-natured appearance of the pet, the Giant Schnauzers perfectly guard their owner and his home. Having such a dog, not a single thief will get into the yard or apartment.

Giant Schnauzers get along well with other animals and small children.

Ninth place – Moscow watchdog

Despite the fact that this breed of dog was bred relatively recently, it has already won the trust of many people. The main feature of the Moscow guard dogs is their size – these dogs are huge and look intimidating. The Moscow watchdog is not just an excellent guard, but also a devoted friend. There are never any problems with dogs of this breed.

Eighth place – Alabai

This breed of dogs is good guards, but difficult “students”. Alabai is difficult to train and rarely listens to the owner. In order to never have problems with a dog of this breed, it should be started only by the person who easily finds a common language with each dog.

Seventh place – Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Caucasians are unpretentious, keeping a dog of this breed is very easy. The look of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is not just awesome, at the sight of this dog – not a single thief will even try to get into the yard or apartment. However, despite their formidable appearance, Caucasians are very friendly and loyal to their owners. Naturally, like any dog, the Caucasian Shepherd needs to be trained and taught, otherwise problems may arise with it.

Sixth place – Doberman

Doberman is an excellent house guard dog. This breed belongs to the office, so these pets are very smart and quick-witted. The house is supervised by a Doberman and never receives unwanted guests. Having such a dog, you can not worry about the safety of money and other valuables. In addition to guarding abilities, the Doberman is an excellent companion and true friend.

Fifth place – Cane Corso

Cane Corso is a very expensive and rare breed of dog. Animals of this breed are very kind, well-mannered and patient. But when it comes to the life and health of the owner, the Cane Corso turns into a ferocious beast that can tear anyone apart. That is why this breed of dog is suitable for guarding an apartment and a private house.

Fourth place – Boxer

Boxer is a very strong and strong dog. He quickly remembers all the commands and always obeys the owner. This breed of dog is popular all over the world, and very often, these dogs are started as a guard.

Boxer gets along well with children and other pets, he will always be a true friend and an excellent bodyguard.

Third place – Rottweiler

Dogs of this breed are very kind and attentive to children and other household members. Rottweilers are easy to train and quickly learn new information. Due to the calm nature, the Rottweiler can be kept both in the apartment and in the house. This breed of dog is very easy to care for.

Second place – Staffordshire Terrier

Some people think that Staffords are mean and unbalanced dogs. However, this is not entirely true, or rather, not at all. The nature of the Staffordshire Terrier depends directly on education. If you properly raise a dog, then it will be a good friend and even a “nanny” for children. As a guard dog, the Staffordshire Terrier is ideal. Dogs of this breed do not like and do not perceive strangers.

First place – German Shepherd

This dog breed is one of the most popular and widespread. German Shepherds live both in a private house and in apartments. For protection, such a pet is perfect. Germans are very smart and quick-witted, they are easy to train and quickly remember commands. The German Shepherd is not just an excellent guard dog, but also a true friend for many years.

Choosing a good guard dog is not difficult, the most important thing is to choose the one that
which you will like.

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28 Best Guard Dog Breeds In The World – Dog Breeds?


Guard dogs have a natural instinct that helps them protect their territory, home and family. Guard dog breeds are a certain type, character and reactions of animals. They are dedicated, alert, strong and fearless. The peculiarity of these dogs is not only that they will bark and warn you about the arrival of guests, but that they intuitively understand and know how to protect from a dangerous situation.

In everyday life, guard dogs, as a rule, are unpretentious, but at the same time they are demanding on the regularity of physical and intellectual stress. Most breeds are recommended to confident, experienced dog breeders with a strong character.

Many breeds were bred specifically as guards of human property and as guard dogs for livestock. In recent decades, the number of domestic guard dogs has grown. Trained guard dogs follow human commands, are able to work in various capacities and act as a faithful companion.

Watchdog breeds are distinguished by their independent disposition and the ability to quickly make independent decisions to counter possible threats. For this reason, the possession of such animals requires an understanding of the working functions of the dog, an authoritative position and sufficient training from the person.

28 best guard dog breeds

1. Akita Inu

Loyal, dignified and courageous dog of Japanese origin. The imposing dog is wary of strangers, often intolerant of other animals, but will happily share his outgoing and affectionate nature with family members. Dogs of the Akita breed are considered not only protectors for humans, but also symbols of happiness in the house. Akita Inu are strong-willed dogs with an independent character, they need professional consistent training. A large and independent dog will be a devoted friend to the owner.

Akita Inu guard dog always stands up for those he loves. The American Akita guard dog continues the guard dog tradition. The tall and large American Akita appeared as a result of selection and further breeding of the Japanese Akita Inu. The American “version” is larger and more trainable. With some difference in size and temperament, both breeds are famous for their guard and sentry qualities.

2. Alabay

Strength, power, analytical mind and independence are qualities that help Alabay to be ideal defenders. Without unnecessary aggression towards strangers, guard dogs of the Alabai breed are always ready to defend themselves. At the same time, a large and strong dog has a subtle nature. In training, it is worth using confidence in combination with positive parenting methods. An experienced person with pronounced leadership qualities should be engaged in the training and education of Alabaev.

3. Anatolian Shepherd Dog (Kangal)

Kangals – muscular and agile dogs are considered recognized protectors of the family and guardians of human property. Smart and patient dogs, when properly socialized, demonstrate a calm and affectionate disposition. They are quick and decisive when someone encroaches on their territory or master’s property. The nature of the dog is dominant and demanding, the owner in relation to the pet will have to prove himself as a strong leader.

4. Airedale Terrier

Hardy and intelligent dog combines hunting and watchdog qualities. An energetic and emotional Airedale Terrier requires an owner with a strong willed character for education. A properly educated dog is friendly and energetic, always ready to stand up for himself and for the owner. Airedales are not conflicted, but they are jealous of their things and vigilantly guard their territory.

5. Appenzeller Sennenhund

A lively, energetic and confident Swiss shepherd dog is distinguished by reliability and fearlessness. Suspicious of strangers. The appearance of a stranger in the visibility zone will be reported by a loud bark. They say about Appenzellers that “these watchdogs cannot be bribed.” Developed intelligence makes good students out of dogs. Early and prolonged socialization is necessary to form a stable temperament, to prevent excessive suspicion or caution. Strong-willed Appenzeller Mountain Dogs require a confident owner and high exercise needs.

6. Australian Shepherd (Aussie)

The Aussie, a dog breed that accompanied westward migrating Europeans, was developed in California. American dog breeders in breeding emphasized versatility, sharp intelligence and a strong guard instinct. The medium-sized dog is a classic example of a ranch dog, with a life closely tied to that of a cowboy.

Many “Australians” are territorial and will selflessly protect the property of the owner and attack the one who encroaches on it. It should be noted that Australian Shepherds are surprisingly smart and able to “defeat” an unsuspecting owner. Uncontrolled possession and lack of proper dog training can cause serious difficulties.

7. Beauceron

Energetic and dashing defender – this is how the owners call Beauceron. At the same time, the dog is an intelligent and sensitive companion for a person. The powerful Beaucerons have a dominant character, these are not dogs for novice owners. Well-trained and socialized Beaucerons make well-balanced watchdogs and guardians, especially for small and protective family members.

8. Black Russian Terrier

Muscular dog from the Siberian lands was bred for protection and protection. The Black Russian Terrier is known for its courage, confidence and intelligence. A large, heavy-boned dog for its size, it moves quickly. Coarse black coat protects the dog in different climatic conditions. Given the physical strength and power of the dog, you need to control all its reactions, including in relation to other people and dogs.

9. Flanders Bouvier

The Bouvier de Flandres is known as an intelligent and hardworking all-rounder. At the same time, he is an ideal watchman and guard of private households. Initially, Bouviers were used to guard cattle, hence their unspoken name – “cow shepherd from Flanders.” Many owners note the impeccable character and huge heart of their pets. Strong-willed, powerful and robust dogs do best with confident owners who can devote enough time and space to them.

10. Boxer

Bright and bold Boxers are a popular service and guard dog breed. The movements of a muscular boxer are similar to those of an athlete. The patient nature and playful optimistic disposition of the dog allows her to communicate well with children. Boxers are excellent family dogs and fearless, quick-witted watchdogs. They say about boxers that they are “intellectuals who are in no hurry to get into a fight.” But when it comes to attack, the boxer is concentrated to the maximum, trying to knock the opponent down or fixing the grip with his teeth, as his ancestors once did.

11. Bullmastiff

Watch dog, obtained by crossing a mastiff and a bulldog, looks like a muscular big guard. Dogs show obedience at home and fearlessness in dangerous situations. The strong Bullmastiff is alert, confident protector and intelligent family companion. Dogs are devoted to their family and neutral with house guests. They are very wary of strangers, they do not tolerate familiar attitude towards themselves. You need to start socializing and training your puppy early, while he is small and can be controlled.

12. Canaan Dog

The national dog of Israel and one of the oldest breeds. Historically, the Canaan dog has been a reliable livestock guardian and guardian of the owner’s property. Dogs have developed the functions of a defender and quick reaction. Sturdy and agile, Canaans are well suited to active owners, and their endurance will appeal to hikers and runners. A passive owner is not suitable for a smart, confident dog. Early training, proper socialization, and a dominant owner are key factors in owning a Canaan dog.

13. Cane Corso

Noble intelligent dog Cane Corso is an incomparable protector. The name of the dog dates back to ancient Roman times and translates as “bodyguard dog”. An impressive size, a large head, a watchful look and muscles throbbing under a short coarse coat immediately say that you have a serious dog in front of you, with a focus on protection. The Cane Corso has a territorial instinct, they are always loyal and want to please their people. As with other large dogs, proper training and early communication with people and other dogs is essential for the Cane Corso.

14. Caucasian Shepherd Dog

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a serious bodyguard dog that should never be taken lightly. Dog breeders note the friendliness of the “Caucasians”, but only the owner and the closest people manage to know him. The rest of the dog tends to be distrustful. Most often, representatives of the breed are used as guard dogs and companions. With the likelihood of a threat to itself or a person, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog shows courage, fearlessness and cruelty. At the same time, the dog demonstrates a gentle, kind nature and devotion towards his family.

15. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman pinschers are called “nobles” among dogs for their magnificent physique and sharp intelligence. Well-trained Dobermans conscientiously serve in security structures and patrol services. Fearless and alert, the breed is one of the best guard dogs. Dobermans recklessly protect the territory and show a protective instinct towards humans. In relation to suspicious strangers, dogs can show aggressive behavior.

16. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Terriers are distinguished by indomitable courage, high intelligence, stable disposition and perseverance. The ancestors of the dog participated in bull-baiting and dog fights, where they won the glory of pugnacious brawlers. Further breeding has transformed the muscular agile terrier from a former gladiator into a loyal companion with a special patient attitude towards children. The fighting instincts of the Stafford determine the need for proper socialization and early communication with other dogs in order to avoid aggressive behavior in the future.

17. Belgian Shepherd

The versatile Belgian Shepherd shows intelligence, courage and devotion to man. Affectionate and friendly dog ​​is jealous of the attention of his family members. Protecting a person and the property of the owner is included in the list of characteristic “pedigree” qualities of a dog. The Belgian Shepherd always shows a vigilant attitude towards strangers, without fear or aggression. Representatives of the breed are not inclined to show cruelty and attack unreasonably.

18. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Representatives of the South African Rhodesian Ridgeback breed are dogs of great strength, dedication and courage. They are loyal friends, ready to protect those they trust. The dog’s behavior style can be called “intelligent”, without shyness or aggression. Dogs have been the protector of farmers and hunters since the beginning of breeding in South and Central Africa. In relation to strangers, the dog shows aloof behavior. With members of his family, he is loyal and noble, but never forgives abuse.

19. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are said to look at the world with confidence and aloofness. A well-bred dog will be courageous without aggression. The dog has a highly developed territorial instinct, for the use of which in a positive way, early socialization is necessary. The protective instinct grows in Rottweilers as they mature. But strangers should not come to the house where the Rottweiler lives without warning.

The dog will not necessarily bite the guest, but it may well drive him into a corner and hold him until you arrive. Given the dog’s tendency to dominate, the goal in training is to initially achieve a high level of obedience.

20. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiffs look impressive and intimidating. An adult dog can weigh up to 80 kilograms. Representatives of the breed are said to be high-class watchdogs. Giants with thick hair behave calmly and gently in the house. In relation to strangers, the dog behaves aloofly wary. Despite the external massiveness, the dog will deftly respond to any threats if necessary. In order to avoid the development of suspicion and isolation for representatives of the breed, early socialization is extremely important.

21. Miniature Schnauzer

Energetic barbel – standard schnauzer – a medium-sized dog. The standard schnauzer is classified as a dog “classic”. They make excellent family companions, helpers and vigilant watchdogs. In the past, merchants used schnauzers to protect their wagons on long journeys. Hardy and reliable dogs did not take up much space, but if necessary, they could be ferocious and warn of danger in a loud voice. Insight and intelligence have allowed the standard schnauzer to gain a reputation as a reliable watchman.

22. Chow Chow

The oldest breed of dog was bred as a guard and protector. A powerful compact body and a deep, slightly distant look give the animal a slightly “snobbish” expression. Chow Chows are typical representatives of watchdogs, they are loyal to loved ones and prefer to stay away from strangers. The animal behaves elegantly and dignifiedly. Before a suspicious Chow Chow receives guests, the owner must greet them. To protect those he loves, the dog will be responsible. Due to their wayward nature and some difficulty in training, the Chow Chow is called the breed “not for everyone.”

23. Giant Schnauzer

Initially, the breed was involved in driving and protecting large horned animals. Later, dogs began to be used to guard pubs, taverns and taverns. It is no coincidence that at the first Bavarian exhibition in 1910, a giant dog was presented as a “Birschnauzer” – “beer schnauzer”.

In the future, Giant Schnauzers were expected to be recognized as police and service dogs. The appearance of the Giant Schnauzers causes respect. Dogs are distinguished by a long, up to 2 years of maturation. The nature of the guard is most manifested by this age. Giant Schnauzers are not characterized by unreasonable aggression. The high level of contact and playfulness with family members contrasts with distancing and reluctance to get close to strangers. The dog’s guarding instinct extends to family members and territory, which the dog will consider “his”.

24. Kuvasz

An ancient Hungarian guard dog originally used as a protector of livestock. The Hungarian king in troubled times, not trusting the environment and fearing for his life, deliberately surrounded himself with reliable guards – dogs of the Kuvasz breed. The ability to make quick independent decisions in Hungarian kuvasses is inherent in nature. Dogs are very suspicious of strangers, and in case of danger, they fiercely and aggressively protect the family. The nature of animals cannot be called simple, possession and training should be entrusted only to experienced dog breeders.

25. Leonberger

German breed of large “hairy” dogs with a brave heart. The versatile Leonberger has a stable temperament and is used as a companion, family and guard dog. Leonbergers are called the epitome of what people love about dogs. They are smart, sociable, obedient and affectionate within the family. The absence of aggression, anger and a pronounced desire to dominate do not spoil the protective qualities of Leonbergers.

26. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are the best guard dogs in the world. The dignity and protective capabilities of the breed are demonstrated by a case that occurred in the Belgrade Zoo in 1980. The zoo’s guard dog, Gabi, was used for the unofficial security of the zoo. One night, a female German Shepherd was responsibly carrying out her service when a jaguar was found on the territory, escaping from its cage to freedom. For several hours before the arrival of special services, the German Shepherd Gabi bravely held back the onslaught of the animal.

The courage and courage of the dog saved the lives of the inhabitants and the zookeeper. In honor of this event, a monument to a German shepherd named Gabi stands in the Belgrade Zoo, the words “Her heart was stronger than the jaguar” are carved on the monument.

German Shepherd Gabi: a monument in Belgrade

27. Moscow Watchdog

The Moscow Watchdog breed is distinguished by fearlessness and courage. Protecting the family and protecting the territory is the main task of a large muscular dog. Assertive independent dogs are real guard dogs. They do not know fear and require mandatory early socialization. For a large strong animal with thick dense hair, it is possible to cope with the protection of a large territory in cold weather.

28. Pyrenean Mountain Dog

The oldest French guard dog breed is gaining popularity in Russia. A smart guard dog is not pampered and is used to living in harsh mountain conditions. Thick wool allows the “Pyrenean wolfhound” to live on the street and feel comfortable. The nature of the dog in the family is sociable and friendly. The Pyrenees are attached to a person, the family is the main thing that a dog has. The dogs are reliable, do not show sudden aggression and will drive a stranger from their territory without bloodshed.

It is impossible to say unequivocally which are the best guard dogs. There are a number of criteria for evaluating the guard qualities of animals. Among them are the requirements for content, the degree of learning and submission, the level of aggressiveness, and others.

The most intelligent guard dogs

A guard dog must have a developed intellect, good hearing and increased alertness. The dog watches and warns of danger. In the event of a threat, the dog is able to make quick decisions to protect itself, territory and family.

The temperament of watchdogs determines their love and devotion to families. The mind of a dog is to feel the mood and motives of those around him. A trained dog understands the behavior of the owner, does not give false signals.

Intelligent guard dogs understand and respond to the commands they have been trained to. Misunderstanding the situation can cause an unexpected reaction and dangerous behavior of the dog.

The most intelligent representatives of hundred trading dogs

  • Rottweilers have historically guarded people and their property. Dogs are smart and love their family members.
  • German Shepherds are highly trainable, capable of searching and recognizing various objects. The high level of intelligence made German Shepherds popular service dogs.
  • Giant Schnauzers are described as a breed that is smarter than most others. Large guard dogs, Giant Schnauzers were bred to guard livestock. If necessary, the dog had to quickly make independent decisions and independent actions.

The best guard dogs for private homes

Large guard dogs must be brave and, if necessary, quickly repel any threats to themselves and the person. What is the use of having a guard dog in the house, but not reacting to those who approach or enter the house?

Attachment to the place or “territorial instinct” makes the dog defend the house. Each breed has a different level of territorial affection.

Which dog is better for guarding a private house on the street?

There are several important characteristics to consider when choosing. Dogs protecting private households should be large, have a moderately independent character and a coat, the quality of which adapts the animal to weather changes.

The best guard dog breeds for guarding a private house on the street in the yard are typical large guard dogs, with the need to live in a large area and are “hardened” to live in different weather conditions.

  • Alabai is one of the suitable guard dog breeds for the outdoors. The instinct of the guard is a pronounced quality of a large strong dog. Alabai are excellent watchmen, ready for anything for the sake of the family. The dog responds well to temperature changes and feels best not in the cramped conditions of a city apartment. Representatives of the breed are comfortable in a large outdoor enclosure.
  • Bullmastiffs are ideal for guarding a private home. The dog is comfortable in the local area. Bullmastiffs are the perfect combination of a loyal pet and a reliable home guard. However, the short coat makes the dog somewhat vulnerable to the cold. Therefore, the Bullmastiff is not suitable for guarding a private home in cold regions.
  • Leonberger is a breed that is often bred to guard a private house. Outwardly, the large guard dog of the Leonberger breed looks powerful, sometimes it is confused with the “Caucasian”. A large dog that looks like a lion is not inclined to show aggression without a reason. It is advised to form guard qualities in a dog after completing a full course of obedience.
  • The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is always in the top of the list of “the best guard dog breeds for guarding a private house”, it is customary for a solid-sized dog to be on the street in the yard. The history of breeding Caucasians is connected with the protection of the property of the owner.

The Best Guard Dogs for an Apartment

Guard dogs in an apartment can be a concern and often the subject of much conversation. If the territory of the apartment is small, then the main criterion for choosing a pet is its size.

Cleanliness, lack of smell, strong salivation and the need for physical activity applicable to the conditions of the apartment expand the list of factors influencing preferences in choosing. Many breeds will do well in an apartment if the owner pays enough attention to outdoor walking and provides proper care.

The best guard dogs for apartments

  • Rottweilers are called apartment-friendly guard dogs. If the owner does not take the initiative, the Rottweiler is not inclined to run around or play too actively in the house. Dogs do not require complex grooming. Walks with Rottweilers should be long and include an optimal set of intellectual loads, this will support a stable emotional background of the animal. Although dogs are often kept in apartments, a large area is especially beneficial for young dogs so as not to cause destructive behavior when there is not enough space.
  • Chow Chow is not only a friend and companion of a person, but also a reliable guard. A low level of activity suggests keeping a dog in an apartment. The structure of the coat suggests self-cleaning, in addition, dogs are distinguished by natural cleanliness. Chow Chow dogs have a wide range of sizes. About twenty kilograms in size, Chow Chow dogs are comfortable relatively small guard dogs for apartments.
  • Airdl terriers are house trained. Dogs are practically devoid of the specific smell of a dog, with proper care from them there is little hair on the floor. Providing Airedales with regular quality walks can easily avoid the devastating problems associated with excess energy. When keeping, it is worth considering a certain amount of stubbornness of the breed, although independence and independence are common features of many guard breeds.

The best guard dogs for families with children

Guard dogs are naturally strong, trained to protect the home and people.

The main question before choosing a suitable pet is what breed of dog is suitable for children and home guards. Many guard dogs love children and will treat them as loyal and caring as many other dogs, if not more so.

Good guard dogs are obtained with proper training. A good trained dog in most cases knows when to forget about his protective instinct. At the same time, it is necessary to teach children to behave correctly when communicating with a dog, not to be rude, not to tease, not to pull the animal.

The best representatives of guard dogs for families with children

  • When dealing with children, the Boxer has gained a reputation as an intelligent dog. Fast, strong dogs are like a bundle of energy. Boxers will recklessly play various outdoor games with children. At the same time, the child and the dog must be taught to behave correctly with each other and not be left without adult control.
  • The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is intelligent and predictable. The caring nature and contact of the animal will be appreciated by all family members, and the playful disposition and emotionality will make great companions for the smallest dogs from big dogs. The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is an ideal option for a family with a child living in a private home. The animal treats babies with special care.
  • Chow Chows are comfortable pets. Dogs are not characterized by destructive behavior, in everyday life they are quiet, not inclined to bark or dig. The Chow Chow is recommended as a guard dog for older children. Like any dog, the Chow Chow requires socialization and adaptation to the full range of children’s behavior. For a not too active Chow Chow, playing with children in a spirit of cooperation, without the use of force, is suitable.