Fun factory child care center: Fun Factory Child Care Center LLC Home Preschool – Saint Cloud, MN 56301

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Fun Factory Child Care Center LLC Home Preschool – Saint Cloud, MN 56301

Daycare in Saint Cloud, MN

Funfactory helps children learn and develop by providing all children in its care the opportunity to explore the world through a variety of experiences and methods. Children in our care will be surrounded by an environment that is safe, loving and stimulating to all their senses. They will be taught important life skills such as manners & respect by positive role modeling by our staff. Children will be taught important social skills & age appropriate learning will take place in all classrooms. We use the Creative Curriculum to plan for and support children’s early learning in our program.Funfactory will promote each child’s intellectual, physical, social & emotional development by planning & implementing developmentally appropriate activities for the children in our care. All rooms will nurture all the needs of each individual child to ensure their optimal growth, development & overall well being.

Fun Factory Child Care Center LLC offers safe, loving childcare in the Saint Cloud area. Kids learn through curriculum-based, educational activities. The facility is a home daycare providing a safe, nurturing space where kids learn important social skills. This provider offers childcare programs for children ages 1 month to 6 years. Availability is limited and first come, first served. Contact Fun Factory Child Care Center LLC today to discuss enrollment and schedule your free tour!

Daily Hours
• Monday: 6:30 am – 6:00 pm
• Tuesday: 6:30 am – 6:00 pm
• Wednesday: 6:30 am – 6:00 pm
• Thursday: 6:30 am – 6:00 pm
• Friday: 6:30 am – 6:00 pm

Weekly Tuition Packages

Fun Factory Child Care Center LLC is a home daycare that offers childcare for families in Saint Cloud and the surrounding St. Cloud area. Teachers help their students achieve important milestones by engaging in play-based, educational activities. The facility provides a safe, nurturing space where kids learn important social skills.

WeeCare lists childcare providers that are recommended by parents and have active state licenses
that are in
good standing. Our mission is to make finding safe and affordable childcare options accessible to

Our parent-loved app not only helps families pay tuition and stay up-to-date with what their kiddos
are achieving, but it was also built to help providers streamline their businesses so they have more
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For more information, please contact:
[email protected]

Saint Cloud, MN

Location is approximate

WeeCare lists childcare providers that are recommended by parents and have active state licenses
that are in
good standing. Our mission is to make finding safe and affordable childcare options accessible to

Our parent-loved app not only helps families pay tuition and stay up-to-date with what their kiddos
are achieving, but it was also built to help providers streamline their businesses so they have more
time to do what they love!

For more information, please contact:
[email protected]

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Daycare Images

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Manufacturer of children’s play equipment in Moscow



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Our projects

Our customers send us videos and happy letters of thanks.

1 minute

“The equipment is being tested, certified,
Installation is all quality work.
Entertainment Factory!

A. V. Petrov, General Director of the Jungle Park Children’s Center


Sever Shopping Center

Sputnik Shopping Center

Lesocity Shopping and Entertainment Center

90 002 Raduga Shopping Center





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Find out the exact cost of the play space!

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About the company

We certify all equipment

By law, in order to open a playroom, you need to obtain an EEC certificate of conformity for each attraction.

  • TR EAEU 038/2016 “On the safety of attractions”
  • TR EAEU 042/2017 “On the safety of equipment for children’s playgrounds”.

We do it for you. Immediately after production, we certify each piece of equipment through a certified body – MARSTAR Expert Center LLC.

You will be able to use the equipment immediately, without the cost and inspections of Rospotrebnadzor. The validity period of the certificate is not limited.

Testing laboratory

Our advantages

Here you will get high quality equipment at the best price.

Own production

  • For more than 10 years we have been designing, manufacturing and installing gaming equipment throughout Russia, near and far abroad.
  • From 3 days — period of free rendering of a 3D project.
  • From 30 days is our average production time for turnkey play equipment.
  • 12 months warranty on all our products.
  • Design department

    3D play space designs are created here. The designer visualizes a children’s corner in your room and decorates it in any theme! For our clients 3D project is free of charge.

  • Metalworking shop

    High-tech equipment creates game room frames and carousel bases. We release more than 2000 positions!

  • Printing house

    Large-format UV printing allows you to realize the design of any subject in bright colors. Resistant paints do not fade for a long time and are not erased.

  • Sewing production

    We use materials from Russian manufacturers and guarantee their safety for children’s health.

  • Paint shop

    We coat every element with a durable yet child-safe paint. The colorful design attracts kids from a distance!

  • Woodworking shop

    CNC machines realize any decorative solutions and wishes of our customers.

  • Assembly shop

    In this shop, all products manufactured by our company are assembled for inspection.

  • Showroom

    You can see examples of ready-made modules for playrooms, see all the materials used in production.

Entertainment Factory awards

Multiple laureate
of the BUSINESS DON award


Best enterprise
of the industry 2020

General sponsor 90 057 Summer meeting 2021

How we work

Turnkey play areas: from design project development to successful launch

Premises zoning

Design project preparation

3D modeling

Production and installation


Garant service

Our feature is our own full-cycle production, which makes it possible to implement any creative ideas with our designers and constructors. The company’s specialists will create a play area of ​​any subject, using only high-quality and certified materials. We always try to complete the order as soon as possible so as not to keep you and your little customers waiting. We have a well-organized logistics network throughout the Russian Federation. We will definitely help organize the installation of equipment. Our main desire is to make it pleasant for you to cooperate with us!




Need advice?

We will tell you in detail about our services, types of work and standard projects, calculate the cost and prepare an individual offer!

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Reviews – Entertainment Factory | Moscow

  • Home
  • RestoGroup LLC expresses its gratitude to Entertainment Factory LLC for the manufacture and installation of the Labyrinth gaming complex.

    Aquarius Children’s Center LLC expresses gratitude and thanks to Entertainment Factory LLC for fruitful cooperation and organization of well-coordinated work, as well as prompt solution of the tasks set.
    I would especially like to note the individual approach and guaranteed fulfillment of the obligations assumed.
    We look forward to further fruitful cooperation and wish you successful development and prosperity.

    Dear Roman Anatolyevich! I express my gratitude to you and express my gratitude for the successful and high-quality work. Based on our observations of your activities, it turned out that you are doing an excellent job and sticking to the deadlines.
    We appreciate your desire to help achieve our common goals and objectives. We were sincerely glad to see you in our friendly team.

    I would like to thank Konstantin Bardakov, head of the assembly, for the help in the installation of the Chapiteau labyrinth of the Factory Entertainment company.

    The design of the equipment is excellent. Quality installation. Thank you!

    We express our gratitude to you and your company’s employees for the installation of attractions in the children’s playroom “Castle of Childhood” in Vidnoe, Moscow Region.

    The work was completed on time and in strict accordance with the customer’s requirements. We are pleased with the cooperation with you, and if necessary, we will contact you again.

    We express our sincere gratitude to the team of installers for the work performed with good quality and in a short time. We wish prosperity to your business and further development of our partnerships.

    On behalf of our entire friendly team and on my own behalf, I want to express my gratitude to: Samarsky Konstantin Vasilievich, Karpenko Roman Anatolyevich and Rybakov Alexander Petrovich for fruitful work and to note their high labor performance and professionalism, thanks to which they made a huge contribution to our common cause. On my own behalf, I would like to wish them even greater development in their field of activity and thank them for their successful work. We look forward to further collaboration! We wish prosperity to your company, creativity and good luck to all specialists.

    We express our gratitude to the team of installers for the high-quality, voluminous and time-consuming work. The guys did their job efficiently and on time, real professionals in their field and responsible guys.

    We would like to express our gratitude to Stanislav Yuryevich Zozulya, Director of Entertainment Factory LLC, and Konstantin Bardakov, Chief Installer, for the timely and high-quality work on the installation of the children’s complex in the city of Nazran. Good luck and prosperity in your noble cause!

    We would like to express our gratitude to “Entertainment Factory” LLC represented by the director Stanislav Yurievich Zozulya and a team of installers: Fedorovsky M.V., Mazirko N.I., Bardanov K.Yu.