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Babysitting At Home

It is very important for parents to find the best nanny possible for their little ones. The family’s home is where the babies and young children are cared for by a qualified nanny. Designated as a professional babysitter, she performs her childcare duties, gives each family member’s child individual attention, supports kids with active learning tasks and social activities, and assists moms in all areas. At Justlife, you will find the best babysitter wanted in your area, easily. Professional babysitting services care for kids of all ages, from infants to those in school, and can provide tailored services for particular age ranges or kids with special needs. Based on the agreement with the parents, the nanny service we offer will aid your child’s development and help you find some free time for yourself. 



 A babysitter typically provides day-to-day, part-time, or full-time care for the child while they are at home. Typical babysitter tasks consist of:

  • Assistance and supervision of children at the workplace

  • Preparing infant nutrition products

  • Preparing a variety of snacks for kids

  • Preparing food for bottle-fed children

  • Supporting education

  • Getting ready

  • Baby toilet training and diaper changes

  • Know the fundamentals, and assist with homework 

  • Recognize and engage in pastimes like games, crafts, comics, outings, and exercise

  • To rear disciplined kids using the techniques that parents demand

  • Supporting kids in their extracurricular activities

  • Ensuring that kids are always moving around

  • As requested by parents, monitor the children’s activities during mealtimes and Downtime, and alert them if anything negative happens

  • Educating kids about social skills and personal hygiene

  • Keeping track of each child’s daily activities and health information

  • Taking note of children’s emotional comfort and wellbeing

  • Watch how kids behave and write up reports for the parents.

  • Knowledge of the child’s medical background

  • Training in wearing clothes and bathing

  • Aiding in the development and acquisition of language

  • Introduce educational games that are suited to their level of development and Intelligence

  • Introducing numbers, letters, and colors

  • Art and craft projects

  • Sort and make the beds for the kids.


Depending on the situation and the parents’ consent, babysitting at home may also help with other parental duties. Among them are;


  • Keeping the kitchen clean

  • Preparing the king beds

  • Washing the family’s clothes

  • Washing towels and bed linens

  • Preparing dinner for the family

  • Cleaning up the house.

  • Purchasing supplies or clothing for the kids

  • Kitchen cabinet organization

  • Taking the family’s vehicle to the petrol station, car wash, and repair facility

  • Plan and oversee home maintenance and repair services.

  • Taking care of indoor plants


The duties of a home babysitting service are summed simply in changing diapers, watching a sleeping child, making meals, and engaging in games.


Our babysitters possess extraordinary abilities in the areas of care, interaction, diligence, responsibility, association, education, and coaching, as well as regulated work skills like flexibility.



Why Should You Take Babysitting Services From Justlife’s Professional Babysitters?


An excellent babysitter should be patient, empathetic, peaceful, sociable, truthful, loving children, heartfelt, reliable, and totally open to interaction. When you decide that you are searching for a babysitter, we send you people who are properly competent for doing their job, who have received the necessary training, and who genuinely enjoy doing this important job of babysitting.

We are aware of how much you adore your child and are willing to do anything for them. We are here to help you because we want to make your life simpler and bring you some relief.

In an emergency, a qualified and trained babysitter should remain composed and think of the best options for your child. At this spot, expert babysitters should also have training and knowledge in child development. We at Justlife’s Professional Babysitters only hire well-trained, compassionate individuals to be your child’s nanny. We believe you won’t regret picking a nanny from a pool of gifted individuals who can develop a loving relationship with children.



How to Find the Best Babysitter/Nanny for You?


You can find a babysitter easily. All of our caregivers are skilled and experienced. They are friendly, dependable, and totally open to interaction. We hire professional caregivers who love kids above all else in order to provide you with the best service. 

All of our nannies have childcare expertise, are trained in pediatric first aid, and are confirmed as caregivers. They have the skills necessary to take care of kids of all ages, even newborns. You can get in touch with us so that we can give your child the best care possible.



How Much Is The Babysitting Service at Home?


Your child means the world to you, as we all know. Therefore, we aim to give you and your child the chance to improve the quality of your lives. Our babysitting prices are set depending on the period of babysitting. You can check our website or app to view them.


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Choosing and Instructing a Babysitter (for Parents)

en español: Elegir e instruir a una persona para que cuide de su hijo

Medically reviewed by: Yamini Durani, MD

Primary Care Pediatrics at Nemours Children’s Health

Finding a qualified babysitter takes time and effort. But your reward is knowing that your child is in capable hands. You’ll want to find someone who is mature and friendly, has common sense, and is genuinely fond of children.

The recommendations of people you know and trust are your best bet for finding a reliable and capable babysitter. If you’re new to the area and don’t know how to find a sitter:

  • Your neighbors or coworkers might have recommendations.
  • Ask at your place of worship.
  • See if staff in your pediatrician’s office has suggestions.
  • Check with your local YMCA, community hospital, or American Red Cross chapter for a list of babysitters. Many will have completed a babysitting safety and infant and child CPR courses.
  • If your child is in a daycare or after-school care program, ask staff members if they babysit or have recommendations.

Interviewing sitters and checking their references will help you narrow down your choices. Prepare a list of questions to ask ahead of time.

Ask sitters:

  • about their experience caring for kids 
  • whether they’re certified in infant and child CPR
  • if they’ve taken a babysitter course
  • how they feel about pets, if you have one

It’s a good idea to invite sitters over for a test run while you’re at home. That way, they can get familiar with your household and you’ll see how they interact with your children.

Babysitter Instructions

Before you leave, prepare the sitter. Be sure to:

  • Go over your child’s usual routine (homework, bedtime, meal times). Talk about your general house rules, including any limits on TV, computer use, video games, playing outside, etc.
  • Tell the sitter where you will be and how to reach you at all times, and under what circumstances to call 911 before contacting you.
  • Show the sitter where you’ve posted the poison control center number — 1-800-222-1222. It should be somewhere easy to see and find.
  • Make sure the sitter knows whom to contact in an emergency. Provide an emergency phone list that includes:
    • neighbors
    • friends
    • relatives
    • your doctor
  • Text or write your own phone number and address. That way, if there’s an emergency, the sitter can give that information to the 911 operator.
  • Show the babysitter where emergency exits, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers are.
  • Show the sitter how to enable and disable security systems and alarms, if you have them.
  • Show the sitter where you keep the inside door keys in case a child locks himself or herself inside a room.
  • Let the sitter know of any special problems your child may have, such as:
    • an allergy (to bee stings, a food etc.)
    • needing to take a medicine at a specific time (explain and write down the directions)
  • Review your first-aid kit with the sitter.

Teach kids how to use 911 to call for help, so that if something happens to your babysitter, they know what to do.

Let your babysitter know your expectations before you leave. If you’d prefer that the sitter not leave the house with your child, make that clear. If the babysitter drives, ask about their driving experience, and let them know the rules about driving your kids. If visitors are off-limits, discuss those restrictions.

Sitter Safety

Make sure the sitter knows these safety rules:

  • Don’t give your child any medicine without your specific instruction.
  • Don’t leave kids alone in the house or yard, even for a minute.
  • Don’t leave kids unattended near water. Infants and small children can drown in only a few inches of water, even in a bucket or toilet.

If you have kids under 4 years old, the babysitter should know these rules:

  • Don’t feed them popcorn, nuts, hard candy, raw carrots, or any hard, smooth foods that can block the windpipe and cause choking.  
  • Don’t serve foods such as hot dogs or grapes whole. They should be chopped into very small pieces, and the skin removed from hot dogs.
  • Don’t let kids play with plastic bags, latex balloons, coins, or other small objects that they could choke on.
  • Don’t let kids play near stairs, windows, stoves, or electrical outlets.

After you return, ask your kids if they enjoyed the sitter’s visit. When you find a reliable sitter they like, you’re sure to have a more relaxing and enjoyable time away from home.

Medically reviewed by: Yamini Durani, MD

Date reviewed: March 2023



Nanny in the house: pros and cons

When a woman is expecting a baby, her fantasy paints idyllic pictures: how together with the baby they learn the first words, read colorful books, play, laugh – and everything is like in a fairy tale. But the reality looks a little different: a young mother really needs help in caring for a child.

In addition, after some time after the arrival of a new family member, many mothers go to work. And then the question arises: with whom to leave the crumbs for the whole day? With Grandma? Well, if she is and wants to fully deal with her grandson. But an elderly woman is no longer able to spend every day from morning to evening with a playful fidget. There is only one way out – to hire a good nanny.

However, good nannies don’t lie on the road. On TV every now and then they tell crime stories about nannies-pests, and the thought that someone else will be with your baby causes serious excitement. Even at the interview, the mother has a question: is it true that the nanny will be so sweet and kind when she is left alone with the baby? After all, a small child cannot yet complain; how to protect it?

But if stories worthy of a TV show rarely happen, then in ordinary life, communication between mother and nanny does not always go smoothly at first. For example, they may not have the same pedagogical methods and views on the subtleties of education. A professional nanny believes that it is time to put the child on the potty and wean it from the pacifier, but this does not seem necessary to the mother yet; she has other plans. The mother says that it is necessary to punish the child for the offense by depriving the cartoons, and the nanny believes that it is enough to discuss the situation with the child. And there will be many such moments during the period of adaptation of the nanny to the family and the child. Most mothers really want the nanny to simply perform tasks, and not implement their own strategies for raising and caring for children, so it is important for such mothers to find a like-minded person and performer, and for those who want to completely trust in the hands of a professional, find an initiative nanny who will herself recommend parenting strategies.

Statistics also show that many young mothers consider that one of the disadvantages of having a nanny in the house is that the child gets used to her. Even in the evening, he can happily remember her, wants a cheesecake baked by her, quotes her words, and even waits for her “more than necessary.” But if the nanny is so indifferent to the child that after her departure he does not even remember her, then this is a bad nanny – an automatic machine.

But perhaps the most important disadvantage of a nanny is the need to pay for her services. And a really good babysitter is expensive. And this is often quite noticeable for the family budget. And yet…

More benefits!

You can get around any pitfalls if you choose a good nanny with extensive experience and, most importantly, with a good heart. At the interview, any mother will immediately feel whether the nanny really loves children, or just wants to earn money. You are insured against dubious applicants if you choose a nanny through a domestic staff agency. Women with proven recommendations, “admitted” to work with children by an experienced psychologist, will come to you for an interview.

If you are still worried about how the nanny behaves in your absence, you can always install video surveillance and watch how the woman hired in the house communicates with the baby for some time. In addition, in the evening you can understand a lot by the reaction of the child to the nanny. If the baby is happy with her, remembers her in her absence, that’s good. So, while the mother is at work, the child is in good hands.

Perhaps the nanny will offer you her pedagogical strategies, but it is worse if she has no opinion at all about how best to care for the child and how to educate him. The main thing in this case is to try to find a reasonable grain in the words of a professional nanny and agree with her so that your and her actions do not run counter to each other. An experienced nanny is also good because she only offers her ideas, but in the end she does as the child’s parents say. Because it’s their child.

Now private kindergartens have become very popular, where groups of 6-8 people are recruited. Of course, these are no longer the old Soviet institutions, where it was necessary to drink milk with foam. However, when a small child is at home with his toys, he is much more comfortable. He lives in accordance with his biorhythms – eats, sleeps and plays when he wants. This is the most important thing for the health and development of your crumbs. In addition, the nanny devotes all her time to only one baby. In the future, this will have a beneficial effect on its development.

And, of course, we should not forget how much the nanny helps her mother, removing many worries from her shoulders. The nanny will wash, iron the linen, feed and put the baby to bed, read a book to him, play games with him, teach him new skills. While mom would run around the house, doing all the other things along the way, the nanny devotes all her time to the baby entirely.

Yes, a nanny is at first an unfamiliar woman in your house, but soon she will become a close person who, respecting you, loves her pupil with all her heart, rejoicing at his every achievement. The main thing is to choose “your” person from all the candidates. Then you will be calm for your baby.

Second Mom recruitment agency

Nanny in the house: how to avoid problems?

A governess or a nanny is a common occurrence today. But for
Soviet times, we have lost the traditions and culture of communication with visitors
assistants. How to choose a nanny? How to behave with her?
Advice is given by experts.

Before you search, decide on a work schedule. For babysitter
working 5 days a week, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., fixed is more convenient
wage. As a result, the hourly pay will be less than for that
a person whose only job is to pick up the child from the nursery
garden, for example. Check if the nanny can work overtime. And be
ready for the fact that she may not be able to stay at work. IN
in this case, if you often get into traffic jams on the way home – nanny
may quit. And this can happen in the middle of the working week,
For example.

It is necessary to draw up an agreement in which to indicate passport
data, contact numbers of the nanny herself and her relatives (on
emergency), work schedule, amount of payment per month and amount of payment
overtime, and besides – in detail (!) Scheduled duties.

Duties depend on the age of the child. babysitter before
years, a baby up to three years old and a preschooler, as a rule, they are different.

The babysitter must have experience working with newborns,
medical education, master the skills of massage and techniques for providing
first aid. Ask at the interview what she will do in case
if the child, for example, chokes. Having your own child is not a guarantee
that you will have common views. For example, do you prefer to feed
by the hour, and the nanny may consider this a mockery. If the nanny has
the habit of rocking a stroller – the child will get used to it and at night you will
demand that you download it. You can temper, and she, on the contrary,
wrap all the time. If it’s your first child, there will almost certainly be a babysitter.
to guide and guide you. Tell me right away if you want to see a person
proactive or more important rigorous execution of requests.

Nanny of a child under 3 years of age must know the psycho-emotional stages
child development – such as the “crisis of two years” and so on; must
respond appropriately to them. It’s enough for someone to have a child in
this age just was not at home alone, but someone believes that at three
he must speak two languages.

It is necessary to draw up an agreement in which to indicate the data of the nanny,
work schedule, amount of payment and scheduled duties

At this age, as a rule, the following are required:
air; reading books, playing with a child; skills training
self-service; classes on the development of speech and intelligence; conducting
classes in drawing, modeling, learning poems and children’s songs;
visit to the clinic. In addition, the nanny can own modern
learning and development methods such as Montessori. And for them
be ready to pay.

The duties of a nanny for a child up to 6 years of age include the development of creative
abilities and preparation for school. Often added to this
initial study of foreign languages ​​and the first sports sections. Except
In addition, she must be sufficiently erudite, ready to answer
thousands of whys.

If you think that during a child’s daytime sleep, especially
many hours of baby, the nanny must be busy with something, try
agree on cleaning the apartment, cooking, washing and ironing
linen – for an additional fee.

All this should be discussed with the prospective nanny and recorded in
in writing.

Important little things

  • On the first day, show where the first aid kit and supplies are
    first aid. Put in a prominent place the list of phone numbers not only
    family members, but also the ZhEK, the children’s emergency room in your area and the attending
    baby doctor. Make a list of friends and relatives who can
    come in your absence and to whom the nanny can open the door.
  • Leave some money for unexpected expenses.

Communicate with the nanny in the same way as you communicate with colleagues

  • Try to tell the nanny about your personal
    characteristics of family members. For example, a husband prefers to remain silent until
    will drink morning coffee, and the eldest daughter does not like it when her room
    are included. Separately discuss her duties with all relatives. To
    mother-in-law did not ask me to help her roll up jars of jam and did not
    was offended that “the nanny does not allow her grandson to communicate with her.”
  • Be scrupulous in financial matters. Pay your salary
    on time, she may be the other person’s only source of income
    and all his family. When inviting to the summer cottage – do not forget to specify right away
    payment of time and money spent on the road, even if the amount
    insignificant. Although it is better, of course, to meet the nanny and take her back.

Natalia Kitsis, nanny with 8 years of experience:

— The first day of work for a nanny is not easy either. Do not forget
designate its “territory”. Give out slippers and select a mug. Show,
where she can change and leave her clothes, have tea, where
sugar and spoons. Warn that she must bring food with her,
and if not, what can he use to have a snack. Explain
how a nanny should behave if you spend time at home,
and the child wants to communicate with you … And if not you, but your husband, and they will
chat or play – should the nanny intervene in this process and
distract the baby? Will her tact in this regard be perceived
child’s father as “inaction”? This is especially important during holidays.
family with a nanny, for example, at sea.

Lyubov Egorova, psychologist at the Barnaul Center for Sociology:

— Do not keep any claims with you and ask for the same
the nanny himself. There should be no misunderstandings between you. Often what is for
us in the order of things, another person finds it offensive or
invalid. For this reason, it is advisable not to entrust this work
friends or, God forbid, relatives.