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Updated August 22, 2022


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$22.57 hourly rate

Entry-level store manager salary


yearly salary




How Much Does Walgreens Pay Store Managers?

Walgreens pays Store Managers $36,227 per year on average. This is 22% less than the national average salary for Store Managers.
Store Managers make $46,950 per year on average, or $22.57 per hour, in the United States. Store Managers on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $18,000 a year, while the top 10% make $72,000.

Location impacts how much a store manager can expect to make. Store Managers make the most at Walgreens in Urban Honolulu, HI, Los Angeles, CA and Wilmington, DE.

How Much Does Walgreens Pay Store Managers By Location?

If you want to get paid the most as a Store Manager at Walgreens, Urban Honolulu, Los Angeles and Washington are the best options, as they are the highest-paying cities in this company.
Additionally, cities like Wilmington and Las Vegas also report highly competitive salaries for Store Managers at Walgreens.

Store Manager Salaries By Location At Walgreens

Rank City Avg. Salary Hourly Rate
1 Urban Honolulu, HI $64,053 $30. 79
2 Los Angeles, CA $51,180 $24.61
3 Washington, DC $43,525 $20.93
4 Wilmington, DE $42,171 $20.27
5 Las Vegas, NV $40,271 $19.36
6 Tucson, AZ $40,110 $19.28
7 New York, NY $40,043 $19. 25
8 Houston, TX $39,667 $19.07
9 Newark, NJ $38,929 $18.72
10 Miami, FL $37,985 $18.26

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Highest paid Store Manager jobs at Walgreens

Rank Job Title Average Salary Hourly Rate Job Openings
1 Mobile Manager $139,443 $67
2 Head Manager $136,807 $66
3 Lead Manager $132,960 $64
4 Selling Manager $130,564 $63
5 Corporate Operations Manager $125,793 $60
6 General Merchandise Manager $124,221 $60
7 Sales And Operations Manager $122,779 $59
8 Director/Operations Manager $118,997 $57
9 Acting Manager $117,045 $56
10 Senior Store Manager $115,039 $55

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Which Walgreens competitors pay store managers the most?

If you want to compare the store managers salaries between Walgreens and some similar companies, being employed by a company such as CVS Health or Rite Aid would be a smart choice, as they are the highest-paying companies in this field. Additionally, companies like Nordstrom and Costco Wholesale also report highly competitive salaries for store managers.

Rank Company Average Salary Hourly Rate Job Openings
1 CVS Health $47,809 $23 892
2 Kroger $44,884 $22 586
3 Rite Aid $44,823 $22 249
4 Nordstrom $44,542 $21 72
5 Costco Wholesale $44,069 $21 1
6 Walmart $43,434 $21 473
7 Publix $43,306 $21 1
8 Macy’s $42,223 $20 78
9 Target $42,173 $20 485
10 Ulta Beauty $41,509 $20 301
11 Vudu $41,380 $20
12 Kohl’s $41,313 $20 519
13 Sears Holdings $40,878 $20 55
14 The Home Depot $40,516 $19 623
15 Dollar General $40,437 $19 6587
16 Dollar Tree $39,229 $19 3046
17 Burlington $38,100 $18 702
18 Lowe’s Companies $35,801 $17 339
19 Whole Foods Market $35,417 $17 111
20 Toys”R”Us $34,778 $17

Frequently asked questions about Walgreens Store Manager salaries.

How much does Walgreens pay Store Managers an hour?

Walgreens pays store managers $23 an hour, on average.

What is the starting pay for a Store Manager at Walgreens?

The starting pay for a Store Manager at Walgreens is $30,000 per year, or $14 an hour.

How much does Walgreens pay compared to CVS Health?

Walgreens pays $46,950 per year on average compared to CVS Health, which pays $47,809. That works out to $23 per hour at Walgreens, compared to $23 per hour at CVS Health.

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Updated August 22, 2022

Walgreens Store Manager Wage Claims

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Walgreens’ total liability may approach $200 million.

Walgreens pays California store managers a salary, but they say they mostly do non-managerial tasks like cashiering, stocking shelves, and pharmacy. That means they are owed overtime, money for missed meal and rest breaks, etc. 

We represent more than 100 California Walgreens store managers who wisely opted-out of the Caves class action settlement to seek a better than class action result. Based on detailed data from our clients we know that the average store manager who has worked for Walgreens since 2014 and did mostly hourly work, has a claim for about $200,000. 

Numerous store managers have already sued.


Here is the “notice of removal” that Walgreens filed in federal court admitting that even based on its “conservative assumptions” each of our original 38 Plaintiffs’ claims was potentially worth more than $75,000, and indeed some more than $200,000. Take a look, especially starting at page 13 of 27 (numbered page 12 at the bottom) and following. More detailed data from scores of our clients shows these assupmtions were indeed “conservative”, and that among managers with winning claims, the average claim’s potential may be about $200,000. (Of course, settlement value will be much less. But this shows the Caves settlement is a bad idea for anyone who spent more than half their time on hourly tasks (unless they didn’t work overtime and took their breaks).

This website is sponsored by Ray E. Gallo and Gallo LLP of San Francisco, California.

Ray graduated from Yale in 1987 and earned his law degree from UCLA in 1992. He is a repeat winner of AVVO’s clients’ choice awards, holds AVVO’s perfect 10/10 rating, Martindale Hubbel’s “Pre-eminent” “AV” rating, and has been named as one of LawDragon’s 100 Leading Legal Consultants and Strategists nationally. Mr. Gallo’s AVVO reviews reflect his clients’ consistent satisfaction. He crusades for consumers and for clients who can’t afford to pursue their claims unless they organize through a site like this one. He believes everybody deserves access to justice. To read more about his efforts and his successes click the links below.

Read testimonials from consumer, executive, and corporate clients, and testimonials from our former opposing counsel, below.

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Walgreens Owes Store Managers Millions of Dollars?!

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Walgreens has already agreed to pay $6 million to CA store managers for wage and hour claims.

Walgreens store managers are paid as salaried (exempt) employees. But they say mostly they do non-managerial tasks like cashiering and stocking shelves. In California, that means they may be entitled to overtime, meal breaks, and rest breaks (or cash, if they didn’t get those). If you’re a California Walgreens manager, answer a few questions. You may be owed significant additional pay.

Walgreens Owes Store Managers Millions of Dollars?!

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CEO of International Investment Company BlackRock with $6,789 assetstrillion Larry Fink has released a new appeal calling for big business not to stay away from social and political problems.

Visa announced its support for the Feeding America Fund, created to help US federal workers after the budget freeze. Columbia, REI, The North Face, and Patagonia provided money during this period to support America’s National Parks.


Large investment company Arjuna Capital , which directs its funds to projects that are related to sustainable development, called on leading banks and technology companies ( Adobe, Amazon, American Express, Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, Facebook, Google, Intel, JPMorgan, Mastercard and Wells Fargo ) to reduce the gender pay gap.

Barbie has launched a new line of products including a prosthetic doll and a wheelchair doll.

Black American business executives have formed a political committee (PAC) to address “the economic issues—welfare, wages, employment—that affect black Americans.”

Fashion brands Chromat, Collina Strada, Livari and Nicole Miller took part in New York Fashion Week, presenting their collections, which are dedicated to climate change and created from sustainable materials.


Drivers of Uber and Lyft went on strike in California demanding higher wages.

Supermarket chains Target, Tyson Foods, and Walmart have committed to hiring more people with a history of criminal justice.

More than a million students are participating in the Youth Strike 4 Climate global protest demanding climate action be legislated.


Employees of the largest online retailer Amazon publicly demanded that the company do its part in tackling climate change.

The well-known clothing manufacturer Patagonia has decided not to work with companies that do not share its social mission.

Some of the richest people in the US, including CEO of JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon, Blackstone Steve Schwartzman and Bridgewater Ray Dalio, called for reforming capitalism, starting with imposing higher taxes on himself.

Retailers Walgreens, Rite Aid and Walmart have stopped selling cigarettes to consumers under the age of 21. The CVS chain completely stopped selling tobacco products back in 2014.


Popular publication The Guardian replaces the term “climate change” with “climate emergency”.

Leading companies have spoken out against the so-called “hate list”, a set of bills targeting the LGBT community. The action was supported by Bridgestone, Dell, Salesforce and Postmates .

The heads of 50 leading global and European brands, including Diageo, Unilever, Ikea, DSM, Burberry, Phillips and Tetra Pak , called on the EU leadership to develop a strategy to intensively reduce carbon emissions.


72 CEOs of various US companies ( United Airlines, Aon, Discover Financial Services, law firm Dentons, Capri Capital Management, the Cook County Board of Commissioners, W. W. Grainger, Grant Thornton et al. ) signed the Pledge of Justice, pledging that by 2030, half of high-profile leadership positions will be given to women.

More than 300 CEOs of companies with more than 129,000 employees sign a public statement in support of the right to abortion, which was tried to be limited at the legislative level in certain US states. Thus, the initiators of the action expressed their support for equality and ensuring equal access to reproductive medicine services.


Procter & Gamble officially campaigned for pay equity and donated more than half a million dollars to underpaid American football players.

A number of influential US professional associations, including United Steelworkers , Service Employees International Union and Utility Workers Union of America , have joined leading environmental groups in the implementation of the climate change action plan.


A group of CEOs known as the Business Roundtable ( Business Roundtable ) updated their companies’ goals to state that they are accountable to all stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers and communities. More than 180 CEOs have signed a statement.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has made the decision to release funds to help fight the wildfires that are devastating the Brazilian Amazon and restore the rainforest.

Hundreds of Google employees have made a public pledge not to collaborate on projects for US Customs and Border Patrol.

Marriott International has committed to phasing out mini-bottles of shampoo, conditioner and other toiletries in all locations by December 2020. The move follows InterContinental Hotels Group’s similar decision in July.


In response to the mass shootings in Ohio, Mississippi, and Texas at , Walmart has restricted gun and ammunition sales while requiring customers to no longer carry guns when shopping. Other retailers soon joined the chain, including Kroger, Walgreens, CVS, and Wegmans .

Employees of large multinationals, including Amazon , have joined Global Climate Strike, while other companies ( Lush, Seventh Generation and Patagonia) with the same purpose stopped their work for a day.


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US’s largest labor union develops joint statement with 75 prominent business leaders in support of the Paris Climate Agreement and a “just transition” to a decarbonized economy.

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