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We are a Unique Private Preschool with over 11,000 Graduates

Tom Thumb Preschool was founded in 1968 by Nancy Brophy. The school offers exceptional original programs that are designed to focus on early education and child development.  Our programs are periodically enhanced and have a track record of proven results.

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Over 54 Years of Education

Early Childhood Education at Its Best

We provide superior Early Child Education and Development Programs, as well as, Child Care for over 54 years. Nancy Brophy (Founder), Shawn Brophy (Owner) and staff have persistently enhanced the Tom Thumb Curriculum with innovative, fun learning techniques and renewed lesson-plans to ensure Kindergarten Readiness.

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Preschool Program for 3 to 5 Years Old

Tom Thumb Preschool has a sterling reputation for delivering the best Pre-K Programs in the area for over 54 years at sensible prices.   Our students are immersed in a fun learning environment every day while they prepare for kindergarten and develop essential “lifetime skills.”

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ThumbBelina Program for Two Year Olds

Our ThumBelina Program for two-years-olds has been popular and a great success. ThumBelina is a fantastic fun learning experience for our students.  We use “The Power-of-Play” as an enjoyable method to learn new skills and to grow mentally, physically, and socially.

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After-School Care and “Stay and Play Safely Club”

Our Stay and Play Safely Club is a Before & After-School Care program on our Tom Thumb Campus.for all children in Lakeland School District who attend kindergarten through 5th grade that are locally bused to our campus. The  Stay and Play Safely program is a secure environment to have fun and play or a place to do homework. Join the Stay and Play Safely Club.

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Catch Us If You Can” Summer Camp

Our Summer Day Camp is an enrichment camp for children ages 3 1/2 through 5thgraders old. Our camp provides an important break from school and a change in mind-set to recharge and unwind, to forget about school and have fun with outdoor activities and play. “Catch Us If You Can” is the summer camp that children want to attend.

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Tom Thumb Contact Information:

1949 E. Main St. (Route 6) Mohegan Lake, NY 10547
Telephone: (914) 528-5600
Email us by using our Contact Form
School Hours: Monday through Friday: 6:50 am – 5:30 pm

Education is the Best Gift You Can Give Your Child

In 2012, David finally made it. What a happy day to have a certificate that admits him in the same league as his older sisters – both Tom Thumbers

The first 5 years of life, define a person more than the total of all the remaining years of life. Education is the strongest single factor that will affect your child’s development and create a foundation for learning, accomplishments and future success.

Education at this early age is the most precious gift you can give your child to succeed in life. Tom Thumb’s educational programs will help develop your child: intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. We not only focus on kindergarten readiness but the development of lifetime skills.

If you are interested in learning more about our school or receiving further information, please click on Contact Us for an appointment.

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A Word

From Our Founder

Learning should be fun, interesting, and firmly support “The Power of Play“. Play is child’s work. Children have their own special strengths that time and play will reveal. Tom Thumb has an proven practice of developing each student at their own pace to fulfill their potential.

– Nancy Brophy

Important Tom Thumb Events

Tom Thumb Preschool

Enroll Now in Our 2023 Preschool Program

Are you looking for an exceptional preschool with an excellent reputation for “school success” that goes way beyond childcare? You need to talk to us.

Since 1968, our goal has always been early education and child development to ensure your child will reach his or her full potential.

In the Lakeland School District, teachers recognize Tom Thumb graduates as those that stand-out for being prepared, confident, and ready to succeed. Our school is a “fun learning experience” that children want to attend and participate in our daily lesson plans. For us, “Play is Child’s Work” and an essential part of our curriculum. It’s never too early to register at Tom Thumb Preschool.

We have an Open-Enrollment Policy. If we have an opening, we will accept the enrollment during the current school year if the child meets our basic requirements.

To learn more about Tom Thumb Programs, click on:
√   Junior & Senior Preschool Programs
√   ThumBelina – First School for Two’s
√   Stay & Play Club – After-School Program
√  Catch Us If You Can – Summer Day Camp


View the videos below of Tom Thumb’s Semi-Annual Mini-Olympics Event

Videos of Tom Thumb Drumming Class

Tom Thumb Preschool is a Fun Place to Learn

Tom Thumb is an academic school for early education that doesn’t subscribe to a single ideology or one method of learning. We have selected the best ideas and practices from different educational systems and with our experience and expertise have developed a unique curriculum that defines Tom Thumb.

Our school provides the atmosphere and opportunity for each student to develop social skills, a desire to learn, and the basic core skills necessary for success. By using our original approach and “The Power of Play”,  the learning experience is both fun and rewarding.

The Best Choice for Your Child

Tom Thumb is recognized as a top-notch private school serving Lakeland School District for over 50 years. We are reasonably priced and provide excellent programs that include Childcare and Education. Tom Thumb students that enter kindergarten are always identified as remarkable.

Please contact us to visit Tom Thumb and talk about your child.

Tom Thumb Preschool provides a Commencement Ceremony for all of our senior students by individual classe by teacher.

Tom Thumb Graduation Class

Tom Thumb Graduation Class

Tom Thumb Graduation Class

Selected Blog Articles

Our Tom Thumb Blog provides information, news and interesting articles about our preschool, child development or early education. Our intention is to publish content that is either useful or of interest to our students and parents.

Jun 28, 2021 | Key Moments, News, Parent Feedback, Parent Note, Thank You Note

Margaret’s email to Nancy Brophy Hi Mrs. Brophy I hope this finds everyone well.  I have been struggling with the right words to express what Isabella’s three years with you and your teachers have meant to us, especially to her.  Last night gave me…

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Apr 24, 2020 | Key Moments, Message from Mrs Brophy, Parent Feedback, Tom Thumb News

Jaxson loved seeing the videos from you all today! He wanted to show Mrs. Brophy that he has a superhero mask too! Stay safe everyone we miss you!    

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Mar 3, 2020 | Gala Casino Night, Key Moments, Tom Thumb Information, Tom Thumb News

Gala Casino Night When: Saturday, March 14, 2020 from 7 pm to midnight Where: Viiia Barone 466 Route 6 Mahopac, NY How to Attend: Click on Gala Casino Night RSVP Card The Lakeland Education Foundation Announces 2019-2020 Honorees Community Member…

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Jul 5, 2018 | Key Moments, Tom Thumb Graduation, Tom Thumb News

Jake’s First Milestone of Educational Success Cheers to Jake for a job well done. At Tom Thumb, our entire staff is proud and gratified to have worked with each student of the Class of 2018 to participate and encourage their social growth and…

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Jun 30, 2018 | Gift of Time, Key Moments, Testimonials, Thank You Note, Tom Thumb Alumni, Tom Thumb News

Tom Thumb Graduate College Bound “Thank you, Nancy, for his preschool foundation. You are always in our thoughts and hearts. Thomas is now in his senior year of high school. He is getting ready to attend Dartmouth University in August 2019.”…

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Jan 10, 2018 | Key Moments, Tom Thumb Alumni, Tom Thumb News

The answer is 13. Nancy Brophy and the Bride, Jessica Greene Stoke, are not Tom Thumb Graduates. All the others that appear in the larger picture below are Tom Thumbers that have graduated from 1990 through 1999. We salute Tom Thumbers everywhere…

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Tom Thumb Graduates

Tom Thumb Programs

Tom Thumb Classrooms

Years Serving Lakeland School District

Non-Discrimination Policy

Tom Thumb does not discriminate with it’s employees, contractors and students on the basis of an individual’s actual or perceived race, color, creed, religion, religious practice, national origin, ethnic group, sex, gender identity, political affiliation, age, marital status, military status, veteran status, disability, domestic violence victim status,  genetic information or any other basis prohibited by New York state and/or federal non-discrimination laws in its programs and activities.


Tom Thumb Tuition – Tom Thumb Preschool

Tom Thumb Preschool Tuition for Juniors and Seniors


Tom Thumb’s tuition is a yearly figure based on a ten-month school calendar year (not a corporate year). We offer a budget plan of ten equal monthly payments due the first of each month. Tom Thumb does not charge a registration fee. There are no additional fees (except for graduation).

Upon registering your deposit of $100 will be credited to June’s tuition payment, your second payment will be due on the first of September. Please make your checks payable to Tom Thumb Preschool. We accept major credit cards and most debit cards.

Tuition Rates: For the school year (Tom Thumb offers a 20% discount for a second child in the program. If either parent was a Tom Thumb graduate, they receive a 10% discount.) Only 1 discount offered per family

Tuition for All Tom Thumb Preschool Programs:

2:15 PM Dismissal Program: 8:45 AM – 2:15 PM

  • 2 days per week (Tues/Thurs)     –  $ 407 per month – for Juniors ONLY
  • 3 days per week (Mon/Wed/Fri)   – $ 577 per month
  • 3 days per week (Tues/Thurs/Fri) – $ 599 per month – for Seniors ONLY
  • 5 days per week (Mon – Fri)        –  $ 936 per month

3:15 PM Dismissal Program: 8:45 AM – 3:15 PM

  • 2 days per week (Tues/Thurs)     –  $ 481 per month – for Juniors ONLY
  • 3 days per week (Mon/Wed/Fri)  –  $ 682 per month
  • 3 days per week (Tues/Thurs/Fri) – $ 708 per month – for Seniors ONLY
  • 5 days per week (Mon – Fri)        –  $1,160 per month

Enrollment will be accepted as registrations are received. The first registrations received are the first to obtain the class and session desired! A verification of enrollment will be acknowledged.

Before and After School Care for Tom Thumb Students:

Before & After School Care is available only for those enrolled in the 3:15 PM Dismissal Program
We offer this care for only students enrolled in our programs.

Before School Hours:

  • Arrive between 6:50 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. – $13 per day
  • Arrive between 7:31 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. – $10 per day
  • Arrive after 8:00 a.m.  – $7 per day

After School Hours:

  • After Care (Available only for those in the 3:15 pm Dismissal Program):
  • Picked up before 4:00 p.m. – $7 per day
  • Picked up before 4:30 p.m. – $11 per day
  • Picked up before 5:00 p.m. – $14 per day
  • Picked up before 5:30 p.m. – $18 per day


Tom Thumb will continue to follow Lakeland Central School District’s academic calendar.

We must be notified before August 1st if you are withdrawing your child, to be able to refund your total deposit. Your deposit will be forfeited if your child is withdrawn after our session begins. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please note that it is impossible to deduct for any absenteeism. This is necessary to guarantee salaries, maintenance, insurance, payments, etc. Please do not ask us to make exceptions.

Tuition Summary and Comparison Chart

Juniors and Seniors Programs 2:15 PM Dismissal Program 3:15 PM Dismissal Program
Sessions Yearly Fee Monthly Yearly Fee Monthly
2 days a week T/Th (Juniors Only) $4,070 $407 $4,810 $481
3 days a week M/W/F $5,775 $577 $6,825 $682
3 days a week T/Th/F (Seniors Only) $5,995 $599 $7,085 $708
5 days a week M-F $9,360 $936 $11,160 $1,116

Click here to download the current Tom Thumb Tuition.

Tom Thumb Continues to Publish Reasonable Priced Tuition

Tom Thumb has created an exceptional educational program. We have made a concentrated effort to keep the cost of our program as competitive as possible. Our goal is to provide the highest-quality and most effective preschool programs at the best prices with no hidden charges.

Finger games for toddlers (1-3 years old) | For the little ones (from 2 months to 3 years)


If the child has not been regularly engaged in finger games since birth, often the child is not allowed to play finger games at first. This is understandable, since the child’s arm muscles are underdeveloped, and when exposed to the active points of the palm, the child experiences unusual sensations, which he tries to avoid. Therefore, the first games are focused on accustoming to easy stroking, rubbing and kneading the brush. Approach these exercises as a fun game.


Little boys got up in the morning,

They were glad to each other,

They began to greet each other.

hello finger,

hello finger….

(alternate contact of the child’s thumb with the tips of the rest of the fingers of the same hand)


(We take the child’s fist into our fist, as if hugging the child’s fist tightly from above. On the first 2 lines, gently turn the child’s fist clockwise To the words “walk” – let go of the child’s hand, help him spread his fingers and move them. To the words “hid again”, quickly collect the child’s hand again in his fist-mink)

One, two, three, four, five,

The mice are out for a walk!

The cats got scared and hid again.


The exercise can be performed on any side of the hand – inside or on the back, if the child does not yet give a hand (for each stressed syllable of the first phrase, touch-swing the fingers from the thumb to the little finger and back).

Reeds on the river, ruffs splashed there

Older circle, (draw a big circle clockwise on the hand)

younger circle, (draw a small circle clockwise on the hand)

circle is very small. (set – tickle with a dot in the middle)


Primary games are focused on simple contact of fingers, adults stroking fingers and hands, simple circular movements inside the palm clockwise and counterclockwise . Thus, we activate the points associated with the speech areas of the brain. Everything is done by the mother, controlling the hands of the child.

Gradually we make the games a little more difficult, not just by touching and operating with the child’s fingers, but by quickly massaging the finger from the base of the finger to the pad.


(on the first two lines draw circular lines on the baby’s palm)

Our Masha cooked porridge

She cooked porridge, fed the kids.

(for the next 2 lines, bend your fingers while pronouncing the appropriate words)

gave this, gave this,

I gave this one, I gave this one,

I didn’t give this one.

He was naughty a lot,

He broke his plate.

(with the words of the last line, take the little finger with the fingers of the other hand and shake it slightly)


(based on a folk song)

(stroke the hand, spreading the fist)

Squirrel sits on a cart,

Sells his nuts;

(alternately unbend all fingers, starting with the thumb)

Sister fox,
Sparrow, titmouse,

Clubfoot bear,

Mustachioed hare.


Like our Zinka

Vegetables in a basket:

Here is a pot-bellied marrow

Put it on a barrel, 9000 5

Peppers and carrots

Arranged smartly,

Tomato and cucumber,

Ours Zina is a good guy.

Like our Zina

There are fruits in the basket:

Apple, pear,

For the guys to eat,

Peaches and plums,

How beautiful they are!

Look at ranet,

There is no tastier fruit than ours!


Our Antoshka washes the dishes:

Washes the fork, cup, spoon, presses the child’s hand with his hand)


Antoshka has toys:
Here is a funny frog,

Here is an iron car.

This is a ball made of rubber.

Multicolored nesting doll

And a cat with a fluffy tail.


We will bend our fingers, we will call the transport:

Car and helicopter, tram, subway and plane.

Five fingers we squeezed into a fist,

Five modes of transport were named.


(the fingers of both hands are squeezed and unclenched in turn)

I will count the transport:

Bus, boat and moped,

Motorcycle, bicycle,

Car and plane,

Ship, train, helicopter.


(from little finger to thumb)

This is a hare, this is a squirrel,

This is a fox, this is a wolf cub,

And this is in a hurry, hobbles demand onok

Brown, furry, funny bear cub.


The cow is happy with her calves,

The sheep is happy with her lambs,

The cat is happy with her kittens,

Who is the pig happy with? Pigs!

The goat is happy with her kids,

And I am so happy with my children!

(by analogy, make your own finger-picking games) for example:

Hello, kitten!,

Hello, kid,

Hello, puppy!
Hello, duckling!

Hello funny funny pig!

Or: Who lives in our forest?

Here is a fox, here, here

Here is a bunny, here, here…. .

here is a bear…..

is a carnation…..


Another option:

Here is a goat with kids,

here is a mouse with mice

, etc.


One, two, three, four, five,

We are going to look for mushrooms!

(alternately bend fingers, starting with the little finger)

This finger went to the forest,

This finger found a mushroom.

This finger began to clean.

This finger ate everything,

That’s why he got fat.



Rain dripping, rain dripping.

Drip-drip-drip. Cap-cap-cap.

Fingers of both hands tap on the table.


The holiday is approaching, the tree is dressing up:

The balls are hanging (flashlight exercise, the hands are spinning in the air)

The stars are burning,

(clap hands)

Confetti all around!


Simultaneously with finger play, use full body play. The effect of the examples of games below is similar to massage, but the big plus is that there is a combination of physical impact and vocabulary expansion. Please note that full-body games cannot be played immediately after eating!


(a learning game, good for learning the names of body parts, and also as a mini-massage. It is better if the child lies on his back or stomach)

Giraffe has spots, spots everywhere. body with palms)

On the forehead, on the nose, on the ears, on the neck, on the abdomen, on the knees and socks.

(with index fingers we touch the corresponding parts of the body, we call any parts of the body from top to bottom)

Elephants have folds, folds everywhere.

(pinching, as if collecting folds)

On the forehead, on the nose, on the ears, etc.

Kittens have fur, fur is everywhere.

(stroking ourselves, as if smoothing out the fur)

On the forehead, ears, neck, elbows, noses, stomachs, knees and socks.

(with both index fingers we touch the corresponding parts of the body)

And the zebra has stripes, there are stripes everywhere.

(we draw stripes with the edges of the palm along the body)

On the forehead, on the nose, on the ears, etc.

(and further, as long as there is imagination: a fish has scales, a tiger has stripes, a dog has fur, a chicken has feathers, etc. )


do it yourself. Sit on a mat or pillow (on your knees). We touch with fingers (“run”) from the knees to the top of the head. With a child closer to 1.5 years, you can do everything with his hands.

The mouse climbed for the first time

See what time it is.

Suddenly the clock said: “Bom!”, (hand slaps lightly on the top of the head)

The mouse rolled somersault. (hands “roll” down over the body..)

The mouse climbed a second time

See what time it is.

Suddenly the clock said: “Bom, bom!” (two claps)

The mouse rolled somersault.

The mouse climbed for the third time

See what time it is.

Suddenly the clock said, “Bang, bang, bang!” (three claps)

The mouse rolled somersault.


(awakening game, activation)

Firefighters ran (run along the stomach from the bottom up to the face)

And they pressed the buttons P-P! (tap twice on the tip of the nose)


(relaxation game, to relieve excitement. The child lies on the tummy, you stroke him on the back)

The cat will come slowly and stroke the baby.

-MEOW-MEOW! – the cat will say, – our baby is good!


Wall, wall (touch cheeks),

Ceiling (touch forehead),

Two steps (walk fingers over lips),

Jing – call! (press the spout)


A spider runs and runs, runs along the wall (mom runs with a spider-hand over objects, naming them)

Runs along …. And to (the name of the child, the child is tickled)

It is important in this game that the child follow the movements of the hand with his eyes.

12 finger games for the youngest. Simple and fun

Finger games are the easiest way to entertain your child. They also develop memory, attention and coordination. Our blogger, the author of “Mousematics” Zhenya Katz, has collected 12 such games for different ages.

When waiting in line to see a doctor or at the checkout in a store, on a plane or on a bus, it happens that it is inconvenient to get toys, but you need to play with your child. Yes, so as not to disturb others too much. For such moments, different finger games are ideal. You can put the child opposite – and then the parent plays, shows a finger story, and the kid just looks. You can put the baby on your knees and play with him, the parent clasps his hands in the lock – and the baby clasps. The parent twists his “lock”, and the baby repeats after her (or the mother helps him twist the lock).

Some kids do not get used to finger games and round dances right away. Patient mothers manage to show the child one game many times, and for some time the baby turns on joyfully. But more often it happens that a mother tries to play finger games once, the child does not immediately show enthusiasm, and the mother decides that finger games are not for them at all.

Take your time, watch with your child different versions of videos with finger games. Invite other relatives to play with you too. Play finger games with older children so the little one can see it.

Neuropsychologists and speech therapists recommend playing finger games with children of one and a half to two years old, and with children of three to four years old, just choose simpler movements with kids, and more complex ones with older ones.

1. Mosquitoes

Dariki-dariki, (clap hands)

Oh, yes, mosquitoes,

Curled, twisted, (twist the pinches around each other) 900 05

I grabbed my cheeks! (depicting mosquitoes biting cheeks)


Oh, yes, mosquitoes,

Curled, curled,

clung to the ears!


Ah, yes, mosquitoes,

Curled, curled,

Grabbed into the hair!

Shoo-shoo! (we pretend to brush off mosquitoes)

Let’s drive the mosquitoes away!

The game about mosquitoes is great for both kids and adults because it has a lot of understandable movements and onomatopoeia.


Views, views, views, views, (we twist the fists around each other)

I beat the beaters, (tap with the fists)

I am hammering,

I am nailing!

And now smaller views:

Views, views, views, views, (twist index fingers around each other)

Beaters I beat, (tap with index fingers)

I hammer,

Fun I read!

This game teaches the child to alternate large and small movements according to the text.

3. Two birds were flying

Two birds were flying, (reaching with both hands in different directions)

One to the north, (pulling the left hand)

Another to the south. (pulling right hand)

Oh, we forgot to say hello.

Hello little wing! (left hand strokes right)

Hello, little wing! (right hand stroking left hand)

Hello, little feather! (the index finger of the right hand strokes the finger of the left hand)

Hello, little feather! (the index finger of the left hand strokes the finger of the right hand)

Hello beak! (stroking the thumbs)

Then the janitor came

With a big broom, (“we sweep” the knees with our hands)

He said: “Come on, shoo!” (we threaten with a finger)

And the birds got scared,

The birds flew, (we stretch with both hands to the sides)

One to the north, (pull the left hand)

The other to the south. (pull the right hand)

4. House-teremok

Here is the house-teremok. (we fold our hands like a roof over our heads)

There is a door in the house. (one arm bent at the elbow, open-close)

And there is a lock on the door. (clamp the cam on one hand)

Take a small key, (put the index finger-key on the other hand)

Chik-chik lock, (insert the finger-key into the cam and turn)

And unlock it! (opening the cam)

5. Paddy cams

Paddy patties, (clap hands)

Paddy cams! (knock fists in front of us)

patty, patty, (clap hands)

cams, cams! (knocking with fists in front of us)

The handles are hidden! (hide both hands behind back)

Where are they?


Here they are! (pull out both hands)

6. Quiet rain

Quiet-quiet-quiet rain p-cap.

Stronger, stronger, stronger rain. (tap with palms on the table or on the knees)

Rain-rain, drip-drop-drop.

Heavy, heavy downpour! (strongly tap the table or knees with palms)

Thunder! (clap hands)

Lightning shines in the sky! (raise both hands up)

7. Cuckoo

gurru (we cross our arms in front of us )

Geese say ha-ha-ha (hand from the elbow – the head of a goose, nod with a whole pinch)

Ducks cry quack-quack-quack (shake hand)

Chickens squeak wee-wee-wee, (finger-beak pecks the other palm) (raise both hands above the head)

8. There is a lock on the door…

castle ).

Who could open it? (pull fingers without opening)

Pulled (pull),

twisted (rotated),

knocked (by tapping the base of the palms without opening the fingers) and opened!

9. We chop cabbage…

we salt the cabbage -salt (finger pinch “sprinkle salt”),

we press cabbage-press (squeeze palms)!

Am! So tasty! (child feeds mother cabbage)

10. Ladushki-Ladushki, baked a grandmother of pancakes

Ladushki-Ladushka, a bell of the pancakes

Pailed with oil,

Given children.

Vanya two,

Anya two,

Masha two,

Sasha two.

Good pancakes,

Yes, our grandmother! 11. Ravens0006 Kar-kar-kar.

They got into a fight because of the crust,

They burst out with all their might,


Then the dogs came running,

They scared all the crows,

The dogs barked


Crows got scared: